Who is Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez?


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez is a medical geneticist from Buenos Aires, specialising in molecular biology and genetic engineering, and is the president of the Argentinean Society of Medical Genetics.

He is also a member of the group “Doctors for Truth”, an international organisation that was born in Germany, strengthened in Spain and expanded in Latin America. It’s a movement of health professionals who reject the measures implemented during the pandemic and denounce whatever is hidden behind the official Covid-19 narrative.


The group’s task is to call on the population to rise up against the medical tyranny of the health authorities, to wake up and overcome fear. They also speak out against vaccines to prevent covid-19 and claim that the origin of the disease is caused by 5G technology and electromagnetic waves.

He is also a collaborator of the Fifth Column (La Quinta Columna), a Spanish movement of free thought and reflection, of creative critical thinking, current news and dissemination of topics of interest outside the current indiscriminate censorship.


Dr. Martinez relativises the risk of coronavirus and states that the new coronavirus is nothing more than a cold virus: the only virus is fear. Furthermore, he says there is no certainty that the new coronavirus has been isolated or characterised and adds that the scientific story has not been clear on this.

Dr. Martinez also talks about the dangers of the new vaccine against covid-19, which seeks to manipulate the human genome on a massive scale and would cause irreparable damage.

“With nanotechnology in the vaccines, what they want is to override our will.”

He explains that the pandemic must be treated from an engineering point of view and not only from a health point of view since it was discovered that vaccines contain graphene oxide. Experts in the area of electromagnetism must also be brought in to understand how to deal with what we are experiencing.

“Nothing justifies the genome being manipulated on a massive scale (…) and much less the attempt to immunise the population against a virus that is described in the traditional medical literature as a cold virus. These vaccines are putting the entire species at risk.”

He claims that people vaccinated against covid-19, influenza, and other vaccines are exhibiting “magnetic activity.” He also claims that graphene is responsible, and that the ultimate purpose of vaccines is “neuromodulation” via 5G antennas.

He argues that adenovirus vaccines (such as AstraZeneca’s and Jhonson & Jhonson’s) can modify people’s DNA and could affect fertility:

“They attempt to introduce sequences of genetic information into a human’s own genetic information; which could cause unforeseeable damage, transmissible to offspring.”

As for viral vector or messenger RNA-based vaccines (such as those from Pfizer and Moderna), these use virus particles to carry genetic material into a host cell. He explains that these particles have been genetically modified so that they do not complete their life cycle and could interfere with the functioning of certain genes in the body, including the gene for molecules related to human fertility and reproduction, but also the gene for spirituality.

“Since the connection to the divine is encoded in our DNA, the suppression of the VMAT2 gene would not only mean that an individual would not express a tendency to religion, but would cease to cognitively question authority. In other words, the subject who has had this gene inhibited is completely manipulable and easily subjected to any discipline. A quite attractive dream to the elite who seek to control at all costs.”

Indeed, the VMAT2 gene encodes the production of GABA. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a critical neurotransmitter involved in human behavior and will. If you silence that gene, you bring the human will to the level of a dog. And they have done that as a way of dealing with religious fundamentalism.

So… this being a proven reality. It’s not unreasonable to think that in addition to graphene and other crap that goes in the vaccines, there is specialized nanotechnology that seeks to break the will of human beings.

All of this is already written and is part of what is called the 20/30 agenda. It’s written already, and they tell you about it. The World Economic Forum says that in ten years, nobody is going to own anything and be happy about it. And that they’re going to control even your thoughts. But how do you take control of a human being’s thoughts? Is that the objective of the nanotechnology that’s being used in these vaccines? Is it the control of human thought and will? From the bioelectrical point of view, through nanobots and behavior modulation through genetic manipulation.

In September, the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Médicos (CGCOM) concluded that this kind of “denialist doctors” violate the code of ethics and professional deontology and put not only their patients at risk, but also their immediate communities (patients’ relatives, work groups, etc.) and society as a whole, including the risk of death. The organisation also called on the colleges in each district of the country to act forcefully against these professionals.

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