Is the “Hollywood Puppet Theather” there for Brainwashing the Mass? 

Most of the victims of the monarch mind-control slaves, however, cavort in Hollywood. The occult meaning of the word Hollywood goes back to the tree-worshiping druids. The holly (in English: Holly) was one of their most sacred symbols, as this was sacred to Mother Holle (or Hel), the goddess of the underworld. Therefore, Holly-Wood (loosely translated: the forest of magic ) is today the worldwide center of propaganda, distraction and mind control of the masses by the elite, which today enchants us with all its ‘fantasies’. At that time the druids also carved their wands from the wood of the holly (holly wood is also translatable) (by the way, also that of Harry Potter, JK Rowling was inspired by it).

The Monarch Mind-Control Slaves

And a classic trick used by ‘magicians’ is to get the audience to look at one hand so that they can perform the trick with the other hand undisturbed. Hollywood and the news are this distraction so that we do not notice exactly what and in what context is going on around us and we are just amazed to see the execution and wonder what actually happened there. And just as the gladiatorial fights and plays in ancient Rome served to keep the disgruntled people happy, the billion dollar entertainment industry in Hollywood and the major sporting events also serve to offer the population an opportunity to distract themselves from the ever-increasing problems of society. The, as well as conveying ideas and beliefs to change the behavior and culture of society have been the main reasons for the existence of this huge machine from the beginning. No harmless entertainment, but subtle mass brainwashing … This is more about the cultural and spiritual leadership of society through the entertainment industry, as well as the dark machinations behind the scenes.

Hell-ywood – A Look Behind the Scenes

Hollywood is and always has been an occult, dark place full of satanists, ‘magicians’ and pedophiles and that is a very open secret and anyone who is even remotely relevant in the American film / show and music business knows that. Jimmy Church once got the point right on one of his radio shows:

“I’ve been hearing these rumors since I first got to Hollywood in 93. It’s like an urban legend in Hollywood. You hear about it no matter where you go in the music and film industries. And for people who are listening to wonaders and rolling their eyes and thinking, ‘Oh, C’mon’. No you know what Live here, move here and become part of this industry in some way, whatever your level, and you will hear these rumors! And that’s not what I came up with, it’s a subculture that you eventually accept because you hear it almost every day. […] You really hear these stories here every day. “

And of course, part of the whole thing is that almost all sizes are under mind control. Sure, these people not only reach many millions of people every day, no, they are even admired by these masses worldwide. People listen to them. This is an unbelievable power that the elite would of course like to use in different ways for their own purposes, and so that these ‘celebrities & stars’ (sad slaves are more likely to be hit) can never get the idea of ​​using this power for good some have been mind-controlled for a few decades. That is the price one pays for a life of fame & fortune. You literally sell your soul to the devil (which many stars have already said and meant more seriously than many can believe). Sacrificial rituals. Child abuse. Mind control. Symbolism. The American film and music business ruled by the satanic cult tries to normalize their ‘religion’. Those who strive for power pay a high price. But one by one.

Roseanne Barr, an actress known for her sitcom of the same name, ‘Roseanne’, is one of the few who breaks the silence and under-the-hand telling and has uncensored several times in public and said: yes in Hollywood there is Mk-Ultra and it rules there “a culture of fear”,which is why few dare to unpack (if that is even possible for them). Because if you step out of line and deviate even slightly from the desired narrative of the rulers, you will quickly be ‘blacklisted’, i.e. you will no longer receive any orders from the big studios (you are classified as ‘difficult’) and you will be in the cabal-controlled press in tatters, especially from TMZ, the biggest gossip in Hollywood. So you tumble down the pyramid of power faster than you can see. Apart from that, well-known people will address certain things in a publicly effective way and the masses will also like to move him to suicide in cold blood (murder that looks like a suicide, more on that later). In general, people in the spotlight are under massive pressure from managers, supervisors, dealers and colleagues. Yes, there is a general climate of fear that Hollywood rules and controls. So it takes a lot of courage to put yourself in public and reveal how things really work in Hollywood, especially since traumatizations (such as pedophilia and / or mind control) make it even more difficult by feelings of shame and guilt. Unfortunately, only very few have this courage, like Roseanne (more on others later), who said in an interview that many other stars pull her aside privately at Hollywood parties and Oscar awards and thank her for what she says. Especially since in the case of trauma (such as pedophilia and / or mind control) it is made even more difficult by feelings of shame and guilt. Unfortunately, only very few have this courage, like Roseanne (more on others later), who said in an interview that many other stars pull her aside privately at Hollywood parties and Oscar awards and thank her for what she says. Especially since in the case of trauma (such as pedophilia and / or mind control) it is made even more difficult by feelings of shame and guilt. Unfortunately, only very few have this courage, like Roseanne (more on others later), who said in an interview that many other stars pull her aside privately at Hollywood parties and Oscar awards and thank her for what she says.

The #MeToo movement that started rolling in Hollywood since October 2017 as a result of the Harvey Weinstein scandal is only the tip of the iceberg, despite dozens of female stars unpacking about sexual violence. Not only sexual harassment and rape against female actors have always been an integral part of Hollywood (sex against role is the standard for young actresses, as with Thandie Newton but on many others). See here.

But also sexual violence against seasoned men like the African-American actor and Ex-football player Terry Crews, who was sexually assaulted by a well-known male Hollywood agent.Terry indicated that as a black man you only get a few chances in this industry and that he didn’t fight back. He took his testimony to a Senate Legal Committee hearing in 2018 on proposed legislation known as the Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights. See here.

And not only that: pedophilia is also extremely common in Hollywood and that’s an open secret there. The sad truth is that almost every child star has had such experiences that often become perpetrators themselves or become addicted to drugs and alcohol in young adult life, which sometimes ends in suicide. There is an eye-opening documentary on this topic with the appropriate title ‘An Open Secret’ in which a few former child actors speak up and report on the actions of their managers & agents in Hollywood, who despite hard evidence always get away with a black eye and are allowed to continue working with children. Amy J. Berg’s film has been on the Internet for 4 years and unfortunately received very little attention until recently, but it became much better known through the MeToo movement in 2017. Highly recommended. But nevertheless the media and the unsuspecting population pull every star who gets lost in excess and addiction through the mud, leaving little else to deal with their traumatizations. Furthermore, it is a tactic used by the handlers to make their monarch victim dependent on drugs in order to control them even more, as happened with Corey Feldman.

A group of stalkers for control

Another control technique are the paparrazzi: A horde of paparrazzi follow the stars at every turn and take photos of everything they do, the shrill noises of the camera, the constant flashing and the intrusive behavior are pure intent to provoke the stars and drive them crazy so that you get exactly the lurid pictures you want. Paparrazzi act like assholes on purpose and just filming up close makes a person angry. Do not you think? Look ,human Surveilliance Cameraman’ to everyone pissed reacts when one moves him to my body with a camera. This could also be described as a form of gangstalking (aka targeting) describe. A highly sadistic tactic of the secret services / cabal to wear down people and drive them crazy and a method which arose from the MK-Ultra research. The message to the Hollywood slaves: We know every step you take and you are under constant observation.

Corey Feldman is one of the few others who unpacks, so he hardly gets any roles today, but was indispensable on the big screen in his childhood and teenage years in the 80s. He and his friends have been sexually abused in Hollywood for years and he says:

“Hollywood’s biggest problem was, is and always will be pedophilia!”

His perpetrators (one is Alphy Hoffmann, rumor has it that even Steven Spielberg is there) are still successful in Hollywood and continue to work with children, despite legal proceedings. Someone always seems to be covering up these perpetrators. They surrounded him as a child ‘like greedy snakes’. Corey wanted to publish a revelatory film about child abuse in Hollywood in 2017, after which he was threatened several times online , once almost overdrive and then even stabbed with a knife. He survived, but this shows that there is an extremely powerful network of perpetrators in Hollywood that will stop at nothing to protect itself. And this also lets you understand why he is so afraid to say more names to the public, he is afraid for his and his family’s life. He currently has six names of high-profile Hollywood greats who are part of a pedophile ring that leads to the top of one of the 5 major film studios. He hopes that other victims will dare and does not give up. Here is a short interview:

Here is another must-see movie about Corey Feldman’s story. See here.

