Mi az Lockdown (NWO / FEMA 2020) komplex napirendje?

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We are witnessing here right now the most diabolical coup ever. I have been watching the whole thing for a while now and I think I understand what is happening. Right before our eyes, all societies are being forced into a fully digitalised police state. The virus serves only as a means to an end. The world will never be the same again. The old world order will cease to exist and a new world order will take its place. This time is very historic and we must be extremely vigilant now!

UPDATE 21.04.20: Hahaha, now even the Tagesschau suspects that the virus comes from the BSL-4 laboratory of the Virology Institute of Wuhan. At the time of writing this article at the beginning of March, this was still being branded as a ‘crude conspiracy theory’. Now even the MSM has to discuss it because Trump wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. Once again a conspiracy theory that is slowly but surely becoming a generally accepted fact, the conspiracy theorists club is getting blunter and blunter. The truth is coming out, let’s hope this doesn’t escalate into a US war against China.

Plandemia – An Event for all Agendas

Problem-reaction solution. If you want to achieve certain goals in a society that would reject them under normal circumstances, you have to create circumstances in which these goals are tolerated as a necessary evil. To do this, a disruptive problem is created with which one then achieves a very specific emotional reaction in this society (fear, panic, loss of control). Then the goals that are to be achieved are presented as the only possible solution to the problem. When a society is very frightened and insecure, it readily accepts any solution that restores a sense of security and normality. The cabal that has guided the destiny of our world for centuries has always followed this pattern. Because it is incredibly effective and reliable. Add to this the fact that societies have a naive tendency to have an ‘all will be well’ mentality, and it makes things easier. Even though we are constantly told (by our rulers) how incredibly enlightened we are, the thought and behaviour patterns of societies have hardly changed at all in the last 200 years and this is shamelessly exploited. It worked for the two world wars, it worked brilliantly for 9/11 and it is working for the Corona pandemic. With this very long in advance and precisely planned ‘event’ they have now succeeded in their masterpiece. It seems to have been absolutely tailor-made to push through ALL the prepared agendas of the last 20 years at dizzying speed. In the following I will now analyse which ones we are dealing with here.

Agenda 1: Fear

As already mentioned, a strong fear of the population is needed as a catalyst and an intangible danger that can strike at any time and anywhere is perfect for this (it has already worked in the war on terror). Humans are compassionate pack animals and therefore fear en masse is not only very contagious but also mutually reinforcing. Adrenaline is released, the body tenses slightly and the ability to think logically is severely impaired. You get into a fight-or-flight mode and want to dampen that feeling as quickly as possible and avoid the fear-inducing situation in the future. And that’s where the goals come in, which are presented as anxiety-relieving solutions. Remember, if no one had fear & anxiety, the artificially created crisis would miss its mark. Because then the solution to the crisis would be recognised for what it is: much worse than the problem. The presentation of the problem by the media & politics exacerbates the fear even more by using a terminology that is only known from times of war. There is talk of a ‘war’ against ‘an invisible enemy’, which can only be defeated by ‘arming’ the hospitals now – after all, this is only ‘the calm before the storm’. Already during the ‘War on Terror’ and the ‘War on Communism’ they talked about the invisible enemy who can strike anytime and anywhere. It is ideal because it is completely beyond the control of the individual and therefore creates a permanent state of tension and fear.

corona angst

And where are people afraid of? According to the market research institute EyeSquare, about 53% of 30-39 year-olds feel threatened by Corona (30% in other age groups). Olvassa el itt.

One in four even believe that an infection with the virus will cause them significant to extreme harm, in Asia it is three-quarters. Here are some statistics to put it into perspective: Currently, only 0.00088% of the German population are registered as being infected with Corona (as of 01 April) and most of them are in quarantine. If we assume that we already have ten times as many people infected with the flu-like disease as have been recorded, we arrive at a gigantic 0.0088% of the population, which is still far below 0.1%! Of course, there are local differences, but many people don’t seem to realise that it is still extremely unlikely to run into someone infected with Corona at all. Nevertheless, people here are already changing sides of the street when you approach them and give you a wide berth when you sneeze (although sneezing has been observed as a symptom in 0% of people infected with Corona).

But well, the point is to flatten the curve and slow down the progression, otherwise our hospitals will be overloaded. There is no question that our hospitals (and especially those in Italy and Spain) are overloaded, but they have been for a long time! All over the world, the hospital systems have been completely cut in recent years, completely understaffed and underpaid. This has not been a problem since Corona, but it is only now with the crisis that attention is being paid to it. In fact, these hospitals also reach their limits in every strong influenza wave, but this is not worth a headline. Environmental conditions such as smoking rates and air pollution also play into the number of infections (both very high in China). And the high death rates in Italy and Spain are due to the rather poor hygiene conditions that prevail in hospitals there. Italy has a mortality rate of 10.55%, Spain 7.7%, Belgium 3.1%, South Korea 1.4% and Germany just 0.6%, among other things simply because hygiene is better enforced here! But Germany also has a lot of catching up to do, because three years ago it was found that more than a quarter of all German hospitals do not comply with hygiene standards. Olvassa el itt.

corona statistics
How contagious and deadly is COVID-19

Did you know that in Germany alone between 500,000 and one million people are infected with (sometimes resistant) germs in hospital every year? They come in with a broken leg, but then die there of pneumonia. About 15,000-30,000 people die from this, of which about a third to a half, i.e. 5000 to 15000, could have been avoided through better hygiene. By comparison, car accidents kill about 3500 people in Germany every year. And the Corona deaths do not ultimately die from the virus, but from bacterial contamination that takes over when the virus has weakened the immune system long enough, as is clearly explained in this video. Nézze meg itt.

In addition, the Corona dead do not have to have died of Corona to be included in the statistics as Corona dead! It is enough if you died WITH Corona and not ON it. Most people are very old, have pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease, catch the infection and then die from their pre-existing condition. This, of course, distorts the perception of the danger of the disease enormously. The other figures are also falsified, because they always talk about the total number of infected people without taking into account those who have already recovered. So instead of 737,929 infected people (as the media quote John Hopkins University), there are actually ‘only’ 581,422 infected people at the moment because 156,507 people are already healthy again and have overcome the disease (and have developed at least temporary immunity). The total number of people infected will of course continue to rise forever and never decrease. This obscures the overall decline which will increase very soon (as is happening in China right now)!

