Magnetogenetics – What is happening with the Injections?

What is happening to the people who have had injections? Thousands of people have noticed that their skin around the puncture site of the “vaccination” has magnetic properties. That means you can put metals and magnets on your arm and these will stick magnetically.

Magnet Challenge

Under the name “MagnetChallenge”, hundreds of “vaccinated” videos distributed via social networks and tried to see whether it actually applies to them. The first to draw attention to it, to kick off the wave and to collect videos from those affected since then, was TimTruth. But Big Data reacted quickly and censored it just more massively than anything else in a long time. The TimTruth website can no longer be accessed (as it was today). His YouTube videos have also been deleted, but the video compilations can still be found on the decentralized odyssey. If you haven’t seen this yet you have to look at it. Several compilations from hundreds of people affected can be found on the channel. Watch here.

At first it seemed a bit crazy to me too, but the more videos you see from all kinds of people and the more I researched the potential causes of the phenomenon, the less crazy it all seemed. Big data quickly restricted the distribution of the videos, but it was already too late. More and more people got wind of it and tried it out for themselves and were amazed when the fridge Magent suddenly stuck to their arm. They filmed their discovery and uploaded it to the net. The following information can be derived from the evaluation of all these videos:

  • It seems that this effect only occurs after the second Covid vaccination and not after the first.
  • Age and ethnicity do not matter. It is difficult to say whether the manufacturer of the vaccine plays a role.
  • The reactions of the people seem genuinely astonished and not after another viral fake challenge to generate clicks. Most are shocked, but some younger people (unfortunately) find the effect very cool.
  • The magnetism can already be felt just above the skin (the metal is attracted to the skin).
  • Surprisingly, even non-magnetic metal seems to be attracted, such as stainless steel cutlery. However, stainless steel is already magentic under certain conditions, which could lead to conclusions about the nature of magnetism. Watch here.
  • The magnetism can also be detected with a compass and metal detectors also strike.
  • The effect is strongest in the first few days after the injection is given and seems to decrease in the days and weeks afterwards. At some point the magnetism will probably stop completely at the puncture site.
  • For some, the magnetic effect spreads from the puncture site over a large area to the back or chest.
  • Some also stick non-metallic objects to it to show that the area is not sticky.
  • The effect does not occur in all vaccinated people, or it has already been completely weakened in them.

You probably just hoped that no one would put metals or magnets on their arm for the first few weeks. But now the cat is out of the bag and so the mainstream media needs to limit the damage and make fun of it. You categorically deny all videos and silence other people affected by bullying (after all, nobody wants you to make fun of you in public and doesn’t tell anyone else). Because that is the only defensive measure to put the lid on obvious facts. Take a look at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, for example, in which classic deflection measures are used to discredit these people (video will come later). Thousands of people suddenly experience strange side effects after vaccination, which are recognizable even to a layperson, just shouldn’t be. None of these “test subjects” was advised that this “side effect” can happen, it was not part of the agreement and yet it is obviously there and it must not be discussed. When I speak of deflection measures of the media, I mean certain distraction measures in communication that serve the manipulation or mind control of the audience. The primary distraction is defined like this serve the mind control of the audience. The primary distraction is defined like this serve the mind control of the audience. The primary distraction is defined like this:

A primary aggressor immediately responds to any discussion or confrontation with their actions by shifting focus to and keeping the victim’s behavior there.

This distracts from the actual topic ( the vaccine creates magnetic parts of the body and thousands of people who have already been vaccinated are therefore very worried) and draws the viewer’s attention in a very clumsy and / or humiliating way to the message deliverer and thus away from the actual message. If this messenger also defends himself against this attack, the original message is completely lost and gives the original aggressor (in this case the media) even more room for further aggression towards the messenger until the latter remains silent. This is how psychopaths often act in communications in their relationships in order to manipulate their partner, but we are eventually ruled by psychopaths and the mass media are their means of communicating with us. Jimmy Kimmel, for example, doesn’t go into the actual topic at all, and that’s no coincidence – these people are extensively trained in such tactics.

It starts with the fact that he describes people as ‘anti-vaccination agents’. So the people who literally went out to get vaccinated voluntarily are now called anti-vaxxers just because they saw very strange after-effects and are concerned? What the hell? He also calls them conspiracy theorists, because the viewer was conditioned to roll their eyes as soon as the word is uttered. I thought the honor of the conspiracy theorist is reserved for people who do not want to be vaccinated in the first place? And of course he still has to bring up the straw man argument with the chip. They always do that because they know exactly that most people immediately think of the typical rice-sized RFID chip, which of course can never be used that way.

