Czy Joe Biden jest doskonałą demonstracją nieważności i niekompetencji elit?

Joe Biden, so much praised and expected by the caste to succeed Trump, is the perfect demonstration of the nullity and incompetence of this contemptuous elite that has taken over the world of multilateralism.

Selfish Interests of the Powerful

The Afghan disaster, however very predictable, reveals the truth of the facts: the caste likes people who present well, even if they are perfectly incapable of leading. For the caste, the most important thing is not to be good in substance, but in aristocratic form. And to defend at all costs the selfish interests of the powerful, even if it means endangering their own people.

For months, the caste has explained to us that Donald Trump was a clown, and that Joe Bien was a good man. One must reread the editorial that Le Monde devoted to the September 2020 debate between the two candidates, to understand what soup has been sold to us uninterruptedly for more than a year on “good government”:

On the form, the aggressiveness and indiscipline of Donald Trump during this 90-minute verbal pugilism will not have surprised those who have followed him since his first election campaign: he conducted the debate as he tweets, with invective, self-aggrandizement and gratuitous accusations, without the slightest scruple. Przeczytaj tutaj.

The Democrats pretend to be offended by this, but the president’s electoral base appreciates his combativeness. It is to this electorate that he has addressed himself, in order to remobilize it, in the face of polls that show him losing at this stage. Joe Biden was expecting it and had set himself the strategy of remaining calm, without letting himself be dismantled by the wave of criticism: he stuck to it.

Note well the “phoned-in” construction of the reasoning, so commonly held by the caste. Trump hurls invective, he glorifies himself, he accuses gratuitously and without scruples. Biden, on the other hand, remains calm and in control.

It could not be better to say which behavioral profile is idealized by the caste, and which is hated. Anything that recalls the fighting spirit of the little people is dangerous. Everything that recalls the (false) calm and etiquette of aristocratic behavior is, on the contrary, beneficial.

Caste and Etiquette

And it is not the least fault of the caste to naively believe that everything, and especially competence, can be summed up in the appearance in society. To govern, one must not know how to make good decisions, one must not want to bring prosperity to his people. To address them in terms that affect them is even very suspicious.

No, the good ruler according to the caste is the one who respects the aristocratic etiquette: to be distant, measured, without apparent emotion. Above all, not to be “populist”. To behave like a rich bourgeois, to love luxury, and to talk incessantly about “start-up nation”, technological progress, digitization as a solution to all our problems.

The caste hated Trump because he was the opposite of this caricature. His speeches touched people’s hearts with their simplicity and their direct, effective images, their short sentences and their vulgar mimics.

The Caste and its Founding Ideals

But the caste’s hatred for Trump, and its idealization of Biden, was not limited to mere stylistic considerations. Trump fought all the commonplaces of the globalized caste that pulls the strings of multilateralism. He claimed to reinstate economic protectionism, he fought the UN, and he withdrew from the Paris agreement, signifying his climate skepticism. He also fought “woke culture” and took on all the delusions of “inclusive” culture. So, he was the devil to fight!

We can indeed take the bet, without too much risk, to imagine that he would never have made the nomination of an inclusive government a condition for the recognition of the Taliban, as the Biden team did. We can also bet that he would never have found himself in the situation in which Joe Biden is now stuck: abandoning the country much too quickly, leaving the armed forces before the repatriation of civilians, and the absurd choice of dates, since Biden left on vacation the day he announced that the American army would leave on August 31… Przeczytaj tutaj.

Competence, the Great Enemy of the Caste

Yesterday’s attack in Kabul, which killed many American soldiers (and more Afghan civilians), is the result of a series of incompetences that should remind us clearly that the caste that holds the reins of society does not care about people’s competence, and will always prefer a docile moron to a capable but free intelligent one. Competence is a dangerous value: it gives competent people the feeling that they can free themselves from collective action to be more successful than others.

Hayek’s words in The Road to Serfdom on this point show how the totalitarian caste likes to reduce competence to a curriculum vitae: the right school, the right background, the right jobs. The caste fears the spontaneous order of talents more than anything else. This is why everywhere, and especially in the paradise of the managerial left that is France, the caste is working to kill equality of opportunity, and to replace it with so-called social equality. Above all, let talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds be discouraged from leaving their condition, and let the mediocre of the caste transform the country into a playground.

Biden, the Great Reset Man

Unsurprisingly, Biden, who is the embodiment of this caste and its ideals, has emerged as the pure figure of the Great Reset. His massive economic intervention in the name of equality, his vaccination policy, notably with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, whose boss supported him during the campaign, his ease in opting for all the solutions of surveillance capitalism, are all proof of his proximity to the Davos project.

And this is what we must understand today: the caste has coalesced to develop an international project of governance. The aim is to get governments everywhere, in the countries that count, to opt for the solutions advocated or synthesized by Klaus Schwab.

These solutions obey a simple logic: to renounce democracy, and to impose a model of society of massive surveillance where individuals confine themselves to the Platonic role assigned to them by the caste: to consume, to obey, to close their eyes to the rest. This project at work in the United States is also at work in France, where Emmanuel Macron shamelessly imposes a sanitary pass carried by his defense industry, and where the sanitary emergency is overused to govern while blithely sitting on fundamental freedoms.

The Caste will devour its own Children

The downside of incompetence is that it ends up harming itself. Biden has just given proof of this: his bad decisions lead to the unnecessary death of American soldiers, and problems of American civilians trapped in Kabul. But Macron has also given numerous other proofs: his health policy leads France to count more deaths from COVID than other better-run countries. Przeczytaj tutaj.

This is the hard law of incompetence: the loser is incapable of questioning himself, and the less it works, the happier he is, until the situation becomes intolerable for all. In the end, it is the caste itself that will demand the departure of Joe Biden, as it will demand the departure of Emmanuel Macron. The more time passes, the more the bad choices of the leaders divide and provoke more and more radical opposition. This is the phenomenon we will witness in France in the coming months.