Is Sterilization the Primary Goal of Magnetogenetics?

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We are already in the greatest genocide in human history. A clearer picture of how these complex technologies actually work is emerging. Because none other than the inventor of the mRNA vaccine transport system, which is currently used in the vast majority of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, speaks out and warns mankind of the greatest mistake in their history. The future of humanity is being set in stone right now.

mRNA Technology

Dr. Robert Malone was way ahead of his time when he patented a technology in 1989 that enabled him to transport mRNA packets into cells when they are protected by a fat layer (a so-called lipid shell). As early as 1987 he invented naked and lipid-mediated RNA transfection. In-vitro (1987) and in-vivo (1988) lipid-mediated mRNA transfection was developed at Salk / UCSD. Robert left university knowing that what he had invented would one day change the world. He never doubted that.

Patent specifications and a patent application were written and finally filed on 03/21/89 for these technologies by Salk. This included not only RNA transfection (RNA as a drug), but also technologies for stabilizing RNA and increasing production. When it became clear that he was leaving Salk / UCSD, he stopped filing disclosures. So he stuck to the idea of ​​RNA vaccination until he left the Salk. This resulted in this work . It took another thirty years for this technology to be used on humans in the form of vaccines, but without Dr. Malone would never have been able to do that.


Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Steven Kirsch, a philanthropist for COVID-19 vaccine development, turned to the Dark Horse Podcast to warn the world of their discoveries about the latest COVID vaccines. Watch video here.

They tried the mass media beforehand, wrote to newspapers, warned the FDA and tried to spread their revelations on social media. No chance – they were blocked and censored everywhere. Because as we now know through a Facebook whistleblower, their internal moderation policy categorically states to delete ALL information that could discourage people to get vaccinated, even if this information could “possibly be true”. The published internal paper gives a deep insight into how information is censored on Facebook. Direct requests not to participate in this experiment are deleted directly, while all indirect discouragements are buried in the algorithm and are no longer so easy to find. One can assume that Google and Twitter proceed very similarly. The whistleblower was found, terminated immediately and Facebook has been silent on all press inquiries since then. Read here.

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Then the anonymous whistleblower turned to the press with his real name : Morgan Kahmann, a data center technician at Facebook. Read here. Kahmann previously told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe during an interview that the aftermath of Facebook’s actions and the impact such practices by the tech giants are “far worse than anything that can happen to me as a result of my job loss.”

“ For me… that outweighs it by far, because it’s about more than me. It’s really about everyone in the world, ”said Kahmann. What an unsung hero. He adds that at least 25% of all Facebook employees view this moderation policy as extremely critical and questionable, but do not dare to do anything about it. Not everyone can cope with a job loss. The German mass media do what they do best – look in the other direction and keep quiet about the matter. After all, whether a football stadium appears in rainbow colors is more important …

A world without children’s laughter

The two doctors, Malone and Kirsch, start the podcast and first make it clear that they are not opponents of vaccines in general, and are also not opponents of mRNA vaccines. Dr. Malone was also a pioneer behind the development of this technology, after all. They are only explicitly very concerned about the currently administered COVID-19 vaccines and absolutely shocked at how much discussions about them are suppressed and censored. Both are also fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccination, just like Dr. Kirsch has three daughters, because unfortunately he found out things too late and now wants to warn as many people as possible not to make the same mistake. The argument that these are “misguided vaccine opponents” or “conspiracy theorists” is therefore absolutely inapplicable. Your data is solid and unquestionable, but the conclusions you draw from it are extremely naive from my perspective. They believe that all of this is a “major mistake” and not malicious intent, but their findings confirm some of the things I have reported here, all of which point to a great, long-planned, transhumanist plot of a global cabal .

So how do these mRNA vaccines, like the one from Pfizer, work? To put it simply: the gene therapeutics encodes the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which means that our cells are ordered to produce precisely this spike protein themselves. And in theory, our immune system will then produce antibodies that are specifically adapted to this spike protein and stop the infection (immune response). Our immune system has now developed suitable defenses against SARS-CoV-2, at least in theory. Usually, all of this should take place around the puncture site in the cells of the muscle tissue on the arm. But a lot is wrong here. For example, Malone found out early on that the spike protein itself was very cytotoxic is, that is cell-damaging to cell-destroying, and has tried to alert the FDA. Normally, this spike protein shouldn’t be ‘biologically active’ at all and the FDA accused Malone of insufficient documentation.

“ The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is cytotoxic, that’s a fact,” Malone wrote unequivocally on Twitter , “who said that? Several peer-reviewed references. The Salk Institute. It is the responsibility of the vaccine developer to prove that the version they represent is non-toxic. Show us. ”

Screenshot of

Another who is certain that the spike protein is cytotoxic is Canadian vaccine researcher and immunologist Byram Bridle, who received a $230,000 grant from the Canadian government for research to develop the COVID vaccine. “We made a big mistake and didn’t realize it until now,” he says in an interview. Listen here.

If he previously assumed that the spike protein was a “unique target antigen,” the immunologist and associate professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario has recently been doing the roll backwards: “We didn’t know that the spike protein itself is a toxin and is a pathogenic protein. We are inadvertently inoculating people with a toxin.”

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Byram Bridle

Bridle faced a lot of headwind for this, but Dr. Marlone stood up for him in an open letter and agreed with his statements. See ‘pdf 1’ end of post.

Marlone also found out that if this spike protein carried out its original purpose, i.e. embedded itself in the membranes of the cells that do the conversion, then its toxicity is strangely reduced. I’ve always wondered where these lipid cells go with the mRNA in the body. Exactly which cells are “taught” to produce the spike protein? Where do they accumulate? Which cells produce these spike proteins?

Now as mentioned, all of this should take place in a small area on the arm in the muscle tissue around the puncture site. And yes, shortly after the injection is given, there is also a high accumulation here. In contrast to other vaccines, something unusual is happening here. Marlone and Kirsch have found out that the now highly toxic spike proteins (after the immune response) are released from these cells and spread throughout the body! In the bloodstream, in the heart, in the brain – in practically every organ in the body. But are there places in the body where these spike proteins are concentrated? YES there is!

In Japan, a FOIA request to the Pfizer group was successful. As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, Pfizer had to publish its internal study data on the distribution of lipid cells in the body after administration of the substance. And these reveal something shocking. See ‘pdf 2’ end of post.

organ distribution post vaccination lipid concentration

image 31

Again, the ovaries and bone marrow are dominant (liver, spleen, and kidneys make sense, of course, as they are detoxification organs, but the rest is very unusual).

These data show how the lipid nanoparticles spread in many organs after administration, have a high concentration in the blood plasma at the beginning (to be expected and completely normal), but after 8 hours the concentration there decreases and there is an increasingly increasing concentration in the bone marrow and especially in the ovaries , which are now the main factories for the toxic spike protein, which can damage the cells there. It is obvious that this can lead to infertility for women or birth defects in children. Dr. Kirsch is honest:This vaccine visits your daughter’s ovaries and tells the cells in the ovaries to make a very toxic spike protein. It also goes to your child’s brain, heart, and other critical organs. This can cause deafness, blindness, inability to speak, myocarditis, pericarditis, and more to an unacceptable level. It can permanently damage the child’s reproductive system. We just don’t know. Would you volunteer your child for a clinical trial so we can find out? Well, if so, and if your child agrees then get vaccinated and be part of the greatest experiment ever done on the human reproductive system.

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The dangers seem enormous: According to Bryam Bridle, research suggests that infants whose mothers had been vaccinated were at risk of getting spike proteins in their breast milk. He also sees serious consequences for people for whom the corona virus is not a high-risk pathogen. “That includes all of our children,” said the immunologist. And finally, he raises the oppressive question: “Are we going to infertile young people?” Not to mention blood diseases, miscarriages in vaccinated pregnant women and menstrual disorders in women.

In fact, thousands of women all over the world are currently reporting that they have a very irregular cycle and increased bleeding with pain in the months after the vaccination. Even in women who have already entered menopause! The phenomenon is now big enough that all mainstream media have to report about it (e.g. here , here , here ). Some try to get to the bottom of the matter seriously, while others try to play it down and downplay it. Girls, stay away from the syringes!

I would like to remind you again that in December 2020 two prominent scientists tried to convince the EMA (European Medical Agency) to stop the vaccination program because they suspected that the vaccines could render sterile. They are concerned that antibodies directed against the spike protein, which is genetically similar to the synthyncin-1 protein, can lead to infertility in women. Synthyncin-1 is involved in the development of the placenta in all mammals and humans. If the antibodies against the spike protein also attacked this Synthyncin-1, then all vaccinated women and girls would never be able to get pregnant again, because the ability to develop a placenta would have been permanently disabled. To date, this suspicion has not been refuted by long-term clinical tests. Here in the paper Page 5, point XI. See ‘pdf 3’ end of post

What these scientists are naïve to hide, or simply not mention to protect their reputation, is the fact that there is a large group of psychopaths out there who have long wanted sterile humanity, reduced to 500 million subjects whose population is artificial Uterus is regulated by them. And that this cabal has spoken out dozens of times in favor of reducing the population and advocating its sterility. And so I definitely don’t see a mistake, but an intention. All in the name of the overpopulation lie. And they have told us this many times, both in interviews and in their favorite form of communication: moving images from Hollywood stories.

For example, there was a statement by the Sith Lord Prince Phillip in an interview in 1988: “In the event that I am reborn, I would like to return as a deadly virus to help solve the overpopulation.” The statement now got a grudge Aftertaste, after all, he died during the pandemic and the largest spray program in human history – or at least snaked off the world stage. Will he keep his promise? Read here.

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Or the other emperor of the empire, Pope Francis, who orders us not to “multiply like cannicles.” Read here. Then, of course, there are the Rockerfeller and Gates families, who for the past 50 years have been openly and grandly promoting the reduction of the population on the flags of their foundations. The “overpopulation bomb”, which is supposed to be defused, is just a big lie and the populations here in the west and in Asia have been shrinking very quickly for many years. These people act on eugenic beliefs and not to save the earth.

evil faces nwo

And then let’s not forget the Georgia Guidestones. There are many myths about this occult granite monument of the Cabal in the USA. A man by the pseudonym RC Christian bought two acres of land in Elbert County, Georgia, USA in 1979 and hired a granite company to build the monument there. However, Chritian was just a middleman. According to his own statement, he acted on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans” who had planned the construction of the monument for twenty years and would like to remain anonymous. He had exact blueprints that the granite company had to adhere to. Due to the complexity, these had to charge more money than usual, but money did not seem to play a role for the anonymous clients. On October 22nd, 1980, the monument was unveiled in front of a group of 100-400 people. There are no pictures of this event, as well as no information. This monument is a clock, a calendar and a compass at the same time. And there are also engraved texts in eight languages ​​on the granite tablets that look like the monoliths from Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: Odyssey in Space”. This monument was created with fundamental precision, is weatherproof and can withstand an apocalyptic event:

image 34 1

image 35
The monument is exactly 5.87 m high.
image 20
The Black Goo Monolith from Stanley Kubrik’s classic ” 2001 : Odyssey in Space (1968)”
hilton hotel
Interestingly, the 9/11 ritual in 2001 was also symbolically overlooked by a black monolith – the Millennium Hilton Hotel, which was officially inspired by Kubrick’s monoliths.

The fascinating astronomical applications of this monument, I leave out here, if you are interested you can read it. Here. The various mysteries that have happened over the years, for example the 6x6x6 inch cube with the year 2014 on it, which was suddenly incorporated into the monument and eventually disappeared again, or the pool of blood that appeared on the monument, are for another time .

image 43

image 44

We are more interested in the texts on the boards. It is the 10 commandments of the Cabal that are represented in the most widely spoken languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. There are also four ancient languages ​​carved into it: Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian cuneiform, ancient Greek, and Sanskrit. The Babylonian cuneiform is the first language of mankind, until God confused the tongues of people and scattered them into all parts of the world, because they helped Nimrod (Antichrist) to build the tower of Babel to get from the construct earth to heaven. The text says:

  1. To keep mankind among 500,000,000 people in constant balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely – improve fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Passion, Faith, Tradition and all things to regulate with moderate reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally and resolve external disputes in a world court .
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Equalize personal rights with social obligations.
  9. Awards Truth-Beauty-Love-Search Harmony with the Infinite.
  10. Don’t be a cancer on earth – leave space for nature – leave space for nature.

