What are Nano-Warfare and EMF Detox Protocol?


Try to forget everything you have learned over the last two years, because none of it is true. Mankind has been attacked for more than two years with a very advanced nano-sized chemical agent that has already claimed many lives. Unfortunately, gigantic amounts are yet to come. These nanoparticles enter people’s bodies through multiple entry routes. This particle is already officially in circulation since March 2019 and not only in China (Qui, Qui). The main entry route is contaminated PEG solutions of vaccines – since 2018 and 2019, this has affected certain batches of flu vaccine, laying the groundwork for the pandemic. These particles react to EMF fields from the latest mobile phone standard, heating and igniting surrounding tissue. Wuhan introduced mandatory flu vaccination in the fall of 2019, while also becoming the first pilot city to widely activate 5G. Leggi qui.

Nanoparticles in Vaccines

Today, pretty much all vaccines have been affected, most notably Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna, Astrazenica and Johnson & Johnson vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, vaccines against the influenza virus and now most other vaccines. The contamination of all these vaccines was detected in the early summer of 2021 by Spanish biologists from “La Quinta Columna” in a number of different current vaccines under an electron microscope and since then their findings have been increasingly confirmed. Some vials contained very high doses and 98-99% consisted of these particles. Leggi qui.

However, Dr. Stefano Montanari & Dr. Antonietta Gatti already drew attention to strange nanoparticle impurities in vaccines in a paper in 2018. Leggi qui.

But they messed with Goliath on that one, as it caught the attention of the U.S. government and the European Union. Italian authorities stormed their labs and confiscated samples, hard drives, laptops and records, destroying years of work. Leggi qui.

Someone was trying to stop decades of planning from being thwarted. Veterinary vaccines used in factory farming for cattle, pigs and chickens have also had contaminated PEG solutions for about two years. Since the contamination already takes place at the beginning of the production chain and since almost all pharmaceutical companies buy their PEG solutions for all their vaccines from the same two medicine manufacturers (Merck Millipore from the USA and Sinopeg from China), neither the pharmaceutical company that is written on it nor the name of the vaccine itself plays a role. By the way, this also applies to Norovax, which is not a classic “dead vaccine” (as is propagated) but is also based on synthetic nanotechnology. Ultimately, the mechanism of action itself does not matter anyway – the liquid itself in contaminated. Guarda qui.

The nanoparticles are superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION), graphene oxide nanoparticles (GO) and other nanoparticles. Since both are heat resistant, raw and heated meat is therefore also considered as an entry route of the nanoparticles into the body. It cannot be excluded that this also applies to some hygiene products such as deodorants, shampoos and creams. This would not even be noticed with the current activated carbon trend in hygiene and beauty products. Very many FFP2 masks produced in China and sold everywhere here work with graphene-containing filters through which nanoparticles can be inhaled. That is why these FFP-2 masks have already been banned in Canada, France and Spain due to health concerns (Qui, Qui, Qui). Unfortunately never in Germany, they are still available here and the German government is just printing around since then. Airborne dispersal through aerosol spraying of aircraft traffic is also conceivable and has been demonstrated in the past with other nanoparticles. As soon as a certain graphene oxide concentration builds up in a body (e.g. by an intravenous injection of large amounts of it), the most insidious form of dissemination occurs – the so-called shedding.

masks meat

In the shedding that is currently taking place, the nanoparticles are constantly exhaled after injection and thus spread from person to person via the air. The nanoparticles can also be spread through the exchange of body fluids such as sweat, saliva, semen and blood. Thus, even people without injections can be administered the substance if they are frequently in close proximity or direct contact with such people (or receive blood donations from them). John Hopkins University calls this ethically unacceptable technology “self spreading vaccines” (p.45). Whereby many people would not even perceive this as unethical after two years of propaganda. Because what was still considered a conspiracy theory in my last articles is now a factual technology that is “officially” being worked on for COVID. Leggi qui.

What it always means to me is: they have had this technology for years, it has been used for two years without our consent, and now the moment has come for logistical reasons to reveal the technology. Even though they are now warning “something like this could get out of control,” as if that is not the plan. Leggi qui.

The mRna in the contaminated PEG solutions suppresses the immune response by viruses to the toxin they also contain, so people continue to be slowly poisoned, but now remain relatively asymptomatic for now (at least until the body manages to adapt aka. the “vaccine breakthrough”, “new mutation”, etc.). These people now have high concentrations of the substance in their bodies and now meet again in mass gatherings in confined spaces. This is fatal, because so the Graphene oxide concentration in the bodies of the sprayed increases immensely by the shedding. This study concludes that double-sprayed and positive caregivers had a viral load 251 times higher than positive caregivers before the spraying. They thus become asymptomatic superspreaders. Leggi qui.


Dossier Technologies To Address Global Biological Catastrophic Risks. “ of Johns Hopkins University; Page 45 (2017)

Now some things explain themselves, for example why always punctually with each syringe a new mutation came. First two syringes -> Delta and Lambda, first booster -> Omicron. What a coincidence. Winter 2021/22 with a vaccination rate of 80% has many times more “infected” and dead than winter 2020/2021 with a vaccination rate of 0%. Remember the beginning. In 2020, outside of the daily news, you heard of virtually no one getting sick, even in the winter. And if then it was rather the test that struck with a cold. And now vaccinated and boostered are getting sick left and right. And also long-covid now seems to be increasing massively. I personally know seven people in my close circle who have gotten sick in the last six weeks alone. All of them have been injected. One hesitated for a very long time – 11 months he waited for the first one. When he still had the PEG administered, he became ill exactly one month after the second injection. So far I have remained healthy – as the only non-injected person. The whole thing is explained with new and differently behaving mutations. BULLSHIT. With each injection the graphene oxide concentration grows and latently weakens the body more and more (“Long COVID”). And the higher the rate in society, the exponentially faster the particles spread by shedding (“Omicron”).

Publicly, it is communicated that there is only an immune response in the local muscle tissue at the administration site in the arm… that’s it. Even though that is where most of the concentration is, the reality could not be more remote. Through a FOIA request (i.e. massive legal pressure), the Pfizer corporation in Japan was forced to publish internal studies on the organ distribution of the lipid particle of your substance. These clearly show that the particles already spread in smaller concentrations in all organs of the body immediately after injection on the arm and in the first two hours after administration a steep increase takes place in the blood serum and blood plasma. After about 4-6 hours, the concentration decreases there and it begins to rise steeply in two organs: The bone marrow and the ovaries. The bone marrow is the body’s blood cell factory and so the docking particle can constantly maintain a certain concentration in the bloodstream. The graph ends after 48 hours, but it is safe to assume that it will continue to rise after that time.


immagine 50
The bars below are other organs

But what is so bad about graphene oxide? Here is a long list of studies on the toxic effects of the substance. Vedere qui.

It’s almost laughable that people in nanomedicine continue to research it at all, but that’s probably due to the billions of euros in government funding the graphene flagship has received. Wikipedia.

It is toxic to cells, causes thrombosis and blood clots, is highly destructive to lung cells, destructive to the macrophages of the immune system, toxic to sperm, harmful to the environment, DNA damaging, carcinogenic and more… Graphene oxide exposure depletes the body’s glutathione reserves relatively quickly and is thus especially dangerous for those groups of people who naturally have lower glutathione levels. Glutathione is part of the human immune system and the body’s most powerful antioxidant. After the age of 65, the level begins to decrease rapidly with each passing year, as the body’s ability to produce glutathione itself decreases with age. Immunocompromised people, cancer patients, diabetes sufferers and overweight people also have lower levels. So it is not surprising that in these groups the mortality of this poisoning is the highest.

Adolescents and especially children have an enormously high level – so it is not surprising that a mortality in this population group is defacto almost non-existent. This (in my eyes) chemical eugenic weapon is therefore, by its mechanism of action, aimed at the severely ill, the elderly and the overweight. In the eyes of the psychopathic eugenicists behind it, these are the “subjects” of society, who cost society more than they contribute to it and therefore have forfeited their right to life. Especially the old… because they know very well that in a few years the demographic change would go so strongly in the direction of an old society that it would have enormous consequences for the continuity of society as a whole. How can you keep a system going when over half the population is over 60 years old and a third is over 75? While the birth rates sink with each year further? Correct: Not at all! Wouldn’t the self-proclaimed “operators of the human farm” look for ways to significantly reduce this number in a short time? Away from the prying eyes of the public, a solution to the “human question” has been found.

image 51

The lipid shells of the nanoparticles can now be designed by the ROSETTA software in such a way that they are primed to specific proteins in the body – and after administration dock there in a targeted manner according to the lock-and-key principle and cause toxic damage to the previously precisely defined cells. Wikipedia.

In this case, primarily in the cells of the lungs, the blood cells, the ovaries and the brain. These are the most important organs for survival and reproduction. Contamination with these particles at a certain concentration leads to inflammatory immune reactions of the body, which manifest themselves as flu-like symptoms (cough, headache, fatigue and aching limbs). If the body’s defense mechanisms are weakened, especially the glutathione and vitamin D³ levels become too low, or the concentration of the toxin is too high, the immune system can be overwhelmed after a while and a so-called cytokine strum can be triggered in the lungs (“severe course”). Decreased lung volume, severe shortness of breath and life-threatening oxygen deficiency in the cells are the result. Unfortunately, this is somewhat likely to be fatal with the main treatment methods currently used (which do not address the actual cause). These defense mechanisms of the body to these poisoning symptoms are now commonly known as COVID-19. I will henceforth refer to this as GO poisoning or GO disease.

immagine 65
Unfortunately, increasing the oxygen supply is only of limited use as long as there are still particles in the body that interfere with the oxygen transport to the cells.

