Is the Transhumanist Gene Vaccine just the result of Scientism?

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The vaccine. Thanks to daily reports since March, many people regard it as the long-awaited EXIT for politically ordered house arrest. A large part of the meanwhile worn-out society longs for its completion and would rather stretch out his arm today instead of tomorrow – after all, you want to finally go back to the football stadium or the beach vacation and forget about 2020 quickly.

Spiritual War against Humanity

Yes, unfortunately, the horizon of many fellow human beings does not extend further. However, there are some of us who intuitively know that there are things that go beyond short-term joys, even life and death. The longingly waiting for the announcement of the big brother’s current ordinances has already become a routine ritual during the second lockdown. The fact that a (spiritual) war is being waged against humanity is not recognizable for most, because the most important weapon in this war is disinformation through the authority and the guidance of our attention.

The second most important is vaccination, which will soon be administered to billions of people worldwide. It is likely that we will ultimately have as much right to decide on this mass administration as we do on mandatory mask-wearing or nighttime curfews – namely, none at all. But are there really reasons to strongly distrust vaccination and its prescription? Should we blindly follow the social and economic decrees of our overlords?

big brother merkel
Don’t forget: politics is just the mouthpiece of the invisible hand

After all, all these decisions are based on scientific knowledge, i.e. the most neutral and most accurate form of establishing the truth. But is that really science? You have to differentiate here, because knowledge is above all power (Scientia Potentia est).

We live in a Scientific Dictatorship

Science is used as a means of social control, that is, control of you. Both science and religion have been used throughout history as mechanisms of social control. The elite class introduced the idea that they know something that the common classes do not know and therefore the common classes must follow the orders of the elites. The elites claim that only they have heard the voice of God or that they have discovered a new mysterious science and the common classes must follow the instructions of the wise and learned elites for their own survival and protection. Science, when applied politically, is just another belief. It is a belief which is controlled by central authorities who select parts of science to be applied socially, with titles like: Climate Change. Everything that is called science is supposed to be accepted as true or real and not questioned. Of course, true science is the practice of unwavering skepticism and inquiry. Constantly challenging and re-evaluating. Science as a political tool is no longer science. It is just behavioral control – power over others. We are, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson, favorite astrophysicist of the cabal, in the greatest experiment of all time right now: “Will people listen to scientists?” Because that’s all this is about – docility.

When science is used politically, however, it is not research, investigation, or progress – what science should be. In political applications, science is simply dogma and tyranny. Real science is always evolving, always open to questioning, and never shouldbe used as a means of social control. The only thing that justifies the control of people is when these people give their informed consent to be controlled, not as an electoral mass but individually, with each individual having the power to revoke this consent. Science is secondary to such a political enterprise. Real science could be said to be the discovery of physical reality. In politics, science becomes something completely different. Science is being redefined as “group truth”. Imposed reality. Immovable, absolute doctrine. Something that you MUST agree to and behave accordingly or will suffer reprisals from the state.

A clear distinction must be made here between science and scientism. Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of natural phenomena. It is the study of the nature and behavior of natural things and the knowledge gained through them. Scientism, on the other hand, is a philosophical view of the world. It is believed that only science can tell the truth about reality. Unfortunately we live in a world in which scientism is the most widely practiced religion on earth. Scientism as an effective means of control also works without actual science; it is sufficient to control which scientific knowledge is perceived and howare to control the thinking (and therefore the actions) of people. In doing so, it severely restricts the spiritual horizon of humanity and has thus become unsuitable as a means of absolute truth-finding.


There will never be such a thing as “group truth”. A group is nothing more than a collection of individuals with individual views. Individually, we believe whatever we want and whenever we want. If I agree or disagree with the crowd, it is a temporary and restricted behavioral decision and not the composition of my existence (an anti-vaccine, a conspiracy theorist). Our unique individuality never goes away, of course we can play different roles, but the important question is not which roles we play, but who chooses these roles for us. Do we have the right to believe that wearing green shoelaces is lucky? Of course we have. Even if science says we’re wrong. Or when politicians say there is no evidence that green shoelaces bring good luck. Or when the media say that, scientifically speaking, only red shoelaces bring luck. It’s not a question of science, it’s a question of who tells you which shoelaces to wear and whether they use force when they tell you.

