Germany: Do Search Warrants still exist for Opponents of Health Measures?

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On June 17, 2021, the famous toxicologist and pharmacologist Stefan Hockertz, known for his dissident publications and interviews, was searched by the police and seized.

Searches against candidates of the new party DieBasis

The news was made public by Mr. Fuellmich during the Corona hearings. After studying biology at the University of Hannover, Prof. Hockertz obtained his doctorate in toxicology and pharmacology at the University of Hamburg. He was a professor for molecular immunotoxicology at the University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf. Currently, he heads tpi consult GmbH, one of Europe’s leading consulting firms in toxicology and pharmacology. Together with many renowned scientists, he was an early opponent of the German government’s measures regarding the Covid crisis and warned against messenger RNA injections due to insufficient studies.

Ellèn Hölzer, candidate for the dieBasis Party (founded in May 2020 for grassroots democracy), said:

“In his book Generation Maske, published three months ago… Prof. Stefan Hockertz analyzes the consequences for the psychological, mental and physical state of children and adolescents, which arise from anti-Covid measures. His conclusions are alarming: both the government’s measures and the media coverage have destroyed the family as an institution of great importance for children. Countless children have retreated into a world of their own, where they are left alone with their anxieties. It would seem that it is precisely this book that has drawn the wrath of the authorities.”

Another legislative candidate of the dieBasis party, Nathalie Sanchez Friedrich, added:

“Already, the search conducted at the home of a magistrate of the family court in Weimar (April 2021, Judge Christian Dettmar), whose ruling disavowing the wearing of masks in schools had displeased the federal government, represents the unheard-of violation of a taboo. The action taken against this renowned scientist, Prof. Hockertz, demonstrates the danger of our move away from democracy and the rule of law. It signals that dissenting opinions are not desired or even permitted and will be pursued with harshness. For our part, we will not stop informing the public of such facts and fighting for the freedom of expression of every citizen.”

These words were collected and translated with the kind permission of the press office of the Basisdemokratische Partei Deutschland.

On June 29, the public prosecutor of the city of Erfurt ordered police raids with seizures against eight people, most of whom were expert witnesses at the hearings leading up to the April 2021 ruling by Judge Christian Dettmar in Weimar. On the grounds of child protection, the judge overturned orders to wear masks, take tests and distance themselves from society in two Weimar schools and demanded face-to-face classes. As a result, his court offices and private apartments were searched in April, and now again on June 29. At present, Judge Dettmar is being prosecuted for “perverting the course of justice” and is being defended by the great criminal lawyer Gerhard Strate, who believes that “the rule of law is in great danger” in Germany and that attempts are being made to intimidate the judiciary.

On the same day, several simultaneous searches took place against two candidates of the new political party DieBasis, Prof. Ulrike Kämmer and Ulrich Masuth, against Judge Matthias Guericke, against the mother of the children concerned and their guardian ad litem, and against Prof. Christian Kuhbandner, as well as Prof. Ines Kappstein. Cell phones, computers and numerous documents were seized by the police, including private correspondence and the original of an important legal file.