Czy Niemcy znalazły swojego Edwarda Snowdena?

On September 22, Langemann Medien published on its YouTube channel an interview with a young mathematician and computer scientist who could go down in history as the German Edward Snowden, which has been viewed almost 500,000 times to date. We will call him “Eduard Schneeten” (for obvious reasons, he wishes to remain anonymous).

“Anticovid” Maneuver

With the support of political scientist Thomas Röper (,, Eduard Schneeten has sifted through millions of documents over the past six months using special software. In this way, it was possible to uncover the modus operandi of the pilots of the so-called “Anticovid” maneuver and to show that it was a very tightly meshed network with a precise mission: to force the world’s population by any means necessary to submit to the dictates of private interests under the pretext of “public health”.

These networks are now clearly identified thanks to the two analysts.


Langemann Medien’s video presents the first document (169 pages) in a series that will be published in book form in about two months, as the current presentation in the form of Excel spreadsheets and graphs is not easy for non-specialists to consult. Przeczytaj tutaj.


The analysis is divided as follows:

– The 20 to 30 key figures who quietly continue their work in the shadow of notorious figures like Gates or Schwab;
– International financial flows and their (colossal) scale;
– NGOs (whose role in funding is fundamental), universities, and major corporations through which funds flow.
These flows have been quantified by Schneeten and Röper. Analysts’ attention has been drawn, to cite just one example, to a small, insignificant suburban house in the United States that is used as a “post office box” by several NGOs with tens of millions of dollars.
– The modus operandi for the takeover of Western governments and institutions.

All documents consulted are publicly available, and the software used, while expensive and therefore usually purchased by governments or intelligence agencies, can also be purchased by anyone. Thus, neither Thomas Röper nor Eduard Schneeten can be accused of espionage, indiscretion or illegality. Hearsay or insider reports were rigorously excluded. The data all come from original sources and have not been edited.

Is it any wonder that no Western newspaper, television station, or online publication that benefits from Gates’ financial largesse – the BBC, Le Monde, and others – was willing to conduct research like that of Schneeten and Röper?

Vaccine Confidence Project

Schneeten and Röper, who did not know each other until six months ago, state emphatically that the so-called anti-covid maneuver has been in the works since at least 2017, when suddenly money flows in clearly defined paths and contacts multiply and condense within the identified networks. Also, most of the NGOs involved in the program were established in 2017.

The project in its current form seems to have emerged in 2016, although Heidi Larson, one of the key figures, the wife of Baron Peter Piot, had already founded the Vaccine Confidence Project in 2010, together with GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson&Johnson, the European Commission, etc. Partners include Facebook, Chatham House, WHO, Robert Koch Institute and Christian Drosten’s Charité.

Dr. Larson, professor of anthropology and “risk and decision sciences” (sic) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, specializes in “managing rumors (sic) and risks from clinical trials to marketing and building trust in the population” (sic).

It should be noted that Röper and Schneeten do not speculate at any point about the origin of the virus or the more or less hidden goals of these networks. They confine themselves to their own field of expertise and to the facts, bearing in mind that the same hysterical campaign could have been unleashed with the same consequences in the case of any other disease, e.g. the “Spanish flu 2.0”.

As an example of the power of these networks, on August 3, 2021, an open letter was published to President Biden urging him to convene a “Global Immunization Summit” to vaccinate 70% of the world’s population by September 2022. On September 22, six weeks later, without convening Congress or consulting voters (although taxpayers are paying for it), Biden complied, announcing an EU-US partnership for a “global immunization offensive.” The signatories of the open letter are listed as representing various non-governmental organizations, but all have significant conflicts of interest in the private sector, such as Scott Gottlieb, a board member of Pfizer.

At the center of the network examined by Schneeten and Röper is Professor Larson’s husband, Baron Peter Piot, a Belgian native who was appointed director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2010. He has been a senior fellow of the Gates Foundation since 2009 and presents himself as an impartial scientist. In reality, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has received 143 “donations” from Bill Gates over the past 20 years, amounting to at least $185 million, to which must be added the $170 million from the Wellcome Trust. Peter Piot is an advisor to the European Commission on Covid (advisory body on Covid-19), personal advisor to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Covid-19, member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, member of CEPI, member of the Board of Directors of Novartis, member of the French Academy of Medicine.

To understand the structure of the network, first read the report Network Analysis Corona Complex, which is the first part of the work of Schneeten and Röper. They provide a public service. We can only hope that the public will take an interest in them, because our survival depends on it.