Is Coronavirus a Biological Weapon of the CCP?

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What exactly is the coronavirus? How and where did it come about? Did the virus really spread from a fish market in China? What are the people of China saying about the virus and what has their government got to do with it? Is something the media hiding something from us? Is there more about this story?

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus

At the end of December 2019, the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus was noticed for the first time in the megacity of Whuan in the Chinese province of Hubei. It is quite similar to other coronaviruses from the animal kingdom such as SARS and MERS. The disease quickly turned into an epidemic in the following weeks, which is why China immediately took far-reaching measures such as quarantine zones, travel restrictions and fever measurements on travelers. On January 30, the WHO declared an international health emergency. In the meantime, 68 nations worldwide have been affected, around 87,000 people infected and around 2,990 people died as a result of the infectious disease, including 29 Italians and two cases in France (as of 01.03, current figures).


At least those are the official numbers, which are increasing with every hour. Italy is home to the largest outbreak in Europe with currently around 800 infected people (rising rapidly!), Here too the government has acted and established quarantine zones, as well as closed schools and canceled events. The virus has also arrived in Germany and is spreading: 117 cases are currently known. An attempt is made to isolate the herd, but the chains of infection can no longer be traced in some cases. Measures so far (as of March 1st): The population should wash hands and not believe any conspiracy theories.

China’s CCP – Can We Trust the Communist Party?

According to official data from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the infectious disease outbreak started from eating a bad bat soup at an animal and fish market in Wuhan. The CCP provides the entire government of China and controls the communist country with an iron fist. Can any information from the CCP be trusted at all? As a reminder who we are dealing with, a short historical review follows.


It started with Mao Zedong who killed many millions of people in order to gain full control of the country with his communist party. During the Second World War he allowed and supported the Japanese army to invade China so that they can purposefully wipe out the warring Kuomintang Party (Chinese National Party). After Mao came to power, famine and political assassinations followed. He later forced priests and monks to rewrite religious books or add things to them. Everyone who refused was killed or spurned, everyone who took part became party members. To this day, all temples and churches in China are run by priests who are party members first and foremost. Jesus was completely cut out and today there are members who join meeting arrested and tortured in underground churches, solely for possession of Western Bibles. Read here.

In addition, a mass spiritual movement called Falun Gong was forcibly suppressed by the party in the 1990s. The movement was based on the values ​​of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance and practiced a form of Chi-Gong meditation in larger groups. This goes against everything that the party stands for (lies, corruption and violence) and was therefore assessed by it as a danger, also because you are afraid of every mass movement that is not under control. As a result, practitioners were arrested en masse and millions of them were put in specially built prisons.

falun gong 22

falun gong2
Falun Gong

As it turned out in 2006, they are still being killed in these prisons today and the party is engaged in lucrative trade with their organs. The burden of proof for this is overwhelming today. In addition to hundreds of witness reports, there have also been strikingly short waiting times for organs since 1999 and an organ market in China that was also exploding at the turn of the millennium. The international community allows the genocite to happen, presumably because most of them are economically too dependent on China. The CCP, of course, denies systematic organ harvesting and sometimes puts whistleblowers who tell otherwise in jail.

organ 2



Belief in God in general contradicts the party’s narrative, which always comes first and is more important than any other belief. She is always flawless and always right. For example, when new stadiums and hotels were built for the Olympic Games in 2007, but people refused to move. So that their houses were simply flattened with a bulldozer without further ado. And then there would be the Orwelian surveillance measures implemented by the party, including the perfidious ‘social credit’ system. Read here.

So, the Chinese communist government is completely corrupt and not even remotely trustworthy. So, even with the Corona crisis, all official information from China is in doubt. China’s party is all about striving for power. Now that they have full control in their country, they want to increase their influence outside of it. That is why China has invested 125 billion dollars in Africa to buy land and precious metals and to do business with many African countries. Which in turn support China. At this moment, China is also building something similar to a second ‘Silk Road’, just to Africa to strengthen its already strong trade and economic power. Read here.

silk road5

The Origin of the Virus

The origin of the virus has not been proven one hundred percent, but the Chinese government and the WHO assume that it comes from a bat, since they contain SARS-like coronaviruses that are genetically very similar to the COVID-19 virus. No proof of this has been presented to the world public. One must not forget that the WHO and the Chinese government have extremely close ties. Before taking office, the current WHO chairman, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, held high political positions in Ethiopia, one of China’s closest business partners and allies in Africa. The CFR also accuses Ghebreyesus of being biased in favor of China in assessing the current epidemic. From the article it becomes clear: China has had its man at the top of the WHO for a long time. Read here.

xi jinpin
Xi Jinpin with Grebeyesus, the only official meeting the CCP chairman had until now in 2020.