Sky News spoke to Jeff Herman, an attorney who represents some former child actors. Mr Herman says there is a ‘conspiracy of abuse’ in the industry and that powerful men there think that ‘underage children are there in Hollywood for them to use as toys’. He also said: “I am shocked to hear that there is more than one child molester in a place where there are children.”

Elijah Woods also unpacked. The Lord of the Rings star went to the Sunday Times and said that something incredible is going on in Hollywood and that LA has its own Savile scandal.

Jimmy Savile was England’s most famous sex offender, the nationwide famous disc jockey and BBC presenter was convicted of over 450 sex crimes in a period of about 50 years. About 82% of the victims were female and about 80% of the victims were minors at the time of the crime. But the pig could not hold back from the old or even the dead. He used his fame to get to the victims. Although it had been known for many decades, he was not convicted until his death in 2011. He denied everything until his death, until 2012 the investigation picked up speed. Someone was protecting him, and the BBC was known to cover up and obstruct the investigation.

Jimmy Savile

According to Elijah Wood, pedophiles in Hollywood are protected by powerful figures and that the abuse is believed to still take place today. Elijah himself is said to have been protected when the ex-child star was growing up in the industry, but other children were ‘exploited by snakes’ at Hollywood parties. It didn’t happen to him because his mother banned him from these parties, but he heard the stories from dozens of colleagues years later. He adds, “There’s a darkness in the lower abdomen – if you can imagine it, it probably happened.”

There are hundreds of Jimmy Saviles in the cult, he’s no exception, it’s just an exception that he was convicted, and that after his death. Because child abuse is a spiritual practice in their religion.

Then there is the organization Bizparents , a group that helps child actors. According to this group, there are currently at least 100 active pedophile sex offenders in Hollywood in the industry and according to Bizparents a tsunami of new allegations is just starting as more and more dare to take action against their offenders. Read here.

A pact with the devil

Have you ever wondered why some people who are not really talented become world stars and sell tens of millions of records, while incredible talents stay small forever and never reach an audience of millions?

Because they are chosen. World success has to be earned through an unattractive commitment, not through talent. Many from a very young age. The Lady Gagas, the Katy Perrys, the Beyonces, the Nicki Minjajs, the Eminems, the Jay-Zs, the Madonnas, the Rihannas. The Johnny Deeps. The Angelinas Jolies and Bratt Pitts. The Bruce Willis. The Tom Cruises.

And from then on, they are literally just dolls that you put on certain clothes, put certain words in your mouth, ‘inoculate’ with certain hand movements and gestures and which certain movements are related to music produced by others, in music videos produced by others and run shows or movies. Everything from the great set designers, clothing designers, songwriters / scriptwriters and producers precisely designed to serve the Luciferian agenda and the mind control of the masses.

Some of those who start young undergo trauma-based mind control and thus lose their last spark of sovereignty at a very young age. Sure, not every single active person in Hollywood serves the Luciferian agenda. However, it is the big producers, agents and boardrooms. So the ones who decide whether someone will grow up or stay a little light. The more you play along, the further you rise, the stronger the control over you, the more jobs and PR and the associated fame & fortune you get. If you don’t feel like it, you won’t be forced (unless your parents decide unsuspectingly for you as a child star), BUTif you don’t take part, you will never be very successful, no matter how talented you are, especially if you embody a message contrary to the Luciferian agenda (e.g. We are all one, all you need is love ). As soon as you put it in there is no turning back, and whoever becomes too uncomfortable with the agenda is done.

Therefore one has to say clearly that a lot of actors are not the ‘conspirators’ or perpetrators, but have been victims their whole life! Victims who have let themselves be blinded once and then get stuck in a cruel system. Some even said they sold their souls to the devil , and they probably mean it more seriously than we’d like to believe. See here.

Many also communicate through their lyrics that they have sold their soul to the devil. And since Hollywood lives from and for illusions, there is unfortunately a never-ending stream of successors. Children who succumb to illusions and who absolutely want to become ‘stars’ and unfortunately far too many parents who unsuspectingly send their children to this hell and keep the system alive.

There are, however, exceptions among actors and musicians, there are a few perpetrators, e.g. Bill Cosby’s multiple rapes and, most recently, Kevin Spacey, but one often does not know whether these perpetrators were not also victims, or whether the allegations were not even made out of thin air, in order to ‘execute’ the person in question in terms of their career because they talked too much. Kevin Spacey, who was accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy at the age of 26, possibly went too far when he recently portrayed an occult meeting of the rich and powerful in the series ‘House of Cards’ he produced and played, which was very much reminiscent of the real, creepy Bohemian Grove Club. See here.

Maybe this is the pedophilia blackmailing already described, maybe Spacey is just a sick pig like everyone else, who knows?  His video ‘Let Me Be Frank’, which he uploaded after the allegations, can also be understood as a warning to the Illuminati: “If I don’t have to pay for the things I really did, I certainly won’t pay for things that I don’t have done! ”  The cult never uses deeds for the ‘career murder of its own’ (framing) which could focus attention on the network and the cult behind it, but rather thinks of offenses which cannot be traced back to the cult as a whole. See here.

The majority of the perpetrators and executors of the Luciferian agenda can be found in the sphere of Hollywood, which is rather unknown to the masses: agents, ressigeurs, scriptwriters, producers, casters, entertainers, etc.

Rare photo of a fire ritual in the Bohemian Grove.

The Mickey Mouse Club should also be mentioned, which has produced stars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Chritina Aguilera. He is said to have been a pedophilia hell and forge for MK-Ultra Monarch slaves. I mean, what are the chances that 4 out of 5 will later become big world stars by chance?

I can and will write my own article about Walt Disney: The 33rd degree Freemason was not only said to have been a racist and anti-Semite, but also a pedophile. He was also a member of the Templar Order ‘Ordre de DeMolay’. He has also founded his own elitist secret club, which ‘Club 33’ is little known to outsiders and whose headquarters in one of his Disney parks can only be entered by members to this day and whose membership costs $ 25,000 a year. It is also rumored that the many children who disappear in Disney parks end up in the pedophile human trafficking network of the elite. However, it has been proven that there are objectionable images and subliminal sexual messages hidden in several Disney films. Svali also report, Brice Taylor and others believe that some Disney films were developed into MK-Ultra programming. Monarch slaves who have used Disney programming can be recognized by the fact that they are with Mickey Mouse ears or Alice in Wonderland clothes are depicted.

Handler – the pullers of the dolls

A Monarch MindControl slave is controlled by its handler. These are agents of the secret services and / or directly from the Cabal and are specially trained. They are constantly close to the celebrities and mostly work as bodyguards or managers for them. The monarch usually has an intimate relationship with his handler (trauma bond), so the life partner is also possible as handler. They are equipped with specific triggers that bring out different personas. Through these external influences (triggers), of which only these handlers know, the personality of the MK-Ultra victim is changed, a completely different person, with different memories, different characteristics and abilities as well as a different name is now in that same body. This persona was programmed into them in childhood. Triggers are often specific code words or phrases (also over the phone), but can also be hand gestures and symbols, but also a specific time. Each persona has its own trigger and there are often around 20 different personas per body. For everyone who thinks the film ‘Split’ is exaggerated, it is not. There is a front persona who is mostly active, this reacts to the name of everyone known, e.g. Katy (Perry). The front persona, like all other persona, is usually not aware that they have other personalities due to the amnesia barriers that the mind has built up during the traumatization. The ‘monarch’ has a personality for interviews and normal life, one for appearances, an often demonic one for the rituals, a sex kitten persona for prostitution to the elite,

Have you ever noticed that many stars openly have different personas? For example: Marshall Matters aka. Slim Shady aka. Eminem or Lady gaga vs. her male alter ego Joe Palderone. Or Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. Nicki Minaj openly admits to having alter egos (including Roman, Martha, Barbie) and even says that this ‘has to do with her difficult childhood’. Most consider this to be artistic expression and that these alter egos, apart from different styles, don’t really exist, but yes: they are really completely different people in the same body in their minds. She says Roman is a crazy boy who was ‘born of anger’ and that “ people brought him up, peoplesummoned him and now he will not go away ”. Or David Bowie’s androgenic alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Or Katy Perry’s nerdy alter ego Kathie Beth Terry. Or Beyonce’s stage ego Sasha Fierce, she says that the character takes over her completely and she “doesn’t even remember what she’s doing when she’s performing”. See here.

