Who is Dr. Vernon Coleman?

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Born on 18 May 1946, Dr Vernon Coleman is the author of more than 100 books. He is a english novelist and campaign writer who has been a full-time writer for over 30 years. He is also a doctor.

As anti-establishment doctor, he was one of the first qualified medical professionals to question the meaning of this “crisis”. In March 2020, after reviewing the statistics, Dr Coleman declared that the threat of covid-19 had been wildly exaggerated and that there was no pandemic.

He claims COVID-19 is the biggest hoax ever and that is just another bad flu. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has said that the pandemic hoax would lead to the death of many old people, the introduction of compulsory vaccinations and the disappearance of cash.

He says now that the COVID-19 vaccine is “experimental” and that, as the vaccine trials are still ongoing, anyone who has received the vaccine is participating in an experiment.

He wrote the book “Covid-19 The Greatest Hoax in History” to reveal the startling truth behind the planned world takeover.


He is also the author of “Old Man in a Chair”, the diary of a doctor in Lockdown, which was, however, quickly censored. The old man in the chair sits with his legs crossed and talks about “the truth” about the coronavirus with the structure, timbre and pace of a seasoned wordsmith.


It has been a long time Vernon Coleman is warning us. In some of its books, he drew attention to the dangerously close relationship between the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. He argued that most medical researches are done for the benefit of researchers and drug companies. His honesty has earned him many enemies within the medical establishment and its commercial alliances.

In its books and videos, he is now warning us about the danger of Covid Vaccines:

Covid Vaccines are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and could wipe out the human race. Legally, all those people giving COVID-19 vaccinations are war criminals.

As well as all doctors who have told the truth about covid-19, Dr Vernon Coleman has been repeatedly lied to and smeared in the mainstream media. His Wikipedia page has been deliberately and radically altered by government employees and used to “monster” him. Just for telling the truth, all of his life’s achievements have been removed and he was directlty labelled a “conspiracy theorist” and considered “widely discredited”. Google, which works with Wikipedia, reproduced the lies with “Fact Check Tools” in order to discredit him, so that no one would believe his warnings.

He talks in many videos about the “Great Reset” plan and how the global elites use the coronavirus as a tool to reorganize global societies and economies to their benefit at the expense of ordinary people, with the ultimate goal of a global totalitarian regime.

He also explains that “Agenda 21” is on the way, a UN programme from the early 1990s that wants to impose a totalitarian world government and reduce world population.

“We all know that the elite — the Agenda 21 and Great Reset promoters — have all along intended to kill between 90 and 95% of the world’s population.”

The threat is not from the coronavirus – it is from our governments! It is governments that threaten our lives, not the coronavirus. So we must now do everything we can to save something from the mess they have made of this world.

We must let the politicians know we no longer trust them, we no longer believe them, and if they persist in dangerous and unscientific lockdown policies, they will be thrown out of office at the first opportunity – and never be re-elected.

More and more people are waking up to the truth and we will win this war. I believe we are fighting the most important war of our lives… Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies!

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