Cosa sono la Grande Opera e il Dualismo per gli Illuminati?

Dualism is the real religion of the elite, the Illuminati. The Illuminated… the so-called Illuminati bloodlines and their various organizations that fall under this umbrella term, the Cabal: the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Skull & Bones, Gnostics (are Freemasons basically Gnostics under a different name) and the Satanists whose Baphomet symbolism contains every dualistic aspect one can imagine. A little of it is also in the New Age movement and of course also in Wicca with its god / goddess worship.

How Dualism is Real Religion of the Elite?

Dualism can be found everywhere in all kinds of world views such as Daoism and Chinese philosophies in general (Yin-Yang). Today the Illuminati are putting their religious beliefs directly into pop culture through movies, music, and video games. And I’ll explain what your belief system is so that you can recognize it. Understanding their belief system is essential, it makes one understand why they are enemies of humanity, what their ultimate goal is, and why they act as they do. And it offers you the opportunity to recognize an Essential Truth …


And like any other belief system it can be judged and criticized and the reason why hardly anyone has done this is that it is esoteric, it is hidden knowledge. They keep it a secret for this very reason: To prevent it from being vehemently rejected.

Definition: esoteric

(1) a. designed for or understood only by the specially initiated

      b. requires or carries out knowledge that is limited to a small group

(2) limited to a small circle

Because if someone brings their crazy religions like the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses into the public eye, in time there will come people (with their own beliefs) who will say that parts of them are irrational and make no sense. The same can be done with the Illuminati and their belief system. I will now explain what they believe, but remember: They do not carry their faith out into the world so easily that you can easily point your finger at it. They always do things covertly, secretly, esoterically … almost sneaky. And there are a few reasons for that. One of them is like I said that nobody can criticize them for what they say and even if you criticize them people think that you are a madman for seeing these things in movies or other content. And another reason they keep it a secret is their ego. They believe that they are special, the “enlightened” (illuminated). They are very proud that they have this special knowledge and for the people from outside the circle it makes things even more attractive if it is a mystery, a secret that one will learn. That even overwrites the fact that it is utter nonsense, that everything they say is completely irrational (but more on that at the end).

What is Dualism for them?

I will now show and criticize what you believe in as it should have happened a million times. The definition of dualism is (the way you think it is) the equation of opposites. Not only that, but the existence of a thing also depends on the existence of its counterpart . That means that the two opposites form a whole, one cannot have one without the other. Often you hear these people say that you cannot have the good without evil or that you cannot have light without darkness.

dualism ying yang
Ying and Yang symbol

The Ying-and-Yang symbol would be a perfect representation of this, two opposites that form a whole. And that is how the Cabal sees complete reality. Our reality is made up of opposites and these opposites shape our reality, and as soon as you take away a part you would not be able to have the opposite. Good and bad, masculine and feminine, love and hate, black and white. This is already known to many who have been dealing with the cabal for a long time, because the good power versus the bad power is too happy to be portrayed in their media. However, it goes much deeper than a mere balance between opposites.

Dualism Star Wars

Their belief is like Hegel’s dialectic : there you have a thesis and its anti-thesis (opposite). But it doesn’t stop there, because in Hegel’s dialectic the two opposites are merged into a synthesis . This mixing is not like with Ying-and-Yang where there is a black and a white side and some of the white is in the black and vice versa, no. The synthesis means a complete dissolution and mixing of the two parts, so that, so to speak, a full-surface gray is created. So it’s not about balancing opposites, it’s about taking two opposites and creating a new one out of themTo produce a whole. So this is the difference between traditional dualism and what they teach. They call it ‘The Great Work’.

dualism hegelian dialectic
The colors red + blue = purple are deliberately chosen here, purple is an important color for them and stands for becoming God and enlightenment

The Great Work – The Insane Masterplan of Evil

Aleister Crowley and people who influenced him, as well as other personalities of the occult taught this. The aim of the great work is  to synthesize all opposites into a whole.

“The great work is the union of opposites. It can mean the union of the soul with God, the microcosm with the macrocosm, the feminine with the masculine, the ego with the non-ego. ”- Aleister Crowley, Magick without Tears 1954

And they believe that when you have completed this great work you reach apotheosis, man becomes God. And even that is the same form of dualism that I just pointed out. God and humanity are completely opposites and they try to unite these two and make them one. Here I would like to briefly recall the first lie of Satan / Lucifer in the first book of the Bible which seduced Adam and Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit of the whiteness of good and bad and thus to plunge humanity into sin (because that brought the duality and evil in our world):

“As you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God ” – Genesis 3: 5

eden snake
Eden snake

The crazy thing is how they try to do that and for that we have to adopt Gnosticism look at the as mentioned you are gnostics (another form of luciferism). And they understand the physical world as a construct, so it is not the real level of existence but there is another level above which is animated by gods and goddesses. And the lowest of these gods is Sophia who created the Demiurge. Demiurge means creator and he created this construct (the physical reality in which we live). According to them, the demiurge is the God of the Old Testament. Also, it is said, he is supposed to be a deceiver who deceives humanity into believing that he is the only god, although (according to the Gnostics) there are many gods above him. There is also another level above, the pleroma, where the source god is located, which is basically just one energy.

They believe that the demiurge himself has a dualistic structure, he is composed of opposites: he is chaos and order, he is both bad and good. And they see this demiurge as a whole of two opposing forces. One would be evil and order. They see the latter as something negative, a hostage to nature and natural order. The other force consists of the good and the chaotic. The personification of evil and order is represented by Yahweh (the God / Lord of the Old Testament of the Bible), to whom it is often referred to as Adonai in Hebrewgive. And the personification of good and chaos, strangely enough, is Lucifer. In Gnosticism, the snake in the genesis is the hero who saves humanity and frees Adonai from enslavement! So basically this is Satanism, the serpent is actually good, and God is actually bad.