(According to Beyonce’s ex-drummer , she also uses ‘black magic’ and satanic practices ). There are really some examples in the entertainment industry, isn’t that something unusual in the normal world? These people are really real and they share the same body (dissociative identity disorder).

Actors logically have many alter egos, after all they have to become a different person for the film and put themselves completely in this fictional character and ‘become this one’. This in itself is completely normal and everyday life for actors, but maybe some roles are rehearsed by certain personas? Johnny Deep, for example, has a certain quirky style, but only in some roles. Depp also once said he doesn’t like to see his own films in the cinema because then ” he’s up there [on the screen]”.Jim Carrey got deep inside and loosened his ego, as he became so many other people (through his film roles) he realized that Jim Carrey is just an identity that exists in his head (which Eckart Tolles teaches reflects). This video shows what Carrey means by that, very inspiring! See here.

The handler also ensures that everything is done right and that no persona breaks through uncontrollably if they are not supposed to, that the ‘monarchs’ are in the places where they are needed and the slave does not malfunction. They also isolate their monarch from the outside world like in a bubble. The handlers always move in the shadow of their stars (or politicians) and avoid the media as much as possible. But you have to say that the handlers are also hanging by strings and receiving orders from higher distances, the real criminals don’t get their hands dirty, of course.

Nevertheless, there are regular malfunctions, but these are sold to us as something completely different.

Mental breakdowns – Glitches of Programming

Britney Spears. Everyone knows the pop idol of the 00s. And above all, everyone (who is old enough) remembers their ‘Mental Breakdown’ 07/08 very well, which made headlines not only in the USA but worldwide. Britney went mad and shaved off her long hair completely and got a tattoo on the back of her neck. A little later, she was forcibly sent to a mental hospital after she went crazy, allegedly over a custody battle. Supposedly she was also a drug addict. She left the clinic very quickly and was a new person, in 2008 she started her career again. What happened here? A typical celebrity-no-longer-packs-the-drugsStory like you’ve seen dozens of times? Or is there more to this than we were told, what exactly has you experienced here dozens of times?

In fact, Britney’s 2007 incident is a classic example of a MK-Ultra programming breakdown. Programming gets ‘glitches’ after a few years due to changes in brain chemistry. In a now very well-known interview with Britney from this time you can see how she suddenly changes her personality in an uncontrolled manner. She speaks and suddenly behaves completely differently, when she comes to she starts crying. These are signs of a dissociative identity disorder, which is the cornerstone of trauma-based mind control. She was also filmed at the time wearing a wig and speaking in unblemished British English drives through Hollywood, which suggests another persona who was no longer under the control of the handlers and broke out in an uncontrolled manner. Reporters asked ‘this Britney’ about her new boyfriend who she’s been with for six weeks and she just said that she had no idea who this person the reporters were talking about. This person never got to know this alter ego. In the video you can also see her handler Sam Lufti, against whom a lawsuit has already been run because he cut Britney’s telephone lines. See here.

Another sign to recognize Mk-Ultra victim, according to Fritz Springmeier, is that one eye always looks slightly closed or sunken. Another is blonde hair or wigs, these play an important role for the Cabal, often they have to dye their hair blonde (Kanye, Katy Perry) or get a blonde wig (Nicki Minaj, Amanda Bynes). This is also why Britney shaved off her blonde hair to prevent further abuse. She told reports: “I don’t want anyone to touch me, I’m tired of you touching me.” However, clear indications are the use of monarch symbolism, especially: butterflies, rainbows, (broken) mirrors, cats / leopard outfits, robots, Mickey Mouse / Disney symbols or Alice-in-Wonderland / wizards of OZ symbolisms are signs of a monarch slave. These symbols then appear on / in their clothes, in their photos, their music videos, performances and song texts. In this way, other traders and ‘knowing’ people are communicated who is a monarch.

Strangely enough, these ‘glitches’ and strange behaviors such as confusion, PTSD, sleep disorders and seizures always occur at the age of 26/27 years due to the natural biochemical brain changes that come with this age. The infamous ‘Club 27’ which indicates an unusually high number of musicians who die at this young age is related to this. When programming breaks down, many go insane. Uncontrolled changes of personalities and suppressed memories of traumatizations come back, which either drives them to suicide or their handlers to kill them before they tell things they shouldn’t tell or unpleasant questions about the condition that no longer arise can easily be explained away. Murder is mainly used when the star no longer brings in enough money for his ‘owners’. Because in their eyes they are nothing more. Investments. This also serves as an ‘offering’ in their ritual satanic practices (more on that later),

The whole Monarch programming process is time-consuming and expensive, but the stars often make many times the money back for their owners. Especially when you consider that the star’s stamina increases (a lot of traveling), because if one persona weakens, the next is activated. Despite the same body, this is possible, according to the NYT there are even cases where the body has diabetes while one personality is active and has no diabetes while another is active. The same applies to allergies. Even one persona can be blind and the other see in spite of the same body. This shows how strong the spirit is and the consciousness is above matter.

So if the doll still brings in good money and it is medically possible, the MK-Ultra programming will be ‘fixed’. Namely by doctors of the secret MK-Ultra programs who work undercover in certain clinics. The forced (!) Admissions to these clinics are often sold to the press as rehabilitation and “cleansing” of the alleged drug and alcohol addiction. So it occurs that almost all the stars are admitted to the same clinic in Hollywood. The Ronald Reagan UCLA which of course … oh wonderful … has connections to the MK-Ultra research at the time (source , source).

The head of neurophysiology at UCLA Louis “Jolly” West is supposed to be responsible for the MK-Ultra Project until 1989the CIA worked. Read here.

Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Micheal Jackson, Paris Jackson and most recently Kanye West were reprogrammed here after ‘mental breakdowns’. Kayne West is particularly interesting here, let’s take a closer look.

Britney Spears

Kayne West – Too uncomfortable for the Hollywood controllers

Kanye has been ‘waking up’ for a while and he seems like he’s doing something he doesn’t feel like doing anymore. He wanted to finally wake people up at a concert, which is really happening … he was arrested afterwards, tied to a stretcher and taken to UCLA. Then he came out with blond hair and a much more emotionless look after a short time. He is said to have had temporary psychosis. At the concert where he freaked out in 2017, he accused Jay-Z of being part of the Illuminati and that this killer had he can send, he talked about the media lying, furthermore he urged the audience “to the things that should separate us shit “and one shouldn’t fall for racism. He also said he voted for Donald Trump, which is an absolute no-go in liberal Hollywood. Like the conservative actor Tim Allen, who said Hollywood was like “1930s Germany behaves when you are not in their [liberal] club and disagree”. Kayne also aptly said:

“I am putting my career, my life, my public well-standing at risk, when I talk to y’all like this”

Here the rant and the shepherd dead zombies boo because they don’t get a concert:

In fact, a year after the forced admission, a UCLA hospital emergency nurse who assisted West’s treatment went public and gave a shocking statement:

“Kanye is a monarch mind control slave. It’s trauma-based mind control. They split his personality into fragments. He now has 26 different personalities. They have names. “

Incredible, more and more people are unpacking. A few years ago the topic of Mk-Ultra techniques was considered ‘crazy’ in Hollywood, but that has changed in a few years, more and more are becoming aware of these practices and more and more affected people dare to open their mouths. This shows that the truth is becoming more and more obvious and cannot be stopped for long. She also tells that the Monarch Mind Control techniques are based on the work of Nazi doctor Dr. Joseph Mengele, who continued his research in the USA after WWII (also known as Dr. Green among monarch victims). She continues:

“They thought Kanye was a threat and we had to neutralize him. He was drugged and tortured until he gave in. He now has trigger words that trigger a certain reaction in him. I can’t say the words here, it wouldn’t be fair to him, but there are words and tones that make different personalities in him come to the surface. He can now easily be controlled and manipulated by his handlers. “

The emergency room nurse claims Dr. Mengele’s mind control techniques on a number of high profile celebrities in the entertainment industry.