Graphene Oxide also explains the strange and sometimes very long-lasting symptom patterns observed in the context of this “disease” and likewise its “cure” (both are the same toxin), mostly related to intercellular toxicity and the inflammation-inducing features of these particles. These include:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of the sense of taste and smell due to destruction of the olfactory cells in the nose (by inhalation of the toxin); a metallic taste has also been very commonly reported.
  • Somewhat less common, but now also frequently documented: Permanent alteration of the sense of smell to a constant perception of putrid, foul, and disgusting odors. Guarda qui. This, of course, also alters the sense of taste. The suffering of this long-term consequence is so enormous that, unfortunately, a few suicides have already been observed in connection with this symptom. Some studies assume that over 7% of poisoning survivors suffer from a so-called parosmia, others even assume 12%. Leggi qui. No cure officially exists. Wikipedia.
  • Persistent neurological symptoms such as brain fog, tinnitus, constant floppiness, vision problems, nerve pain, muscle pain, and very frequent headaches are often observed after injection. In rarer cases (but more common than we are told), Guillian-Bairre syndrome and transverse myelitis have also been reported as sequelae. Leggi qui e qui. All of these are due to mild to severe inflammation of the nervous system. The unreported rates of adverse sequelae of injection are enormous, because about 90%-98% of people with sequelae do not report them at all to the appropriate authorities, and so the statistics must be counted up significantly.
  • Other neurological symptoms include tremors and sometimes even changes in consciousness (depression, decreased imagination, slowed thinking, decreased creativity, increased anger, increased anxiety, etc.). Leggi qui.
  • However, psychoses have now also been shown to occur a few times as a result of the condition. Guarda qui. They usually occur a few days to weeks after the original symptoms have subsided, and even in people who have no history of mental illness. The reason is thought to be inflammation in the brain. (Studiare, Studiare). Nanoparticles such as SPION always create inflammation in the surrounding tissue, and inflammation in the brain can trigger psychosis. Leggi qui e qui.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Graphene Oxide Nano Tubes possessed the ability to assimilate into larger structures in the bloodstream under the influence of electromagnetic energy of a certain wave spectrum (of the latest mobile phone towers). Video follows below. The result is (among other things) clumping of the arteries. This can lead to the frequently observed thrombosis, high blood pressure (very common), strokes, paralysis like Bell’s Palsy and heart attacks (this is especially noticeable in the statistics on young professional athletes, where heart attacks have increased by 500% since December 2020 compared to the years before! Leggi qui. What? 50% would be a lot, but 500%? In that time, more than 183 FIFA players have collapsed on the field, 108 of them fatally. Leggi qui. Hm, what do you think they all had to do in the last 12 months💉? And what have they all been banged up in almost all soccer stadiums in the last 12 months📶?). The Indian media also report a significant increase in heart attacks in younger society and say that clumping plays a role and that sporting activity is the trigger (high blood pressure, in other words). Leggi qui.
  • And of course there is “Long Covid”: Long-lasting respiratory problems, decreased lung volume, and floppiness after graphene oxide particle poisoning. Oxygen transport to the cells seems to be massively impaired. The long-lasting symptoms may persist for weeks, months to years after the initial poisoning. They can occur after mild and after severe courses. German family physician Dr. Beathe Jäger recently discovered a cure for Long-Covid. Guarda qui. According to her, the bloodstream of these people is full of toxic spike proteins, which become visible under the electron microscope, and a so-called “blood wash” cures the usually seriously ill and suffering people after two to three sessions. There are enormous improvements after just one. All particles are filtered out of the blood with a special medical machine. Since then, thousands of sufferers from all over the world have been making pilgrimages to Mülheim an der Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia. For me, this is further proof that we are dealing with complex nanoparticles. I think this should also be done by all injected ones. However, this woman is hopelessly booked up for months and is now conducting the first studies in her own financing, so that this treatment method will become the norm. Let’s hope that nothing happens to her and that she is successful. Unfortunately these machines are very expensive and at the moment there would never be enough to treat all expected Long-COVID cases in the world.
  • Many women report irregularities in their menstrual cycle. Heavy and painful bleeding, as well as miscarriages, have increased significantly. The substance attacks the placenta in addition to the ovaries. Both through contamination of the substance (this is openly reported) and intravenous administration of the substance (this is suppressed and downplayed). Blood clots can promote miscarriages… Leggi qui. E qui.  In surveys, one-third of all women report menstrual problems after the injection. Nevertheless, damage control is now being done. A study now aims to disprove everything and gaslights a significant portion of the female population. Although this study itself found increased menstrual problems after the shot. Only that was not significant enough. Everything only stress and imagination and at all completely normal with vaccinations. How normal is it that the toxic spike proteins in the syringe accumulate specifically in the ovaries?!
  • Slowly the irreversible consequences of what was done to the mankind here stand out. It has now been over 9 months since the start of the vaccination campaign. The first babies from fully vaccinated mothers have been born (if the embryo made it). In some cases, they are born with completely black eyes and generally no longer look fully human! (Qui e qui two shocking videos). There one immediately becomes aware of the spiritual significance of what is happening here. However, unnaturally fast developments of the babies are to be seen clearly more frequently. Shortly after birth they can already hold up their heads alone, after 3 months they can walk and they start to speak much earlier. The shocking thing: Many new parents are therefore proud and attribute this to more time with the children through lockdowns (please what!? see comments in the following link). The hashtag “Pandemic Babies are built different” went viral (of course, they must be taunting us with the truth again). But the elephant in the room is of course genetic modifications by injection. No one wants to admit that one – the implications would be too scary. One found out now also that babies of the pandemic have a lower IQ. Leggi qui. Here, however, the argument is suddenly flipped: The parents had too little time for their children due to lockdowns. Just as it suits you, right?
  • In some cases, people have already had twitches or epileptic seizures a few seconds to hours after the injection. Leggi qui.
  • If there is a perfect group to document the damage, then it is the soldiers of the US Army. They have been subject to mandatory vaccinations for the past six months and are required to see their doctors for routine checkups on a regular basis. A whistleblower of the DoD published over its lawyer now shocking results of several military physicians. Guarda qui. Since the vaccination requirement was implemented six months ago, miscarriages of female soldiers increased 300% compared to the 5 year average, cancer rates increased 300%, and neurological diseases increased more than 1000%! A tenfold increase from 82,500 neurological diseases per year to 863,000 in just one year. This also revealed that 71% of Army infections were fully vaccinated and 69% of hospitalizations were in fully vaccinated.

Self-simulation of graphene nanotubes is triggered by EMF. Now imagine that in your arteries. Are you surprised by heart attacks?

Iron oxide and graphene oxide nanoparticles below a size of 10nm have the ability to generate their own magnetic field. This phenomenon, known in particle physics as superparamagnetism, produces magnetic effects on the body when contaminated with these nanoparticles, which have been observed thousands of times since May 2021 (and have since been massively suppressed by Big-Data). Wikipedia.

It was also found that the superparamagnetism of graphene oxide is only detectable above a certain temperature of the substance, i.e. after entering the body and not in the (therefore) cooled vaccines. Since these effects are increasingly observed even in people who have not been injected with these substances, the danger of shedding and other sources of contamination is confirmed. This effect can be demonstrated by attaching small neodymium magnets to the skin over the collarbone, sternum, shoulder, neck or spine. One of the highest concentrations accumulates in the bone marrow and these areas of the body contain the most bone marrow. When administered by syringe, this effect can be detected by a magnet at the exact injection site in the arm a few hours to days after administration. After that, it usually weakens completely at that site, because the primed particles are then at their destinations in the body.

ossido di grafene

Is there evidence that graphene oxide could actually be used in the syringes? Yes there is. Graphene oxide is used in this new nasal flu vaccine. Leggi qui. But again and here, there is research being done on graphene oxide in vaccines. That’s no small amount of evidence for the use of graphene oxide in vaccines. But does the same evidence exist for the syringes known as COVID vaccines? First, we need to see if graphene oxide can actually have the magnetic properties shown in the videos. To do this, I found the study “Magnetic properties of graphite oxide and reduced graphene oxide”. Vedere qui.

Suspiciously, Japanese authorities have withdrawn 1.6 million cans of Moderna from circulation after finding heavy contamination with foreign particles “that react to magnets. It could be metal.”. Vedere qui.

The truth about this is now coming out more and more. It’s long past just the Spanish scientists at La Quinta Columna (God-sent heroes in my eyes!!). Coming up is a report (never re-broadcast and deleted from their Youtube channel) by a researcher from Ulm, Germany, and a video of a group of Austrian doctors who also discovered strong and very questionable nanoparticle contamination in Pfizer/Biontech and Astrazenica vaccine vials under the electron microscope. But first, what else could be in them? I have already reported a few times about the toxic SPION and their terrible and precise use for behavior modification when combined with EMF. But let’s confirm this first hand. Vedere qui.

Here I would like to remind again of Peter Littlewood’s lecture on magnetogenetics at the University of Chicago. The magnetic ferritin nanoparticles dock to a specific protein after injecting. It is interesting that he mentions at the beginning that for remote activation (of gene transcription/neuronal activity) besides magnetic fields also RF radiation can be used. In the experiment he injected a mouse with magnetic ferritin nanoparticles, waited for the expression of the cell and then applied RF radiation to it. He explicitly mentions weak microwave radiation… That is, the spectrum that is also used in the current cellular network. The microwave range is between 300Mhz and 1Thz. The 5G spectrum transmits between 600MHz and 6GHz. Funnily enough, one of the students asks at the end if we now have to worry about mobile phone radiation. He hastily denies this and reassures: “As long as you don’t use a microwave, it’s fine”. But this talk took place three years before 5G; cellular radiation then was not the RF radiation it is in the 5G spectrum today.

And let’s not forget that DARPA has been working on Tran-cranial Magnetic Brainwashing since 2012, that is, they have the ability to remotely “trigger” narratives in people’s minds through electromagnetic means. The program now provides, after locating certain master narratives in the brain, to turn off exactly these places by Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation. Or to stimulate and insert own narratives. A small magnetic device is placed on the head that can turn certain areas of the brain on and off. The whistleblower says that this technology has been around for 10-15 years and has been used on a trial basis to treat depression. It can also be used to brainwash people with propaganda: Desired narratives thus automatically become the conviction of the victim by magnetically stimulating corresponding brain regions when the narrative is presented. As we have already seen above, something like this is certainly possible from a great distance using nanoparticles.

Is there evidence that these superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles or ferritin nanoparticles are present in vaccines? The ferritin is simply a protein shell in which the SPION are located. Yes, for example in a DNA vaccine or in a malaria DNA vaccine. Leggi qui e qui. Work is also underway on a COVID vaccine right now based on spike protein ferritin. Leggi qui. And interestingly, in a cytokine storm of disease, enormously high doses of ferritin are measured in the blood. These can also be measured in autopsies of deceased people. Vedere qui. And these vaccines are also used in veterinary medicine. After all, the critters have had mandatory vaccinations for a long time. For example, I found this ferritin nanoparticle vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease in cattle and pigs. Leggi qui. Or this study of a SPION vaccine against bonovine herpesvirus, which is common in cattle. Leggi qui. So that shit could be in our food too. And as of summer 2021, magnetic meat from the supermarket has also been observed by many people. Guarda qui. Bon appetit.

These GO and spy nanoparticles are a transmission interface between electrical signals in neurons and a certain highly-classified EM frequency. Thus, they can subtly control a person’s behavior. They will, when the time is right, merge into a hive mind. And anyone who rebels will be knocked out or destroyed by the mob. The movie Invasion portrayed the concept of this self-assimilation quite well. So did the remake of Brave New World. Guarda qui. Unfortunately, the control will be so subtle that the controlled will not notice it. Do you notice it yet?

immagine 67

In addition to large amounts of graphene oxide, the following other undesirable nano-contents were detected in the solutions of vaccines advertised as “protecting against the Sars-Cov-2 virus.”:

  • Hydrogel
  • Parasites of the immortal type “Hydra Vulgaris”.
  • Morgellion-like nano-tubes and nano-wires with as yet unknown mechanism of action (antenna-like structures)
  • micro-devices and various micro-circuits (nano-sized routers)
  • some other as yet undefined sharp-edged particles
  • and I have the feeling that this is far from the end of the line. It is an ongoing human experiment: different batch numbers contain different ingredients and different concentrations. There were also a few losers as a control group, especially at the beginning. That’s why so many reacted so differently to the second shot. This is not only for ongoing adjustment of the operation, but of course also to dilute the measurability of the after-effects. So a consistent picture can never emerge and therefore it becomes difficult for “science” to document a correlation.

The truth is slowly but surely coming to light. Unfortunately 4.94 billion people too late!!! The naive and almost fearful stammering of the professor at the beginning is very indicative of our social climate. What must not be, cannot be.