What follows is a quote from a high-ranking Freemason. If you mention Albert Pike that often meets with rejection, but that’s only because his writings are so clear and to the point that his colleagues have to deny him Freemasonry, otherwise they would come out as Satanists. Forget statements from other Freemasons who claim that Albert Pike is not a representative of Freemasonry, because mostly such people are at very low ranks of Freemasonry. They have not yet been initiated into what Pike and other high-ranking 33rd Degree Freemasons know that Freemasons not only deceive the world but also one another until one has proven oneself worthy.

“Yes, Lucifer is God and unfortunately Adonai is God too, because the eternal law is that there is no light without shadow, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, because the absolute can only exist as two gods. Darkness is necessary for the light to serve as its backdrop, like the statue’s pedestal and the locomotive’s brake.

So the doctrine of Satanism is heresy, and the true and pure philosophical religion is belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonai, but Lucifer, god of light and god of good, fights for humanity against Adonai, god of darkness and evil . ” – General Albert Pike, The Question of Freemasonry, pp.12-14

albert pike
Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rites

So here he preaches that Lucifer is our savior who fights against the evil Adonai of the Old Testament. But Albert Pike is not the exception, the 33rd degree Freemason Domenico Margiotta writes:

“Palladism is necessarily a Luciferian rite. His religion is Manichean neon gnosticism, which teaches that divinity is dual and that Lucifer is equal to Adonai, with Lucifer the god of light and goodness fighting for humanity against Adonai, god of darkness and des Evil. “

-33 ° Maurer, Domenico Margiotta, Masonry: Beyond the Light

Here he is saying that God is dual, not two separate parts, but one. The reason why you want to synthesize the two parts is as follows: The creation of the Demiurge (our world) is an image of him, it reflects his duality. The physical reality in which we live, the construct that he created, consists of very, very many dualistic elements. Body & Mind, Male & Female, Fire & Water, Light & Darkness. Many opposing forces make up his domain. And they believe if they bring all these dualistic elements to collapse and they all merge into one (synthesize) his sphere (our reality) will collapse and not only the demiurge himself will collapse and cease to exist. And that in turn will open a portal to the higher spheres, to the Pleroma where the source is from which all the gods and goddesses come (the eons). The source which the Gnostics call the Father, the True Light, the Absolute or Pneuma. So when you have synthesized all opposites in this sphere it will collapse within itself and free humanity from the prison of the Demiurge and then they will ascend into the higher spheres and merge with the pleroma and become gods themselves. This is what they believe Lucifer meant when he said in the Garden of Eden: You will be like gods if you eat from the tree of wisdom of good and bad. So when you have synthesized all opposites in this sphere it will collapse within itself and free humanity from the prison of the Demiurge and then they will ascend into the higher spheres and merge with the pleroma and become gods themselves.

Lucifer statue 2
Lucifer statue

Horned statue of the fallen angel Lucifer in a cathedral in Liège, Belgium. He is also the serpent of the Garden of Eden.


It all comes from Sophia (Sophia means wisdom). She is said to have also sent Jesus who wanted to help us with this ‘Gnosis’ to escape the bondage of the Demiurge. The demiurge therefore consists of the two parts Adonai and Lucifer. And the latter is the one who passes on all this knowledge (Gnosis) to the Illuminated in order to ultimately destroy the Demiurge. But why should Lucifer want the Demiurge to be destroyed, that would eventually destroy him too? You have to keep in mind that Lucifer is the chaotic side of the Demiurge who enjoys destruction, ending something and rebellion. He rebels against Adonai and thereby also against himself. At the same time, Lucifer should also be the good part of the demiurge who sympathizes with humanity, because he has realized that the demiurge’s enslavement of mankind is wrong and therefore wants to free them. So that you can see that I don’t make all this up, here is a quote from the Gnostic text “To the origin of the world”:

“She (Sophia) will plunge her into the abyss. They (the Archonians) will be forgotten because of their wickedness. For they will become like volcanoes and consume one another until they perish at the hand of the chief elder (the demiurge). When he has destroyed them, he will fight against himself and destroy himself until he ceases to exist . “

-To the origin of the world. Nag Hammadi Library Codices II & XII

Some of you are probably already thinking: This is absolutely disturbed! And I absolutely agree, that’s the definition of insanity.

Gnosis in the entertainment media

Now I’ll show you a few examples of how exactly this gnostic belief of the Illuminated / Cabal / cult is constantly presented to us in films / series. The reason they implement these ideas in what we watch is that they are slowly indoctrinating more and more people. If you tell a fictional story that doesn’t make sense, people will immediately reject it. But the more you tell them and put them in front of your nose, the more you tend to think it is possible and not crazy, especially when it is taught to you through flickering images on a subconscious level. This is how they get you, the fiction is shown to you over and over again, until it suddenly seems likely that it could actually be the truth. It’s the same absurdity from before only this time wrapped in something stimulating: your favorite series, your favorite book, your favorite video game. So they covered the poisonous lie with a layer of sugar for you to swallow.

Here is a list of the content which contains Gnostic elements, sorted according to the respective elements. It proves how common these elements are in Hollywood (and thus in the subconscious of the people), many of them are also huge multi-million dollar franchises. They are sorted into the different gnostic elements construct, demiurge, dual demiurge, synthesis and dualism. This is definitely not an absolute list, but it should give an impression that these topics are common, many of course use several Gnostic topics at the same time.

gnostic list

The most common topic is that of the construct. The reason they use this so often is that they want to manipulate people with it as a kind of fear tactic. They propagate the fear of ‘being trapped’ in a kind of gigantic prison in which all of humanity is (a kind of matrix ). This is probably the reason for the explosion of Orwelian films in general, because it achieves the same kind of fear without the obvious Gnostic themes.


