JFK Assassination – Murder of a ‘Lone Gunmen’ or Conspiracy Plot of the Deep State?

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The assassination of JFK is THE conspiracy theory. To be precise, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ has only existed since this event. But what really happened, was it the communist ‘lone gunman’ who had a hatred for the USA? Or was it several shooters and the whole thing a plot by a government conspiracy? Were there reasons to kill JFK?

What happened on that day?

On 22 November 1963, the 35th President of the USA, John F. Kennedy, was fatally shot by two rifle shots as he drove through Dallas in an open convertible during a parade. The images of the bursting head and his wife still desperately grasping the brain matter shocked Americans and permanently changed the proud nation. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested as a suspect, but was killed by Jack Ruby after only two days in police custody. Oswald, 24, allegedly fired a sniper rifle from the 5th floor of a nearby school book warehouse where he worked. When apprehended a few hours later, he fled and killed a police officer when he was confronted in a movie theatre. Kennedy had a gaping bullet wound to the head and a wound to the neck and was pronounced dead while still in Dallas. When his body was flown to Washington D.C. on Air Force One shortly afterwards, his successor Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office during the flight. The Warren Commission appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson concluded that Oswald was the sole perpetrator. A later convened House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry (HSCA), on the other hand, found that there had probably been several perpetrators.

And indeed, there are several indications that the Warren Commission’s ‘lone-gunmen’ thesis cannot be true. Even today, more than 55 years after the assassination, the exact circumstances are still controversial. Today, only 19% of Americans believe that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman, 37% believe it was the Mafia and 34% speculate that the CIA was behind it. 19% even believe Lyndon B. Johnson had something to do with it. On 27 October 2017, the statute of limitations on secrecy expired and many documents relating to the case were declassified. But the 1800 critical documents that could really explain everything remained under lock and key due to massive pressure from the CIA because of alleged national security concerns. Security concerns for whom, who is being protected here? Well, it remains a mystery (even if some MSM pretend that now everything is off the table, on the contrary). The unbelievably important clarification of the event could give us great insight into what has happened in the USA and the world in the time since, because the perpetrators could still be with us. But what happened on that sunny November day, let’s get to it.

Who was John F. Kennedy?

You may not be aware of this, but we lost the man who saved the world on October 17th, 1962. US spy planes have discovered Soviet missile stations in Cuba that had the ability to razed Washington and the entire east coast of the US with missiles. Kennedy’s military advisors have persuaded him that he and she should retreat to a bunker (even if the missile stations were not yet ready to fire) and then attack Cuba. The rest of the population should die quietly. Kennedy thought for a while and only said that if someone should die, then he, who is the target of these missiles, and that he will stay in the White House. Later it turned out that the missiles were equipped with nuclear warheads and that the people there had the order to fire them in an attack. So Kennedy saved the US on the day from a nuclear holocaust that would have killed most of the people in the northern hemisphere.

His predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the world about the military-industrial complex in his farewell speech on January 17, 1961. Eisenhower, himself a military man, explicitly warned the USA against the interdependence of the military-industrial complex. For decades, social critics have warned that in a private-sector society, the interests of politics, the military and the armaments industry could easily come together. (Here whole speech)

Eisenhower warned and Kennedy heard him. And then he called on the global community to strengthen the United Nations and to help it not only to throttle the military-industrial complex, but to eliminate it completely. Before Kennedy died he said in a speech on September 25, 1961 at the UN:

“Because the only real alternative to war lies in the development of this organization – and calls for war are no longer to be seen as a rational alternative. An unconditional war can no longer lead to an unconditional victory. It can no longer be used to resolve disputes. It can no longer be a question of the great powers alone. Because a nuclear catastrophe that spreads through wind and water and fear could equally affect the large and small, the rich and the poor, the committed and the unbound. Humanity must put an end to war – or war will put an end to humanity.

It is therefore our intention to challenge the Soviet Union, not to an arms race, but to a peace race – step by step, step by step, until general and complete disarmament is achieved.

Under the eyes of an international disarmament organization, it would achieve a steady reduction in nuclear and conventional forces until it abolished all armies and all weapons except those required for internal order and a new United Nations peacekeeping force. And this process begins now, today, while the conversations begin. “

What a crime to have lost this sincere man who worked for global peace like no one since him.

kennedy 2

Kennedy also lost a few things. He lost the opportunity to say goodbye to his wife and children. And he lost the ability to determine what the history books say about him. Napoleon once said that history is written by the winners. But I don’t think we fully understand what that means: If I’m rich and powerful, and my killers kill you, and wipe out your whole family, all your friends and all your witnesses, then I will be able to do a lot more about written history than you can. The killers will make history, the victims are who will be written about. Kennedy became one of those victims that is being written about. I wonder what he would have said about his killers if he could talk?

The worst thing about this attack is not its brutality (although it was very brutal), it is the fact that the media to this day pretend that the question arises that it was a conspiracy.

The Magic Bullet Theory – Much points to several shooters

According to the Warren Commission, which officially investigated the assassination, only 3 shots should have been fired. The first shot by Oswald is said to have missed, the second shot hit Kennedy and Governor John Bowden Conally, who was sitting in the convertible one row in front of the President. The bullet caused seven injuries: it came from behind and above, first penetrated Kennedy’s neck, then penetrated Connally’s upper body, then his wrist, and then got stuck in his thigh. It is criticized that with this trajectory the ball would have had to make several turns. It would also not be possible for the ball to have been deflected in exactly the same way by individual body parts or other objects in the vehicle and also to have survived this undamaged. The third bullet hit Kennedy in the head, killing him.

magic bullet 1

magic bullet


Together with those of Kennedy’s, it makes seven gunshot wounds (entry and exit) which could not possibly have been caused by the first two shots – as claimed by the Warren Commission. Govoner Conally also finds this highly questionable, he told the Warren Commission:

” There were either two or three people involved, or more – or someone was using an automatic machine gun.”

Conally could never accept the Commission’s lone perpetrator theory. In public he agreed that Oswald acted alone, but in a private conversation with journalist Doug Thomson in 1982 he replied to the question of whether Oswald was the lone perpetrator:

“ Absolutely not. I don’t believe the Warren Commission’s conclusions for a second. “

Unless, of course, one of the balls flies a physically impossible route. However, if it is said to have been a lone perpetrator, he cannot have fired 3 shots with a sniper anymore, and even 3 precise shots are almost impossible in the short time in which they were fired. Especially when you consider the military comrade Oswalds described him as a ‘just average’ shooter. The Magic Bullet Theory is disputed by some, because Connaly and Kennedy moved slightly and Conally also turned around, and so the bullet in a straight line could have caused the seven wounds (Singel Bullet Theory). Then the angle is correct No more bullet holes in Kennedy’s neck. And what’s more, it can’t be seen on the videos.

But this does not explain the ‘Stratcher sphere’. This was the bullet that caused the seven wounds and suddenly ‘appeared’ on Connally’s bed in the hospital. This bullet, called CE 399, was in flawless condition, something that has never happened in bullet forensics (and since then, see ‘Test Bullet’), especially not when it shot through so much body tissue.