Consider that this stuff is tremendously tiny. Not directly noticeable and not visible. It can only be seen under electron microscopes. Whereas as shown in the video above, with Biontech a clear contamination would be visible even with a standard light microscope. That this is not recognized by the Paul Ehrlich Institute can no longer be explained by incompetence, but only by very deep-seated corruption. The circumstantial evidence leads to this verdict. Just because one is frightened by the implications of this conclusion, one should not immediately dismiss it. The hydrogel is particularly worrisome as an ingredient. This substance, developed by DARPA (U.S. Department of Defense), was also discovered by Slovak scientists in the test sticks of rapid and PCR tests (together with lithium, a sedative psychotropic drug). After Darpa hydrogels come into contact with organic liquids (e.g. saliva), they begin to form rectangular crystal structures within a few minutes. These gradually grow in a fractal manner. Darpa hydrogel crystals grow under the microscope in the direction of a magnetic field. In the human nasopharynx, they grow in the direction of the pineal gland after swabbing. The pineal gland generates a locally stronger magnetic field than the Earth’s external magnetic field.

Darpa hydrogel (reference) is an artificial substance that creates a converter between the electromagnetic signal and the living cell, tissue and organ. It converts an electromagnetic signal from a transmitter into a signal that a living cell can understand and respond to. Darpa hydrogel and lithium block and destroy the pineal gland, turning the thinking person into a controllable biorobot. It is a subtle and insidious spiritual lobotomy by state of the art chemical means.

The nano-toxin has complementary effects. The higher the accumulation in the body (by further injections etc.) the lower the life expectancy. Especially in the case of the elderly and the pre-diseased who line up for regular replenishment through targeted trauma. According to a (non-compliant) insider, the maximum life expectancy after one injection should be 10 years. The higher the concentration of nanoparticles in the bloodstream, the lower the life expectancy. With each subsequent injection within a manageable period of time, this expectation drops by years. After the fourth injection (i.e., the second booster), life expectancy is a maximum of four years. However, by the time this becomes clearly visible and no longer coverable in 2025/2024, 85-90% of the world’s population should already have received at least two – four injections (according to the agenda) due to constraints and obligations. Then it will be too late. Mission accomplished. Birth rates worldwide clearly down – death rates worldwide clearly up. The alleged “last minute” overpopulation bomb defused and “the earth saved”. Hit the “big reset” button. And people were manipulated by trauma, conformity pressure, propaganda and other psychological mechanisms to do it (mostly) voluntarily. It just hurts so much to watch, especially if you love people. Billions of people who just want to do the right thing in a scary and annoying situation. Who do what is expected of them – what is communicated to them as the only right thing. And who never had a chance to have even the slightest idea what they are getting into and what is being done to them. Psychologically, physically and mentally. Until it is suddenly too late. Just tragic and depressing 😦


Detoxification Measures

For once, this is not about the big picture of how, why and wherefore (that’s more about in my other and upcoming posts), but just established detox and protection measures. Clear, crisp and yet without gaps. How do you get the particles out of your body? How to not get poisoned? How to save yourself if you do? How can one act prophylactically? Can one also detoxify oneself if one has had the substances administered and now gets the ever-increasing “vaccination remorse”? Can one do something against the hydrogel? Are there doctors who don’t let their mouths be shut and who specifically look for possible solutions that can actually help us? Yes all of that exists, just unfortunately it doesn’t exist on the 8pm news where it belongs.

The most obvious detoxification measure is of course to consistently avoid the source of the poison – at least as far as possible. That means in plain language:

  • No injection from the doctor or pharmacist! Even if he is nice and honestly wants only the best for you – he unfortunately has no idea what we are dealing with, (because this is specifically fought in the scientific literature; in the media anyway) or he fears the financial and social consequences (even worse) when expressing secret concerns. When one’s survival depends on not knowing the truth, it becomes enormously difficult to believe it. And the prospect of having potentially harmed thousands of people…. The fear of those regrets only makes you blind all the more.
  • If you’ve already had some, don’t let any more into your body and focus on detoxing! Since the body has a natural ability to excrete some of the nanoparticles over time, they will provide a six-month supply in the population (“vaccabo”).
  • Stop or at least greatly reduce meat and dairy consumption.
  • Make and use natural hygiene products and leave the rest on the shelf.
  • Don’t do tests. At least not in a way that the swab has contact with your body. You can use your own auxiliary utensils to transfer the muccus or saliva to the test stick without having direct contact with it. The test should then also work in this way. With any “test obligations” one will not get far with this method, however.
  • Yes, unfortunately by a ratio of 80% meanwhile true: Large accumulations on a minimum reduce.
  • Reduce mask wearing to an absolute minimum and avoid “Made in China”. They do not protect from the particulate and especially if worn for a long time they do more harm. Especially if they use graphene filters. I envy any prepper who still has masks from before 2019 in the basement that are still clean. (Have fun looking for them).
  • Possibly get a water filter.

Unfortunately, I read again and again from people who now think if they sufficiently detoxify, then they can give themselves the shot. Do not do that! There are some other substances in there that can only be administered via the intravenous way and it cannot be ruled out if some of them are permanent. If you have already had some, you should of course try it anyway and not allow any more. For the rest: Don’t let yourself be forced or pushed. Ask yourself the question: What is it worth to you the comfort not to be noticed negatively or to be inconvenienced? NOTHING is worth the loss of physical sovereignty. NOTHING is worth the loss of cognitive sovereignty. NOTHING is worth your infertility. And all the partying, traveling, and keeping your job will do you little good if you are no longer yourself, become seriously ill, or die horribly. Even if you are already very old: Doesn’t it matter a lot how and why you pass away?! NOTHING is worth to go prematurely from this beautiful earth by cowardly psychopaths or to be controlled by them forever.

One can still avoid the biggest sources to some extent, but a complete avoidance is quasi impossible, therefore should be detoxified constantly. Here are some recommendations on how to combat this. These are based on my own research and on the Graphene Oxide/Spike Protein detoxification protocols from the FLCCC, La Quinta Columna, Dr. Bradley Meyer, Dr. Zelenko, and other brave doctors, scientists, and citizens who put the pieces of the puzzle together and did focused research despite headwinds. There is also the document as a free PDF to download and print. Leggi qui.

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid

There are new exciting developments. Chinese scientists have explicitly looked at how to detoxify graphene oxide nanoparticles. At least from the soil and the plants that grow on it. The study, titled “Humic acid acts as a natural antidote of graphene by reducing nanomaterial translocation and metabolic flux in vivo,” comes to this conclusion: Leggi qui.

“This work presents the innovative concept that HA acts as a natural antidote to graphene by regulating its translocation and metabolic fluxes in vivo. This knowledge is critical to avoid overestimation of nanomaterial risks and can be used to control contamination with nanomaterials.”

Similar graphene oxide nanoparticle detoxifying effects by humic acid have also been demonstrated in algae and water fleas, as well as in zebrafish embryos. Leggi qui. E qui. So the whole thing is being looked at more from an environmental/nanoparticle contamination perspective, but for that we have clear studies here that explicitly look at an antidote for graphene oxide nanoparticles. But is humic acid also something for humans? Fulvic acid and humic acid are both formed in the humus, peat and lignite of the soil and are found all over the planet. In fact, every human body will one day (like all animals and plants) decompose into various humic acids in the soil. But can these acids help us push that day a little further into the future? It is worth a try. These acids have long been researched for other health effects in humans and used as dietary supplements. Fulvic acid, for example, prevents chronic inflammatory diseases and diabetes. Leggi qui.

The acids are also said to help transport nutrients into cells, stabilize intestinal flora, increase blood oxygen levels, strengthen the immune system, inhibit inflammation and detoxify. Preparations containing humic acid and fulvic acid are available, mostly from the Mumijo Shilajit of the Himalayas, but nothing can be found about explicit dosages for graphene oxide exposure in humans. Therefore, I would stick to the dosage on the package and just do it by feel. The humic acids are completely harmless.


Increase Glutathiones Levels!

Glutathione binds to foreign particles such as graphene oxide and thus safely flushes them out of the body via the detoxification organs. However, these reserves quickly reach their limits, especially during higher levels of stress. The strong antioxidant is part of our immune system and is produced by our body itself. It is made from the amino acids glutamine, glycine and cysteine, which it draws from the protein in our food. For the biosynthesis of glutathione, the body also needs selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin C and magnesium! There must be no deficiency here. Cysteine is found in much smaller amounts than glutamine and glycine in food and is therefore the limiting factor. So you can increase the production indirectly by giving N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC). However, many people are also deficient in selenium, zinc and copper. NAC also activates the neutrophils of the immune system and improves the disarming of graphene oxide even more. This study suggests significant prophylactic protection from 600mg of NAC a day. Leggi qui. This comprehensive Evidence Based Review study of NAC as a treatment against the disease state comes to the following conclusion: Leggi qui.

“N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is inexpensive, has very low toxicity, has been FDA approved for many years, and has the potential to improve therapeutic strategies for COVID-19. NAC, administered intravenously, orally, or by inhalation, can suppress SARS-CoV-2 replication and improve outcomes when used in a timely manner. Potential therapeutic benefits of NAC include extracellular scavenging of ROS radicals, replenishment of intracellular GSH, suppression of cytokine storm, and protection of T cells, thereby mitigating inflammation and tissue damage. Administration of NAC in combination with other antiviral agents can dramatically reduce hospitalizations, mechanical ventilation, and mortality.”

Levels begin to drop in people 40 and older, and drop even more dramatically after age 65. It is worthwhile for everyone to keep glutathione levels in constant absolutely perfect condition, but it is especially worthwhile for older people to get a targeted refresher. The following dosages have been taken from several detox protocols.

  • Supplement 600 – 900 mg of NAC daily half an hour before or two hours after eating.
  • For acute GO poisoning, 600 -1200 mg of NAC every 12 hours.
  • Caution with smokers: In principle, NAC helps with many lung diseases (e.g. COPD or fixed cough), but unfortunately not when you need it most: as a smoker. Permanent supplementation could increase the risk of lung cancer in heavy smokers, because it not only protects the healthy cells, but it also protects undetected tumor cells from the body’s defense mechanisms! Unfortunately, this is also true for some beta-carotenes. The perhaps harmless latent tumor can now spread more quickly and aggressively into lung cancer. But of course the blame still lies with smoking and not with NAC!
  • 500mg of vitamin C a day increases the glutathione level by 50%. Divide into at least two doses a day. Leggi qui.
  • Vitamin E can also increase glutathione.
  • Zinc deficiency significantly reduces glutathione levels. Likewise a selenium deficiency (Brazil nuts contain high amounts – even a handful a day is enough)!
  • Of course, one should also not have a protein deficiency. But this only occurs in very one-sided eating vegans or anorexics. The regular intake of a protein powder can increase the glutathione level.
  • Alternatively, supplementation of glutathione directly is also possible; absorption capacity of already finished glutathione from food and supplements is controversial.
  • If you buy supplements, be sure to buy liposomal glutathione (much better bioavailability).
  • Melatonin significantly increases glutathione levels in many tissues of the body, including blood, brain, liver and muscle. Leggi qui. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our sleep/wake cycle and is secreted in the pineal gland of the brain in the evening, making us increasingly tired. A good natural source of melatonin is the pulp of the Montmonerncy sour cherry. This variety is currently only grown commercially in the USA and is hardly sold at all in this country. However, supplements are available from it. Protocols assume 6-10mg of melatonin every night (ensures good sleep).
  • Foods with good amounts of glutathione: avocado, watermelon, asparagus, spinach, broccoli…. Leggi qui.
  • The allicin of pressed fresh garlic, the sulforaphane of broccoli sprouts and the silymarin of milk thistle extract can significantly increase glutathione levels or active glutathione via indirect mechanisms of action. The silibinin of milk thistle also inhibits the transcription factor STAT3, and thus can prevent cytokine storm. (Studiare, studio, studio, studio, studio).
  • Exercise may increase glutathione levels. Smoking lowers the level.
  • R-alpha lipoic acid is an amino acid that can “recycle” the antioxidants glutathione, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and vitamin C in the body, making its radical-reducing abilities even more effective. It is also small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier and be able to protect the brain as well. It also eliminates heavy metals such as mercury. When supplementing, one should only take the more potent R version and stick to 200-300mg a day.



