Human Clones, Synthetic Humans – Do they already Live with us?

They look like us, talk like us, and even seem to think like us. And yet they are someone else. Human clones. Complete biological duplicates. Will they soon live among us? According to some researchers and insiders, they already do.

Human Cloning

In 1997, embryologists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland announced that they had successfully cloned a young sheep, “Dolly”, from a cell removed from the mammary gland of an adult sheep. The public reaction to the news was quick. The story made the front page of the New York Times, TIME magazine and dominated television news and talk shows around the world. Did it mean, people asked, that this was also possible with humans? Had we gotten closer to human cloning?

US President Bill Clinton responded immediately, stating that the cloning of Dolly the sheep “raises serious ethical questions, particularly about the possible use of this technology to clone human embryos . ” Clinton called for legislation banning human cloning, as did thirteen European countries, including the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (STC), which stated that UK law needed to be changed to ensure that human cloning was illegal is. French President Jacques Chirac and German Research Minister Jürgen Rüttgers also called for an international ban on human cloning.

Stuffed sheep Dolly and her ‘Schaffer’

Clonaid and the Raëlism Movement

Raëlism is a UFO religion founded by Claude Vorilhon in 1974. They teach that life on earth was created by an alien race called the Elohim. The Elohim then deliberately presented themselves to human cultures as angels or gods and were thus worshiped as such. Jesus, Buddah and Muhammad are said to have been the messengers of the Elohim. The founder of the religion received a message from the aliens asking him to enlighten the world about the Elohim and when the world becomes peaceful enough they would wish to be welcomed by humanity. The movement has its headquarters in Geneva and now has 100,000 members around the world. The religion’s logo is a swastika in a hexagon, which has made it difficult for them to build an embassy for aliens in Israel.

Raelism logo

Why am I telling you about this movement here? Raelism believes that cloning can help humanity advance and founded an organization called Clonaid in 1997, which has attracted a lot of attention. They want to get closer to immortality and give homosexual / infertile couples the opportunity to have genetically identical children. The Canada-based company announced a human baby clone named Eve on December 27, 2002 to have given birth. Back when Cloneaid was founded, European countries like Great Britain had banned human cloning, but the United States only had a moratorium on the use of federal funds for research on human cloning. US President Bill Clinton called for private companies to pass their own moratorium. Claude Vorilhon, the founder of Raëlism, opposed this move, denying that the technology used to perform the cloning was inherently dangerous. After the first child allegedly remained healthy, which was cloned with their DNA for a lesbian couple, several other human baby clones are said to have been made in the course of 2002-2004.

However, little to no evidence at all has been presented to the public for the laboratories’ claims over the years, which is why many parts of science have been extremely skeptical and many consider the whole Clonaid thing to be a publicity stunt. But maybe it isn’t? But it definitely fueled the public debate about human cloning around the world at the time. In 2002, after a South Korean woman became pregnant with a clone of Clonaid, cloning was made a criminal offense in South Korea (up to 10 years in prison), after which the woman fled. Here is the old page of But maybe it isn’t? But it definitely fueled the public debate about human cloning around the world at the time. In 2002, after a South Korean woman became pregnant with a clone of Clonaid, cloning was made a criminal offense in South Korea (up to 10 years in prison), after which the woman fled. Here is the old page of But maybe it isn’t? But it definitely fueled the public debate about human cloning around the world at the time. In 2002, after a South Korean woman became pregnant with a clone of Clonaid, cloning was made a criminal offense in South Korea (up to 10 years in prison), after which the woman fled. Here is the old page of Clonaid. Read here.

Were there really no human cloning experiments in front of Dolly the sheep? Even TIME magazine wrote about the first duplicated human fetus as early as 1993 , and the BBC is said to have reported about secret, at that time not yet illegal, human cloning experiments in South Korea, England and other places five years earlier. Read here.

Years later, the story was passed off as ‘fake’ in South Korea. Sure, 40 million dollars in money for a fake of a single talented clone scientist, and nobody should have noticed who believed it. Did you have to go back a few steps because the public response and ethical concerns about human clones still weren’t right? Or is the Cabal confiscating all new clone developments for their black budget programs?

Secret Organizations and Undemocratic Black Budget Sector

However, experiments with cloning are said to have taken place much earlier. A radio podcast by Alex Jones mentions a TimeLife article from 1965 that was already about cloning and even included pictures of human clones, cloned calves, the growth of these, artificial wombs … I thought cloning started in the 90s ? Here it is shown that they already did it in the 60s.

January 24, 2018 – Scientists from the Neurological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully cloned a monkey, breaking a crucial hurdle on the path to human cloning. But is this success really the first of its kind as communicated in the press?

It is now generally accepted that secret military science projects are generally two to three decades ahead of their public equivalents. Do not forget: The Internet, GPS, computers, drones, walkie talkies, penicillin, aircraft engines, microwave ovens, space travel / rockets, blood transfusions to name just a few of the inventions that were developed in the military sector and were only 20 -30 years later came on the public market and changed the world. Some of these have been kept secret for a long time. This means that the technological and scientific advances of the shadow government are about thirty years ahead of those available/known to the general population (up to 50 years according to David Wilcock’s insiders). Combine this with the unimaginable sums being spent on Black Budget programmes, which are officially said to be $81.1 billion per year, but according to independent sources are closer to $2-3 trillion, and absolutely anything seems possible.

These sums are difficult to calculate because, strictly speaking, these unacknowled special access programs do not exist, neither the public nor the US Senate, not even the president have any insight into or influence on the funding and content of these top secret programs. The reason is of course the old manslaughter argument: for reasons of national security . So in 2008, Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer aptly said:

“It is ironic that the US would start a devastating war, ostensibly in search of weapons of mass destruction, when the most disturbing developments in this area take place in your own backyard. It is paradoxical that the US is waging immensely expensive wars to supposedly bring democracy to these countries, even though it can no longer claim to be democracy itself when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars, have been spent on projects which both Congress and the Commander-in-Chief do not know about. ” See here

The “official” numbers (as of 2017), actually much higher, but without Snowden we wouldn’t even have these here.

Also legendary is the statement by Donald Rumsfeld, who confessed in a speech on September 10, 2001 that the Pentagon had “lost” 2.3 trillion dollars (!). See here.

Conveniently, the next day was the biggest attack in US history and the scandal was immediately forgotten, because “stupidly” all the documents on the case were in the wing of the Pentagon that was destroyed. This taxpayer’s coal has surely found its way into black budget programs. Here you can see their extensive “free will” nonsense, they told us, but on purpose shortly before they carried out 9/11, so that everyone forgets. According to estimates, Russia also has a 3.2 billion black budget program contingent, which is just as much as that aloneDepartment of Justice of the USA (see graphic).

The US government has been able to prove several times that it was able to keep very large projects completely secret for a very long time. For the 4 year long Manhattan Project (construction of the first atomic bomb) several small cities with thousands of scientists and military personnel were built in the middle of the desert and not even the president knew anything about it until the first bomb was dropped. How is that possible, someone has to talk? Classic weak counter-argument when talking about great secrets over long periods of time. This is made possible by a need-to-knowHierarchy. That means: everyone involved knows just as much as they need to know in order to fulfill their part on the whole. What you don’t know cannot be blurted out. Most only knew that they were helping to end the war as they went daily to their respective jobs that could have been isolated for many things. Communication with one another was strictly forbidden and the work was therefore spread over many locations and levels, coupled with a fear and propaganda machine. Many only knew what they were working on years later. Only a handful of high-ranking military men had a plan of the big picture where secrecy could be more easily controlled, who also had very high patriotic / ideological intentions.

