O Grande Câncer e o Futuro - Total Lockdown da População: História, Análise e Perspectivas

“You will never discover the truth  if you are not ready to accept the unexpected”~ Heraclitus


The Virus King is naked. This is now recognized by all those who have the courage to face facts. I will not enumerate in this article the immense body of evidence that exists. All of you have probably done, are doing, or will do your own research. I will only quote a report that was issued by the German Department of Interior:

“The corona virus is a global false alarm. The danger of the virus has been overestimated (no more than 250,000 deaths worldwide with Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million for the 2017-18 seasonal flu)[i].

Yet, the purpose of this article is not to focus on this topic. Like many others, during the last two months, I gathered enough information that allowed me to understand how serious was this “pandemic.”

So, let’s start with this question: If the lethal pandemic is neither lethal nor pandemic, then why the need for a global lockdown?

Incompetence? Blindness? Conspiracy?

It’s important to answer this question throughly by using a fact-based approach. How did the world go crazy? Who decided the lockdown? Who justified it? Who thought it up?

Lockdown History

Let’s start with the last question. To my knowledge, no medical textbook has ever recommended quarantining healthy populations, let alone entire countries. It has neither been practiced nor recommended. This idea comes out of a military mindset…

In 2005, under the aegis of Donald Rumsfeld, head of the Pentagon under Bush Jr., Dr. Hatchett, current CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), created a plan for the total containment of the American population in the event of a bio-terrorist attack.[ii] This idea was then reshaped by the Rockefeller Foundation think-tank in 2010. It issued a document called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.” [iii] One of the four scenarios depicted a global authoritarian containment that could last 10 to 20 years due to a pandemic; this scenario was shown as an imminent possibility for humanity.

So, who did imagine this containment policy? The military and “philanthropists.” No scientists. No doctors.

Now let’s take a look at who did justify and advocate for this containment.

But first, it is important to find out more about Neil Fergusson, the director of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in the United Kingdom.[iv] In 2002, he calculated that the mad cow disease would kill about 50,000 British people and another 150,000 once it was transmitted to sheep. There were only 177 deaths. In 2005, he predicted that the bird flu would kill 65,000 Britons. The total was 457 deaths.

Another important player in this game is the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2009, it issued the H1N1-flu pandemic warning, triggering the purchase of millions and millions of vaccines by governments ($10 a dose). The pandemic never happened. These expensive vaccines were destroyed because they were unused. In addition, these vaccines contained mercury, which created many cases of chronic narcolepsy and other health problems among those vaccinated, including children.[v] Yet, no government ever complained officially to the organization for the “ill-advice” that cost them billions, nor did anyone asked anything from the pharmaceutical companies that produced the toxic vaccine.

In March this year, the WHO launched its ‘Pandemic!’ cry, despite the fact that the number of cases and deaths was much lower than that of the seasonal flu. The WHO was assisted by the unreliable virological tests used worldwide.[vi] Neil Fergusson, on the other hand, true to his alarmist mindset, predicted with his “mathematical model” that 550,000 British people would die from Covid, as well as more than 2 million Americans, if a fierce lockdown did not come into effect. Shortly before, he had shared the same figures with President Macron.[vii] Overnight, Great Britain implemented Dr. Hatchett’s plan (CEPI), as many countries had done before. Total lockdown. It didn’t matter that the SAGE revised its numbers sharply downwards afterwards, or that Fergusson was fired. WHO, SAGE and CEPI have justified the containment in front of the closed eyes of the world.

An interesting detail: Who do you think is the very generous funder of these three institutions with their sexy acronyms? Bill Gates.

Incompetence? Blindness? Conspiracy? Coincidence?

We now know who devised the containment, who justified it and who applied it. But there remains one fundamental question. Why did people accept it without flinching (at least at first)? The answer lies in four letters: FEAR. A fear skillfully orchestrated by the main-stream media, with its wonderful harmoniously tuned choir. By the way, who is the generous philanthropist who gave millions of dollars to the most important European’s newspapers? Bill Gates, again.[viii] But let’s not get ourselves lost in details, and let’s go back to fear. First of all, fear of what? Fear of dying, of course! Without this fear, nothing would have been possible. Fear has paralyzed many thinkers… Fear… We’ll get back to that.

And so, the picture is getting more complete. As in a theatre play, now we can present the characters…

What if Humanity was a body?

Having said all this so far, we must recognize that there is a pandemic. But not exactly the one we are being told, not a corona virus pandemic. To understand it better, let’s draw a parallel with our wonderful human body.