He has given no explanation, no invalidation of the actual subject. Because he can’t. Instead, he focused on those affected, insulted them as ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Morons’ and made fun of them, because that’s the only thing they can do. And in this way the viewer is conditioned to react in the same way when he hears about it from friends and relatives. “I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t believe someone who has forty bottles of disinfectant on the shelf.”And then the focus is on the messenger. Jimmy, it doesn’t matter at all what someone has on the shelf and if you check things yourself by simply hanging a magnet on your arm you don’t have to believe anyone, but your job is to prevent the people themselves examine and believe in your own senses. And, of course, he can’t help wrapping the truth as a joke that the ignorant audience won’t buckle. “I put these magnets in you, not only in your arm, but your whole body is filled with them, and when the time is right I will conjure you up . You will be raised to our planet […] “How they love it. He’s already sold his soul for a long time, so why not enjoy the party a little over the last few hours …

When the media fights back so vehemently, it definitely gets my attention. Some believe that this is a psy-op to make “vaccination opponents” look even more ridiculous. Even if you always have to consider psychological surgery (I hope more people check this after Q-Anon.), it’s not a good idea. Where’s your Trump now while everyone’s going magnetic?), that’s probably not the case here. Because excitingly, the news show The High Wire just walked across Laguna Beach to check it out. They asked random passers-by if they had already been vaccinated. After an affirmative, they simply put a Mageneten on the arm and it stuck with 6 out of 15 respondents! Sure, you could still fake it, but it makes a fake challegue that has no truth to it extremely unlikely. The moderators themselves did not expect such a result, they actually wanted to debunk the matter. They also confirm that explanations by fact-checkers such as “There were still adhesive residues from the plaster” are absolutely no explanation for what was seen by their team. It is also extremely disturbing that some people still laugh it off and think it is cool. They were literally insidiously turned into a robot and celebrated without question. This shows how far the dumbing down of society has already progressed. But it’s also possible that they panicked after the camera was gone and wished they had listened to the crazy anti-vaxxers and done their own research into what might be in those syringes before they just shoved them in because of peer pressure and blind trust in authority. By the way, all 15 of them said that they had not informed themselves beforehand about the ingredients in the syringe that was injected into their bloodstream. My heart breaks at the sight of these people. It is too late for them, they have been trapped. There is no turning back now. Although the journalists did a clean job here, that is, instead of just making fun of the issue they checked it out themselves, the original video was still deleted by the Ministry of Truth. I don’t think this re-upload will stay online for long. Really interesting, also what the journalists have to say at the end.

The fact checkers are also horny again: “Just look at the ingredients, there’s nothing magnetic in there.” PHEW, THANK GOODNESS IT DOESN’T SAY THAT IN BOLD. I’M REASSURED. THANKS. I MUST HAVE IMAGINED IT WITH THE MAGNET ON MY ARM. Sorry, but they really make me angry sometimes, they are just an insult to every thinking person. On the subject of factcheckers during the COVID crisis, and how they are being misused as a weapon for interpretive sovereignty, I can recommend this really excellent commentary.

So could there really be something to the magnetic effect? How could it arise? Well, unlike the mass media, let’s do some research now.

Magnetogenetics – The missing piece of the puzzle

The relatively new scientific field of magnetogenetics has actually been around since around 2010 and has really picked up speed in the last 5 years.

Magnetogenetics refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell activity.

In most cases, the magnetic stimulation is converted into either force (magneto-mechanical genetics) or heat (magneto-thermal genetics), depending on the applied magnetic field. Therefore, cells are usually genetically engineered to express ion channels that are either mechanically or thermally gated. Magnetogenetics is a cellular modulation method that uses a combination of techniques from magnetism and genetics to monitor the activities of individual cells in living tissueto control – even within freely moving animals (including humans). This technique is comparable to optogenetics, i.e. the manipulation of cell behavior with light. Magnetogenetics uses magnetic stimulation instead of light, which enables less invasive, less toxic and wireless modulation of cell activity.

The control of cell activity is achieved with magnetic compounds such as ferritin (an iron compound that also occurs naturally in our bodies) or magnetic nanoparticles . These compounds are designed to connect to the ion channels that are genetically expressed on certain cells. The activity control is thus limited to genetically predefined cells and takes place in a spatio-temporally specific manner by means of magnetic stimulation. Ok, well and good. But how is magnetogenetics used? There are two main areas of application and both play an important role in my opinion.

Remote Control of Gene Transcription

In magnetogenetic techniques, TRPV-class receptors, which are selective calcium transporters, are combined with magnetic nanoparticles or paramagnetic proteins (typically ferratin). [12] [13] The use of magnetic nanoparticles or paramagnetic proteins that are heated by an alternating magnetic field can stimulate the temperature-sensitive ion channel TRPV1. When the local temperature rises, TRPV1 unlocks Ca2 + to initiate the synthesis and release of engineered insulin, which is controlled by a Ca2 + -sensitive promoter. This method of remote regulation of gene transcription can be used in basic research and for potential therapeutic approaches to gene therapy .

It is also possible to manipulate DNA at the single molecule level using magnetic nanoparticles.

Wireless Control of Neural Activity

In the presence of a magnetic field, paramagnetic proteins either thermally or mechanically open ion channels in a neuron, thereby facilitating the free movement of compatible ions and activating the neuron.
The currently available magnetogenetic techniques combine the targeted administration of magnetic particles with magnetic stimulation. This enables precise spatial control of the targeted intervention (ie inhibition or excitation of the target neurons in the target brain regions). The temporal precision seems to vary depending on the threshold of the ion channels and the frequency and intensity of the stimulation. Experiments can be developed in which the magnetic stimulation is some type of cellular (in vitro) or behavioral (in vivo) Reaction triggers.

Hm. With magentogenetics one can control gene transcription and especially neuronal activities of living mammals remotely through magnetic fields. And nanoparticles and ferritin are an integral part of magnetogenetics, through which the control of cell activity is carried out. Where have you heard of it before? For example with this vaccination against SARS-COV-2. The title of the paper is “A one-time immunization with spike-functionalized ferritin vaccines triggers neutralizing antibody reactions against SARS-CoV-2 in mice”.