Other examples would be the NSA, whose very existence could be kept secret for 30 years, that of the NRO even 50 years! And we had to wait a very long time for the disclosure of the NSA programs. How many Manhattan projects are there today? How many secret organizations are there today? How big is the undemocratic black budget sector of the American military and intelligence services really inflated and how powerful is it? Which technologies are being researched there? Could there be some knowledge of what has leaked? Would these findings really be on the front pages of the major media ?

With these questions and the previous information in mind, let’s look at a few whistleblower statements about human cloning.

Whistleblower Donald Marshall

What the public didn’t realize at the time, according to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, was the fact that top secret human cloning experiments had been conducted in underground military bases around the world for many decades.

Marshall claims to have seen human cloning firsthand as an unwilling participant in human cloning from an early age. Marshall says elite scientists in every country around the world are using top secret cloning technology to create identical human clones that can be used in different ways. These near-perfect look-alikes can be used as proxies for high-ranking government leaders and elected officials, or they can be used to carry out secret espionage missions and dangerous acts of espionage.

Marshall explains that the public never sees this because all cloning activity takes place on many levels in deep underground military bases on state property with severely restricted access. World leaders will not even acknowledge the existence of these deep underground military bases, hundreds of which are being built at strategic points around the world, which is why they will never be asked to explain to the public what is really going on down there.

Marshall recalls visiting secret military bases as a young child, although he didn’t know he was a clone at the time, as clone bodies feel as real as real bodies. Only when Marshall was much older was he given a tour of the ‘grow rooms’, a deep underground of entire floors in which human clones are grown in the dark, floating in the water in stacked glass tubes. Marshall reports that the grow rooms are dark, dirty, and stink of the smell of urine. He explains that elite scientists usually create a series of the same clones at once, pick the best ones, and dispose of the rest, since it only takes 5 months and $ 30 for each body to reach full completion.

Marshall goes on to explain that there are many types of cloning technologies that are used to grow different types of clones. In replication cloning, top-secret scientists create ideal conditions in the laboratory for new life to grow, resulting in a perfectly formed baby clone. However, this process is time consuming as the baby clone, like any other human baby, has yet to grow and develop.

Instead, duplication cloning is preferred, in which by manipulating certain gene mutations, clone bodies can be brought to full maturity quickly within a few months and used immediately.

An example of cloning duplicates is the futuristic scifi thriller ‘The Island’ from 2005, in which wealthy sponsors invest millions of dollars in the care and nutrition of their clones who live in an isolated building complex without even knowing that they are clones that were created exclusively for the purpose of organ removal. Truth in Plain Sight?

It is noticeable that the people of the Cabal always get extremely old, over 90 to over 100, although they often do not have the healthiest lifestyle (cigars, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, etc.). Do you have access to medical resources that only exist in black budget programs? Probably. It is striking that David Rockefeller, who was 101 years old, is said to have had up to seven heart transplants by his private surgeon, most recently at the age of 101, while ‘normal mortals’ often have to wait forever for a suitable donor heart, if they even have to do it in time get a suitable one. Apart from the unbelievable potential for complications that comes with this procedure. With cloned versions of yourself that ‘store’ or live in some bases you would immediately have a donor who is also absolutely suitable, because with the same DNA there is no rejection reaction (or you send a few killers for a suitable donor heart). It sounds as if someone is (rightly) afraid of dying, but this story is not 100% verifiable. However, it is likely that he uses his wealth & influence (and his involvement in the cult) to get better medical care than most.

David Rockerfeller

In reality, however, according to Marshall, clone organs are grown too quickly and are not suitable for use in organ transplants. In addition, he claims that the science of human cloning is deeply flawed, with serious side effects, as cloning behavior tends to be unpredictable and unpredictable, with little impulse control.

This is reflected in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner (1982) , by director Ridley Scott, where special police or Blade Runner to hunt are used to replicants and delete GM workers who are so perfectly designed that they are not from real people distinguish. In an early scene, a blade runner, Leon Kowalski, tries to give the “Voight-Kampff” test to a suspected escaped replicant. The test consists of a series of hypothetical questions designed to elicit an emotional response. When Leon becomes frustrated by his inability to understand the test questions, he reaches for a gun and shoots the blade runner dead. See here.

According to Marshall, the replicant Leon shows typical cloning behavior. When confronted with what they don’t understand, they panic and react with violence. Because of this, any clones that are moved in public need special carers or handlers to travel with them and monitor their behavior. It is therefore common for politicians to be seen as part of their entourage, surrounded by their private aides and advisers, as well as famous celebrities flanked by personal assistants.

Apparently even Dolly the cloned sheep had serious side effects from the poor science of cloning. Soon after the successful clone attempt became known, the Norwegian daily Dagbladet headlined “Dolly eats herself to her death” and claimed that Dolly the sheep could not stop eating and was more than twice the size of her litter.

Marshall claims that news articles, like Dolly the Sheep cloning, are purposely posted to gauge public response and promote tolerance to the problem of human cloning, despite the opinion that doctors and scientists around the world believe the cloning technology is untested, unsafe, and morally unacceptable. Donald Marshall calls for a (real) worldwide ban on all attempts at human cloning. An example is this article here by ‘The Economist’ which is a hypotetical review of the history of human cloning in the year 2050, it is only noted at the bottom that the article was written in 2017. Read here.

Classic case of predictive programming to raise public awareness and test their reaction. Like everything that the cabal does in secret, clones should also be transported into the public domain, but this is only possible if they have been gradually desensitized. Or, the article could just as easily be largely the real story of human cloning with other dates.

Whistleblower George Green

George Green, a whistleblower who was a big shot in both the USAF and banking, but who has since died (murdered?), gave an interview to Project Camelot in 2008. In it he said, among other things:

“ We have cloned humans since 1939, there are eight countries that clone humans. – Where do you get your information from? – I get them from some of the people who are wanted to unpack them and they talk to me because they hope that I can get this information out because they are constantly being followed by two people and they are killed. But as soon as I talk too much about cloning, the people involved disappear, so I won’t go into too much detail, but there are areas where information about it is available. […] Do you know the movie ‘Boys from Brazil’? Take a look at it because it shows exactly how our government makes people. – Making people mean temporary? – No, running and speaking. – Do you mean genetically, are you talking about it? – Now it is shown in the film, but I will explain it to you now: All I have to do is take two cells from your body, we give them a small electrostatic charge, which acts like a fertilized egg. Once I have a fertilized egg, all I need is a recipient. So they hypnotized women, you know, convinced them that they were impregnated by aliens. And the fetus then begins to grow like the cows and sheep, it just needs the food. All we need is food. Now after 14 weeks the fetus is suddenly gone because around that time the fetus has developed its own blood supply. Then they used the pituitary hormone extract they developed, which accelerates the growth of the being. ” See here.

