The global lockdowns are causing entrepreneurs to go bankrupt, millions of people to lose their jobs, young people to become depressed and robbed of their futures, the elderly to become lonely, and not to mention the rising global suicide rate. But according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), this is all just a side issue. Lockdowns are improving cities around the world, the WEF states unequivocally in a new video.

The WEF deleted the video

The lockdown has meant that seismic noise hasn’t been as low as it is now for decades, some cities have become quieter by half, and scientists have been able to record smaller earthquakes that they would normally have missed, allowing them to better predict more severe earthquakes in the future.

In addition, the scientists recorded a record decline in air pollution. CO2 emissions, for example, fell by seven percent last year. But that’s not enough to slow climate change, the WEF warns.

The effects of the lockdown are known to be devastating, but at least scientists can now detect earthquakes they would normally have missed.

The film inspires many people

Real estate entrepreneur Erik de Vlieger writes: “Psychopaths in a surreal world for a very generous salary.”

Telegraf journalist Wierd Duk also speaks out: “At the cost of untold human suffering! These people at the WEF – Klaus Schwab’s people – are really crazy and pose a real danger. And they are suspected of being involved in carrying out an agenda.”

“Look at this. The agenda is becoming more and more obvious. Presenting delicious numbers based on underlying human suffering. It’s perverse, ” comments opinion leader Jan Roos. “This is sickness. Psychopathy “, says FVD politician Ralf Dekker.

“The destruction of our lives as we knew them before March 2020 is perfectly fine, according to our friends at WEF. It’s a great opportunity to rebuild a new and better world. Prepare for climate shockdowns in the coming years and ever more radical government control,” writes journalist Annelies Strikkers.


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