The scientists describe their work as follows:

Developing a safe and effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is a public health priority. We have developed subunit vaccine candidates using self-assembling ferritin nanoparticles that have one of two multimerized SARS-CoV-2 spikes: the full-length ectodomain (S-Fer) or a C-terminal 70 amino acid deletion (SΔC -Fer). Ferritin is an attractive nanoparticle platform for making vaccines, and ferritin-based vaccines have been studied in two separate human clinical trials.

Incidentally, the development of this vaccine was financed by Standfort University and Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, a foundation run by (alleged) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. The lead author and two of the co-authors of this study are on the payroll of these private multibillionaires.

For a while now, CZ Biohub has been working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to track the spread of the virus through software. Yes, it’s a big club. And you and I are not in it. Read here.

“As part of this effort, the CZ Biohub will deposit SARS-CoV-2 sequences in public repositories for COVID-19 genomics, including GISAID and NCBI. CZ Biohub and CZI will provide tools and analytical support to help California DPHs overlay epidemiological and demographic information on this genomic data to better understand local SARS-CoV-2 transmission.”

Another thing that could be related to this would be the so-called magnetoinfection. Magnetofection is a transfection method that uses magnetic fields to concentrate nucleic acid-containing particles in the target cells. This method attempts to combine the advantages of biochemical (cationic lipids or polymers) and physical (electroporation, gene gun) transfection methods in one system while eliminating their disadvantages (low efficiency, toxicity). The technique has been known since at least 2001. Magnetofection has been adapted to all types of nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA, dsRNA, shRNA, mRNA, ODN), non-viral transfection systems (transfection reagents) and viruses. It has been successfully tested on a wide range of cell lines, difficult-to-transfect and primary cells. Several optimised and efficient magnetic nanoparticle formulations have been specifically developed for different types of applications such as DNA, siRNA and primary neuron transfection as well as viral applications.

One of the few visual scientific sources on magnetogenetics is this lecture by Peter Littlewood at the University of Chicago. He explains the concept vividly. The magnetic ferritin nanoparticles dock to a specific protein after injection. It is interesting that he mentions at the beginning that besides magnetic fields, RF radiation can also be used for remote-controlled activation (of gene transcription/neuronal activity). In the experiment, he injected a mouse with gastric ferritin nanoparticles, waited for the cell to express itself and then applied RF radiation to it. He explicitly mentions weak microwave radiation… That is, the spectrum that is also used in the 5G network. Funnily enough, one of the students asks at the end if we now have to worry about mobile phone radiation. He hastily denies this and reassures: “As long as you don’t use a microwave, it’s fine”. But this lecture took place three years before 5G, mobile radio then was not the RF radiation it is in the 5G spectrum today. And conveniently, the exact frequency spectrum and energy of the “RF treatment” much mentioned in the 2015 paper was not mentioned at all (but the magnetic field was).

The microwave range is between 300MHz and 1THz. A microwave oven cooks food at 2.45 GHz.
The 5G spectrum transmits between 600MHz and 6GHz. So it is a matter of “weak” microwave radiation.

Have we found the missing piece of the puzzle about synergetic effects between these two things? The currently mass-administered gene therapeutics appear to contain (paramagnetic) ferritin nanoparticles, among other things, which could create a magnetic effect around the puncture site. After a while, they have spread throughout the body and attach to preprogrammed proteins. This makes it possible to remotely stimulate the ion channels of neurons in the brain using magnetic fields or RF radiation in such a way that behavior-related reactions can be triggered in living mammals to which these ferritin nanoparticles have been administered. This RF radiation is the microwave range that is also used by the latest mobile communications standards. In short: the entire world population, young and old,remotely controllable zombies that are evoked by our cell phone masts and smartphones, to quote Jimmy Kimmel, “when the time is ripe”.

Much more complex, insidious and diabolical than a rice-sized RFID chip under the skin and therefore most people have great problems recognizing this danger.

There is one who prophesied all this more than 25 years ago (!). Who wanted to warn us. But of course no one listened and everyone just took him for a crazy conspiracy theorist. In a lecture from 1995, the Christian Frenchman Dr. Pierre Gilbert had the following to say about vaccines (here the whole 2h lecture). He was way ahead of his time. Read here.

“In the biological destruction, there is the organi s ierten storms on the magnetic field. What will follow is the contamination of human blood streams creating deliberate infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination compulsory . And these vaccines will make it possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals hosted in the brain cells that become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields , where waves of very, very low frequencies are sent out. And by these low frequency waves, people will be unable to think they are going to be turned into zombies. Don’t think of this as a hypothesis … this has already been done. Think of Rwanda. “

With Rwanda, he presumably alludes to the cruel ethnic genocide that happened in the small African country the year before (1994). In the short space of one hundred days, some 800,000 to 1.1 million Tutsi, Hutu and Twa were brutally slaughtered by militia. They went from village to village, killing specifically by ethnicity with machetes and guns, whether men, women or children. Sexual violence was also targeted. Dr. Pierre Gilbert speculates that this was probably a test run of the electromagnetic remote control system, which turned parts of the population into killing machines. With hundreds of mass vaccination campaigns going on all over Africa, especially in the 90s, this would also be an ideal testing ground for these psychopaths. After all, the world didn’t care that there was a three-month “zombie apocalypse” down there with an average of one dead person per 10 seconds. Thanks to the CIA, no country intervened. But perhaps he is speculating too far here. Read here.

