How will be the Future of Vaccination and the Occult Transformation of Humanity?

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Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, we have been told again and again that the world has changed forever. This “New Normal” we are threatened with brings with it great uncertainty. Uncertainty about work. Uncertainty about traveling. Uncertainty about what our lives will be like on the other side of this “Great Reset”.

But there is one thing we can be sure of: If the Gateses, the Faucis, the Wielers and the representatives of the international medical establishment have their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

Transformation in Vaccine Technology

This message has been repeated so often and so consistently by public health officials, political “leaders” and media commentators that many have begun to believe it. And now the public is being prepared for an unprecedented global vaccination campaign. In the form of a military operation, the plan is to bring a new generation of experimental vaccines to market at lightning speed and deliver them at “warp speed” before any long-term tests have been carried out. What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are different from any vaccine that has ever been used on the human population before.

And while the federal government closed twenty more clinics in the pandemic year 2020 and let the number of operable intensive care beds shrink from August, even though the threatened overload of the health system always justifies the most drastic restrictions on fundamental rights in the history of the Federal Republic, in the end only the mallet came back Lockdowns and advertisements for vaccines. And as radically different as these vaccines appear, they are only the beginning of a complete transformation in vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research laboratories around the world.

This is an investigation into the future of Vaccines

For most of 2020, a traumatized public has been told that nothing will return from our pre-Coronavirus life until there is a COVID vaccine. So it’s not surprising that the same media sources that promoted this talk would celebrate the hopeful announcements made by big pharma manufacturers regarding their COVID vaccine candidates .

But in the midst of the media hype, some sobering facts have gone down.

First, this news was not generated on the basis of publicly available data, but through verbatim company press releases. Read here.

This type of company self-promotion through press releases was immediately exposed as fraud when it turned out that AstraZeneca had “accidentally” given a lower dose to a group of study participants and then touted the results of this group with the lower dose without clearing up the “mix-up”. Read here.

Second, the “success” of these vaccines is not measured by their ability to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2, as many in the public believe, but only to alleviate the severity of symptoms associated with COVID-19, such as coughing and headaches. Watch here.

Third, the studies are touted as involving tens of thousands of people, but in Pfizer’s study, only 170 of them were reported as “diagnosed with COVID-19” during the trial. Of these, 162 were in the placebo group and eight in the vaccine group. From this it is inferred that the vaccine saved 154/162 people from contracting the disease, or “95%” (anyone who understands a hint of statistics knows how ridiculously uninformative this is!). But as even the British Medical Journal states, “a relative risk reduction is reported, not an absolute risk reduction, which appears to be less than 1%.” Read here.

Fourth, the trials are not yet complete. Although several countries have now granted “emergency approval” allowing these companies to begin distributing these vaccines to the public, the vaccines’ Phase III trials are still ongoing, with several of the planned “endpoints” for the data not being collected until 24 months (!) after injection. The result is that even the British “Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” brochure on Pfizer’s vaccine indicates that “animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed”, meaning that “it is not known whether the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 has an effect on fertility”. See ‘pdf 1’ end of post.

Even more frightening, it is not health professionals who are at the forefront of efforts to get this vaccine into the world, but rather the military.


And most importantly, as incredible as this hasty attempt to force an experimental vaccine on the majority of the world’s population, it is also incredible when it turns out that the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are not really “vaccines,” as they are they are understood by the general public. They are mRNA vaccines, a novel method of vaccination that has never been approved for human use before.


However, the new mRNA vaccines work on a completely different principle than any other vaccine that has ever been used on the human population. To understand this, it is important to know the history of vaccine technologies.

A little history lesson on vaccination

The concept of “vaccination” has been around for centuries, with one of the earliest examples occurring a few centuries ago in China, where dried up scabs from lightly infected smallpox sufferers were pulverized and then blown into the nostrils of healthy people. The aim of the procedure was to infect the patient with a mild strain of smallpox and thus give him immunity. This practice was brought to Europe via Turkey and eventually adopted around the world.

china vaccine

“Vaccination” developed in the late 18th century when Edward Jenner discovered that those exposed to cowpox, a less virulent relative of smallpox, were themselves immune to smallpox. He “vaccinated” a boy with a cowpox bladder from a milkmaid and vaccinated him with smallpox two months later. The boy did not get smallpox, and the procedure was hailed as a breakthrough in medical science. The English term “vaccination”, derived from the Latin word for cow, ultimately referred to the general process of introducing immunogens or weakened infectious agents into the body to stimulate the immune system to fight infections.

18 hundered vaccination
Edward Jenner

But that’s not how mRNA vaccines work. Unlike vaccination, which involves introducing an immunogen into the body, mRNA vaccines attempt to introduce messenger RNA into the body in order to induce the body’s cells to produce immunogens, which then trigger an immune response.

dna rna

DNA vaccinations stimulate the nucleus to produce the spike protein. mRNA vaccinations stimulate the production of spike protein in the cell plasma. Protein factories (ribosomes) in the cell plasma read the genetic code of the RNA and form a complex chain of amino acids from it, which then form the spike protein of SARS-COV-2. This spike protein should then be recognized by the immune system, which should then produce suitable antibodies.

Any questions about this rushed, experimental vaccine technology are labelled “vaccine opposition misinformation” by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the corporate press (which lives in part off their advertising dollars and euros) and are actively censored. But despite the straw man argument that opposition to the vaccine comes only from ignorant members of the public worried about “being injected with mircochips”, there are real concerns about the long-term safety of these vaccines coming from the scientific community and even from whistleblowers within the ranks of the Big Pharma manufacturers themselves.

anti vax propaganda

Big data and the corporate press open all the guns to suppress free information about the new vaccines.