It is extremely difficult to develop, enslave, tax and control people who are determined to take their lives into their own hands. Who value self-determination. Everyone has at least some desire to control their own life. The high art of elitism is now to transform this desire into conformity to the collective. The Cabal, the people who run the human farm, are constantly looking for mechanisms of control. The elites know that when we are told that something is scientifically based, we tend to accept it. It is therefore a simple matter to choose or assemble a science that fits its agendas and tell us: we have no choice but to worship that science and serve the given outcome. Those who kneel before the God of Science are rewarded, those who resist are ridiculed and shamed. If we shame people for not believing in science, we must shame anyone who has a religious belief in them, we must shame any investor who takes a risk, we must shame a young woman if she thinks she can go where none Woman before her.

science king

We are told that our brilliant leaders with their exclusive mastery of science will lead us to our right destiny. Time and again, human nature has proven this promise to be a lie. For centuries, institualized religion was used as a mechachanism to control society. People were burned at the stake when they displeased their psychopathic religious leaders. Religion was used to establish social order before governments even existed. But people now know too much to be told by priests what God wants them to do. We humans now have the right and freedom to choose and practice spirituality as we wish. The elites, those who hold centralized power, need an exclusive ideology that they can impose on others and that others will feel they have no choice but to accept. By claiming scientific supremacy, the elites have reclaimed their high position for social control. Of course, these elites have no interest in truth, and in time they will drag the name of science through the mud, but science is now positioned as the natural means of social control. When a scientific principle undermines the political agendas of the elites, that scientific principle is not reported, and you have no idea it exists unless you are specifically looking for it.

If science were not corruptible, Monsanto would not exist. Nuclear weapons would never have been used against civilian populations. Pharmaceuticals would be affordable and have no side effects. Most wars would never have happened. Cancer would always be curable – inexpensively and without fanfare. Economic and financial sectors would be under the control of everyone and not centralized elites. Everyone uses science and technology to improve their lives when, and if, we get access to it. But of course, much of the science and technology is hoarded and controlled by people who may not have social ethics as their primary goal. The military craves scientific advantage, corporate CEOs crave scientific advantage, many others, including social engineers, look for scientific advantage. Scientific knowledge is hoarded, suppressed and controlled as soon as possible by anyone who can do it!

darpa chef
Darpa Chef

The DARPA and Black Budget programs of the intelligence agencies hoard scientific findings and knowledge about the interrelationships of our reality in order to develop weapons and means of control. By the way, the British government revealed in 2020 that it also has a “British DARPA” and grants it an annual budget of £800 million. Read here.

Soul Vaccination

Could these circles also work on vaccines? The change of the elite from an ecclesiastical to a scientific dominance over us was mainly accompanied by a change from the metaphysical viewpoint to a purely materialistic way of explaining our reality. But this transfer, which began by various occultists in the late Middle Ages and was fully completed by the beginning of the 20th century at the latest, was an advance towards the spiritual control of the rest of humanity. Probably the largest and most important that our elite class has ever pursued. It was particularly important to say goodbye to the idea of ​​a soul and immaterial worlds that are inherent in the body. Instead of just standing between people and their souls as before (Roman Catholic Church), any idea of ​​a soul should now be driven out of them. An idea that all cultures and peoples of the world have developed independently, because every holistically healthy person feels this truth intuitively. There are strongly overlapping views.

In summary, the term “soul” refers to an immaterial principle that is understood as the carrier of the life of an individual and his identity, which has persisted through time. Often associated with this is the assumption that the soul is independent of the body and thus also of physical death with regard to its existence and is therefore immortal. Death is then interpreted as the process of separating soul and body. In some traditions it is taught that the soul already exists before conception, that it inhabits and guides the body only temporarily and uses it as a tool or is locked in it as in a prison. In many such teachings, the immortal soul alone constitutes the person; the ephemeral body is seen as insignificant or as a burden and obstacle to the soul. Today, instead, the focus has been extremely successfully directed purely to the material way of explaining the world that was previously taught. Much of the knowledge advantage of the elite class is based on this ‘coup’, as they know very well about the metaphysical functions of our reality. The greatest scientist in human history, Nikola Tesla, knew of the narrowing that comes with a purely materialistic view.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in any previous century of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla.