Zinc is absolutely essential for the immune system, because without zinc there are no T-killer cells. Zinc reduces risk, severity and mortality of GO poisoning, especially in people prone to zinc deficiency (the elderly, people with chronic diseases, alcoholics). Leggi qui. Men have a slightly higher need than women, because zinc is involved in testosterone production and sperm production.

25 – 40mg of zinc daily half an hour before eating or two hours after eating.
Zinc competes with copper in the body. It is therefore advisable to stop supplementing zinc about two days a week and to eat more copper-containing foods such as cocoa, cashews and walnuts during this time. Otherwise, copper deficiency may result.
Both zinc and copper are needed for glutathione biosynthesis.
For acute GO poisoning, 30-100mg per day is advised depending on severity (Only if symptoms are clear, this is too much for permanent propylaxis. Zinc can be toxic above certain doses!)
Look for an easily absorbable zinc compound such as zinc bisglycinate.
Foods that contain zinc: Oysters, beef, eggs, cashews, almonds, walnuts, cocoa, soy….



Quercentin is a bioflavonoid of various fruits and vegetables and prevents the particle from entering cells. In the early stage of poisoning, Quercentin is supposed to mitigate and shorten the course. Leggi qui. It is therefore a very important companion in prophylaxis. It is also supposed to help with inflammation in severe cases. Leggi qui. Quercentin is completely safe and well tolerated even in higher doses.

  • Supplement 250mg Quercentin a day, some advise 500-1000mg twice a day.
  • Quercentin is a so-called zinc ionophore, which means that it makes the membrane of the cells more permeable for zinc. Thus, with the help of zinc ionophores, it is possible to achieve an effective level of zinc inside the cell without fearing toxic effects of zinc due to increased levels of zinc serum. In the fight against toxin, quercentin is the gun and zinc is the bullet!
  • Foods that contain quercentin: Capers, lovage, dill, onions (especially red), berries, apples with skin, buckwheat, asparagus, cranberries, romaine lettuce….
  • “An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away.”
  • Quercentin is heat resistant, but water soluble. Without a lid, it is lost to steam when cooking.


Vitamin D³!

Vitamin D³ is a hormone that is produced in the skin by sunlight during the summer months and is an indispensable all-rounder for the immune system and thus the detoxification possibilities. It is involved almost everywhere in the immune system ( immunomodulatory ) and there are now some studies that show significant effects on infection rates, progression and mortality. With a deficiency there is an 80% higher chance to get the disease. Leggi qui. A vitamin D³ deficiency causes severe courses in case of infection. Leggi qui.

In Germany, vitamin D³ can only be produced in the skin between April and September in the midday hours when the sun is very high. Fortunately, the body can store an overproduction. Unfortunately, a large part of society sits there mostly in the office or another building. With age, vitamin D³ production also decreases. Most people in the northern hemisphere therefore have a chronic deficiency of the sun vitamin, especially in the winter months where people live on their meager reserves, this can become very acute in the spring. Exactly then when once again “the numbers explode” or flu waves sweep through the country. The low point of the year is at the end of March. The best levels are at the beginning of October. One billion people have a clear vitamin D deficiency, and 50% of the world’s population does not have ideal levels. Leggi qui. Even in sunny Iran, nearly a third of people are deficient today. Leggi qui. It is a creeping epidemic that has been on the horizon for many years, is homegrown, and is now breaking our backs. Vitamin D³ is an absolute must!

  • For prophylaxis in the fall and winter months, supplement 5,000 IU-10,000 IU of vitamin D³ a day, although if a deficiency is prevalent, take significantly more for now. The 25(OH)D concentration in the blood should be a constant 50ng/l. Get tested by your family doctor. Unfortunately, this is not paid by the health insurance in Germany for healthy people and costs about 30€.
  • Higher doses of vitamin D³ should always be taken together with vitamin K² (a calcium transporter), otherwise calcinosis (“calcification of the arteries”) could be the result, because calcium absorption in the intestines is increased by vitamin D. Since both are fat soluble, they should always be taken with food. Good supplements contain both vitamins anyway. Vitamin K² is mainly found in (dark) green vegetables. Wheatgrass powder is a very good source.
  • In summer, always dutifully go out between mid-morning and early afternoon, show your skin and soak up the beautiful sun! Instead of sunscreen (which is full of titanium dioxide and hormone disruptors and is harmful to the environment when you bathe), take astaxanthin and other antioxidants for sun protection from within (more on that later).
  • The body needs magnesium to produce vitamin D from the UV rays in the skin. There should be no deficiency here.
  • It might be worthwhile to also give vitamin D³ to the people you have daily contact with and to persuade them to supplement it as well. There are more than enough studies to convince everyone to at least try it. If the summer was a few months ago, then they are definitely deficient. Especially if they are older. And this way you also protect yourself.

immagine 24


Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug invented in Japan in the 1970s by Nobel Prize winner Satoshi Omura. The active ingredient is a mixture of two similar avermectins taken from a bacterium near Tokyo. To this day, ivermectin production is based on soil samples from this region. Its potent action against parasites and worms quickly made it a star in veterinary medicine, where it went on to cure millions of animals of worm and parasite infestations. Since it was very well tolerated, human studies soon followed and since 1984 it has been used in humans against some parasitic diseases. This substance has been prescribed to millions of people in the last few decades, it is non-toxic and well tolerated in normal doses. It was used to (almost) eradicate river blindness in Africa, which was very common at the time.

“Ivermectin is a well-known FDA-approved anti-parasite drug that has been used successfully for more than four decades to treat onchocerciasis (river blindness) and other parasitic diseases. It is one of the safest drugs known. It is on the WHO’s essential medicines list and has been administered 3.7 billion times worldwide. For its global and historic impact in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world, this product has won the Nobel Prize.” (FLCCC)

So the “deadly wormer for horses” invoked by the media is nothing more than crude word propaganda. Yes, horses do get it (as do some other human drugs). Yes, in high overdoses it could be dangerous (like most things). But this wording does not represent the facts. And, of course, that is fully intended. It is intended to achieve a mocking irritation in the unwary reader – nothing more. Unfortunately, this is enough to exclude from most readers the mere possibility that this drug might actually help and to dismiss anyone who mentions it as a crackpot. Since antiviral mechanisms of action have been researched in the past, this drug was picked up again for research in COVID treatment. Today, there are close to 100 peer-reviewed studies (78 with control group) on GO disease and the vast majority suggest or demonstrate a safe efficacy in treatment. Leggi qui.

Both in prophylaxis, course and mortality. But it is almost as if one wants as many deaths as possible. The highly corrupt FDA, which approved Remdesivir for treatment after only a few sloppy studies, many of which showed a complete lack of efficacy, is still “waiting for better data” on Ivermectin. Leggi qui. This study, for example, concludes: Leggi qui.

“With moderate confidence, the number of COVID-19 deaths can be greatly reduced by the use of ivermectin. The use of ivermectin early in the clinical course can reduce the number of those who progress to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic worldwide.”

immagine 17

If it weren’t for those who are not at all interested in seeing this pandemic end before almost everyone on earth has these particles in their bodies. Since then, an unprecedented campaign has been waged against this drug, which for decades was considered very safe (The Flccc Alliance summarizes a collection of studies that report no side effects in treating the disease). Leggi qui. Patients still have to sue hospitals until they are finally treated with it, doctors who successfully use it for treatment are fired from hospitals or lose their license. Leggi qui. This is because hospitals in the US would lose their funding if they violated WHO guidelines (I don’t know how it is here). And this pressure automatically sorts out black sheep – no matter if they could help people or not. The situation is quite different in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Leggi qui. A medical team in the state capital (in Agra), led by Dr. Anshul Pareek, issued ivermectin to all members of its rapid response team tasked with immediately identifying and isolating diagnosed or suspected COVID-19 patients. Despite the high risk, several months later, not a single one has ever become ill.

The state’s surveillance commissioner, Vikssendu Agrawal, filed this report, and health officials included ivermectin in their treatment protocol, making Uttar Pradesh the first state in the country to administer prophylactic and therapeutic ivermectin to its citizens. However, due to the WHO recommendation and the still strong sentiment in the country to comply, the ivermectin recommendation was downplayed and only reluctantly implemented. The turning point came when India experienced a major rush in late March and April 2021. The Indian healthcare system was literally clutching at any straw to stay afloat, and with thousands of patients dying daily, the All India Institute of Medical Science and the Indian Medical Research Council made their now-or-never recommendation to include ivermectin for early treatment of cases and prevention of those who had come into contact with an infected person.

The outcome of this policy is so astonishing that it must be covered up and downplayed here with massive pressure. In early October 2021, before “Omicron,” the densely populated state of 241 million people reported having only 100 cases a day in the last three months, and in the last weeks of September it was said to have had as few as 20 cases a day. At one point, only 199 active cases were reported in total – so the rate of positively tested went down to 0.01% in the state, making even 33 districts in the state officially declared COVID-free… Leggi qui. And that’s with an absolutely ridiculous syringe rate, because in Uttar Pradesh the campaign progressed the slowest of all states in India (depending on the source, only 5- 22% of the population received two syringes at the time, which I think played a positive role in this development). The Indian media blames the early and widespread use of ivermectin for this. Leggi qui.

immagine 63

The black market of prescription ivermectin is now flourishing in Europe and the USA, but the people who procure it are defamed by the media and customs rigorously confiscate it (especially in Austria). In the USA, a number of doctors in all states are now organizing to oppose the orders of the corrupt WHO and treat their patients with ivermectin (FLCCC). In India, Southeast Asia and Africa, however, you can buy the stuff cheaply and without a prescription in any pharmacy, because the countries plagued by parasitic diseases would also be making a big mistake if they did otherwise. If you can’t find a doctor in this country who wants to prescribe it (talk to him), you can order generic ivermectin from these countries via the Internet and then you just have to hope that customs won’t intercept it. Often it works. For legal reasons I have to point out that importing prescription drugs from non-EU countries could be a violation of the Medicines Act and could lead to prosecution in case of confiscation. Leggi qui. Especially with larger quantities. Use duckduckgo.com rather than google.com for research (algorithm censorship).