On 1 December, the former Chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Health Committee, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, together with Dr Michael Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer Global R&D, submitted a petition calling on the European Medicines Agency to halt the Phase III clinical trials of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine until they are restructured to address critical safety concerns associated with this experimental technology. See ‘pdf 2’ end of post.

Here are the four main elements used by Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon be pointed out.

“-The formation of so-called“ non-neutralizing antibodies ”can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially if the test person is confronted with the real,“ wild ”virus after the vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent enhancement, ADE, has long been known, e.g. B. from experiments with corona vaccines in cats. As part of these studies, all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after being infected with the wild virus.

-The BioNTech / Pfizer mRNA vaccines contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies to this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, possibly fatal, reactions to the vaccine.

-The vaccinations are expected to generate antibodies against the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals and humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 triggers an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.

-The length of the study, which is far too short, does not allow a realistic assessment of the long-term effects. As with the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, an emergency approval and the possibility of observing the long-term effects of the vaccination would expose millions of healthy people to an unacceptable risk. Nevertheless, BioNTech / Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020. “


Don’t be put off by the lurid thumbnail. This immunologist needs to be heard!

Before the combined weight of pharmaceutical companies, global health bodies, governments and corporate media united to suppress any questions about this unprecedented onslaught for an experimental vaccine to be sold worldwide, there were widespread calls for caution from the heart of the scientific community.

Even mainstream publications like Scientific American were forced to point out as early as June last year that the way the COVID-19 vaccine is being rushed to market is a cause for concern: Read here.

“Excessive testing and approval times could expose us all to unnecessary vaccine-related hazards. While preclinical studies evaluating the potential safety and effectiveness of vaccine candidates are likely to include tens of thousands of patients, it is still unclear whether that number will be large enough and whether a study will take long enough to assess the safety of a drug that so many do would be administered. The US alone is planning to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people with the first successful candidate. One major adverse event per thousand of a vaccine given to 100 million people will harm 100,000 otherwise healthy people. “

The potential dangers of these vaccines – not only the mRNA vaccines that make your body’s cells produce proteins to stimulate an immune response, but also vaccines like AstraZeneca’s, which uses a chimpanzee adenovirus to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein – are numerous. Not only do these vaccines carry the potential for the phenomenon of antibody-dependent amplification, which makes people more susceptible to the wild virus after they have been vaccinated against it – a problem also encountered with previous coronavirus vaccine candidates – but their potential effects on fertility, even by the UK government’s admission, have not been tested at this time and remain “unknown”.

The potential dangers of these vaccines – not just the mRNA vaccines, which induce your body’s cells to produce proteins to stimulate an immune response, but vaccines like the one from AstraZeneca, which uses a chimpanzee adenovirus to treat the SARS-CoV Expressing 2-spike protein – are numerous. Not only do these vaccines harbor the potential for the phenomenon of antibody-dependent enhancement , which makes people more susceptible to the wild virus after being vaccinated against it – a problem that has also occurred with previous coronavirus vaccine candidates – but their potential impact on fertility are even after the admission by the UK government, had not yet been tested at this time and remain “unknown”.



The gun on the chest

But more fundamental than this very specific safety concern about these very specific vaccines is the manner in which this fanatical, ruthless, and unprecedented onslaught of these vaccines is imposing (and possibly prescribing) on ​​billions of people around the world – women and children, young and old , healthy and unhealthy alike – is setting the most dangerous public health precedent in human history, a precedent that threatens to undermine our most precious health freedoms in the name of a panic “emergency”.

nuernberger prozesse
Nuremberg medical trials 1947

One of these core freedoms is the ability to refuse an experimental medical procedure, a freedom recognised in the 1947 Nuremberg Code and enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that no one shall be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without his or her free consent. It states that in medical experiments… Read here.

“…the voluntary consent of the subject (is) absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned must be capable in the legal sense of giving his consent; that he must be able to exercise his judgement, uninfluenced by force, fraud, trickery, pressure, pretence or any other form of persuasion or coercion; that he must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the field in question in its details to be able to make an informed decision”.

Despite the fact that clinical trials of these experimental vaccines are ongoing and the FDA itself admits that there are “insufficient data at this time to draw conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subgroups such as children under 16 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals” and “the risk of vaccine-aggravated disease over time, which may be associated with a decline in immunity remains unknown”, governments around the world are considering making these vaccinations compulsory or forcing people to take them against their will by restricting their access to public life until they undergo this medical experiment. See ‘pdf 3’ end of post.

Right now, politicians are openly discussing social privileges for vaccinated people. In Israel, this two-tier society has even been implemented (through a digital vaccination passport). This can certainly be interpreted as political pressure to undergo a medical experiment, thus violating the first commandment of the Nuremberg Code, and should stand up in a (fair) court of law. Read here.


The threat of coercing or pressuring people to become involuntary guinea pigs in an ongoing medical experiment is in itself immoral. But the very prospect of enforcing such mandates would lead to the establishment of a surveillance and prosecution system that further threatens fundamental rights and freedoms. Because in order to determine who has been vaccinated – and thus who is allowed to board a plane, enter a stadium or enter a shop with vaccination regulations – there must be a system for identifying and tracking every vaccine recipient.

Whereas in the past such tracking systems worked with identity documents, special badges to identify a person’s status or other outwardly recognisable features, in the modern age such systems will take the form of digital apps and other technologically advanced methods of tracking, categorising and identifying billions of people and their movements in real time. Read here.