Bullit 2



Also the circumstances are how the bullet suddenly appeared is very strange, that seems more like placed evidence. Evidence that had to be placed to distract the multiple perpetrators. The sphere has also passed through a great many hands of superiors, and may have been replaced. One thing is certain: it cannot fly through 2 bodies, thereby causing 7 wounds, while having the angle in the impact that can be seen in Kennedy’s wounds, flying several curves and surviving the whole thing unscathed and only then found in the hospital scratcher. There are also dozens of witnesses who report multiple shots (up to 6) from multiple directions. That doesn’t look like an impulsive individual perpetrator, but rather a professional group that didn’t want to leave anything to chance. There was no way Kennedy was allowed to leave the street alive. With that in mind, watch the video: (sorry it has been deleted).

Abraham Zapruda, a civilian with an 8mm camera, was on a slightly elevated lawn by the side of the road and filmed the convertible with Kennedy driving through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. He unexpectedly captured the assassination on film. It was not the only shot of the assassination, but it was the closest and most detailed. On this world-famous video (Zapruda Footage), it can be seen that the third fatal shot sent Kennedy’s head spinning sharply to the back left. Ergo, according to common sense, the shot must have come from the front right (kinetic force of the bullet). In fact, all the witnesses also thought the shot came from the direction of a grassy knoll, and instinctively ducked in the area because they heard a shot above their heads (seen on other footage). According to the Warren Commission, however, the head was thrown forward by the third shot, as the shot allegedly came from behind. This simply and completely contradicts what can be seen on the film. This lie was also repeated by Dan Rather on television, who was the only person to see the above footage for 12 years. The version that came to the public afterwards was also manipulated, around the 200 frames mark 5-10 frames were cut out (there are some videos about this on Youtube). What also strikes me is that after the first hit the driver brakes heavily instead of giving full throttle, as if he wanted to make it extra easy for the shooters.

Gunshot wound

If Kennedy was hit from behind, he should have a small entry wound on the back of his head. The doctor who examined Kennedy’s body also said he had a small entry wound (entry wounds are always small round holes) on the back of his head, but there are a few things you should know about this doctor:

– In a standard checkup, he should have checked Kennedy’s clothes for gunshot holes – which he didn’t.

– In a standard autopsy he should have exposed all of Kennedy’s wounds to be able to trace the path of the bullet back – he didn’t uncover any of Kennedy’s wounds, he didn’t even notice that Kennedy had a wound in his throat. He later admitted that his drawings were wrong and that the head wound was actually much higher.

-He lost Kennedy’s brain (which is still missing), and then he burned his notes. He burned his notes!

But maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on him because this doctor, James Humes, has never done an autopsy involving gunshot wounds before in his life. Because of that, of course, it was the government’s first choice to perform the most important autopsy in American history. What the!?

Dr. Hume’s story of a small bullet wound in the back of Kennedy’s head is the official government release today. But that’s not the story the NYT told on the day of the assassination. An NYT journalist spoke to one of the emergency doctors who treated Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in Dallas shortly after he was shot. In his article he writes:

” Later that afternoon, Dr. Malcom Perry, an attending surgeon, and Dr. Kemp Clark, chief of neurosurgery at Parkland Hospital, disclosed further details. Mr. Kennedy was hit in the throat just below the Adam’s apple, they said. This wound had the appearance of a bullet entry. [Entry wound on the front] Mr. Kennedy also had a massive, gaping wound in the back and on the right side of the head. “

The wound on the right was the entrance from the shot coming from the direction of the grass mound. The wound on the back of the head was the exit of that bullet that made Kennedy’s brain fly.

Malcom Killdoff, Kennedy’s press secretary who was with him in Dallas, also spoke to the doctors who treated Kennedy immediately after the assassination. Then he held a press conference:

“… Dr. Berkley said that it was a clear case, a bullet right through the head. “As he said this, he put his finger on the front right of the head to symbolize the entry hole. Dr. Robert McCelland, the last doctor on Kennedy, also said there was a large exit wound on the back of the head (gaping hole is more likely to hit).

There’s actually no debate here: Kennedy had a large exit wound on the back of his head. The shot that killed him must have come from the front, which in turn means that it could not be fired by Oswald who was behind Kennedy.

This information is not a secret, it was made into one by the constant failure to perceive the (clearly visible) truth.

Who did it?

The people who killed the president and got away with it must obviously have been very powerful even then. But the history books and news still lie about this event. Are some of these killers still alive? Are they still powerful enough to make news leaders and historians lie to protect themselves? Apparently those who are still alive are still very powerful people.

Can we give Kennedy a voice? He deserves more than government fairy tales and history books that Kennedy was killed off by a poor, minimum wage nobody. The truth is the exact opposite of what we’ve been told, it’s more like the prime example of what it looks like when power kills.

Lee Harvey Oswals – a Sheep-Dipped Patsy?

Lee Harvey Oswald. The truth about what happened to JFK starts where the myth of Lee Harvey Oswald ends. Don’t go about it. Don’t collect $ 200. Go straight to jail…. and die.

So who was Lee Harvey Oswald? Well, it depends who you want to believe. You can take it at face value:

Oswald: “I don’t know what this is about.”

Press: “Were you in the building at the time?”

Oswald: “Of course when I worked in the building.”

Press: “Did you kill the president?”

Oswald: “No, they just arrest me, I’m just a scapegoat!”

Or you can listen to the same people who sold you the Gulf of Tonkin, incubator babies and WMDs in Iraq, Jessica Lynch and a million other lies.

“… Oswald served in the Marines and then went over to the Russians, and then changed his mind again. With money borrowed from the American Embassy, ​​he came back to the United States 34 months later with a Russian wife, Maria. He struggled to get a job and got involved in a pro-Castro movement in New Orleans. In November, Oswald was working in a school building in Dallas when the President’s automobile was about to pass. What was Oswald’s background? Few people really know that. “

Yes, this is Dan Rather. Yes, the same Dan Rather who became known for his on-site coverage in Dallas during the hectic days surrounding the Kennedy assassination: the capture of Oswald, Oswald’s own death. The same Dan Rather, who was one of the first and only people in the world to see the now-famous Zapruder movie before being told by Skull & Bones / CIA employee Henry Luce’s (founder of TIME magazine & LIFE magazine) for 12 years was locked up and hidden from the public. He took this opportunity to rush back to the studio so he could lie about it on the air:

” A third shot hit the president’s head, you could see him being struck hard forward.”
And that was the American public’s perception of their president’s assassination for more than a decade before they actually got the chance Seeing with your own eyes, presented by none other than Geraldo Rivera, on his show ‘Good Night America’:

“Upsetting.” Is the word “unsettling” really appropriate, Geraldo? Maybe horrible. There, on live TV, the public witnessed not only the gruesome death of the President, but with their own eyes how a whole web of lies about the death of JFK was spun by a spider that was more insidious than any tarantula. Not ” with considerable force forwards “, but back and to the left .

But why? Why the lie? Why the rush to catch, kill, and posthumously convict this man? Lee Harvey Oswald? And if he wasn’t who they spoke out for, who was he really?

To search every pile of shit, let alone one that has been piled high for 50 years, you have to get your hands dirty. So let’s look at the manure we are supposed to swallow around the official myth of Oswald, the wizard of Dealey with his magic balls.

“Lee Harvey Oswald was born on October 18, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisianna. His father died 2 months earlier. Lee wrote of himself that he is the son of an insurance agent whose untimely death left a strong streak of early independence due to neglect.