Of course, many things here sound like classic New World Order propaganda (birth control according to eugenic ideas, new world languages, world judgment, social obligations, humanity is cancerous, etc.) and it serves as a warning or instruction for the new humanity after the apocalypse. It’s really shocking that this monument has been in the public eye for 40 years, open to everyone, and completely ignored by the mainstream and the masses. Logically, not everyone likes the fact that a group of anonymous rich people allow themselves the complacency to guide humanity without asking them and shaping them according to their ideas. That is why the monument has been regularly smeared with ‘Fuck NWO’ graffiti by vandals since 2008, some of which the FBI is then dispatched to (with graffiti ?!). The 500 million do not serve to relieve the earth, but they are simply a more manageable number of slaves that are easier to handle than 7.79 billion. No more and no less. And if the gene therapy actually makes all women on earth sterile, their plan could be fulfilled within the current generation. It is also conceivable that around 5% percent ‘rivets’ are delivered, which do not render sterile and thus only the largest part is sterilized and not every single one. Have you ever asked why the last generations could her plan come true within the current generation. It is also conceivable that around 5% percent ‘rivets’ are delivered, which do not render sterile and thus only the largest part is sterilized and not every single one. Have you ever asked why the last generations could her plan come true within the current generation. It is also conceivable that around 5% percent ‘rivets’ are delivered, which do not render sterile and thus only the largest part is sterilized and not every single one. Have you ever asked why the last generations X and Y were called and the current generation is called Z , as if the alphabet is coming to an end ?! Because they are the last generation of our natural world and this age. By the way, the next generation should be called Generation Alpha – the first “artificial” generation of the transhumanist new post-corona world.

image 38

Hellywood is full of predictive programming and the wet dreams of these eugenicists. In the dystopian film Children of Men (2006), for example, a world of the year 2027 is drawn in which women have not been able to bear children for a while. Facing their inevitable end, the aging human race is sinking into chaos and a decline in morality. After all, it is no longer worth fighting for a world without children’s laughter. The states have become authoritarian, many people are fleeing nuclear disasters and disease, but refugees are no longer welcome anywhere. There is a constant state of civil war and terror. Nobody knows why women became sterile, but there is speculation: “It was genetic experiments”Pollution … what do you think?”

In the course of the story, the main characters find a woman who is still pregnant and she gives them the hope of being able to save humanity.

And the absolute top hammer is the subtle, but very clear, Corona symbolism in this film. This can be seen at the end of the trailer. A corona can be seen behind the title of the film (this is the name given to the glow of light during a solar eclipse or the shimmer around the moon on a cloudy day). He can also be seen in some of the other frames in the trailer above. But this is of course also what they call the protein envelope of the virus whose spike protein / nanoparticle will lead to this dystopia. A symbol for the initiated. Another could be that the story when the film was released in 2006 took place exactly 21 years in the future (20 21 worldwide vaccination program / Agenda 21).

image 39

The movie poster also shows an embryo in a glowing corona. If you briefly ignore the context of the fiction, the text below looks like a direct announcement to humanity. And it is, they use Hollywood to tell us their plans and to get our approval. So they don’t believe they are breaking our free will (that’s part of their belief, part of their job to create dualism). And of course any serious discussion about your agendas is prevented, because many people automatically stop listening if the possible agenda is similar to the plot of a film.

image 40

Another case of predictive programming that EXAKT predicts what is happening now is the UTOPIA series. The British TV series from 2013/14 ( an American remake came on Amazon Prime just in time for 2020 ) tells the story of a global conspiracy and it is full of truths. An elite group is planning to sterilize 90-95% of humanity through a large vaccine campaign. You have people in the scientific community, politics and the media under your control and for humanity to consume this vaccine, they fabricate a fake pandemic through scripted media events through a “Russian flu” (instead of Chinese flu) and offer their sterilizing vaccine as a Solution on. It is interesting that the sterilizing effect of the vaccine comes from two parts that are harmless and innocuous on their own, but together have a reaction in the body that leads to sterilization. Why do you absolutely need two COVID syringes again? Can’t remember that this was ever necessary for other diseases to be fully protected. The complete plot of this elite group is hidden in a comic booklet through symbolism and a group of young fans of this comic try to decipher and thwart the plan. The villains of course justify their plan with the old “Overpopulation “and” humanity is cancerous and we have no choice”-Lyre. Allusions to trauma mind control also appear in this series and BSE is also addressed (will be important again later). Anyone who wants to know how the Cabal works and manages to pull something off to a large extent should take a look at these “fictions”. Both the British original (which was canceled after two seasons because of too much truth) and the American remake (which was also canceled after one season) are highly recommended. The parallels to what is happening today are terrifying – it’s the whole plot. That shows that for a few years now they haven’t had any worries that someone will get in their way. Or the ressigeurs wanted to warn us. Take a look at these excerpts:

Ectogenesis of Humanity

It could be that natural births will soon only be known from history books and they will be completely replaced by artificial wombs. This scenario is called an ectogenesis. Strangely enough, these technologies are being promoted more and more during the pandemic. This article from January 2020 calls for a rethinking of the skepticism towards artificial uterus. Read here. This article from April 2021 also reports positively on current advances in the development of artificial uterus. Read here.

Officially , this is only possible for the further development of premature babies from the 20 week of pregnancy and not for a full birth from the embryonic stage. However, Israeli scientists succeeded in doing this in March 2021 in mice raised in an artificial uterus from the embryonic stage to day 5. Watch here.

It is now believed that this can also be possible with people up to week 5 ( but I think that a completely artificial birth has long been possible in the black budget programs, especially since it should have been possible there for a long time, just through a whole person duplicating a bit of genetic material using certain cloning technologies). The current theory is that instead of placing premature babies in an incubator, placing them in a baloon with artificial amniotic fluid and attaching them to an artificial placenta. It started with a biobag for lambs and Dutch scientists are in the process of developing one for people. Read here.

image 46

image 45
The baloon uterus concept that the Dutch scientists are working on.

As soon as women are sterile, there will be great advances here very quickly (because the technology is probably already fully developed and only needs to be transferred drop by drop into the public sector, which is also happening right now). And in the face of the threat of human extinction, there will be a certain urgency with which they can quickly wipe the moral concerns off the table in the public debate. Just like with a sense of urgency, they wipe away any concerns about the mass vaccination program. The above-mentioned Israeli scientists also announced that the human test embryos for the artificial uterus can simply be killed from day 40, until then abortions are absolutely legal … And you already have a basis on which to build a ‘pro-choice’ narrative and to advance the research on it. Why not let it grow until 20 weeks before killing it? Is also allowed with abortions.

After all, would abortions be immoral if human tests in artificial wombs were pilloried? You will also be able to mobilize the feminism movement easily. As early as 1970, the book The Dialectic of Sex , the feminist Shulamith Firestone wrote that differences in biological reproductive roles are a source of gender inequality. Firestone highlighted pregnancy and childbirth, arguing that an artificial uterus “freed women from the tyranny of their reproductive biology”would free. The LGBTQ community and the millions of infertile couples will probably also be used as a driving force beforehand to ensure the acceptance of artificially reproduced people – these will always welcome new opportunities to fulfill the desire for children. I’m sure that the scripts for the narratives have already been worked out and at most need fine-tuning as soon as the time comes. As long as completely artificially created babies (with disturbed mother ties) are possible or the technology has been fully approved. And then we really live in a “Brave New World” , in which, as in Aldous Huxley’s classic, people are born in machines:

“By means of physical manipulation of the embryos and fetuses as well as the subsequent mental indoctrination of the toddlers, people are shaped according to the respective social castes to which they should belong and which range from alpha plus (for management positions) to epsilon minus (for the simplest activities). What all castes have in common is the conditioning for permanent satisfaction through consumption, sex and the drug Soma, which removes the need for critical thinking and questioning of their world order in the members of this society. The government of that world is made up of controllers, alpha-plus people who are worshiped like idols by the population.”

image 48
The Island (2005)

In the meantime, concepts for commercial artificial uterus for the home are even being advertised. The seeds were planted in the mass consciousness and the course was set in the medical community. And as soon as we have the next health crisis after the planemy, massive infertility, these technologies will be presented to us as the glorious solution of science. Problem-reaction-solution. But who determines who has the right to these machines? They sure won’t be cheap. Who determines who is allowed the right to procreate? Perhaps an artificial intelligence that is free from discrimination, but also free from any humanity? Does a Social Credit Score Determine the Right? A third party can now interfere in this private decision between a woman and a man, and that is highly immoral. When natural childbirth is no longer possible for women, human existence will depend on machines. And he who controls these technologies controls the future of humanity and the fate of individuals. Unfortunately, the people, especially the young, her whole life so much softened by the overpopulation and CO² catastrophe nonsense that there will probably even be a lot of approval for a strictly controlled growth of the world population. And that is exactly what the narratives of the climate agenda from day one, when it was first published on Club of Rome Think-Thank 1972 were postulated: The strict control of all resources, including the human resource, and also to convince the latter to find it good.

image 47
Matrix (1999)

In the long run, they want to control not only birth but also human death. The longer a person lives, the more resources they use and the more CO² they ultimately generate. As early as 1969, Illuminati Insider Richard Day announced that euthanasia would be an integral part of the society it will create:

“Everyone has a right to live just that long. The old ones are no longer useful. They become a burden. You should be ready to accept death. Most people are. An arbitrary age limit could be set. After all, you are entitled to so many steak dinners, so many orgasms, and so many good pleasures in life. And when you’ve had enough of it and are no longer productive, no longer working and making no contribution, then you should be ready to step aside for the next generation. […] it could be something like a nice farewell party, a real celebration. Mom and Dad had done a good job. And then after the party is over, they take the “pill of death.”

And the course has also been set for this. Just in time for the start of the pandemic in April 2020, business-like suzid aid became legal in this country too. I think that more and more states will practice euthanasia based on the Dutch model. Richard Day’s prophecies have already come true there, because since 2020 even healthy 75-year-olds and depressed people have been allowed to be killed by doctors with lethal injection there. Read here.

I will give the matter a maximum of two more generations until saving in the name of CO² and resources from the law becomes an obligation. Like in the dytopian classic Logan’s Run (1976), in which every citizen is artificially born, with a device in hand (Mark of the Beast?) which shows the permitted lifetime. Watch here.

When the time is up, you are solemnly killed in a public ritual. A supercomputer determines the population of the world and keeps the system in balance.

Our collective consciousness is fed with a similar concept in the film ‘In Time’. Everyone here has a kind of chip in their arms (Mark of the Beast?). That shows the remaining life and kills you as soon as it has expired. Time is also the currency of this world and everything has to be bought with precious minutes and hours, while time has to be earned again through work. Since, due to genetic modification, no one in the world continues to age from the age of 25, the lifetime depends exclusively on the amount of the currency ‘time’. This gives the rich an extremely long and healthy life, while the poor die young. Reminds me of the Microsoft patent number WO20200 6 0 6 0 6 which provides for reading out the physical activity data of people via a biosensor and assigning or denying crypto currencies to people on the basis of this data. Read here.

As terrible as these scenarios sound, they have been prepared for decades and will be our reality in the 2030s, after the chaotic mass extinctions of the 2020s.

And who knows, maybe at some point they will process the people who die into food and feed them to the living. Similar to one of Hollywood’s first dystopian stories: Solylent Green (1972). Watch here. In this overpopulated world of 2022, when the resources are very scarce, the only widely available food that exists is the food substitute Soylent Green, provided by the world government, which is said to consist largely of soy. Only this actually consists of euthanized people. They get a nice death experience in a comfortable bed, with Beethoven and a cinema screen, while they are given an injection. After that, her body goes to a processing factory and is fed to the rest as a green biscuit. The rich, of course, still have access to beef and vegetables.

image 52

I have to think about the insect and laboratory meat that we should all eat now to save the climate. And an old story comes to mind. See ‘pdf 4’ end of post.

In McDonald’s burgers, it is said that sometimes 4% human meat is used in the patties of some of the 300,000 children kidnapped, abused and sacrificed in the USA every year, who are said to end up in their parents’ fast food paper bags. Just sick. The whole story is based on a radio interview between Pastor Wickstrom and Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein and the authenticity of it is very questionable, so I’m not posting that here, but it wasn’t the only news in this direction. For example, the Sun reported that a Japanese man had human teeth in his McMuffin. The meat came from the United States and a McDonalds investigation followed. Read here. And the Independent writes that at least a few McDonalds have burgers found human DNA. Read here.

The situation is very thin, but I could well imagine that something like this would happen (at least temporarily in the USA). First, cannibalism is part of their occult rites and recreational activities ( just think of spirit cooking) and so they get people to commit this inhumanity and they want to create society in their own image. Cannibalism is mentioned several times in the Bible (Leviticus 26:29; Deuteronomy 28: 53-57; Jeremiah 19.9; Lamentations 2.20; 4.10; Ezekiel 5.10), but in each case the practice is considered a terrible curse and inhuman act of despair. Moses and other prophets foretold that if the Israelites forsook God, they would fall into such terrible humiliation that they would cannibalize their own children. These harrowing prophecies came true during the siege of Samaria under the reign of King Jehoram (2 Kings 6: 28-29). Cannibalism was the physical horror that accompanied the spiritual horror of apostasy.

