Un neurobiologo della CIA ha ammesso che i "vaccini" a RNA controlleranno il cervello umano?

Eminent immunologists and virologists have condemned the absurdity of giving a COVID-19 vaccine to healthy people who would already most likely have natural immunity. Now a CIA neurobiologist, Dr. Charles Morgan, admits the real reason for the RNA jab is for widespread human control.

World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset for a so-called sustainable global economy does not include 7.5 billion people who are now targeted for genocide by these lethal mRNA injections.


Many thousands of honest scientists, medical professionals and researchers worldwide are assisting teams of top international lawyers to end the mass genocide through fake vaccines and to expose the truth behind junk science.

As with climate change and government lies about ‘man-made global warming’ our scientists and researchers are seeing massive fraud behind the COVID19 ‘deadly’ pandemic. We have supported freedom of information (FOIA) requests to leading western governments, which have admitted they do NOT possess any gold standard isolate of the virus.

We have been lied to in a massive international conspiracy among eugenicists and the global elite. A corrupt and psychopathic billionaire class has infiltrated leading science institutions, our educations systems, corporations and media with a shared purpose of mass de-population, wealth re-distribution and systemic brainwashing of the masses to be pliant and scientifically illiterate.

Together we must resist this war on humanity and defend our inherent natural right to self-determination and freedom from tyranny.