But for our rulers this transfer is not enough in the paradigm of our explanation of the world. They still have access to this ancient knowledge and they might want to nail their heads. As early as 1917, the Australian philosopher and social reformer Rudolf Steiner wrote in “A Future Vaccine to Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit From The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness” on p. 85:

“The time will come – and it is perhaps not far away – when at a congress like the one in 1912 completely different tendencies will come up and one will say: It is pathological for people, in general terms of spirit and soul to think. ‘Healthy’ people will not speak of anything other than the body. It will be taken as a sign of illness if someone gets the idea that there is such a thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think this way will be considered sick and – of that you can be absolutely sure – a medicine will be found for it. . . . The soul will be made non-existent with the help of a drug. A vaccine will be invented from a “reasonable point of view”to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably at birth, so that this human body does not even get the idea that there is a soul and a spirit. “The heirs of modern materialism will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy’, that is, to shape its constitution in such a way that this body no longer speaks of such nonsense as soul and spirit, but a ‘healthy’ conception of the forces that live in engines and in chemistry and that have created planets and suns from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic doctors are called upon to expel souls from humanity. “

All humbug? No, because these considerations continued. The Pentagon was actually researching a vaccination of the soul 15 years ago . With this it should be possible to wipe out the ‘virus of religious belief’ and the associated fundamentalism of the Middle East from a person. So they wanted to fight terrorism from within through medical means. Perversely they called this devious and radical encroachment on personal development “Fun-vaxx”(Fundamentalist Vaccination). In 2005, this vaccination was presented to a group of military personnel in a lecture at the Ministry of Defense. The whole thing is even available on video. The unknown speaker is NOT Bill Gates as was often claimed on the internet! But how should it all work?

god gene
TIME magazine, October 2004

The whole thing is based on the ‘God-Gene’ hypothesis, which says that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a certain gene, vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), predisposes people to spiritual or mystical experiences. It facilitates the influx of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, histamine and noradrenaline into the vesicles before they are emptied into the synaptic gap by means of exocytosis. The speaker at the Pentagon sees the following hypothesis in the lecture of April 13, 2005: Religious fundamentalists have an overly strong expression of the VMAT2 gene. He proves this with his research results, in which he examined religious and non-religious people in the MRI. The body can be immunized against the expression of VMAT2 through a vaccination and so a “Fundamentalist to be transformed into a normal person”.

The non-medical audience is skeptical about this, but the speaker is convinced of his hypothesis. But now it comes: What is the hypothetical military scenario of how this vaccination can be used profitably in the Middle East? Asking people nicely would of course not lead to the hoped-for goal. According to the speaker, the plan would be the willful spread of respiratory diseases in large parts of the population through influenza or coronaviruses! The VMAT2 vaccine is then part of the virus vaccination given to this sick population. Artificially created problem -desired response- planned attack presented as the only solution to the problem. There was a good viedo on youtube about it, but it was been deleted.

Of course, in all vaccinated people, any connection to spirituality is wiped out, not only with undefined fundamentalists! If the hypothesis is correct, the physical interface between soul and body is closed forever. It is a spiritual chemical lobotomy.

Transformation of the Human Gene Pool

In the laboratories that are not open to the public, various gene vaccines have presumably been developed for many years. Due to undesirable side effects, research into such vaccines has been hesitant in the public eye. Conveniently, a worldwide pandemic comes exactly when they are “completed”: so-called messenger RNA vaccines (mRNA).

“An mRNA (messenger RNA) is a single-stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) that, as the transcript of a section of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) belonging to a gene, contains the genetic information for building a protein in a cell. Thus, with an mRNA, the building instructions for a particular protein become available cellularly.” (Wikipedia)

According to the official COVID vaccine tracker, some COVID19 vaccines based on mRNA have already been approved and in some cases already used in several countries: BNT162b2 from Pfizer and BioNTech, and mRNA-1273 from Moderna, BARDA and NIAID. Another mRNA vaccine from Germany-based and Bill Gates-funded company CureVac is nearing completion. Read here.