Our body is made up of an incredible number of living cells. These are its smallest living and self-contained units. They all strive towards a single goal: to keep the whole organism (our body) alive and healthy, so that it can serve as a vehicle for a higher entity, which I would call our Self or Ego. These cells gather into organs, an intermediate level between the cell and the whole body. Now, what would happen if the cells stopped working for the Higher Entity and began to live only for themselves, selfishly stealing nutrients from the body for their own growth? They would then form what is called a tumor, a localized cancer. A cancer is a group of cells that do not work for the body but for themselves: they become parasites.

Now that this is understood, let’s move to onto the next step. Society is also a living and complex organism, just like the human body. It is made up of organs that carry out its physical functions: banks, schools, hospitals, companies, governments. The basic units are human beings, in other words, us.

CellsHuman beings
OrgansInstitutions, Companies,…
Corpo HumanoSocial Body (Society)

The selfishness of cells creates cancer. What does the selfishness of individuals create? How many people in our society are at the service of a Good Higher Principle? In other words, who do you know whose life is focused on helping others? And how many people live exclusively focused on themselves?

If the human body had as many selfish cells as our society has selfish individuals, what would it be called? Apply that ratio among those you know… We most likely would easily reach the level of terminal cancer.

Do you see it the way I do? This materialistic selfishness afraid of death is the cancer of our society. For years it has advanced quietly, almost without symptoms. And now it’s starting to hurt. Our social life is full of malignant tumors. The largest ones, like the speculative economy, outrank our healthy organs like the real economy. The smaller tumors are living in our family and professional relationships, our culture and forms of government. The antisocial behaviours so common now-a-days have formed the ground for the Great Cancer to magnificently unveil and launch a general attack. Metastase.

It is fundamental to see this clearly. Yes, there are great selfish villains lurking around. But they could not have done anything if we were not wickedly selfish and materialistic as well. It would feel good to point fingers at the main tumors, hoping for a revolution that would get rid of them all, like chemotherapy. But, I would be forgetting that it was my own cowardice that made their bed. Killing bad guys doesn’t make the evil go away. It will only jump from one person to another, from a Louis XVI to a Robespierre.

We are in a crisis that has no other choice but individual and social transformation. It is inspiring to see how some of those who “woke up” earlier transform themselves step-by-step in their fight against this Great Cancer.

Fighting the Social Cancer

And here it is where the real beauty unravels! Here it is where hope gets born! It is only when I reach the bottom that I can start to go back up again! What does cure cancer? Chemotherapy attacks it with its own weapons, but the principle of cancer remains in the body until it is reborn a little later, a little farther away. No, you can’t cure evil with evil. What cures cancer is “The Ego” that regains control over its cells. A connection is re-established between the cell and the Higher Principle. Either the cells resume their work in the service of the greater whole or else they die. It is similar for us as a society, but there are some differences. On one hand,   it is the same because what saves us from our own evil is the good done onto others. When I work for the Higher Good, I slowly unravel my sticky selfishness and link myself to the forces of a Superior Principle, to that which is most Human in man. On the other hand, it is different because this Superior Principle will never impose itself upon us and put us back on the right path. It respects our freedom. It IS our freedom. It is up to us to restore the relationship with Him.

So, what is Good? Goodness? For centuries, the Great Cancer has led us to believe that it does not exist, or that it is relative. Or that it resides in the selfish happiness of the many. Oh, materialistic illusion! But now the Great Cancer has come out of his lair, and the door has closed behind him. He has become extremely visible, and beside him – discreetly but very present, inviting but not constraining – is the loving Good.

So, how do you fight? It must be understood that this struggle is fundamental. Not fighting is to start dying. Actually, it is worse than dying: it means becoming evil – with small unconscious steps, slowly, like someone who, dizzy from the smoke of his burning house, goes to bed for a little nap. He’s so tired, poor thing! He’s just following his doctor’s advice.

How do you fight then? First, you must be able to see clearly what’s happening. The struggle has two directions. One toward the inner being of each and every one of us. Individual spiritual work is the key. Re-open ourself to the perception of the spiritual world, and gradually get rid of fear, selfishness, materialism, pride, and all those little things that make you an average person. As the ancient Greeks said: “Know thyself, and give thyself an afternoon kick!”

The second direction relies on knowing the world. Specifically, you need to know as much as you can about the Great Cancer: how it works, what it’s trying to achieve. Observe it, listen to those who have studied it or forseen it. Cross-check your information, think, observe again, think again, share the results with others.

