Is the EU refusing to disclose the Secret Contractual Agreements with Big Pharma on Covid-19 Vaccines?

A group of concerned parliamentarians in Europe is criticizing the highly corrupt European Commission for allowing big pharma to “trample on democracy.”

Covid-19 Vaccine Lots

To supposedly “protect the health of their constituents” from the Covid pandemic, European Union (EU) officials in Brussels purchased millions of Covid-19 vaccine lots from various pharmaceutical companies without legislative oversight.

The people Europeans had “elected” to represent them were kept out of the negotiations. Only the unelected commission knew what was in the secret contracts with the pharmaceutical companies.

According to RT, entire pages of these documents, of the few that have actually been made public, are heavily redacted. It is clear that there are people who do not want the public to know what happened behind closed doors.


Many European politicians, including Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes, are concerned and want answers. Along with several others who want answers, Terhes expressed his serious concern about this situation at a recent press conference.

Since Nov. 3, all members of Parliament have been required to show a valid Covid 19 digital vaccination card to enter the building. This is problematic for many reasons, including the fact that lawmakers are denied access to the vaccines and the processes by which they are brought into Europe.

Terhes shared that back in January, EU lawmakers demanded “full access to the contracts between these companies that produce the vaccines and the EU.”

Time and again, Brussels has circled these representatives, who to this day refuse to be transparent about how it all came about.

Citing an article in Euractiv, Terhes, who represents the Christian Democratic National Farmers Party, said that the contract signed last November between pharmaceutical giant CureVac and the European Commission “was made available to MEPs [on Jan. 12, 2021] after the company agreed to open the contract to scrutiny.”

EU Citizens Rights Violated by the Digital Certificate

Without knowing what is included in these contracts, it is impossible to analyze whether they were concluded properly and in the public’s interest.

Moreover, Terhes said, “Brussels is forcing a medical product on European citizens without them knowing what is in these contracts.”

Worse, even members of the EU Parliament stood on the sidelines. Only a few at the top were involved in drafting these treaties….

An analysis by Euroactive found that 4.22% of the liability section and 15.38% of the compensation section were redacted, while 0% of the personal data processing section was redacted.

In addition, in the versions provided to legislators such as Terhes, a staggering 61 percent of the contract annexes containing the “essential details of the agreement” were redacted. Still, about 24 percent of the treaty could not be seen because it was heavily censored.

“EU citizens’ rights are seriously violated by the digital certificate,” Terhes outraged in a tweet. “We will fight for their right to freedom, which must be restored in the EU!”