[UPDATE 03.04.20] This has to go in here! A study has now been published on Pubmed, the US national medical database, which concluded that on average about 75% of asymptomatic people tested for Corona are false positives! This means that if four symptom-free people who have been in contact with the virus test positive, on average three of them do not have the virus at all (which turns out to be the case when a further test is carried out). Merkel was also tested three times, but tests must be saved for normal citizens. They come to the following conclusion: “In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, almost half or even more of the “asymptomatically infected persons” reported in the active nucleic acid test screening could be false positives.” Here is the study, since retracted. Are the tests in fact completely unreliable and skewing the numbers??? Tell that to the symptom-free Kentucky man who was guarded by police after a positive test so he wouldn’t leave his house because he refused to go into quarantine…. Olvassa el itt.

Don’t get me wrong, people should be careful and every death is one too many murders by the cabal. The virus is real and many medical systems are under stress. Avoiding sick people or staying at home when you are sick and washing your hands regularly are standard rules of conduct that should always apply. However, the problem is being artificially exaggerated and aggravated (broken health system) and the measures are not in any (!) relation, but more on that later. They needed a very contagious virus that spreads quickly (high incubation period), but is basically very harmless. Why? They need constant control during the operation and, in the end, more than enough people on whom their control mechanisms have an effect. For pure population reduction, they would have used an extremely deadly virus like Ebola, which would probably have gotten completely out of control. The 2009-2010 swine flu H1N1 pandemic was the big test run of how the public and health systems would react. Here, in 12 months, there were 60.8 million infected people in the US alone, about 275,000 hospital cases and over 12,400 deaths (according to the CDC).

Were entire countries put on lockdown at that time? No, the news coverage was also only in small parts about this topic and not 90-100% of the complete media focus like now with Covid-19. And here there was also no vaccine at the beginning. I also find it very strange that from the vanishingly small number of infected people (as I said, far below 0.1%) suddenly every fifth politician and celebrity is supposed to be infected….. I see a media agenda of the cabal here. Olvassa el itt.

corona media coverage
Psy-Op: Nothing has ever been reported to such an extreme extent.

After 2010, the political puppets deliberately privatised and broke the health systems, so that even the smallest pandemic would have stressed the system. In 2017 alone, 2.6 billion euros were lacking for reasonable normal operation of German hospitals, even 4 billion if they were to be modernised, and we are still doing relatively well. The same is true in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the USA and the Third World. And that’s no coincidence, the whole thing has been prepared for years! The constant praise from politicians for the hard work of our medical staff seems like pure mockery, as they could have had it much easier.

Agenda 2: Isolation – the new ‘normal’

We are now all put in solitary confinement. Exit restriction. Social distancing is the order of the day. But it is also a technique of trauma-based mind control. Social contact and touch are as important for the human mind as breathing is for the body. We are social beings, if these contacts are missing or limited, the psyche is stressed and can be damaged and we then bind ourselves to whatever is left. For example, our technical toys. Isolation also affects the ability to make decisions and process information. Olvassa el itt.

It also weakens the immune system and drains people. People in abusive relationships or those affected by domestic violence are particularly affected. Please pay closer attention to your neighbours these days. After a while of restriction and isolation, discontent will increase and the tendency to accept any means that will lead to a lifting of the condition will increase from week to week.


It is also to prevent us from joining forces when people start to suspect what is really going on. Every second person now doubts that the political measures will help containment, and they will soon be asking questions. We are to be separated from the elderly in particular. Olvassa el itt.

They still know a world without technical enslavement and their wisdom could be an enrichment for the young people. That is why the virus kills the old in particular (there have also been viruses in history that have killed more young people than old). The already lonely and in the fast development disconnected senior class is now forbidden any participation in social life, especially to the children. Only for their own good, of course. Or maybe it’s because they’ve already had dictatorial measures foisted on them in their lives and they recognise things that some young people lack the foresight for?

At the same time, (typical German) denunciation could arise again for citizens who do not abide by the ‘new rules’. Already now, good citizens who are loyal to the state denounce their fellow citizens to the police if, for example, a father is playing with his children at a playground. Olvassa el itt.

And this is what the police want. It shows: humanity has not changed and, as long as the spectre of the enemy is big enough, it can be quickly steered back into a dictatorship at any time. Since last November, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has also had a hotline where every suspicion of a sighted “right-wing” can be reported. Reporting centres for anonymous denunciation are institutions of unjust states and unworthy of a democracy.

denunziation corona

You don’t mind? Well, tough luck!

The right to demonstrate has also been undermined in this way, completely without resistance from the population! This means that the population can no longer even form groups in public space to express their non-approval. On the contrary, anyone who dares to make use of their fundamental rights will be punished with a fine of up to €25,000 (i.e. financial ruin) and can even be imprisoned for several years. Showing a person closeness is now also supposed to cost 150€. Like in a dystopian film, police officers and the military drive through the ghost towns of the world, warning citizens not to go out on the streets unless absolutely necessary. A few months ago, states with such rules were called dictatorial; today, it’s called a dynamic situation.

But we only have to endure this for another four weeks and then everything will be normal again? After Easter we will enjoy our summer as if nothing had happened, right? Dream on! The isolation will continue for another 18 months.

18 months? I’m not saying that, the best pandemic experts in the world are. In this MIT Technology-Review article titled ‘We won’t go back to normal’, various scenarios and simulations are run by Imperial College London scientists. The article is written by Gideon Lichfield. He wrote for THE cabal mouthpiece The Economist for 16 years and is a member of Data & Society, a research institute dedicated to studying the social impact of new technology. Olvassa el itt.

If you don’t want to completely overburden health systems, you can’t avoid reducing contacts to an absolute minimum for 18 months, even in the best-case scenario. That is exactly the time it takes until the first vaccine is tested, safe and mass producible. The whole thing runs in several alternating phases of 2 months lockdown, two weeks relaxation of the measures until the rates rise again, then 2 months lockdown again and so on. According to scientists at one of the most renowned universities in the world, there is no other way to protect the health systems from collapse.

lockdown phases
The blue boxes are phases of initial restrictions, orange the curve of new infections

I am convinced that Dorsten, RKI, Spahn and the other virologists & politicians know this very well, but deliberately don’t play with open cards because they know just as well that people would freak out otherwise. That’s why the public broadcasters, especially wannabe comedy shows, are so keen to get us used to this state of affairs. Just as Merkel knows that the economic damage will be irreparable. As described in the article, some industries that depend on the coming together of many people will be completely destroyed. No business will last eighteen months, no matter how many bailouts are put in place. Instead, a new economy will develop, more on that later. But what I found most worrying was the sentence on how to protect against this in the future: “…by developing more sophisticated methods to identify who is a disease risk and who is not, and – legally – to discriminate against those who are.” He says that in the future, certain methods will be used to monitor our health and movement, and will be queried when we want to board a plane, enter a government building or a nightclub, for example.

The things that Gideon Lichfield proposes in his article for the future are not something he just thinks up. He is networked with the elite of the elite who plan these things years in advance. Olvassa el itt.

What might such a method look like?

