Non sarà lungo ora?

The overall system is stretched to the maximum possible. Energy crisis. Supply chain disruptions. Food shortages. Blackouts.

The Internationalists/Globalists/Elites

China to Great Britain

All over the world – from China to the UK, people are being prepared by the media for what is coming. The financial system has reached its natural, mathematical end.

Target 2 inflation. Bond purchases by central banks. Ban on cash.

USA to Australia

Worldwide – from the USA to Australia, vast sums of fiat money are pumped into the system. Without further benefit.

The media system has completely lost its (residual) credibility. Interconnections. Censorship. Newspeak. Propaganda.

Germany to New Zealand

Worldwide – from Germany to New Zealand, the lies of the high-powered press, with massive censorship taking place in the social networks at the same time, are becoming increasingly clear and obvious. The judiciary has surrendered to the executives and thus to the string pullers in the background.

Federal Constitutional Court for dinner in Berlin. Biased judges. Inactive prosecutors.

Italy to France

Worldwide – from Italy to France it is recognizable that the judiciary is part of the problem. Independence no longer exists. Jurisprudence takes place completely in the sense of the system. Facts and evidence no longer play a role. The health system shows its true face.

Permanent gene therapy instead of drug research. Prohibition of alternative approaches. Demonization of old(native) remedies and food supplements.

Spain to Canada

Worldwide – from Spain to Canada it becomes recognizable that it was and is never about the health of the people, but always only about the own profit of the pharmaceutical giants. Symptom relief instead of investigation of the causes. The social system is broken apart.

Hatred. Death lists. Exclusion. Discrimination.

South Africa to Japan

Around the world – from South Africa to Japan, people are being turned on each other by politics and the high-powered press on behalf of their backers. An unprecedented division of society has become a sad reality. Unvaccinated people as danger and reason of coercive measures. The whole system is about to explode.

If one regards the points specified above, which are not even rudimentarily case-final, it becomes recognizable that the total system and thus the world as we knew it so far only a small “remaining time” possesses, can possess. With each passing day, the “drag marks” in the system become more apparent.

Illegal measures of the regimes

The probability of the Big Bang, which is then supposed to mark the “Great Restart” in the sense of the establishment, is increasing. The illegal measures of the regimes are increasing in severity; the futility of the measures more and more obvious, while the facts are becoming more and more apparent. The Plandemie as a vehicle to reshape the financial system “under old management”.

The internationalists/globalists/elites (IGE) will not be able to keep the lid on the boiling pot for too much longer. In their desperation they will use their whole arsenal to survive. They will try to use the winter to finalize their agenda. But they are literally running out of time, as is most evident from the insane regulations and measures around the world.

Without being able to give a specific time, my observations and also my gut feeling tell me that it can’t take too much longer. I may be wrong, of course, but the “ingredients” are on the table; the cauldron is under fire; and the obviousness of the lies and misinformation is getting to people more and more.

It can’t be too much longer….