On dosage:

  • Most protocols and studies (e.g. here) assume the following dosage: 0.2mg per kg body weight for a mild course (first symptoms) and 0.4mg per kg body weight for a more severe course. For a 69-77kg person, this would be according to FLCCC for a mild course for example 15mg, so exactly 5 pills with 3mg dosage. There are the pills with 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg dosages. However, the 3mg is often easier to get. Two to a maximum of three days of this treatment should be absolutely sufficient, longer at a stretch should not be done. As always, you should first do an allergy test with very small amounts.
  • These dosages are also in the official package insert of the pharmacy. So they cannot be too harmful. Leggi qui.
  • In this study patients were given 0.2 mg per kg for two days each and this was repeated every 15 days. The result in diseased patients: A 70% reduction in mortality and a 54% reduction in hospitalization. Leggi qui.
  • I would advise against daily prophylaxis. Rather proceed similarly as above, only a single dosage about once or twice a month or only at the first symptoms. However, this study suggests an infection reduction of 74% with weekly prophylaxis (at 0.2mg/kg). Leggi qui.
  • If ivermectin is not available, the FLCCC says black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) should be an alternative (swallow 3 teaspoons daily). Black seed oil has a 4000-year history of successful traditional use as a “cure for everything except death itself,” as the Prophet Muhammad said. It is known for its anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and has already been compared to ivermectin in past studies (and the combination of the two is said to be even better). It also contains avermectins. While it is one of the most expensive oils, it is available in many supermarkets. Leggi qui.
immagine 10
FLCCC Protocol

Something in the mechanism of action of antiparasitic substances must also go to other physical and exogenous substances (because parasites and nanoparticles are basically just that). A few other antiparasitic substances are also thought to work on the disease patterns. For example, hydroxychloroquine, grapefruit seed extract, or suramin, which we’ll get to in a moment. On top of that, ivermectin has strong anti-carcinogenic effects and is currently being researched as an effective anti-cancer drug as well. Leggi qui. Another reason why it’s being fought? Consider that graphene oxide is also carcinogenic.

And is it so far-fetched that they based the development of these nanoparticles on the mechanism of action of parasites? And the body recognizes them as such? After all, they have already been inspired by parasitic worms in the development of other nanomedicines, according to their own wording. I’m thinking, for example, of John Hopkins University’s Theragrippers. Tiny metallic and pentagram-shaped “microdevices” that can bite the mucus wall of the intestines like a parasitic worm and release very targeted “drugs.”

Micro-devices… Nano-devices are even a thousand times smaller and would not be visible to the naked eye
immagine 11
The hydrogel begins to crystallize a few minutes after contact with saliva. These crystallizations grow in a fractal pattern.
immagine 12
After 24 hours it looks like this. These structures grow in three dimensions. So they also grow into the tissue (in the throat/upper nose). They move in the direction of magnetic fields, i.e. in the direction of the pineal gland of the brain.
immagine 13
Now they did a test. This picture is the initial situation. Saliva with antibodies is then poured onto the left side of this sample. Ivermectin is given on the right side.
immagine 14
As you can see on the left, the administration of saliva with antibodies led to an immediate and permanent decomposition of the fractal structures.
immagine 15
However, the administration of ivermectin (right) leads to the complete and permanent dissolution of the hydrogel structures. “This clearly shows that ivermectin has an incredibly potent effect against what Darpa hydrogel causes in our organisms.”
blood darpa hydrogel
Left: normal living blood cells. Right: These blood cells after hydrogel application. Clumped together… Does the thrombosis, paralysis and heart attacks surprise you?

A British police officer issued an appeal based on these findings to withdraw all tests from circulation and bring them to the nearest police station as evidence of biological terrorism. Leggi qui.

And do you remember the French pastor Dr. Pierre Gilbert who already warned in 1995 that “they” will use so-called “liquid crystals” in vaccines to remotely control large parts of the population by EMF? And that this will be done by vaccination mandates in a manufactured pandemic? I think these liquid crystals later became hydrogel! He speculates that the 1994 ethnic genocide in Rwanda was a test of this technology (administered in one of the many mass vaccination campaigns in Africa?). Leggi qui.


Hydroxychloroquine is an antiparasitic drug used primarily for the treatment and prophylaxis of malaria. This potentially fatal disease is caused by a parasite that is transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. This disease is virtually non-existent in this country, but would still cause over a million deaths a year in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of Southeast Asia without such drugs. In many parts of Africa, a pill of hydroxychloroquine is taken prophylactically every Sunday to nip a potential outbreak of the parasitic eggs and thus malaria in the bud (the “Sunday Pill”). Malaria deaths have declined in recent decades due to the prevalence of such medications. The CDC therefore recommends that every sub-Saharan African tourist (in malaria areas) take 300mg of hydroxychloroquine weekly as a prophylactic. So it can’t be that bad? It is prescribed outside of Africa primarily for rheumatic complaints and is taken permanently. The only problem is that eye problems can occur if the drug is taken continuously – this should be taken into account and checked regularly. Some may also be sensitive to the substance and develop neurological symptoms. Hydroxychloroquine has been studied as a treatment for GO disease and promising effects have been discovered. It is Effective especially in early use. Leggi qui.

I assume that similar to ivermectin, the nanoparticles are pulled out of the body (and presumably the hydrogel is dissolved). The drug can also be purchased as a generic from Asia over the net, provided the nice friends at customs don’t intercept it. Another (more legal) method would be an online remote diagnosis via a doctor from abroad, who would then send it to you.

Dosage according to FLCCC:

  • 200mg hydroxychloroquine daily for prophylaxis.
  • In case of acute poisoning: 2x 200mg hydroxychloroquine daily for 5 days.

immagine 16

How did they come up with this drug in the first place? The active ingredient comes from the cinchona bark, which was already used by indigenous peoples of South America to prepare teas and thus successfully protect themselves from malaria. In England, a 19th century scientist then established the connection between the quinine active ingredient and protection against the mosquito parasites previously identified as the disease trigger. The first quinine-containing drug was developed and immediately given to British African explorers, missionaries and colonialists, so many of whom had lost their lives to malaria up to that time. These dissolved the pills in sparkling water and thus invented tonic water. Together with the gin brought from England, some sugar, ice and lemon, the bitter medicine became an “invigorating drink” for the travelers – the gin and tonic was born! From now on, this was drunk regularly as a prophylactic. And so the malaria deaths of the British colonialists in Africa and India declined rapidly. The anti-parasitic active ingredient of hydroxychloroquine, the number one drug against the disease to this day, is thus also found in every Schweppes tonic water, offering a cheap alternative available in the supermarket! Guarda qui.

However, the very bitter quinine is contained today only in small quantities – so for a therapeutic effect more than one glass is needed. Depending on the type of tonic water, today it contains about 60-80mg per liter. Caution: Some people react sensitively to higher amounts of tonic water!

tonic water

More defense tools!

  • Shikimic acid is found in star anise, fennel and pine needles. It is the main natural active ingredient from which the most prescribed flu drug Tamiflu was synthesized. Wikipedia.

  • Star anise has been used for centuries in China against diseases and plagues. Studies promise efficacy against GO disease. This study shows that the antiviral effects of shikimic acid are significantly enhanced when combined with quercentin. Leggi qui. A tea can be made from the pine needles of the forest. A “fennel-anise-caraway tea” is really good too. I am a fan of the Yogi tea brand, they also have some with anise and fennel (just look at the ingredients). One to two cups of tea a day is definitely not wrong. Pine needles also contain in their essential oils the anti-parasitic agent suramin, which has been used for 100 years as a medicine against some parasitic diseases. Leggi qui. The substance also has other interesting uses. Wikipedia. Suramin prevents the protein from entering the cell and is 20 times more potent than the COVID drug remdesivir. Leggi qui. The needles of the Weymouth pine in the northeastern United States are particularly suitable, but most pines in this country will do. Just put 80 degree hot water on a small handful of needles and make a tea. You’ll notice oily droplets settle on the surface of the water – be sure to drink them along with the tea. However, avoid using these poisonous varieties: ponderosa pine, balsam fir, lodgepole pine and Monterey pine. In addition, there are also a number of trees commonly referred to as “pines” that are actually poisonous imitators, such as English yew, Norfolk pine and yew pine. These should never be used in the preparation of pine needle tea. However, the vast majority of the dozens of pine species are perfectly fine. Leggi qui. Pregnant women should not consume pine needles.


  • Watching your vitamin C levels never hurts. It is a water-soluble and vital antioxidant and is useful in higher doses in prophylaxis and GO disease. Very high doses of vitamin C are said to bring significant improvement, especially in severe courses. Leggi qui. Infusions of high doses of vitamin C are thought to help in long-covid. Leggi qui. But it certainly makes sense in prophylaxis as well. It relieves the immune system from some environmental influences so it can focus on the important things. It is also THE antioxidant of the lungs (aqueous millieu). About 500mg a day is said to increase gluthation levels by 50% and so it also supports the immune system. Vitamin C also activates liver enzymes responsible for the breakdown of toxins. The body can only absorb and profitably utilize a maximum of 200- 250mg at a time. Higher amounts should therefore be divided into several smaller doses throughout the day (e.g. morning, noon, evening). In case of illness, according to the protocols, it may be 1000-2000mg per day. Vitamin C is contained in almost all vegetables and fruits. True vitamin C bombs would be, for example, acerola cherries, rose hips, sea buckthorn juice, black currants, parsley, wild garlic, red peppers, broccoli and more…. (Here’s a whole list). The more raw the better, of course. Alternatively, of course, you can use a quality vitamin C powder or capsule preparation. Smokers have a higher basic requirement.

image 18

  • Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid and is found mainly in the peels of citrus fruits such as blood oranges, oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Fresh peppermint leaves are also a good source. It is similar to quercentin one of the spike protein blockers, “by blocking the interaction between the S protein and the cellular receptor ACE2 and reducing the expression of ACE2 and TMPRSS2.” Leggi qui. So indispensable in prophylaxis! For example, you can put the peels of citrus fruits and some peppermint leaves in a water bottle/jug after squeezing them for your morning smoothie, and then drink this water throughout the day. Or grate the outer peels into the smoothie. Juices with pulp are also said to contain more hesperidin than juices without. It is found not only in the colored outer peel, but especially in the white part of the peel. It is also said to be useful for varicose veins, inflammation and high cholesterol. Leggi qui. It also minimizes fatty liver in a high-fat diet. Leggi qui. Supplements containing hesperidin are also available, of course. Another citrus aid is grapefruit seed extract. Used as a nasal spray in a mixture with xylitol, it is very effective for mild to moderate courses. Leggi qui. The xylitol prevents entry into the cells and the (anti-parasitic) grapefruit seed extract kills the particle. Leggi qui. Would be a good measure at the first symptoms. And would be worth a try in people with loss of smell.