Agenda 3: Surveillance & Movement Control

So what are these social changes with which they want to ‘solve’ the crisis or ‘prevent’ it in the future? They are the goals that the cabal has wanted for decades and continues to expand: technologically driven control and power over every area of human coexistence. And with this crisis they can now convince us to accept this. So now they will make an invasive chip palatable to us, as I mentioned earlier. The technology company Profusa, together with DARPA (US Department of Defense), has developed a biosensor chip that can detect blood levels and thus fully automatically detect a virus infection before the symptoms occur. Just in time for the Corona panic, they published a study on 3 March in which they found out that with such a chip, the outbreak of a pandemic can be detected three weeks earlier and therefore the chains of infection can be stopped before the pandemic spreads. Provided, of course, that EVERYONE already has such a chip in them, otherwise it won’t work logically. Such a RFID chip, the size of a grain of rice, is usually injected into the right hand, between the index finger and thumb, under the skin and is equipped with an RFID antenna.

chip 2 e1585172200817

We have been brainwashed for years to accept an invasive RFID chip (e.g. itt, itt, itt, itt) on which all personal and medical information is stored and which replaces our credit cards. It will then gradually become the only legitimate means of payment, after all cash is passé. Cash has long been a thorn in their side, payment transactions are to be completely digitalised and therefore dependent on them. And now we hear from the WHO that cash is helping to spread the virus. Olvassa el itt.  In the supermarkets people are supposed to pay by card or mobile phone and China is even burning cash. Nézze meg itt.

Such a chip is so super fancy and practical, just as they have made us dependent on our pocket bugs. No more looking for your keys or carrying loads of cards that you could lose. Identity theft, counterfeiting, illegal immigration, moonlighting and fraud of all kinds are a thing of the past thanks to the chip. But so is absolutely every form of freedom and sovereignty. They were very successful in individual areas and countries like Sweden, but it was always clear to them that in order to convince the masses to accept the chip as a ‘necessary evil’. You need a global traumatic experience that can only be prevented by a chip. Nézze meg itt.

A second 9/11, a worldwide virus pandemic. It could be that the choice is taken away from us and the chip is forced upon us (possibly in a Covid vaccination). Once again, Scandinavia is leading the way with the Kabale plans, in this case Denmark: There, freedom of assembly has simply been abolished until March 2021 (!) and it has been made legally possible for the health authorities to carry out compulsory tests, compulsory treatment and compulsory vaccinations(!) and to use not only the police but also the military (!) and private security services to enforce their orders. Olvassa el itt.

nfc chip cyborg biohacker e1585745197156

This chip can then be used to easily create movement profiles. Who had contact with whom, where, and for how long? With an infected person, for example? What is the state of health, is the person intoxicated? Or someone who has made critical comments online? And of course these things can be hacked and falsified. And as we sit in our homes, the 5G weapons network continues to be deployed unimpeded around the world, which could well have a synergistic effect with RFID antennas (and the smart-dust of chemtrails we’ve been breathing for years).

At the same time, away from the eyes of the public, the ID2020 agenda is underway. Olvassa el itt. The venture aims to give everyone in the world a universal digital identity linked to their fingerprint! The 1.1 billion people in poor regions who have neither a passport nor a smartphone are particularly targeted. Here in the West, they already have many millions of fingerprints thanks to smartphones. According to their website, the whole thing is a merger of the technology companies Microsoft (who have experience with fingerprint scanners) and Accenture, as well as Bill Gates’s impforganisation Gavi and of course the Rockerfeller Foundation! Olvassa el itt. But of course they rely on international cooperation of all countries and work together with the UN. They are determined to tighten the noose this year and connect everyone to their system for total control. By 2030 at the latest, everyone should have a unique digital identity.

Chip and finger scan: Plan A and B

But I have nothing to hide? This statement is the beginning of the end, because a person automatically behaves differently as soon as he is observed. People no longer make use of their freedom to the same extent as they would anonymously, which restricts freedom of expression. In a monitored society, more and more people gradually adapt to the norm in order not to attract negative attention. In this way, those who think differently and the originals would die out more and more in a society. This uniform society would no longer be able to develop intellectually and socially. Intolerance would increase and the ability to innovate would wither away. The beginnings of this development must be recognised and stopped!

Already today, because of the Corona pandemic, the movement of Chinese citizens is being completely monitored. What is needed now is a compulsory government app on mobile phones which the authorities then use to check GPS movement profiles. Olvassa el itt.

If they don’t match, e.g. because you were near infected people, this prevents access to entire cities and facilities and downgrades your social credit score. Something similar is going on in Israel where anti-terror measures are used to track down contacts. Olvassa el itt.  And in Singapore even movement data of sick people is published online in real time for all the world to see so that they can be avoided! Olvassa el itt. And in Germany, too, Telekom is forwarding movement data to the Robert Koch Institute, and an app with more detailed data is planned. Olvassa el itt. Trump turned to Google and Facebook for movement data. South Korea is praised all the time for how well they have the pandemic under control, but they too ‘only managed it by accepting surveillance measures’. Olvassa el itt.

skynews china coronavirus covid 19 4937050
Chinese citizens at a check point

I mean, they’ve been secretly monitoring our every move since 9/11, but now they want to make it obvious and convince us that it’s good and right. Once the chip is under the skin, or even in the head, there is no escaping the surveillance. Olvassa el itt.

Any resistance against the Luciferian rulers is literally nipped in the bud. Anyone who doesn’t keep up will simply have their life cut off. Because without a chip or a green social credit score, one will soon no longer have access to work, education, authorities, medical care and one’s bank account. And somewhere in the chip or in the source code or in the manufacturer’s logo they will hide, as always, the number 666.

By the way, the chip in the right hand and forehead, without which you can no longer do business, was also prophesied in the Bible for the end times.

Revelation chapter 13 verse 16-17

And it bringeth all, both small and great, and rich, and poor, and free, and bond, to receive a mark in your right hand, or in your foreheads. And which no man can buy or sell, save he that hath the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name (666).

Another book of the Bible says that anyone who has the mark of the beast will feel the wrath of God.

mark of the beast 1

mw hz549 corona 20200203131732 zh
I can’t get rid of the feeling that we’re slowly getting used to the idea of ​​the forehead / head chip with such images
Agenda 4: Digitization and Control of our Lives

Another aim of the lockdown is to kick digitalisation in the ass. Home office, video chat and digital teaching programmes for students at home are on everyone’s lips today. Companies, schools and universities are now being forced to use these things and to build up a corresponding infrastructure that can continue to exist afterwards (if there is an afterwards). Virtual reality is now also increasingly being used for meetings, parties and sporting events. Olvassa el itt.