“It’s cruel, but it works. It creates slaves. If you want to control someone, there is nothing better. “

According to his mentor Malik Yusef, Kayne also had memory lapses after the stay, a typical sign of hitchhiked mind control. But it was sad. Anyone who follows Kayne West for a longer time and also now, easily notices that Kanye has changed a lot, especially with regard to his offensive and rousing statements against the elite, it has become quieter for the time being. However, there is a twist: Trump met with him personally (who is fighting the Cabal and is well aware of MK-Monarch) and asked him to protect himself from his handlers. Kayne doesn’t rest, even if I haven’t heard it myself, his new album is said to be about the MeToo movement, Trump and his DID.

More MK-Ultra Program Crashes

Pedo-Nickelodeon and Amnda Bynes

Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes (Amanda Show) went crazy in 2013, tweeted at the time that she had an implanted microchip in her head. She was at the age of… you guessed it…. 27 years. She appeared in court wearing a blonde wig (for cannabis possession) and was forcibly relegated to UCLA a short time later after she went nuts and apparently tried to torch her neighbor’s house. The then ‘straightened’ Amanda said afterwards that it was the substances that made her act like this and quote: “It was as if an alien had invaded my body. It’s such a strange feeling. “If that doesn’t sound like an obsession aka multiple personalities. Once again, “drugs” and “mental problems” are served up as the cause of such behavior, but these are just the symptoms. The causes are systematic traumatization and growing up under mind control in a merciless business. For example, she said that she raped her father (and when the memories came back) she said publicly that she would take great pleasure in cutting his throat.

For example, as a child / teenager, she had to spend a lot of time with the pedagogue Dan Schneiderwho is the head behind all 7 successful Nickelodeon shows (I-Carly, Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, Victorious etc.). His sitcom shows, in which mostly teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 play, stand out for acting out his foot fetish and generally funny and unsuitable scenes for children (seriously in almost every episode the characters have to do something weird with their barefoot). In the behind the scenes of the DVDs you can see that he often brings the girls very close to him, which makes them feel visibly uncomfortable. Some of his victims have already commented anonymously on the Internet about his actions, he is said to be a creepy asshole. However, one was not anonymous: Angelique Bates an actress on one of his shows who said he was not only physically abused towards her but also extremely verbally abused. Then there has been a rumor for 10 years that he should have impregnated Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101) when she was 16. These rumors were made by the authentic soundingUsers Enty already circulated on the Internet in 2007 , he wrote that Jamie was drugged and impregnated by a Nickelodeon producer and that “right now you are looking for a boyfriend that you can bring forward as a father” . Shortly afterwards, Jamy Lynn Spears first announced her pregnancy in the press and the boyfriend who should be the father. This is said to have received a lot of money to play the father. During the pregnancy, she was completely shielded from the public for a long time so as not to see her belly, so that the exact time of pregnancy could be concealed. Jamie’s family also believe “that the father is significantly older and is a producer on Zoey 101”.

There are photos of private pool parties with Dan and his teen actresses and he is said to have invited them over for ‘acting classes’ even without parental supervision and is said to have even spent a long time with them in the locker room on the set. In addition, a total of five Nickelodeon employees were arrested for pedopilia, such as Jason Micheal Handy (6 years for abuse and distribution of child porn). Read here.

Or Jason James Murphy (5 years: a child caster who kidnapped and rape an 8-year-old ) and one of them I-Carly employees and so on. Read here.

Then there would be the pig Brian Peck, a condemned sex criminal who STILL could work with children at Nickeloden, there then raped an actress under 16 eight times, among other things with knockout drops. After he was in jail for 16 months, he immediately went back to work on Hollywood sets. These guys & the broadcaster are just so sick and Dan Schneider is no exception. Read here.

And don’t think that it would be any different at Disney, as I said, there is a separate article about Disney. I hope that even more victims dare to come out into the open and that above all the irresponsible parents will be held accountable.

And I don’t want to reserve the comment for you: Maybe Sandy wanted to warn us in Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob” when she tried to stir up ‘Dirty Dan’ . 🙂With such a fucked up topic you have to be able to smile, otherwise it will eat you up….

Well, Amanda Bynes is another innocent child star whose image has been highly sexualized by the age of majority. From the children’s channel star to the front page of porn magazines (Matador) in just a few years. Amanda Bynes also shaved her head at the ‘Meltdown’ like Britney, but only halfway.

MK-Ultra symbolism: butterfly on the nose and below it says ‘Metamorphosis’.

From child star to sex bomb to spin the wheel, Amanda Bynes follows a pattern that is repeated in the entertainment industry. How is it that these asterisks go through exactly the same phases? It’s because they went through the same “school”: music industry trauma-based mind control.

But there is hope, Dan Schneider was surprisingly fired in March 2018 (even though he was the biggest cash cow for the show) and the boss of the broadcaster Cyma Zarghami, who was with Nick for 30 years, also had to leave. She was considered extremely hostile, treated the Nick staff badly and also ‘blacklisted’ some actors. Presumably the parent company wants to ‘clean up’ the house quickly because two Nick actresses are said to have assured that they want to unpack. One could be Janette McCurdy who recently wrote ‘Childhood Survivor’ on her Instagram profile … we’ll see.

Anna-Nicole-Smith – your four-year-old persona

Then there is the legendary YouTube video by actress and model Anna-Nicole-Smith. She was filmed in 2006, presumably by her partner, with a camcorder behaving like a small child. With her face painted on, she played and behaved like a small child. She had a completely childlike voice and expression and never fell out of place. She also did not understand a lot of what the person was saying to her. She doesn’t know what a mushroom trip is and she also believes that her pregnancy belly is just flatulence. What should a four-year-old think when she feels her big belly? Take a look at it, even a 5-year-old recognizes that this cannot be caused by drugs. This is clearly a different personality and a sign of Dissociative Identity Disorder due to severe childhood trauma. She was rushed to the hospital shortly afterwards and was killed after the video hit the press in 2007. Her psychiatrist knowingly gave her the wrong medication, which led to an overdose.

Probably its image was damaged too much by the malfunction and it didn’t bring in enough money to make the Monarch repair worthwhile. But it is also likely a conspiracy to get their money. Her sole heir in the will was her son, but this practically also died of medication before her death (she probably suspected that death would come, why do you make a will so young?). And then after her death a dirty fight for inheritance broke out between three men. The one who got the cash and custody of her little daughter in the end (aka Monarch replenishment) was also the one who was present at both the death of the son and Anna-Nicole-Smith’s death was … I guess her handler. He was not found guilty, but that is very ‘fishy’ and cases like Jimmy Savile show that the cult can easily protect itself from justice. Read here.

Katy Perry – the next one just before being rubbed off

Another case is that of THE pop icon of the 10s: Katy Perry. They still exist, do you think? Yes, she is still alive. But she is currently on the same path as so many before her, especially since 2018. For 3 years of fame, she has ‘sold her soul’ (which she mentions in an interview and in a song text). See here.

Today she can’t even come close to building on her old successes and is completely crazy. She has severe depression and has acted very strangely several times. Once she stopped singing during a performance, said into the microphone: “ Master , I’m not feeling so well anymore!” And then it looked as if she was running away from something that only she could see. Two seconds later she slumped like a doll with her eyes wide open. She wanted to get up again and was immediately carried off the stage by a security like a doll, really creepy. Someone who just becomes unconscious does not curl around on the floor but lies motionless on the floor for at least a few seconds. It looks more like she was hallucinating and then you flipped an on / off switch.

Wendy William collapsed the same way. Wide-eyed as if she were seeing something that wasn’t there. See here.

