Is Transhumanism at a point of No Return?

Satan promised Adam and Eve: Eat from the tree of knowledge and you will be like God (or immortal and like angels). Although God reveals to people that this promise is a deception of Satan, many people see it very differently, even most of them. Technical progress promises to lead people out of darkness into light.

And really: As Satan had promised, man apparently becomes more and more like God, the more “fruits of knowledge” he consumes and the more knowledge he attains. It already flies at several times the speed of sound, can change the weather, wipe out millions of people in seconds and modify genes. In cyberspace he can even create his own worlds. Man is becoming more and more the maker of his own fate.

Of course, the normal person does not think of Satan when it comes to technological progress. He was only told that life “develops”, from primitive structures to ever “higher” ones, including the human being from the clumsy, primitive cave dweller who swung the club to the more highly developed human being today who now uses lasers and thermonuclear weapons instead of the club. And he thinks so. Normal people don’t worry about where the journey should ultimately lead to.

But certain people remember the promise of Satan very well and are sure that this promise can be achieved with his help: apotheosis – becoming God. This is the goal!

And the technical implementation of this noble goal is nowadays called “singularity” or “transhumanism”.

“The singularity is a future in which the pace of technological change is so rapid and extensive that human existence on this planet is irreversibly changed. We become the power of our brains, all the knowledge, skills and personal traits that make us Make people, combine them with our computer power to think, communicate and create in a way that we cannot imagine today. This fusion of man and machine, with the sudden explosion of machine intelligence, combined with rapid innovation in the fields of genetic research and nanotechnology, will lead to a world where there is no longer a distinction between biological and mechanical life or between physical and virtual reality. These technological revolutions will enable us to overcome our frail bodies with all their limitations. Disease as we know it will be eradicated. Human existence will undergo a quantum leap in evolution. We will be able to live as long as we want,” explains Ray Kurzweil, one of the masterminds behind the transhumanists. Ray Kurzweil is not some random crank and utopian, he is Director of Engineering at Google and has been awarded 19 honorary doctorates among many other honours.

Now that matter has become intelligent in the form of man, a new form of intelligence and consciousness is to emerge, artificial intelligence, brought forth by man, who will merge with this new form into a new being. Technology will learn to use the mechanisms of nature, but infinitely more efficiently, faster, and without the frail fragility of organic living beings. Humans, transhumanism believes, are the first species to take the evolution of their own species into their own hands and control it – accelerating it millions of times.

The six epochs of evolution according to Ray Kurzweil

Cybernetics, neurology, robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering – it is the fusion of all these currents into one overarching goal that is supposed to make the transhumanists’ plan come true. From the perspective of transhumanism, the development can be thought of in four rough steps:

  1. Technology becomes an everyday human companion. After computers and smartphones, domestic robots become the norm. Technology moves closer and closer to humans, intelligent machines and communication with robots and artificial intelligence (e.g. customer advice) become more normal.
  2. Then humans will start to build technology directly into their bodies and create interfaces between the brain and computers. This will drastically expand his capabilities. Two races will exist on earth: Those humans who have access to the new technology and thus update themselves into Man 2.0, and Homo sapiens, who will be hopelessly inferior to the new race. Cyberspace and reality blur as the computer-brain interface simulates stimuli as if they were actually experienced.
  3. The new human 2.0 will eventually consist of equal parts organic and technological elements. Man’s life will be drastically extended. His abilities will increase immeasurably. Finally, it will be possible to transplant an organic brain into a cyborg, which, according to the belief of the transhumanists, will enable the human being to change bodies and thus become immortal.
  4. Then it will be possible to create an artificial 1:1 copy of a human brain. It becomes possible to download the entire contents of the brain and its structure into a computer. Humans live this as intelligent software in cyberspace or a cyborg avatar of their choice. The ‘human’ can change bodies at will. There is no longer any difference between reality and cyberspace. Man can travel with his consciousness into cyberspace and create and dominate worlds there.