This structural change will permanently reduce direct contact with fellow human beings, which is precisely the intention. Minimise human attachment…. by doing so, they have now already been very successful in increasing loneliness in our society. Olvassa el itt.

And people without human attachment, attach themselves to anything: Technology, drugs or Luciferian regimes. They want to separate us more and more from each other and make us more and more dependent on large-scale networked technology. Automation & robotics will also get a boost, after all, robots can’t get sick and companies can continue to do business in the future despite a pandemic.

bildungsrevolution copyright 640x420 1

Smart homes, home offices, self-driving cars, Alexa/Google homes, Internet-of-Things, 5G and the RFID chip… are all part of the same agenda. Divide and rule. Our communication, work, education, information gathering, movement, money flow and entertainment – absolutely every area of human interaction is to be digitised and recordable & analysable in remote data centres. And thus be controlled and dependent on them.

Watch this well-made 16 min short film, it shows us the envisaged future of the cabal. It is about a lonely young woman who lives in ‘quarantine’ in her little smart home. In this version of the future, citizens are only allowed to leave their homes on a few isolated days a year due to intense solar radiation (global warming). People work from home, eat pills, contact only takes place via the internet and births have to be approved by the state. (Once again the thought police have struck, sorry)

Another agenda is to push the Fake News narrative, after all, that’s why there was hoarding and racism against the Chinese! In the coming months, they will take very aggressive action to censor the internet once and for all. In the 201 pandemic exercise event I reported on, the Corona pandemic was “simulated” relatively accurately two months before the outbreak, just as it is happening now. In it, the John Hopkins Health Center, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, along with representatives of the CIA, the military, the pharmaceutical industry, virologists and the media were present and basically showed us what they released onto the world a short time later. They also addressed the flow of information and called for disempowering social media channels in a pandemic and basically turning them into main stream media to combat fake news. That, of course, is exactly what has happened now. You can now only publicly discuss the Corona virus on Youtube if you have a grey tick next to your channel name (i.e. you belong to the big media groups or have never spoken critically on a topic). Every upload is automatically scanned for keywords and automatically de-monetised, and even automatically deleted for certain combinations of words. The reasoning behind this is mega ridiculous: because of Corona, there are only a few people left in the house at Youtube, which is why algorithms now do such tasks instead of humans, and they just make mistakes sometimes…. They’ve been doing this for a long time with unpleasant content, now they’re just finally admitting that they use it. Meanwhile, in South Africa it is already illegal (!) to spread false information about the Corona virus. Olvassa el itt.

What counts as false is not exactly defined, punishment can be several months in prison! All social media sites are now taking radical action, look what is now illegal to post on Twitter. Olvassa el itt.

Bullshit claims like drinking Bleach are of course also spread by the cabal: “Look, we unfortunately have to take away your freedom of communication, because of this freedom people are now drinking chlorine cleaner.”

I find this very very very disturbing what is happening. I hope I can stay on WordPress for a long time.

Under every coronavirus video there is now an automatic link to Wikipedia ‘to enlighten you’ so you might not be confused by ‘misinformation’. The truther community finds creative ways around this, but still: a society in which the variables of what is happening can only be discussed or questioned by large corporations or the state can no longer call itself free either. In the pandemic simulation it was even suggested to provide local and temporary power cuts to prevent the spread of the truth…er…fake news. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens or is already happening. Here are videos of the complete event.

By the way… about John Hopkins University, which is constantly quoted by me and the news for the Corona infected numbers: Founding member and first president of this American elite university was Daniel Coit Gilman, respected member of the death-worshipping secret society Skull & Bones! The same connections over and over again…..

event 201
Event 2-one-world… an event to unite the world?

In the same way, the unconditional basic income is still being pushed. This has been extensively tested and analysed in the last 3 years in, oh wonder, Scandinavia (Finland). Nézze meg itt.

A BGE experiment also took place in Oakland (California). The politician who made it possible, Sam Altman, attended a Bilderberg meeting beforehand. Now that the economy is crashing because of the shutdown, the US is already handing out free money to its citizens. As the economic collapse progresses, calls for a BGE will be heard more and more, because it will protect people from unpredictable shocks in their lives. Already the media are full of articles discussing it, Quartz writes that because of Corona, interest in the BGE will increase. Olvassa el itt. The Guardian even calls for it, as do 170 British politicians. Olvassa el itt. És itt.

And this income will in future, as soon as the poorer social class is dependent on it, suddenly be linked to conditions! For example, whether one is vaccinated against the current virus strand or whether one has a green social credit score or or or. Nézze meg itt.

Totally dependent on the system. It has to do with who is the generator of energy for your life. Money as a metaphor for energy you generate independently, by working in your profession. Even if you hate it, you generate it with your own creation. So the BGE represents a dangerous transfer of power over the energy of your life from you to a centralised source.

Agenda 5: Centralization of power structures

Of course, the opportunity to use a crisis for further centralisation of power is not passed up. This is basically the main agenda of the cabal – a world state with a world army, a (digital) world currency, a world language, a unified world culture and a world religion (Luciferism). To achieve this, one must make local organisations and nations obsolete by creating global problems that can only be solved globally. This is where the problem-reaction solution comes into play again. The United Nations, which is actually much more powerful and influential than many believe, is in fact already the world government. Many know that the UN came into being as a response to the two world wars, but the truth is that the two world wars were fought FOR the UN to come into being, thus disempowering the many proud and national monarchies that would never have accepted an organisation like the UN. Today there is now a World Health Organisation (WHO), a World Bank, an International Monetary Fund, a World Army/Police (NATO) and a World Ministry of Culture (UNESCO) and more and more nations are being united in centralisations (EU, BRICS, NAFTA etc). While Luciferian thought goods and symbols are becoming more and more popular through the internationally consumed culture forge Hollywood. No question, the cult has come a long way.

And even in this artificially created crisis, we keep hearing: “Global problems need global solutions, we will need a global institution (WHO) that can make decisions on a global level so that something like 2020 never happens again. Countries need to work together, sovereignty of nations is passé, federalism slows down our decision-making ability and blah blah blah ….”  Believe me, this will be repeated so often after the crisis until our heads are spinning. The federal government has already disempowered the states, and that could well continue. And Der Spiegel is now openly calling for a world government (they’ve changed the headline now, but it’s still there at the top of the URL). Olvassa el itt.

A few years ago it was still considered a conspiracy theory. The WHO will certainly get more power, but basically it already has the last word on this pandemic. And who owns the WHO?

