Is the CGT Union asking a Hospital’s CEO to analyze Vaccines to see if they Contain Graphene Oxide?

It seems that little by little, among a part of society that have great doubts about the vaccines, begin to ask health officials for explanations.

In this case, it was the CGT (Confederación General del Trabajo) union that, through its union section SACYL Valladolid West, sent a letter to the CEO of the Rio Hortega de Valladolid Hospital, asking him to analyze some of the vials of vaccines to verify that the contents also correspond to the claims of the manufacturers.

Things are starting to get serious for politicians and health authorities, because they are receiving more and more letters like this, to which they must respond appropriately and cannot respond with silence.

They need to start taking their responsibility and be aware of what can happen if they ignore complaints like this, because then they become accomplices and responsible for what happens.

Time is running out and now it is up to the CEO of this hospital to respond to the union’s request. We look forward to hearing the response.