He also says that the clones have the same memories as the originals, as the memories can then be transferred from one person to the clone. This process can sometimes cause glitches. Several presidents and heads of state are said to have already been replaced by clones, eg George W. Bush, Hitler, Stalin, etc. Bethesda Hospital is said to have a clone base. He also claims that at Camp David, the presidents ‘leisure hut (actually a military base), the clones are’ processed ‘and the clones’ mistakes are corrected in the hospital wing there. The nurses there call them ‘the others’. I did some digging and this base is said to have been destroyed by the Alliance!

They have the same spirit, so to speak, but no soul. This cannot be copied, a soul only exists once and only animates one body at a time (usually) and cannot be copied. He says that these soulless beings were also prophesied in the Bible. These soulless bodies can then of course also easily be ‘occupied’ by demons / interdimensional aliens.

The film ‘Boys from Brazil’, mentioned above by Green, is about Josef Mengele who settled in Brazil after World War II and clones Adolf Hitler there several times. He then has these baby clones given to children’s homes at several strategic points in the world and observed from Brazil how his boys developed in the families they adopted, in the hope that one of them would relive the Third Reich. What at first sounds like very far-fetched science fiction could in part be based on facts. Today we know that the cruel concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele died in Brazil in the late 1970s and spent his old age there in Candido Godoi.Project Paperclip was brought to the USA after the war along with hundreds of other Nazi scientists and had to work there for the CIA in their MK-Ultra programs (there he was known as Dr. Green) . In return, he received no punishment and was probably protected by the CIA until the end of his life, because despite an ambitious search by Nazi hunters, he was never found.

Now in the said village where he lived and worked as a doctor, the rate of twin births is said to be 10 times above average, half of which are monozygotic which is also above average. And, as we all know, Mengele was obsessed with twins and preferred to experiment with twins in the concentration camps. In addition, many of these twins are blonde and blue-eyed, both of which are very rare in Brazil. Often this is justified solely with ‘genetic isolation’, but the current doctor in the village believes that it couldn’t have been that alone and even speculates that Mengele might have something to do with seeing here from the 8:35 minute onwards. See here.

Donald Marshall again – The Cabal Clone Bases

In the following I will reproduce a longer YouTube video and the statements of Donald Marshall in the same way and occasionally sprinkle additional information that I find appropriate. In general, his statements are pretty ‘mindblowing’, but I leave it up to you to decide how much you want to believe about it. I think it’s pretty authentic because firstly, in the picture that has emerged from my research in recent years, like a perfectly fitting piece of the puzzle, something connects and secondly because he doesn’t earn any money for the interview, for a book or in any other way with the story. If he was bragging about, he would have revealed his identity in some way. The video doesn’t even get that many clicks and his only motivation, he says, is “to destroy these people”. So, let’s go…

He says he has suppressed memories of cloning centers, among other things, which only came back up when he was around thirty. So similar to many other MK-Ultra victims and whistleblowers like Corey Goode etc. where all memories slowly come back in their late 20s to early 30s (Club 27). But it often takes years until everything has come back and you can classify everything (in terms of time) that you remember again. He and his whole family have lived there since he was 5 years old and he assumes that they will kill him for talking. According to him, people have been cloned since the end of World War II and there are supposed to be two methods of cloning. Replication cloning where you create a baby clone from cells, which then first has to grow (same person as baby). And then there is duplication cloning, where an exact, fast-growing copy of the human is grown in a thick tank. That would agree with what George Green and Donald Marshall said. According to him there are also several types which are referred to as Mark 1-4. Mark 1 already existed at the time of the Second World War, a primitive clone with many side effects. It was called an ‘organic robot’ although it was not supposed to have been robot-like on. Note: I did find a story that has been circulating on the Internet for a long time, according to which the Americans took up a hidden laboratory in Nazi Germany in 1945, in which they found several corpses of Soviet troops whose skeletons were partly made of metal. For example a metal leg prosthesis but sometimes also metal ribs. It emerges from this story that the Nazis studied this metal and perhaps tried to copy the bone graft that the Russians apparently developed. Were there augmented super soldiers / clones of the Nazis / Russians after all? More on that later, on with the anonymous whistleblower’s testimony.

Mark 2 is a clone that works through REM. Means: The Illuminati should apparently only communicate through their clones, that is, as soon as they go to sleep (REM sleep), their consciousness wanders into their clone in the cloning center and so they meet. In the past they used some tissue for cloning, and they used to use the foreskin of children that was removed in the hospital. That is supposed to have happened to him. Meanwhile, for the past 10 years they have improved the technology and now all they need is a tiny bit of blood to clone someone. According to him, 14 of the leaders of the G20 members go to the clone bases, but also leaders of other countries, cloning is very normal for them.

Then he goes into celebrities, according to him, among other things, Britney Spears was cloned in exchange for fame and fortune. However, this clone is ‘used’ every day by the Cabal in the cloning center every night. She no longer dreams of what a classic side effect of cloning is supposed to be and she and other cloned stars keep making allusions about this in their songs (cry for help or it’s the cabal’s ‘mocking philosophy’). The reason could be that our body is still animated by a soul and by cloning body and spirit can be copied, but not the soul. And since dreams are ‘journeys of the soul’, these are now canceled. He also says that the Celebritites are blackmailed as soon as they talk, their clone is tortured (remote controlled) which they should feel.


When a new clone is created and it comes to, it of course first wonders where it is, it has the same spirit and therefore the same memories as the original. The first reaction is that you may have been drugged and then abducted (you wake up tied up). As soon as you notice what kind of strange place you are in, you assume that you have to dream, but since everything feels so real and you can hit your face without ‘waking up’, this explanation is out of the question. The Illuminati then often tell them that they are in the astral world or the 5th dimension or something like that. Meanwhile, the original continues to live its normal life on the surface, unmolested by the whole thing, without noticing anything (for the time being), in the same way, the clone is usually not aware that it is cloned (as in ‘The Island’). Sick shit, you can barely imagine the level of confusion and hopelessness of a first-time clone.

Another perfidious aspect he goes into is that the Cabal gets school year books from all over the country, they choose a child there, send someone over there to get a small piece of tissue from the child and then clone that child into prostitution (call that see the catalog). Often people are cloned multiple times, sometimes deformations result, these ‘faulty’ ones are then simply thrown into the mixer. He also tells of Tyla Tequila’s clone, she is one who thought she had landed in the 5th dimension about which she also gives hints. He is also asked where these bases are, then he says that they are in underground bases, so-called DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases). For example, located in the Dulce Basein New Mexico a whole underground base for clone experiments and gene splicing, i.e. genetic mutations of humans and animals. Donald Marshall: “You don’t believe what shit I saw …”

Some of these DUMBs are gigantic and connected to one another by kilometer-long tunnel systems (with extremely fast vacuum transrapids, which have existed there since the beginning of the 80s). They are built with giant laser drills and are believed to be responsible for the inexplicable humming noises that have been heard in many remote cities across the United States. Hardly recognizable as such from above (if at all) they then go 10-50 floors down. In addition, a few hundred to a thousand people per base should be able to survive a few decades in the event of a nuclear holocaust or other doomsday scenario. That this will not be you and me, but rather the upper ranks of the cult is probably clear. There are also plant seeds stored, a great store of knowledge, as well as a gene bank of everything that has lived (similar to the Global Seed Vault) with which the world will be ‘resurrected’ after the planned total collapse according to the wishes of the cabal under their ‘god-like rule’ (if we allow this).  Read here.