There are already apps such as the Digital Health Pass from IBM and the Health Pass from CLEAR, which envision a world in which our biometric ID is linked to our health data via our smartphones in order to grant or allow access to public spaces and events deny.


As soon as the COVID vaccines are widespread, it would only be a question of linking your vaccination card with the health card app to prevent unvaccinated people from accessing a certain room.

And while this future – which is sold through corporate advertising but disapproved by the vast majority of the public – may seem like a science fiction dystopia, such systems are already being used to control the movements of people in China wherever there is access to certain buildings or the possibility of leaving your own neighborhood can be restricted to those whose phone-based apps display a “green” immunity status.

china app

Worse still, the COVID vaccine provides the perfect opportunity for governments, intelligence agencies, and corporations with a direct interest in suppressing dissent, monitoring dissidents, and controlling their populations to make such systems an integral part of everyday life. After the immediate “threat” of the stated public health crisis has subsided, the public is already being warned that these apps will seamlessly transition into general surveillance of the population (here at the end).

As scary as these “immunity passports” are, opening the door for governments to implement permanent digital tracking of their entire population, they represent only the most visible invasion of privacy that is enacted against the backdrop of this unprecedented vaccine introduction.

These smartphone apps and voluntary reporting mechanisms will eventually be replaced by an even more invasive technological means of attesting vaccination. Not the “microchip” front man that fact checkers use to try to dispel these concerns, but the verifiable existence of a program to develop quantum dot tags to instantly identify who received a particular vaccine. More on that later.

quantum dot biometrics

Experimental vaccine technologies. Rushed tests. Mandates and health apps. And finally, Quantum Dot Tags and Biometric IDs. The future looming over the backdrop of this COVID nightmare is truly dystopian.

Brave New World – Our Bio-Security Future

But as worrying as all of this is, the most worrying aspect is the precedent it is setting for a new era of biosecurity. An era in which health authorities will claim the right to impose hasty, untested, and experimental technologies on the public in the name of public “health”.

For now, these new technologies – like the mRNA vaccines that reprogramme cells to produce antigens, or the DNA vaccines that seek to introduce foreign genetic material directly into the cell nucleus, and which even the biotech giant Moderna admits “carry the risk of permanently altering a person’s DNA” – are still understood by the public as “vaccines”. But they bear as little resemblance to the vaccines the public used to be given as Edward Jenner’s cowpox vaccine did to the ancient Chinese art of blowing smallpox scabs up one’s nose. And the medical technologies that are now emerging will once again completely transform our understanding of “vaccines”. See ‘pdf 4’ end of post.

One such technology is being actively developed by Profusa, Inc, a company that received a $7.5 million grant from DARPA – the US military’s research and development agency – in 2016 to develop “implantable biosensors that can continuously monitor multiple body chemistries”. Read here.

Earlier this year, Profusa announced a study to explore how the company’s technology – including a “wireless reader that adheres to the skin and senses and reports tissue oxygen levels” and a 3 mm thread of hydrogel that can be inserted under the skin with a syringe and programmed to “send a fluorescent signal when the body begins to fight infection” – can be used to “develop an early detection system that can detect not only outbreaks of disease, but also outbreaks of infection”. The study is expected to be completed this year. Read here. And here.


Hydrogels – networks of cross-linked polymer chains – are increasingly being targeted by proponents of these new technologies as potential delivery vehicles for drugs, cells, proteins and bioactive molecules.




In 2013, for example, a team of European researchers presented a novel method of injecting a vaccine-containing hydrogel bead into a site under the skin that can later be released by swallowing a “stimulus-responsive biohybrid material”. This was touted as a “remote vaccine delivery system”. Read here.

The researchers proved their concept by injecting mice with a hydrogel containing human papillomavirus vaccine and later giving them a pill containing fluorescein, which dissolved the hydrogel mesh and released the vaccine. Research into this vaccine delivery method continues, with a Chinese team publishing research results just last year on a self-adjuvanted hydrogel that “had both the potential of an adjuvant and the capacity for sustained release of antigen.”


The idea of implanting remote-controlled vaccines in large populations has been around since at least 2012, when, according to MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates personally asked MIT researcher Robert Langer to develop an implantable birth control device that could be turned on and off remotely. Read here.

The resulting device – a wireless birth control microchip that, as the National Post noted in 2014, “can be turned on and off with a remote control and is expected to last up to 16 years” – was developed by Microchips Biotech, now part of Daré Bioscience, and has so far received $17.9 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read here.


From bioelectronics to nanorobotics to synthetic biology, more and more incredible technologies are being developed that, whether or not they are marketed under the umbrella term “vaccine”, work in ways that are fundamentally different from anything that has ever been used on the human population. Read here.



Researchers at the University of Ottawa are working on the development of “edible vaccines”. Read here.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School are developing autonomous DNA nanorobots that can transport molecular payloads directly into cells.


A team of scientists at Johns Hopkins University is working on shape-changing micro-devices called ” Theragrippers ” that can settle in the gastrointestinal tract to enable advanced drug delivery.


Nanobots. Shape changing bioelectronic devices. Remote controlled vaccines. The precedent set during the COVID era to bring experimental and unproven medical technologies into use on the back of a declared crisis is the same precedent that could be used to impose these injectable technologies on the public in the future.

And, as Catherine Austin Fitts – Former US Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and founder of Solari, Inc. – explained, these injectables are part of an ingenious system of biological, economic and political control that is banked into the existence of powerful special interests.