Some of the Orwellian stories from the last few years. A system in which everyone is involved, cannot get out and is under constant observation.

It’s about creating a certain fearful atmosphere, on which you can then build to present the true Orwelian nightmare: The universal Big Brother, what the real construct will be at the head of which our supposedly evil God is. So you implement in people’s minds the irrepressible desire to escape. Even if you don’t know yet what to escape. And that makes people easier to accept Gnosticism / Luciferism, because it will then be the cure for what people were infected with in the first place. And whoever has already awakened to our true cosmology in which we live also knows why they frame us so. Because our earth is then more easily seen as a prison from which one has to escape and whose prison dictator (Adonai / JAHWEH) has to be overthrown. Our Truman show (True Man = true humanity) from which we flee and rebel against our creator. Lucifer wants to achieve this soon with the particle accelerator / portal opener CERN, but that’s a barrel that I open differently when.

Truman as a metaphor for mankind who discovered their “prison”. Ascent to the portal.

Lucifer wants to manipulate us together with his human helpers to synthesize all opposites and ultimately to become God himself. Man (thesis) and machine (antithesis) become cyborg (synthesis). This is the reason for the whole transhumanism and AI agenda, we are to be manipulated like Lucifer to rebel against Yahweh, to overthrow the natural order and to want to become immortal gods. For Yahweh all this order has a meaning and a deeper reason, but Lucifer propagates the natural order as a form of slavery from which he wants to ‘free’ us. Of course, a world where consciousness is stored forever, or where our bodies are augmented to be immortal, in a world controlled by the Cabal, is true eternal hell. Infinite long slavery. Because it is only through transitoriness that life becomes meaningful and that the moment becomes precious. And only through death can our soul leave this earth. The aim is to merge every consciousness with a God-like AI. It’s the same old lie from the Garden of Eden that he’s manipulated us with since the beginning of time: “… you will be like God.”


The Hegelian dialectic is also the reason for the mixing of the sexes, the masculinization of women and the feminization of men through media mind control and chemical agents in our food (horomon disruptors such as BPA ). It is said to be a synthesized third genderarise through the merging of these two opposites. What applies to gender should also apply to ethnic groups and cultures. Absolutely every contradiction in our world is to be synthesized and thereby the order of Jawhes / Adonai’s complete creation is to be completely destroyed! That is the definition of megalomania … They want to destroy everything irreparably, overthrow God and corrupt as many souls as possible along the way. Sounds crazy, but that’s really what they believe and are trying to achieve. And if the prophecies are true, they will get very far with them.

Your philosophy applied in history

This technique can be seen in so many areas of the world, including politics. Here are a few examples of the story where the conflict between the thesis and the antithesis resulted in the synthesis desired by the cabal:

The cabal created Marxist Russia (thesis) and National Socialist Germany (antithesis) -> conflict of the second world war and financing of both sides -> founding of the UN, first step closer to the NWO (synthesis)

Marxist Russia (thesis) and capitalist West (antithesis) -> ‘Cold War’ and cooperation on both sides (conflict) -> Détente, glasnost, perestroika, the fall of the wall and the planned collapse of the Soviet Union (synthesis), one step closer to the NWO.

And today same game: Democratic West USA and Europe (thesis) and undemocratic East Russia and China (antithesis) -> Cold War 2.0, WW3? -> Creation of a world government so that war never arises again (synthesis)

Or politics in general: Progressive (thesis), conservative (antithesis) -> election campaign where all sides are financed -> parties of the ‘middle’, the agendas of the cabal (synthesis)

The followers of this cult take this very seriously, for example the makers of the Matrix trilogy, which is overflowing with Gnostic themes. The makers of the films, formerly known as the Wachowski brothers, are now both Wachowski sisters, after both brothers suddenly decided in their 30s to identify with male bodies as women (synthesis of the sexes).


Before and After of the Wachowskis (producers, directors and screenwriters of Matrix 1-3)


Baphomet, a being revered by temple knights and satanists. The personification of dualism, it has masculine and feminine characteristics (transvestite), it is human as well as animal, angel as well as demon, and shows above-as-also-below, a white and black moon and black and white snakes.

So, but how do the gnostic themes look like in films so that you can recognize them in the future. Let’s stay with Matrix right away. The Wachowskis are clearly convinced students of Gnostic teachings and absolute perfectionists when it comes to making their films. Every prop, every camera setting, every frame of the film is precisely coordinated and nothing is random.

Matrix trilogy

As you probably know, Matrix is ​​about the chosen one named Neo (Anagram to One, the One) who is ignorantly trapped in a kind of computer simulation of the earth known as the Matrix. One of the characters (Morpheus, named after the god of dreams) even describes it as a prison for the spirit (the construct). There is a lot of dualistic symbolism scattered throughout the film, such as the black and white checkerboard pattern, the famous pill scene or the oracle’s ying and yang earring (this is significant when you consider their Gnostic role in the matrix).


matrix 2

Mirrors are also extremely common, as a symbol of self-knowledge. ‘Know yourself’ was the motto in front of the entrance to the oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece.

In the second and third parts, the demiurge of Gnosticism appears: the architect. It is basically this machine or the program that created the matrix and which enslaved all of humanity in it. In the second part the architect says that he was not the only creator: “If I am the father of the matrix, she is definitely the mother.” By that he means the oracle and that reflects the dualistic nature of the demiurge in Gnosticism, which is made up of Lucifer and Adonai (God) should exist.