image 19

  • Astaxanthin is a red beta-carotene and is found mainly in algae. It is the reason why the flesh of shrimp, lobster and salmon is pink, because they contain certain amounts of astaxanthin from the algae through the food chain. Even flamingos owe their pink color to their astaxanthin-containing diet from the water. Algae, salmon, lobster, and shrimp are thus also the astaxanthin food sources for humans. It is an enormously powerful antioxidant (about 10 times more potent than vitamin E and 100 times more potent than vitamin C) and also makes it through the blood-brain barrier because of its small molecular size. Thus, like alpha lipoic acid, it can also apply its radical-reducing properties in the brain, contrary to many other antioxidants. The ingested astaxanthin can be stored by the body in case of excess. The substance is good for eye health, strongly anti-inflammatory and is considered to have immunomodulatory properties. The substance is also considered neuro-protective in temporary and chronic neurological diseases. Leggi qui. As a prophylaxis against the negative effects of nanoparticles in the brain, supplementation of the substance is therefore a good idea. It is also promising against the inflammatory processes of GO disease. Leggi qui. About 6mg per day should be fully sufficient. With a 12mg preparation you just take it every other day. Also in humans there is a possibility to get a slightly redder skin (especially on the palms of the hands and feet) when taking it for a longer period of time, because the antioxidant is primarily stored in the skin. But don’t worry: in summer this is a kind of natural sun protection from the inside. After taking it for two weeks, the time in the sun (before sunburn occurs) can be extended by 20%. I find one is more likely to tan in the sun this way. And can tank so with less skin damage longer the vitamin D³. (Studiare, studio, studio)


  • Other substances that should protect from/against the neurological damage caused by the nano-toxin are the bioflavonoids resveratol and OPC, and a high-dose vitamin B complex. The effect of B vitamins should not be underestimated here, especially vitamins B12 and B9 are involved in building the myelin layer of the nerves (but B1 and B6 are also incredibly important for the nerves). This protective layer of the nerves was compromised in many nerve disorders (which are similar to the long-term GO consequences) and high-dose vitamin B helped here. Leggi qui. It’s definitely worth a try! Vitamin B2 is also an important player in glutathione regeneration. Resveratol and OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are mainly found in the skins and seeds of red/blue grapes, respectively, but therapeutic amounts can only be obtained through supplementation (eating them in addition won’t hurt, of course). They protect neurons from harmful external effects, slow neurodegenerative decline, and more. Leggi qui. Omega-3 fatty acids of EPA and DHA compounds protect the brain from inflammatory processes and can have antidepressant and antipsychotic effects when taken for a long time. For them, the dosage should be set high. These fatty acids are only found in fish, crab or algae, but again, an algae oil supplement would be useful. They often also contain vitamin E.

fisch kapsel

  • Other immune and detoxification supportive substances recommended in protocols are: Spirulina powder and Chlorella algae powder (detoxification, also against heavy metals, potentially helpful in the disease -> studio, studio), turmeric mixed with black pepper (detoxification, anti-inflammatory, immune system -> very effective in the disease) and magnesium citrate (indirectly blood pressure lowering and nerve relaxing, involved in almost all biological processes).

alge kurkuma magnesium

  • The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea effectively prevents “infection” by blocking the particle from docking with the ACE-2 receptor. The same study also discusses whether regular gargling of green tea would be an effective way to prevent contamination (this has been reported to be effective for influenza). Leggi qui.  EGCG and other green tea polyphenols also reduce spike protein replication in cells. So is also an important companion in prophylaxis! Leggi qui. Green tea also has a number of other health effects: Heart health, brain function, anti-carcinogen, fat burning, cholesterol lowering and diabetes prevention. When consumed a few cups a day, it is said to extend lifespan. It can be consumed normally as a cup of tea or iced tea drink, but EGCG supplements are also available. Up to 1600mg is a safe dosage. Green tea naturally contains fluoride… Organic green tea is said to contain less fluoride than conventional green tea. African Rooibos tea (Rooibos) is also said to be useful in disease prevention due to its antiviral, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and immunomodulatory properties! Leggi qui. It is also available in every supermarket. Two – to three cups of these teas a day are certainly a good idea! Tip: If you want to get more benefit from different teas, you can also mix two tea bags of different tea varieties in a large cup or pot. Then you don’t have to drink so many cups a day. Be creative 🙂 Alternatively, you can also compose your own tea blend in pharmacy quality on Meine-Teemischung.de and have it delivered to you. Leggi qui.

gruentee 1

  • The nanoparticles/hydrogel produce increasingly high blood pressure, clumped blood and cardiovascular problems. It is recommended to have a blood pressure monitor at home. Natural home remedies for this are: Hibiscus tea; also known as mallow tea, (even a few cups a day will lower blood pressure significantly), garlic, mistletoe, e hawthorn. From the last three there are preparations in the drugstore the extracts from all three contain (KMW). Hawthorn is also considered to strengthen the heart. But I would take all of these only when needed or once in a while. However, the only effective solution in the long run is to remove the particles and hydrogel from the blood (blood wash, glutathione, humic acids, ivermectin, HCQ, vitamin C, etc.) and keep cellular uptake of them low (vitamin D³, quercenin, hesperidin, turmeric, EGCG, etc.). Some protocols therefore recommend taking blood thinning aspirin (325mg per day) in active disease. Unless one is not allowed to take blood thinners due to other diseases. Garlic is a natural blood thinner. Likewise, vitamin C, nattokinase, pineapple bromelain enzyme, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, omega-3 fatty acids, OPC, cocoa, nettle tea, and basil tea help thin the blood, improve flow properties, and prevent thrombosis.

hibiskus 1

  • Some affected people swear by lymph node massages on the neck to improve the symptoms. The lymphatic system is one of the most important players in the detoxification of our body. I personally can also recommend Qi Gong.

  • Another promising star on the horizon of prophylaxis is cannabinoids from the flowers of Cannabis Sativa. This study, for example, promises that cannabinoids effectively block the entry of the particle into the cells. Leggi qui. If you don’t want to light up a joint, you can simply buy (perfectly legal) CBD oil. These oil extracts of the cannabis plant contain many health-promoting cannabinoids but no high-making THC. So it’s legally available and you don’t have to worry about traffic stops. Still, it can be mildly relaxing and sleep-inducing. If you are not used to it you should take the drops one hour before bedtime. The dosage is very personal, simply start at a 5-10% concentration with one drop per day and then slowly increase to two to four. Depending on how you tolerate and need it. But higher dosages are also possible. One of the many other positive health effects: CBD oil is very anti-psychotic and (similar to EPA and DHA fatty acids) has anti-inflammatory effects in the brain and other areas of the body. It is also neuro-protective, making it an important companion to the neurological effects of this nano-warfare.

immagine 26

  • Against the effects of non-ionizing radiation from the current and upcoming mobile phone standards (5G and 6G), the carbon rock shungite could help. The graphene oxide has RF absorption in exactly the spectrum of 5G and responds to it. The individual nanoparticles thus self-assimilate into larger structures, slowly causing life-threatening clumps in the body’s arteries. SPIONs also react to electromagnetic radiation in this spectrum and heat up. This causes them to destroy the surrounding tissue to which they dock. Shungite is full of so-called fullerenes, which have very special physical properties. The fullerenes, which are extremely rare on Earth, are said to reverse the spin of electromagnetic energy due to their unique (football-shaped) molecular structure. Leggi qui. E qui. Thus, shungite blocks non-ionizing radiation (including 5G) like a kind of shield. A necklace of shungite over the chest thus protects at least the heart and part of the lungs. But the effect of shungite is overestimated and couldn’t be better than just a piece of metal reflecting the radiation, but that’s better than nothing. Leggi qui. Most shungite sold contains only a tiny fraction of fullerenes anyway. But who knows… I’ll continue to use mine anyway, I think it’s pretty neat.

shungite 1

  • The Q-link is said to be much better and more established. Vedere qui. It is also worn as a necklace over the heart chakra. This EMF protection has been sold since the beginning of the 1990s and until today many users report clearly noticeable positive effects. It works quite differently and has an active influence on the energetic field of the body and is now available in its third version. Until it unfolds its full effects, it must be worn on the body for about two weeks to come into resonance with its own aura. On its side, some studies prove its effectiveness. Leggi qui. And a British television program is said to have independently proven a positive effect on blood cells. Leggi qui. The exact mechanism is a trade secret, but in this thing there is a crystal in a (Tesla) copper coil which emits an energetic field. If it helps, it helps – even if it is only placebo effect. Mind over Matter. Compared to other products of this kind, the Q-Link has an above-average number of enthusiastic long-term customers and, according to some comments, has already convinced many skeptics. It’s also worn by some Hollywood stars. Leggi qui. Reminds me of the red Kabbalah bracelets – do they know more than we do? I’ll give it a chance and report back. The price is about 100$ (88€) + international shipping fees and customs.


  • An EMF beanie theoretically protects the brain from EMF influence, but its safe use in everyday life is somewhat limited. Vedere qui. Radiation coming from below is reflected back and forth in the skull, because the beanie is not a closed Faraday cage. If you have a cell phone in your pocket or a router at waist level in your house, let alone walking through a crowded downtown area full of pocket smartphones and Starbucks wifis, it can do more harm than good. They only reflect the signals from head height, i.e., the transmission towers at higher altitudes or HAPS satellites. Leggi qui. And they protect against the EMF weapons of gang stalkers from private and government intelligence agencies (Targeted Individuals). Some Targeted Individuals have contacted me. QuWave specializes in protection technologies for Targeted Individuals – but if you are affected, I think you also need to pray for protection on the spiritual side. Leggi qui. Gang stalking are deeply demonic attacks and the movie “Fallen” (1998) revealed this brilliantly. Guarda qui. Call me paranoid, I heartily don’t care, but I still feel more comfortable having the beanie handy at all times to be prepared for “Day X” (when “the go signal” of these EMF weapons is turned up). There was too much Hollywood predictive programming about that not to be on the agenda. Or as in this predictive programming. Guarda qui. Here the final goal of this nano-warfare is also nicely described. Guarda qui. However, you need not worry that significant parts of the population will come to their senses at the last minute and protect themselves. The most important of all propaganda campaigns has long since seen to that: the proactive implementation of the fighting word “Aluhut conspiracy theory” in the public’s consciousness. They have been incredibly successful with it.


  • Unnecessarily strong sources and proximity to towers should be avoided, you can check this with an EMF reader in your neighborhood. But you shouldn’t let yourself go crazy either – accept that this radiation is now pretty much ubiquitous. After all, these technologies also have a positive benefit. But no one is forcing you to use a LAN cable instead of the convenient Wifi (these are also available for cell phones). Or turn off the router and cell phone overnight (or at least put them in airplane mode). They are another toxic source that can be counteracted at the cellular level also by antioxidants. Think of it like (passive) smoking – you don’t die directly, but it puts more and more stress on your body over the decades. Cancer suddenly appearing for no reason in old age is not a natural law of growing old – it is a product of the environmental influences one has been exposed to for decades. And this includes EMF. We are, after all, electromagnetic beings.

1 UvMoNsKPnVNjRphpbUoMyw

Spread of wifi frequencies in the home. You get used to it. To headaches… to tinnitus… to sleep disorders…. To latent feelings of fear and anger. It becomes normality. You only notice a difference when you are “unplugged” for a longer time.

  • Somewhat off-topic, but EMF-blocking cell phone/backpack bags also exist and I would recommend such a bag to all demonstrators or “walkers” out there. Not only in the US, but also in Germany, the police now use area-wide spying on all smartphones at demonstrations. Such cell-cite simulators can theoretically even destroy the entire reception in the area – you know… if they eventually get tired of having their violence streamed live on the net. Leggi qui. Even as a passerby walking by you end up in the evaluation. I have personally seen such transmitting units on police cars already at demonstrations in Germany. The RFID chip in the ID card can only be read at a maximum distance of twenty to sixty centimeters. If you still want to protect yourself, you can buy an RFID-blocking card slider or an RFID-blocking wallet (this also makes sense for credit cards as protection against modern “pickpockets”). Or put the Perso in the pocket.