These are MK-Ultra Glitches, even the sleeping sheep write in the comments that they have never seen such a strange ‘becoming unconscious’. When it is finally ‘kicked out’, its handlers will likely ‘dispose of’ it rather than ‘fix’ it. ( Note: ‘Thrown off the freedom train’ is an MK-Ultra terminus for MK-Ultra slaves who are no longer useful, are potentially dangerous and are therefore killed ). And strangely enough, she now also has short hair dyed blonde, although it was usually black or pastel colored. In general, she is currently having strange behavior: as a PR campaign she used a 96h live stream from her house where she could be watched, she even broadcast a long psychotherapy session and let the world look into her depression. In tears, she told of Katy-Perry in the third person, ‘who is brave and strong, but she herself is weak’.

But there are others too , Eminem being an example here. He talked too much, had a ‘mental breakdown’ in 2006/2007 and then came back like a completely different person, suddenly flashed the symbols of the cult, and behaved differently, so much so that some even believe that he is a clone and that real Eminem is dead (Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? 😀).

Often there are also the freeze glitches. Sometimes the monarchs accidentally hear a code word / phrase from someone who is not their handler. This seldom happens, but it can hardly be completely prevented. With bad luck, this happens during live recordings. The person freezes and does not move a face for some time until he comes to. Usually in this state the monaks are open to commands. In the best known case, Al Roker freezes after hearing the word “Holy Ghost” (at the beginning of the video below). But there are also other dropouts: Below is a compilation, admittedly with some I do not rule out that they could simply be super high, but not every behavior can be explained by drugs and epilepsy.

The pact – an expensive price

The higher you climb the pyramid of power, the higher your fame & fortune and the higher your influence, therefore the price you have to pay for it gets higher and higher. It has long been suspected that in order to become really big in the industry and to become part of the cult you have to give a blood sacrifice. It is noticeable that with most stars, shortly after the fatal loss of a loved one (parent, sibling, life partner), their careers shoot up steeply. More on that. In general, a very inorganic-looking rise in fame is always a sign of the cult (Illuminati / Cabal). You own the media (Viacom with MTV and VIVA, or music labels such as Warner, Sony BMG or Universal) and all the awards, and you have almost unlimited capital, this is how you can turn anyone into a star overnight. These people come from nowhere, are suddenly there, extremely quickly world-famous, extremely rich and influential. There are also a few who achieve solid notoriety that ‘feels organic’, these people are not part of the cult, e.g. Ed Sheeran (I guess …). They don’t flash symbols, have glitches and don’t push Luciferism.

However, they never make it to the top, as soon as they get dangerous on the agenda they are out of the window, and they have probably been made big offers too. That goes sometimes in economic hitman Mannier:’There’s $ 15 million in the right case and a loaded rifle in the left case. I’m not going to go here until you get either of those items, and I’m not talking about handing over the gun! ‘  But sometimes it can be much more harmless.

For example, the Afro-American comedian Dave Chappell pointed out another ‘induction ritual’ to the world on an Ophra Whinfrey show. He started with:

“I’m a conspiracy theorist to a certain extent … maybe I’ll make connections where there aren’t any.”

And then he tells very seriously that he has noticed that almost every black male actor in Hollywood is led to play a role as a woman / transvestite in a dress at some (early) point in his career. And indeed: if you just look a little bit you will notice that there were actually a lot of black men in a dress at one point in their careers. He tells of an anecdote where a dress should be worn on him for a scene, because he felt uncomfortable with it, he refused. However, the scriptwriter became more and more intrusive and tried to persuade him, the producer and the ressigeur also tried to persuade him. Chappell couldn’t understand what was funny about it and why he was being pushed. He persisted and refused. When they finally gave up did they have a new scene ready immediately, so it was never a necessity, why was it so crowded? This also shows the Kuts attitude towards the black population, the cult hates everyone who is not part of their agenda, but because of their racial ideology they particularly hate black people. Ophra then quickly changed the subject. The statement was apparently so explosive that Whinfrey deleted the original YouTube video. Here is the video:

Dave Chappell is a good person and has never allowed himself to be corrupted, he knows what’s going on and has also unpacked about Hollywood another time and said that the actors there are good people, they are not crazy but the ‘environment is sick / disturbed’ . He even turned down a $ 50 million deal and ran off to Africa because he was pushed too hard and he knows it has a price. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ‘disposed of’. As fellow actor Katt Williams said in an interview, “Dave Chappell is not part of the Illuminati, they don’t want him or people like me. […] When people are against the Illuminati they get slapped in the face all the time, the press hates them and nobody likes them. “Some theorize that Dave has already been replaced, after a long break he came back into the public with a different appearance and voice, besides he has become so uncomfortable! This theory is also supported by his cousin who was very close to Dave and told him everything about how they wanted to push him into the deal, a short time after he came back from Africa ‘they’ wanted to see him again. His cousin has not heard from him since then, and he still does not respond to calls to this day. Shortly thereafter, after 40 years of slimness, Dave suddenly appeared in public, mega pumped up with a different nose and a different voice, accepts one million deals and flashes 666 hand gestures. I know clones … sounds completely stupid, but research the matter with an open mind and dig deep and see where it leads you.  See here.

Human cloning is said to have been possible since the 1960s, the reason why it is not known is because of ethical concerns. That’s why it went underground, in black budget programs, besides, the Cabal wanted to keep this power to itself. In large underground clone bases, these are grown in tanks in a relatively short period of time and the original is either killed or imprisoned. The clone then has an Artificial (MK-Ultra) consciousness and is completely under the control of the Cabal. You can recognize them by small but unnatural different features, by the fact that they can no longer dream and that they age much faster. Many stars have already unpacked about cloning, but nobody (understandably) believes that they do. More on that in the next article. The clone then has Artificial (MK-Ultra) consciousness and is completely under the control of the Cabal. You can recognize them by small but unnatural different features, by the fact that they can no longer dream and that they age much faster. Many stars have already unpacked about cloning, but nobody (understandably) believes that they do. More on that in the next article. The clone then has an Artificial (MK-Ultra) consciousness and is completely under the control of the Cabal. You can recognize them by small but unnatural different features, by the fact that they can no longer dream and that they age much faster. Many stars have already unpacked about cloning, but no one (understandably) believes they will. More on that in the next article.

The dress thing is a mild part of ‘ritual humiliation’. Ritual humiliation is a common form of control in cults such as fraternities or secret societies and is mostly used during the initiation process (introduction to the cult). The predecessor organizations from which the Cabal / Illuminati was formed are ancient mystery schools. In those it was common that the members have to perform shameful and often criminal acts when entering the cult, with which they are then blackmailed. Hazing is also part of these humiliations. Basically anything that puts the victim in shame, for example leaking a sextape or an embarrassing staging on stage like the famous nipple gate. And men often have to appear disguised as women. Another form is filming the initiated eating inappropriate and disgusting things like feces, semen and period blood.

Creepy Hollywood Manson parties and the cabal art flavors

‘Inauguration rituals’ like this usually take place during thick Hollywood Manson parties at which, according to Katt Williams, ‘it is better not to burst into the wrong room’. According to Ralph Rieckermann, the bass player for the Scorpions, these parties are absolutely gruesome, he said:

“I went to one time, I saw really bad shit there! They actually kill people there … They pay up to $ 100k to see people get executed. This is serious. I’m still to another where I’ve really seen the most disgusting thing ever, I almost vomited .. “

Participation in such parties and rituals is crucial for professional success, as soon as you stop going there, fewer and fewer jobs come in. You can only come to such parties by invitation and with an entrance password and it is common for everyone to wear masks, this should ensure anonymity and so reduce inhibitions even further. In addition to drugs, sex and alcohol, there should be dark things going on at these parties.

Stanley Kubrick revealed these parties in his latest film, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidmann. He even shot it in a large Rothschild property. Here is an excerpt from the ritual:

Shortly before the release, the healthy Kubrick died of a heart attack and the studio cut 26 minutes out of the film and destroyed it. Many suspect that Kubrick was killed with the CIA’s heart attack gun because he went too far with the revelation and that the 26 minutes was probably a child sacrifice ritual. See here.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman react very strangely when you ask them about Kubrick’s death, almost angry they mean that he didn’t deserve it and left way too early … you have to read between the lines here, they know what’s going on. Kidman’s father is part of the cult and her childhood was accordingly traumatizing, Fiona Barnett also said that she saw Ms Kidman during a molting ritual in her teenage years (see above). This film is also full MK-Ultra and Illuminati Symbolism (Follow me over the Rainbow), like every film by the perfectionist visionary Kubrick, you have to pay attention to details here too. See here.