Everyone can now afford to live in a palace and fantastic gardens. Anyone can fly and surf on ten-metre waves: Think it, and the mind-machine interface will tell the supercomputer to create it for you: Be, and it is. Is this not ‘like God’?

When He decides a thing, He only says to it, “Be.” and it is. [Al-Baqarah 117]

The fulfilment of Satan’s promise is imminent. This fantastic new world is just like the description of Paradise in Islam, where you also get everything you desire.

How is it that hardly anyone takes this plan seriously, while perhaps only 20 to 30 years separate us from its realisation?

Ray Kurzweil explains: It is because hardly anyone understands what exponential growth means.

“How is it possible that we are so close to this enormous change and cannot see it? The answer is the acceleration of technological innovation. When they think about the future, few people take into account the fact that human scientific progress is exponential.

In other words, the 20th century has gradually accelerated to the present rate of progress, the total achievements of the last century equating to only about 20 years of progress at the rate of 2000. Now do another “20 years” of that progress in only 14 years (to 2014), and then the same again in only seven years. We in the 21st century will not witness 100 years of technological progress, we will witness 20,000 years of progress (measured by today’s progress), or progress about 1000 times greater than what the entire twentieth century achieved.”

It should be noted that the 20th century took us from horse-drawn carriages to maglev trains and from steam engines to smartphones – an unimaginable development. What is coming now will be 1000 times faster. Or to make it even more vivid: If we take 30 linear steps, that will take us about 30 metres. If we take 30 exponential steps, that will take us about a billion metres. At a certain point, progress will be so fast that the human brain can no longer comprehend it. Only optimised humans will be able to keep up with this pace.

Research funding for this grotesque plan is easy to come by. The EU has just poured the largest ever EU budget of one billion in taxpayers’ money for a research project into the transhumanist “Human Brain Project” – one of the most important building blocks: the simulation of a complete human brain as a computer circuit by replicating the neuronal structure of the human brain. The human brain should be ready in about 10 to 20 years. By then, the computing power of computers may already have outstripped that of the brain by a million times.

Robotics, especially prosthetics, is to find out how to connect machines directly to nerves in order to augment humans with artificial limbs and sensory organs. There are billions of dollars in research funding for this from medicine and the military. The technology is already as good as perfected.

“I will take from Your servants a certain portion; and I will misguide them and excite their hopes and give them orders to slit the ears of cattle, and I will order them, and they will change Allah’s creation.”

[an-Nisa 119]

The nanotechnology revolution will enable us to redesign our bodies and brains molecule by molecule – far beyond the limits of biology. The use of artificial intelligence within our biological system will mark an evolutionary leap forward for humanity, but it also means that we will be more “machine” than “human”. Billions of nanobots will travel through the bloodstream into the body and brain. They will destroy pathogens, correct DNA errors, eliminate toxins, and perform many other tasks that enhance our physical well-being. As a result, we will be able to live indefinitely without ageing.

Despite the wonderful future potential of medicine, immortality will only be achieved if we completely discard our biological bodies. As we move towards a software-based existence, we will gain the ability to create “backups” of ourselves (storing the patterns of our knowledge, skills and personality in a digital form), thereby gaining virtual immortality. Thanks to nanotechnology, we will have a body that we can not only change but transform into completely new forms through our will alone. We will be able to change our bodies like this in full-immersion virtual reality environments around 2020 and in physical reality around 2040.”

The inevitable consequence of such a development is that humanity will soon split into two or more species: Ordinary humans and Humans 2.0. It will be mainly the elite who will have access to the new technologies and, through these technical enhancements, will be many times superior to ordinary humans in intelligence, sensory organs, physical strength, lifespan and power.

It is hard to overlook the fact that transhumanism is not pure science but a fanatical “religion”. It is about the emergence of a race of chosen god-humans who will ascend to cyber-heaven, where they will live as omnipotent and immortal gods, create universes, move effortlessly through space and time, and be subject to neither natural nor eternal laws. Lucifer’s promise, made at the beginning of time, is about to be fulfilled.