Second, the international fast food company McDonalds has close ties to the Cabal’s Luciferian bloodlines.

image 1 1

The brothers ‘Dick’ and ‘Mac’ McDonald who started the chain in the USA in 1937 have a very interesting bloodline. Read here. The McDonalds clan from which they descended were very powerful in Scotland. They go back to the time of the Druids and aided the Knights Templar in the time of Prince Phillip IV. Some of these McDonalds have historically been in powerful positions in Europe and the United States, some were members of the Boheamian Grove Club, and some were married into the Rockerfellers and Collins bloodlines (two powerful Cabal bloodlines). In the early 1960s, Ray Kroc bought their small but revolutionary restaurant chain from the McDonalds brothers and created the lucrative international franchise network from it until his death in 1984, which feeds millions of people around the world every day. This had set off a great wave of copycat chains who copied the McDonalds fast food franchise model and are partly responsible for today’s obesity and diabetes epidemic. Ray Kroc reportedly admitted on June 7, 1977 on TV talk show ‘Micheal Douglas’ that he was theChurch of Satan and donated a large part of his money to her. Today this statement is often dismissed as an urban legend, the broadcast of that time can no longer be found, but there are many Americans who swear they saw it and then did not go to McDonalds for the time being. It is very likely that sales in the very Christian USA collapsed as a result of the statement and the interview was therefore buried and he was forced by the McDonald’s board of directors to deny the statement.

mcdonalds bros
Richard ‘Dick’ McDonald and Ray Kroc

But even the current owners of the fast food giant make no secret of their convictions. Below you can see Doug Goare, President of McDonalds Europe, and Steve Plotkin, West Division President McDonalds USA, with the devil horns hand gestures at the Olympic Games in London 2012. The famous ‘Golden Arches’ also hide occult symbolism. The arch is an important symbol of Freemasonry and a connection to MONAS Hieroglyphica, an esoteric symbol of John Dee , the court magician and astronomer of Queen Elizabeth I, can be established.


Even if there is no human flesh in it, the food is actually barely edible. But it was created in the lab to be maximally satisfying and addictive anyway. It consists mainly of isolated carbohydrates and high amounts of salt and trans fats, as well as addictive sugar. Fiber is not found, but it contains a bunch of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones and a long list of artificial additives like TBHQ, dimethylpolysiloxane, BHA, propyl gallate, azodicarbonamide, sodium phosphate, hidden MSG, hydrogenated oils, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, cellulose, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of monoglycerides, aspartame, artificial colors and more. Some of these additives are suspected of causing allergies and cancer and have no place in food. Admittedly, some of these ingredients are not even used in their European restaurants because there are stricter regulations here. Nevertheless, the stuff is garbage here, too. I once did the Super-Size-Me experiment with a cheeseburger: I let it sit for two months and it didn’t rot one bit… it didn’t even stink, it just got hard as a rock. That shows that they put some kind of preservative shit in it, so that even bacteria don’t want to eat it. You can imagine what that does to our (so important!) intestinal flora. This diabolical stuff makes only sick and unhappy.

Have people been fed “Soylent Green” at McDonalds? We don’t know, the evidence is pretty thin, but it doesn’t hurt to do without it. What we do know, however, is that they have long been using cell lines from aborted fetuses in the manufacture of artificial flavor enhancers (Senomyx), cosmetic products (Processed Skin Proteins) and vaccines. Read here.

Discovery Magazine seriously asks if we (humans) would eat Soylent Green if we ran out of resources…. Or it becomes like in Matrix, where the corpses are liquefied and fed by the machines to the babies in the artificial uterus. Here at minute 2:45. Read here.

This horrific future can only be prevented if mankind takes responsibility for the following generations and does not allow itself to be deprived of its dignity and physical self-determination. When most people stay fertile and don’t let their reproductive organs get damaged. And don’t let yourself be ‘modified’ ignorantly! However, this is not so easy when up to 800 different hormone disruptors could be in our food, hygiene items and household items, overweight and obesity and the resulting infertility increases in almost all populations.


And everyone carries a cell phone with them all day, in a trouser pocket a few centimeters from the genitals. Read here. Men’s sperm counts have been in free fall for 50 years, as have testosterone levels, while at the same time there is an increase in erectile dysfunction. Read here. The number of babies per woman is falling and the number of infertile couples with an unfulfilled wish to have a baby is rising continuously. Read here.

These are all not accidental developments in society … it is a silent agenda for controlling population growth that has been imposed on society by various means for half a century. The spray program is only the last nail in the coffin of human fertility. Apart from that, thathomosexual lifestyles are increasing in society and the desire for a childless life is also steadily increasing, because the decades of propaganda are having an effect. Read here.

Past Population Control Crimes

Has there ever been an attempt to slow down population growth with drugs? I believe the Contagan scandal was a push to legalize euthanasia and slow the baby boom. There is just too much that still stinks to heaven half a century later. The sedative, which was marketed specifically to pregnant women from the mid-1950s to the beginning of the 1960s, caused around 10,000 disabled children and an unspecified number of miscarriages worldwide. Most of the time, their arms or legs were too short, or they were missing completely. Today 2,400 Contagan victims still live in Germany. Thaliodomide, the active ingredient in the drug, was made by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthalmarketed and originally distributed in Germany. But it was quickly approved in a few other countries around the world. When a doctor established the connection, it was ignored, only when he went to the media with his discoveries, Grünenthal stopped selling in 1961 – much too late.

contagan babies

Allegedly, Thalidomide was developed in 1954 by the West German Laboratorien Chemie Grünenthal, but in fact thalidomide was created in 1944 by Nazi concentration camp doctors as an antidote for nerve gas. Read here. So you probably already knew through concentration camp experiments that it would lead to birth defects. At that time Grünenthal was also full of old Nazis, such as Heinrich Mückter , a concentration camp doctor who carried out sometimes fatal experiments on prisoners in Poland and who was the inventor of thaliodomide. Another was the convicted Auschwitz war criminal and nerve gas chemist Otto Ambros who advised Grünenthal on the manufacture of thaliodomide after his prison sentence and became chairman of the board of directors in 1971. Even by post-war standards, there was an unusually high concentration of Nazis in Grünenthal. This also includes the head of the family at the time, the Wirtz family, who still own the company today. At that time Herman Wirtz was a member of the NSDAP and maintained close ties with Adolf Hitler. That is why Grünenthal was doing very well during the war years. They got two Jewish companies on a silver platter to acquire and they had slave laborers from the concentration camps.

This family has powerful relationships and so I am sure that the drug’s dissemination, and targeted marketing to pregnant women, was a planned attack and great Cabal sacrifice ritual. When Herman Wirtz died in 1973, his son Michael Wirtz took over the company – decades later he was knighted by the Jesuit Pope Francis. Read here. For his service in the Cabal? For that his father slowed down the population surge through the baby boomer generation? None of the employees who were behind the development of the drug, like Mückter, were convicted. The company made a fortune with this drug (the Wirtz family is still one of the richest families in Europe and they are the 40th richest family in Germany) and got away with it relatively unpunished. That was mainly because of the Josef Neuberger, Herman Wirtz’s personal lawyer, suddenly became the Minister of Justice of Nordreihn-Westfalen in 1966 – exactly where the trial against Grünenthal took place. Through a secret deal with the local government in 1970, Grünenthal was able to ensure that all documents relating to the case were withheld from the public and that all charges were dropped in exchange for payment to the victims. That just stinks to heaven. Whenever someone gets away with something like this with impunity, it was willed from the very top. Incidentally, Grünenthal now earns its annual sales of € 1.4 billion mainly from heavily addictive opiates such as tramadol and tapentadol and – of course – the anti-baby pill Belara ( “with a beauty effect”). Read here. Because it also slows down population growth.

nazi doctors contagan
Grünenthal Nazis from left to right: Heinrich Mückter, Otto Ambros and Herman Wirtz.

The aim was to create the basis for euthanizing children. You always use the “frog in hot water” method, which means getting used to it slowly. At first, they only allowed abortions in a few cases. It was later fully legalized. After abortion was fully institutionalized in Western society, euthanasia began. At first it was only for sick people who had no chance of a cure. Then they also allowed disabled people to do so. Now they have just allowed it for children, and they are already making plans to start killing psychiatric patients. Watch here.

The whole thing was an incredibly diabolical plot to anchor in people’s minds that it is OK to put babies to sleep. In 1962, euthanasia was nowhere legal and abortion was either illegal or allowed under very few circumstances in most countries. But the world has changed since then. The Belgian girl Carinne vande Putte was then a thaliodomide case that shocked Europe, because the poor being was killed by her parents because she was born without arms. Unfortunately, the number of unreported cases of thaliodomide babies murdered by parents or doctors is extremely high. But Carinnes case is particularly shocking because her parents were charged, they admitted it, there was evidence and yet they were acquitted by the Belgian court in 1962! Watch here.

And today, Belgium is also the only country that has allowed the euthanasia of children for five years. Because that was exactly what the Contagan scandal was about. The normalization of the killing of babies. There are so many diabolical ways they have reduced the number of births over the decades: Thanks to the Rockerfeller-funded feminism movement, the number of women who won’t have their first child until they’re 35 has been growing steadily for more than 25 years, because today a professional career takes precedence over a family for many women. But old age has been proven to increase the chance of having children with trisonomy 21, premature births and stillbirths. And today it is possible to detect much earlier if there is a disability. And trisonomy 21 babies are mostly aborted today. The net effect of this is slightly fewer births than before.

At least since I saw the Contagan Memorial, which Grünenthal set up in 2012, everything has been clear. It is a contagan child with the devil horns hand gesture , one of their occult symbols. Learn their language and you will understand what they are saying.

contagan staute

But Lucifer’s chemists did not give up. As early as the early 1960s, shortly after thaliodomide was taken off the market, the next German medical scandal came, which led to disabled and deformed children and also triggered unwanted abortions. It was the hormone preparation Duogynon from the pharmaceutical company Schering AG (today Bayer AG), which was prescribed to women for two decades. And that although they knew that it led to deformities in animals. They thought long-term tests were unnecessary. This Duogynon scandal was actually not far bigger than the Contagan scandal, but was much better covered up and is therefore not as well known. Due to the range of disabilities that can be triggered, it is still difficult to quantify how many women and children were affected. Officially, a few thousand cases could be linked to it, of which at least 1,000 should still be alive. The number of unreported cases is probably many times larger. Thousands of children survived with birth defects, including heart and organ damage, cleft palates, neurological defects, or deformed genitals. Depending on the handicap, it was of course difficult or impossible to reproduce yourself, and so you can also artificially slow down population growth. In fact, after the Contagan scandal, Although the first indications that Duogynon were dangerous existed as early as the early 1960s, the active ingredient content even doubled. As they found out, Schering AG knew about the side effects, but accepted them for profit and later destroyed the files. In addition, they were deliberately covered by the Federal Health Office at the time. It came onto the market for the first time in 1950 and was not completely taken off the market in Germany until 1981. Today the case is statute-barred and no one has been punished. Again! It came onto the market for the first time in 1950 and was not completely taken off the market in Germany until 1981. Today the case is statute barred and no one has been punished. Again! It came onto the market for the first time in 1950 and was not completely taken off the market in Germany until 1981. Today the case is statute-barred and no one has been punished. Again!

image 51
Figures from the German network of Duogynon victims.

These eugenic attacks were maliciously designed by a greedy cabal that has people everywhere. They served to sacrifice babies to their spiritual overlords, to slow down the rapid population growth of the baby boom in the 1950s and 1960s, to create a basis for euthanasia and abortion and simply to cause great suffering. And it shows that there have been terrible side effects from mass-administered drugs in the past and that millions of people have already had to pay for their blind trust in the pharmaceutical mafia, who somehow always get away with one slap on the fingers. And therefore see no reason to have more scruples in the future.

Therefore we should be more than skeptical and cautious about medical experiments of the big pharma. Especially if they disregard long-term human tests. Back then, people couldn’t get information, they simply trusted their doctors, who blindly trusted the pharmaceutical companies. Today we can find out more about it.

Are the vaccine death rates even correct?

Back to mRNA gene therapeutics. The toxic spike proteins are concentrated in the ovaries, but in smaller quantities they reach all organs where they can cause great damage. But how? And are the vaccine death numbers glossed over?

