Francia: La religione sanitaria dei farmacisti ha già tre miliardi di convertiti?

It was in the year 5 before our Lord, that God-BIGPHARMA chose the holy man who was going to spread the word in the nation of Marianne the pagan. This unruly nation, which the whole world looked at as a model of freedom, had to be evangelized first to save all the peoples of Satanovid.

The apostle St Macron evangelizes France

“It was Emmanuel Macron who was entrusted with what was the hardest of missions: that of quickly converting all these Gallic pagans before they awoke from the deep sleep in which they were immersed, before the demonic Rooster awakened them and lost them in the false idea that they could live independently of God. With the help of the latter, the young apostle saved millions of pagans with the help of the holy needle and the providential QRcode […]” Excerpt from the Gospel of St. Pfizer, 26 AD QRcode

In the name of the Weighing, the Tax Authorities and the Holy Needle…

It is amusing to note that Emmanuel Macron, the main instigator of this new type of religion, has both a religious and a medical background due to his religious training and his family. Although he hides it, Emmanuel Macron is a Christian, he was trained at the Jesuit school of Providence, he was even a member of the editorial staff of the magazine Esprit. On the medical side, the Macron family is not to be outdone: both his parents are doctors, while his brothers and sisters also work in the health field. His daughter-in-law, Christelle Auzière, works at Sanofi Pasteur.

The pharma evangelization operation started in March 2020, it is by a formidable strategy and an omnipotent propaganda, that St-Macron and his fellow apostles of the rest of the planet succeeded in converting millions of atheists, without their knowledge, to a new religion that does not say its name, the health religion and its cult for BIG Pharma After the Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheism, here comes pharma-theism.

Monotheism and Pharmatism

In the 18th century, the old regime was a religious dictatorship, in the 21st century will the new regime be a health dictatorship?

Here are ten points in common between monotheism and pharmatism:

God the only one is above all laws, the sanitary authority is above all laws including the Human Rights, and this is largely thanks to its medical clergy:

1 – The clergy

  • The all-powerful religious authority => The all-powerful health authority
  • Bishops or the Pope made the law => Specialists on TV made the law
  • The Priests/Priests => The Doctors
  • The cassock => The white coat

2 – The followers: believers => patients

The citizens become patients, which makes it possible to short-circuit the rights of the citizen.

Sign of religious recognition: the Cross => the Mask

Religious rituals: making the sign of the cross before entering the church => washing hands with hydro-alcoholic gel before entering a public place.

The believer prays => The patient wears the mask, washes his hands 15 times a day and stays away from other (citizen) patients.

3 – The cult of the savior Jesus => Vaccine/Sanitary Pass QRcode

Believers want to save their souls from hell, patients want to be saved from disease. Faced with these two fears, Jesus and BIG Pharma save. But to be saved, you have to give up certain freedoms. Religion then disguises the renunciation as an act necessary for survival, or better still as a virtuous and altruistic act. Not to be vaccinated is to risk contaminating others, it is altruistic to be vaccinated. Not to be a Christian is the way of the devil, it is to risk influencing others to take this way which leads to hell, it is thus altruistic to be a Christian. In both cases, to be a follower is to contribute to saving others, it is virtuous.

The cult of the savior is a formidable strategy of religious conversion, it allows the installation of a unique thought in the name of the common good, it allows the establishment of a dictatorship in the name of the good.

4 – The invisible enemy

Demon => Virus

For a government, waging war against an invisible enemy is very convenient: it allows to accuse anyone, and to prolong a state of emergency as long as desired. In the Christian era, people believed in demons and witchcraft, but this was only a manipulation of the Church, a strategy to criminalize political opponents, who were accused of making a pact with the devil. They even invented the story of possession, which allowed them to justify the punishment of burning at the stake. The belief at the time was that in order to kill the demon, it was necessary to burn the possessed person alive. Today, to subdue opponents, it is enough to accuse them of being carriers of the new demon: the virus.

Take for example the rap group IAM: they dared to oppose the health pass and compulsory vaccination, what heretical and pagan words! The new Church of Pharmacy was quick to react, accusing them of being possessed by the virus: a positive PCR test and the rebels were put in isolation for ten days! All this four hours before the beginning of their concert, which was cancelled for this reason, just like the following ones.

5 – Infantilization

All the priests called us “my son”, and we had to call them “my father”. A patient is reduced to the state of a child in relation to his doctor from whom he expects care and instructions…

6 – Parole

Serfs attached to the earth => Patients dependent on the QR code

The majority of the population was peasants, and with their serf status, it was impossible for peasants to claim any form of property or freedom, they were not allowed to leave the territory of their lord.

7 – Surveillance

Confession allowed priests to collect a lot of confidential information about the believer => For a patient, the QR code needed to circulate reveals confidential health information.

8 – Inquisition

Today, doctors who tell the truth are rebels against BIG pharma, before it was the pagan doctors (the druids and druidesses) who were rebels against Christianity. They were slandered as witches and wizards.

The order of physicians is the modern grand inquisitor, it is he who has the power to disbar pagan physicians. It is worth remembering that the Medical Association was established by the Pétain regime during the collaboration, and that although it was rejected many times in the democratic regime in the years before the war, it was never considered to be abolished, despite its Nazi origin.

9 – Inequality in rights

Non-Christians, i.e. pagans, were not considered to be human beings, because it was considered that they had no soul and would burn in hell. That is why, when they were not converted by force, they were used as slaves.

Non-pharmacists, i.e. those without a QR code, are not allowed to go to the hospital for treatment, not allowed to enter most public places, etc. A treatment that was also reserved for Jews during the collaboration with the Nazis.

10 – Dictatorship

Our democracy is being replaced by a pharmacratic dictatorship, a disguised return to the old regime. The believers wanted to save their souls, the patients want to save their bodies. The health religion has made it possible to bypass democratic law in the name of the health emergency. We were citizens, we are now patients, from the rule of law we have passed to the hospital state.

The health religion has carried out an anti-democratic coup d’état of unprecedented power: three billion converts in a year and a half! The monotheistic prophets are turtles by comparison. The new religion has benefited from technical progress and the centralization of the world.