Brother : Our mother keeps telling us that we are a burden to her. Very early on he learned that he was not wanted.

Lee and his mother kept moving. At the age of 17 he attended seven different schools. As a teenager he lived in New York City where he had no friends. Sometimes he would spend days driving everyone on the subway. His interest in communism began when he got a flyer about the Julius & Ethel Rosenberg case, communism sympathizers who were executed in the USA as spies of the Soviet Union. At 16 he was kicked out of school and from then on called himself a Marxist.

Brother : He wanted the attention of being unique. If the western world were Marxist, he would have been American.

His pronounced commitment to Marxism did not prevent him from joining the Marine Corps at 17, he did so to get away from his mother. He did not hide his affection for communism, although it turned other Marines against him. He began to learn Russian himself, he praised the new communist leader of the Cubans, Fidel Castro.

Brother : When he was in the Navy, he went in exactly the opposite direction from the rest of the force. He wanted to stand out from the crowd and was ready to do anything for it.

Oswald learned to shoot in the marines. He achieved the rank of sniper. He was able to shoot targets 100 yards away with precision and speed. He stayed in the Marines for just under 2 years. And nine days after he left, he was on his way to the Soviet Union, where he wanted to defected. He arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1959 on a tourist visa.

Priscilla McMillian: I heard from a friend at the American Embassy that there is a young defector staying at my hotel. Everything about him looked like loneliness.

Priscilla McMIllan, who later became Oswald’s biogarphin, met him while she was working as a journalist.

P McMillian: He told me he was going to break because there were a lot of things in the US that he didn’t like, especially capitalism and racial discrimination. He said he was a Marxist and that was it, communist paradise.

It was extremely rare for an American to think that communism was a paradise. The New Times reported on Oswald’s plan to stay in the Soviet Union, but the Russians were skeptical of any would-be defector, especially someone who was just 20.

Soviet man: The first reaction to a foreigner in the USSR was seeing him as a CIA or other intelligence agent, but after doing some research we found that he wasn’t good enough for a CIA man, so we thought we’d turn him into a Soviet man. Make agents but he wasn’t good enough for that either, haha.

Six days after he was in Russia, the Soviets decided they didn’t want him and told him to leave.

Oswald looked unhappy to us, an unlucky man who was looking for something and didn’t know what it was himself.

But the Soviets do not underestimate his will and his desire for drama. After they rejected him, went back to the hotel and cut their chest.”

So how can we decipher this myth? The keys to this story are right before our eyes, if we can only recognize them.

A hero? Certainly not. But the president’s only assassin? Definitely not.

The term for this in secret service circles is ‘sheep-dipping’. It is when a military or intelligence worker is given civilian cover to continue his work for the government in a way that cannot be traced. It is the same course of action that explains why Timothy McVeigh wrote letters to his sister claiming he was selected for an elite special forces unit at Fort Bragg that participated in state-sanctioned killings and drug deliveries shortly before he left the service “Left” and his transformation from the hugely successful hero of the ‘Bronze Star Army’ to the monster of the Oklahoma City bombing began (Perception Gates reported). It also explains how Lee Harvey Oswald, a filthy Marine Corps dwarf from Louisiana, managed to learn Russian fluently, get fired by the Marines, fly to Europe with money he didn’t have, stay in the most luxurious hotels en route, and roll into the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War . It also explains why the US Embassy loaned him the money to return to the States after meeting and marrying his Russian wife, and even took him home in a “military taxi”.

Oswald was a sheep-dipped agent who likely worked for the CIA in the fake defector program they used to bring spies into the Soviet Union in the 1950s. This program has been documented since the time of the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970s, which exposed the internal CIA documents validating the program. JFK researcher Lisa Pease explains:

Oswald’s legend has been carefully compiled, a trail of cookie crumbs that led to the Soviet Union and the activities of some very dubious procastro-Cuban groups. So, after the President was lured into the killing area and the turkey shooting was over, all that was needed was to herd her husband together.

Then it was all about quitting the job, courtesy of another man who claimed to be a scapegoat.

… But when we talk about Lee Harvey Oswald the question has to be asked: do we know who we are talking about? Are we even talking about a man?

Maybe it’s too late. Perhaps we’ll never find the real Lee Harvey Oswald among the decades of crap that has been heaped on his story. But one thing we can be sure of: the rush to slander, catch, kill and condemn this allegedly disgruntled loner before public judgment only makes sense as a diversionary maneuver. To keep the public focused on the how, not the real question. The transgressive question. The question that really matters: Why?

50 years ago there was a coup in America. A coup d’état that controlled the shadow government of the state of national security, born in 1947, and increasingly controlled the apparatus of government – firmly in the seat of power in America.

Then there is the testimony of George de Mohrenschildt, a Russian-born oil man who was good friends with Oswald until his death. He was also in the CIA and gave Oswald the job in the school building. It seems like he wasn’t part of the conspiracy, just following orders. He describes Oswald like this: “He was definitely not an enemy, but an admirer of President Kennedy …” He did not believe that Oswald hated Kennedy, which underlines the theory that Oswald was an agent. Mohrenschildt planned to tell the investigators what he knew about Oswald and the assassination attempt. The next morning he was found dead, his head shot off with a shotgun.
Secret Service

Secret Service regulations state that any time the President’s car slows below 44 mph, security must be stepped up immediately. Col Fletscher Prouty (Pentagon Liason of CIA and Secret Service) once said:

“ If you look at the photos of the street, you can see that the windows are open everywhere. If the Secret Service had been there and doing their usual job, none of these windows would have been open. And if someone had opened one of the windows at this point, they would have reported it on the walkie talkie and immediately one of the men would have gone up to this room and the window would have been closed. You see, this is protection. But it didn’t take place, in fact there were no Secret Services on the floor of Dealey Plaza that afternoon. They were told that they were not needed. “

Typically, Secret Service members have to jog alongside the car as soon as the car slows down. On the day they were ordered to leave their position. They disagreed and did not like it, but an order is an order so they did it. Who gave the order?

What does it look like when true power kills?

By law, the autopsy of the body should take place in Dallas, the place of death. Instead, that official autopsy was performed at the Bethesda Navy Hospital in Washington DC. And that from an amateur who did not expose all the wounds, who did not see the enormous exit wound like the doctors in Dallas and somehow managed to burn his notes when he was finished. (see above)

The Secret Service stole Kennedy’s body from the Dallas hospital and put her on Air Force One. And what happened next is hard to believe. David Lifton created an extensive timeline from the moment the body was loaded onto Air Force One and the moment it landed in Washington for an autopsy. He found a report from two FBI agents stating that the body had been operated on on the head before the autopsy started.

So somewhere between Parkland Hospital in Dallas and the Bethesda Navy Hospital in Washington, someone must have walked comfortably to the President’s coffin, opened it, unwrapped a knife and then cut around Kennedy’s head?

But wasn’t the Secret Service around the President’s coffin the whole time? How can this have happened?

Lifton spent his life answering this question and he found the answer. Lifton interviewed Aubrey Rike at O’Neal Funeral Home. On the day of the assassination, Rike’s job included putting the president’s body in the coffin. According to him, it was a brown ceremonial coffin. This was then illegally moved by the Secret Service to Air Force One, but when the body arrived in Washington, Navy autopsy technician Paul O’Conner removed it from a completely different coffin. According to him, Kennedy was in a gray, plain coffin, again wrapped in a body bag. But Aubrey Rike never put Kennedy in a body bag in Dallas, he is sure of that, because he smeared himself with blood when he loaded the body, which would not have been possible if the body was in a body bag.