According to Dr. Marlone knew Pfizer about the potentially unwanted properties of the spike protein and they were also aware that the spike proteins could become detached from the transfected cells and spread throughout the body with dire consequences. How does Marlone know they needed to be aware of this? Because Pfizer, like Biontech, Moderna, Noravax and Johnson & Johnson, designed their gene therapeutics to prevent that. Read here.

“A research team led by Dr. Barney Graham of the Vaccine Research Center at the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has developed a manipulated form of the spike protein that is unable to make the change in shape necessary for it to bind effectively to cells (5). Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all use this inactivated spike protein, which means that the spike protein produced by the vaccine can not be activated . This safety switch restricts the ability of the spike protein to bind ACE2 and limits its ability to cause damage. In addition, the spike protein was created in such a way that it cannot be fully activated. The protein is provided with an additional part, the so-called “transmembrane anchor ” (6). The transmembrane anchor allows the spike protein to appear on the surface – or membrane – of the cell, but it is held in place by the anchor. This prevents the spike protein from drifting away and creates a fixed target for the immune system to recognize the foreign protein. “

According to Dr. Malone’s problem with this transmembrane anchor is that its effectiveness wasn’t nearly adequately tested and researched before the fabrics were launched. And the thousands of vaccine damage, all of which can be traced back to the spread of the spike protein, i.e. a failure of the spike protein anchor (e.g. the thrombosis), as well as Pfizer’s own study (above), prove that this anchor does not work, or not at all only existed in the syringes. According to Dr. Kirsch, there are already 25,800 deaths and one million disabled people in the US, which can be traced back to the current vaccines. He relies on the official figures from the CDC.

image 28

How did Dr. Cherry to 25,800 people? According to the CDC’s Vaccine Advent Event Reporting System (VAERS), “only” 4561 Americans died from the COVID vaccination (as of May 28, 2021). But VAERS already has a long-standing reputation for belittling such numbers and showing too few. In the past they have already reduced their numbers by a factor of 200. Read here.

At the same time, other CDC numbers reveal strange anomalies. Read here. Since vaccination programs began in December / January, there has been a massive increase in deaths from symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not otherwise classified (R00-R99).

image 29 1


What are the R00-R99 codes?

” The diseases and signs or symptoms contained in categories R00-R99 consist of :

a ) Cases in which no more precise diagnosis can be made even after clarification of all the facts relating to the case;
b) Signs or symptoms that were present at the time of the first encounter that have proven to be temporary and the causes of which could not be determined;
c) a preliminary diagnosis in a patient who has not returned for further examination or treatment;
d) cases referred for examination or treatment prior to the diagnosis;
e) cases in which a more precise diagnosis was not possible for any other reason;
(f) certain symptoms for which additional information is provided which in and of itself represents important health care problems. “

So a bunch of hot air that people should have died from. The fact is: those numbers are 25,800 deaths above the norm since February. To make it clear how much higher these numbers are than usual, you can look at this graph, which shows the number of deaths from R00-R99 since 2014 and makes the extreme jump at the beginning of 2021 clear (blue graph).

image 30

The two doctors assume that these are the true deaths from the vaccination (exactly 5 times higher than VAERS) that are simply buried in the statistics for abnormal laboratory findings. That being said, in this case it appears that the deaths are either underreported, as expected, or something has changed in the underlying CDC provision for R00-R99 codes.

It is also currently suppressed that the vaccinations can trigger the potentially fatal Guillain-Barré syndrome , which was already observed in the vaccines against influenza and against the 1976 swine flu. This neurological clinical picture has also been observed with simple infections with SARS-CoV-2.

Magnetogenetics – Other shoking finds and developments

However, all of this does not invalidate the discoveries made about the potential magnetogenic properties of gene therapeutics. I wrote about this in the last article. On the contrary, these syringes serve multiple purposes. One is sterilization, the other is neural remote control using nanoparticles and electromagnetic fields. I continued digging on the latter topic. It is really amazing how openly and widely reported about the magnetic nanoparticles for mind control from a distance in the military and medical community.

One who knows the subject well is Professor James Giordano. Quickly to his person:

James Giordano, PhD, MPhil, is director of the Neuroethics Studies Program, Scholar-in-Residence, directs the sub-program in Military Medical Ethics, and is co-director of the O’Neill-Pellegrino Program in Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy at the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics; and he is a professor in the Neurology and Biochemistry Departments at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington DC, USA. He is also Distinguished Visiting Professor for Brain Research, Health Promotion and Ethics at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg in Germany, and was previously the 2011-2012 JW Fulbright Foundation Visiting Professor for Neuroscience and Neuroethics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany.

Prof. Giordano is currently Chairman of the Neuroethics Program of the IEEE Brain Project and an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues (NELSI) Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects’ Agency (DARPA) . Previously, he was Research Fellow and Task Leader of the EU Human Brain Project Sub-Project on Dual-Use Brain Science, appointed member of the United States Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Advisory Council on Human Research Protections (SACHRP) and Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Branch of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon.

image 2
James Giordano

So he is a neuroscientist, neuroethicist and works for the US military, above all for our old friends from DARPA, who somehow are always there when it comes to technologies of the fallen.

His work “Battlescape Brain: Leadership and Leadership in the Preparation and Use of Neurocognitive Science in Military and Intelligence Operations” is particularly interesting. He presents them on Youtube and begins: Watch here.

“What the field of neuroscience and technology (NeuroS / T) has done is bring the brain to our fingertips. They have given us the opportunity to use and implement a variety of different convergent scientific and technological tools and methods to investigate and influence access to human thinking, emotions and behavior. Namely by those who are intrinsic and fundamental to leadership and performance in the military reconnaissance and war environment. The ability to do this is certainly applicable across a wide range of usage patterns and usage communities within the military, and I hope to illustrate some of them. But more and more we understand that the lines we draw in between are called fuzzy borders: what is medicine, what training, what commitment, what treatment, what enhancement and how far do we go? In addition, the ability to use brain science and its technologies allows us to influence human actions and to support human actions on a variety of levels. Individual, groups, teams -maybe even entire populations.

And big data is increasingly becoming a force multiplier. An indispensable tool that gives these assessments real-time access to a multitude of mass data, which not only enables what brain research is capable of, but also translates it into a variety of application scenarios. And what are these application scenarios: Well, let’s add one and one together. If I can gauge what’s going on in the gray stuff in your head to produce the great stuff of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, then I’ve clearly gotten a glimpse of what makes you tick, from a level that extends the whole Goes away from the cells to the social level. From the personal to the political level. And if I can go one step further then, if you will, I can use these assessments as a kind of fact-finding mission. And the question is: what am I supposed to clarify here? I’ll tell you what I’m scouting. I explore possible targets for interaction at different levels, from non-invasive low-tech to highly-invasive high-tech, but not necessarily invasively in a surgical way, but invasively in a penetrative way, in aubiquitous way that allows us to enter the brain without using the grossly invasive techniques of surgery. Using other techniques and technologies, such as nanotechnology , various aspects of guided electromagnetic current and displacementwhich then allows us to influence the brain on different levels. Certainly through machine computer and brain interfaces, but more and more through the use of electromagnetics, onboard clouding, satellite technology, the same thing that operates your cell phone, and that not only offers us windows to the brain, but vectors to the brain that make it enable us to read information in real time from brain nodes, networks, circuits and entire brain systems – remotely controlled – and also to act on these brains remotely.”

image 10


I find the statement here particularly shocking how he would use big data to find certain targets for this remote hearing control using nanoparticles and electromagnetics. When you consider that such technology could be in the syringes, it gets cold down your spine. I have always said that one day they will use big data to quietly make all dissidents disappear in one go. The whole system of remote control by magnetogenetics is not an abstract thing that has only been tested on mice, but the DARPA is making concrete plans to use this technology to control their soldiers in “future” war missions. But remember: The future is now! And all of the weapons will end up being used on us.

time magazine


Two TIME special editions from 1999 with clear symbols. “How genetic engineering will change us in the next century”… As always, they announce everything.

image 3

I’m starting to think ‘The Future is now’ is a military / intelligence code.

Then I came across quite interesting nanoparticles: iron oxide nanoparticles. CLINAM is a European foundation for clinical nanomedicine (of course it has its headquarters in Switzerland), which every year bring to life a summit where all leading researchers, doctors, pharmacologists and investors of the worldwide nanomedicine meet. See here.

This foundation, by the way, is supported by a bunch of governments and NGOs, including the FDA and the European Commission. At the summit in 2016, Swiss Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Hofmann gave a rather revealing talk on iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP) and their medical uses. Watch here.

He explained that the size of the nanoparticle has an impact on its properties. Depending on the size, they have different magnetic properties – for example, they only become superparamagnetic at 10nm and smaller. From then on, they are called SPION’s (Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle), pronounced “spy on”… that is, spying on… In addition, the biological capabilities change. For accumulation in the target tissue, in the example he takes a tumor of course, the iron oxide nanoparticles must be between 10 and 20 nanometers small. In magnetic hyperthermal treatment, the nanoparticles end up in specific tissues, in this example a tumor (but could be anything, of course), which are then heated by external RF radiation. This can apparently be used to shrink tumor cells, and that’s probably how they generated the investor money, but in my last article I showed that external RF heating of these nanoparticles can also stimulate neurons in the brain in a way that can trigger behavioral responses in vivo. So mindcontrol by RF radiation.

image 4


These SPIES in DNA vaccines are nothing new, for example, here is a study from 2014 and 2011, SPIES were already used in malaria DNA vaccines. Read here.

But I would like to go into the picture below in particular. Here he explains how these paramagnetic nanoparticles are constructed and in which directions they can go with them. By the way, the paramagnetic ferritin particles in some SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that I mentioned in the last article are exactly these iron oxide nanoparticles in a protein. Here an in vivo SARS-CoV 2 ferritin nanoparticle vaccine study on primates:


And here one by the US Army on humans:


It seems like IONP, or magnetic beads, are the core of this technology and different uses are possible depending on the outer shell. The target receptors can include RNA, DNA or cells, but also molecules, proteins and polymers. So you can practically dock them where you want in the body, depending on the genetic programming. The particles can also receive different magnetic, optical and electrochemical signals. Iron oxide is also approved in food and in dietary supplements under the number E172 – however, they are mostly somewhat larger and so, in the eyes of the legislature, no nanoparticles, although the legislature admits that they may contain nanoparticles. As I said: Better to stay away from that.

image 7


And a few slides further he talks about this outer shell, the protein corona.

image 8 1

And his research also comes to the conclusion that these iron oxide nanoparticles have medical benefits, but are toxic without a specific coating and can damage DNA.

image 5

But how do you manage that these nanoparticles end up exactly in certain target regions in the body, such as the bone marrow and the ovaries? The structures of the nanoparticles can be designed so that they only dock on certain target proteins. I found this video from January 2020 which explains exactly how atomic protein shells for vaccine production can be developed with the Rosetta software . And here, too, the self-assimilating ferritin proteins are described as a useful shell. Watch here.

image 9 1


Fact checkers are always quick to point out that there is nothing magnetic in the vaccines and are happy to refer to the manufacturer’s official information on the contents. But that is a very lazy, naive, and even deliberately deceptive approach to the matter. As always, they divert attention away from the actual topic and concentrate on the straw man argument.

The fact is : These paramagnetic iron oxide or ferretin nanoparticle technologies have existed for several years.

The fact is : they have already been used in vaccines.

The fact is : The manufacturers of these substances often have long lists of past cases of fraud and unethical behavior and are therefore not trustworthy (especially Pfizer).

The fact is : In the US, vaccines are distributed by the US military. A state body with experience in covert operations and a hierarchy of confidentiality.

The fact is : The huge military apparatus of this country has been developing nanoparticles for years for the neurological remote control of their soldiers. (DARPA, Dr. Chales Morgan, James Giordano etc.)

The fact is : Simply to say that the thousands of videos of magnetic people, especially of random passers-by, are “fake” does not invalidate anything at all. They show that this technology could actually have been used.

The fact is : The contents of the syringes were never checked directly in the doctor’s office; the manufacturer’s information on the contents is fully trusted.

The fact is : Hardly anyone really claims that an RFID chip is injected with it. This is a straw man argument that you consciously put forward! It is about nanoparticles primed on certain proteins that are distributed in the body and act like tiny antennas.

image 31 1


I’ve already reported on the funny background of Snopes and Co.

What is strange: At the moment, radiologists are being warned that patients who have recently received the syringe can result in false positive scan images (e.g. during an MRI scan). Read here.