  • Orgone pyramids are said to rid the home of artificial EMF smog by locally amplifying the earth’s ubiquitous natural orgone energy field through their shape, copper coils and various crystals. This could be a very ancient technology of past cultures that has been rediscovered (whole books could be written about this). At worst, they are an expensive, but very pretty decorative piece. “Chembusters” in the garden are said to be a remedy for streaks over the house. Just research them on the internet. You can also make them yourself.


  • I recommend Solfeggio healing frequencies of the 741Hz frequency! The 285Hz frequency is also helpful. There are 9 Solfeggio frequencies in total and each has its own effect on the whole body or specific chakras. All cells go into resonance when they have contact with these sound waves. I and many others have had amazing experiences with this and they are free. Our bodies are 80% water and this water is very sensitive to certain sound frequencies (positive and negative). The enemy uses frequencies in every other radio song to inflict damage. Here the effect of Cymatics is artistically very beautifully represented, imagine only which effects sound has on our cells. Guarda qui. There is already some scientific research in this direction. Leggi qui. Everyone knows what an overwhelming emotional effect music can have on the mind and emotions (those who don’t know have my heartfelt condolences. How have you lived so far?!). I personally am absolutely convinced that the effects go far beyond placebo. I have seen fungal infections disappear overnight with these healing frequencies that would have definitely needed medication, pain has diminished significantly after 20-30 minutes of frequency treatment and came right back when the sound stopped and especially emotionally these sounds can be true healers. It is best to meditate to the frequencies or even better: let the video run through overnight at moderate volume over loudspeakers for several hours while sleeping. Before that you should drink a lot of water, because you might sweat a lot. The longer you listen to them at a stretch the better the effect, so the videos usually go on for several hours. And the more often you use them, the better. Meditative Mind is an excellent Youtube channel for this and offers hundreds of such beautiful videos. If you are rolling your eyes now, all I can say is: try it a few times! What do you have to lose? Ascoltate qui.

  • Speaking of sweating: Sports, sauna and hot baths are of course also very effective in any detoxification! Sports should be used regularly for prophylaxis, but in case of acute GO poisoning, rest and detoxification is required. Exercise increases glutathione levels, especially in women. Leggi qui. E qui. And the tumbling pounds are even a bigger lifesaver than usual during these times. If not now then never!
  • Drink LOTS of clean water! 2.5 liters per day, and a little more if you exercise. Flush out all the dirt… Come on get up, I know you haven’t drunk water in a while… As was mentioned under hesperidin, you can put the peels of citrus fruits in your water bottle. But only organic – you don’t want pesticides in your water. Besides the benefit of good ingredients, they also give the water delicious flavor. This makes it easier for water muggies to drink more of it. A water filter would be worth considering, though of course there’s no info on whether they work with this nano-material.


Supplement Recommendations!

In principle, I think that some supplements definitely make sense to be implemented in everyday life. Nevertheless, they do not replace a healthy lifestyle consisting of a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Of course, I am also aware that not everyone can afford ten supplements a month. Especially in these inflationary times. And maybe that’s what the eugenicists want – to weed out the poor in addition to the old, the sick and the overweight. Therefore, I have always written down the foods which contain these substances. I say clearly what importance this should have: Ideally you cover yourselves with all substances and possibilities, finally it concerns here life and death, long suffering, the continuance of the human race and possibly even still around the soul salvation! (“Is only a PIEKS”) Since it is worth a whole pharmacy at the start to have 🙂 Just for the emergency. All these things work demonstrably something against the clinical picture. But it is often ignored that the combination of many different effective protective mechanisms could of course work all the better. A study that applies very many of these mechanisms combined, but there is unfortunately not.

But if you have to sort out: The priorities are vitamin D³, glutathione/NAC, quercentin, zinc, humic acids and ivermectin. All products that follow now are pure recommendations from me and I am in no way affiliated with the companies. They are not affiliate links! This is not an official advertisement, but only a serious recommendation to protect you from nano-toxins. You are free to research other products or buy the ones recommended here outside of the Uncle Bezos store. You can also contact me if you have found good/better products. I always make sure to buy products that do not contain unnecessary additives. After all, you take this stuff very regularly for a long time. Titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, for example, are candidates for exclusion (but with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine they can hardly be avoided). I also pay attention to good compounds of the substances and a high bioavailability. That is why I would clearly advise against the classic drugstore/supermarket preparations… Abtei, Doppelherz and Co. may be cheap, but they usually have insufficient dosages, poorly absorbable compounds of the substances and a long list of partly harmful and in any case unnecessary additives. With a very tight budget, however, they are better than nothing… But better is:

However, some things can also be taken care of simply by using inexpensive items from the supermarket. For example, turmeric, garlic, broccoli sprouts, hibiscus tea, green tea, tonic water, black cumin oil, KMW preparation and more…. The pine needles are even free in the forest and so is the sun. Sporting activity does not have to cost anything either. The love of God also costs only devotion. The invitation of Jesus Christ into your life is also only a prayer of repentance away. Meditation, healing frequencies and a quiet mind are also free. Unlike rejecting the toxin – that could soon become very expensive (if you let it). Healthy eating still comes first. But unfortunately we are in extreme times and they require more potent measures. Especially if you are acutely poisoned, or attacked by EMF weapons, you want to be prepared. Taking countermeasures as early as possible is absolutely crucial. Because our fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more nutrient-poor due to modern cultivation, our meat could even be a source of poison, and vulnerable groups simply have an increased need. And the enemy never sleeps.

Despite all this negative outlook, the reassuring point is that our spirit and our beautiful earth provides everything to live a healthy, free and beautiful life. We just have to realize this and act accordingly. I mean: Literally the earth under our feet is an antidote (humic acid)! This fact should be very empowering for all of us. Not only is there “evil” out there, but we are also being cared for. At least as important as supporting our physical defense mechanisms through healthy food, the concentrated active ingredients (supplements, medications) and exercise is a relaxed and positive attitude. Be like the Brazil nut in the picture above 🙂 Our thoughts and deep-seated attitudes about ourselves directly influence the processes in our body. Constant fear of illness and isolation make our stress levels skyrocket and that is pure poison in the long run. And that is why fear (along with nanoparticles and EMF) is also one of the many “silent weapons in this silent war.” Meditate and let go of fear… Our minds are more powerful than we are led to believe. It can cure physical illness (placebo effect) and cause physical illness (nacebo effect). Learn to recognize this power and use it for yourself – it is up to you whether you decide for love or fear. What is happening at the moment can hardly be stopped. But it is in your hand what happens to you.

I will adjust this protocol from time to time as soon as something new arises. It will be permanently linked as a page in the banner above. So I want to finish for me personally also with this topic and concentrate on the big things. So you can have a look every few months. My heart goes out to all who have to suffer from this toxin. And to all who have to suffer from the psychological terror of authorities and societal gaslighting. Wikipedia.

Be there for all people, even if they think you are crazy. In these times it is enormously important to share the knowledge and the physical (and psychological) means to heal. Build bridges instead of burning them. You don’t have to fall into the house with all the information if it doesn’t work anyway – the main thing is that they are helped in the end. Don’t fall into the traps of frustration and cynicism about your fellow human beings – I can speak from personal experience how difficult that is sometimes. But such things are absolutely counterproductive – see these moments as a spiritual exercise. You have been given eyes to see and ears to hear because you can handle the truth. I wish you all the strength in the world. Stay healthy and love be with you. Live the truth and you will change your environment. ❤️

immagine 59

PS: Even though it got quiet here on the blog I was very active the last months and wrote ENORMOUSLY much (in Word there are already about 250 pages). I have learned a lot of new things and deepened old ones. About the big and whole of our reality. Where are we? Who are we? Why are we here? And why is the apocalypse happening? What happens after it? Where is human history taking us? What is consciousness, what is God, and who or what are the dark beings that enslave us? So once I’m done I’ll be able to publish several big articles on a regular basis at one or two week intervals 🙂 Four pieces are already in the pipeline. They’re all connected somehow. Anyone with an open and creative mind will be able to draw a lot of inspiration from this (hopefully). I hope that makes up for it then. For the long waiting time there is now only this to bridge the gap, sorry. I hope there was enough news to stay interesting.

Epilogue and prospect

And also: detoxification is more important than ever in the “Omicron times”. ( Don’t believe the “We won, they’re opening everything again!” shit for a second.)This is the calm before the storm – the actual pandemic is now active. We didn’t win – no, they achieved their goal! Congratulations. Mission accomplished – Act Two of the End Times Show has opened: War. They have reached their limits of conviction – they know that they can no longer convince anyone new to give an injection and that time is running out for them until people fall over left and right. And in a few months, they won’t be able to keep a lid on it. The lockdown and 2G sticks have now become deadened and no longer hurt enough for those immune to propaganda. But after a certain concentration in the population, they get the rest of the people through the shedding (I think the 50% mark for the boosters was the decisive milestone for them here). And so that this works as quickly and efficiently as possible, everything is now being opened and the masks are coming off. Therefore: detox, detox, and protect against EMF! Avoid crowds and especially the proximity to towers from now on. It’s actually always the exact opposite of how they communicate it.

pandemic 2

In the last few weeks, several injected ladies have been knocked out on camera. Interesting is partly HOW they fall over. With a weakness attack by Unterzuckerung it draws itself some seconds. It becomes more and more dizzy, one becomes pale, the speech fades, one becomes mute… Of these four people, however, some topple over from one second to the next. In the middle of a sentence, the switch is flipped. As if their brain was cut off from now on the oxygen by a blockage of the veins – almost already creepy: The lady of the N-TV down left tips over exactly then as she talks about a tightening of the vaccination duty. And the “Komikerin” on the left above tips over exactly then, when she indicates with it how many injections she had already, how she gets nevertheless still her period and makes fun then also still over Jesus! Bang, the punishment comes directly! The Austrian politician turns over exactly when she has the audacity to talk about children’s welfare, when now because of her decisions children have been given the Graphene oxide and the number of child suicides by lockdowns has massively increased! How often does something like this happen behind the cameras at the moment?! And do you remember the shots from China at the very beginning of the pandemic in March/April 2020, where people dropped like a wet sack?