“So let me go through where I think he’s going. I think where they’re going – and they have tons of technology prototypes, so I don’t think they already have it – but where they’re going is wanting to download a Microsoft Office system into your body, into your brain , and to connect it to the Jedi Cloud Contract and the Amazon Cloud Contract with the CIA. And if they can get seven billion people straight to their cloud contracts and use viruses – I mean, that’s very clever – use viruses to get those updates. You know, just let those updates come.


I think it’s a scam to call these vaccines that. They are not vaccines, they are not medicine. But I think it’s exactly the same model that you used with the computers and the ideas. Just like Bill Gates allowed intelligence to get a back door into our – you know – our data and our computers. You want a back door into our minds, and it’s very hard to pin down and grasp unless you read into the creepy technology, the Charles Lieber kind of technology, but we’re slowly starting to grasp ”. Read here.

“So what we have are people with unimaginable liabilities for what they have done in health and finance. And they are trying to do two things: One is to load an operating system into our bodies – I call it the injection scam because they call it a vaccine and by law a vaccine is medicine, this is not medicine, so this is what they are planning a scam for me. And the second thing they are trying to do is implement contract tracking so that – before they have the operating system in everyone – they are in complete control. They already know, they kidnap you, put you in jail without a warrant, break into your house, take your children with them.

Similar to how new viruses lead to an update of the computer operating system, in the future viruses will also lead to new updates of the human body in humans (through the genetic and nanotechnologies that are sold to us as vaccinations). Words have meanings. We should actually stop calling the substances from Pfizer / Moderna and Biontech “vaccinations” – because they are not. They are gene therapeutics! But anti-vaccination is simply better over the lips …

The basic tool for manipulating reality is manipulating words. If you can control the meaning of the words, you can control the people who have to use them. ”- Philip K. Dick

Despite the assurances of people like Bill Gates, who have a financial interest in these experimental vaccines, and the large pharmaceutical companies that sell these vaccines, and the governments being bribed by the international public health cartel to buy these vaccines, and their public under pressure To put them to accept, and the corporate media relying on these big drug companies for their advertising dollars, some facts about these novel coronavirus vaccines are undeniable:

• They are the most rushed vaccines ever developed. (Don’t understand how this is always presented as a selling point for the vaccines)

• Manufacturers have been absolved of liability if their experimental vaccines cause injury. Read here.

• The clinical trials testing the safety of these injections are ongoing , which means that any member of the public who ingests a vaccine is now a human guinea pig in an ongoing medical experiment with the people of the world.

• Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines are themselves part of an experimental class of injections never before given to the public;

• These vaccines have not and are not intended to be tested for their ability to prevent infection or the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

• And there is absolutely no long-term data on these vaccines to determine what effects they could have on fertility, the potential for pathogenic priming, or other serious adverse reactions. Read here.

At first glance, it cannot be denied that this is the most ruthless and brazen experiment in the history of the world. Never before have billions of people been pressured to undergo an entirely experimental, invasive medical procedure based on a disease with a survival rate greater than 99%.

But large-scale emergency vaccination campaigns have been attempted before, with sobering lessons about the dangers of such a large-scale experiment that are now being deliberately ignored.

Those who do not learn from mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, hundreds of millions of people were vaccinated with polio vaccines that years later turned out to be contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing virus found in the kidney cells of rhesus monkeys used to make the vaccine. Read here.

In the end, only one soldier at Fort Dix died of swine flu and no one outside the base tested positive for the flu, but the emergency vaccination programme continued. It was abruptly ended after hundreds who had received the rushed vaccine developed severe neurological disorders. Read here.

During the hysteria over swine flu in 2009, GlaxoSmithKline rushed to market a vaccine called Pandemrix in several European countries, which was later linked to an increased risk of narcolepsy. Read here.

Years later, it was admitted that the 2009 flu season was no more deadly than any other flu season, but the British Medical Journal revealed that the panel that advised the WHO in declaring the public health emergency that prompted governments to buy billions of dollars worth of vaccines was itself staffed by advisers with direct financial ties to Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers. Read here.


In each of these cases the public has been told to ” follow science,” and in each of these cases an unknown and perhaps indefinite number of people have paid for this blind trust with their health. Now the revolver is held to our heads again, and knowing that this revolver is likely to contain a lot of empty chambers, the public is urged to play Russian roulette in the name of “trust in science” .

Certainly those who want to be the test subjects in this ongoing experiment should be free to make themselves guinea pigs for the big pharma manufacturers. But any mandate or compulsion to impose the vaccine on an unwilling recipient sets a dangerous precedent, a precedent that will one day lead to a persecuted and monitored population unable to withstand the next generation of injectable bioelectronics.

This is not a game, this is not a test. Billions of people are being asked to take part in a gigantic experiment, not just an experiment in medical technology, but an experiment in docility and blind trust.

The pressure to say yes and participate in this experiment is enormous. But if we lose the freedom to say “ no ” to it, then we may lose control of our physical autonomy forever – and ultimately our humanity as well.

We have a choice. . but for how much longer?

Symbolism and the Luciferian sub-soil of the Vaccination Program

So you see that because of the information that is available to the public, there are very serious reasons not to take part in this medical and social experiment. Because it will push the world in an immoral, unfree and health direction that cannot be assessed. A self-determined and healthy society is not important to the supranational institutions, pharmaceutical companies and private individuals who set the tone, who are driving this experiment. Rather, a clear agenda can be seen here, which is being advanced by an invisible hand: Humanity is to be irrevocably transformed through deception and coercion, on a social and even physical level, in order to create a basis for the transhumanist bio-security future. But I always like to go deeper: How exactly? Why? How so? Why? Many try to understand the cabal, which steers our world from the hidden, without including the spiritual elements. Conversely, there are also very spiritual people who want to understand them without including the very real physical elements. The key is to find out where the two of them meet and what their goals are!