The statements of Audrey Reik and Paul O’Conners must be taken seriously, they are the only ones who can say what might have happened to Kennedy’s body during that period. And besides, there were no serious witnesses who would have refuted their statements.

The evidence shows, sadly enough, that Kennedy’s widow mourned an empty coffin while someone, somehow, somewhere, was operating on the wounds on the front of Kennedy’s body to destroy the evidence that struck Kennedy from the front and back has been. Impossible right? How could the corpse move from one coffin to another with all the security? Okay, a memo from two FBI agents is strong evidence, but they must have made a mistake.

Let’s take a look at the photo of the body before the autopsy (taken by O’Conner):

kennedy 3
Kenney’s corpse in Washington before the autopsy, but already with surgery

What do you think you see what the FBI agents saw? For an amateur it doesn’t look like a bullet wound, but on the front right of the forehead like an incised V in which the skin is then pulled back. In this picture we can also see something in the front right that looks like an entry wound:

kennedy 4
Kennedy corpse in Dallas hospital with no large bullet hole

This entry hole is exactly where the operation was done.

Was this manipulation carried out in Dallas or somehow en route to Washington? An important question. 25 years after the attack, the Chirougen who treated Kennedy in Dallas were invited to look at the picture above and evaluate whether it looked like the corpse as it left Dallas.

“I have to admit that it looks like I remembered it from back then except for the small incision [he points to his head at the top right] that comes down from above”

“It seems like an incision has been made to reveal the underlying bone”

If the truth is important to us, we must follow the evidence wherever it leads us. We have a memo from two FBI agents. We have the testimony of eyewitnesses with expertise. And we have a photo. And everything points to a cut and tear at this critical point in the fatal shot. Everything indicates that someone wanted to surgically modify the entry wound like an exit wound.

But how? How did they get access to Kennedy’s body and when and who did it?

Perhaps in the 5 minutes when everyone on the plane went forward to see Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson being summoned president, the coffins were exchanged and then secretly taken away. But it is not so important when and how, but who it was. Who could have pulled that off?

Some actually intelligent people would like to believe that it was the Mafia, or the Cubans or even the Russians. But the president’s body throws all these theories out the window, doesn’t it? I mean, after the President was killed, the Secret Service and the FBI were on super high alert and tried, if they couldn’t save his life, at least to protect his body. Who could bypass this high level of security? Certainly not the mafia, not even the Cubans and not even the Russians. No way!

These are all evidence of government cover-up by people in the highest positions. So what? Cover-up is not always murder.

Is that it? Well it depends. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at 1:30 pm. How did you know when you stole the body for the first time at 2 p.m., how did you know when you stole the second time at 4 p.m.? The autopsy started at 6 p.m. Dallas time, how could you know 5 hours after Oswald was arrested, before he was charged, that you had to cover up the evidence that Kennedy was hit from the front?

Just hours after the assassination, how could they possibly have a real investigation into exactly how it all went to catch the real killer? How could they know?

They couldn’t know how either. The people who worked on Kennedy’s corpse had access to prior knowledge. They had to have that in order to be able to proceed so quickly, precisely and brutally. You must have been part of a planned murder plot, part of a conspiracy, part of the operation from the start. And to do that, they had to be powerful men to pull this off and get away with it. Who had such power?

Who it really was

We now have some background to say who could have shot President Kennedy. The question might be easier to answer than one might think. Spotlight Magazine wrote an article referring to a memo written by former CIA director Richard Helms, which included, among other things:

“Howard Hunt was in Dallas on the day the President was killed, involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.”

E. Howard Hunt

E. Howard Hunt, who he himself admits is a CIA assassin, sued Spotlight Magazine for defamation. His testimony to where he was on the day Kennedy was killed is a disaster of impossible lies. Over the years he has made several contradicting excuses:

“I was at work in the CIA all day.”

“I watched TV with my kids all day.”

“The CIA records will prove where I was.”

“I went to work that morning.”

“I went to work that afternoon.”

Five different statements. How can that be? Everyone at the time knew exactly what they did on the day Kennedy was killed, just as the generation after that knew exactly what they did on 9/11. Now the court ruled that the defamation magazine is innocent. Think about what that means! The court basically says that what you write about Hunt is true. In fact, they wrote Hunt guilty of the Kennedy murder. For some reason this story didn’t make the front page (what a wonder). But there is at least one story of this trial that should be told.

During the trial, Richard Helms (the CIA director) said that Martina Lorez was a CIA agent he knew and worked for him. Her role in the CIA’s plan to kill Castro was the story of a movie (Little Assassin). She testified in court that she was part of the CIA program Operation 40, which carried out terrorist raids against Cuba between 1960 and 1963. During November of 1963, Lorez worked with CIA employee Frank Sturgis. She testified that one day Sturgis came to her, told her to pack her things and that she was going on a mission. A short time later she drove Sturgis to a hotel in Dallas, two cars full of guns and men.

Then someone knocked on the door at the hotel – Howard Hunt. He distributed cards and money to the team. It was clearly a mission not against Cuba but against Americans on American soil. Lorenz didn’t like that she said to Sturgis: “I’m getting the hell outta here!”

She packed her things and flew back to Miami. The next day, President Kennedy was killed. Sturgis later went to her and told her:

“You should have stayed, we made history. You missed the big one: We killed the president. “

After hearing all of the testimony, the court concluded that Spotlight Magazine was not guilty of defamation.

Here is another interesting jewel I found, apparently shortly after the assassination three tramps were arrested near the crime scene, the photos taken of them were probably very similar to Howard Hunt and Frank Surgis. They were not arrested, however, because our old friends, the Rockerfellers, knocked them out again. I don’t know about you but that stinks a lot.

The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Times Herald, and the Fort Worth Star Telegram photographed three police-escorted transients near the Texas School Book Depository shortly after the Kennedy assassination. The men later became known as the “three tramps”. According to Vincent Bugliosi, the allegations that these men were involved in a conspiracy came from the theorist Richard E. Sprague, who compiled the photos in 1966 and 1967 and then gave them to Jim Garrison during his investigation of Clay Shaw, Garrison held up a photo of the three and claimed that they were involved in the murder. Later, in 1974, homicide investigators Alan J. Weberman and Michael Canfield compared photos of the men to people they believed were suspects in a conspiracy and said.

hunt 2

The Rockefeller Commission (fucking hello again!)reported in 1975 that she was investigating claims that Hunt and Sturgis were involved in the Kennedy assassination on behalf of the CIA. This commission’s final report found that witnesses who testified that the “suspects” bore a resemblance to Hunt or Sturgis “could not demonstrate any qualifications in photo-tagging beyond those of the average layperson.” Shaneyfelt, “a nationally recognized expert on photo identification and photo analysis” with the FBI photo lab, had concluded from the photo comparison that neither of the men was Hunt or Sturgis. In 1979, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations reported that forensic anthropologists were the Photos of the “Tramps” analyzed again and with those of Hunt and Sturgis as well as with photos of Thomas Vallee, Daniel Carswell and Fred Lee Chrisman would have compared. According to the committee, only Chrisman resembled one of the tramps, but decided he shouldn’t be in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination.
In 1992, journalist Mary La Fontaine discovered the November 22, 1963 arrest files published by the Dallas Police in 1989, in which the three men were named Gus W. Abrams, Harold Doyle and John F. Gedney. According to the arrest reports, the three men were “taken from a railroad freight car immediately after President Kennedy was shot,” held as “detainees”, described as unemployed and driven around Dallas, released four days later.