Gates is also funding the development of Inovio’s INO-4800 DNA vaccination with an associated “smart administration system” (CELLECTRA® 3PSP), which is currently in the advanced test phase. A massive use of these very new and not long-term consequences Researched technologies have never existed in the history of medicine!

dna inovio
Inovio’s DNA vaccination and its administration gun

But how exactly do these mRNA vaccines work? Let’s ask whistleblower and doctor Dr. Carrie Madej. She is an internal medicine specialist based in Mcdonough, Georgia with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. She wants to warn the world about mRNA vaccines from Moderna (MOD e RNA = modified RNA) and her video “ Human 2.0- A Wake Up Call for the World ” quickly spread on the internet and was deleted from YouTube just as quickly.

According to Madej, we may be right now, today, at the literal crossroads of transhumanism, thanks to the rapidly approaching release of one or more mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Transhumanism is a kind of futuristic philosophy that aims to transform the human species with the help of biotechnologies.

Transhumanists see illness, aging and death as undesirable and unnecessary and want to transform humans into a posthuman species with greater abilities than humans today. Read here.

The philosophy is based on secular humanism and sees human nature as an evolutionary work in the making with room for improvement and expansion. However, it is more radical in that it promotes not only traditional means of improving human nature such as education and cultural refinement, but also the direct application of medicine and technology to overcome fundamental biological boundaries.

Transhumanists are paying special attention to genetic engineering, robotics, molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and the Covid-19 pandemic offers genetically engineered vaccines an opportunity to break through in the global healthcare market.

transhumanism gene

Many of the COVID-19 vaccines currently under scrutiny are not conventional vaccines. Their design aims to manipulate your own biology and therefore have the potential to change the biology of the entire human race. Traditional vaccines train your body to recognize and respond to the proteins of a particular virus by injecting a small amount of the actual virus protein into your body, triggering an immune response and the development of antibodies.

This does not happen with an mRNA vaccine. The theory behind these vaccines is that injecting the mRNA into your cells stimulates them to make their own viral protein. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine will be the first of its kind. No mRNA vaccine has ever been approved before. And, to make matters worse, all safety testing on animals is waived.

Dr. Madej gives an overview of the background of some of the people involved in the race for the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi, a Harvard researcher who successfully reprogrammed stem cells with the help of modified RNA and thus changed the function of the stem cells. Moderna was founded on this concept of being able to change the biological function of humans through genetic engineering, says Madej.

As mentioned earlier, mRNA vaccines are designed to instruct your cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, the glycoprotein that attaches to the cell’s ACE2 receptor. This is the first stage in the two-step process viruses use to enter cells. The idea is that by producing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, your immune system will trigger a response and start producing antibodies against the virus. However, as reported by The Vaccine Reaction, researchers have pointed out possible vulnerabilities:

“According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, mRNA vaccines have potential safety issues, including local and systemic inflammation and the stimulation of autoreactive antibodies and autoimmunity, as well as the development of edema (swelling) and blood clots. Systemic inflammation, autoreactive antibodies, and autoimmune problems are not minor concerns. In fact, these are in large part why previous attempts to develop a vaccine against coronavirus ALL have failed. “

For the past 20 years, coronavirus vaccine research has been plagued by one consistent negative result, namely, paradoxical immune boosting. This is caused by the fact that coronaviruses produce two different types of antibodies – neutralizing antibodies that fight infection and binding antibodies (also known as non-neutralizing antibodies) that cannot prevent viral infection.

Unable to prevent viral infection, binding antibodies can instead trigger a paradoxical immune boost. That means it looks good until you get the disease, and then it makes the disease much worse than it otherwise would have been (unvaccinated). As detailed in an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in a coronavirus vaccination study with ferrets, all vaccinated animals died when exposed to the actual virus.

Animal studies have also found that the type of mRNA technology introduced with this vaccine may increase the risk of cancer and mutagenesis (gene mutations), according to Madej.

The delivery system

Madej explains how this mRNA vaccine will be administered. Instead of a traditional injection, the vaccine will eventually be given through a microneedle platform. Not only can it be mass produced quickly, but it can also be administered by anyone. It’s as easy as putting an adhesive bandage on your arm. Remember my words: They will make these “patches” available everywhere and let people apply them voluntarily and independently (free will).