The architect of the matrix

The name architect is also apt. The word demiurge can be translated into words such as creator, designer, craftsman and other synonyms. It is also revealing that the Freemasons (who, as already mentioned at the beginning, are basically neo-Gnostics), the Demiurge even , the great architects of the universe’, So at least some Gnostics prefer the term architect. The architect (Adonai) in the film is portrayed as a calculating, evil genius whose only flaw is his obsession with perfection (Adonai = evil and perfectionist). He is also male, has a white skin color and sees everyone through his screens (omnipresent). He mentions that the first matrix was perfect, but he had to change it and restart it (a clear reference to the destructive flood of Noah in the Bible that God sent after mankind sinned too much and Lucifer’s demons openly ruled the world). The oracle is the rebellious side of the demiurge (Lucifer = rebellious and good). She is portrayed as a free spirit and cooler, smoking cigarettes and baking cookies. She is female and has dark skin color. In addition, she is the good side because she helps people every now and then in the matrix that she helped to create. So she rebels against the system she created, like Lucifer the alleged co-creator and notorious rebel who fights for humanity by fighting his dualistic counterpart …

But that’s not all, the rabbit hole goes deeper …

So in the third and last film there comes the point where Neo finally meets the physical form of the real architect in reality (outside the matrix). This is called Deus Ex Machina which is fittingly called God from the machine.

Architect deus ex
Deus Ex machine beings in reality. This machine created the matrix and within that matrix he is the architect in the white suit.

Long story short: Neo is connected directly to Deus Ex Machina in order to get into the matrix, he basically merges with the architect (Yahweh / Adonai). In the meantime Neo’s archenemy, Agent Smith, has taken possession of and assimilated with every single person in the Matrix; they themselves become Agent Smiths, themselves agents of the system. Agent Smith is here a symbol of the anti-Christ consciousness which is infecting humanity like a virus. The last person in the matrix to be assimilated is the oracle (Lucifer). So basically Neo and Agent Smith have become the two host-bodies for the dual demiurge. This is followed by the great battle of the two opposites, at the end of which Agent Smith merges with Neo (Oracle / Lucifer and Architect / Adonai).

agente Smith

As this happens, the Deus Ex Machina suddenly shoots a bright light into Neo’s physical body, even causing a Christian cross on his heart (Christian Consciousness). This causes Neo and all of the Agent Smiths in the Matrix to explode in a bright light. Neo (Adonai) and Agent Smith (Lucifer and the people afflicted by the Antichrist Consciousness) die, but the (real) people are thereby freed from the matrix (construct), the machines die and humanity celebrates its victory in Zion.

neo christ

So here in the Wachowski film trilogy we have all gnostic elements: The construct (the matrix), the dual demiurge (architect & oracle) which, based on their personality traits, can be clearly assigned to Adonai and Lucifer. These two are synthesized through the merging of their two incarnations, Neo and Agent Smith. This leads to their two destruction and frees people from the construct. Another allusion to Christ is, for example, the number 101 that is used in some films, especially those that deal with a construct. On Neo’s apartment door in the matrix it says 101. Why did the Wachowskis choose this number? In the Bible under John 10.1 it says:”Truly, truly, I tell you whoever does not go through the door into the sheepfold, but climbs in somewhere else, is a thief and a robber.”

Eight verses further, Jesus says which door is meant in John 10.9 “I am the door; if someone goes in through me, he will be saved and go in and out and find pasture. ” That the Wachowskis definitely meant Jesus with the 101 door is confirmed by the casual statement of the person who knocked on Neo’s door: ” Hallelujah, You’re my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ. ” So a door with the 101 is a symbol of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus. The Cabal, however, wants you to fear the 101 door. In George Orwell’s classic “1984”, in which the Cabal draws the dystopia they are striving for, one encounters his greatest fear in room 101 (as a kind of torture). According to Orwell himself, the room contains “the worst in the world.”

george orwell room 101
Subject is taken to the torture chamber in room 101 in the Ministry of Love (film adaptation of ‘1984’)

A British television show that has been on television under the same name for many years was also inspired by Room 101, a ridiculous comedy show in which B-celebrities tell things they hate and then symbolically place them in Room 101. In the Truman Show, another film with a Konstrukt idea, exactly at the 1:01:54 mark, someone climbs through a door into the dome into the ‘fake world’ in which Truman lives. You really can’t think of something like that…. Don’t forget, symbolism is the language of their religion. But the 101 has another meaning as we will see later.

101 Dalmatians
Black / white dualism in 101 Dalmatians

Tron Legacy

The same concepts are in Disney’s film Tron Legacy. In this film, the creator of the grid (construct) has the name Flynn who is even referred to as a deity at one point. Then there is its co-creator, Clu, who was coaxed by Flynn to “make the perfect system”.

tron legacy
The dualistic demiurge in Tron

The grid is basically a digital universe inside a computer. So here we have the construct idea again and the dual demiurge. Flynn’s co-creator Clu (Lucifer) eventually betrays him and begins to rebel against him due to Flynn’s (Adonai) obsession with perfection and order. In the film you can see the dualistic color scheme of the opposing colors orange (bad) and light blue (good) all the time.

tron 2

After Clu’s betrayal, Flynn is trapped in the construct, his son appears (Jesus?) And is also trapped. And the only way for him to get out of the grid is to merge the two creators Clu and Flynn, a process that is referred to in the film as reintegration. So here we have the idea of ​​synthesis again and at the end of it both die in a massive explosion. This allows his son to escape through a portal. Again, the synthesis of the demiurge allows humans to escape from the construct. An ‘ascension’ of the human being, so to speak.

Another good example would be the LEGO movie, you can see the list above, just pay attention to it.

Why do they have to be so shady? Of course, nobody accepts these ideas right away (Lucifer is good and our loving father is an evil perfectionist who locks us up and we should rather become gods ourselves), so they hide the ideas in the content we consume every day. This pre-conditioned the masses to internalize these Luciferian beliefs without even realizing it.



