Dr. Robert Malone: Podemos confiar em uma nova tecnologia que ainda não é bem compreendida?

The inventor of mRNA technology has reaffirmed that natural immunity is far more efficient than vaccines against COVID-19. Dr. Robert Malone also told host Steve Bannon that he agrees with people who call mRNA inoculation a ‘gene therapy’.

Gene Therapy applied to Vaccines

Dr. Robert Malone MD, MS told Stephen K. Bannon of Real America’s Voice on Saturday that, according to new data he received, “natural immunity is about 20 times more protective than the vaccine.”

Malone also told Bannon that he agrees with people who call mRNA inoculation a “gene therapy.”

“It’s gene therapy applied to vaccines,”

Adding that he understood the reluctance of many people to receive mRNA injections. “I respect their point of view,” Malone said.

“They have a right to be wary of a new technology that is not well understood.”

Malone explained the key difference between traditional live attenuated vaccines (LAVs), such as those used against polio, smallpox and yellow fever, and the various mRNA injections used against COVID-19 is the spike protein. Live attenuated vaccines are defined as the injection of a killed or weakened organism to prevent disease. These vaccines “express all the proteins of a given virus,” he said.

But unlike these vaccines, COVID-19 injections, such as those made by Pfizer and Moderna, target a single-peak protein that has undergone a slight mutation. Malone warned that this technology carries risks of cardiac inflammation and autoimmune reactions, particularly in the young.

In June 2021, Malone gave several warnings that future autoimmune problems would be caused by the spike-in proteins within the mRNA injections. He also stated in a podcast (later censored by YouTube) that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew that spike proteins were “biologically active and could travel from the injection site and cause adverse events, and that spike protein, if biologically active, is very dangerous.”

COVID vaccine spike protein ‘travels’ from injection site and can cause organ damage: “We made a big mistake”

Bannon gave the inventor of mRNA the opportunity to repeat these warnings throughout the program. During the conversation, Malone also criticized the speed with which mRNA vaccines were created.

“There was a lot of rush there and there was a quick decision at the vaccine research center and all the other vaccine developers to recapitulate what they had done with previous efforts with SARS-1, which is just to focus on spike proteins,” he told Bannon.

Malone added that even some people in Moderna have their doubts. “I talked to the colonel who was [putting together] that Moderna program, and he’s a little embarrassed by some of the things that happened,” he said. “Now we have to live with the consequences.”

The possible Adverse Effects

Malone then listed the possible adverse effects the spiked protein could have.

“Number 1: Sorry, Reuters and all you ankle-biting fact checkers, but spike protein is a toxin. Is this mutated spike or isn’t it? Prove to me it isn’t, but it is,” he said.

“Number 2: It is clear that the virus rapidly escapes the protection generated by this single spike protein that has been slightly mutated in these vaccines […] as predicted early on by an experienced vaccinologist and immunologist.”

Malone concluded by saying that recent data suggest that “the virus is mutating at a faster rate than expected.”

The researcher has more than thirty years of experience in the vaccine field. He discovered RNA transfection and has explained that while at the Salk Institute in San Diego in 1988, he invented mRNA vaccines. His research continued the following year at a pharmaceutical company called Vical, and between 1988 and 1989 Malone wrote patent disclosures for mRNA vaccines.

After giving multiple warnings about the dangers posed by the RNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines, Malone was removed from Wikipedia and temporarily removed from LinkedIn in July 2021.

The inventor of mRNA technology has been removed from Wikipedia after he warned against COVID vaccines.