Mountain of bones from the genocide.
Zombies in Africa? Strong reminiscent of the video game Resident Evil 5

I assume that only rough emotional states such as anger or lust for murder can be stimulated and not explicit thoughts. But who knows.

While I was researching this topic, I checked to see if Hollywood was already unleashing predictive programming on the masses. Indeed, I found a story from the father of educational programming par excellence: Stephen King. The film adaptation ‘Cell’ from 2016 tells of a zombie apocalypse that is triggered by a signal from billions of cell phones or cell phone masts! Look at you.

I was able to find some information on the liquid crystals that Dr. Pierre Gilbert mentioned in relation to vaccines and nanoparticles, but I have not yet been able to make any satisfactory sense of it. I think this technology was once considered for the agenda and has been replaced by better ones. But I could be wrong.

However, remote control of living mammals through magnetogenetics is very real and has been operational for quite a while. In 2016, the British Guardian published the article “Genetically modified magneto-protein controls brain and behaviour remotely”. I’ve written out the most important bits here, a bit of jargon but you should read it. It is important to understand how this works exactly. Read here.

New, “tough” method uses a magnetized protein to activate brain cells quickly, reversibly and non-invasively.

Researchers in the United States have developed a new way to control the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviors by using genetic engineering to create a magnetized protein that remotely activates certain groups of nerve cells.

Understanding how the brain creates behavior is one of the ultimate goals of neuroscience – and one of its toughest questions. In recent years, researchers have developed a number of methods that allow them to remotely control certain groups of neurons and study how neural circuits work.

The new technique, developed in Ali Guler’s laboratory at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and described in a pre-publication online in the journal Nature Neuroscience, is not only non-invasive, but can also activate neurons quickly and reversibly.

Several previous studies have shown that nerve cell proteins activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered to become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin or to inorganic paramagnetic particles . These methods represent an important advance – they were e.g. B. already used to regulate the blood sugar level in mice – but require several components that have to be introduced individually. […]

Guler and colleagues concluded that torque (or rotational) magnetic forces could activate TRPV4 by ripping open its central pore, so they used genetic engineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, along with short DNA -Sequences that signal the cells to transport and insert proteins into the nerve cell membrane.

When they introduced this genetic construct into human embryonic kidney cells growing in Petri dishes, the cells synthesized the “magneto” protein and built it into their membrane. The application of a magnetic field activated the engineered TRPV1 protein, which was demonstrated by a temporary increase in the calcium ion concentration in the cells, which was detected with a fluorescence microscope.

Next, the researchers inserted the magneto-DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, along with the gene that codes for the green fluorescent protein and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to only express in certain types of neurons will. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that were emitting green fluorescence. With the help of microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activates Magneto so that the cells generate nerve impulses.

In a final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of free-behaving mice, a deep brain structure that contains dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals in an apparatus that is divided into magnetized and non- magnetized sections was split. Mice that held magneto ethene spent much more time in the magnetized areas than mice that did not because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons that contained it to release dopamine, so the mice found staying in these areas rewarding . This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep in the brain and also control complex behaviors.

For some reason, the article shows the torus-shaped and magnetic fusion reactor of the Joint European Torus (JET) in England. Hm. No idea if that means anything. What do you think?

No end time technology without a DARPA Connection

Of course, with technology that sounds like it comes from a science fiction film, the Defense Advance Research Agency (DARPA), the US Department of Defense’s scientific development arm, may not be far away. As I have pointed out, this powerful US government agency is the main force behind the technical toys being imposed on society during this transition to the transhumanist world. From the mRNA vaccination, the hydrogel, the biosensor and the brain-to-machine interfaces, it was always their scientists who did the necessary pioneering work in “top secret” programs to later publicize these things, or rather in themto bring the man. And of course it is no different with technologies that control humans through magnetism. But of course the US Department of Defense only cares about the well-being of all people on earth. .. whoever believes.

There are, for example, the programmes through which DARPA ‘shook’ people’s nervous systems with electricity, lasers, sound waves, light and magnets. Read here.

“The researchers will not only stimulate the nerves with electrical surges, but also with light pulses, sound waves and magnetic fields .

Three research teams using electrical stimulation target the vagus nerve, which affects many different parts of the body. IEEE Spectrum examined the medical potential of vagus nerve hacking in a recent article, writing :

Take a look at an anatomy diagram and the importance of the vagus nerve will catch your eye. Vagus means “wandering” in Latin, and true to its name, the nerve winds its way through the chest and abdomen and connects most important organs – including the heart and lungs – with the brain stem. It’s like a backdoor built into human physiology that allows you to hack into the body’s systems .

The research on light-based stimulation comes from the startup Circuit Therapeutics. The company was co-founded by Stanford-based Karl Deisseroth, one of the inventors of optogenetics, a new technique that inserts light-sensitive proteins into neurons and then uses pulses of light to turn those neurons “on” and “off”. As part of the DARPA grant, researchers will try to use pulses of light to alter neural circuits that are involved in neuropathic pain.