Photos of a real Manson party of the Rothschilds from the 70s have also appeared on the Internet, which are really Weird & Creepy. Some suspect that Kubrick himself was at this party and wanted to warn the world about it ‘through the flower’ with his film.

In the pictures you can see the occult masks of the visitors and hosts, how mutilated baby dolls were used as table decorations and it shows a large cake in the form of a naked woman, symbolic cannibalism. But that’s probably completely normal! Here is an excerpt:

Manson party of the Rothschilds

Even today there are still parties like this, especially those of the ‘performance artist’ Marina Abramovic seem very popular with the Luciferian elite of the entertainment industry. So-called ‘Spirit Cooking’ is practiced at these parties, cakes are shaped and covered with icing so that they have the realistic shape of a naked person in original size. So that these are particularly realistic, she used real models for the heads who were under the table. These red filled cakes imitate cannibalism. Many stars have been spotted at these very obvious satanic parties. Especially Lady Gaga is a fan of her ‘works of art’. But Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Andersan, Hugh Jackman and Will Ferell were also seen with her at the parties. Her art includes, among other things, wall and body painting of pentagrams with (periods) blood, posing with a Baphomet skull or sitting in a mountain of flesh and bones. I also saw a picture of a little scared looking boy covering his eyes and squeezing between her thighs. Gag. These people are really sick and proud of it.

When something like that is practiced in public, think about what the behind closed doors do in their free time. Abramovic admitted that in a private circle it was a ‘spiritual happening’. So what they show in public is just the harmless version, in private they may be real people and things then look more like in ‘Hostel 2’ . Do the guests really only pay $ 20,000 for the party or is there a ‘private after party’ afterwards? And even if not, ‘newbies’ are being prepared for real cannibalism. See here.

While we’re talking about the ‘art’ of the cabal, check out what the pedo John Podesta or his brother Tony are putting in their booths (about the PizzaGate scandal and the podestas, I report when different). You can see tied up little boys, a gold statue that is modeled on the bent corpse of one of the victims of a perverted serial killer, as well as grotesque fantasy creatures and a man who is eaten by others. Anyone who wants can search the Internet, I won’t post everything here, otherwise I’ll probably end up on some list. And people like that are running around ruling the US, good night!

Ritual murder in Hollywood

If someone goes too far and works against the Luciferian agenda, they will be put out of the way. I explain what this agenda means below. In addition, many stars like Tupac or Michael Jackson are worth more after their death, because their films and music become more popular after death. For example, Sony BMG doubled the prices of Whitney Housten’s albums in 2012 just an hour after her death. And Whitney Houston’s mother once said that a producer said to her, “You’re worth more money when you’re dead.”But sometimes stars also manage to escape their predetermined fate. Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi fled to Canada in 2011 after receiving threats from what they call ‘Hollywood star whackers’ who they believe also killed Heath Leadger and others. He held a press conference in tears : See here.

“We believe there is a malignant tumor from ‘star whackers’ in Hollywood. How many people do you know personally who have died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances in the last 5 years? I personally knew 8 actors, I was close to all of them and worked with them. Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine were among them. I think they were killed and many others are played badly to make money. “

Randy was then stopped at the border and entry banned (for the time being). But nothing has happened to him so far, presumably through the protection of going public. But could there be anything to the allegations? Could Hollywood’s secret societies be behind this? Let’s look at the first known death of its kind in Hollywood.

Case 1: Marilyn Monroe

On August 6, 1962, the terrible news hit the newspapers: Marylin Monroe is dead. It is said to have been suicide. The world was shocked. But here too there were many inconsistencies. At the time she was having an affair with then President John F. Kennedy and with his brother ‘Bobby’ Kennedy and she threatened to blow the affair. She said, ‘I’m gonna blow the lit off that hole god damn thing!’ When asked what she meant by that, she said her involvement with the Kennedys was much deeper (no pun intended) than most would expect. She allegedly caused the suicide by overdosing on multiple painkillers, but no capsules were found in her bedroom (where she was found dead). Also, there wasn’t a glass of water in the room that would allow her to swallow all the pills. A small bottle was found and it was assumed that the capsules should have been in there. Her doctor said Marylin was having trouble taking an aspirin, let alone swallowing the dozen capsules / pills without water. She said that she couldn’t swallow anything without liquid. And with the amount of pills she would have choked on them because they get stuck in her dry throat. And obviously she never got them down either because they were never found in her stomach.

Marylin Monroe is also said to have been the first MK-Ultra Monarch in the entertainment industry, as well as the first with beta-kitten (sex slave) programming. Even today, many ‘kittens’ do their homework by portraying them as Monroe. Marilyn Monroe had an extremely difficult childhood full of neglect and sexual abuse in children’s homes, so she was ideal for mind control. She had no parents from the age of 11. Her handler was actually Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, who made her his ‘kitten’ even before it became known in Hollywood. Since she still works as a stripper. Jane Mansfield was also a kitten of Anton LaVey at the time.


The two women have a lot in common: Both were said to sexualise Hollywood, both had “affairs” with Anton LaVey, JFK, and Bobbie Kennedy and both died in their 30s. Originally her name was Norma Jeane, a next-door girl who highly sexualized blonde Marilyn Monroe was a persona who wanted ‘you’. The only people around her were her husband and a bunch of doctors and psychiatrists who controlled her and every aspect of her life (her handlers). She also once published a poem in which she writes that her psychiatrist cut her open while on medication. Many dismiss this as a nightmare, but it could have been a suppressed memory of a mind control session. Her babies (she had 2 pregnancies) were also taken away and probably sacrificed.wrote a lovely article on Marilyn Monroe. Read here.

Case 2: Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s death is without a doubt one of the weirdest deaths in Hollywood. He has all the signs of an Illuminati sacrificial ritual. A while after his last shoot for the film ‘The Dark Knight’, a servant found Legder unresponsive to his bed. Her first call wasn’t about 911 as you’d expect, no, she called actress & fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen twice. She then sent her private bodyguard, who even arrived there in front of the emergency doctor. One can only speculate what they did with a dead man there. Maybe make evidence disappear? Many of these Hollywood security guards work more as ‘fixers’ and make sure that no matter what their clients do, it looks like it never happened, and do EVERY command from the rich and powerful. You are an expert. They’re people who make problems go away, that’s why they’re called fixers. Like Joanna Wellick’s bodyguard in the Mr. Robot series. Maybe it was your MK-Ultra handler too? Even more suspicious is that Olsen only wants to talk to the authorities about it on condition of complete legal immunity, something that only someone who has something to hide requires.

Ledger’s death was believed to have been part of a ritual. So there was a lot of occult symbolism in the last film he was working on at the time of his death (The Carbinet of Dr. Parnassus), including how he was hanging on a gallows with the all-seeing eye on his forehead. Maybe it was your MK-Ultra handler too? Even more suspicious is that Olsen only wants to talk to the authorities about it on the condition of complete legal immunity, something only asked by someone who has something to hide.

Pyramid with an eye on the forehead

Case 3: Black Dahila

One of the earliest and most gruesome actor murders to date is that of Elizabeth Short in January 1947. The murder later came to be known as the Black Dahlia case. The 23-year-old actress was found after she was missing for a week, split in two from the hip on the side of the road in Los Angeles. Not only was her face defaced: The corners of her mouth were cut up to the cheeks, which gave her the same ‘Glasgow smile’ as Joker had, the most famous role in Heath Legder. There is also evidence that she was previously tortured. Her body wasn’t just thrown to the side of the road, but precisely positioned so that she looked like a broken mannequin. Like a sick work of art. Officially, the case remains unsolved to this day, However, many believe that the then well-known abortion doctor George Hill Hodel was behind it. After his death, his son, himself an LA officer, confirmed that his father was the murderer of Elizabeth and others based on his evidence gathered. At that time, the police suppressed further investigations into Hodels, but why? Could there be more to this than a lonely psychopath?

