Kas ir Dr. Heiko Šēnings?


Dr. Heiko Schöning is a medical doctor from Hamburg, Germany. Since the beggining of the pandemic, he has been speaking and investigating about the exaggerated and oppressive countermeasures against the coronavirus.

He is co-founder of the Corona-critics organization “Doctors for Enlightenment – Germany” (Aerzte für Aufklaerung). With the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, “Doctors for the truth” denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth.

The organization promotes alternative cures claiming that masks and social distance don’t work, PCR tests are fraudulent, lockdowns won’t stop the virus, and the flu vaccine is what spread SARS-CoV2.


Doctor of the truth claims that:

“We are living through a ‘fake pandemic’. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse”.

They argue that coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths and that figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols. They also explain that the disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them and that the confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.

As well, Dr. Heiko Schöning is member of the World Doctors Alliance (WDA), an association that challenges the veracity of the COVID-19 pandemic. It gathered various individuals including politicians, activists, lawyers, naturopaths, psychologists and doctors who negate the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The alliance claims that it is bundantly clear that the ‘pandemic’ is over and has been since June 2020.


In Germany, this alliance formed an independent Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee [Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss  – ACU 2020] that vociferously denies the existence of a pandemic. It investigates why these restrictive measures came over in the wake of CoVid-19, why people are suffering now and whether there is any real proportionality to the disease actually caused by a SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Schöning is leading this group of international doctors.


Dr. Schöning also organized many demostrations in Germany, as well as in other countries, and spoke to the demonstrators that this is NOT a medical pandemic but a Political Pandemic. He warned about a world government that evaded any control and the plan for a world domination. He knows that the pandemic mainly benefits a network of the pharmaceutical industry, vaccination projects, big business and politics.

In September 2020, Dr Heiko Schöning was arrested in London whilst addressing a crowd. He was found without mouth-nose-covering despite tightened mask obligation and presented a certificate that allegedly exempts him from the mask obligation. The certificate was confiscated by the officials for examination. He was held for almost 24 hours before being released and he alleges that both his laptop and phone were confiscated.

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