To influence the nervous system with sound waves, Elisa Konofagou of Columbia University will use a somewhat mysterious ultrasound technique. In an email, Konofagou explains that it is already known that ultrasound can be used to stimulate neurons, but with the DARPA grant, she hopes to find out how it works. Their hypothesis: When the ultrasound propagates through biological tissue, it exerts mechanical pressure on the tissue, which stimulates specific mechanosensitive channels in neurons and makes them “switch on”.

The final project will rely on magnetic fields to activate neurons using a technique that could be called “magnetogenetics”. An MIT team led by Polina Anikeeva will insert heat-sensitive proteins into neurons and then insert magnetic nanoparticles that bind to the surface of these neurons . When exposed to a magnetic field , these nanoparticles heat up and activate the neurons to which they are attached.

Next, the agency wants its fellows to develop closed-loop systems that are able to recognize biomarkers that signal the onset of a disease and then automatically respond with neural stimulation. […] The goal of all these closed-loop systems is to give doctors the opportunity to embed their expert knowledge – their ability to assess the condition of a patient and adjust therapy accordingly – in an implanted device . “

It all sounds nice, but let’s not forget that DARPA primarily manufactures weapons and manipulative devices against people and that you can do a lot of shit with external neuron stimulation. Fortunately, mankind would never allow nanoparticles to be collectively chased into their veins…. Oh stop I forgot. One year of no vacation and no party was enough for 80% to do just that !!

The DARPA hosts another program which could also be related to the current agenda. We are talking about Trans-Crainial Magnetic Brainwashing .

Thanks to a whistleblower, we know that DARPA was working on a programme to remotely programme people’s religious beliefs. Investigative journalist Ben Swann broke the story. In 2012, the Center for Strategic Communication received $6.1 million from DARPA for the research project. The project aims to discover the neural networks involved in understanding and persuading narratives, and to come to a further understanding of how key elements of existing narrative theories can induce or interfere with narrative understanding. The programme is really about generating narratives. Specifically, the CSC wants to use forms of communication, mainly video, to control the thought processes of groups of people. And ultimately, they want to trigger these narratives through magnetic stimulation. In essence, they want to use these narratives against Islamist extremists in the Middle East.

They wanted to map the brain and find out which area of ​​the brain is responsible for accepting a narrative that is being presented to you. This is called “narrative theory”. By mapping you can find out what effects narratives have on memory, emotions, identity and convictions. These things in turn have an impact on decisions that lead to political violence. Different cultures have so-called master narratives, beliefs that occur to different degrees in every person in this culture. The program now provides, after locating certain master narratives in the brain, precisely these points through trans-cranial magnetic stimulationto turn off. Or to stimulate and use your own narratives. A small magnetic device is placed on the head that can turn on and off certain areas of the brain. The whistleblower says that this technology had been around for 10-15 years and was already being used on a test basis for depression. But it can also be used to brainwash people with propaganda: Desired narratives automatically become the victim’s conviction by magnetically stimulating appropriate brain regions when the narrative is presented. And if this is also possible from a distance using magnetic fields, then good night. He who is in control of these frequencies of the air is in control of people’s beliefs.

 “Also to you who were dead by transgressions and sins, 2 in whom you once lived after the course of this world, according to the prince who rules in the air , the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience ; “(Ephesians 2; 2-2 / with the prince of the air there is talk of Lucifer)

Do you remember Dr. Charles Morgan, the professor of Nation-Security Studies who worked for the CIA and the Navy? In his lecture “Psycho-Neurobiology and War” 2018 at the Modern Institute of War he also reported about a very similar technology. Watch here.

I noticed that he said something very interesting. There was talk of Designer Receptor Exclusivley Activated by Designer Drugs (abbreviated DREADDs). “You can create a designer receptor, you can create a cell. You can put it somewhere in the body and activate it remotely when the brain is exposed to the right signal.” He mentioned something in the same talk that makes more sense in the light of Ferritn nanoparticles and Trans-Carnial Magnetic Stimulation:

“[…] that is possible now, that is not in the future. So, if you start to think what is possible in 5 years: The interfaces will become more sensitive , more refined and again to the transcarnial magnetic stimulation , which is currently a pretty crude instrument, it needs a field that only hordes of neurons can activate . But they will refine the technology so that it becomes more point specific , so you can actually stimulate the neurons that you want to activate, and they should be able to do so without going into the skull. “

I believe that the ferritin nanoparticles that dock on targeted neurons, thereby making magnetic stimulation more accurate and remotely possible, the “point-specific advancement” that is available today.

From then on, it is only a question of definition: What is considered extremist? Religion in general? Opponents of vaccination? Or simply every human being? How do you feel when a state power owns this powerful technology? I think that these two programmes play into the hands of DARPA and that the war on terror is just the front for their end-time developments. In general, a constant state of war (against communism and terrorism) and the constant fear of atomic bombs and terrorist attacks were deliberately created after the Second World War to justify a huge intelligence apparatus and the ever-growing military-industrial complex for over half a century. So they could legitimately hide behind a wall of secrecy agreements for decades, at the same time legitimately wring billions from the taxpayer to fund these projects and quietly prepare all the dystopian weapons for the End Times/New World Order show that were ultimately intended from the beginning for the final enslavement of all humanity. I have to think here again of the statement from 2014 by Antohny Patch, which I once quoted in an earlier article.