On the adhesive side of the bandage are rows of tiny microneedles and a hydrogel base that contains the enzyme luciferase and the actual vaccine. Because of their tiny size, the microneedles are said to be virtually painless when pressed into the skin. The idea is that the microneedles pierce the skin and inject the modified synthetic RNA into the nucleus of your cells. RNA is essentially coding material that your body uses. In this case, as mentioned, the instructions are to produce the SARS-CoV-2 virus proteins.

quantum dot new

Has been shown many times, but it is important: This is what the vaccine patch looks like. It leaves an invisible luminescent substance under the skin that can be used to detect with a smartphone who the gene transformation was carried out on. For example, before entering a supermarket or work building.

The problem with all of this, Madej says, is that they use a process called transfection – a process used to make genetically modified organisms. She points out that research has confirmed that GMO foods are not as healthy as conventional, unmodified foods. The question is, will we maybe get less healthy too? “The vaccine manufacturers have stated that this will not change our DNA, our genome,” says Madej.

“I say this is not true. Because if we use this process to produce a genetically modified organism, why shouldn’t it do the same to a human? I don’t know why they say that. If you look at the definition of transfection, you will find that it can be a temporary change in the cell. And I think that’s what the vaccine makers are betting on.

Or there is a possibility that it will become stable, that it will be included in the genome and become so stable that it will start replicating as the genome replicates. That means it is now a permanent part of your genome. This is a risk we are taking! It could be temporary or it could be permanent. “

Patentable DNA, Luciferase, and Nanotechnology

Of course, we will not find out the truth about whether the vaccine causes temporary or permanent change until many years after the experimental vaccine is introduced, and that is important information.

And why? Because our genes can change to the supplied synthetic gene. And synthetic genes can be patented. So if the insertion of a synthetic RNA leads to permanent changes in the genome, the human being will contain patentable genes. What will this mean for us, considering that patents have owners and owners have patent rights? Who has these patent rights?

price tag human
Then who does hybrid humanity belong to?

Another part of the delivery system that raises a number of questions is the use of the enzyme luciferase, which has bioluminescent properties. While it is invisible under normal conditions, a glowing vaccination mark can be seen with a cell phone app or special device. As described in the journal RSC Advances in 2015, quantum dots loaded with the luciferase gene can “efficiently introduce genes into cells.” The abstract discusses their use as “self-luminous probes for hepatoma imaging”, but the fact that quantum dots are used Being able to provide genetic material is interesting in and of itself.

The hydrogel, on the other hand, is a DARPA invention that includes nanotechnology and nanobots. That “bioelectronic interface” is part of how the vaccine brand can connect to your smartphone, Madej says, and provide information about blood sugar, heart rate, and any number of other biological data. It is also found in the biosensor, also developed by DARPA.

profusa biosensor
The biosensor developed by Profusa and DARPA

“It has the potential to see almost everything that is going on in your body”says Madej. This will have an immediate impact on our privacy, but no one has yet considered where this information is going. Who will collect and have access to all of this data? Who will be responsible for protecting this data? How are they used? And if your cell phone can receive information from your body, what information can your body receive from it or other sources? Could the transmissions affect our mood? Our behavior? Our physical function? Our thoughts or memories? Dr. Carrie Medej is one of the many who show courage and publicly ask these questions. Of course she is discredited and censored for this, her videos are currently automatically deleted from Google’s servers.

Here is another video from Dr. Madej in which she talks about how mRNA vaccines work:

Military Develoment?

Is there a connection between military vaccines developed by the Pentagon and the currently developed mRNA vaccines against SARS-COV-2? Let’s take a closer look at who is developing these vaccines.

There are currently several companies like Inovio, Moderna, and CanSino Biologics testing mRNA and DNA vaccines against SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS CoV-2), but Moderna is the front runner of the recent $ 472 million from Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) from the US government for developing the vaccine. This is on top of the $ 483 million the company received back in April, bringing the total funding to $ 955 million. Read here.


With nearly $ 1 billion in funding from the US government for a company, Moderna could be too big to fail. However, this is very noticeable for a company that has never actually produced a single vaccine. According to a CNN report, Moderna was only founded in 2010, has never launched a product, and none of its nine or so vaccine candidates have been approved by the FDA. Read here.