I mean look here in the close-up of the N-TV moderation at how it turns the eyes! Guarda qui. But no, the syringe darfs of course not have been. Some of these collapses remind already very strongly of the sudden collapses of MK-Ultra dolls like Katy Perry, which look so as if one has only flipped a switch (they are already for many years under Nano-Mind-Control and chipped). Guarda qui. For the big and fast dying by the injections the virus narrative is already ready, on which one will blame this dying. In late January 2022, the Institute of Virology in Wuhan announced that a new coronavirus from a bat is about to jump to humans. January, bat, Wuhan lab – if you’re having déjà vu right now then it’s not just you. Only this virus is supposed to be as contagious as SARS-CoV-2, but as deadly as MERS-CoV. That means it’s supposed to have a 33% mortality rate (they had to bash in the 33 code, of course). One in three dies – that would be 340,000 deaths per week in Germany at the current infection rate. The name is NeoCoV. Of course just a now ready cover story for the graph oxide dying from the syringes when the EMF is turned up, but that’s how they will sell us that none of the “vaccines” work. Meanwhile, newer and newer frequency spectrums of 5G are being rolled out with greater coverage. Leggi qui. The latest one from December 2021 is called Corona band… uhh… I mean C-band of course. Longer range… like Omicron? 😉 The bums recently put up a fat new 5G tower about a kilometer from my apartment. Didn’t take two days and the thing was ready 🤮

The long-awaited war in Europe has begun through Russia. We are at war. And as always, they tell only complete nonsense about it – because the first victim in the war is the truth. It serves to further decimate the population, to give the death blow to the national economies and also first of all to distract. The timing is also once again too convenient – right on the heels of the opening, the absolute plateau of those willing to vaccinate and the truth about the shots coming to light more and more. Not a month sooner or later. What better way than a chaotic war? China will take advantage later this year and attack Taiwan (My bet remains October/November 2022) – with NATO and US intervention, this will quickly escalate into WWIII (Russia’s nuke division is already standing by). But before nukes come they will rather detonate an EMP. Germany and the USA only shoot themselves in the foot by gas sanctions. This will kill our economy, gas and petrol prices will go up and the next winter could be cold here. While Putin will shrug his shoulders about it and sell his gas to China.

Once Putin is locked out of SWIFT, he will resort to cyberattacks, thus dealing the final death blow to the dollar and attacking European/American companies. And this could result in a widespread blackout. Predictive programming has been huge for this in the last 1.5 years. Guarda qui. The German series Blackout is about a power outage across Europe due to cyberattacks, and the series “The Blackout” released last year in the US is also about a global power outage. If you haven’t done so yet, you should start prepping in this direction now at the latest! Out of the cities, away from US military bases, durable food and water in the cellar, get wood stove, candles, fire, flashlights, batteries, radio… – I have already written over a year ago that we will experience this scenario in Europe. Can’t quite understand the big surprise either. So many people have been running their mouths about this for years.

All of this has been prophesied for the end times in many scriptures, e.g. the book of Daniel chapter 7 with the four fighting beasts. The four beasts stand for the nations and their kings who wage war in the end times. God had to speak in timeless images and words that also made sense at that time, Daniel would not have been able to do anything with today’s designations and images 2000 years ago. The beasts are the ten-horned dragon (China and the ten Chinese family clans), the bear (Russia), the lion (Europe) with the eagle wings (under the control of the USA) and the multi-headed jaguar (United Nations blue helmets) with the eagle wings (also under the control of the USA). To me, these are clear symbolisms of today’s geopolitics. Read quickly chapter 7 and you will understand for sure (not long). Qui.

image 68
Russia, China, Europe/USA and UN/USA. The four beasts of the end times.

Sounds crazy at first, but there is definitely something to it. The dragon is a centuries-old symbol for China and the country is controlled by the elite “dragon families”. How many times have you seen the bear associated with Russia or Putin? There are dozens of memes about it alone and even Arte now calls it the “Russian bear”. At least every other noble coat of arms in Europe, from England, to Finland, Bavaria and many more use the lion as a symbol. Lion statues are a common sight in European cities. The eagle represents freedom and has always been the symbol of the United States of America. But why the winged jaguar for the United Nations? Well… About three years ago, a statue of a winged jaguar was erected in front of the UN building in New York!!! It is supposed to be the Guardian for international Peace and Security and has since been removed due to the apocalyptic fears it triggered. Leggi qui. The dragon, i.e. China, is described as the worst and most merciful in Daniel’s argument. And the blue helmets will play the decisive role in the third world war, because they will sneak up like a jaguar in the night and introduce the NWO. In the book of Daniel itself it says about the fourth beast (UN):

“The fourth beast means: a fourth kingdom will arise on the earth, quite different from all other kingdoms. It will devour the whole earth, tread it down and crush it.” (Daniel 7; 23)

Yep, our dystopian hell is their “international Peace and Security”. The Fourth Reich will come in the guise of world peace – but it will be a highly controlled Luciferian “1984-Brave-New-World-Order”.

krieg buch daniel 7

The eagle wings will be ripped off the beasts in Daniel’s prophecy, which sounds to me like a definite downfall of the USA. Logically, they currently lead the current world order and a new one can only come into existence when the old one ceases to exist. It will split into smaller clans and collapse in a destructive civil war – China will then deliver the death blow by an EMP. In the book of the revelation chapter 13 the beasts are described again and there stands that this beast 42 months power over mankind is given, thus exactly 3.5 years (half time of the 7 years Tribulation?). Leggi qui.

The announced big tsunami at the US east coast is this year a possibility (in addition current predictive programming by the federal government at our stations). Leggi qui. Soon, a few politician pawns will probably fall on the chessboard and be hauled before mock courts for pandemic handling. But the damage is already done and some of it is irreparable. While the kings plan the next move. Don’t let this fool you. This should be a warning to politicians, soldiers and policemen who implemented the crimes of this cabal. We have had this before in the past. The high-ranking Nazis and Nazi scientists also escaped the Nuremberg Trials – but the stooges were convicted. Don’t think that they will reward you for your complicity or that you will get off just because you followed orders. They will throw you away like a used handkerchief and leave you to the mob. But this time no one will get away – they will find out that there is someone who is many times more powerful than them despite everything.

Whoever made the following video – he already knew in 2013 (when I saw the Spanish original for the very first time) about all the Endgame that is happening today. At least more or less. The New World Order Agenda did not start with COVID – it has been a hundred years long process ending with COVID! Mankind has been put in checkmate.

Ten to thirty years, then. It’s been exactly ten years since publication. My forecast for the timeline has only solidified since then. I’m sticking with it: all of this will have happened between the early 2020s and the end of 2027. We’re approaching the halfway point. A decisive chapter has begun with the Ukraine war. But there is a way out of the madhouse (for more on this, see my other articles).

The sorting out of vocal dissidents, which I have been announcing for over a year, has long since begun in the USA and DE. Rest in Peace: Rob Skiba, Russ Dizdar (the Black Awakening author!!) and Dr. Andreas Noack, just to name a few sudden death victims of the last months.❤️ Your courage will be rewarded! The great Rob Skiba has already warned people in 2013 of exactly what is happening before all our eyes now – and for this (and for much else) he had to die. And they say there are no more prophets today. Noah was also only a conspiracy theorist – until suddenly the water came.✟

The wife of Andreas Noack assumes a murder by EMF weapons. He suddenly collapsed after minutes of agony, half an hour after doing a live stream on Graphene Oxide. Cause of death unknown – a few days earlier, on a pretext during a live stream, he was ambushed at home by police with submachine guns at the ready and arrested. Guarda qui. Intimidation tactics. This is not China, no this is Germany. I expected something like this, but it still sends shivers down my spine. The chaos of the coming war also provides the perfect stage to sort out such people. I hope you are starting to really check out the seriousness of the situation we are in and I hope you understand now why I am trying to stay anonymous.

“If people hate you, don’t forget that they hated me before they hated you.19 This world would love you if you belonged to it. But you no longer belong to it. I myself have chosen you and called you out of the world. That is why it hates you.20 Remember that I said, ‘A servant is never higher than his master!’ Therefore they will persecute you as they persecuted me.

(Jesus on what his disciples should expect; John 15:18-20)

The signs were everywhere, I have been waiting for a pandemic and mandatory vaccinations for years. Only nobody has listened and even if now more listen – there are unfortunately still too few! I mean pull yourselves times this report from 2009 of Alex Jones. 12 years ago (!) he talked with a whistleblower named Rima Laibow, who flew to the USA only for a short time for the interview and left immediately afterwards. She is a doctor, and because she is married to a very high-ranking military man, at one point she was the private doctor of high politicians and the aristocracy in Europe. This is how she heard about the plan of the great “culling of the herd” so that “the useless eaters” would stop wasting the resources of the aristocrats. Through a staged pandemic, a slow mass death is to be triggered by toxic additives in imposed vaccines. The chemical agent has been changed in the 12 years, but it still pretty well outlined what is taking place today: The genocide of 90% of humanity, the self-propagating vaccines, and the infertility of all survivors. She warned us back then – the program was only broadcast once at the time and then censored at great expense, according to Jones. And can it be that she wears a shungite necklace!

“In a short time, not today and not tomorrow, but very soon we will face vaccination coercion under the misunderstood notion of ‘voluntary vaccination'” (Rima Laibow 2009)

Welcome to the real “New Normal. Troublemakers of the new world will be crushed until there are none left. I may sound like an old record, but those who don’t recognize the spiritual significance of it all and act accordingly will be completely overrun and have no chance. “You will own nothing and be happy.” Because you’re dead if you aren’t happy with it…. Prophecies are unfolding before our eyes. I pray all the more for protection since then and please pray for me too. Check out this predictive programming from 1981… I was speechless! That shows how long this has been in the planning. At that time there was not even a mass distribution of PCs and nevertheless technologies of our current time are described here. For 40 years we’ve been told the plan precisely, because they have to (“Revealing of the Method”)… and yet no one listens.

The Micro-Needle vaccine patch is already in the starting blocks (Qui e Qui) and the matching COVID DNA vaccine with 66.6% efficacy is now being approved – just in time when they have conditioned everyone to the vaccine subscription so that no one questions the next shot. Leggi qui. With permanent DNA modifications, however, no detoxification will help anymore. But in the end it will come down to mass administration of a biosensor for pandemic prevention for which more and more advertising is being done (Here, Here, Here). This 66.6% DNA vaccine from Zydus is officially called ZyCov-D. I looked for more number crunching in Gemetria calculators (you know: “they” are numberologists and pay precise attention to such things in naming). It is the language of God, because the Hebrew Bible/Torah is also full of numerological messages. Guarda qui. The numerological value of Zycovid gives 1666. Leggi qui. Which word combinations also give 1666? Among others “Revelation Chapter Six”, “Antichrist Dajjal”, “A One World Order RFID Tags”… I think more need not be said. Since February 2022, this DNA vaccine has already been administered needle-free in India 😦 Leggi qui.  Will it become mandatory with NeoCov?

“And it causeth all, both small and great, and rich and poor, and free and bond, to receive a mark (micro-needle patch) in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and that no man may buy or sell, save he that hath the mark [2G], the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is the wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.”

Revelation chapter 13; 16-18

The pandemic, the compulsory vaccination, the lockdowns and the distractions – all are a prelude to eventually getting people to this point. The creation of a new (genetically speaking) and fully monitored humanity and the exclusion and eventual extinction of the old humanity. A plan that has been in the making since the Nephelim.

Tell us, when will this happen? And what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the world? But Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come under my name, saying, I am the Christ; and they shall deceive many. You will hear of wars and war cries; watch and do not be alarmed. For it must come to pass. But it is not yet the end. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and earthquakes here and there. But all these things are the beginning of travail. Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you. And you will be hated for my name’s sake by all nations. Then shall many fall, and shall betray one another, and hate one another. And many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many. And because disregard for the law will abound, love will grow cold in many. But he who perseveres to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Mathew 24: 3-14


I just wanted to quickly create a detox protocol and suddenly I wake up and it was war. Of course I had to give up my two cents 😉and then drifted off again… I want to end the whole thing with something funny. Let’s thwart Lucifer’s centuries-long plans and detox and protect ourselves. And piss on him with it really nice. Just like here🙂