Tamarah Hodel (Geroge Hodel’s daughter) accuses her father of incest, mind control, underage orgies and Luciferian philosophies. Despite three involved witnesses of his crimes, Hodel was immediately acquitted by the jury. His son says that he had many connections to the film industry and politics and assumes that he was part of a powerful Luciferian cult. In his book ‘ After his death, his son, himself an LA officer, confirmed that his father was the murderer of Elizabeth and others based on the evidence he gathered. At that time the police suppressed further investigations into Hodels, but why? Could there be more to this than a lonely psychopath?

Black Dahila

Case 4: Tate Polanski

But Hollywood’s macabre tradition of ritual sacrifice doesn’t end there. While ressigeur Roman Polanski was in London in 1969, a year after his film Rosemary’s Baby , a film about satanism, rape and ritual sacrifice of a baby , his wife, along with 5 others, was married to Charles by satanic devotees in his L.A. Estate Mansons murdered. Was this another Cabal sacrificial ritual? Illuminati whistleblower John Todd supports this allegation:

“They were used, he was paid to do it. Tate wanted to get out, her husband knew about it, her husband went over to Europe to have an alibi. The money came down, $ 50,000 came from Toronto through New Orleans. And poor Manson only got $ 2,000 of it after all sticky fingers. But that’s why Tate was killed, the others were just there at the wrong time. She wanted out and you won’t come out. Her mistake was that she was pregnant and she didn’t want the baby to come in ; so she wanted out. Her baby was what she cared about. That’s the information I have about it. I am of the New Orleans branch [of the Illuminati cult] and he [Mason] was a field disciple or evangelist of the New Orleans branch. “

So Tate Polanski’s baby was sacrificed by Satanists, just like the fictional character in her last film role. Coincidence? Hardly likely. The film role was a warning.

Incidentally, Roman Polanski fled to London after he admitted (!) That he put a 13-year-old child under alcohol and methaqualone and then raped it. Incredible, this pig got away with it without punishment and is still worshiped and celebrated in Hollywood to this day. This is only possible with a connection to the higher circles of the Illuminati / Cabal, whose center of power is purely coincidentally also in London.

The face of Tate Polanski was also disguised with the Joker grin. So you notice that the Joker grin from the ‘Dark Knight’, which incidentally appeared in the Joker character for the first time in this film, was to be interpreted as a symbol of the cult of Heath Legder (just like Tate’s last role was a warning) .

Tate Polanski

If you want to play at the top, you have to pay a price, according to Professor Griff. You have to give your life to these people forever. Man has to cause death and suffering (for example if a few people die at one of your concerts), you get credit and you get more power and success. Some also say that being a superstar is reserved for those who have committed or participated in the murder of a loved one, parent, or sibling. For many stars, careers soar after a loved one dies under mysterious circumstances.

More cases

Lina Morgana died and the less talented Lady Gaga soon became a world star with a very similar style. They were friends and at the beginning of their careers they worked together under the same producer. Suddenly Lina died under mysterious circumstances (jumping off the roof of a hotel) and almost completely without reporting. This is very unusual for a Celebrtity. Lady Gaga’s career rose sharply a few months later, did she pay the price? According to Lina’s parents, she was killed and Gaga, who celebrates Stanist art, has been copying her style ever since. See here

The most macabre is the one made on the 10th anniversary of the alleged suicide ( A Star is Born) came out in which Lady Gaga plays the lead role of a girl who becomes a star overnight because she copies the style of someone else who is then driven into suicide. Likewise, Gaga is thrown from a balcony in one of her most famous hits in the video , an allusion? See here.


Maybe there is hope for Gaga today, she said at a press conference:

“In times of crisis and chaos, we tend to point the finger at others who we believe are the bad guys or the bad guys. We start arguing, everyone has different opinions about it. Please don’t forget about hatred or evil, whatever you want to call it: it’s intelligent . It’s smart. And it’s invisible. It has no color, it has no race, it has no religion, it has no politics. It is an invisible snake that, while planning its attack, thinks: I will divide my enemy into smaller, less strong groups. And then I’ll make them hate each other so that it’s easier to beat them. And as we all yell at each other while trying to figure out which group is causing the problem, evil wins. All around us. So we have to get rid of these labels, these different factions: gay, straight, rich, poor, mentally ill, not mentally ill, gun owners, non-gun owners, none of them makes any sense. We are united in our humanity and the only thing we all know that we appreciate in the other is kindness. Above all, it has to come and you have to behave like this all the time. With everything you have, forget the money. […] “

With that she speaks clearly to the cabal or the powers that control it, and concludes with a beautiful and truthful message! Divide and rule is their motto and today, thanks to filter bubbles and a culture of outrage, it is more effective than ever. Only together are we strong, and no matter what, we must not fall into hatred and arguments, that is also the motto of this blog.

Or how about Jennifer Hudson? Her mother, brother and nephew were murdered when she was 27 , and the latter’s father said Hudson sacrificed him for fame and fortune. You don’t just get into the $ 50 million club!

Or another example: Murders can also be used as punishment. The ingenious and kind-hearted comedian Jim Carrey, who has definitely awakened spiritually in recent years (thanks to Eckhart Tolle, among others), tries to wake people up. Seriously, all you have to do is put Jim Carrey on Youtube and watch some recent interview with him, this guy is ‘woke as fuck’. In a notorious Jimmy Kimmel Show episode he warned the audience about the Illuminati, of course he did it as a joke so that the audience and the host ‘deflect’ and you don’t pull it straight off the stage. See here.

But Jimmy Kimmel was visibly uncomfortable with it and Jim Carrey stuck with this ‘little joke’ surprisingly energetically. His death was serious and he knew what he was doing! He’s tired of that shit anymore. By the way, the Jimmy Kimmel Show takes place in a Masonic Temple in LA (no Joke), so he pooped straight into the lion’s den😉But for that he paid the price: His young girlfriend died about six months later under mysterious circumstances, another ‘suicide’. On top of that, Carrey was then accused of murder. Here someone wanted to finish off Carrey emotionally and publicly! The warning is clear: shut up! But that didn’t stop him for long, he is a very positive personality in a depressing business and wants to wake up and inspire the population, even if he is sometimes desperate and hopelessly brainwashed. This is going against the grain of the Cabal. I wouldn’t be surprised if his turn comes soon. So far he has never shown Luciferian symbols, should he suddenly do so and suddenly suddenly change by 180 degrees, we know that MK-Ultra or cloning is involved.

See below that is the reason, it inspires people to put their ego aside and get present. Not like all the other fake celebrities who have sold themselves and propagate false values:

Or what about Micheal Jackson? There are a lot of theories about his death from the beginning, so I won’t go into that in detail, it would go beyond the scope. Just so much: He had previously unpacked about the music industry and warned about the occult cult that controls this and the world. But of course nobody believed ‘crazy Michael’. In addition, his message was love and anti-war and thus he reached an audience of millions. Afterwards his sister said several times that it was murder and he said to her “You want to kill me, you will kill me”. A few years later, a Secret Service Insider (DOD) unpacked Operation Sedwick, a sub-program of MK-Ultra. He said Micheal and Tupac were also killed by them and as evidence he shows an audio recording of Michael’s last call, because they were listening to him. Presumably these are the ‘star whackers’ described by Quaid. What became of this insider is unknown, the press also received his video, but did not report on it. Decide for yourself whether it is authentic, I think so, after all, he has no advantage if he comes up with it, at most disadvantages.

Micheal became a problem and had to go, and his label wanted to do more with his music. And Dr. Murray was just a scapegoat, the real culprits are still running around freely, as Micheal’s sister also thinks. According to his attorney, he had also been a Freemason since 2006 (see picture below), but immediately after his accusation, all of his membership data in California lodges was deleted. He was a little light of the Cabal and was used as a murderer and scapegoat. Jackson’s father Joe and sister LaToya also said that a number of other people behind Murray were responsible for Jackson’s death, including Frank DiLeo and Dr. Tohme Tohme. See here.

After serving his extremely short sentence (a ridiculous 2 years), Murray was presumably rewarded with money and advancement in the Cabal. After this picture came out, lodges all over the USA rushed to defend their secret society. Murray is said to belong to a ‘fake lodge’ and Jay-Z and Lady Gaga make the Masonic symbolism just because ‘the craft of Freemasonry’ is IN. Ehmm … exactly. Aprons, checkerboard patterns and some old symbolism hams are definitely the shit in the country’s schoolyards.