However, the company is a long-time Pentagon contractor for biological defense and works closely with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) on gene editing and mRNA therapeutics. Read here. DARPA focuses on developing new disruptive technologies to gain a competitive advantage over opponents, including many “transhuman” projects such as genetic engineering and the improvement of soldiers through robotics. Read here.

In the case of Moderna and mRNA therapeutics, DNA vaccines are viewed as a new paradigm that would disrupt the pharmaceutical industry. The vision is to use a new technology that synthesizes messenger RNA or mRNA – which is an instruction manual for making proteins in every living cell – to get the human body to make its own medicine.

So instead of injecting a piece of virus into a person to stimulate the immune system, the synthesized genes would be shot into the body, editing, deleting, or adding the genes to remodel human DNA to resist disease. If successful, the scientists hope that DNA vaccines could be a “transformative” treatment for heart disease, metabolic and hereditary diseases, kidney failure, and even cancer. Also, it could be an effective form of bio-defense to protect the population from biological warfare , which is also the mandate for DARPA and BARDA.

gene vaccine

In fact, DARPA is developing other forms of human enhancement besides gene editing. Read here.

Scientists are already merging robotics with the human body in the brain-to-computer interface (BCI), whereby individuals with physical injuries can regain function and soldiers can become smarter and more capable by merging their brains with machines. Read here.

In a way, the Pentagon is now building a real Iron Man, similar to the American superhero based on the Marvel Comics character. Soldiers in exoskeleton suits are more physically capable than those without, while other soldiers with bionic limbs perform better than opponents with human limbs. Add artificial intelligence with BCI, and the sky is the limit for an army of these genetically modified and robotically enhanced humanoids. Read here.

But the U.S. is not the only country exploring human enhancement and transhumanism, as Russia and China are also making inroads with exoskeletons, vaccines and brain implants. As this competition gains traction, one wonders what the future of their militaries might look like as humans become more integrated with machines to become armies of iron men. Read here.

Here the Book of Daniel of the Bible can provide some insights. In interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an image with a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay, Daniel revealed the parts as the succession of the world empires, with the feet of iron and clay being the last. Read here.

In Daniel 2:43 it is written, “As thou sawest iron mixed with clay, so shall they be mixed with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay,” which seems to describe a hybrid of human (clay) and machine (iron). And with transhumanism and biotech gaining momentum, armies of hybrid humans made of iron and clay could be a real possibility in the not-too-distant future.

This future of this transhumanistic hybridization of the entire human gene pool could now only be a few weeks or months away! Maybe this will only come with a second vaccination (for the COVID mutation from Great Britain?) After the infrastructure and laws for mass vaccination have been put in place. I wouldn’t bet on that, though.

Why is the U.S. Department of Defense developing vaccines that affect the human genome? Which, moreover, are to be administered to all people on a fast track without long-term testing? Why have the corporations that mass-produce these vaccines covered themselves financially for any health damage they may cause? Why is this not considered highly dangerous and suspect? Why instead are narratives spun by the mass media that paint legitimate skepticism as “dangerous”?

Questions that are not honestly answered by the mass media.

Incidentally, these COVID-19 vaccines are sold here in Europe by the EMA with one-eye symbols in their logo …

european medicines agency

Anthony Patch – What did he already know?

Author, researcher and founder of Entanglement Magazine Anthony Patch had amazing things to say about pandemics and gene vaccinations back in January 2014. I don’t want to withhold that from you. Here is one of his statements.

anthony patch

“[…]it sounds far-fetched to the average person who has never heard this before, but this is nothing new. But let’s go beyond the radius, let’s talk about people who get the flu shot, or bird flu infection. There is another very insidious disease, if you will, that is really a man-made disease. It is a biological construct called the Middle East MERS coronavirus. It is Middle East respiratory syndrome. It has made its way to Europe and could eventually reach the whole world through air travel. It is another example of where vaccines are derived from or what they are to be made for. I always like to go to the end. What is the purpose? What is the goal? If you have a man-made virus or a man-created virus – why was it created? Is it simply to kill people? Yes, that is part of it. If you go further and deeper than that, it is to get people to REQUIRE a vaccine, a shot if you will, or a pill. Why would you, if you are in a position of control and ultimate power, want people to demand a vaccine?