“ They are not concerned about what we think, they are not concerned about us rebelling. Partly because we’re so dumbfounded right now, by a variety of mechanisms, but if people are demanding the vaccination and people are REALLY dumbfounded where they passed out, then what happened to us? Now you can do whatever you want with us. You achieve what I call the “beehive mentality” like a beehive. Worker bees, soldier bees – in the service of the queen. The queen is the elite class in power . “

I hope you now understand what is meant by the hive mind. A combination of nanoparticles and electromagnetic waves will ensure a completely synchronized and controlled thinking of the world population. Anyone who knows my articles knows who is behind it and who the whole thing is ultimately against.

Suspicious Developments

And the absolute hammer is that on 29 May the NHS, i.e. the British Ministry of Health, is suddenly calling for a ban on neodymium magnets! There could hardly be a more suspicious timing, not even two weeks after the magnet challegue went viral! The cover story seems mega hasty and almost ridiculous. Their think tanks have done better in the past. Neodymium magnets are super-strong and rare earth magnets that, according to the NHS, are reportedly becoming very popular lately for use as tongue piercings and toys. And because children and adults could swallow them, they must now be banned immediately. So I don’t know, this stinks to high heaven. I think they are now afraid that people could find out something through these certain magnets. Maybe you should get one of these magnets beforehand, while they are still available. Of course, they also want to muddy the waters in the information war. That’s why in the BBC article they also wrote about an online challenge through which the magnets are swallowed, to water down the original Magnet Challenge and link it to negative endorsements. All the articles uploaded about this piercing challenge are from the same day or later than the ban request. Just seems like a coordinated cover-up to quickly take these magnets out of circulation. That’s always their MO in the big agendas: always have Plan B, C, D, E, and F in stock to respond to any potential developments. Presumably, these magnets would not only have a superficial effect on the puncture site but also a clearly noticeable one inside the body after the ferritin nanoparticles, or whatever, have spread throughout the body. In the picture below you can see the effect of a square neodymium magnet on ferrofluid (liquid mixture of ferritin), which visually has strong similarities with the “fictional” representations of Black Goo.

Equally suspicious is the timing of an announcement by the Food and Drugs Administration on 24 May 2021, suddenly warning that the magnetic fields of smartphones and other electronic consumer goods can affect implanted medical devices (such as pacemakers). Read here.

What? Right now? Everyone has been carrying a smartphone for at least 10 years, medical implants have also been around for a very long time. And right now, when we see people with magnets (and smartphones) stuck to them, complications arise? Either the smartphones are interfering with the plan (very unlikely) or this article and others simply serve to blame complications caused by Magneto with the implanted devices on the smartphones.

But it gets even crazier. At the beginning, in the video above, the Frenchman Dr Pierre Gilbert mentioned “organised storms on the magnetic field.” Many people don’t know this, but all animals, including us humans, are very sensitive to the Earth’s natural magnetic field. Even science now admits that our DNA serves as an antenna for electromagnetic fields.

The so-called Schumann resonances (SR), also called the heartbeat of the Earth, are a series of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) part of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and ionosphere. This is precisely why there is a thunderstorm with lightning somewhere on Earth at any given moment, as there is a constant exchange of energy. The phenomenon was discovered and named by Winfried Otto Schuman in 1960, but it is generally agreed that the idea of these frequencies was postulated earlier by Nikola Tesla. The lowest resonance range has been at exactly 7.83 Hz since the beginning of the earth (very weak and yet we feel it subconsciously). Fluctuations between +/-0.5Hz are very common. The Earth frequency also has naturally occurring harmonics at 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8Hz. And funny things are happening at the moment: the energy level of these higher harmonics has been increasing for about two years for the first time in recorded history. And this is happening more and more often and at shorter intervals. Normally the 7.83 Hz frequency is the dominant one, but lately it has been the higher ones from time to time. Even higher harmonics have been so weak that they could not be recorded, but last year even 158 Hz frequencies could be detected in the earth’s magnetic field. For many, these are signs of spiritual transition and an awakening of the collective consciousness.

The temporary increase in the Schuman frequency around the 20th / 21st April 2020 (white areas)

I fully agree that profound changes are taking place in our energetic reality.

We know that the frequencies of the Schumann resonance are incredibly important for our physiology and our mental well-being. If the frequency itself changed the effects on us would be dramatic. We evolved in this frequency band on earth and our cells depend on it. Most of the brainwave activity takes place in the area of ​​the first 4 Schumann resonances, i.e. 0-34Hz. We are synchronized to this signal. There is more and more research showing how our core brain and cell rhythms evolved to synchronize with this earth impulse. There is a danger that this natural electromagnetic field will now be flooded by the electrosmog of the EMFs from radio, wifi, radar, 3G, 4G and 5G cell phones, which can lead to a suppression of our natural immune system. The whole thing could be a harbinger of the “pole shift” that has been discussed and expected for years. The displacement of the magnetic poles. There are indications that this change in the magnetic field has already happened several times in the (true) history of our earth, that they are predictable and lead to cataclystical events such as gigantic earthquakes, tsunamis and mass extinctions. This shifts the continents of the earth and some disappear. Through these cataclysms, quite a few high civilizations on earth have already been degraded to a myth. They always mark the transition from one Equinox era to the next. Proponents of this theory explain the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis and the freezing of Antarctica.