But Hunt had no way of stealing the body. And then steal it again from the Secret Service, remove it from the coffin and operate it without attracting any attention. And he certainly didn’t have the power to get the media to lie about it for the next 40 years. The theft of the corpse, for example, could only have been carried out by the most powerful devils in the world. Devil so powerful we’d know their names if we heard them. Can we connect Hunt to elite powers? The Rockerfeller Commission has already successfully covered the traces afterwards, but who else is there?

Richard Nixon – a little devil who hides the truth

Former President Richard Nixon may be a good place to start. Even though he was not handy with guns, he is portrayed in American pop culture as a ‘slave of the devil’. Nixon chose E. Howard Hunt to run his private White House ‘Goon Squat’ ,also known as the ‘Plumber Unit’. Whose job was to prevent the leak of classified information, such as the Pentagon Papers, to the news media. Its members engaged in illegal activities while working for the Committee to Re-Elect the President, including the Watergate break-in and the resulting Watergate scandal (No question Nixon had dirt on him but more on that another time). Hunt became world famous as the leader of the Watergate burglars. He was also arrested for breaking into the Watergate Hotel. And while he was in jail, he suddenly started writing messages to Nixon, saying he needed $2 million immediately to keep his mouth shut. At the same time, Hunt began talking to reporters, telling them he was a CIA assassin. To the thousands of people who believed the CIA had killed Kennedy, this was, of course, incredible news. Hunt threatened to tell reporters about the Kennedy assassination unless Nixon “got him the hell out of jail” and gave him two million dollars. Nixon then wrote the top FBI director that they should stop investigating Hunt’s activities in Mexico. Nixon said the FBI investigation threatened to uncover something:

“You’ll uncover the whole Bay of Pigs thing!”

The whole Bay of Pigs thing? What does that mean?

Bob Haldermon, who was Nixon’s Chief of Staff and closest advisor, wrote:

“It seems that with the statement about the Bay of Pigs, he actually means the Kennedy assassination.”

Nixon had to resign after trying to persuade the FBI to close the investigation against Hunt and, according to Haldermon, Nixon has urged the FBI to close the investigation so as not to “expose the whole thing with the Kennedy assassination”.

How did Nixon know that Hunt was involved, and if he did, why was he keeping it a secret? And what should Nixon care what Hunt says or what he has to say about the Kennedy assassination if he wasn’t involved himself? Was Nixon involved? One of the most incredible new discoveries about Nixon to come to light is this little gem:

It seems as if Jack Ruby, the mafia gangster who shot Oswald, was seen by a reporter from Dallas in the Parkland Hospital, in the area where the ‘Magic Bullet’ was found on the wrong Skretcher. This man works for Congressman Richard Nixon in 1947. Nixon admitted that he was in Dallas when Kennedy was killed and, like Hunt, can’t remember what he did when he learned of his death. In 1964 he told the Reader Digest:

“A man ran over from the street corner and said the president was shot dead in Dallas.”

Well in 1973 he told Esquire Magazine:

“A woman came out of her house screaming and crying and told me that Kennedy had just been shot in Dallas.”

Why does Nixon remember two different versions of how he found out about Kennedy’s death? Probably like Hunt, he just can’t tell the truth about where he was and what he did.

But Nixon was not a ‘powerful devil’ in 63, in fact he left politics for the time being after losing the election to Kennedy in 1960 and losing the 1962 election to the Govoner of California. So in 1963, on the day of the assassination, he took orders from much bigger devils. Can we give that name?

The really big devils

During World War II, J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, got the job of investigating the activities of American Nazis. In the course of this job he investigated the Nazi connections of the Union Bank in New York. In 1942, the year the US entered the war, the bank was viewed as a financier of the Nazis. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush (for I will call him Boy Bush from now on), was the bank’s director and executive officer. When the government grabbed this bank, he protested. He said, “Wait a minute, this is my bank.” And Hoover said, “That’s right, you are a Nazi and you run a Nazi bank.” Now let’s not understate, you run a bank for the Nazis, they tell you what you have to do and you do it. Does that make you a Nazi just because you obey her orders?

Well, somehow yes, or not. And besides: Prescott Bush did not live in Germany, he lived in America. He had a choice, there were many other jobs and people he could have worked for. He chose to work for these Nazis of his own free will. But maybe the Germans he worked for were just opportunistic business people who just wanted to make money.

But of course they wanted that: The main business partner of Union Bank was the notorious Nazi financier Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen was an early, enthusiastic, and extremely important supporter of Hitler. He provided him with crucial amounts of money since the earliest days of the NSDAP. He is probably the most important financial supporter of Hitler that we know.

So Hoover knew what he was talking about. Prescott was a Nazi.

This story will be important again later.

Prescott Bush, father of George HW Bush

What does this have to do with the Kennedy killing? Well Prescott Bush was co-director of that Nazi bank with the Nazi Avarell Harriman, his boss. Prescott Bush was also a full partner and associate of the Brown Brothers & Harriman bank, so were close business partners there too. Do you remember the trial in which Howard Hunt was found guilty of the assassination? During that trial Hunt testified that he worked for Avarell Harriman in Paris right after WWII and reported directly to him every day. Now ask yourself: How likely is it that two of Harriman’s closest business partners never met and never had anything to do with each other? It’s possible, but not likely. So there is a connection here. A connection of 2 degrees from George W. Bushes grandfather Prescott to one of Kennedys assassins.

We have now seen that in 1942 Hoover forced Prescott Bush to end active support for his favorite politician, Adolf Hitler. Well, Prescott found someone else in politics a few years later to support – Nixon; It is also documented that he hired Jack Ruby a year later (see photo). Nixon who hired Hunt. This Nixon was sponsored and endorsed by Prescott Bush from the start. Look at this picture, who looks like the boss and who looks like the henchman🙂

prescott bush 2
Left Nixon, in the middle Ruby, right Prescott Bush

Despite his narrow arrest as a Nazi a few years earlier, Prescott is now a Senator. And with his help, Richard Nixon, the poor son of a retailer, became vice president. But not forever, he lost to Kennedy.

Now remember, while strong evidence suggests that Nixon was in some way related to the Kennedy assassination, the evidence does not indicate that Nixon was a ‘mighty devil’ in 1963. He was just one of many dolls.

Secret Service men, FBI, CIA agents who all participated in the assassination are all relatively weak figures whose strings are pulled by the more powerful. And let’s remember, who is pulling on Nixon’s strings?

So maybe we know roughly now. So what do you think of the case so far?

-We figured out Hunt as a direct supervisor assassin.