Well, it’s because there’s something in the vaccine that you want people to have as part of their body. What is in the vaccine that you want everyone to have in their body? I mentioned a three-stranded DNA before. There is already a three-strand DNA that is made of silicon. The third strand is made of silicon and is also encased in gold. When you talk about nanotechnology and nanolayer, that’s an ultra-thin layer of gold down to a billionth of a millimeter that coats the silicon that you use to build the third strand of DNA. The purpose of the gold is to increase the surface area around the strand so that more information can be digitally programmed. So what you’re doing is: you’re building a third strand of DNA that you’re transferring into a person’s body through a vaccine that they’re asking for because they’re afraid of being infected with the MERS coronavirus, bird flu, whatever.

three dna 1

And so the government, if you will, or the powers that be, sit back and giggle because they say, well, we couldn’t have made people take that vaccine or that hidden third strand of DNA. They would rebel against it. But if we create the problem and present the solution, people will demand the solution, and this is how we achieve our ultimate goal: that this DNA is changed in every human being. But let’s go deeper: what is the goal? What’s the purpose of it? If we go around changing everyone’s DNA, what will become of them? You become a hybrid. The insidious part of it is that as soon as a person is injected, their DNA undergoes transformation almost instantly. Almost immediately they lose all awareness of the fact that they have lost all independence. The ability to think for yourself. The ability to make decisions independently. And to influence them on a moral level. Your moral independence, your beliefs, religious, moral, ethical, legal … all of this disappears. When you remove independent thinking and awareness that you have lost your independence, it is gone. Then what are the powers that be doing with this new form of hybrid people? You can control them. When you remove independent thinking and awareness that you have lost your independence, it is gone. Then what are the powers that be doing with this new form of hybrid people? You can control them. When you remove independent thinking and awareness that you have lost your independence, it is gone. Then what are the powers that be doing with this new form of hybrid people? You can control them.

You can turn it into a class of service. A class of slaves who serve the elite. To serve the Ray Kurzweils of this world who want to achieve immortality. But they need manpower to manufacture and develop all technologies. And they have enough technology now. The scientific world has reached a level where it is no longer important to hide it. Their agenda is so advanced, both politically, philosophically, morally and technologically that they no longer care about you and me as the serving class. They are not concerned about what we think, they are not concerned about us rebelling. Partly because we’re so dumbfounded right now, by a variety of mechanisms, but when people demand the vaccination and people are REALLY dumbfounded, where they lost consciousness, what happened to us then? Now you can do whatever you want with us. You achieve what I call the “beehive mentality” like a beehive. Worker bees, soldier bees – in the service of the queen. The queen is the elite class in power – and this is not about politicians. Forget the politicians. [laughs] It has nothing to do with Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Libertairians. It’s not political. It has to do with the small group in control, and they have been in control since ancient times. ” The queen is the elite class in power – and this is not about politicians. Forget the politicians. [laughs] It has nothing to do with Republicans, Democrats, tea parties, Libertairians. It’s not political. It has to do with the small group in control, and they have been in control since ancient times. ” The queen is the elite class in power – and this is not about politicians. Forget the politicians. [laughs] It has nothing to do with Republicans, Democrats, tea parties, Libertairians. It’s not political. It has to do with the small group in control, and they have been in control since ancient times. “

Anthony Patch suggests a really diabolical plot here (mind you already in 2014). And he speaks to the so-called hive mind (beehive mentality), the wet dream of every transhumanist and elitist psychopath. The connection (and potential remote control), even merging of all human consciousnesses. No, this is not science fiction, it is being discussed openly in science today and work is being carried out on its fulfillment. The hive-mind will likely be just as sudden and irreversible as the internet. Hollywood has also been full of symbolism for the hive mind for years, maybe I’ll report on it sometime.

The DNA vaccination, ‘the great reset’, the 5G agenda, the AI ​​agenda – they will all meet synergistically and irrevocably transform humanity. And then there is no turning back. I reported on (gene) research in hidden black budget laboratories two years ago . The work that has been carried out here for decades ultimately always served this endgame in which we are currently.

