Il grafene viene ora usato come potente bruciagrassi e agente anticellulite?

With the arrival of high temperatures and the long-awaited vacations, we want to swim on the beach or in the pool, get away from it all and enjoy the sunny days. Even if this sometimes means that we spread our complexes in front of people, one of the great concerns of many people in these months.

Graphenano Medical Care Acquagraph Lipofat & Cellulite Reducer

Showing our body without fear in a swimsuit or bikini sounds too nice, but we are not always prepared for it. Reducing fat on the hips or thighs is one of those worries that many women have and watch out! because we have the solution.

To fight this fat and put an end to cellulite, Graphenano Medical Care has launched Acquagraph Lipofat & Cellulite Reducer, the first anti-cellulite product on the market that contains graphene – a fat-burning and anti-cellulite mineral – and highlights among its ingredients the red algae extract Porphyridium cruentum.

According to the technical director of Graphenano Medical Care, Aída Lacasa, this product “is not only a cellulite reducer, but also an effective lipolytic that works in both men and women”. In this way, this effective product acts on adipocytes of adipose tissue, transforming and metabolizing triglycerides, favoring the reduction of the amount of fat accumulated in them and the reduction of their size, without being toxic to the cell.

Graphene and Red Algae Porphyridium cruentum

This is not the first time that the red alga Porphyridium cruentum has been used in cosmetics. Until now, its presence in cosmetics has been rather anecdotal due to the difficulty of producing this bioactive substance in industrial quantity and quality. Eloy Chapuli, CEO and founder of Global Biotech S.L., a partner of the Global Biograph S.L. group, explained that the process of cultivation and extraction of exopolysaccharides from these red microalgae “is not easy and requires deep knowledge and experience.”

He also emphasized:

“We have patented and standardized the cultivation process, which is also organic. In this way, all batches of red algae extract have the same quality and properties, which is essential for the final effect of the product on the skin.”

What are the Effects?

Aída Lacasa stressed that this process, combined with the firming and microcirculation activating action of Acquagraph Lipofat & Cellulite Reducer, offers numerous benefits. “We achieve a smoothing of the orange peel skin, a redefinition and reduction of the contours and a contribution to the hydration of the skin at different levels, with an important firming and toning effect,” Lacasa said. He added that by improving microcirculation, “it promotes the elimination of toxins and fluid retention typical of cellulite.”

For what skin Type?

Acquagraph Lipofat & Cellulite Reducer is suitable for all skin types and should be used twice daily to achieve visible results in 15 days. It is available at at an introductory price of 60 euros. The company’s short-term goal is to reach pharmacies and, in a second step, drugstores and department stores.

The launch of Acquagraph Lipofat & Cellulite Reducer is the result of four years of work by Graphenano Medical Care’s research group, based at the University of Alcalá de Henares. The company, a subsidiary of Graphenano Nanotechnologies Group, was the first in the world to be granted a patent for functionalized graphene for medical and aesthetic purposes under the BioGraph brand.

Oral Graphene for the Treatment of Obesity

Graphenano Medical Care has focused on studying graphene as a fat reducer and, after testing both in the laboratory and in humans, has concluded that this substance is a powerful fat reducer.

Therefore, in addition to launching cosmetic products such as anti-cellulite products, the company has also conducted several studies showing that graphene acts as a fat absorber in the intestine and could therefore be a promising oral therapy for the treatment of obesity or lipomas, as explained by Sergio Navarro, researcher at the University of Murcia.

It is therefore an indispensable product for the summer, with which many women will feel better physically, as they will notice a reduction in the size of fat cells on their body and a reduction in contours, a tightening of the skin and a smoothing of the orange peel skin.