The first COVID-19 vaccines are currently being produced and distributed in the USA under the name “Operation Warp Speed (OWS)”. The focus is particularly on rapid mass production and possible rapid distribution. This operation, still approved by Trump, is a merger of various US government agencies and the private pharmaceutical sector. First and foremost, the Department of Defence and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The whole project is also led by US Army General Gus Perna – and what is the Army’s mission? To defeat the enemy with weapons. Watch here.

Like any military operation, Operation Warp Speed has been given a fancy emblem. But when I took a closer look at it (on the Department of Defence’s website), I got puzzled. As always, symbolism is used to communicate, which is not tangible for the uninitiated. I hope that by now everyone realises that symbolism is their way of communicating. All this is no coincidence. Once is not once, twice is coincidence and from the third time a pattern begins. Read here.

operation warpspeed

A coronavirus can be seen in the middle, but what is behind it is much more interesting. The virus lies on the so-called Anthakarana symbol . This Far Eastern symbol is available in a masculine (Ying) and a feminine version (Yang). Outwardly they differ from the thickness of the ‘arms’ and the general size. The masculine can be seen in the OWS emblem.

The masculine anthakarana symbol on the left and the feminine symbol on the right.

The masculine anthakarana symbol on the left and the feminine symbol on the right.

What is the Antahkarana? This Sanskrit term, which literally means “the inner cause”, is defined differently by different teachings and schools of thought. Hindu philosophy defines it in one way, the New Age movement defines it in a plethora of other ways, and theosophy defines it in another way, according to the ‘true and timeless Esoteric Philosophy and Science’ in which those whom we call the “Masters of Wisdom” were initiated.

It is one of the most important, occult and practical concepts in theosophical teachings. To understand it, one must first be familiar with the sevenfold nature of man, which includes the dual nature of mind. But for now we can briefly sum it up like this:

The “mind” with which you or I or each of us is most familiar is our personal self-awareness, our personal ego or feeling of “me”, our everyday thinking, the mind that is connected to and through the brain this works. This, says theosophy, is our “present personality” and exists for the duration of a lifetime, since it is the karmic effect and the result of previous incarnations. It is known as the Lower Manas, where “Manas” is the Sanskrit word for “mind”.

There is a higher manas that is our “permanent individuality”, our higher ego (note that “higher ego” and “higher self” are not synonymous terms, although they are similar), our true immortal “me”. This is our very soul and it reincarnates on Earth through a successive series of Lower Manas or Personas, all in accordance with the karma created by these Lower Manas. This higher manas is a being of light. It is a divine entity, our own inner God, and exists on its own transcendent plane, above and beyond our physical, material plane.

operation warpspeed logo
Hexagram and cube symbolism

We are this Manasaputra (Son or Individualized Ray of Universal Mind), but it appears to us largely as a separate or separate entity because we are so preoccupied with identifying with our name and form and brain-mind. But fortunately there is a link between our higher ego and lower ego, our higher manas and lower manas, and that link is what we call antahkarana. Let’s take a look at HP Blavatsky’s entry on the term on pages 23-24 of The Theosophical Glossary:

“Antahkarana (Sk.), Or Antaskarana. The term has several meanings that differ in each philosophical school and sect. So Sankaracharya gives the word back as “mind”; other than “the inner instrument, the soul formed by the thinking principle and egoism”; while the occultists use it as the path or bridge between the higher and lower manas, the divine ego and the personal soulexplain man. It serves as a medium of communication between the two and conveys from the lower to the higher ego all those personal impressions and thoughts of the human being, which by their nature can be absorbed and stored by the immortal entity and thus made immortal with it, since these are the only ones Elements of the ephemeral personality are those that survive death and time. It is therefore obvious that only the noble, spiritual and divine in man can testify in eternity that he has lived. “

hp blavarsky
The Russian occultist and philosopher Helena Blavatsky was co-founder of the Theosophical Society and her occult works are still highly regarded by the cabal today.

The Russian occultist and philosopher Helena Blavatsky was a co-founder of the Theosophical Society and her occult works are still very popular with the Cabal to this day.

The Theosophical (Secret) Society of Blavatsky, founded in 1875, combines various religious philosophies (one-world religion). It had a decisive influence on all subsequent esoteric movements. The term theosophy comes from the Greek theosophia which consists of the words theos (gods) and Sophia (wisdom). So Theosophia means wisdom of the gods aka. Wisdom of the fallen angels (like Lucifer) who were worshiped as gods by various religions and peoples throughout human history. So again Luciferism in a slightly different guise.

“In contrast to other satanic currents,  Lucifer is seen here as something positive, as a figure of light who brought people knowledge and freedom and rebelled against a creator god that was viewed as negative. Luciferianism has no religious dogmas or holy scriptures. Followers of this movement try  to gain knowledge by studying occultism,  Thelema,  Kabbalah  and  Gnosis. ” (Wikipedia on Luciferism)

Logo of the theosophical society with uroboros, hexagram and swastika symbolism

The logo of Operation Warpspeed, the COVID-19 vaccine programme of the American government or its military, could have been designed in any way. Nevertheless, in addition to a Corona virus, it also contains the Anthakarana symbol, an occult symbol for the link between our spirit and our immaterial soul, which in turn lies above the logo of the HHS. This is an interesting “coincidence”… Equally interesting is the fact that Operation Warpspeed works with a specially developed computer programme to regulate the distribution. This programme was named “Tiberius”… this was the name of the Roman Emperor under whom Pontius Pilate carried out the crucifixion of Jesus Christ! Read here.

