Il 95% dei casi di Omikron sono vaccinati?


The latest data from the RKI confirm what Moderna reported a week ago: Twice-vaccinated people are less protected against Omikron than unvaccinated people. According to the RKI data, the probability of becoming “Omicron-positive” is at least six times higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated.

New Numbers from the RKI Set All Alarm Bells Ringing

Already the first arrivals from South Africa, who brought the variant Omikron to Germany, were all vaccinated and even “boosted”. That was still somehow logical, because only vaccinated people can travel. However, the numbers in Germany now show that this was no coincidence. However, the first thing to note is that the hype around Omikron is exaggerated.

It may be more contagious, but it is reported from all over the world that “Omikron courses” are rather mild and lead to 80 percent fewer hospitalizations. The alarmism being observed is not appropriate. But the RKI’s new figures should set off all alarm bells.

“For the Omikron cases available in the reporting system, additional information is known in part. For 6,788 cases, information on symptoms was transmitted; predominantly no or mild symptoms were reported. …. 124 patients were hospitalized. …. 186 patients were unvaccinated, 4,020 were fully vaccinated, and of these, booster vaccination was reported for 1,137.”


Once again, the Figures are not Coherent

The first thing to notice is that once again the numbers are not coherent. 6,788 cases are reported, but vaccination status is only reported for 4,206. (4,020 + 186) It remains open whether the 6,788 cases are confirmed cases, detected by gene sequencing, or in part only suspected cases. If one considers in addition the message from 24.12.2021 the suspicion strengthens that there suspicious cases were counted. There it was confirmed that there were only 441 cases on 21.12.2021, which were determined by a gene sequencing. In 1,438 cases there was only a suspicion of it. Apart from the fact that such hype is not appropriate for 441 cases, it still is not for 4,206 cases. But let’s stick with the 4,206 cases that can be assumed to be confirmed for Omikron.

About 30 percent of the population is unvaccinated. They account for 186 cases out of 4,206, which means less than five percent of Omikron cases are unvaccinated. If the risk of catching Omikron were equally distributed between vaccinated and unvaccinated, about 1,200 cases should be among the unvaccinated. But there are fewer than 200, and so an initial rough calculation shows that the risk of becoming Omikron-positive is six times higher for the vaccinated and boostered. Going deeper into this calculation, this factor is even closer to eight times. So, read correctly, the RKI report says that if you are vaccinated and boostered, you have an eight-fold higher risk of becoming Omikron-positive.

Still, it’s surprising how blatantly “vaccination” affects immune behavior. Whereas the Moderna report only spoke of “this could lead to an increased risk of covid disease for vaccinated persons”, the RKI figures show a frighteningly high risk. Yes, not even just the risk anymore, but the real facts that the vaccinated are eight times more likely than the unvaccinated to catch Omicron. Secondly, the RKI figures also refute the statement, not only by Moderna, that a booster vaccination would significantly reduce the risk of Omikron. After all, of the 4,020 Omikron cases vaccinated, 1,137 are reported to have had booster shots. After claiming about 30 percent were boostered, about as many as are unvaccinated, the risk of becoming Omikron-positive is exactly six times higher for boostered than for unvaccinated. (1,137 divided by 186)


The Corona Syringes Do More Harm Than Good

As I said, these figures do not come from anywhere, they are the figures of the RKI. Mr. Lauterbach must also be aware of them, as must all those who are involved with the issue at governmental level. In view of these figures, how can we even discuss compulsory vaccination or continue to force people to have a “booster vaccination”? With these numbers it is irrefutably clear that the Corona shots do more harm than good and there is no need to even talk about vaccine damage or even deaths. Furthermore, what the independent experts have said from the beginning is confirmed. The Corona injections damage the natural immune system. How else could one interpret the RKI figures?

Mr. Drosten himself meanwhile confirms that Omikron is generally less dangerous. For example, on December 22, 2021, the chief virologist at Charité in Berlin wrote on Twitter, “Landmark study by Neil Ferguson on Omikron,” “Unvaccinated have approx. 24% less risk of a crh admission when infected with Omikron vs. Delta. So Omikron is somewhat attenuated compared to Delta. Somewhat. Difference in severe courses further unclear.” This tweet is woolly worded. Probably intentional. It only says something about Omicron being less dangerous than “Delta” for unvaccinated people. What it looks like for vaccinated people is completely missing. But on December 22, Drosten didn’t have the latest figures from the RKI either. At least, however, he finally admits that Omikron is not as dangerous as we are made to fear. Of course, he doesn’t commit to the fact that the courses may be less severe in the unvaccinated. That is “unclear” and must be and remain so, because there can be no scientific proof of which measure could guarantee a milder course. There are simply too many parameters that would have to be considered for that. Only for the use of ivermectin could such a statement be tenable.

Vaccinations against Corona must be discontinued

So we are now at the point where the RKI itself must confirm that Corona injections have a negative effect on the incidence of infection. One must assume that the responsible persons have known this for a long time. Why else are they so eager to bring the control group of the unvaccinated to zero, if possible, with progressive vaccination coercion? But now they have been caught cold, because the official statistics must show this control group, and the result is devastating. Unvaccinated are less endangered than vaccinated, at least concerning the mutation Omikron. At the very latest, “vaccinations” must be stopped immediately. It cannot be that people continue to be coerced into doing something that has been proven to promote the risk of infection. And even then, if it is only a single virus variant.

Either way, anyone who harms people’s defenses is committing a crime. Especially when the evidence has been provided and made public. In addition, the claimed benefits of the Corona injections are becoming more and more untenable. These injections do not protect anyone from anything. They do not even bring the promised “freedom” and the intensive care units are full of vaccinated people. Not only because of Corona, but also because of the progressive vaccine damage. Never before has there been a “vaccination” that has caused so much vaccine damage, up to thousands of deaths.

Whoever, according to the figures of the RKI, continues to propagate the Corona injections, or even considers a compulsory vaccination, is guilty of the most serious crimes. At least of the deliberate damage of the body’s own immune defense, if not even of the assistance to deadly “treatments”, of which all “vaccinators” have made themselves guilty. And no, I am not saying that Corona cannot cause severe courses, up to and including death. But if you multiply the risk of becoming Omicron-positive with Corona injections, you also increase the risk of dying from it. That this is the case is widely reported and that is exactly why the Corona syringes are no longer allowed to be administered. After the RKI publication, no one can claim that there is insufficient data.

Finally, a salute to Lauterbach, Söder & Co. When the big scam with the Covid syringes has reached the general public, there is no need to fear the unvaccinated. They will simply be glad that the circus has come to an end and that they have stood firm. The extent of the wrath of the vaccinated, however, is hard to gauge. After all, they are the ones who will have to live with a damaged immune system and the fear of what long-term damage could still come their way. They will be the ones you can be afraid of.