The vaccine causes temporary swelling of the lymph nodes, which could then be misdiagnosed as cancer, so you should wait at least a week to get a scan. This may even be true, it has also been observed with other vaccines, but one thing I thought about: An MRI scanner is no further than an extremely powerful magnetic coil, which you definitely cannot get into with metals like Eg piercings are allowed. Would he pull the nanoparticles out of the body if they weren’t docked yet? You would probably not even notice, because they are so small that they can easily penetrate all cell walls, cause no pain and you would not be able to see them with the naked eye. You’d probably just be out there.

image 28 1


Interestingly, when they are controlled by magnetic fields, they just copy a naturally occurring mechanism that many living things have. For example, bees, birds, house pigeons, molluscs and some bacteria use iron oxide nanoparticles such as magnetite grains for orientation and locomotion . But most regions of the human brain also contain around five million magnetite crystals per gram and the outer meninges contain 100 million magnetite crystals. We are also connected to the (divine) magnetic field of the earth. At least until it is replaced by the synthetic magnetic / RF control network.

image 17 2


There is also an interesting anomaly in history related to magnetism and hypnosis. Animal magnetism, also  mesmerism, is the name given to a  force in humans that was postulated in the 18th century and that is analogous to  electromagnetism and that was  propagated by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815).

In 1771, Mesmer believed he had discovered what medical research in past centuries had unsuccessfully sought: a central agent of the human organism for controlling nerves, muscles and bodily fluids. The invisible principle, called by him fluidum, all-flood or also fire of life (because of its ability to melt blockades), should flow through the universe and all organisms. In the body of the human being it works “in that the currents of the All-Fluid flow through the nerves onto the innermost organism of the muscular fevers and determine their movements”. This principle should be able to be directed by appropriate precautions or by touches by suitable healers (magnetizers). This seemed to be the key to healing, because the stagnation of this circulation was for Mesmer the cause of all diseases. This would only be solved by a healing crisis, which is why his magnetic healing methods aimed at artificially creating such a crisis.

In the same way as astronomers and physicists at the time assumed the existence of an ether, Mesmer also assumed an ether, precisely the fluid in which forces between living bodies interactAct. His starting point was the fact, discovered in the 18th century, that certain arrangements of different metals and liquids create a fluidum that stimulates nerves and muscles. Without knowledge of the electromagnetic phenomena, Mesmer and other scientists resorted to “vitalistic” models: They assumed they had found an invisible “vital substance” that flows through the organism and can also be emitted by suitable, medially gifted people. Indian and Chinese performances, which were already en vogue in the big cities of Europe at that time, could not be ruled out. At least the conception of the vital substance that flows through the body is identical to the Indian conception of prana and the Far Eastern conception of chithe physical blockage of which is cured by acupuncture. Mesmer, by manipulating this fluid by hand, was believed to be able to hypnotize and heal people. Today it is assumed that he worked with classical means of suggestion. Mesmerism remained very popular in the German, French and later English upper classes in the 18th century, but was temporarily suppressed as ” noble occultism ” under Napoleon. Basically, it is wordless hypnosis that only requires eye contact, hand movements and touch. Mesmerism is still used today, here a video of a magnestizer who controls a person like a doll. And presumably Jesus and other healers use these hypnosis techniques of human magnetism to heal. Watch here.

image 24


Even if Wikipedia pretends that Franz Anton Mesmer was a charlatan whose science was only accepted by a few, the symbolism on his tombstone in Meersburg speaks a clear language. He was part of the Illuminated Cabal and is honored by it to this day with several statues. His legacy even found its way into our language ( to mesmerize = to cast a spell)). On the sides of the triangular marble column you can see an all-seeing eye, a uroboros snake around a compass and a burning torch with a star. The latter is a symbol of the transmission and conservation of the bright light of the theosophical knowledge of the fallen angels (Lucifer the Bringer of Light). So you know that you can hypnotize, enslave and remotely control people with human magnetism. However, the public should see this as an idiot.

mesmer grab

image 26 1
Here he even looks like an emperor of dark power or an evil wizard.

Whether you call it magic, mesmerism, hypnosis or MK-Ultra Mind-Control. There are different terms for the same occult technique that has been used by the Illuminated for centuries – the complete submission of your mind and body through words, certain movements and trigger signals. And the mesmerism, which was suspiciously practiced especially by the nobility, knows that behind it there is a magnetic process and an influence on this “etheric field” by gifted people, which is inherent in our bodies and the entire universe. The functioning of this ether was previously well known and the techniques for influencing this field were already practiced by the Egyptian priests. Today this esoteric knowledge has long been hidden in their secret societies.”Power” in Star Wars to waving the magic wand and speaking spells in Harry Potter – just to name the most famous ones. They are constantly using hypnosis on us and no one is aware of it. For example, since the turn of the millennium, every news program has been introduced with classic hypnosis techniques: a countdown that counts down (the daily news is followed by a chime of the gong), followed by vibrating animations and camera movements (usually a picture of the globe is also transferred to the subconscious set) … and your brain is already in a relaxed and very suggestive alpha-wave state. Your subconscious is open and accepts the “information”which you are given afterwards without rationally evaluating them. And at the end of the show you are brought out again with new animations and auditory cues.

image 25

It is a subtle form of brainwashing. It opens you up to accept ideas, learn things, and promotes creativity – which you also need to swallow the lies. Through meditation, you can also reach an alpha wave state, but you focus inward into the state and are not fed ideas from the outside. But just the flicker frequency of the TV screen on which these news or movies are watched puts the brain of the viewer into the suggestive alpha wave state (light hypnosis). Read here.

This effect is known to everyone who has ever lost himself in a flickering campfire. That’s why so many people turn on the TV after work to relax and let themselves be sprinkled – because it doesn’t matter what’s on, the mere flickering of the box acts like a tranquilizer pill. Only their subconscious is literally programmed by the TV program. In the same way, the application of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is also used in their scripts and politicians’ speeches, as well as the lulling speech melody which the moderator puppets learn in speech training. All of this is ancient magic, dark arts if you will, with which they subtly control the masses and insert their suggestions into the mind. Absolute mind control. It has only become more perfected and technological with time. Here are examples of the hypnosis animations of European news broadcasts – but in the rest of the world it has become just as standard.

Hypnotic trance states have been an integral part of human experience since the beginning of time, they are an integral part of meditation, music, dance and intoxication. But you can also abuse them to exercise power over other people. It cannot be mentioned often enough – but I digress. The point is: your mind control techniques could always have had something to do with human magnetism. Therefore it is not surprising that they will take the mind control of the masses to the next level with magnetic nanoparticles.

The reports of magnetized people after vaccination don’t stop. Unfortunately, there is another development that I came across while researching this article: More and more people are getting magnetic who have NOT injected themselves !! As with the injections, it is particularly noticeable that people have magnetic properties on the chest, especially on the sternum and collarbone, and magnets and metallic objects stick.

A Mexican TV show wanted to “debunk” the magnetism thing and make fun of it with relish. They tested it live with their audience and employees. Lo and behold: some of them got their cellphone and spoon hanging! And again not with all of them, because depending on how long ago the vaccination was, they have already put the particles at their destination. It really hurts to look at that stupid laugh. When Lucifer’s sneaky bio-hacking of your body and your non-recognition by the Creator turns into entertainment …

When I saw that a lot of the unsprayed became magnetic, I immediately tried it out myself, because it suddenly became clear to me that I had never tried it myself. Logical, I didn’t get splashed with it either? But after several self-experiments I came to the conclusion that this effect does not occur in me – at least not strong enough. But I will check this periodically. What about with you? Then I remembered Pfizer’s FOIA inquiry about the distribution of nanoparticles in the body. In addition to the ovaries, there is also a high level of accumulation in the bone marrow. And where is most of the bone marrow in the body? In the sternum, collarbone, shoulder blade and spine!! This could mean that my worst fears, alluded to in the last article, have become a reality: Of course, they put this stuff in everywhere to really get everyone! Probably for a few years now (domestic source), the syringes only serve to ensure the correct dose and to make the future logistics of administering new nanotechnologies more efficient and precise. Would you have thought of trying out whether your collarbone is magnetic a year ago? No of course not. What for? Nobody would be. And that’s why it was not noticed.

Well, except for a few exceptions. So there have been a few “magneto” people in the last 10 years. Dismissed as strange freaks of nature, they mostly ended up on TV shows or in the Guiness Book of Records. What is noticeable: Here, too, mostly only the chest, collarbone, neck and upper back were magnetic. Were that simply people who were exposed to high concentrations of nano-poisoning in their food, targeted tests of the technology were made here without them having noticed anything (e.g. by a doctor involved who injected an adapted flu shot or something) or there are natural causes for this ? There have been a few such cases in recent historythe effect has mostly been blamed on the surface adhesion of the skin, and at least in one case this has been proven in a scientific experiment. But not all of them can be explained in this way.

image 23
Magnetic Man World Record 2013


But the question is: where else is that stuff in ?!

Besides the PCR tests, the first thing that immediately came to my mind and also at the top of the suspect list is meat and dairy products. They simply add the stuff to the dozens of vaccines that chickens, cattle and pigs receive in factory farming. The cattle have had a legal vaccination requirement for a long time. For example, I found this ferritin nanoparticle vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease in cattle and pigs and at least the U.S. government have a vaccine bank set up in the summer of 2020 by a German pharmaceutical company for a potential outbreak… Or this study of a SPION vaccine against bonovines herpesvirus, which is common in cattle. Read here.


Or this study of a SPY vaccine against the bonovine herpes virus, which is widespread in cattle:


In the present study, the PEI was coated on the surface of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION), namely PEI magnetic beads, in order to reduce the PEI toxicity and increase the cytophagocytic effect of the surface. This nanoparticle DNA vaccine was produced by adsorbing antigen-expressing plasmids onto PEI magnetic beads. In addition, the polyethylene glycol (PEG) 600 was used as a protective layer to prevent the DNA degradation induced by respiratory microbes and mucus and to extend the time the DNA was present in vivo. The prepared nanoparticle DNA vaccine could easily penetrate the organism through the mucosal barrier due to its small particle size.

And therefore easily from our digestive organs into the bloodstream. The naturally heat-resistant SPY particles could regularly find their way into our body through food and accumulate at their destinations. And indeed: if you place a neodyum magnet on a chicken breast or a piece of cheese from the supermarket, it will stick😦That this meat still contains a little ferrous blood is clear, but enough for a magnet? Then the magnet would have to stick to the skin of people when it is attracted by the iron in the blood … And what about the cheese? Unfortunately, it cannot be completely ruled out that other food is also contaminated, although this has not yet been determined. It might sound stupid, but I won’t go shopping without a magnet. Some people also report that the magnet does not get stuck with meat from the “organic farmer around the corner” .

animals vaccine magnetic

Skips the first 2 min

If this is also in the water supply or the air (chemtrails) we are screwed!

Other sources could of course be personal care products, and I’ve noticed a strange trend in those in the past few weeks. It all started with the Prada perfume advertisement, which contained very obvious Black-Cube / Black-Goo symbolism (as the saying goes: the devil wears Prada ).

But I noticed that this “ carbon“Now suddenly being sold everywhere! Perfumes, deodorants, shampoos and even toothpaste. It is officially activated carbon, which is supposed to have positive health effects, but such a large increase all at once ?! Then why do they only write carbon, that is, carbon? And activated charcoal in the perfume and shampoo doesn’t make any sense at all? I also noticed that some of them even have the hexagon symbolism on it – the symbol of the hive mind (the beehive mentality that has been brought into line by magnetogenetics). And Black Goo is also supposed to consist of a certain carbon-nanotube compound, so maybe it can be smuggled into the products. Here I have put together a selection of current products, pay attention to it the next time you are in the drugstore. And you can comment on your finds here. What do you think of it, could there be anything to it?

black goo in products

There could be a lot to it! There is also the Spanish biostatisticians Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano who have been there to carefully examine a dose of the vaccine (Pfizer). Using electron microscopy, they found graphene oxide nanoparticles in it and had this confirmed by several experts. Read here.

image 32 1


On the left the sample of the vaccine, on the right a graphene oxide nanoparticle. The agreement is clear.