Here are a few leaked pictures of such DUMB’s so that you can imagine the dimensions. Dulce Base, S-4 (Area 51), Pine Gap in Australia, Pattersburgh Base and Denver Airport are suspected to be DUMBs, among others. At the moment we are only interested in the fact that the greatest scientific geniuses are transported in such bases to research extremely ambitious technologies, including human cloning.

Could the cult have already been replaced by clones for some presidents? Have many of our stars been replaced by clones? Some assume that the cult would have an interest in cloning ‘their’ people. Stars, for example, are also a big investment for their owners, but if they don’t feel like getting out or something tragic happens to them, they could be replaced with a clone, if it’s worth it. Say if the reach (agenda value) and the financial value of the person is large enough. A clone, i.e. a synthetic human being, can of course also be completely customized, especially if you combine it with MK-Ultra Mindcontrol techniques. In addition, one clone can, for example, write songs or take photos while the other is on the way to a concert tour. Of course, the cult itself has the interest of the ‘spare parts store’ which has given them a long lifetime. In addition, through genetic manipulation and cloning, any size troop of super soldiers can be created for Speacial Black Ops with superhuman abilities (strength, endurance, psychic abilities, etc.). According to whistleblowers Corey Goode and Max Spiers, there is a secret Black-Budget super-soldier program under the name MILAB (Project Mannequin / Project Moon Shadow).

So the Cabal / Illuminati have the interest and the use. So if they have the skills to do so, that means one thing: They do it, because we shouldn’t expect ethical concerns from them.

Whistleblower Dr. Peter David Beter – Robotoids, human robots

Dr. Peter David Beter was a lawyer and investor who ran for governor in west Virginia in 1968. In 1961 he was remedied by John F. Kennedy to the office of General Council of the Impot-Export Bank of the USA, in which he remained until 1967. Between the 70s and 80s he published a couple of books and a couple of audio tape newsletters (a podcast from the 70s 🙂). In these he talked about fascinating things, including clones and ‘organic robotoids’ that live among us. I will try to translate his statement word for word.

“What I am about to reveal, I am revealing primarily for history. I know before I reveal that after hearing it and saying, it just can’t be, some of my listeners leave me. But I also know that the events of the coming days will be impossible to understand without knowing this secret, so I am not asking that you believe it just because I say it. What I ask of you is that you have an open mind, listen to what I have to reveal now. And then watch the events for yourself.

My friends, scientists around the world have been researching the fundamental mysteries of life itself since World War II. It has now been over a quarter of a century since the decisive discovery of the DNA double helix. Test tube babies are a reality now, and that began not so long ago in England, where the misunderstanding of DNA was first cleared up.

Then of course there are also clones. That is, creatures that are reproduced by artificial means that are exact replicas of an original. Clones of all types of animals have been successfully produced in the laboratories. But that’s not what worries people. In the recent past, word got around that human clones are also possible and that some may already exist. These final claims about human clones have been mocked, denied and suppressed by all sorts of officials. The reason for this is that the double human idea encounters a top secret realm of intelligence activity in both Russia and the United States. True clones are not involved, but something that has a superficial resemblance to cloning does happen. And the last thing the Powers that be wants for you and the public is to have a clue of what’s going on.

Both in Russia and in the West, research has been on the way to biological synthesis, i.e. to artificial forms of life, for many years. And according to high secret service sources, an astonishing breakthrough came in Russia a few years ago. The Russians are returning to this breakthrough as a conclusive discovery, something they discovered almost by accident. They discovered the key to creating what are known as organic roboteroids. An organic robot is an artificial robotic creature. She looks and acts exactly like a human and yet is not human. Robotoids are alive in a biological sense, but it’s an artificial life form. Robotoids respond to routine medical tests in the same way as humans do. They eat, they drink, they breathe, they bleed when cut, and they can be killed. Robotoids can think too, but they only think in the same way as a computer thinks. Like any other computer, a robotoid’s brain needs to be programmed for each assay it receives. But unlike many other computers, a robotoid’s biological brain has an enormous memory. As a result, robotoids can be programmed to communicate and think patterns so complex that they act humanly. Organic robotoids are remarkable creatures, but they have many drawbacks. They do not grow or multiply, but have to be produced individually in the desired shape.

Robotoids are not robots that look like humans, but artificially created humans that think like robots.

They also have a very limited lifespan, measured in months or even weeks, depending on how they are used. This is due to the fact that while their metabolism is similar to that of a human, it is very ineffective. A robotoid can be produced at short notice, within a few hours. But after a few weeks or months it suddenly begins to deteriorate physically and mentally. In this case, the robotoid must be withdrawn from the market and disposed of. To extend its lifespan as long as possible, a robotoid is usually cooled to slow its metabolism between assinments. Organic robotoids are extremely expensive, annoying creatures that have to be produced and recycled. And their abilities have not matched those of man, everything what they really can do is simulate people. But my friends, for intelligence purposes, that’s all you have to do. In order to produce an organic robotoid, it is necessary to have a pattern to act on. The pattern that is required is that of genetic coding, derived from a few cells in a human body. In this regard, the Russian technique sounds like cloning, but the technique itself is completely independent of real cloning. A robotoid is produced within a few hours and simulates a human donor at its current age. Like any man-made copy of anything, a robotoid is never a perfect copy of the human being to be simulated. There are always small differences in appearance and behavior,

According to him, they have to be cooled otherwise they will overheat. Now check out the live overheats from Katy Perry and Wendy Williams. Both seem to see something beforehand that only they can see and both sack suddenly and abruptly together. It looks like you flick a switch and just turn it off or blow a fuse. Katy also says: ” Master , I’m not feeling so well anymore” and after she sagged she is carried away by a Secruity like a broken Barbie doll. See here. And here.

The world is a stage with many actors

But could there be other reasons why the Cabal is cloning people? Reasons that may not be immediately obvious?

Some people have noticed that so many celebrities and politicians have incredible similarities with important people from the past. I would even go as far as to say that some of these people are the same people, they look so similar. Some believe this is evidence of time travel, but much more likely is the fact that the cult did a lot of incest to keep their blood and alleged ancestry from aliens / Lucifer ‘pure’. Members of one Illuminati bloodline are only married to members of other houses (bloodlines). This idea was also behind the racial ideology of the Nazi Socialists, whose leadership was also part of the cult. And so it can also be that for the ‘actors on the stage of world events’ they now present us with the same people from back then. According to the above whistleblowers, a small tissue or blood sample would be enough (two cells) to clone a person and so theoretically you can resurrect people who have been dead for a long time, as long as you still find a tiny blood sample. And with the ‘we have to keep our blood clean’ ideology that the Cabal has always had (think of all the royal families), I wouldn’t be surprised if blood samples from the ‘big family’ have been stored somewhere for centuries. Maybe in the underground secret artifact collection of the Vatican or every ‘Illuminati house’ has its own collection? However, this is all pure speculation, but still interesting to think about. The world is a stage with many actors.