The same concepts can be found in Freemasonry. The contrast of the demiurge can already be found in the logo of your organization. The angle and the circle are offset from one another, these two utensils are opposites in architecture, because one draws acute right angles and the other draws round shapes (circles). The G is the way for the G Rossen Archtiekten of the universe as they call the Demiurge ( Great Architect / God).

The symbol of Freemasonry

angle compass

The angle and the circle form something like a hexagram. As they even represent themselves in this work of art (the G in a hexagram).


The hexagram itself is a symbol for the merging of two opposites (triangle upwards and triangle downwards are synthesized into a hexagram) such as heaven and earth, macrocosm and microcosm or God and humanity. The hexagram is often shown as inseparable from itself (as above). The hexagram is also a symbol for the hermetic principle ‘as above, so also below’ .

as above so below

A concept of hermetics and sacred geometry and is of course also found in Gnosticism and all of this has its origin in the Tabula Smaragdina. The text of the Hermetic Principles was written by Hermes Trismegistos (amalgamation of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth) and the text carved on a large emerald tablet is said to have been found in the Great Pyramid. Among other things, they say: “What is below corresponds to what is above, and what is above corresponds to what is below, in order to accomplish the miracle of the one thing “This seems to be about the merging of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Above and below are unified into a whole. So it is another ‘great work’ occult teaching. So the merging of all the little things that ultimately lead to the merging of the Demiurge. Maybe that G is in the Masonic logo for the G reat work.

In the House of the Temple, one of the three headquarters of the Scottish Rite in Washington DC, there is an interesting Masonic logo which confirms this again. Incidentally, Albert Pike’s bones are also buried here, so he is well respected by the Freemasons. Usually the two ends of the angle in the logo are the same length. In real life, however, an angle is often longer on one side. An angle was also used in the Freemason logo in the House of the Temple. Why? Well, this angle looks like an L and the circle above it looks like an A. So the fusion of L uzifer and A donai!

adonai lucifer
Adonai lucifer

If there are Freemasons out there who think this is not true: You cannot know, it is a secret society that keeps secrets, even from its own people in the lower ranks. I mean what is the second highest degree title you can earn? Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret ! Why do you think they don’t keep secrets from you too? This Royal Secret is the fact that the light that you follow to enlightenment is that of the mad lightbringer Lucifer who wants to complete the great work!

Take a look at these drawings by the famous occultist Eliphas Levi, who also drew the Baphomet picture above.

dualism images
Dualism images

We see here again the opposites of the demiurge in a hexagram and the colors black and white. On the right you can see the Hebrew first letters for Adonai and Lucifer. In the left picture you can see the word macrocosm above and microcosm below, framed in a snake that eats its own tail. This is the Ouroboros symbol . The snake stands for Lucifer who destroys himself (through the synthesis of Adonai and Lucifer). The snake lives by eating itself, so here are two opposing forces (survival and death) that support each other.

I hope a pattern is slowly becoming recognizable here, it is always about the idea of ​​synthesizing opposites. The plurality becomes a singularity, the many become one, distribution takes place together, diversity becomes universality. And we are bombarded with this synthesis symbolism over and over again.

And everything goes back to the likewise dualistic tree of the knowledge of good and bad in the history of its origin. No wonder occultists are obsessed with dualism, Lucifer has been all about it since day one when he hung out in his dualistic tree.

tree of knowledge

On Wikipedia under Demiurge you can see another representation of the Demiurge in the form of a snake with a lion’s head. A sun and a moon can also be seen here as the opposites of day and night. Back then, cultures often drew the sun in a star shape. Behind the Demiurge’s head you can see something that looks like the synthesis of the two (the circle could be the crescent moon and the points the sun). The sun and moon often also represent the two demiurge figures.


In addition, it can also be seen here that the being is also a synthesis of Lucifer (snake) and Adonai (the Lord in the Old Testament is referred to several times as the lion). Another dualistic demiurge symbol used by the Masons is the double-headed phoenix. It usually has the well-known Ordo ab Chao quote, which is the Latin term for order out of chaos. An allusion to the two opposing personality traits of Adonai and Lucifer. An ordered unit is formed from a chaotic mass of opposites. The 33 stands for the 33 Freemason degrees. And look where Putin always gives his speeches, many nations / empires have adopted this phoenix as a symbol.

ordo ab chao

ordo from caho putin

unted states eagle

Something like the United States Eagle. E Pluribus Unum… many become one. And above is also a hexagram star made up of many smaller stars. Then there is the two pillars Jachim and Boaz as a dualistic symbol of the Freemasons. That was the name of the two pillars at the entrance to Solomon’s temple, although the Bible never described them with dualistic features. Actually, they were hardly mentioned anyway. Often they are also represented with a moon and a sun hovering over them, also symbols for the two parts of the Demiurge.

jachim boaz

Opening the gate

And how is the synthesis of the two opposites presented here? By connecting the two pillars with a kind of ark. So the two sides balance each other out. Every little stone is a synthesis of smaller opposites. The connecting keystone for this is the so-called Royal Arch, the end of the ‘great work’ (i.e. the synthesis of Adonai and Lucifer). This is missing at the top of the hexagram picture.

jachim boaz 2
69 is often also a symbol for male and female, which when merging (sex) leads to the opening of a portal (birth). The 69 also has similarities with the Ying Yang symbol.

And in fact, the ‘royal secret’ of the 32nd Masonic degree is probably just that: the royal arch, the truth about ‘the great work’ and the dual demiurge. This suspicion is confirmed in Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma:

sublime prince

Demiurge symbolism below the 32nd degree.And what happens now when you build an arch over the two pillars? When the great work is done? A gate is created through which you can now go! So it is the portal for the ascension of man, the becoming God, the apotheosis. It is the portal for escape from our construct.