-He is linked to Prescott Bush through Harriman

-And he’s also linked to Prescott Bush through Nixon

It will probably surprise you, but very early on, many important people knew that the CIA, through its anti-Castro Cuba operatives, had killed the president. This was not a well-hidden secret. For example, Pulizer Prize winner Haynes Johnson said that on the afternoon of the assassination he was in the room where brother Robert Kennedy blamed the assassination on the CIA and their ‘anti-Castro Cubans’ (“They killed him”), probably that’s why he was killed by the CIA in 1968, he knew too much (apparently someone was targeting the Kennedys in general). And it can be assumed that Hoover also knew most of the details of the assassination, even before it happened. Already in 1960, three years before the assassination, Hoover personally wrote a memo about Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement with the CIA. Three years before the assassination, Oswald was on Hoover’s personal radar as a “CIA Involved.” Simply Incredible. Even though Hoover had a lot of dirt on him – he was one of the best investigators who ever lived. And apparently this was just the beginning of a long lasting and beautiful relationship between Hoover and Oswald.

At the opening session of the Warren Commission, the Attorney General of Texas Whiner was Karl, he called the commission and said, “I think you all know that your boy Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the FBI, was getting a salary of $ 200 a month , with the ID number ‘S179’. “The picker decided not even to ask Hoover about it. Why? I guess they were scared to death that he might admit his connection with Oswald. And there is strong evidence that Oswald worked for the FBI and spied on the CIA. In 1963, Kennedy Hoover ordered the secret training camp used by the CIA to train their ‘anti-Castro Cubans’ (for terrorist raids against Cuba). Kennedy didn’t want another ‘missile crisis’. The camps were so secret that not even the president knew the location. But Kennedy ordered Hoover to find her and kill her.

And Delfin Roberts, a secretary who helped the CIA run the camps, told the Warren Commission that she saw Lee Harvey Oswald at the camp just days before the FBI raided it, confiscated all weapons and shut it down, Oswald’s closest confidante in New Orleans, worked there in a garage where Oswald often hung out with him. This witness told the Warren Commission that he witnessed Oswald exchanging envelopes with men who looked like FBI agents outside the garage, and then we had Sofia Lorenz again. She says that Oswald was at the meeting the day before the attack where Hunt distributed the cards and money. William Walters, an FBI officer, produced a memo for Hoover warning him of an attempted assassination attempt on November 22nd in Dallas.

Oswald on the day of his arrest to the press:

“… these people gave me a hearing without legal representation, nothing at all.”

“Did you shoot the president?”

“I didn’t shoot anyone, no sir!”

Does that sound like ‘nobody who wanted to make himself bigger through his actions’ as the MSM insisted stiffly? Wouldn’t he brag about what he did?

And if Oswald was his informant, he knew a lot. Hoover knew a lot too. He knew the Bushes were Nazis. The greatest American Nazis who hired the Prescott Bush were not exactly friends of Hoover. He finally busted them all in 1942 and now they have brought up his main undercover informant as the President’s murderer.

Well, with that background, look at this bomb that Hoover dropped 5 years after the Bushes assassination attempt. This document was released by the FBI in 1977, hidden in a pile of 100,000 documents. See here. It took 15 years for independent researchers to find it, it was never classified and would have been so widespread that Hoover is not obviously writing here, we have to read between the lines here.

It was signed by J. Edgar Hoover personally and the title is “Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963”. This is a great indication of what this memo is about. It tells of a meeting that took place between the FBI and the CIA the day after the attack. The memo says that the FBI is investigating a potential threat, according to Hoover, of a “misguided anti-Castro group”. Misguided anti-Castro group?

The memo does not say that a misguided anti-Castro group murdered Kennedy, but Hoover undoubtedly knew that it did. What the memo calls by name is Mr. George Bush from the Central Intelligence Agency, a CIA employee who is associated with the “misguided anti-Castro group”. Hoover suspects that George HW Bush was the man in the CIA in charge of this group. And the document says in black and white that the day after the assassination of George HW Bush, the FBI called to Washington to answer these very questions about “a misguided anti-Castro group”.

The memo was a scandal at the time because it proved that George Bush was in the CIA as early as 1963. That is, Bush lied and was guilty of fraud when he told the Senate under oath that he “had no CIA experience” before he became director of the CIA in 1974. That means that he was already in the CIA in 1964 when he stood up to Senator and lost and when he stood up to Senator and lost in 1970 and it means that Bush was in the CIA when Nixon took him to the White House.

Bush was confronted with this memo in 1992. He replied that the memo has to talk about another George Bush who works for the CIA because it can’t be about him because he was never in the CIA. Oh, except for when he was director of the CIA in 1974. Should we believe him?

The George Bush of this memo, interrogated by the FBI about “misdirected anti-Castro groups”, was an officer in the CIA and clearly a superior of the CIA-directed “misdirected anti-Castro groups” (Operation 40). Not only did we see that the CIA and an anti-Castro group were implicated in the Kennedy assassination, but we saw that Hoover knew this when he wrote the memo. The George Bush of this memo is directly linked by Hoover to the Kennedy assassination attempt. So it makes a huge difference whether that was ex-President George HW Bush or any other George Bush.

But how do we know? Are there any other indications as to whether Bush was in the CIA at the time? Or whether Bush was in command of anti-Castro Cubans?

Let’s take a look at a few connections first.

Allan Dulles worked closely with Nazi bankers during WWII, which qualified him for whatever reason to become the director of the newly formed CIA. He was the architect of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba. After he started the invasion without overtaking Kennedys Ok, the Dulles naturally fired.

Accordingly, people were shocked that he was put at the head of the Warren Commission investigating the Kennedy assassination (probably covered up). Because many believed that he was the leader of the assassins. But he was fired, he was no longer the head of the CIA, how could he lead anything?

Well, because the basic principle of secret work is that you only trust people you know personally and who are personally connected to you. The CIA is more of a community than an organization. So it made no difference that Kennedy fired him, the men who were loyal to Dulles, who knew, trusted and followed him continued to do so. In fact, Dulles was at the center of people who not only had a motive to kill the president, but also the only ones who had the ability to steal the body in Dallas from the Secret Service, spoil it and bring it back. And to order the media to lie about it for the next 40 years (with the classic excuse: ‘national security’). If George Bush was a member of that community in 1963,

We’ll never find a CIA document with the name of the person who commanded the assassin. Such a memo will certainly not exist. This person probably isn’t even on the CIA payroll because it’s a secret. But what we are looking for is evidence of George Bushe’s presence in this community. Did he have close ties with these people that is the question. The main link is certainly that between his father (Prescott) and Allan Dulles, in the 1930s and 1940s Dulles was a close business partner with both Prescott Bush and Averill Harimann. At the end of World War I, Prescott worked with the Army Intellicene, a predecessor of the CIA. Prescott did not have a Dulles intelligence background. But on paper, Dulles was the head of the CIA. Prescott is also linked through Prescott’s closest associate, Averill Harimann, to Richard Bissell, CIA’s director of operations for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, who was also fired by Kennedy. Bissell and Hunt also both worked for Harimann for 10 years before joining the CIA. In 1962, the year before Kennedy was assassinated, Prescott also became a partner with William Casey, who became the CIA director under Reagan. At this time Kennedy was trying to dismantle the CIA, which is why Prescott and Casey together founded the National Strategy Information Center to fight directly against Kennedy’s plans. So take a short break. Bissell and Hunt also both worked for Harimann for 10 years before joining the CIA. In 1962, the year before Kennedy was assassinated, Prescott also became a partner with William Casey, who became the CIA director under Reagan. At this time Kennedy was trying to dismantle the CIA, which is why Prescott and Casey together founded the National Strategy Information Center to fight directly against Kennedy’s plans. So take a short break. Bissell and Hunt also both worked for Harimann for 10 years before joining the CIA. In 1962, the year before Kennedy was assassinated, Prescott also became a partner with William Casey, who became the CIA director under Reagan. At this time Kennedy was trying to dismantle the CIA, which is why Prescott and Casey together founded the National Strategy Information Center to fight directly against Kennedy’s plans. So take a short break.