It could of course only be coincidences and particularly suitable images have been selected. Still, the idea would fit into the ideology of the cult. Finally, it was found out that the majority of American presidents, Hollywood celebrities and European royalty are all related and cousins ​​x-degrees. And that’s no coincidence, I mean how big is the probability that rule is in the genes? It’s a big family that keeps their blood ‘pure’. You can always tell how proud she is of her bloodline, so Prince Charles once boasted about being descended from ‘Vlad the Conqueror’ (on which all the Dracula stories are based). Who knows of us mere mortals what the family tree looked like 10 generations ago, let alone the 34 (!) Generations?

Here are some pictures of the doppelgangers of the past with today’s important personalities. Synchronicity? Past Lives and Rebirth? Centuries-long tradition of inbreeding? Coincidence? Or can it be resurrected through cloning especially for the spectacle of world events?


Unbekannter and Eddie Murphy
Pope Gregory IX and Sylvester Stallone
General Douglas McArthur and Bruce Willis
Ellen Degeneres and Henry David Thoreau (Transvestigation?)
Justin Timerlake and Mugshot of an Unknown Criminal
General George Patton and Donald Trump
Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvet und Keanu Reeves
Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie
Conan O’Brian and Marshall Henry Twitschell
Nicolas Grigorescu and Orlando Bloom
John Travolta and unknown man of the 1860s
Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare.
Andrew Johnson and Tommy Lee Jones
Philip IV of Spain and Mark Zuckerberg
Peter Dinklage and Diego Velazquez’s “Portrait of Sebastián de Morra”
Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat, both actors
Nicolas Cage and Man from the Civil War

What do you think?

But not only insiders from their own ranks talk about clones, but also a surprising number of stars & celebrities address the topic directly or give hints in their music videos or song texts. Some are also convinced that they are a clone themselves, let’s look at a few statements.

A lot of stars talk about clone centers

Rapper BoB would be an example. He says that he has suppressed memories, but that he can remember something that corresponds to the description of cloning centers. He said when he recently found out about clones for the first time (through Donald Marshall) he was very scared. He started to wake up drenched in sweat at night, began to see things. He increased his security because he was afraid for his life. He thought that as soon as he spoke publicly about cloning they were going to kill him. “You have to understand how this shit works in this industry. This shit is all set. “

He also says that all the celebrities and rappers leave clues everywhere because nobody can talk. They have children or an agreement not to talk. And not only your career depends on it, but also your reputation and often your own life or that of your children as well. He also wants to make it clear that not everyone in this industry, not everyone who is cloned, is bad people. Many were just born into it and never had a choice. But many do not know that they are a clone, because most of them are also under MK-Ultra . Here he is talking about a few things:

What struck me: BoB does NOT happen to make any symbolisms, like the devil horns, 666, triangle, one-eye symbolism, etc.

BoB also tweets a lot about cloning centers and other things.

As mentioned above by Donald Marshall, reality TV star (and Hollywood prostitute) Tyla Tequila also spoke about the clone centers. She believes that she is a clone herself and that her original died in 2012. She has posted several videos talking about the Illuminati, the clone centers and other things. She also says that her only purpose is to distract the crowds. According to her, these videos have been severely limited in their reach. According to Donald Marshal, she had to atone for talking, her clone / original was tortured so badly that her counterpart almost died. In fact, Tila Tequila was the first celebrity to open up about it.

Nicki Minaj would be another Celebritie who tweeted about cloning, read between the lines here.

Even rapper Shawn Kreay claims to have seen the clone center.

But that was by far not all Twitter posts in the direction of Vrillex created a multi-part YouTube series about clone tweets.

Rapper Kid Buu gave an interview to Vlad-Tv and in this interview the rapper claims to be a second generation clone who escaped a cloning center.

“ So you were born in New Jersey? – Yes, my first generation, the original. I am the second generation now. You see, the celebrity birth certificate says I was born in Toronto, but that’s wrong. My first generation was born in Jersey, but I was cloned by Cloneaid in Canada. My model number is 011256801, which is assigned to you when you register for cloning. – OK. What nationality are you actually? – Sicilian and Puerto Rico. These are my two genomes. When I was cloned they erased a lot of memories, but when I stole the documents before I fled I read that the mother was Puerto Rican and the father was a sperm donor from Sicily. – Ok, so are you a test tube baby?- Yes.- […] So you were raised by your mother as a single parent? -Yes. –

Rapper Kid Buu says he’s a clone of Cloneaid.

What about your father – I don’t know how I said Cloneaid’s memories were erased so that the new gene could appear, depending on what new programming was done. I now believe in a new norm. I believe in a new norm, how do I do the creation, synthesis of DNA, immortality through clones and the transfer of consciousness. Am I not living proof Shoutout Cloneaid! [he makes the Devilhorns] What happened to my first generation: They took the skull because originally [inaudible] because if something happens to it, you can take it and send it back to Cloneaid so they can remove a bone fragment that is there (it shows with the Finger between his eyebrows) and this bone fragment contains all of your memories and your consciousness and with it they can create a reproducible replica of you, including your memories. And you can choose which memories you want to keep. This process has been around for a while. […] Yes, Cloneaid .. yes I don’t want to say too much that will end up on the internet. -And you are living proof of that?- Yes, living proof. I don’t have all of my memories. I don’t have many of them because of my alcohol and drug abuse as a teenager. It’s kind of like burning an MP3 CD. I mean you don’t do that anymore, but back then when you wanted to burn a CD you made a copy of the original. You put it in, it reads the disc, transfers all the data, I mean you get exactly the same as the CD, every track, every keystroke of the notes, everything. Now when I scratch this CD it is not possible to read all data from the disc. This makes it impossible to make a new copy of it. I think it’s amazing that it was even possible to clone Gucci Mane. I mean I don’t know if it was Cloneaid or some other company. -Yes, everyone says he was cloned as soon as he got out of jail. He looked different, he spoke differently … – Yes, even his teeth. I like Gucci, second generation Gucci. Maybe there are others, I think it’s not just hip-hop, pop stars too… Micheal was technically the first. – yeah? You’ve definitely perfected the process since. – Somebody has perfected something. “

This is another example of ‘Truth hidden in Plain Sight'(The truth is hidden right in front of our eyes), which is only dismissed as a joke and is quickly forgotten, and who takes it seriously is a weirdo who doesn’t get the ‘joke’. However, this is the cult’s typical approach. They show us what they are doing so that they do not break our ‘free will’, but do it as a joke or as a fiction so that the majority can ‘deflect’ their cognitive dissonance with a laugh and then loll back into the warm blanket of their ignorant worldview and can go back to sleep. Every convergence about it is then perceived as a joke or trolling and is ignored by the masses. No matter how obvious everything becomes, everything is dismissed as a joke or ignored. As long as the masses don’t take such issues seriously, they don’t care if a few do.

The crowds are so gebrainwashed even if his clone would have put beside him in the interview and he would have kept the orignal documents into the camera and then even Obama would put on TV and would confirm that he is a clone … EVEN would Taking it all for a joke, for a fake, for trolling over 9000, simply because there is such strong cognitive dissonancewould trigger whereby the mere possibility is immediately rejected. On the other hand, you can immediately invent an ISIS attack 100%, put it on the eight o’clock news and everyone would immediately swallow it without being asked because it fits into the conditioned worldview without any problems. That is the power of perception control. The power of trust used against us. The power of repression.