He says that these graphene particles have the property of becoming magnetic when mixed with living biomolecules (i.e. our body). In front of it, i.e. in the bottle, the particles are not magnetic. Magnetism ensures that, similar to the magnetism of hard disks, more “information can be stored on it”. He continues:

“ They did it here, in this microscope, which exactly reproduces the conditions of the cosmos space with a minimum pressure and a temperature of 270ºC below zero. Only in this way could they achieve the miracle. Our scientists believe that they could grow neurons on graphs and control their impulses by perturbing and controlling the signal sent by neurons that are eventually grown on graphs. And that’s a really exciting possibility because it could help fight a lot of neurological diseases. Graphs – how could it not be? There are no limits to curiosity . “

I immediately rang the bell for Graphene because this material has been cherished as the coming revolution in materials science for several years. It has been known for a long time, but it was only really usable since 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, who won the Nobel Prize for it in 2010. The same spirit of optimism that arose from plastic in the 1960s can now be felt in the materials science community at Graphene, because the material has some interesting properties. It is extremely stable and at the same time elastic and light as a feather. It is a very good conductor of electricity and has some very unusual pseudo properties. By elastic deformation, tiny triangular bubbles of 4 to 10 nanometers in size were created in graphene, in which the electrons moved in such a way that as if a magnetic field of around 300 Tesla were acting on them. It turned out that the observed effect, in contrast to the effect of a real magnetic field, does not influence the actual spin of the electron, but that instead the just mentioned pseudo-spin is influenced, which is related to the existence of two different equivalent base atoms in the honeycomb -Structure related. This pseudospin has a similar interaction with the pseudo-magnetic field as real spins with real magnetic fields, because these also generate “two-level systems”. This also creates the so-called but that instead the just mentioned pseudo-spin is influenced, which is related to the existence of two different equivalent base atoms in the honeycomb structure. This pseudospin has a similar interaction with the pseudo-magnetic field as real spins with real magnetic fields, because these also generate “two-level systems”. This also creates the so-called but that instead the just mentioned pseudo-spin is influenced, which is related to the existence of two different equivalent base atoms in the honeycomb structure. This pseudospin has a similar interaction with the pseudo-magnetic field as real spins with real magnetic fields, because these also generate “two-level systems”. This also creates the so-called Quantum Hall Effect. It also has very special magnetic properties: spintronic and magnetic properties can coexist in graphene. Low-defect graphene nanomeshes produced with a non-lithographic process show ferromagnetism with a large amplitude even at room temperature. In addition, a spin-pumping effect is found for fields that are applied parallel to the planes of the thin-layer ferromagnetic nanomeshes, while a magnetoresistive hysteresis loop is observed under perpendicular fields. The title of this video is also a little … creepy.

On Wikipedia we also find the cause of the hexagon swarm symbolism: Graphene is the name for a modification of carbon with a two-dimensional structure, in which each carbon atom  is surrounded by three more at an angle of 120 °, so that a honeycomb-shaped one Pattern trains. And the very substance of this structure will transform us into the behavior of a worker bee. Double symbolism.

nanografi logo 1

You suspect a specific company behind the production of these particles: Nanografi.


Their logo is also a hexagon with a capital G inside, similar to the G in the Masonic Circle. If you want and have a few hundred dollars over, you can buy a few grams of magnetic iron oxide particles, graphene oxide particles or carbon nanotube particles here. Customers include well-known universities and large companies from all over the world.

nanografi logo

This company has direct connections to the Turkish politician and minister Mustafa Varank, who is working with Nanografi to bring the first nasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine based on graphene nanoparticles to market this year. You really can’t make something like this up, they always talk about it extremely openly and publicly, but all listeners lack the foresight to recognize the connections of what is actually going on. With those only remains hanging: Cool, vaccination through the nose. Finally safe again. Read here.

The Spanish scientists also believe in a synergetic effect with the radiation from the 5G network. In an interview he is asked by a user: “If SARS-CoV-2 does not exist, what do Fauci and the Wuhan laboratory have to do with all of this?”

” Nothing. It is precisely that element of confusion that people continue to draw biological conclusions.

Smoke candles, scenarios of a diversionary operation, which is called a smoke candle in military language (…) There is only one thing that is real here – whoever it hurts because it was wrong to go other ways back then – and that is that there is a technology that was introduced at the same time that this pandemic was set in motion. And there’s one goal in this pandemic, and that’s to vaccinate everyone, remember? I no longer know how to say that this vaccine does not protect against the disease, neither against transmission nor against infection. You can’t vaccinate everyone with this intent because it won’t work, and yet everyone is pushed to the vaccine.

It has been said that the Spanish national team should not be vaccinated because they are not a high-risk population and do not have a particularly high risk, on the contrary. The rest of the world does, however. We are not all at risk, but they are not. Do you realize that the strategy is to vaccinate? If our goal is to vaccinate everyone, and in three doses every year, what the heck!

(…) What virus in the world have we ever treated to have three doses a year? Of what? And yet you are seeing a massive vaccination campaign – inexplicably massive – because there is no justification for the effects this vaccine is supposed to have on the organism that does not immunize against becoming infected or infected. And you see all the antennas that have been installed at a speed this past year . So don’t you know how to add one and one together? What I’ve been saying here for a long time: the elements are very clear. You still think there’s a biological agent out there? “

And he is right, the global expansion of the 5G network that began in 2019 naturally correlates with the administration of the syringes. During the pandemic year 2020 and 2021, it was not slowed down a bit and continued steadily – despite lockdowns. GigWifi is also spreading more and more. The transmitter masts for activating the control were brought into position. And then he refers to a speech by the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera in which he constantly tells the truth with a wink that 5G machines can read and change our thoughts and feelings and that one day it will become the social nervous system of society. Sounds like a collective spirit that dominates you from afar and replaces your own nervous system. Sounds like the hive mind.

Ultimately, all of these agendas should lead to a transhuman humanity, i.e. a new species. The machine and later the digital species. And the schedule has already been set for this too. Ray Kurzweil , ex-CEO of Google, founder of Singularität University and loudest promoter of transhumanism is convinced that people will soon have nanobots in their ears and that all the world’s brains will be connected through the cloud. In 2016 he foresaw exactly the system that is currently being set up (even if he is jokingly talking about 2033).

I used to always ask myself where do these people actually get the complacency to assume that we want that too and will do it en masse? They always pretend it’s a definite fact that is taking place. Now today we understand why they are so confident about that. We don’t have a word to say and they’ll trick us into this system. And bring humanity to its knees so deep that it will look like salvation. A machine or. digital people cannot get sick, grow old, die and when all spirits are connected there will be no more hatred and war. So it promises the complete opposite of what humanity is experiencing now and especially in the next few years. The spiritual “We are all One” propaganda of the last few years will do the rest here so that people will accept it. Because after that we really are a ghost, but all of this is a fat lie. In this collective your personality, your uniqueness, your soul and your connection to God will be missing. It becomes an eternal hell from which one cannot even be freed by death. Ray Kurzweil says that we will become machines in 2045 and then we will be immortal gods. The years 2030 and 2045 are repeatedly mentioned by these people, for planned milestones in this development. And we know from the past that they stick to their schedule exactly. We have been fed these concepts for years. Because after that we really are a ghost, but all of this is a fat lie. In this collective your personality, your uniqueness, your soul and your connection to God will be missing. It becomes an eternal hell from which one cannot even be freed by death. Ray Kurzweil says that we will become machines in 2045 and then we will be immortal gods. The years 2030 and 2045 are repeatedly mentioned by these people, for planned milestones in this development. And we know from the past that they stick to their schedule exactly. We have been fed these concepts for years. Because after that we really are a ghost, but all of this is a fat lie. In this collective your personality, your uniqueness, your soul and your connection to God will be missing. It becomes an eternal hell from which one cannot even be freed by death. Ray Kurzweil says that we will become machines in 2045 and then we will be immortal gods. The years 2030 and 2045 are repeatedly mentioned by these people, for planned milestones in this development. And we know from the past that they stick to their schedule exactly. We have been fed these concepts for years. It becomes an eternal hell from which one cannot even be freed by death. Ray Kurzweil says that we will become machines in 2045 and then we will be immortal gods. The years 2030 and 2045 are repeatedly mentioned by these people, for planned milestones in this development. And we know from the past that they stick to their schedule exactly. We have been fed these concepts for years. It becomes an eternal hell from which one cannot even be freed by death. Ray Kurzweil says that we will become machines in 2045 and then we will be immortal gods. The years 2030 and 2045 are repeatedly mentioned by these people, for planned milestones in this development. And we know from the past that they stick to their schedule exactly. We have been fed these concepts for years.

transhumanist magazine

Hive-mind symbolism and Predictive Programming

The term “hive mind” refers to the apparent intelligence that occurs at the group level in some social species, particularly insects like honeybees and ants. A single honeybee may not be very intelligent (although this is controversial), but the honeybee colony as a collective can be very intelligent. In a hive-mind of cognitively advanced beings like humans, many different humans fuse into a synchronized superintelligence, but the individuality and feelings of the individual cease to exist.

I do n’t think much needs to be said about the following Spongebob movie (2008). The one-eyed and horned plankton (Lucifer) tricked the people of Bikini Bottom into putting on a free mind control device. And then comes the frequency signal for the technological zombie apocalypse. Close to reality. Only that in real life this device does not come on the head, but in the arm (and thus IN the head).

I already showed the film Cell (2016) in the last article, but because it is so clear and unambiguous, I’ll show it again.

In this internet advertisement, T-shirts with bees and the blockchain system cryptocurrency are advertised side by side. Interesting coincidence.

screenshot 20210707 120121 youtube

image 33
United Nations Memorial Building. Cube beehive


Album by pop star Nicki Minaj. Bees in the trap … very clear name for all those who now have syringes.

image 34 2
Of course also beta sex kitten slave symbolism.


Then of course you shouldn’t forget the Borgs from Star Trek. The cyborg hive mind who wants to assimilate everything and everyone to his hive mind (like zombies). Just as a swarm of bees has a queen, there is also a Borg queen. And of course they are traveling in a black cube. “Resistance is Futile.”

image 35 1


In the revival of the classic A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, they portrayed the concept very well. Here the hive-mind of society is portrayed as something utopian until it naturally has to go wrong.

Prions – Evil Wake up?

But there is one more terrible suspicion about the outer shell of the spike protein. In fact, there is some suspicious evidence that the syringes could soon be causing massive amounts of prion disease. Prions are protein infections – they are not viruses, bacteria or fungi. They are not living beings but organic toxins with infectious properties. The best known prions are bovine spongiform encephalopathy , better known as BSE ( “mad cow disease” ), chronic wasting disease ( “zombie stag disease” ), and the rare Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease that occurs in humans. All of them lead to a spongy dissolution of the brain tissue, a continuous neurological degeneration and after a few months to certain death. The course of the disease is cruel: nervousness, motor disorders (myoclonus, ataxia), memory disorders, disorders of perception (hallucinations) and vigilance, visual disorders and personality changes, vegetative disorders and confusion up to dementia. A cure or treatment is still not known. CFK mostly arises through heredity or accidental genetic mutations. Other pirons such as BSE can usually only be infected by direct penetration, i.e. the consumption of contaminated meat (even after the meat has been heated) or the intravenous administration of the toxin. The particularly nasty:Not until January 2022 at the earliest . Incubation times from years to decades have also been observed. And they would most likely be misdiagnosed in the beginning (very common with prion diseases). Is that why they injected the old people first? Here, CJD is particularly often misdiagnosed, since one usually starts with Alzheimer’s dementia.

image 11
The brain slowly but stetik becomes a holey sponge.
image 13
Some still remember the great BSE outbreak in England in 1993 and in Germany in 2000

But how do you know they’re in the vaccines? Well they told us again!

Similar to the “exercises” Crimsion Contagion, in which ASPR simulated a global pandemic of a Chinese flu virus in August 2019, four months before the real outbreak, or Event 201 in October 2019 in which governments and the media practiced the reaction to a global pandemic To be prepared for the real show two months later, there was a third exercise in 2017. The John Hopkins University exercise that was behind Event 201 was called “SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”! This communication drill was about a vaccination that “accidentally” caused a pandemic by prions or one year after the vaccination program caused neurological symptoms and encephalitia. The name they gave the fictional coronavirus is also bold: St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, or SARS for short with a P (for prions ). See ‘pdf 5’ end of post.

In this document is the complete communication strategy for a three year pandemic (2020-2023?), And you can see that you have followed the script or this guide relatively closely. And you can let yourself spoil a bit how it goes on. On page 68 under vaccination damage it says:

“ As time went by and more and more people in the United States were being vaccinated, complaints of undesirable side effects began to emerge. Several parents claimed that their children developed neurological symptoms similar to those seen in cattle exposed to the GMI vaccine. By May 2027, parental concerns over the allegation had increased, including legal proceedings. That month, a group of parents sued their children as a result of encephalitis after the Corovax vaccinationdeveloped an intellectual disability, the federal government called for the removal of liability protection for the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the development and manufacture of Corovax. […] While the federal government appeared to have adequately addressed concerns about the acute side effects of Corovax, the long-term, chronic effects of the vaccine were still largely unknown. In late 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge. After almost a year of no adverse side effects, symptoms such as blurred vision, headache and numbness in the extremities began to appear slowly in several vaccinated persons. Because of the small number of these cases, the meaning of their association with Corovax has never been determined. “

image 14 1


This script also describes exactly how they suppress the anti-Vaxxers and keep the sovereignty of opinion in the information war through censorship … er sorry … Medical Counter Measurments (MCM) … to themselves. For example, through info boxes on Google and Youtube, as well as the fact checkers, which were used three years later about the real pandemic. Or through celebrities as advocates, which we could see in real life. There are so many similarities that coincidence can actually be ruled out. This was, just like the Lockdown Manual of the Rockerfeller Foundation (from page 18), a step-by-step guide to the Cabal and its henchmen. See ‘pdf 6’ end of post.