We see Prescott Bush here teaming up with a man who becomes the notoriously law-breaking CIA director in history. Under Reagan, Casey was at the epicenter of the October surprise / Iran-Contra / Crack-Cocaine scandal and a year before the attack, these two men founded this ‘National Strategy Information Center’, which is an organized opposition to the power of the CIA against Kennedy’s efforts to restrict. Organize an opposition, think about what that means. That means that you group yourself with other powerful people who, like you, want to stop Kennedy. And you try to think of plans how to achieve that. That means organized opposition, doesn’t it? So the killers are probably in Prescott’s organization.

Yes, these are all just clues, but very strong clues.

And we’ve seen Prescott surround himself with these people, including his son who is very likely directly linked to the killers. And he was closely associated with Harriman, who in turn is closely associated with Hunt. In addition, Prescott was closely associated with Nixon who in turn is closely associated with Hunt. Another connection of the second degree.

Hunt was in the CIA, which means he also worked under Dulles. Another second degree connection from Prescott to Hunt. And Hunt was supervised by Richard Bissels in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which is a third degree connection with Prescott.

And then of course we have the Hoover memo which says in black and white that there is a first-degree direct link between Prescott’s son, George Bush, and the ‘misguided anti-Castro-Cubans’ who were directly subordinate to E. Howard Hunt. Do you remember that he asked Nixon two million dollars to keep his mouth shut? He was paid by Bill Likey George Bush’s oldest and closest business associate, he helped Bush found Zapata Offshore. Another link to Hunt.

Skull & Bones – Cowl men sticking together

But at the heart of Bush’s connection to the world of secret murder and scum is his membership of the Skull & Bones secret society, a secret community at Yale University notorious for celebrating racism, robbery and death. In a crypt on campus, they meet twice a week to hold occult rituals and black masses, complete with skulls, candles and secret oaths. It’s supposed to unite the members in a creepy way. Brothers under the skin – that’s how members describe their relationship with one another. A group of powerful devils.

skull and bones

Averill Hariman and Prescott Bush were members of this secret society. Just like his son George HW Bush and his grandfather, arch-racist George Herbert Walker (father of Prescott’s wife). Robert A. Lovett, architect of the CIA was a bonesman, selected as a member by Prescott personally. F. Trubee Davidson was also selected as a member in 1918; Davidson was in 1942 in the CIA responsible to hire people (Director of Personnel). So the year in which George HW Bush left Yale University and was now looking for a job. Davidson had a son, also a Skull & Bones member, who became the Bush family’s attorney. OK.

What the dark practices and religious beliefs of this community are, plays no role here for the time being, to another time more. The point is that Skull & Bones has produced many powerful men, who even years after the university still maintain close contact and help each other out where they can. Some of them work together for the rest of their lives and are very loyal to each other. The connections of the CIA with Skull & Bones and the connections of the Bush family with Skull & Bones make it not only possible, but extremely probable that the George Bush of the CIA, about whom Hoover writes in his memo, is really THE George Herbert Walker Bush who was once president of the USA (and recently died; rest in piss). In a world where connections are everything, no one had a better chance to start in the CIA than George H. W. Bush.

How did he make enemies?

But more about Skull & Bones another time. Did Kennedy know of a much bigger conspiracy? Did he not only want to smash the military-industrial complex but also the secret societies that control it? A world-famous speech he gave to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961, two years before his death and three months after Eisenhower’s warning speech, suggests this. Here are a few important quotes:

“The word ‘secrecy’ is repulsive in a free and open society; and we as a people are by nature and historically opposed to secret societies, secret oaths and secret processes “

“No war was declared today – and as fierce as the fight may be, it must never be declared in the traditional way. Our way of life is under attack ”.

“We face the whole world with a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means to expand its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day”.

“It is a system that has devoted enormous human and material resources to building a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Here is the whole speech:

Some claim naively that this was only about communism, but Kennedy was well aware of the activities of the Skull & Bones members spitting on him, some of whom he fired. No, Kennedy definitely wanted to stop their power efforts! I think here a small war went off behind the scenes already longer, which Kennedy lost unfortunately. A war which already began with Eisenhower. And with whose victory a ruthless elite, united by secret societies, came to the top of the USA, not only politically, but also militarily, economically and medially. This top has this group (s) since then no longer leave, only to his same passed on and until today very successfully its power position hold and expand. Since then, behind the scenes, an alliance of patriotic Americans (mainly high military officers, but also politicians) has tried for a few decades to regain control and to throw this cabal/elite/secret cult out of Washington again and to call them to account for their crimes against the US population and humanity (where the JFK assassination was only the starting shot), which they have committed for decades. This cabal has infiltrated large parts of the military (especially the Air Force) and these were also the ones who wanted to convince Kennedy to attack during the Cuban missile crisis, although they were already aware that there were nuclear bombs in the missile heads. They also wanted to persuade him to a false flag attack, which can then be blamed on the Cubans to attack them (Operation Northwoods) This is well documented, the only signature that was missing for this project was Kennedy’s, who refused. This made him even more enemies in the military/intelligence deep state.

This fight behind the scenes has been in a hot phase for about 2 years (with the election of Trump) and now it seems that this “alliance of the good” will soon be successful. The real perpetrators of the JFK assassination (and thousands of other crimes), who are still alive, will soon be finally held to account after more than 55 years. George HW Bush has now pulled himself out of the loop, and has just made it to his horned buddy in the fiery infinity. About the alliance, the role of Trump in the great power game and Q-Anon but another time.

Kennedy also signed Executive Order 11110 into law. Author Jim Marrs contends that the passage of Executive Order 11110 was an attempt by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve Bank (hijacked by that cabal in 1913) to the United States Department of the Treasury (Treasury) by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates. This restored real value to the dollar and stopped the sale of silver. The financial mafia, of course, was very pissed off about this, and so the notes became ‘treasury notes’ which were no longer under the control of the FED and the international financial market. Already 4 months after his death they started to stop the redemption partly of silver, until in 1968 everything was stopped. In 1982 the Executive Order was replaced under Reagan. What a pity, we might have been spared one or the other bubble.

Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi, who was assassinated in 2011, gave a speech at the UN in 2009 in which he claimed that Kennedy was killed by Israel because he wanted to check the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel to see if uranium for nuclear bombs was being produced there. The Israeli government refused, but he persisted. That’s why he was killed, according to Gadaffi. It is hard to say if there is any truth in this story, there is very little to it. Today, however, it is a very open secret that uranium is indeed being enriched there for Israel’s nuclear bomb program (and to this day Israel does not allow any real controls).

No question about it, Kennedy was definitely a man for peace, fed up with war, armaments companies, and undemocratic pursuits.

In doing so, however, he made many unscrupulous and powerful enemies.

Unfortunately he was the last president of this kind, because after that only those who killed him (Bushes) or dolls of the same came to the Oval Office.