Basically Bill Gates, who recently surprisingly left his post at Microsoft during the Corona crisis. With his foundation, he is the second largest donor after the USA, and with his vaccination alliance Gavi, he is also the fourth largest donor to the WHO, in third place after China. The vaccination alliance Gavi, founded by Gates, is an association of western states, supranational organisations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in which pharmaceutical representatives sometimes sit on the board. They buy large quantities of vaccines from the pharmaceutical industry and then distribute them to the Third World. The pharmaceutical industry gives a discount, but makes a lot of money. I think that as soon as the COVID vaccine is ready, Gavi will call for a lot of donations from countries. Germany has been steadily increasing its donations since 2006, most recently giving €600 million of taxpayers’ money to the pharmaceutical industry through Gavi. And Germany is at the forefront of vaccine development right now (funded by the federal government, Bill Gates and the US Department of Defense….hmm… wonder why them?).

nwo rockerfeller

The climate agenda is also being pushed further, we now hear that the ‘only’ benefit of the virus pandemic is the improvement of the climate problem. Olvassa el itt. Since most airplanes are grounded, people are walking and biking more, and industry has slowed down considerably. This is then taken as evidence that ‘draconian measures’ are working to reduce CO² emissions. In the future, in order to protect the climate, such measures will be used again, for example by limiting the number of flights per year or having a no-fly month or the like. This has always been the reason for the climate agenda, by linking changes in the climate to CO², one can intervene in every area of human life to regulate CO² emissions. Because the mere existence of a human being already generates CO², which means that this mere existence can be questioned as a factor to be reduced in order to protect the climate (keyword: overpopulation/population reduction). The whole CO² debate is also to distract from their true destruction of the earth. The pollution of the air, the water and the earth with heavy metals, pesticides, aluminum, plasticizers, plastics and other toxins that serve to keep us and all other beings sick, weak and infertile. Environmental protection became climate protection. By CO² politics one will be able to intervene/control in such a way also into each economic range and advance thereby something like a communist climatic planned economy, like everything sometime coupled to Big Data. Olvassa el itt.

Pure coincidence that exactly in the year before this pandemic event Greta has stirred up the kids worldwide? Through her widespread ‘flight-shaming’, also called Greta effect, the flights have gone down (fortunately 99.99% of the people are now infected with the smart dust of the chemtrails). Now she has reached her goal of the stopped flights after all…. Olvassa el itt.

Pretend the world is on fire….
Agenda 6: Planned economic collapse & riots

The shutdown and the closing of the borders will also destroy a lot of economies, and that is quite deliberate. The crisis must be as painful as possible so that afterwards everyone thinks: never again a pandemic, at any price, even that of freedom. It will lead to countless bankruptcies of small and medium-sized enterprises and cause a high increase in unemployment. Your big corporations will survive it, but half the population lives from paycheck to paycheck, the cabal knows that perfectly well. Such people will be broken pretty quickly. If the shutdown really is going to go on for 18 months, then the bailouts won’t do anything. The 156 billion euros may sound like a lot, but that’s barely half of what the entire private sector in Germany generates in just one (!) month. So the state’s money can only replace the partially stopped value creation for a very short period of time.

During the financial crisis of 2008 it was still possible to print money before it became too big an economic crisis. But this IS already a big economic crisis, and it can still turn into a financial crisis. With all the bonds, the bubble of our fiat system is being inflated further and further, more and more dynamite is being placed for the big bang that is yet to come. And it will be so violent that they will tell us that the whole monetary system has to be restarted. The big reset button will be pressed. And the solution that will be presented to us: a digital world currency. I guess Facebook’s Libra (or something similar). And in this system, the meaning of money (a token for a real, rare and therefore valuable precious metal) is completely reduced to absurdity. Olvassa el itt.


The economy will be transformed and prepared for the future: Wherever possible, there will be a shift to delivery and online services, automation, digitization and robotics will increase even more in the coming months/years. The term ‘shut-in economy’ has been around for a long time. Our already increasingly popular app-based-always-on-demand delivery service economy is now getting a big boost. Food delivered only, fitness centers could deliver dumbbells and offer a workout streaming service, movie theaters and theaters are now becoming streaming services as well, etc…. The world’s largest retailer Amazon is leading the way: Warehouses are increasingly automated and deliveries will be made by drones in the future. Humans superfluous. Everything where this is not possible (and not system-relevant) will go to the dogs and in the future will only be a marginal phenomenon in the ‘pre-2020 era’.

corona crash

The US medical and economic system is in no way prepared for such a crisis. In just one week, 3 million people have registered as unemployed! A sad side effect: in every recession in history, suicides have risen sharply, some even calculate that there could be more deaths from suicide than from COVID-19! Olvassa el itt.

The planned collapse, the coming mass unemployment and the psychologically draining exit restrictions will lead to very great discontent in the population and ultimately to uprisings in the course of the next weeks and months. Perhaps that is why the Defender2020 manoeuvre is taking place?

The largest military exercise on European soil in 25 years is of course taking place precisely during the Corona Shutdown. A full 38,000 soldiers from 19 nations (half from the USA) and hundreds of tanks and military vehicles are to advance through Europe to the eastern front from spring to summer, with Germany as the central country at the heart of the exercise. Despite travel restrictions and border closures for civilian Europeans & Americans and all without protective masks. You hardly hear anything about this in the media!

defender 2020

Now it looks like the manoeuvre on 17 March has been stopped for the time being because of Corona, but the troops are still here and mobile. And the now mobilised NATO soldiers are of course now supporting border controls, setting up field hospitals and disinfecting public places. This fits too well for my taste, I don’t believe in coincidences! Or is the aim here to provoke another military confrontation with Russia? Or does the exercise have a completely different meaning?

David Wilcock has been saying for years that behind the scenes, mainly in parts of the US military, there is a powerful ‘Alliance of Good’ fighting against the cabal and for humanity. Donald Trump is the public figure of this alliance and was chosen by them to run for president because he is not part of the Luciferian and paedophile cabal and yet is rich enough to finance his campaign himself. QAnon is the cryptic mouthpiece of this alliance. According to David, the Defender2020 programme is the cabal’s now long announced and planned mass arrests! Meaning the Corona pandemic was used as cover and distraction to simultaneously arrest the cabal, which has its strongholds in Europe. The shutdown prevents them from fleeing. Italy is said to have had the shutdown first, as the Vatican is an important centre for the cabal. Then in the US about 80,000 of them (Sealed Indicments) are tried in military tribunals and the world is presented with incontrovertible evidence of their crimes. Itt, starting at 1h 11min, David Wilcock talks about it. The current targeted crash in oil prices is said to be an attack on the Saudis to dry up the cabal financially. Trump also nationalised the Federal Reserve Bank on 27.03! The Federal Reserve Bank, which was taken over by a group of private bankers (cabal) at Christmas 1913, was also briefly nationalised by Kennedy in the 1960s, for which he paid with his life. Olvassa el itt.

