Cosa espongono i medici statunitensi di Frontline sulla campagna 'criminale' dei giganti della tecnologia e delle agenzie governative?

US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants and government agencies to block COVID medecines.

Dr. Simone Gold’s White Paper reveals the shocking, deep corruption and deception that has resulted in desperately needed, life-saving COVID infection treatments being suppressed since the pandemic began. See White Paper pdf end of post.

The America’s Frontline Doctors

“White Coat Summit” event

The group was in D.C. July 27 for its “White Coat Summit” event, which was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots and Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.). It kicked off with a full-day agenda and finished up the next day with a second press conference and congressional lobbying.