The thing is: we only ever see the tip of the iceberg. The public version of the stories. Hollywood insider Johnatan Berman says that what you see from the outside is not everything:

“You see satanic rituals, you hear about them from friends, occult organizations arise on your left and right. People join organizations that may not be good for them. “


At these black masses and satanic rituals, in addition to making sacrifices and drinking blood, there should also be evocations of demons. Sounds completely crazy if you only stick to the physical, material reality description of the ‘left-brain hemisphere prison’ called modern science. We need this, of course it has its place, but to explain reality exclusively through it is extremely restrictive and foolish. The right hemisphere is not a flaw that has to be replaced by logic, but is just as important in the perception of the world as the left.

I would also like to add that the word “demon” is the Christian or more religious term for non-physical, selfish (evil) beings. The Muslims call them “Djinn”. In Asia they are known as Naga. In Africa as Chitauri, in South America as snake gods and so on. As someone who is not religious but definitely spiritual, I personally refer to these beings as low vibrating or negative beings. I use the term low vibration to refer to the fact that we live in a vibrating universe. The frequency that you radiate brings you the things / experiences / people that match your vibration.

Using alternative explanatory models of reality (which do not even clash with the other) evocations of demons would be quite conceivable. According to these, reality and everything that is in it is holographically built up from light and sound which vibrates in certain frequencies, everything we perceive with our senses is in the short spectrum of visible light which also creates the physical around us. This means that around us there are almost infinitely different dimensions that take up the same place in space and time as our reality, but we normally neither perceive nor access them. This is where rituals come into play, with which the vibration of the hologram can be adjusted and thus beings from lower (or higher) vibrating dimensions can ‘tune’ into our reality. Sometimes they then use a human body (or its consciousness) as a vessel to be able to move here in the 3rd dimension (demon obsession). Ancient societies in human history such as the Babylonians, the Egyptians, and partly the Greeks, who in turn had this knowledge from the Atlanteans and Lumerers, already had this knowledge of different dimensions and the vibrational basis of every matter, which is experiencing a revival in modern quantum physics with different terminology should have received. Today this knowledge and these techniques only exist in the secret societies of the cult, which had them confiscated and destroyed worldwide under the decree of pagan cleansing by the Catholic Church.

Lady Gaga said, audibly shocked, in an interview:

“I have this recurring dream where there is a phantom in my house and it takes me to a room where there is a blonde girl with ropes tied to her limbs and pulling her apart. I told Deepak that the dream was so terrible that I kind of thought that some devil force was trying to get hold of me . He laughed and told me to learn to accept my own madness. I told him: The devil is trying to overwhelm me, Deepak. I am a good girl! He said don’t worry. ” Gaga also went so far as to admit that she asked Deepak to help her float in the dream, she explains :” I want to fall into a coma and float. I am a very spiritual person.“Deepak is the most influential person in my life. His message is a real inspiration. He helps me to penetrate into my spirituality and we take it to the next level. “

She is talking about astral travel and Deepak Chopra, a spiritual teacher who represents theories of quantum mysticism in his books. Your dream sounds to me like suppressed MK-Ultra memories or demon obsession.

Ariana Grande (one of Dan Schneider’s Pedo-Nickelodeon Girls) also spoke several times of the fact that she feels persecuted by demons. In Complex Magazine, she said that she was being persecuted by demons, she and her friends visited a cemetery in Kansas known as one of the 7th gates to hell. As she sat in the car in front of the cemetery, she felt ” a sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity all over the car and it smelled of sulfur which is a sign of a demon”. Then they wanted to leave, before she drove off she rolled down the window and said: “I’m sorry, we didn’t want to disturb your peace.”On the photo that she took you later saw 3 demon faces. One is supposed to look like a dog’s face with large horns. She then made a video explaining the incident and pointed out that she is now wearing a red cord bracelet which is supposed to protect you from demons. Since then she has been followed by them, she hears whispers, sees red shining eyes and one night someone appeared next to her as a dark black cloud. When she wanted to send a folder with all her demon pictures to her manager, the message apparently came, “This folder has 666 MB and cant be sent.” … then she deleted it. Everything just made up for a bit of publicity? Psychosis?

The Red String is a tradition of Kabbalists (a subform of the Jewish faith) to protect themselves from the misfortune of the “evil eye”. In Kabbahla it is believed that it removes unwanted energy and makes room for wanted energy. It is usually worn on the left arm. It has to be knotted seven times and a certain prayer has to be said. Not only Ariana Grande wears this bracelet to protect her spirit from evil but also many celebrities in Hollywood, and not only Jews. It was also mentioned in the Bible to protect against misfortune. For example Madonna and her children, Sasha Cohen, Leonardi Di Caprio and many more as you can see below … That’s strange, because normally only superstitious old women in Israel wear it to impress tourists … have these A- Listers Experienced ‘extra-worldly’ things that you cannot explain otherwise and justify why you want to protect yourself in this way?

Even decades after Anton Lavey (Founder of the Church of Satan) no longer loitering in Hollywood, the influence of Satanism and Luciferism is still very great there. One of Lavey’s dancers was involved in the murder of Tate Polanski, nevertheless the Church of Satan is not THE cult but just an attempt to normalize and trivialize its beliefs and to see how it is with the public acceptance. Their goal is namely to manipulate society in such a way that they adopt their beliefs voluntarily and they can rule openly and without coercion. You think in terms of time spans of centuries and have come further than you would like to believe, how often I have seen people (especially children) do this symbolism.

And how deeply some of the Luciferian ideas of the elite are already anchored in our society today is quite alarming, e.g. the increasing sexualization of children, the greed for status and money, the gradually expanded acceptance of pedophilia (10 years and it’s hate speech against Pädos), destroying any religious beliefs etc. Read here.

Not that I am a hardcore Christian or anything , I would call myself spiritual, but I do not want to assign myself to any explicit religion, but the destruction of Christianity is one of their goals and it is there are many indications that this has really happened systematically for a long time. And since humans have a natural desire to create meaning, one simply takes what is there: consumption, hedonism and the narrowed reality perception of ‘science-tism’ that has been proselytizing in the world for about 150 years and supposedly lower ways of explaining and their cultures to this day almost completely overwritten. ‘Do what you want is the only law’ is one of the main guiding principles of the Cabal.

Neither of these things is profoundly fulfilling, which is contributing to the massive rise in mental illness in Western culture. You are separated from everything and only an insignificant speck of dust in space and time and if you go deeper you are mumbo-jumbo-backward , the constantly resonating tenor of today’s common sense could be.

Just like the attempt of the Greens in Germany to legalize sex with children or in France, where there has been a discussion about lowering the legal age for sex to 11 years, under the premise of Love is Love , those who go to the weakest in society will always do so make it easier. Or this poor 11 year old kid here, Desmond – the Amazing, which already at a very young age, was drummed into it that it should be a puffed up drag queen. Sexualizing the children at such an early age and cashing in on them through shows is abuse of the parents, has nothing to do with LBGT and the reactions to the above video speak volumes. The boy is not even through puberty, how can he worry about a sense of identity and sexuality, let alone make rational decisions. He should play with his own age and not hang out with convicted pedophile killers, junkies and trannies who use ketamine ! See here.

Step by step, the moral pillars on which the social foundation of society stands are being dismantled. And through the mind control of the media. As long as we can we must oppose this, even if you are usually attacked immediately, isolated and gaslighted if you are against this development and address these things.

Afro-American actor Paul Mooney made the infamous statement on a talk show:

“There are a bunch of devil worshipers in Hollywood! And there are blacks among them. And they all make these signs [he forms a triangle with his hands and the devil horns] , all the rappers, look at them. It’s really scary, the devil is real! “

Stay healthy and stay on the right path, finally a very interesting statement from an insider from the acting, model and theater industry who was in Hollywood in smaller film roles and left the industry after a few years after all the sick shit she did experienced there. Incredibly interesting and shocking.