Did John F. Kennedy know about MJ-12, UFO’s and wanted to unpack?


Some researchers believe that Kennedy was killed by the Deep State / MIK because this TOP SECRET classified project which wanted to go public with some UFO crashes and the findings of the Black Budget programs. Since the Second World War, parts of the military and intelligence apparatus have been in the Owned extraterrestrial technologies and tried to back-engineer some UFOs to understand and make the technologies useful for themselves. (I will write a few more articles on this)

According to Dr. Steven Greer is also related to the death of Marylin Monroe, JFK and his planned revelations about UFOs. He came across a TOP SECRET document through a senior NSA employee that went through Marylin and was basically a death sentence for her. The memo is dated August 3, 1962, she was found dead two days later, and there are many indications of murder, not suicide. That Monroe had an affair with Robert Kennedy and also with John F. Kennedy is no secret. And Kennedy told her during the secret meetings that he was invited to a secret military base to inspect parts of ‘something from space’ (certainly not a metrioit). In the memo project names are mentioned which have to do with the mountains of UFOs and ET corpses. Monroe later threatened that she would go to the press with it.John Jesus Angelton III , a CIA agent specializing in plugging leaks, who also signed this document, then ordered her murder. Kennedy was so pissed off that he was so deceived by the secret services and that his love Monroe was killed, that he began to talk a little more openly about these topics (UFOs & ETs), in June of the next year he talked about it with an Air Force officer Then he was shot in November.

According to author and UFO researcher Dr. William Lester issued the CIA documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after making a request while researching for his new book at the time , A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier . The document and story was brought up through the Daily Mail regarding a letter written by John F. Kennedy to the chief of the CIA asking for highly confidential documents about UFOs to be obtained just 10 days before his Assassination.
According to the Daily Mail, “the secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the November 12, 1963 paranormal, first published by the CIA.”

It’s understandable that a Daily Mail article and a claim by a UFO researcher wouldn’t really be considered credible, but what’s even more intriguing about the story is that it also appears in some Wikileaks cables. Look here.

On February 27, 2012 WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files; Over five million emails from Texas-based Global Intelligence company Stratfor. The emails date from July 2004 to late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that acts as an intelligence publisher, but confidential intelligence for large corporations like Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and government agencies like that US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s network of informants, process structure, money laundering techniques and psychological methods.

From these emails we have one that contains information documented by a gentleman named Timothy S. Cooper, who many believe leaked the alleged “Majestic-12” documents that dealt with the cover-up of UFO/alien phenomena. Look here.

The email states, “Soon after Kennedy became president, he started pinning the CIA for information on UFOs” and that “President Kennedy sent him a top secret memorandum in which he had an earlier discussion about a Outlined classification review of all CIA UFO files that could compromise national security. On November 12, 1963, just ten days before he would be shot in the streets of Dallas, Texas, Kennedy informed Angleton that he was putting things in motion to actually share sensitive CIA UFO intelligence data with the Russians by the director of NASA to share.”

This is explained in more detail in the email itself. The question is, why does a company like Stratfor send emails within the company on this matter? Definitely interesting to think about.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that JFK was president when there was a massive cover-up on the matter. Just days before his own term in office, President Harry Truman went on national television and stated that this issue is discussed at every single conference with the military. The subject of flying saucers and “other things”. He said that “there are always things like that going on”.

There are even claims that President Eisenhower held a meeting with aliens. His great-granddaughter Laura is one who has spoken about the incident. You can read more about this particular story and where it came from here. Read here.

I know to some the idea of ​​extraterrestrial intelligent life forms that have been visiting us for a long time still sounds like pure science fiction, and far too far-fetched and anyway it would be in the press. Perhaps that is because you are sucking into the mind control techniques of the first CIA boss Hillenkoetter, who intends to pull UFOs and ET into the realm of ridicule through public relations. Especially in the USA today, the topic has been pulled from the filthy conspiracy corner into the area of ​​science to be taken and is neither crazy nor far-fetched, but when you consider the now gigantic mountain of evidence (physical, chemical, radar, video , hundreds of thousands of testimonies, whistleblowers of the secret services etc.) if there is no doubt even if the ‘red pill’ comes in violently. But that’s another story for another time, believe me the rabbit hole is deep.

Just this much: Today the presidents don’t really know much. In fact, based on my research, when they ask, they are not told much and the vast majority have neither been given access nor a need to know clearance about UFOs and aliens. So who has it then?
Then I remember an X-Files episode in which the character ‘The Smoker’, who works behind the scenes with a group of Powerful People (The Syndicate) keeps UFOs and the existence of intelligent alien life a secret, shot Kennedy. And then Oswald is accused. Once again the truth is revealed in this ingenious series, but don’t worry, it’s just fiction (‘Truth in Movies, Fake in News’):

Manchurian candidate

Speaking of movies: ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ is a 1962 thriller about sleeper agents. The film is about a US agent who is brainwashed by the Soviets during the Korean War and then sent back to civilian life to become a trigger to assassinate the President of the United States. The film opened in October 1962 and was very well received by audiences, as communism paranoia was at its height at the time. So it could fit the official ‘Oswald was in Russia and then comes back to kill’ narrative and lower the tolerance to believe this story, since the idea is already in the subconscious through the film.

But it is really about the then running (and still secret) MK-ULTRA program of the CIA, whose original plan was to create the perfect assassin by using mind control techniques of the Nazi scientists (Operation:Paperclip). And exactly one year later the president was shot in real. Was the perpetrator under mind control? MK ULTRA was in full swing at the time and had been for at least 10 years. Is this film a comic synchronicity or a warning to the President and the American people?

Highly recommended is also Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’, in which very many truths about this assassination are shown (an excerpt I have already shown above). So many that it was made extremely difficult for Oliver Stone to publish the film as he wanted, because the complete mainstream press through the bank tore the film apart before release in the air and even went so far that Warner Brother should not continue to finance the film. It was not historically accurate, parallels were even drawn to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda films. This venomous spewing really makes you sick, smells to me like Operation Mockingbird-controlled press, trying unsuccessfully to drag a film through the mud that reveals too many truths. Didn’t help much, it did well at the box office and was very well received by critics (especially audio-visually). Hollywood director Oliver Stone (himself a Vietnam veteran) still believes that only the extremely deluded can believe the Warren Commission. Here is a most interesting dialogue from the film: Watch here.

Case Closed

Exchanged caskets. Doctors on the corpse. Magic Bullet. Evidence placed. CIA connections. Scapegoat Oswald. Howard Hunt. Planned UFO revelations. Skull and Bones. The Bushes. Suppressed documents. And the press is once again keeping a lookout.

One thing is certain: it is impossible that the ‘Patsy’ Lee Harvey killed Oswald Kennedy alone with three shots. He was betrayed by his secret service superiors and used as a scapegoat. Instead, there is strong evidence that the ‘misguided anti-Castro group’ (Operation 40), led by E. Howard Hunt, murdered Kennedy. It was planned, however, by a group of powerful CIA people, some of whom belong to the Skull & Bones secret society, who held the strings in their hands. They had the motive: Kennedy’s ambitions to fight the ‘military-industrial complex’, to roll back his financial reform, and to stop his attempts at UFO disclosure once and for all.They are the only ones who had the power to pull it off and cover up the coup. And two names keep coming up: George HW Bush and his father Prescott Bush.