Another indication that this (or the second) COVID vaccination hides transhumanist nano- or gene technologies about which the vaccination candidates are not openly informed. I am talking explicitly about a vaccine technology that was presumably already presented to the Pentagon in 2005. It provides for immunisation of the expression of the VMAT-2 gene, which according to the God-Gene hyphothesis plays a decisive role in spiritual and mystical experiences. It’s a military gene vaccination with which one can turn off the VMAT-2 gene and thus also the “interface” between body and soul, and I will go into more detail here.


By the way, the unknown speaker at the Pentagon could be Andrew Newberg (but doesn’t have to be). At least he is a neuroscientist and has long been a leader in the field of neurotheology. He is concerned with whether our brains are designed for spirituality and what happens on a neurological level during prayer or meditation. He is convinced that spirituality is found in our brains:

“We must now turn to the normal function of the 4 tertiary association areas and their relationship to the limbic system. We postulate that under certain conditions these areas can be involved in the development of various mystical states, the sense of the divine and the subjective experience of God. ” (D’Aquili EG, Newberg AB. Religious and mystical states: a neuropsychological model. Zygon. 1993; 28: 177-200.)

Dean Hamer, PhD and a behavioral geneticist who worked at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the NIH, took the neurotheologists’ suggestion that religious belief has a neural substrate and asked: Is God actually anchored in our genes and if so, in which genes? If this were the case it would mean that humans are not only wired to believe in God, but are also genetically programmed to believe in God.

In 2004, Hamer published The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired Into Our Genes , which featured in a Time magazine cover story on neurotheology. Hamer made it clear that he had approached his work with the tools of science: “The first task for any scientist trying genetics with spirituality to join, is to show that spirituality can be defined and quantified.” (This quote and the The following quotes from Hamer are from The God Gene.)

image 31
Dr. Dean Hamer

After finding a way to measure self-transcendence, Hamer’s next step was to identify candidate genes that might influence people to be spiritual. He began by observing that certain drugs changed consciousness towards self-transcendence and mysticism. Psilocybin, a mushroom-derived hallucinogen, is known to induce mystical and sometimes religious states. Certain amphetamines, including ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA), have well-documented hallucinogenic and mind-expanding properties. Hamer asked: Is there a chemical in the brain that is structurally similar to these drugs that could promote endogenous transcendent experiences?

Mind altering drugs are believed to work primarily through receptors that bind monoamine ligands in the brain. Hamer examined factors that would generally influence monoamine function in the drug-free brain, in particular the neurotransmitter systems serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. After several false starts, Hamer had a chance meeting with George Uhl, MD, PhD, a neurobiologist at the National Institute of Drug Abuse who studies generic susceptibility to substance abuse. Uhl had found several new variants in a gene called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2). This gene produces a protein for the vesicles that pack neurotransmitters in the presynaptic neuron and later release these signaling chemicals into the neuronal synapse. He had sequenced the gene and mapped a number of variants, including the A33050C polymorphism, which is on chromosome 10. (At position 33050 on this chromosome, a person can have either A [adenine] or C [cytosine].) Uhl had shown that the VMAT2 polymorphism was strongly associated with other VMAT2 mutations and could be used as a marker for the gene.

spiritual brain

The fact that the protein formed by the VMAT2 gene was involved in the packaging of all monoamine neurotransmitters – Hamer’s candidates for endogenous molecules for self-transcendence and spirituality – made this gene a particularly attractive target for study. According to Hamer, VMAT2 “controls the flow of monoamines within the brain” and promotes a “higher consciousness”. The packaging vesicles not only deliver neurotransmitters to the synaptic cleft for signal transmission, but also protect these molecules from degradation by enzymes, especially monoamine oxidases, which remove the neurotransmitter as soon as the neuron fires and the signal has been sent. VMAT2 also plays a major role in neurological diseases such as schizophrenia, i.e. delusions such as hearing voices, and bipolar disorder, which from a religious perspective is also a spiritual phenomenon (infiltration of consciousness by low-frequency beings/demons/archons). Read here.


Using a color-coded fluorescence test for A33050C and a fast computer, Hamer compared the genotypes of his subjects with their test results on the Cloninger self-transcendence scale. “We hit the bull’s eye,” says Hamer, describing the result.

“There was a clear connection between the VMAT2 polymorphism and self-transcendence. Individuals with a C in their DNA – either on one or both chromosomes – performed significantly better than those with an A … Somehow, this single base change affected every facet of self-transcendence, from love for nature to love for God, from Feeling of being one with the universe to the point of willingness to sacrifice oneself to improve it. “

The VMAT2 gene variant with a C – or “spiritual allele” as I began to think about it – was only present on 28% of the chromosomes, compared to 72% that had an A. But since both the C / C and C / A genotypes had increased levels of self-transcendence compared to the A / A genotype, it turned out that 47% were … in the group with the higher spirituality, compared to 53 % in the group with the lower. … While that one gene may not make you a saint, a prophet or a seer, it was enough to tilt the spiritual balance and predispose you to spirituality.

