Kas ir Dr. Astrīda Stuckelbergere?


Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is a Swiss scientist, researcher, trainer, speaker and author in international health. She is a professor and researcher at different Universities in Europe for 30 years.

An international expert in various fields related to health and public health, she is recognised as a pioneer in the synthetic analysis of the science involved in new models of epigenetic preventive medicine and disease reversibility.

The epidemiologist has published 10 books, currently translated, and more than 170 scientific articles, policy reports, government reports, European Commission reports and UN reports. She appears in the media and considers that sharing and debating science with the public is an ethical duty of scientists.


Dr Astrid Stuckelburger has worked with the WHO for 20 years and denounces this huge machination orchestrated by the big authoritative institutions like the WHO and GAVI, and by the control of the mass media. She says that Switzerland is the centre of corruption and that GAVI and Bill Gates have total immunity from anything they do.

This brave woman has now became a WHO whistleblower. She shows us that there is no pandemic, that the PCR test is a sham and that the vaccine is a dangerous aberration that is used as a bioweapon to depopulate.

“The pandemic does not exist, the vaccinated will spread the real disease.”

In different interviews, she provides insight into the inner workings of the WHO and explains how the actions of the organization violate their own regulations. She worked on the International Health Regulations in multiple countries which form part of the legalese of how the pandemic was declared world wide.

She founded “Reinfo Santé Suisse” and organized the press conference on the referendum ‘No to the extension of the Covid law’, organised by the Friends of the Constitution, where she spoke with exceptional clarity about what is happening now. Always citing sources and references.


She also organised the “Peace Summit” in Stockholm on December 2020 and has been interviewed by Del Bigtree for his show “The highwire”:


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