As cláusulas dos contratos com a Pfizer são abusivas?

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While some French people are already being given their third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, a British NGO has uncovered some confidential clauses in the contract between Pfizer and the European Union.

Dozens of Pages Have Been Blacked Out

RT France reports on the contract between Pfizer and the European Union for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccine. In this document, dozens of pages were blacked out due to a confidentiality clause, making much information, such as the price of the vaccine, inaccessible. A British non-governmental organization has just published the unpublished information.

The price is 15.50 euros per vaccine dose, according to this uncensored version. The information also indicates that the contracts between the laboratory and certain states provide that the latter waive “their sovereign immunity in respect of their present and future assets” in the event that an award is applied.