The science and technology that you and I understand and use is in any case only a small fraction of the science and technology owned and used by the elites and their subservient agecies and institutions. Most of us are very ignorant about this. How can we know something that is hidden from us? Our ignorance is an enormous asset to anyone who wishes to control us. When we are not Ingonant, they speak to us in a way that makes us feel ignorant. Because as long as we are submissive, it doesn’t matter whether we are ignorant or not. In politics, it’s not science or intelligence or religion that really matters, it’s docility. It is the consent of the people to follow the narrative of the elite.


The right of the supposedly wiser?

This leads us to the question: Do people who we consider to be ignorant have the right to determine their own lives? Or is it the fate of a class of ignorant people to be controlled by those who think they are more intelligent? Who will judge people’s intelligence? Who will determine who will be put in the smart or stupid classes? Is that going to be fair or biased? Is some knowledge seen as intelligence and some knowledge as ignorance? If one arranges a society of intelligence accordingly, what will these intelligent people do with the ingorant people? Are these intelligent people intelligent and compassionate enough to determine what is best for these ignorant people? Or would these intelligent people just use that power to get some personal advantage over these ignorant people, as they always did in history?


In the 1930s, under the banner of eugenics, “unfit idiots” were forcibly sterilized from the eyes of the elite class … in the name of science.

Or should we all be respected for our rights and humanity and not be judged for our perceived intelligence. Shouldn’t intelligent people not share their gifts of knowledge instead of using their knowledge for governance and domination to exploit others. Yes we can all benefit from knowledge, but when knowledge is kept away from us and used to control us we are slaves. Claims of superior knowledge used to control others is not a science, it is just political manipulation and mass marketing. Real science, in the hands of everyone, is powerful and useful. Science that is exclusively in the hands of the elites, central authorities and power brokers is only intellectual oppression and political calculation.

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The people who want to use science to control us are called technocrats. Just as the priest would tell the farmers 200 years before Christ that he was speaking to God and God told him that the farmers should give their money to the priests, technocrats say they know science and science says we must follow and serve the technocrats. The technocrats know best, and we are unable to lead our own lives because we don’t have all the science like them. They tell us by paying taxes that we ensure that the climate doesn’t change any more. And we will believe them because they have science and we don’t. Or we believe that we have to believe the science as it is presented. It’s control.

By allowing technocrats to dictate our behavior we will save the earth or cure cancer or stop a virus pandemic or spread democracy. We are promised wonderful things as long as we only obey the technocrats. We dare not ask questions, we dare not control our own lives, we have to act like technocrats command and we must never imagine that any technocrat would be selfish, greedy or corrupt. There are a few of us who know that our freedoms and rights never come with conditions that are never dependent on our intelligence or education or our chosen lifestyle or culture. Some of us know that we need to maintain our own dignity and trust in our own self-worth, no matter the circumstances. And we mustn’t feel intimidated by hypocritical academics and arrogant overlords. We may call ourselves libertarians, arnachists, sovereigns, or just people.

Clearly knowing is a beautiful thing and hopefully we can all climb the ladder of knowledge, hopefully we can overcome any suffering that is caused by ignorance. But knowledge is not a measure of human worth, dignity, freedom, or the exercise of personal independence. No matter how superior a person is in knowledge, he is never superior to humanity or in rights. And he is never entitled to take control of other people’s lives by his IQ, education, ambitions, wealth, or bloodline. But people who are rich and privileged forget that. They find that some of us let themselves be controlled easily and willingly and afterwards they want more and more. And now we see that we cannot rest and expect to be able to exercise our rights and freedoms and protect our property and our bodies. In this final phase, we don’t just have to act to defend, get back, and protect these rights for ourselves – we have to pray.

You must be prepared to leave your civil rights behind. You must be prepared to say goodbye to the world as we know it. You must be prepared to stand up for what is right. You must be prepared to receive the hatred of the world. You must be ready to not be able to educate everyone in time. I don’t know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: it is time to stand up and make sure you are ready to meet God. Could you face God today with a clear conscience? How would He judge your thoughts, feelings, and especially deeds?

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