And he looks away with thanks when China forbids foreign doctors to come into the country to support them or the extent of the epidemic is covered up and veiled, in which 29-year-old whistleblowers have been killed before … uh, die of the coronavirus. China covered up; like they did in 2002 with the SARS virus. A strong indication that the danger of the virus is much greater than is claimed. If you make the Chinese population heard, you also notice that China is much more overwhelmed with the situation and that the whole thing has long since got out of hand. This man here is risking his life saying:

The bat story is pure propaganda. But where does it come from?

Biological weapon

According to the CCP, the virus outbreak started in January 2020, but reports of sick people have been going on since early December. So why did the authorities in Wuhan downplay it until they declared an emergency? Because they knew very well that when they implemented the travel bans, millions of Chinese had already left the country for their New Year celebrations or were traveling within the country. By lying to the public about the timing of the outbreak, they were able to evade the guilt of this negligence. The New York Times actually wrote a good articleabout how China wanted to completely cover up the outbreak of the corona virus, as the former CCP chairman Hu Jintao demonstrably did for 3 months with the SARS virus in 2002, until he realized that he could no longer cover it up and had to come up with an excuse . But why? In the end, doesn’t all people suffer from it? As reporters from Caixin-Media say , “If all medical workers are unwilling to take a small risk to tell the truth and the media cannot tell the truth, everyone, including doctors, will end up being victims.”Where are you so afraid from … maybe because the whistleblower doctor who warned of a SARS-like virus epidemic in December died under mysterious circumstances (allegedly of Corona at 29)? What is it that you want to cover up so much?

Li Wenliang, a hero who pays with his life.

Probably the much darker possibility that this is not a natural outbreak at all. In Wuhan there is namely a laboratory (Wuhan Institute of Virology) with a biosafety level -4, the highest security level. This means that this laboratory is able to work with the deadliest and most dangerous phatogens known to mankind. This lab is also fairly new and is part of a plan to build 5-7 of these BSL-4 labs in mainland China by 2025, which naturally raised global concerns. And of course the institute recently worked on a novel coronavirus by chance.

china wuhan lab5
China Wuhan Lab

Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

And then there is the case of the two Chinese scientists who were fired from the Canadian ‘Winnipeg National Microbiology Lab’ and are currently under investigation by the Canadian government. Read here.

The couple have traveled regularly from Canada to China to visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now they are accused not only of having passed on know-how without permission, but also of stealing virus samples from the Canadian institution and bringing them to Wuhan. And the Canadian Institute also worked with … oh miracles … coronaviruses. This picture speaks for itself.

hubei wuhan2
Hubei Wuhan

At the same time there are very suspicious reports from the Department of Justice:

Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and two Chinese nationals were charged in connection with aid to the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, a professor in the chemistry and chemical biology department at Harvard University, was arrested this morning and charged with making a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement on one case.

Yanqing Ye, 29, a Chinese national, was also charged in a single indictment today of visa fraud, false testimony, foreign government agent and conspiracy.

Also worth mentioning in this context is the testimony of Dany Shoham, who wrote to the Washington Post . The former Israeli military intelligence officer, who has experience with biological warfare in China, says the BSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan has links to the Chinese government’s covert biological weapons program.

These are all just coincidences.

You don’t hear a word about any of these things in the mainstream media. After all, it comes from a bat, so it can’t be right…

source 1

The statement made by a senior Chinese military officer in a speech 20 years ago is also frightening. The Chinese Defense Minister General Chi Haotian gives a glimpse into the warfare strategies of this country:

“We’re not so stupid to go down with America by firing nuclear weapons. Only by using non-destructive weapons that still kill many people do we have the opportunity to claim America for ourselves. “

Hmm This Epoch Times article discusses whether that is exactly what was planned with the Coronavirus, but backfired and accidentally released in China. Very interesting. Read here.

Then this information bomb came to light. In this video, Heng He speaks to The China Report, a senior political analyst focusing on China and the Chinese Communist Party, shares how the Chinese regime covered up initial reports of the virus’ spread and why it is censoring information about the virus. He tells of many biological and technical details of the current corona virus and that the current COVID-19 virus has a 100% match with another virus in a genetic database in China and that this virus is attributed to this virus by the People’s Liberation Army (the party’s military) added to this database. Such a high agreement is completely impossible in a natural way. He also says that it is theoretically possible for a corona virus to jump from a bat to humans, but not with such a rapid spread. Unless the virus was deliberately put into Wuhan’s main water supply. A whole pandemic from a single bat would require a massive viral concentration (infectious particles per milliliter). However, according to Heng He, this is extremely rare. Even if he does not like the idea of ​​a conspiracy, he has to admit that people must have intervened here. According to him, the bat virus has been artificially modified so that it can spread to humans on a large scale! For this change he was used after the SARS virus. It should also be extremely unnatural that the COVID-19 virus looks exactly the same all over the world and has not changed, despite different environmental conditions. A normal virus keeps changing in different areas and bodies, but since this virus is put together artificially from two different parts, it does not do that. Here is the whole video, be sure to watch it.