From the predicted mortality rate to the drug that is used. The script uses the drug Kalocivir, the main side effects of which are nausea, headache and vomiting. In reality, then came Remdesivir, whose main side effects are headache, sweating, and vomiting. The script tells about 10 months in the pandemic, when vaccinations are just starting, the Pacific Northwest gets a two-week blackout. In reality, 13 months in the pandemic, two months after the start of vaccination, there was a week-long power outage in Texas (about the same size). The scenarios even happen in the same order … we are nothing more than puppets in their Shakespeare play! And those who deviate from the script of their virtually generated reality will simply be censored. They even simulated social media campaigns that were then used in the same way in the real pandemic.

image 15 2


The lyre of ‘Nobody could foresee something like that and we have to improvise’ of the politicians in early 2020 was just a fat lie. They were puppets in a scripted play.

image 16 1
From the beginning, the planemie was nothing more than a big marketing campaign for the syringes

And even the greater skepticism of the Afro-American population about vaccinations was taken into account in the planning. The Center for Countering digital Hate is currently forming the conspiracy theory that almost all Antivaxx information comes from the same 12 people and they want to specifically manipulate the African American population. See ‘pdf 7’ end of post.


If you want to know how the story will end in 1.5 years you just have to read under ‘Aftermath’:

“WHO experts suspect that small, isolated outbreaks of SPARS occurred long before the disease emerged globally in 2025, and they predict that outbreaks will continue unless countries provide comprehensive vaccination . […]

As the pandemic rejuvenated, several influential politicians and officials came under fire for sensationally portraying the severity of the event for supposed political gain. As with many public health interventions, successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as it was believed by experts. Opponents of President Archer in the Republican Party took the opportunity to publicly denigrate the president and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to “choose a strong leader who cares about the interests of the American people”. A widespread movement on social media, the children who are primarily affected by parents, coupled with a widespread distrust of “big pharma”, supported the narrative that the development of SPARS MCMs was unnecessary and driven by a few greedy individuals. Conspiracy theories also spread on social media that the virus was deliberately released by the pharmaceutical industry or escaped from a laboratory that was secretly testing biological weapons. “

So here they say that isolated outbreaks already happened before the pandemic, and even in the real scenario, many assume that there were isolated outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 in October / November 2019 in the USA and Europe. They also warn that more and more outbreaks will come until everyone is vaccinated. In addition, they pre-program those responsible how they will ‘burn’ certain responsible persons when the greatest experiment of all time comes up. Their farmers like Spahn, Söder, Dorsten and Co, whom they could control like a puppet with a thirst for power and greed for recognition, will fall and be chased to the devil by the mob. While the queens and kings continue their perfidious game.

The fear of a deadly prion disease from COVID gene therapeutics is not completely unfounded, the scientist J. Bart Classen also sees the danger. He came to this suspicion in this study when examining the Pfizer vaccination:


In this work, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was examined for the potential to induce prion-based diseases in vaccine recipients . The vaccine RNA sequence and spike-protein-target interaction were analyzed for the potential to convert the intracellular RNA binding proteins TAR-DNA binding protein (TDP-43) and Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) into their pathological prion conformations. The results suggest that the vaccine RNA has specific sequences that can cause TDP-43 and FUS to fold into their pathological prion conformations .

His work is now being shredded in the air by the press, because they have to. Otherwise they would have to admit that with their reporting they might have chased tens of millions of people into a cruel death that will only show up in a year or much later. And that would require something like backbone.

Again, warning against the prions in the spike protein of Sars-CoV-2:

Could it be that someone has already looked into whether something like this is used as a biological weapon? Oh yes, and none other than our DARPA man from before: James Giordano! He wrote an interesting article on the website ‘Defense IQ’ in September 2019, in which he warns that in the 21st century prions can be used as biological weapons. Read here.

He warns that six new developments in prion research have made their use as terrorist or warfare bio-weapons more attractive. For example, synthetic prions can now be mass-produced, airborne, their infection transmission rate improved and their incubation period shortened, and their cross-transmission from other species improved. But the scariest thing is point 4:

Increased Knowledge of Genomics and Proteomics: Advances in genomics and proteomics have enabled diverse applications of gene editing technologies. CRISPR / Cas9-based gene-edited prion models have been developed that are easier and faster to produce. In addition, recent advances in CRISPR-based allele drives can be used to precisely target specific locations of genes and to identify and target specific individuals and / or populations .

Potential Problem: Easily obtainable and rapidly evolving gene editing tools allow prions to be modified into more pathogenic and / or transmissible forms that can be developed for weapon use by state and non-state actors with relative ease.

image 12


Phew … Remember, this is the same guy who is completely fascinated by the idea of ​​using big data to locate specific targets for electromagnetic remote control through nanoparticles. It’s strange that he is an expert on two potential effects of gene therapeutics – and that as a Pentagon neurologist and not an immunologist. Because it is not a drug, but a weapon. He goes on to say that while it would be possible to manufacture kinetic prion-based biological weapons, he is more likely to find non-kinetic prion-based biological weapons.

“ For example, prion infections that target meat markets and animal resources and create public fears could disrupt the relative capabilities of regional or global economic and socio-political competitors. The initiating actor / state could then offer viable alternative products or treatments to capitalize on the disruption and thus establish relative economic hegemony – and power – in those markets and perhaps on the world stage . When combined with a well-conducted misinformation campaign, such an approach could have multidimensional impacts that are repetitive, robust, and likely to have permanent consequences.”

This could also be interpreted in 2020.

Basically, there has never been a final all-clear for the BSE pandemic. Occasionally cases still occur on cattle farms every few years, e.g. in 2014 in Germany and this year in Switzerland. But who knows. Perhaps many more people are made sick by prions in our food than anyone would like to admit. It has now finally been admitted that incorrectly folded prions are the main trigger for Alzheimer’s dementia, which is symptomatically very similar to Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. Read here.

It was found out that therefore dementia, similar to BSE, is a contagious disease. Read here. It is not transmitted by coughing or sneezing, but if you were to give these specific prions intravenously or do a contaminated meningeal transplant, even young people could become demented. And there are studies that show that the greater the meat consumption, the greater the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Read here.

They say it’s the fat, but could it be due to prions in animal meat? The more prions one accumulates over a lifetime, the higher the chance of becoming demented in old age? After all, prion diseases can also have incubation times of decades. And since the turn of the millennium around BSE, cases of Alzheimer’s dementia have also been increasing continuously worldwide (a trend that will not slow down in the next 40 years). Read here.

Was that a test for a dementia B-weapon ? Yes, correlation is not the same as causality, but my gut tells me that unfortunately there could be something to it. Such a horrible and stressful old age disease for the relatives is certainly very beneficial for their euthanasia agenda. How many people I have heard say: “As soon as I should become demented, you are welcome to shoot me”. In the Netherlands you can ensure your euthanization in the event of Alzheimer’s dementia as a precaution. And you will also be killed if you change your mind when you are demented and defend yourself against the murder! Sick world. Read here.

So it is better to avoid red meat and instead eat a lot of omega-3s such as fish, olive oil and nuts. Sleep well, exercise regularly, mentally challenge, keep an eye on the vitamin D level and keep your hands off the big pharma pills. With this measure you should keep your dementia risk in old age very low.

image 22 1


Will the spike proteins cause the binding proteins to fold into pathological prion formations as J. Bart Classen suspected? Will we see an epidemic of cruel neurodegenerative prion diseases in the years to come? Some kind of “mindless zombie disease”? Or will people die in a row from new corona diseases in a year after the vaccinations?

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny advocates this thesis. Watch here.

She says the antibodies produced by the vaccination attack (among other things) the type 2 macrophages (M2). They are an important part of the immune system and are involved in the healing process during an infection. While M1 trigger inflammatory processes in order to kill an infection, for example, M2 are anti-inflammatory and play a key role in complete healing. Both work together and complement each other. But the antibodies of the spike protein kill and deactivate the type 2 macrophages. But that’s an enormous problem if you get infected again with a coronavirus after vaccination and, according to Tenpenny, this will lead to mass death one year after the vaccination program. Because then your immune system no longer works properly and a harmless disease becomes a death trap even for otherwise healthy people. Because this effect is triggered by every coronavirus and humanity has been living with seven coronaviruses that can be transmitted to humans for 60 years (even simple cold viruses are partly coronaviruses). Because without the vaccination your immune system would have carried out a normal immune response, M1 and M2 would have been able to work together correctly and everything would be fine. But the vaccine absolutely messes up that process, which makes post-vaccination infection all the more violent and deadly. And a new “virus mutation” is born. Who is looking forward to the Delta Winter 2021? Now you know why the vaccinations do not work with the ‘mutations’. They don’t really exist, after that nothing works in the immune system. Why do you think ‘vaccinated’ people have to keep wearing masks until everyone else has been injected? And the answer to these “virus mutations” will always be further nanoparticle modifications that are administered through further injections. So you can play the game forever. Our natural immune system was turned off and our immune defense made dependent on new injections.

image 19 2


This thesis is also supported by Dr. Geert van den Bossche, by the way an ex-virologist from the GAVI vaccination alliance and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In an open letter, he warns that the current handling of the pandemic will produce the exact opposite of what is actually supposed to be achieved. Well, I think it depends on who you ask. 😉Herd immunity through infection would have the problem quickly and, above all, safe in the long termsolved. Vaccination should actually accelerate herd immunity. But the opposite is true. It destroys them permanently. Instead, the vaccination program creates increasingly deadly mutations, people who have been vaccinated have their natural immune system turned off and they become asymptomatic spreaders of highly viral and increasingly deadly mutations. To the point where the virus can bypass vaccination antibodies, the pandemic is absolutely out of control, and people will die like flies. Then this is the real pandemic. The virus becomes resistant to the very specific immune response of vaccination, much like a bacterium can become resistant to antibiotics.

“ For all of these reasons, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of extensive and flawed human intervention in this pandemic will not wipe out large swaths of our human population . Few other strategies are conceivable for turning a relatively harmless virus into a bio- weapon of mass destruction with the same efficiency . […]

Since pathogens have developed together with the host’s immune system, natural pandemics of acute, self-limiting viral infections are designed in such a way that they do not claim more human lives than is absolutely necessary. Human intervention has thoroughly disrupted the course of this pandemic from the start . Widespread and rigorous infection prevention measures combined with mass vaccination campaigns with inadequate vaccines will undoubtedly lead to a situation where the pandemic is spiraling “out of control”. “

So it’s the exact opposite of what we’ve been preached to. We should all have had one infected and that’s it. Yes, many would have died, as in any influenza pandemic – but nowhere near as many as have died now. Measures such as masks and social distancing have weakened the collective immune system, as it had hardly any contact with new germs for a long time. On top of that, the vaccine ensures that the immune system adapts very specifically, thereby weakening itself overall and at the same time forcing the virus to become stronger. Definitely his entire public letterread. It would suit them that everything was turned upside down. Social distancing and masks make people more susceptible to disease – and not the other way around. The unvaccinated should stay away from the vaccinated – and not the other way around.

The real epidemics, which have plagued us for years and are getting worse and worse, are drowned out in all the noise. The real pandemic we suffer from is addiction-Pandemic. The addiction to opiates, alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs, the addiction to social media, porn, Netflix and video games, the addiction to money and power, the addiction to self-expression and recognition, the addiction to sugar and highly processed foods. With all the diseases and neuroses that these addictions entail and have now reached epidemic proportions: depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and more. The physical illnesses are mostly symptoms of an inner feeling of deficiency, which leads to these addictions. Even if we are always told that we are the crown of creation because we have smartphones and VR glasses, humanity today is in the most wretched state of all if you take happiness as a measure. The average life expectancy of people is falling again and the gap between the bitterly poor and the filthy rich is widening  You successfully created a completely dependent and weakened population for the apocalyptic final show. Just watch a few videos of how completely out of control the situation in Kensington, Philadelphia has got. There are so many heroin and fentanyl addicts there who consume on the street and have kicked away completely that it already looks like The Walking Dead. Watch here.

