France: Is Bruno Le Maire spilling the beans on the health pass?

Bruno Le Maire appeared before the MEDEF end of August for the inaugural session of the “REF”, the former summer universities now given an incomprehensible acronym.

Speech by Bruno Le Maire at the MEDEF Conference

His 15-minute speech, which followed a long speech by Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, was made up of all the platitudes fashionable in the caste, from Plato’s cave to the benefits of scientific progress, including the energy transition, the scientific truth and the necessary reconciliation of freedom and the common good, and allowed us to obtain some valuable information on the health pass… The truth always comes out of Bruno Le Maire’s mouth.

It is absolutely necessary to listen to Bruno Le Maire’s speech at the MEDEF conference to understand the reality of the fears that are gripping the government today. In 15 minutes, the Minister of the Economy has indeed spelled out, in the middle of his usual platitudes, some truths cleverly hidden until now by the government. And these truths really deserve to be considered.

The Ballyhoo of the Economic Recovery

As usual, Bruno Le Maire gushed about the ongoing economic recovery, with a very encouraging direction of consumption, a 6% growth outlook and a return to the economic activity of 2019 (which was such a mediocre year that Germany was almost in recession there, remember) as early as the end of 2021, as if everything was going well.

If one remembers that the loss of GDP in 2020 was more than 8% and that Bruno Le Maire anticipates growth of 6% for 2021, one wonders how it could be that the activity of 2019 is recovered with a differential of at least 2 points of GDP between the two years. But one assumes that, for Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, self-proclaimed friend of scientific truth and responsibility, and his MEDEF henchmen, this kind of reminder of official lies is petty. They are serious and credible people, compared to the irresponsible ones who criticize the governmental communication. The high-flying arithmetic of asking how 8 – 6 can make 0 does not reach them.

Acknowledgement of the Duration of the Crisis

While neither Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux nor Bruno Le Maire thought it was useful to explain their ideas on how the huge COVID debt was going to be repaid (again, a point of detail that should not occupy serious and credible people), the Minister clearly explained that the health crisis was going to last for several more years and that we had to fight a long war.

Really? but we thought that the vaccination of 80% of the population was “THE” magic solution to solve the problem. Were we lied to? Wouldn’t the tens of billions spent on the purchase of vaccines solve the problem of the virus once and for all?

We understand above all that, in this health crisis, the caste in power and the bureaucracy that surrounds it have taken their ease. The permanent emergency is a much more comfortable mode of government than democracy. Terrorizing people with viruses must provide a remarkable enjoyment of power.

We also understand that the health pass is made to last! Even if Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux has called for its rapid withdrawal, Bruno Le Maire’s words reveal the true intentions of a strategy radically opposed to freedom: to exploit the viral situation for several years, to make digital identity indispensable in all acts of social life. Read here.

The extension of the health pass beyond November 15, and its maintenance in force “for several years” has already been decided, and Bruno Le Maire is not hiding it. One just wonders how the audience participating in the MEDEF gathering can be so apathetic in the face of official elucidations where the health pretext becomes less and less credible.

The Cost of the Health Pass at the Center of the Debate

While a few days ago, Bruno Le Maire claimed that the health pass had increased the turnover of restaurants by 5%, he held a completely different speech before the MEDEF. It must be said that Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux did a great job in explaining all the good he thought of the health pass, but deploring the strong loss of turnover that this system of discrimination has caused in some sectors.

Here again, one wonders by what hypnosis the bosses can accept to be represented by a champion of liberticide devices that torpedo their activity and their prosperity.

Bruno Le Maire announced that a meeting would be held on Monday with representatives of the sectors torpedoed by the health pass. Well, well, well, this digital identification tool at the entrance of restaurants would not be the great success that the government claims? It would even put companies in difficulty?

Apathy in the Face of Governmental Incoherence

Let’s recap! Bruno Le Maire came to explain to the MEDEF that growth would be 6% in France in 2021 after a drop of more than 8% in 2020, and that we could therefore talk about a return to normalcy by the end of the year. But he warned that the health crisis would still last for several years. He acknowledged that the health pass was causing merchants to lose business, but he announced its extension, not to say its permanent installation. And the bosses applaud, because swallowing the government’s nonsense is the mark of intelligence: doubting the official propaganda is the mark of conspiracy and obscurantist minds.

This is what is called zombifying public opinion.