By the way, Dean Hamer also did researchabout homosexuality in humans. In the 1990s, Hamer began studies of the genetics of human behavior that led to the first molecular evidence of genes that affect human sexual orientation. The first work by his research group, published in Science in 1993, reported that the maternal but not the paternal male relatives of gay men had increased rates of same-sex orientation, suggesting the possibility of sex-linked transmission in a segment of the population. Genetic linkage analysis of DNA samples from these families showed that gay brothers had an increased likelihood of sharing polymorphic markers on the subtelomeric region of the long arm of the X chromosome (Xq28),

Could genes like VMAT2 be changed by ‘mRNA vaccines’ or gene therapeutics?

This is actually possible today and is called gene silcening, ie the “silencing” (weakening or completely switching off) certain gene expressions. In this way, science hopes to be able to switch off certain gene expressions that play a role in serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and incurable disabilities.

“ RNA silencing, or RNA interference, refers to a family of gene silencing effects that negatively regulate gene expression by non-coding RNAs such as microRNAs. RNA silencing can also be defined as the sequence-specific regulation of gene expression triggered by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). [1] RNA silencing mechanisms are highly conserved in most eukaryotes. [2] The most common and best studied example is RNA interference (RNAi), in which endogenously expressed microRNA (miRNA) or exogenously derived small interfering RNA (siRNA) induces the breakdown of complementary messenger RNA (mRNA). “(Wikipedia)

The following video explains the process pretty clearly.


In the end, however, it’s playing God, because since the breakthrough of CRISPR, a code-writing program for genes, it has become possible to rewrite any genome quickly and cheaply according to your own wishes. The code created by this program can then be printed out by a DNA printer (yep!) And then further processed, for example into ‘gene therapeutics’. And that of course opens the door to all sorts of dystopian scenarios – every eugenicist’s wet dream. Change characteristics of people at will. For example, an RNA that is precisely programmed to weaken the VMAT2 gene. The cabal has been preparing us for this future for a long time, for example in the Hollywood film Gattaca, in which a world is drawn in which your genes determine your status in society.


Is it possible that in addition to the mRNA encoding the SARS-COV-2 spike protein, there is also RNA in the vaccine that affects other gene expressions? How can we be 100% sure that the genetic source code of BNT162b2 published by the WHO and EMA is the real sequence that ends up in the syringes and ultimately in our cells? How can we detect an adverse effect on the VMAT-2 gene or others after the fact? After all, the attenuation of the VMAT-2 gene only has an effect on the approximately 47% of people who are spiritually predisposed. And for the remaining 53%, these people are anyway cranks who have nothing to say. Allegedly, even one test subject developed neurological problems from the Astrazenica vaccination and is said to have said: “They killed God. I can’t feel God anymore. My soul is dead!”. God will disappear from people’s minds and make way for the coming Luciferian world religion. The Age of Pisces is passing into the Age of Aquarius. Read here.

The genetic engineering future of the black budget laboratories is just on the way and will have its breakthrough in the mainstream due to the hasty approval of the COVID vaccines. It will come whether we like it or not, and it will change our society forever. We will become God ourselves and thus make him “obsolete”. It is the oldest lie of the serpent Lucifer:

“The serpent said to the woman, You will by no means die of death,  but God knows: on the day you eat of it [the forbidden fruit of knowledge] your eyes will be opened and you will be like God and what is good and bad. ” (First Book of Moses [Genesis] 3; 4-5)


What modern technologies already exist and could they be in the “vaccinations”? And why should it be secretly administered to humanity? You might think of this as science fiction … I wish it was.

Black Goo – Black Programmable Matter

Science has been researching the human genome for almost 60 years. Today, however, genetic engineering is much more advanced than it was in our parents’ time, when two different genes were simply spliced together. Today, things are radically different: life is actually created and changed artificially. You can write DNA code today, just like a software developer would write code for a computer, and then put it into a living cell where it can replicate. Let’s let someone with expertise speak, someone like Andrew Hessel. He is a research scientist in the Bio/Nano/Programmable Matter Group at Autodesk and in 2013 he described his work as follows (read here):

“We are now working to envision what the software design tools for really small and potentially living things might look like. […]What we’re doing now is we start learning how to write code. We started writing genetic code back in the 1970s using something called recombinant DNA technology. It was the cutting and splicing of genetic code and if you really look at it you just end up with a random note. You could write anything, but it took a long time. The turning point was synthetic biology. And what makes it so powerful is that we can now use computer software, we no longer need a laboratory, we can start using laptops. We now have actual word processors for DNA and the cool thing is we have printers. Companies like DNA 2.0, and there are a bunch of others, print out your DNA. “


Programmable matter is basically completely sythesised nanobots that wait for a signal or are programmed to do certain things. Dr Charles Morgan is Professor of Nation-Security Studies at the University of New Haven. His focus is teaching national security studies, domestic and international intelligence analysis, and deception issues. Dr. Morgan is developing a concentration in human aspects, intelligence analysis, and psychological operations relevant to the intelligence community. He worked with the CIA and Navy for many years. In a 2018 lecture on “Psycho-Neurobiology and War” at the Modern Institue of War, he lets us look deep into the toys of the intelligence and military community. This lecture is very revealing and I will go into it several times from now on, but for now we will focus on what he has to say about genetic medicine. Watch here.

image 27
Dr. Charles Morgan

He tells us that it is now possible, thanks to CRISPR, to insert any DNA you want into living tissue and to programme this tissue so that it changes its properties the way you want it to. And that this is used in modern medicines. He adds: “But you can design it any way you want. You can design something that kills only one particular person in the world.” Hmm. That opens up a whole bunch of scary scenarios. Do you think it’s a coincidence that in the last few years several find-your-family tree companies have come onto the market that have collected DNA samples from people on a large scale? MyHerritage DNA alone collected DNA samples from over 2.5 million people in 2019. See here.