Lyndon B. Johnson immediately reversed this. Trump now fulfilled Kennedy’s dream, the media of course reporting on it in a negative light. Trump’s re-election is also to be prevented by the crisis by destroying the very things Trump has built up (e.g. jobs). During the attack, the internet and telephone network will soon be down worldwide for 3 days so that they cannot warn each other. After that, the crimes of the cabal will be shown for several days in 3 times repeating 8h segments on all TV channels in the world and proven indisputable even for the last sheep. At the same time the censorship algorithm will be removed from Google/Youtube, the internet will be free again and the truth will spread even faster. This will be a time of great shock and large parts of the sleeping population will have to deal with extreme disillusionment. So the centuries-long rule and manipulation of the cabal shall come to an end this year!

However, I would be cautious about David Wilcock. It would be pretty damn cool if that happened, I’m definitely curious. I wouldn’t hope too much though, Trump could be part of it (pushing 5G and doing the 666 hand sign all the time), the whole QAnon narrative could be a psy-op and David Wilcock and co. disinformation agents (90% truth mixed with 10% deliberate lies) trying to lure truth seekers down the wrong path in the end times. The plan of the NWO and unification of nations into a world state is also to drag some politicians before mock courts in order to play the role of charismatic saviour of the world. Trump could play this role. But decide for yourself, I don’t want to keep this information from you.

defender 2020 2 1
A huge troop of the US Army arrived at European ports two months ago

In the hysterical USA, where there is a cross-state run on gun shops, the total crash could well ignite civil war-like conditions, because semi-automatic machine guns are particularly in demand. Olvassa el itt.

Perhaps they already suspected something, because a mayor in Illinois is now keeping open the option of banning the sale of weapons, ammunition and alcoholic beverages if necessary. Olvassa el itt.

But these are the times when one can use a drink, especially now that the bars are closed. The USA is being hit particularly hard medically and economically, perhaps even the hardest of all nations. And in the summer, Trump will be re-elected (or not), which will add fuel to the fire. The film of The Purge – Election Year, which came out in 2016, seems like an ominous portent for 2020. Nézze meg itt. Trump even uses the slogan from the film for his election campaign: ‘Keep America Great’. Nézze meg itt.

The film is about how once a year there is a day in the US when laws and rules cease to exist and everyone goes completely berserk and murders. And while the world burns, the super-rich just hole up in their luxury bunkers! Including private COVID-19 tests and private doctors….

And while the police are busy with excessive surveillance of innocent citizens, criminals are being released from prisons in many places because of Corona (Irán, Scotland, USA, Canada, Germany)! Otherwise social distancing is not possible, they say. In Philadelphia, the police are basically shutting down now and will not prosecute non-violent crimes from now on, because the courtrooms are closed because of Corona. Olvassa el itt.

Drug trafficking, theft and assault of all kinds, vandalism, prostitution and fraud will now no longer be prosecuted. Do you realise what is happening here? Chaos is being deliberately created. Ordo ab Chao is one of the mottos of the cabal. According to the Heglian dialectic, order is supposed to emerge from chaos and repression. The greater the chaos, the greater the “order” that can be implemented afterwards.

This chaos will be used to justify further measures (ban on weapons for private persons, complete censorship, prophylactic arrests, martial law, etc.). The big training for martial law in the USA took place in 2005. During Huricane Katrina, it was proven that the National Guard can take advantage of chaos and be very rough. They went from house to house in New Orleans, kicking in doors and confiscating all weapons. Even brutally beat an old lady to the ground in the process. Nézze meg itt.

They are definitely ready for Agenda 7.

Martial Law Due to the Corona Pandemic? – FEMA Camps and Walmart’s Stores

Italian National Guard

With the uprisings, the cry for martial law (i.e. military justice) will come pretty quickly to control the armed uprisings and the overloading of the health systems. These will probably be artificially reinforced by the ‘sudden’ disappearance of medical equipment and attacks by false-flag militias, so that the government has even more reason to use the military in its own country. This has already happened in the 1990s in the USA. This is well documented today and the FBI/military operation was called PATCON (Patriot Conspiracy). This operation was designed to infiltrate Christian and patriotic groups in the USA and to incite them to commit acts of violence so that justice could destroy them. This operation played a role in the Oklahoma City attack in 1995. The whole thing will look like New York in the film ‘State of Emergency’ (1998). Here we are being prepared for it once again (only this time it is about Islamist terror, the film was released shortly before 9/11). Replace the Islamic terrorists here in the speech with Corona contacts or Right Wing Patriots, and you have what will soon happen in New York. In the film, the suspects end up in camps of empty sports stadiums.

New York is the region of the US with the most infected and in fact the military is already on the streets of New York after the Governor angrily called on Trump to use the military. Olvassa el itt.

North of Manhattan, in New Rochelle, a National Guard containment zone has been set up where no one can get in and out. Olvassa el itt. In many European countries like Italy, France and Denmark, the military is also on the streets to help with the Corona pandemic. And Trump has now declared New York a Major Disaster Zone, allowing FEMA to operate there. FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a national disaster management agency in the US. It has only had three major operations: on 9/11 (2001), Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (2005) and the Southern California fires (2007). Could the reason for the Corona pandemic be just that:  Military and FEMA on the streets? The whole thing could be much more diabolical than we think – they could be coming to get everyone who doesn’t want to have a Luciferian New World Order imposed on them!

For years (at least since 2009) there has been a theory in the community that FEMA has been building concentration camps and producing large quantities of coffins all over the USA. Many believe that these will one day be used to get rid of all those who could be dangerous to the cabal, in a big night and fog operation: Gun owners, Christians, patriots, preppers, conspiracy theorists, people who wake others up, organising people who don’t want to be enslaved etc…. Over the years this has been forgotten, but I suddenly remembered it when I heard about Trump’s announcement! Yeah, we’ve heard that they’re going for it right now, but hear me out. I don’t want to spread panic, we have to stay calm, but there has never been a more perfect moment for such a coup than in the next weeks/months. Everything is on lockdown, no one can flee or leave the country/state, the camps could be camouflaged as lazerettes (entry forbidden because of the risk of infection), etc. Besides, they have the moment of surprise on their side. Maybe people will even voluntarily get in for relocation to a less affected area or the like.

In 2012, the Obama administration signed the NDAA (National Defense Administration Act). It allows the state to detain people suspected of being terrorists for any length of time without any charges. The definition of a terrorist was already very vague then, now the US Department of Justice has recently pushed through a similar law because of the Corona emergency. Olvassa el itt.

Only this time, ANY American citizen can be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely for civil disobedience without a judge or trial! One rightly gets the impression that they are preparing for (possibly armed) riots instead of a pandemic. In addition, Homeland Security, the parent agency of FEMA, ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition 7 years ago. Some of these are the particularly cruel hollow-point bullets that are only allowed in a few exceptions under international laws of war, as Forbes reports. Olvassa el itt.