This is where the 101 symbolism comes in again. The two ones are the pillars and the zero in between is the portal. This fusion of opposites that opens a portal is also often found in films. For example in the 80s films Master of the Universe and Ghostbusters (contrast between man and woman open a portal in which a pyramid and a transvestite then appear). Vedere qui. E qui.

Ghostbusters. The portal between the pillars looks like an eye in a pyramid.

There is a very similar symbolism in the movie Stargate. Here you can see a pyramid in the portal. And the last symbol which is used to open the portal there (Royal Arch above) consists of two columns running towards each other, which merge at the top and a circle, a portal / eye, so to speak, hovers above it. This stands for the ascension of man.


stargate 2
This symbol is at the top of the portal and opens it. A symbol of the merger of the two demiurges.
symbols portal
So we see that all these three symbols represent the same thing: The conclusion of the great work (synthesis of everything), with the merging of the Demiurge at the end. This leads to the opening of a portal for the ascendency / apotheosis of humanity

The symbol in the middle is of course very similar to the well-known pyramid of the 1 dollar note. Think about it: There are several stone steps that are stacked on top of each other, which become fewer and fewer towards the top (gradual synthesis of reality) and finally lead to a portal at the top.

dollar bill
The closer you get to the portal, the fewer stones.

CERN & 9/11

Many people already know that there is an overlapped 666 in the logo of the Swiss particle accelerator CERN. If you mirror the logo, however, you can also see a separate 69, as already described above, a dualistic symbol of the Demiurge merger. And as some researchers believe, the particle accelerator in which two matter particles collide could actually open a portal. What CERN is used for is only demonic, but I’ll definitely write my own article about that.


Then there is the 9/11 ritual. The twin towers of the World Trade Center, financed by David Rockerfeller, were basically two pillars of the same size. And the date on which the ritual was performed is significant and not a coincidence. What does 9/11 look like in roman numbers: IXXI

So here too we have the two columns and a portal in between, similar to the 101 symbolism.


And as we all know, the two towers were destroyed (synthesized) to make way for the one tower of the One World Trade Center (and yes the tower is really called One World Trade Center, a clear NWO reference). So he represents the third pillar, which is a fusion of the first two.

third pillar

But it goes even further, if you look at the square above the new WTC in New York from above, the layout of the towers is very similar to the pyramids of Giza. Where the two towers stood, large black square fountains have now been left, a kind of mass grave. They form a line with the new tower, similar to the pyramids. And the new tower is shaped like an elongated decahedron , two pyramids placed inside each other, a direct synthesis of the two ‘pyramids’.


new wtc
One World Trade Center. 1776 ft high (founding year of the Order of Illuminati)

And consider the name: the 9/11 ritual was a symbolic statement, a representation of the great work on a worldwide level. And the high sacrifices that this demanded shows that they will stop at nothing to complete this work. What will come next?

Masonic ritual911
One-eye ritual live at Grund Zero after clearing away the rubble.

The synthesis of the sexes and ethnic groups

At the beginning I briefly discussed the colors blue (thesis) and red (antithesis) = purple (synthesis). This color has a great meaning for them and symbolizes the fusion of opposites and the apotheosis. Sometimes the columns Jachim and Boaz are also shown in red and blue. Well, when the well-known pop icon Prince died (or was killed because he talked too much, including about chemtrails), sights known all over the world were illuminated in purple because that was ‘his color’. Indeed: His most famous song was Purple Rain and his logo was purple and also had similarities with two other well-known symbols. Vedere qui.


prince 2
Prince Logo, his guitar was shaped like that too.

As he himself admitted, the logo should be a fusion of the symbols for female and male (which are often shown in light blue and pink = purple in the mix). Likewise, he once said on an Oprah show that he was like a Gemini and that there was a female and a male person in him. And of course he was also known to be very feminine, both in terms of clothing and behavior.

Prince 3

So Prince was a symbol of the Cabal for the synthesis of the sexes and maybe his death has to do with the completion of this synthesis. Because today, many years after Purple Rain, transgender is really ‘in’. Ask yourself: Does this lifestyle correspond to a natural order, would humanity be where it is today if it had always been there? Or does it seem as if this lifestyle is being enforced, as if it has been pushed for years by an invisible hand? Hm maybe through the media, movies, celebrities, music, big corporations, etc?


The LBGT movement is a controlled psy-op, as already mentioned by Illuminati insider Dr. Richard Day was added in 1969 . The aim of this agenda is to swap the roles between man and woman so often until a fluidity arises between the two in mass consciousness and there is no longer any demarcation between the two (a full-surface gray, so to speak, arises [synthesis]). And meanwhile ‘gender fluid’ is actually one of the tens of thousands of gender and sex identifications that are normal today. This means a person who does not identify with a fixed gender, the two categories (male and female) are therefore obsolete and synthesized together.

trnsgender 2

Society should see genders as a social construct, so the dual male and female aspects are no longer considered necessary. The synthesis of the sexes is happening in front of all of us in the LGBT community. The other areas of this movement also serve to support the dissolution of the gender distinction. Just like the worldwide popularity among teens of the androgynous K-Pop bands .

The same synthesis should be done with “races”. Don’t get me wrong, technically there is of course only one “race”: humans. But we all have differences that should not be ignored and we are one large diverse family. We have cultural, physical (skin color) and even linguistic differences that set us apart and there is nothing wrong with that on the contrary: it is something beautiful that defines humanity. But also these opposites should be synthesized by propagating again that ethnic groups are social constructs and not natural things. Check out this dualistic video.