The water supply is frightening, euronews also reported a case in Hong Kong in which a building complex with a hundred people was quarantined because it was suspected that the virus had spread through water pipes throughout the building. Read here.

It’s also crazy that the scientists at Hong Kong Ploytechnic University have invented a fully automated multi-diagnosis system in which 30 viruses, including COVID-19, can be detected within an hour. Up to now, it took 24 hours, valuable time of dissemination that could be saved with a faster system. But these scientists are unfortunately forbidden from any financial support. Read here.

Without them, however, it cannot be used on a large scale. Meanwhile, various organizations and wealthy people like Bill Gates are spending a lot of money on a re-marketable cure, but not on something that can slow its spread. Why?! Economic interests are probably more important here again.

polyu diagnostic system press release2
PolyU Diagnostic System Press Release

So far, the crisis has once again shown all the signs of a covert / or wrongly gone bio-weapon attack, but because it is not enough, there is still the fingerprint that the cabal leaves in all its false flag attacks: exercises in advance. Whether Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, 7/7 London attack etc etc, there were always large-scale exercises by the local security services and authorities shortly before the event or even during it, which EXACTLY simulate the event which actually happens shortly afterwards. On September 18, 2019, Wuhan Tiahhe Airport carried out an emergency drill to test the large-scale outbreak of a corona virus. Something like that is not too unusual, but of all 10,000 viruses you take Corona, of course? And that 2-3 months before the real outbreak? Pure coincidence, of course…. Remember, in their crude luciferism philosophy they need our ‘admission’ for their plans and therefore they tell us beforehand what they are going to do. For example again in The Simpsons, the animated series of the 33rd degree Freemason Matt Groening.

Bill Gates Connection?

It is currently circulating that Bill Gates has a patent on the coronavirus. This is what this patent means:


However, this is not the coronavirus COVID-19 of the current pandemic, but another coronavirus that has been patented for the development of vaccinations. Nevertheless, contrary to the media’s claims, Bill Gates does have something to do with the patent. Pirbright, the institute responsible for the patent, even writes on their website that they are sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read here.

Bill Gates has made population control his life’s work. Overpopulation is one of the greatest lies of our time and one of the most important cornerstones in the Cabal’s plan is to make the population sterile and reduce it to a manageable number. Mainly from war and epidemics.

georgia guidstones
The Georgia Guidestones with the Cabal’s eugenic schemes. We’re supposed to drop below half a billion.

In the meantime with great success: Thanks to decades of one-child policy and an acute shortage of women, China will probably have reached its population peak by 2023 (much earlier than expected!). Read here. And then the numbers of the most populous country will even decline. In addition, there is currently a global infertility crisis that has now even penetrated the mainstream. Thanks to the 200 proven hormone disruptors (such as BPA) in our plastic bottles, packaging and pesticides. Read here.

The New York Times speaks even from the ‘subpopulation bomb’ and a ‘well-intentioned mistake’ that is now flying around our ears. Oh no, not a mistake but a decade-long plan to reduce the population that is now bearing fruit. The great irony is that the NYT in particular has fueled the overpopulation hysteria without end in recent years. Read here.

I also find it interesting how Gates warned us in a TED talk that the earth is not prepared for a new epidemic. That was 4 years ago when Ebola hit West Africa. Quote: “Next time we may have less luck. Another virus can be transmitted even if the sick are still feeling healthy, get on a plane or go to a market. ” So exactly what is happening and while he is speaking these words, a picture of a Chinese airport terminal is shown on the slide … .Hmmm….

What to do?

One should not take the situation lightly and be prepared for all eventualities. In my opinion, this also includes being prepared for any quarantine measures or blockages of the public supply systems. In addition, you should of course pay attention to your hygiene and strengthen your immune system with sufficient vitamin D³, meditations, and get enough sleep. But still stay calm with everything and maintain confidence in your own abilities and the strength of your own body, because the parasites that rule our world feed on our fear. Where this epidemic is leading can hardly be determined according to the current status and pure speculation. It could be the endgame plan described here (the creation of a world government) for which a pandemic is essential.

But I can also imagine that it is not about the endgame, but just another trial lesson, the virus sweeps through the world only once and kills a few thousand. We then have to be careful in the time afterwards in which direction the pandemic is politicized (chip implant? Vaccinations? Internet censorship against ‘fake news’?) And which topics should be distracted, the Hong Kong protests perhaps?

Since this is going to be so long again I’m going to quit now and will write a second article in a few days, after all the situation is changing from hour to hour. Here I go into more detail about China’s power games in the background and what the pandemic could have to do with 5G mobile communications.