For instance, let’s take a closer look at this containment that governments are so keen on maintaining, even when the so-called virus has gone on a holiday. What consequences do we observe? Here is a quick list.

– High-speed installation of 5G antennas in most industrialized countries (all of them?), overriding the opposition of citizens and scientists.

– Bankruptcy of many small businesses and producers. The big companies will most likely survive, but the small people will become more dependent on the state for their daily bread.

– Fundamental rights (such as meeting, touching one another, protesting, etc.), are suspended.

– Children are told that touching others is dangerous.  It doesn’t matter how vital this human contact is for their healthy development.[ix]

– Screens monopolize our lives, as well as lives of small children, imposing its more-than-harmful effects. [x]

– More people die from containment than from the “virus”. [xi]

– Censorship (from Youtube, Facebook, mainstream media, Twitter, etc.) silences those who question the benefits of vaccines, 5G, lockdown, or simply the official narrative.

– Pharmaceutical and communication companies see their profits skyrocket.

The Next Move

Let’s now turn toward the future, and try to follow the logic behind this destruction of free men and women, so as to predict the next move – like in chess. What follows is hypothetical, a personal construction based on trends, based on technologies that already exist or are being developed, and on statements by governmental authorities or wealthy billionaires.

Let’s imagine that a second wave of this pandemic will come back in the near future. The confinement would be even worse. All the effects on the list increase. The state and big businesses become the “saviours” of the world. But to protect the population from itself, these self-appointed “saviours” put in place a health passport quickly integrated into a digital identity that says who is healthy and who is not.[xii] (Financed by whom? Take a guess!). [xiii] Health is not a right anymore, it is a legal obligation. If you refuse the vaccine and the digital identity, how will the “good people” know that you are not a danger to them? You will no longer be allowed to be near them. No more trains, planes, supermarkets or banks. You are dangerous.

All this is on its way. Just look at what is happening in China, or what the World Economic Forum is openly saying on its own website.

What happens next? Health, communication, education, transportation have been sterilized and laid on the hands of the Orwellian State. What is left? Money, cash. And food.[xiv]

Due to the consequences of repeated confinements, the food production and supply chains will be undermined. The state, once again dressed in the red underpants of Superman, the savior of humanity, will come to the rescue. It will prohibit, excuse me, “replace” organic/biodynamic agriculture under the pretext that they produce “too little,” in favor of intensive agriculture in the hands of companies that “know” what they are doing. Bayer (former Monsanto) for instance. And, what happens if you don’t agree? Well, don’t eat! Never again…

But maybe you don’t have to worry since you won’t have money anyway. Cash, this vehicle of patogens, will disappear. Virtual currencies, integrated into our digital identity (a number in a database containing your whole life), will become the only method of payment. And who will control them? Guess…

People who won’t bend over will need to exile themselves to low-tech, self-sufficient village-farms – like new Noah’s arks in a deluge of cancerous high-tech lies.

The Hope

How depressing! We could easily be afraid of it, so disproportionately big the forces against us appear. And yet! And yet…

The Great Cancer has a weakness. A crunchy crack in his fiercelooking cardboard shield: he weakens each time he is seen. He hates the light. Like a fungus, he grows only in the darkness, in the pious-collective-unconsciousness.

And more good news, he has a powerful enemy: the Principle of Good. This spiritual entity has been given many names throughout history: God, Tao, Christ, Hado, The I-am, Aum, Divine Love, the Universe… The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the personal and social connection with Him. To make His home the center of our initiatives. To trust Him (Her? Them?). To actively look for a relationship with Them, to apply here and now what They are. This is what can allow us to get through the raindrops and prepare for the future.

The Roman Empire also had a terminal cancer. It was destroyed by the “barbarians” of the North, who were like the flu in comparison with the countless tribes that were conquered over a  thousand years. Islands of a new spirituality survived in the form of monasteries. From there emerged impulses that enabled Humanity in Europe to start blooming in a new way. Will this be repeated in a new form?

I know that the Great Cancer will be defeated. It will be painful, but mankind will survive and come out stronger and better. As for each one of us, the question is not so much whether we will survive or not. We know that we will all die sooner or later. What’s wrong with that? If the materialists are right, then it is dramatic, and we should fight against our own death even at the cost of the lives of others – and thus become the cancer.  If the Principle of Good and the spiritual world do exist, then the question is no longer whether we will die or not, but rather: HOW DID I LIVE? HOW DID I ALLOW OTHERS TO LIVE?

Com Confiança e Amor,

Benjamin Bourgeois


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