This is what it looks like in many US cities now, the cameras just don’t like pointing. All the dependent, sick, unstable and overweight people will be the first to lose their minds and then their lives in a massively disruptive event. Don’t underestimate the value of mental and physical fitness these days.

The lack that so many feel and try to fill is the absence of the love of God in their hearts and the deep-seated futility of human experience that goes with it. And this missing bond is now attempted to be replaced by all the stress absorbers that Lucifer places around us at any time and through which he keeps us in chains. And I think the “plagues of all kinds” mentioned in Revelation 11: 6 mean all of these diseases.

image 30 2


We are in the hot phase

We are currently in the middle of World War III. He is silent, his weapons invisible and the enemy so omnipresent that he is unfortunately not recognized by most. But the decades long “cold war” phase of a cabal that fights against humanity, nature and God is now in the hot phase. In summary, the following picture emerges. The gene therapeutics of the worldwide spray program is a sophisticated biological weapon in which the very latest technologies of the military and medical sector are used. It seems that the two syringes contain superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that react to RF radiation in the microwave range (5G mobile communications). After administration, they ensure magnetic effects on certain areas of the body. The spike protein outer shell (corona) of some of these SPIES was created in such a way that they dock onto proteins in the ovaries, and the outer shell of others in such a way that they dock onto the brain, bone marrow and other organs. There is evidence that this spike protein is cytotoxic, damaging the target tissue, leading to underreported fatal complications, and irregular mestructive cycles with profuse bleeding. However, one can also assume that the SPIONs produce their cell-damaging effect in the target tissue, e.g. in the ovaries, through the RF radiation. This is exactly how you destroy tumors with SPIONs (Magnetic Hyperthermia). There are also indications

This biological assault on humanity’s fertility is the last and final measure of decades-long pushes to reduce the world’s population and slow its growth. It also correlates in time with the development of artificial wombs and the steadily advancing social acceptance of euthanasia – both means of total population control. Much like cattle, humanity is turning into a “chipped” herd whose population is tightly controlled. But not only birth and death, but life in between will be completely controlled by an invisible hand. The SPIONs or graphene-oxide particles docked to the neurons can be stimulated by RF radiation in such a way that one can control the behavior of a human being from a distance, the world population is thus transformed into a swarm of bees in the service of the cabal. To accelerate the reducing effect and acceptance of euthanasia, the spike proteins fold into a prion form and potentially cause incurable neurodegenerative diseases just a few years later. In addition, immune system function has been permanently weakened – potentially leading to mass deaths. Whether each effect is in each syringe, or whether several are used, or even whether the active ingredients are genetically selective, cannot be judged at this time. The nanoparticles are most likely also being spread through food and other sources – most notably through factory farmed meat.

Due to sterilization and mass deaths coming in the next few years from disease, war, severe weather disasters, economic collapse, chaos and famine, the reduction of the world population from 7.79 billion to 500 million will be achieved within one generation. In our extremely dependent and dependent Western population, even a prolonged economic disruption or major power outage is enough for mass death. The Directed Energy Weapon wildfire season has recently started again in the US and Canada, and the chaos prepared last summer is now slowly beginning as well.Watch here.

Through the BLM protests, they have been able to push through massive police budget cuts and downsizing in much of the U.S. because, in their displaced minds, that is the answer to racism (“Defund the Police!”). The consequences, of course, have been predictable: In the last 12 months, there has been a record increase in homicides nationwide, the most since 1995. Watch here.

Fewer police, free play for criminals. You reap what you sow. That a major superpower war between China/Russia and the West is in the final planning stages is something I’ve said many times before (this summer a worldwide “training drill” is happening here in several US bases around the world). The recent military parade for the 100th birthday of the CPC confirms it again. That was scary. The Chinese people will never allow foreign forces to “bully, oppress and subjugate” them, Xi Jinping said. “Anyone who would try to do that will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by 1.4 billion Chinese. […]We will never accept hypocritical sermons from those who think they have the right to lecture us.” Those are unequivocal words. And through the climate mandates of the last 20 years, we have created this monster ourselves – driving industry out of our economy and moving production to China. Where since then billions are flushed into the coffers which have financed this rise to power. Watch here.

On top of that, many countries in the world are currently facing the greatest famines – thanks to lockdown economic terror, climate catastrophes and locust plagues. Let me remind you of the massive population die-off predicted for 2025 by Daegel, a military/secret service information provider. Some countries will lose close to two-thirds of their population, including the US and Germany. They have since deleted it, but here is a backup.

On top of that, many countries in the world are facing the greatest famine – thanks to lockdown economic terror, climate catastrophes and locust plagues. I would like to remind you again of the massive population death which was predicted by Daegel, a military / secret service information service provider, for 2025. Some countries will lose almost two thirds of the population, including the USA and Germany. They have deleted it in the meantime, but here is a backup. See here.

apokalypse 1
That will be the apocalyptic 2020s.

Oh, and let’s not forget the alien agenda they are preparing us for more and more and which will probably be in full swing next year or the year after next. Check out this UNICEF propaganda piece. I could hardly believe that this is not from David Icke, but actually from the UN !! At least people check out what’s going on in the comments.

It can be assumed that these biological weapons that are currently being released on the world population and the operation of their distribution have been developed, perfected and prepared for 30-40 years (vaccine and corresponding virus). And then pharmaceutical companies were mass-produced by the accomplices (or Moderna is just a front organization of DARPA, which is behind many things on this agenda). The pandemic developed parallel to the biological syringe weapon and was adapted to it – and not the other way around. In the years before the pandemic, tests were probably carried out “in the open field” (Magneto Man) and scripts and manuals of the pandemic plan in the form of “drill exercises” were passed on to decision-makers (SPARS, Event 201, Crimson Contaigon, Lockstep, etc.). Many other pandemics, media propaganda, and secular events over the past few decades have been rehearsals and tests for various elements of the coup. Yep, Lucifer is very smart and very patient.

There is a book in which all of this was prophesied centuries ago. The iron (oxide nanoparticles ) is mixed with human seeds ( DNA ).

“ And the Lord God made man out of a lump of earth, and we breathed living breath into his nostrils. And so man became a living soul. “

” Woe to those who want to be hidden from the LORD with their plan and who remain in the dark with their actions and say:” Who sees us and who knows us? “

How do you turn everything around! As if the clay were the same as the potter, that the work spoke of its master: He didn’t make me! And a work of art spoke of its maker: He understands nothing! “(Isaiah 29:16)

“But the fact that you saw iron mixed with clay means that although they mix with human seeds, they will not stick to each other, just as iron does not mix with clay. “(Daniel 2:43)

Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse. In Australia, the first people who do not adhere to quarantines are already being sent to prison (for 7 months!). Read here.

and, unfortunately, the camps are being prepared there as well. They are called quarantine camps. People are slowly getting used to these camps, which makes the concentration camps I already reported about in “Coronavirus 3” drown in the masses (the article is a bit outdated, but everything under point ‘Martial Law’ is more relevant than ever). They will track down anyone who still refuses in a year or two and present them with the ultimate decision: plug into the system or head off. This plan has been in the works since at least 2009 and was predicted in the Bible: “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them. And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, and his image, and which had not received his mark in their foreheads, and in their hands: which came to life, and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:4)

But not only that: At least in the USA concrete plans are just made to send officials of the health ministries from door to door, which will knock there around the citizens about “vaccinations to clear up”! They will ask whether you are vaccinated and with a deny they will go to you on the pooper, like the witnesses Jehovas the you a watchtower andrehen want! Besides, they will be able to create statistics about the already injected – and about those who have clearly spoken out against it. So they will find out where these people live who don’t want to join the hive-mind… And you only have to add one and one together why the place of residence is of interest. This is not a joke, this is unfortunately bitter seriousness. The government already teamed up with FEMA to create teams. Read here.

For the volunteers who will go door to door and bully their fellow citizens into conforming, the Lake County Health Department has already published a script explaining to them how best to bully people. Six months ago something like this would have been unheard of… what will the situation look like in six more months? How long will it take for the military to kick down the door from the freewheeling idiots that are bugging you. How about a fake script of a “fanatical anti-vaccinationist” shooting these people right over the head? And there you go, you have a reason for the armed military to start knocking on doors from now on. For security. Wanna bet? In LA County the police is already going from door to door to vaccinate the “housebound” people…. so I wonder how they are supposed to get sick but well. See ‘pdf 8’ end of post.

From the beginning I have said that it will come down to this! They will introduce regular vaccination boosters and slowly but steadily separate the wheat from the chaff – you’re in or you’re out. This will be implemented one drop at a time…they have a lot of patience with this. First you scare people for a year and torture them (isolation, job loss, media terror, systemic insecurity) so that a large part of them come voluntarily, then you get on the nerves of the indecisive until you can convince some of them. You start to spread resentment about those who do not get vaccinated. At the same time we increase the activities that only go injected. First of all, the obligation is introduced in continental travel and vacation hotels, then all border crossings, then mass events, then certain professional groups, then domestic travel. And then the noose will be tightened: Failure to comply with these vaccination requirements will be punishable by stiff prison sentences, access to public buildings will be limited to those with green digital vaccination cards or quantum dot patches, and more and more employers will introduce mandatory vaccination. The last holdouts will be classified as second-class citizens, dangerous radicals who will be disadvantaged in many ways. Until one day they will be forcibly taken out of their holes and sent to the camps. This will probably happen, during a major distraction, in a coordinated action within a few days. The great masses will not notice much of this.


Already Dr. Richard Day, the Illuminati Insider who went public over 50 years ago, knew that eradicating the unwilling will be an integral part of the system transition in the future:

“There just won’t be a place for people who don’t participate,” said Dr. Day. “We cannot let such people cram the place up so that these people come to special places “. And here I don’t remember the exact words, but the conclusion I drew was that in those particular places where they would be recorded, they would not live very long. He may have said something like “humanely disposed of “, but I don’t remember very well … just the impression that the system would not support them if they did not join the system. Then death would be the only alternative. Somewhere along that line he said there would be no martyrs. When I first heard it I thought this meant that people were not going to be killed, but as the presentation went on it was clear what he meant is that they would not be killed or disposed of in a way that inspired the other people serve as martyrs do. Rather, he said something like, ” People will just disappear .”

But let’s not forget that Germany has already held quarantine objectors in camps. Watch here.

And somehow I also have a very bad feeling about the huge DNA bank they are currently building. For three years now, ancestry companies have been springing up like mushrooms. Send them your DNA and they tell you your ethnic roots. MyHerritageDNA, 23andme, Living DNA, ancestryDNA and HomeDNA. These companies are very popular right now and have already collected DNA data from millions of people. You just send them a swab and they send you back who your ancestors were a thousand years ago, what ethnicity is in you and what percentage, whether you have genetic predispositions to diseases, etc. But in the fine print, all these companies say they store and potentially share your DNA infromation. For example, they sell it to Google’s subsidiary Calico. Read here.

This very obscure company is nothing more than a private project of rich Silicon Valley millionaires who want to become immortal. Google is also after the genomic patient data of British people. And now it has recently come out that China has been collecting DNA samples from millions of pregnant women around the world through a popular pregnancy test – without their consent. For some reason they want to create a worldwide DNA database of humanity. Not to mention that they can also build DNA databases with the COVID tests. And if you consider that you can nowadays prime B-weapons to certain DNA, it runs down your spine. I will research this in more detail, here is clearly something big going on. Read here.

And now it has recently come out that China has collected DNA samples from millions of pregnant women around the world through a popular penatal test – without their consent. For some reason they want to build a worldwide DNA database of humanity. Not to mention that you can also use the COVID tests to build up DNA databases. And when you consider that you can prime B-weapons to certain DNA these days, you get cold. I’ll do some more research on this, there is clearly something big going on here.

At the moment, the words “Vaccination saves” based on “Jesus Saves” are being projected onto the world-famous Jesus statue in Brazil. An absolute mockery. Jesus could be the only thing that can save us from this misery. This age is already collapsing.

image 29 2


If you hope to protect yourself somehow, I only advise the following:

No shot, no matter what people say. Try to be as independent as possible so they can’t force you indirectly. Better to be on the street and a human being than a soulless robot hooked up to the system. Watch your diet, maybe avoid meat in the near future. Make yourself sweat, the best natural detox program. Consider getting the EMF hat. Ask Jesus Christ honestly for protection and for deliverance from this pile of sorrow called Menschhet. It will not be a physical preparation that decides about your life, but it will be his protection. Unfortunately, that’s all I can think of. If who knows a better way out, I’m all ears?


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