Homeland Security operates only within the US and is not supposed to fire weapons at all. But the amount would be enough for a 20-year war on American soil, if one compares the Iraq war, where about 6 million bullets were used per month. All this has been planned years in advance and everything is already in place (more on this later from an insider). FEMA camps are said to have been spotted all over the country.

list of all fema concentration camps in america revealed 86674
FEMA camps are said to have been sighted here

It is particularly striking that there is a high concentration of camps in the so-called Bible Belt. There, evangelical Protestantism is an integral part of the culture, and voting is predominantly Republican. The greatest enemy of the Lucifer-worshipping cult is Adonai (as they call the God of the Judeo-Christian faith) and thus all those who have a closer relationship with him. Compare the two images.

The USA Bible Belt. (Wikipedia)

FEMA is absolutely not trustworthy. The agency had produced 120,000 trailers in 2005 for the victims left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, but it turned out that these cheaply built trailers had extremely high levels of formaldehyde in the floors, walls and furniture. The extremely toxic neurotoxin made people seriously ill in some cases. When this came to light, FEMA had to answer in court and store the trailers (now no longer inhabited) as evidence until 2010. On the exact day that this requirement expired, FEMA sold the still contaminated trailers through intermediaries and without a health warning to the entire USA, which is still making people sick today! This is perfidious and in itself genocidal. Nézze meg itt.

FEMA is also said to be having about 70,000 sturdy plastic coffins produced, each of which can fit several people. They are stacked for all the world to see in the state of Georgia. But they have also been seen on trucks all over the US. I also found the patent for exactly these coffins, they are called ‘Multifunctional Creamtory Containers for Cadavers’. There is a human being inside, they are supposed to keep diseases inside and be incinerable without producing harmful gases. Olvassa el itt.

fema camp 2

Area from above in Madison, Georgia

fema camp 3

fema camp 4

Is a secret genocide being quietly prepared here??? Is that really so hard to imagine? The same power structures that have caused genocides in history are still in power. You have to understand that we are dealing with absolute megalomaniac psychopaths who seriously think they are gods. They truly believe that their bloodline is descended from the fallen angels (Nephelim) and therefore they have a natural right to rule over what they see as the inferior humanity. They lack any empathy, they hate humans and think they can do whatever they want.

These coffins are made by Vantage Products, the only manufacturer of these crematorium containers. Founded in 1978, the company was previously part of Hercules Inc, a chemical and munitions manufacturer founded by Illuminati-family DuPont. And the would-be debunk sites once again think that everything is off the table with a denying interview of the manufacturer.

Triangle symbolism in the logo

The thousands of shops of the Wal-Mart supermarket chain are also to be turned into concentration camps in America. But how does this connection come about?

Wal-Mart – Once there, all in

Well, the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton, actually already has experience with concentration camps. Many people don’t know this, but in the 1940s there were also concentration camps on American soil. On Roosevelt’s direct orders, concentration camps were built for the Japanese after Pearl Harbor! Olvassa el itt.

There were ten of them in total, all on the west coast of the USA, because this was where most of the Japanese people were. Between 1942 and 1946, 120,000 men, women and children were put into these camps. Over 60% of these people were Americans with American passports! However, they had Japanese ancestry and just 1/16 ancestry was enough to get you arrested by the National Guard. Security concerns? Pah! This measure was purely racist in nature and is all too easily forgotten today… Well, Sam Walton was a member of the US Army Intelligence Corp at the time and a security supervisor for the German and Italian POW camps and the Japanese internment camps. He opened his first shop immediately after the war, then launched the Wal-Mart chain in 1962. So the connection between Wal-Mart and the government goes back a long time, and not just since it was discovered that Wal-Mart was getting billions of dollars from the government. What is done with it? Olvassa el itt.

fema walmart
A picture of the near future? Food ration distribution in Walmart?

Today, Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and the largest employer in the US (over 2 million employees) with an annual turnover of over $500 billion, due to very aggressive market development. At the same time, Walmart has a reputation for treating its employees worse than any other company, from banning unions to underpayment to systematic spying. Today, there are 4750 shops in the USA, many of them so-called super-stores with an average size of 16,500 m², which means they can accommodate a lot of people. So far, so superstore. The founder sat firmly in the saddle of the company until his death in 1992, after which his wife and children took over, so his legacy lives on. And the purpose of this supermarket chain is hidden from our noses all this time. Put the first word backwards in the old logo….

walmart martlaw 1
Martial-Law by Wal-Mart

There are some things that are unusual about this chain. For example, Wal-Mart has closed over 260 shops in recent years, sometimes very suddenly, and laid off thousands of people. But these empty buildings are neither sold nor demolished, and in some places they are still closely guarded by security. Nézze meg itt.

Some of them have been empty for twenty years, but some residents still see trucks driving there from time to time. Barbed wires also suddenly appear on the outside of some of the ceilings. What’s going on here? Look at what a garden centre looks like in an empty Wal-Mart, does that remind you of anything?

walmart camp garden center texas
Abandoned Wal-Mart in Garland, Texas. Close-meshed fence on all sides (including from above)

Wal-Mart has also entered into a contract (Militairy Spouse Career Connection) with the US government, which states that Wal-Mart will hire veterans of the US military. Of these highly trained and capable soldiers, up to 250,000 are expected to work at Wal-Mart by 2020, a gigantic force. Olvassa el itt.

And all this in the time when they have laid off thousands of civilians? Martial law has been prepared here for many years and the buildings have been built from the ground up so that they can be alienated as camps. They recently proved that this is possible and wanted when they converted an old Wal-Mart on the Mexican border into a refugee internment camp for children. Olvassa el itt.

Wal-Mart also has its own Disaster Response Team and is happy to help out FEMA, so there is a connection between these two entities. Olvassa el itt. Just like the Wal-Mart Foundation, which is not only for image-building but also for influence. This is all very unusual for a supermarket chain, isn’t it? Olvassa el itt.

One of the vehicles used by the Wal-Mart Disaster Response Team

Likewise, a great many Americans have heard loud humming noises from the ground near their Walmart stores, as if there was a lot of building going on underground. ( itt és itt ). Dozens of stores were suddenly temporarily closed due to pipe problems (some of the top 10 sales stores in the country), which is very unusual because none of the employees noticed anything about pipe problems. Is something else being built here?

Maybe they’ll show us the truth again in their new logo! You can’t stop.

walmart tunnel

The ‘sun’ of the new logo has astonishing similarities with the drill head of a giant tunnel drill.


Also, I find it a funny coincidence that 2 years before the Corona pandemic, Wal-Mart introduced pick-up stations that let you shop without contacting the cashier. Olvassa el itt.