Behold, the LORD empties the land and devastates it; it overturns what is in it and scatters its inhabitants. (Isaiah 24)

He moves mountains before they know it, which in his anger he turns back. He moves the earth out of its place, that its pillars tremble. (Job 9; 5-6)

Our upcoming apocalypse won’t be the first.

Tick-Tack… Tick-Tack

While the CDC jokingly (but actually not jokingly) exhorts people to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, the cyberwar script keeps rolling (the next inside job for a new war). Read here.

More and more reports are coming in with increasing frequency about cyberattacks on key US infrastructure. This friction will increase. And now the media is even calling on Joe Biden to hold Russia responsible for the cyberattacks on the infrastructure. And, oh boy have there been many in the US lately. A small sample: McDonalds was attacked in the US and South Korea and had a data breach, NYC’s Law Department was attacked, Furnite Village furniture store was attacked, a cyber attack caused widespread power outages in Puerto Rico, several news stations were attacked and a major meat producer. The cyber-attacks are beginning to affect the lives of ordinary citizens, as they did last month with the oil pipeline. Classic problem-reaction-solution power dynamic they always use to pull us into something people would normally rebel against (e.g. war or a lockdown). You have to remember that international politics is as real as a WWE wrestling tournament. The people are loud and fighting, but they will never really hurt each other and they are all paid by the same broadcaster to give us a show.

The narrative of cyber security and the increase in cyber crime (such as identity theft) also serve to make users and companies (which are so badly damaged) long for new and more secure online identifications. How can we really be sure that you are really YOU? How can we actually trust you? Do you see where this is going…. Problem-reaction-solution. The desired solution is a worldwide uniform and biometric identification system. Which, of course, is also the goal of the COVID-1984 agenda: an identification system for your body biology, your blood circulation, in order to make humanity “safer from itself”. And just as cyber attacks are constantly changing, adapting to new security gaps, you could almost say ‘mutating’, of course all viral threats change on a biological level. Constant mutations require constant vaccination updates. This has created an ever-changing, ever-insecure world that requires constant real-time monitoring. This could be seen as violently created structural insecurity describe. Fears about your own health or that of your loved ones due to media trauma. Uncertainty about the financial future, whether you can still put food on the table (job loss, poor economic situation, turbulent financial market, record increase in food prices). Uncertainty about reality in general by constantly questioning information or making contradicting statements (e.g. the “virus from Wuhan laboratory theory” was valid first as “fake news”, now not anymore) and of course through the constant contradicting and constantly changing corona measures. You have created systemic co-dependency, confusion and constant uncertainty. This is how you control and dominate populations. From inside and outside. People get used to constant change, ever faster changing situations and world situations to which one has to adjust. To the point where there is no more time to reflect. Heuristics are increasingly being used in decision-making processes. Quickly crossing the thumb to get through things … You have created a constant state of danger that goes deep into the structure of EVERYTHING is interwoven, and this constant state of uncertainty will only increase from here to the end. Until you just want to close your eyes and ears and want to escape to a beautiful place … but that is only possible with COVID certification … it’s just so diabolical.

Today the world is in such a networked and at the same time vulnerable state that a major cyber attack is enough to collapse the system and all the people connected to it like a house of cards. We are much better off in the human societies of nation states, cultures and communities that work together, naturally, through human sociality and biological functionalities provided by God. Instead of a forced, automated, algorithmic, digitized system that keeps us as if we were coming out of a test tube.

What can you do!?

If you’re shouting this sentence inside, I’ll give you a short answer: Come to terms with your Savior. This whole reality here is a game and you win it if you love your loved one most of the time, sacrifice yourself to other people, listen, help them and offer your service and defer yourself. No matter what life throws at you. You lose the game by satisfying your ego most of the time, being haughty, greedy, lazy, bitter, heartless, full of hatred and being close to yourself. Anyone who is somewhere in between remains seated and has to repeat several lives in the next cycle until he straps the message. But I know that most will not be satisfied with such an answer🙂 People want something workable that they can apply in their life right now. Because the truth is so simple that nobody can accept it: love. Even if it sounds trite.

Of course, I don’t know exactly what you can do practically, but I found some information. I am not claiming that they are in any way effective and everyone should do their own research and use them at their own risk.

The more you research the agendas behind electromagnetic weapons and nanoparticles, the more you understand why they have used the word aluminum hat or aluminum hat conspiracy theory as a weapon in communication over the past few years. The idea originally comes from a short story from 1927 by Julian Huxley, the brother of the author of ‘Brave New World’, in which the protagonist uses aluminum hats to protect himself from telepathy. Today it has become synonymous with ‘Absolute Idiot’ , ‘Conspiracy Horetic’ or ‘Terrified Paranoid’ has become and is used to prevent discussions, discredit people and silence them. After all, nobody wants to be the “idiot among idiots” who believes in brainwashing by frequencies. The tin foil hat is a symbol, an Internet – Meme, and behind it there was a targeted approach. EMF weapons are not even a theory or a hidden conspiracy. After all, the documents, research and developments relating to such weapons have been openly available for years. You just have to look. But that’s uncomfortable, scary and so nobody wants to deal with it. And laughing at other, supposedly stupid, fellow human beings is always good for your own ego. And of course the word was instrumentalized because it is simply a simple solution to protect the neurons of his brain from electromagnetic radiation – and of course something like that must never be taken seriously. And that is how the control narrative came about as a prophylactic.