MK-Ultra Mindcontrol to the masses.

Even if every detail of what he says may not be correct, he specifically addresses some truths. The fact that he addresses Cloneaid and the transfer of consciousness shows that he must have dealt with the topic at least extensively. Remember BoB’s statement: Many can only leave hidden clues.

For example Eminem’s song: ‘Will the real Slim Shady please Stand Up?’ Maybe we should take the message of the song and the music video literally …

“There is a million of us, just like me, who curse like me, who just dont give a fuck like me, who dress like me, walk, talk and act like me and just might be the next best thing but not quite me ! “

Also, the different personas the stars often have, not only be part of their split personality (MK-Ultra) but also be different names for different clones, e.g. Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshal Matters, White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming) etc.

Then there is the incredible story of Britney Spears. I have already reported on her breakdowns  but until recently it was new to me that she had repeatedly brought clear references and warnings about cloning. So Britney Spears secretly started recording an album called ‘Original Doll’ in 2004 without consulting her label and managers. In December 2004, just before the New Year, she personally called a radio station in LA where host Jesse Lozano was doing a show and asked for her new song to be played. This first thought it was a prankmust have been, until suddenly Britney Spears really stood at the door of the station and had the song with her. In that song ‘Mona Lisa’ she clearly spoke of the fact that she (her alter ego Mina Lisa) had been cloned.

She’s the Original, she’s unforgettable
She want’s you to know, She’s been cloned
It’s kinda incredible
She’s so unpredictable (yeah, yeah)
She want’s you to know She’s been cloned, She’s been cloned, She’s been cloned

The unbelievable thing is that this text has been changed on (almost) all lyrics pages, but everyone who hears the song himself immediately hears that the text that was subsequently distributed does not correspond at all to what she is singing. this is the fake text: Listen here.

She’s unforgettable, she was a legend though
It’s kinda pitiful that she’s gone
It’s kinda incredible
She’s so unpredictable (yeah, yeah)
It’s time to let her go (yeah) cuz she’s gone, cuz she’s gone, cuz she’s gone

Listen to the song by yourself and decide by yourself. For me there is absolutely no doubt, the text below does not fit at all, but the above text looks like it does. In the comments, too, everyone noticed that the text clearly did not match what was heard.

‘They want her to breakdown and be a legend of her fall’ also became ‘ Now dont have a Breakdown you will hit the freakin wall’ in the lyrics pages. As a reminder, 3 years later Spears had her world famous breakdown.

The label was furious that they produced something on their own and stamped the album. It was never released and the song never played on the radio again, but you can find it on the internet. What else was she talking about on the album ‘Original Doll’, the title of which is a clear hint on cloning? Apparently she knew that her label wouldn’t like the thing, otherwise she wouldn’t be on her own, even before the album was finished, to the next best radio studio in order to bring the song to the public. It was particularly important to her that he should be heard in this form at least once before the label can prevent it.

No question, here the label has probably published a manipulated ‘official lyrics’, which was then simply adopted by most of the lyrics sites (approx. 5 of 7 had the fake ones) and Britney had nothing more to report. A little later, in March 2008 shortly after her forced admission aka reprogramming / clone exchange, Spears also released a cartoon music video in which she infiltrates and blows up a clone base . There she finds many clones, including one of hers … Insider Donald Marshall also said that he saw her in the clone center. This album was swept nicely under the carpet. See here.

Another example of ‘talking through the flower’ is Kevin Hart who in an interview said straight into the camera that he has three clones of himself. He says it deadly serious, of course the host of the show deflected by starting to laugh. The viedo has been deleted form youtube. The viedo has been deleted form youtube.

Chips in your head

According to Donald Marshall, the artificial consciousness of the clone or the organic robot / syntectics is often in a small (RFID) chip with an amplified transmitter, which fulfills two functions at the same time: firstly, you can control the consciousness, secondly, it constantly serves like a gun the chest, because such chips have the ability to trigger a deadly aneurysm remotely . These clones are called “chipheads” and the apple seed sized chips are called “consciousness chips” or “soul chatchers”.

“You can drill a hole in a person’s head or you can remove the eyeball and use a stick to insert the chip into the brain to a certain depth.”

According to Donald, planting a chip first gets the person ready and for about a month the person cannot do anything other than sleep and eat and they need to be looked after. The Cabal uses this technology itself to store its consciousness and if its body should die this consciousness is transferred into a new body, which makes it almost immortal. According to Donald, a Cabal company already exists in the public domain that does exactly that, only so far revealing half of what they are really capable of. Presumably he means the company Nectome (pay attention to one-eye symbolism in the company logo). Read here.

Believe it or not, the company is still planning to inject the brain with a special formula using a technique known as aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation (ACS) in the early stages. This will potentially preserve for hundreds of years the neural connections that, according to some neuroscientists, encode a person’s mind.

The hope is that at some point it will be possible to “digitize” this information and use it to “restore consciousness,” according to the company’s website. For example, it could give a glimmer of hope to terminally ill people who want their consciousness to live on. Well, according to Donald, exactly this technology has long been possible in the underworld of black budget programs, you just wait for the right moment to implement this technology in the mainstream and iron out certain bugs. The problem is that the technology is currently 100% deadly. But that can possibly only be the case for us normal people, error-free technology is left to the rich. Read here.

We are prepared for this in the Netflix series ‘ Altered Carbon’. In this dystopian future, the consciousness of every person is stored on a chip and can be brought into a new body at any time. Means: as long as the chip has not been destroyed, the body can die and you still survive.

The flat chip is located in the cervical vertebrae

The bodies are pejoratively called ‘sleeves’, i.e. suits (but the proximity to the word ‘slave’ was deliberately chosen). Everyone is forced by the One-World-State to get a new sleeve after the death of the sleeve, so one cannot die and is forced to live in a reign of the rich and powerful for all eternity. The rich naturally get the most beautiful and healthiest sleeves, the poor have to take what is left. The rich also live symbolically above the rest of society, because their city is above the clouds (like the gods), moreover they can not only transfer their consciousness but also copy it, i.e. even if the chip is destroyed they continue to live. Rich people can also afford to transfer their consciousness into a clone after death. This procedure is of course unaffordable for ordinary people. I honestly can’t imagine a worse hell, but that is exactly the state the cabal is aiming for. The technology for this already exists for the most part, but they have to slowly lull and manipulate us over the next decade or two into wishing for this enslavement (free will) and not even resisting it! Chip in the head, super practical! Upload consciousness, cool immortal! Why think for yourself when everything can be controlled by a god-like AI! Who needs a soul, a higher sense, meaning, real feelings… Let’s just be gods ourselves! So the thought makes me sick to my stomach. And I think they’re speeding up the process a little bit lately, because the world is waking up.

Uroboros and infinity symbolism

When we talk about chips, there is the case of Nickelodeon star Amanda Byens who tweeted at her (MK-Ultra / Chip) breakdown that she had a chip in her head.

“My dad never did any of those things. The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me. “

Synthetic people

Dr. Peter David Beter already spoke of organic robotoids, by which he probably meant synthetic people. Flesh and blood robots with artificial consciousness. Sound crazier than clones? Well, just because it sounds extremely ambitious doesn’t mean it’s not possible. In fact, 100% artificially created organic human bodies are already being produced in the public sector, which are identical to the last vein with ‘real’, i.e. naturally born and grown human bodies.