You order the food online via an app and don’t even have to enter the shop and get it delivered to your car. This shopping option was previously very unpopular, but thanks to Corona it is now of course the latest craze….Olvassa el itt.

Check out this video, it shows a lot of empty Walmarts, they have strong similarities with camps.

How do you know who you are coming for?

The network and possible access

The Common Sense Radio Show published an interesting, but disturbing, article here 3 years ago. The host tells us that the NSA has been using AI to create personality profiles of every citizen for years. They know what you read online, what key is pressed on your keyboard/mobile phone, what you write to your friends and relatives, what you discuss at home (the microphones/cameras of your mobile phone and TV are listening/watching even when they are off). Even if your phone doesn’t have a sim card or is set to airplane mode, it tracks where you are in seconds and even detects if you are walking or using a vehicle. This meta-data is sent to Google and in their servers is the NSA. They know where you work, where you live, what your favourite series is, what you buy, who you vote for, what your sleep pattern is and whether your stashed toilet paper is 3-ply!  All of this is then fed to an AI which then uses algorithms to assign your personality a 16-part score, similar to the MPPI test psychologists use. This determines how ‘high-functioning’ you are, what your potential for rebellion is and what happens to you. Moreover, in its 2009 MIAC report, the US government equated anyone opposed to a New World Order with militant anti-government militias. Olvassa el itt.

What’s more, DARPA has now even developed a system that will allow autonomous weapon systems with artificial intelligence to use predictive analysis of social media to make lethal force decisions on civilians with minimal human involvement. Olvassa el itt. Meaning an armed robot can now decide whether to kill you based on the stuff you share and read online. Puuuuh….

Where will the line be drawn?  No one knows. Who will be considered a useful slave, who will be apprehended as a potential enemy, and who will be immediately released for termination? However, it is enough to look more closely at the Luciferian beliefs of the cabal to see what kind of person they would go against. If they come then at night in trucks, armed and with torches they storm the houses, arrest everyone, put them in the trucks with handcuffs and take them to remote places in the camps. After that, the way is clear for total slavery of the rest of the sleeping population.

spec ops
FBI special ops

In the summer of 2015, there was a large-scale exercise of 1200 units of five different special operations branches of the USA Army (including SOCOM) on American soil called JADE HELM 15, which caused great concern among the population. Olvassa el itt. The aim was to ‘improve the capabilities of special operations forces as part of the national security strategy’. Some of the soldiers were in civilian clothes and communication with the population was part of the exercise. Some say that Helm is an acronym for Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. And JADE is the name of an AI technology from DARPA with which large and complex military operations can be planned and executed in a very short time from a combination of user input, pre-planning and AI calculations. Olvassa el itt.

The exercise took place across several states to practice a wartime operation in a civilian environment under real conditions. This was a precedent, as previously exercises were only conducted abroad or in military bases. Media were not allowed to be present. The exercise caused a particular stir because entire states were declared hostile in it. For example, Texas and Utah were classified as hostile (Bible Belt, Republican), but Colorado and California were classified as cooperating (Democratic). Such a classification only makes sense if one is practising a mission that is also to take place in the USA!

jade helm 15 2
This was the plan of the operation

How should the NWO coup take place? – An insider tells us

Those who have read my article on the cabal’s mind-control techniques and SRA should be familiar with the Illuminati whistleblower Svali. She grew up in one of the German Illuminati bloodlines and has spent much of her adult life working for the cabal in the USA. Her job was programming mind-control victims. She got out in 1996 and has been on the run ever since. In 2000, under the alias Svali, she gave an interview about how the cabal plans to bring about the New World Order. And although her involvement with the cabal is now 25 years ago, there are frightening overlaps with current world events! According to her, about 1% of the American population are either part of this cult, sympathise with it or are under its control through mind control. That doesn’t sound like much, but we’re talking about about 3 million people who have infiltrated everything from local, regional to national and international levels of government. Each member is extensively trained in governance, finance, military and spirituality, each with a focus again. Svali says as early as 2000 that this cabal is planning a military coup to gain complete control in the first third of the 21st century. The interview continues as follows:

Do you want to hear the scenario of the end of the world that the Illuminati taught me? It was cult propaganda, but that’s how they believed they would usher in the New World Order:
● There will be continued conflict in the Middle East, and a serious threat of nuclear war is the culmination of these hostilities.
● An economic collapse that will devastate the economies of the US and Europe, similar to the Great Depression.

One reason our economy continues to limp along is the artificial supports the Federal Reserve had given, manipulating interest rates, etc. But one day this will no longer work (or this leverage will be deliberately withdrawn) and the next Great Depression will strike. The government will call in its bonds and loans and credit card debt will be called in. There will be massive bankruptcies nationwide. Europe will stabilise first and Germany, France and England (surprise, the main centres of the Illuminati) will have the strongest economies and introduce an international currency through the UN. Japan will also bounce back, but their economy will be weakened.

Peacekeepers will be sent by the UN and local bases to prevent unrest. Cult leaders will reveal themselves and people will be asked to make a pledge of allegiance in a time of chaos and financial devastation.

Phew, so if there aren’t an extreme number of parallels to today here. Think, for example, of the confrontation in January with Iran, where nuclear weapons were already being threatened. Or the great depression that is now coming or the unrest. And the pledge of loyalty I think has to do with the acceptance of the chip, the mark of the beast. In 1996, it was all a planned thing! Here is the interview.

At least that WAS the plan, if David Wilcock and QAnon are right and there really is an ‘Alliance of Good’, then this plan will most likely not be able to be implemented, but will be foiled at this very moment. However, I would not completely rule out the possibility that this is a psy-op to distract the very people this operation is actually aimed at. I hope not. What do you think?

Conclusion – We Live in a Historical Time

Nevertheless, the best thing is to remain calm and level-headed, panicky and thoughtless behaviour is exactly what they want. Are we living in the end times? The fires, locusts, pestilence, and most recently the earthquakes in Utah and Zagreb have further strengthened this impression. The asteriod also announced in Revelation is already on its way. The time is certainly historic. If these are the end times, it will be very turbulent, but (SPOILER ALERT) Lucifer and his helpers will not achieve their goals!

This crisis also shows how unbelievably much solidarity and charity there still is in people, and that’s probably what sets the cabal’s toenails on edge. Pay special attention to your fellow human beings at this time, and perhaps donate something to the food bank, because the poorest of the poor are always hit particularly hard. Always keep a very watchful eye on what the governments of this world decide now. Maybe also use this time to gently point out some things and structures of this world to others in your environment, because many are now experiencing for the first time that we live in an unfree world that can change completely overnight. I think this will shake some people awake now, I can feel it.

Please stay relaxed, move, nourish your body well and your soul too.

And remember: truth is crazier than fiction.