“Would you be Black, Asian, Mexican, Native American, Middle Eastern, Indian? No. We would be one . We would be togehter. “and at that moment a girl fuses her two hands into a ball (synthesis). If you synthesize all opposing ethnicities and cultures into a single one-world human culture / ethnicity, you end up losing all of them and creating people without roots. And such people accept drastic changes more easily. Diversity becomes university. That is the idea behind all ‘We are One’ campaigns. They are particularly treacherous because they always come in the name of love and global cohesion (which is of course very important), but they also practice social engineering in a direction that ultimately harms everyone. Instead, we should embrace our differences, maintain our roots, and learn from each other, no matter how you look or where you are from. There are differences and we shouldn’t ignore them completely just because there are racists out there. In the end, we are all children of God, and in his eyes we are all equal and judged only on our actions.

There should also be mentioned the trend that there are more and more people who also synthesize the opposites of humans and animals to form chimeras.

animal people
The dissolution of all natural boundaries is encouraged today. In a completely Luciferian manner, the order of nature (Yahweh) rebels.

Chimeric crossbreeds between humans and animals have always been at the center of occult teachings and that continues to this day in Hollywood films (in werewolf and vampire dramas, for example).

Egyptian deities / demons.
movies chimeras
Movies chimeras

The synthesis of the opposites of humans and animals through gene splicing will be the LGBT of the future, remember my words. Just like merging with machines. If you had told someone in the 90s that it would be normal to have 11-year-old drag queen kids appear on TV shows in the near future , you couldn’t have believed that either. All of these are glorifications of perceptual disorders. We accept dismorphophobia as a disease in anorexic people, even to suspect something comparable in men who see themselves as women or people who consider themselves a parrot, however, is discriminatory hate speech and should not even be thought today. Vedere qui.

Synthesis of good & bad and the royal arch

The lines between good and bad are also becoming increasingly blurred. Similar to gender, the meanings of good and bad are swapped so often until it is ‘fluid’ that is considered morally good & bad and they are easily interchangeable. Basically, any original distinction between the two is dissolved until society sees objective morality as another societal construct.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who make light out of darkness and darkness out of light, who make sweet out of sour and sour out of sweet!” Isaiah 5:20

good evil
Evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins

That is exactly what order out of chaos (Ordo ab Chao) means for these elite secret societies. They create unity or synthesis through a state of chaos. One of the most famous agendas of these people is that of the One World Order (or New World Order): a world with one government, one currency, one language, one leader and one religion. In other words, a complete unification of ALL things, so take the many again and make them a unified whole.

And the crown of all agendas, quasi the royal arch of the great work, is transhumanism. Transhumanism can be seen as the amalgamation between man and machine, biological and non-biological, even life and death.


The reason this is the agenda that is paramount is because it ends everyone else’s debate. It’s the Capstone, so to speak. Because as soon as it is fully implemented and people become complete machine beings, there will no longer be any distinctions between sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, nationality. Not even species will then be a valid distinction. And morals? Forget it, it will fizzle out overnight. Not to forget the simultaneous rejection of almost all religions, because who has to think about an afterlife when one can no longer die?

synthesis of humanity
Complete synthesis of humanity and dissolution of all boundaries to a cosmopolitanism in which everything is possible and nothing is sacred.

The only religion that is not completely wiped out by transhumanism is pantheistic monotheism, the belief that all is one and that all is God. It is the definition of the synthesis of the microcosm and the macrocosm and basically the synthesis of all of them. In pantheistic monotheism, all things of existence are seen as a unified whole. Unfortunately for God, this view, like Ascension, is very common in the New Age movement to which many supposedly ‘awakened people’ belong. Pantheistic monotheism can even be found in parts of modern science, since all the founding fathers of our natural sciences were occultists and alchemists. Just think of the quantum cross-entanglement according to which every point is connected to one another and everything is practically one (more on the subject a different time). This only gives the same Gnosis of Lucifer an ‘aura of creditworthiness’. Scientificism, Atheism, New Age: If you analyze the essence of these teachings more closely, it is always occult doctrines such as Gnosticism or Kabbalah with a different touch and at the core of Luciferism. The snake with a thousand names that built a labyrinth of knowledge for us that leads to it again and again. If one analyzes the essence of these teachings more closely, it is always about occult doctrines such as Gnosticism or Kabbalah with a different touch and at the core of Luciferism. The snake with a thousand names that built a labyrinth of knowledge for us that leads to it again and again. If one analyzes the essence of these teachings more closely, it is always about occult doctrines such as Gnosticism or Kabbalah with a different touch and at the core of Luciferism. The snake with a thousand names that built a labyrinth of knowledge for us that leads to it again and again.

And transhumanism will also be sold to us as a solution to all problems of opposites (the struggle between race, nations and sex is ended in this way) and with that one will then achieve world peace, stop hunger & diseases etc. Basically there are infinite possibilities like them sell us the whole thing. By the way, the official logo of transhumanism is h + … so similar to the astrological symbol for Saturn . Another Saturn connection.


But in the end it is just continuing their religious doctrine of synthesis. So this massive plot that I’ve now recorded ( the one big game ) that is the end goal behind all of their agendas and nothing can stop them from achieving that. All are steps towards the fulfillment of the great work: the synthesis of all things with the synthesis of the Demiurge at the end.

Here is an excerpt from an episode Love x Hate x Robots (Netflix). The name itself already reflects the concept of the great work. A couple (demiurge?) Finds a civilization in their refrigerator (construct) which is developing in fast motion. At the end they are in a transhumanist future society and disappear through a portal from the refrigerator (ascendency from the construct into the eons of their creators) and then through another portal into an even higher dimension to merge with the original source (Pneuma) . That’s the big endgame.


Critique of the Illuminati Doctrine

So now you should understand what exactly they believe. Now I am finally going to pick your philosophy apart and point out a few essential errors of thought on your part and why you are ultimately ripped off by Lucifer and the demons they are possessed by.