The company SynDaver Labs has been producing very realistic synthetic bodies for several years. These are intended to serve as authentic training material for new doctors and surgeons. Medical students used to have to practice on cadavers. All muscles, organs, and systems of the body are meticulously depicted, and unlike traditional models made of rubberized silicone or stiff plastic, SynDavers’ are moist and pliable and resemble living tissue. The body even mimics what happens in the body during surgery or trauma, and presents the biological functions of a living person in distress, such as fluctuating breathing, blood pressure, and heartbeat. The body with all its organs also feels absolutely realistic. Everything can be simulated realistically, they bleed and can even bleed to death. Not only that, the bodies can also be connected to software with which certain parameters of the behavior of the body can be determined. The bodies were 3D printed from special tissue based on MRI images.

Now think about what is possible in the trillion-dollar black budget sector? If you connect these bodies with artificial intelligence / transferred consciousness and a robot skeleton, completely artificial people are created, indistinguishable from real people.

And now look how far we are already ‘on the surface’ with robotics. From month to month the robots are getting smarter, more capable and more human. The same applies to artificial intelligence and quantum computers. If we can continue to use our 30-year mark, robots should have existed at today’s level by the end of the 80s or even beyond. Even today’s robots look impressively alive, just imagine the possibilities of the black budget world of the deep state, which everything would be possible with small quantum computers. Science fiction is not as far from reality as one always wants us to believe. The patent collection of the DARPA (Technological Research Branch of the US Defense Center) alone leaves you feeling cold. Most only know the ‘super cool’ transport robots, you already know the ones that walk on four legs like a dog (yes, BostonDynamics is now owned by DARPA but Google). But remember: You are primarily an arm of the US Army, which means that the technologies are used as weapons and certainly not to do good for mankind. DARPA really do research on sick shit but of course they don’t go as publicly as the cute robo-dogs, robo-monkeys, robo-grippers, etc … Taste test?

-Teath laser (Direced Energy Weapons). Here and here.

-Brain implants. Here. And here. Another patent for a wirelessly communicable head implant.

– Hacking the nervous system of an octopus in order to use its camouflage abilities in the future (mind control through electrical signals). Here

-Studying the human fight or flight reflex using neuroeconomic models to study how the way we move changes when dealing with threats. Combine that with the two things that went ahead.

-Regina Dugan, a former DARPA employee who now works for Google and Facebook (that alone is an indication that the whole technological process is never intended as pure pleasure) is currently working on electronic tattoos that authenticate your password (Mark of the Beast ) and on a chip that can read your mind so you only have to think about the Facebook posts. She has also developed a pill that turns your whole body into a password. 1984 much? No such technologies have absolutely zero potential for abuse, please go ahead and say amen.

There are now algorithms that can predict your movements with 65-foot accuracy. Read here. Combine that with wireless chip implants and you are 100% merged in omipresent surveillance ( here , here , here , here ). Deviations in behavior are excluded, everything moves within the framework of action given by a godlike elite. And you always have to think that, what can you achieve with all these programs combined ? They all build on each other. And surprise, brain implants can be hacked. Read here.

DARPA can even remotely control live beetles, and by lucky coincidence, a FOIA request to the Washington Fusion Center (owned by the Homeland Security Agency) leaked a paper called “EM Effect on Human Body”. Read here.

These are, among other things, about “remote controlled mind control”. The documents do not look official, but were given to a journalist by a US government agency, presumably by mistake. I think that something like that is going on in the black budget world. Maybe an insider who leaked these things on purpose? Did heads roll after that? There was no response to further inquiries. But there it is described that voice-to-skull technology was introduced as early as 1974 that really exist today.

But not only that, DARPA goes even further.

For example, they are currently developing a biometric sensor with which they can look through walls and identify you just by your heartbeat.

-DARPA scientists have learned how to control a rat brain via the Internet , after 15 years of research they learned how to transfer information from one brain to the next and thus control the thoughts of the test subject. (Why do they want to be able to do something like that, think about it ??)

– Physical intelligence program , robots are built with real brains (“will look and think like a human brain”). Read here.

– And actually they also have a project called “Avatar” , which is “just like the movie, but with robots instead of aliens”. Read here.  You really can’t think of something like that. They are working on “interfaces and algorithms so that a soldier can work effectively with a semi-autonomous two-legged machine and it can act as a soldier’s deputy.” According to David Wilcock, something like this has been around since the 80s and the deep state was even so brazen in the second alien Just film a real oneLet roboskeleton occur! And “coincidentally” the film was also directed by James Cameron. This guy, who also had the best submarine in the world built to dive into the deepest place in the world, has ‘Predictive-Programming’ and ‘Disclosures’ ( The Abyss and Terminator for example) in almost all of his films. . These things also appear in Edge of Tomorrow.

-Luckily we can still find out about it on the Internet, but hups, here DARPA wants to master the science behind propaganda , and in doing so, “take narratives and make them quantifiable in a rigorous, transparent and repeatable way.” Read here.

With this knowledge, the military can also address groups susceptible to terrorist recruitment tactics with their own counter-report. “The government is already trying to control the message, so why not science to do it systematically?” There’s really nothing to add to that smh … but yes the US government is already doing this. Sounds to me like its own propaganda, which is also driven by technology and impregnated with the thickest budget (which makes US propaganda much more dangerous).

DARPA were also the ones who invented the Internet and GPS. What, did you think they were university scholars? Well, whose payroll were they on? Correct. And did you know that DARPA also invented social media ?

And I have not even started at IARPA (Intellignece Advanced Research Projects Agency). What the DARPA is to the military, the IARPA is to the NSA. Very black-ops-heavy, you can hardly find anything about the activities of this organization. A program is concerned with predicting the real future with archive data …

Coastal people, indistinguishable from real people. This was revealed in the current “sciencefiction” series ‘Westworld’ . And the naked, white organic skeletons of these robots are quite similar to those from SynDaver Labs.

In the end, they are indistinguishable from real people and serve as play dolls for the rich elite in a huge enclosed amusement park, where the Wild West is simulated, there are no laws or moral obligations. In other words: an absolute sense of power. After all, they’re not real people but ‘just’ synthetic human robots (called there: hosts ) with whom you can do anything (murder, rape, mind games) … but who behave exactly like real people, caught in an eternal loop of their programmed History. Was this the wet dream of the elite shown or is this ‘Truth in Plain Sight’ and this dream has already been fulfilled with Hollywood and the underworld of the Cabal?

Then there is the series Humans , which plays with a similar idea. Synthetic human robots that can be used for housework and all sorts of things (sex for example). And of course, these artificial, soulless people eventually become murderers. As an advertising campaign, they looked again at the level of acceptance of such morally eroding technologies in the population. Because a commercial was shown on television promoting the acquisition of a so-called ‘Persona Synthetic’, but without any indication that it was an advertising campaign for a television series. See here.

They even created a fake page where you can buy your personal soulless synthetic slave. I’m sure the Cabal has been watching the reactions to this campaign very closely. Read here.