Try wrapping your smartphone tightly in a double to triple layer of aluminium foil – like a bar of chocolate. Tightly so that there is no hole. Now this smartphone can no longer be reached by phone call and Blutooth devices can no longer connect to it because the electromagnetic radiation cannot get through (if it does, there is a tiny leak in the shielding). This is called a farday cage. Mission Darkness is the world market leader in this type of product and they also supply police and secret services, so they are a highly professional company. These government agencies need these bags to protect electronic evidence from tracking and tampering from afar. I and thousands of other Amazon customers can confirm that their mobile phone case does exactly what it promises and is of high quality workmanship. But Mission Darkness actually offers caps and hats made of the same shielding material. Read here.

The Mission Darkness ™ EMF Blackout Beanie is a comfortable, shielded hat that is perfect for everyday wear. It is lined with two discrete layers of TitanRF ™ Flex Faraday Fabric, an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) shielding material that has been laboratory certified to meet IEEE 299-2006 shielding effectiveness standards (see report below). This material provides a barrier between your head and harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RF) emitted from mobile devices, cell towers, smart meters, and other external sources. The hat is breathable, light, flexible and fits all head sizes up to a circumference of 58 cm (22.8in). The fold-over hat style allows you to roll the top to achieve your preferred fit. A simple patch with the Mission Darkness “MD” logo is sewn onto the front. Wear the hat when traveling, on the phone, at work or any other place where you want to reduce your EMF exposure.

We have included a Faraday test bag made from TitanRF ™ Flex Faraday Fabric (the same shielding material used in the hat) so you can use the Mission Darkness app to test the signal blocking capabilities of the material for yourself! A fully enclosed Faraday cage (like the test bag) is required to perform the test.

Why EMF protection in a hat?

As cell phones and electronic devices become more powerful, so too does the amount of EMR / EMF they emit. Through your daily routine, you are likely to be exposed to dizzying amounts of EMF, which your body absorbs and which at certain levels can be harmful. The truth is that the long-term effects of radio frequency signal exposure, from sources such as 5G radiation, are still unknown because the general public has never been exposed to these types of frequencies for long periods of time. This is why so many people incorporate shielded clothing, rooms, etc. into their lives – they’d rather be safe than regret something.

We do our part to offer shielded solutions for this preventive measure. You cannot always control the radio frequency signals you come into contact with, but you can use barriers such as shielded clothing to reduce your exposure. The highly shielding fabric used in this hat has proven itself in signal shielding for years .

Oh yes, I can really imagine how much the topic will trigger some 🙂. But the nice thing about the truth is that it doesn’t really care what people think of it. It just IS.

But it is better than protecting oneself from radiation to have as few recipients as possible, i.e. nanoparticles in the body. Of course, it makes sense not to have them injected into your arm in high doses in the first place. Don’t let your fellow human beings push you into this. But as some programmes mentioned in older articles suggest, they will probably look for many ways to get this stuff into our bodies. Let me just remind you of the ‘Domestic Nano-Source’ programme I mentioned in the second end of this Age article, which says that, at least in the US, the water supply of several cities and the products of certain major corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Danone and Nestle are also allegedly contaminated with nanoparticles. In 2013, Dr. Bill H. Weld was sent this document by an unknown DARPA whistleblower, the viewing of which is actually only allowed for the highest two positions in the US Department of Defence. Dr.Bill described it as the implementation of an Armageddon nanodevice in the population.

Then of course there would be the chemtrails or hygiene products. Heck, if I were in their position, I’d be putting that stuff everywhere – with decades of preparation, I’d play it safe. Now years ago I found a video of Tony Pantallersco claiming to have produced a process to get all these nanoparticles out of the body. At the time I found it weird and fascinating, downloaded the video but didn’t pay much attention to him. Now it makes a lot more sense. He describes how to make an “anti-nano bucket”. They are buckets filled with a mixture of vinegar, salt and oil in which you put your legs or arms for a certain time. This mixture is in a light pulsating magnetic field due to a coil wound around the bucket and is supposed to pull all nanoparticles out of the body through the skin when you put your arm or leg into the bucket (and thus into the magnetic field). Watch the video/interview of him building and explaining one of these buckets. Watch here.

He is an alert do-it-your-self man who actively sought solutions and that is the only way we can change things. Self-directed learning and action. Because as he says, “We didn’t agree to this, but if you sit on your ass and don’t do anything about it, you’re still agreeing. Here you can find detailed instructions in text and with pictures for the Anti-Nano-Bucket.

Disclaimer: Try it at your own risk, this is not medical advice, I have no idea if it works. If you work with liquids and electrical voltage at the same time, there is always a certain risk. Please use common sense. I just want to share this out of existing interest.

Tony Pantallersco’s anti-nano bucket

I can only advise everyone to ask for forgiveness and redemption from Yahweh and his son and to pray for the people who let themselves be led into the honey trap and try to prepare for what may come. If you already have the first jqb in there, please suspend at least the second one (spoiler: there will be at least a third one).