One thing that already makes this whole doctrine null and void is the interpretation of what counts as opposites, which supposedly have to be synthesized. For example darkness and light or day and night. Darkness is not the opposite of light but what is called deprivation. It is the absence of light. That means that it is not an independent thing but only the lack of light. It is not a physical entity that can be measured like light (light is made up of physical particles called photons). Darkness has no components, it cannot be analyzed in any way, it is just a state of the absence of light. Darkness is basically nothing, if you were to synthesize light and darkness, light still comes out! So what we are dealing with here is lack of a basic understanding of what darkness is. In a Ying & Yang logo that would be consolidated in reality, the dark side would look transparent, indistinguishable from the background. A void that would have to be filled with light, so to speak.

ying yang reality

And this problem prevails with many of these opposites, for example life and death with the Uoroboros symbol which is supposed to represent how life is sustained through death. But actually you only get life through life. You don’t get life by not living. When an animal eats another animal, the animal’s body continues to live, millions of living organisms are still in it. So when an animal eats the body, these living components live on in the other animal and give it energy to live. So life in turn creates life. Incidentally, death is again an absence, the absence of life. It is not an opposite state of life, it is the absence of life. This shows how fundamentally wrong these assumptions have been interpreted. It’s like Romans 1:22 “Since they thought they were wise, they became fools.”

All those years of Gnostic teachings and ascents in their secret societies and that’s all they come up with? Lessons full of logic holes? The reason they don’t finish this is because of their ego. The huge & power hungry human ego on which Lucifer has been building since day one. Everything is wrapped up as a great mystery that only a small selection of people is worthy of and that they have to work through for years. And this inflation of your own person makes you blind to the truth, after all you are ‘illuminated’ and powerful so it has to be right.

The same applies to the morality of good and bad. I would argue that evil is just the absence of good. The reason why one has any objective moral values ​​at all, one needs a transcendent standard about which one can decide what is good and what is bad. Without that one can only have an opinion about what is right & wrong. But our opinions are not established in reality, we need a correct standard that is objective and not subjective. And I would have arguments like this: in the perfect person God (Yahweh / Adonai). It is perfectly good and therefore the perfect standard by which you can orientate yourself what is good & right. And if it is a perfect standard for good & right, it is also for finding out what is bad. Everything that cannot be found in his character is then, so to speak, evil. And that makes bad or sin again a lack of good, an absence of God.

“God’s ways are perfect / the words of the Lord are cleared through. / He is a shield to all who trust him. ” Psalm 18: 31


So darkness and evil depend on the existence of good and light and not the other way around as they claim! Good, God and light can very well exist without them. Same with chaos and order. The definition of chaos is even the absence of a state of order. So here again we don’t have two opposites that can be synthesized, but a thing and its negation. Some opposites are only very subjective opposites, e.g. man and machine. The only objective opposites are male and female. But why all these things merge is just insane. The Bible shows a truth: It is that the angel Lucifer is the king of lies and from the beginning uses the ego of the people to play them off against each other. He’s torn, you have to let him and more powerful and intelligent than a human. He and his angels were made by God thrown out of heaven because he has moved too far away from him, and now wants to destroy God’s creation out of hatred, pride and jealousy and overthrow him. In truth, he is the only one trapped here, underground, and he wants to go back!

Lucifer statue
Lucifer statue

The statue again. Lucifer was kicked out of heaven and is trapped in our reality (chain).

If their teachings were true, they would not have to brainwash our subconscious so deviously, but would be open and honest.

“You have the devil for a father, and according to your father’s desires you want to do. He is a murderer from the beginning, and stands not in the truth; for the truth is not in him. When he speaketh lies, he speaketh out of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of lies.” John 8: 44

Apart from the fact that this belief system completely devalues ​​life as it will inevitably lead to the destruction of millions of lives, which it motivates to kill an innocent person. They always do so humbly but something more arrogant and selfish than destroying everything to become God I can’t even imagine. In their eyes God is a perfectionist, yes that is true, but where the Gnostics stop is that he is also perfectly loving.

gods thrones
Gnostic film Hunger Games: Symbolic fall of God

The Cabal always presents Lucifer as the hero, because he gave them the wisdom and thus the free choice. What is meant by that I will go into the second part and let a high-ranking member of the Illuminati bloodlines have their say. The so-called hidden-hand material is the most fascinating thing I have ever found on the Internet. He took a deep look into the philosophy of their own and also explains why they “have to” do pedophile and deadly rituals. Of course it’s all a lie, everyone is responsible for their decisions, but in the end Lucifer plays with them the worst of all.

You see: The great master plan on your part is ultimately a 100% spiritual agenda, which means, conversely, that we can only get rid of this tumor spiritually.

“For we do not have to fight with flesh and blood, but with rulers and authorities, namely with the lords of this world who rule in this darkness with the evil spirits under heaven.” Ephesians 6:12

Some Words from Ghandi

This writing of Ghandi’s goes down well:

“- I will go on believing, even when people lose hope.

– I will go on giving love, even when others sow hate.

– I will go on building, even when others destroy.

– I will continue to speak of Peace, even in the midst of war.

– I will continue to enlighten, even in the midst of darkness.

– And I will keep on sowing, even when others trample the harvest.

– And I will keep screaming, even when others are silent.

– And I will draw smiles, on tearful faces.

– And I will bring relief, when I see pain.

– And I will give reasons for joy where there is only sadness.

– I will invite those who decided to stay, to walk.

– And I will raise my arms, to those who have given up.

– Because in the midst of desolation, there will be a child who will look at us, hopeful, expecting something from us.

– And even in the midst of a storm, somewhere the sun will rise.

– And in the middle of the desert a plant will grow.

– There will always be a bird to sing to us, a child to smile at us and a butterfly to offer us its beauty.

Qual è la tua reazione?

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