As with all things, we are being desensitized by the media with this idea. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, they are increasing the acceptance of implementing these technologies slowly and drop by drop in our lives. Second, you hide the reality of these technologies in fiction, so that any discussion about the reality of these things is nipped in the bud. And thirdly, they do not break our ‘free will’ in this way, because they show us their plans and therefore we agree to it, so to speak. In their belief a universal law that cannot be broken (in Luciferism, Lucifer brought us free will). In the end, however, they extend the matter of free will extremely, after all, they have put the majority of people in such a conditioned trance state, that can no longer really be the talk of ‘free will’, because most of them have no plan what is going on and that certainly gives the cult a diabolical joy.

How do you think that the technology of science fiction films will always become a reality over time? Because science was inspired by Spock? C’mon … The technology already exists and genre-defining authors receive anonymous briefings and ‘extreme inspirations’. As soon as the deep state has recognized an agenda benefit for a technology, some Elon Musk or Steve Jobs gets a blueprint with the requirement to slowly develop the technology over many years and bring it to market. In return, he can put his name on it and earn money with it. The Iphone X was already possible 10 years ago, but incremental ‘improvements’ mean a constant cash flow. Technologies that are harmful to the agenda and cannot be used as weapons,

In general, an extremely large amount of the knowledge advances are based on the works of Nikola Tesla confiscated from John G. Trump (Donald Trump’s uncle). Read here.

Without exaggeration, the work of this genius was 100 years ahead of his time and therefore he has never shared some of his inventions with investors, because he knew that mankind was not yet ready for such powerful things and would only have made weapons out of them. But without him we would not have a radio, laser, infrared, alternating current, etc. Today, however, after his death he had no influence on what happened to his documents. Nikola Tesla could have turned the world into a utopia, but his unique ingenuity is now being used to secretly prepare a dystopia. But that’s a barrel that I’ll open another time!

Clones and Synthetics among us

Who is now all cloned? The list of ‘people’ on the stage called Weltgeschehen, who are said to have been cloned, is long. Too long to work on nearly all of them here. That’s why I’m only going into a few here (in addition to those already mentioned). How can you recognize clones and synthetic people?

They often have a blank and unsettling look. The eyes are supposed to be the gateway to the soul, but artificial people lack them or have been replaced by dark spiritual forces (archons, demons, extradimensional reptilians, whatever you want to call them). They lack the light when you look into their eyes, you can feel in your stomach that something is not right. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is the person spontaneous? Does your character have depth? Are you able to think about significant topics? Aren’t you taking yourself too seriously? Are you motivated by other things besides power, money and notoriety?

If all or almost all of these questions can be answered with no, one can almost certainly assume that it is an artificial, i.e. soulless ‘human’. Pay attention to details, after all, clones / synthetics behave very humanly on the surface and, like psychopaths, can superficially simulate emotions (in behavior and facial expressions), but have no real access to them. You just lack the connection. There is a certain cold heartedness there. And you can only tell if you pay attention to details, but you feel it much more easily. The saying that the devil is in the details is no coincidence.

They act weird and mechanical in their behavior, especially in situations that are unexpected or require an emotional response. Clear signs would be completely black eyes or briefly visible slit-like pupils, but I am now overlapping with another topic. You have a rather unknown and very easy to flesh out past. Obviously they can be recognized when errors and glitches happen and they no longer work as they should. They have a short lifespan and when they come to an end malfunctions occur, just like with the syntetics and robotoids. Often they are also a little more stupid than the original.

Take a look at these recordings of R&B singer Keke Wyatt, pay attention to her eyes and tell me that this is normal behavior.

Or check out ex-basketball player Jalen Rose while his handler gets him going again after he was shut down. Rose then said that he just followed the game with concentration and still his eyes don’t even follow the ball as one would expect. The guy doesn’t even blink.

Ex-basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is also really creepy, who is frozen with his mouth half open for a full minute during a live sports show and does not blink or even move a millimeter (left in the video). Especially strange, the colleagues ignore him completely, as if they want to cover up the glitch. Watch out for Charles Barkley on the right from 0:07 to 0:12, he even tries to make people behind the camera aware of it, he makes the ‘frozen face’ and hits the table. Even when the live image was gone for a moment and showed a concert, it was still frozen afterwards.

If that had been a joke someone would have said something like: “Ok Shaquille you can stop now” and everyone would have laughed but that didn’t happen here! He was completely ignored and the order was passed through the earbuds of the others.

Short Summary

According to Donald Marshall,  there should be the following types of clones :

There are 5 types of clones. Mark 1 Clones, Mark 2 Clones, Mark 3 Clones, Mark 4 Clones, and Resuscitated Clones. There are also two types of human cloning: duplication cloning and replication cloning.

Mark 1 clones are REM sleep based clones. However, Mark 1 REM sleep based clones cause many side effects and are therefore no longer the preferred choice.

Mark 2 clones are also REM sleep-based clones, but with fewer side effects and are therefore preferable to Mark 1.

Mark 3 clones are independent clones that run on a microchip that contains the entire consciousness of the individual.

Mark 4 clones are also independent clones that run on a microchip that contains the entire consciousness of the individual, but are an improved version of Mark 3.

The independent clones (Mark 3 and Mark 4) have a lifespan of 6 to 12 months and need adjustments after this time in order to continue to function effectively. without these adjustments, their functionality becomes weaker.

To “reanimate” means “to restore life; revive”. In other words, resuscitated clones are clones that are genetically identical to a person who once lived.

Replication cloning is what the public is most familiar with. Replication cloning involves the birth of a human who is genetically identical to an original and who is born as a baby. This newborn is understood as a clone and then has to grow normally.

Duplicate cloning, however, is a currently held back advancement in cloning. Just two cells of an individual are required, which are exposed to a specific and constant electrical charge, until a complete person is formed.

The consciousness and memories can also be duplicated from the original, but the soul cannot. A transfer from clone to clone is also possible.

Even George Green and Kid Buu tell by the very same process.

Clones cannot dream and often have suppressed memories which only come back years later (‘The awakening’). They can also act very impulsively, get glitches and therefore need dealers close by.

Dr. David Peter Beter speaks of organic robotoids. These are copied human beings made of flesh and blood with an artificial consciousness. They have to be cooled down otherwise they will overheat. Presumably he only spoke of synthetic people in a different terminology .

Synthetic people are completely artificially composed people made of synthetic or organic tissue that are given consciousness through a chip. They are basically robots that simulate people and look, behave and feel very realistically like real people.

The officially approved activities of government organizations such as DARPA alone show technologies that one would expect to be in the sci-fi genere, what is going on in the trillion-heavy secret black budget sector?

And as always, our consciousness is prepared for the agenda through Hollywood mind control.


If we know one thing, then nothing is what it seems …

Black Budget Programs. DARPA. Clones and synthetic humans. Organic robotoids. The transfer of consciousness. Resurrections. Soulless beings. Hidden clues.

All of this, like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and mass surveillance, is part of the Cabal’s large-scale transhumanism agenda. The final destruction of everything natural, the transcendence of everything truthful and genuine into an artificial, soulless and completely controlled swarm intelligence. And the whole thing is developing at a dizzying speed. If we are not careful now, we will have been the last generation to have a meaningful human experience on this planet.

Let’s stop it together. We still have the chance.