He goes on to talk about possible uses in the intelligence sector. So, according to him, you can turn off or add any gene expression. People in the Himalayas have developed gene-sequnces that make it easier for them to live at high altitudes. This could be used by agents and soldiers for operations at high altitudes. Or an enhancement of the Forrest-Gump gene (IL-15R-alpha) which makes you stronger and gives you more endurance (this gene doping has already been profilactically banned for athletes). So a change in the VMAT-2 gene or another gene expression really cannot be ruled out.

But what I found most interesting was the technology he calls Designer Receptor Exclusivley Activated by Designer Drugs (DREADDs for short). “You can make a designer receptor, you can make a cell. They can be placed anywhere in the body and activated remotely if the brain is exposed to the right signal . ” With this technology, it was already possible to send memories from one escape fly to the next by sending a light stimulus into the retina. But adds that other tests with animals put substances into the body that activate the neurons in the way you want them to. He concludes with:“So you have the possibility to produce any product as long as you know the DNA sequence, insert it into a living system and you can control it remotely.” He says that you can use stem cells to determine where in the body these Dreadd cells are to be parked can, for example, in the brain in order to change different mechanisms there according to the signal (5G?) and thereby change thinking. He continues on how to store images and text encoded in DNA (the image of the animal ?). You could even place a gif file in the DNA of a bacterium. The completely new field of DNA encryption has opened up here in recent years. These wet hard drives are so secure that even quantum computers cannot key them.

image 29

And then he talks about how it is now possible to implant false memories in people through psychological manipulation, and that it has already been possible to do this with monkeys using chemical means. He thinks that this will probably work in humans by 2020. The one-hour lecture is worth watching in its entirety. Creepy Stuff. Read here.

With the mass administration of this or rather the second vaccination, humanity is being transformed in an irrevocable way. A manner that is beyond the imagination of most people because we were all born in a prison – a prison for our spirit. Most of humanity has no idea where we are or why. Who we really are, how our reality and bodies are constructed and where our journey is going. Most don’t even seriously ask these questions. They just accept reality as it is presented to them from the outside. And therefore do not have the slightest chance of correctly assessing the situation and thus recognizing the danger on the horizon. A danger that goes far beyond life and limb. This is about our spiritual independence, for the souls of humanity and for our human heritage. People will say:”Ha you crazy conspiracy theorists, nothing happened.” Little idea they will have that they are no longer the same person.

Biblische Prophezeiungen entfalten sich vor unseren Augen

At the beginning I said that it is absolutely essential to fully understand the underlying spiritual agenda. Even if you believe that an old book like the Bible cannot make any statements about current events, PLEASE read on with you. No matter what denomination you belong to or whether you believe in God at all. It could be the most important information you have ever read.


Let’s analyze exactly what is said in the revelations of the New Testament and let’s relate it to what is happening on this earth right now. Let’s start with Revelation 13:18:

“Here is wisdom! Whoever has understanding think about the number of the beast; for it is a man’s number, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. “

In Greek the word Sophia stands for whiteness . The exact translation would be “knowledge in the most diverse areas” , that is, worldly and spiritual. I interpret it this way: to understand the ‘mark of the beast’ you have to have knowledge in different areas. For example in science (doctors who unpack and are silenced), laws that are introduced (like HR 6666), patent numbers ( like WO202060606 ), ingredients (luciferease, hydrogel, nanotechnology, baby fetuses) and of course the Book of Revelation. Read here.

In the above verse follows the word understanding , the literal translation of which from the Greek means as much as”The intellectual abilities and the will to know” . So people also need the will to consider this information at all!

Now, the above verse is preceded by the following in Revelation 13: 16-17:

” And it makes them all, the small and large, the rich and poor, the free and slaves, make a mark on their right hand or on their forehead 17 and that no one can buy or sell if he does not have the mark, namely the name of the animal or the number of its name. “

Instead of the word ‘sign’, the Greek version of the Bible uses the word charagma , which can be translated as ‘ cut’, ‘notch ‘, ‘ indented sign’ or ‘hole’ . So we are not talking about a painted sign, but something that penetrates the body and leaves a mark. And this invasive time has to contain the name of the animal or the number 666 and somehow has to ensure that you can’t buy or sell anything without this time. Does this really mean the COVID-19 vaccination? If we look at Revelation 18:23 it says that all peoples are deceived by sorcery. Amazingly, in the Greek original it actually takes place hereMagic the word pharmakeia , from which the word pharmaceutics comes! So all of humanity is being fooled by pharmaceuticals in the last few days?

mark beast
This is definitely not what the sign will look like.

How exactly can this incision sign look like? Currently, all vaccines are still traditionally administered in syringes. A syringe makes a tiny hole, but doesn’t leave a mark. The problem with syringes is that these vaccinations can only be carried out by (limited) medical staff, which of course slows down the largest vaccination campaign in human history enormously. In addition, there are many people, especially children, who are terrified of needles. Soon we will be told: Wouldn’t it be practical if there was a method of administering vaccines so simple that they could be administered by untrained personnel? Or even from each recipient himself? And on top of that, completely painless?

It actually works. Scientists at RICE University developed a new vaccine delivery method back in December 2019 , which is now ready to go into mass production. Shortly before the outbreak of SARS-Cov-2, what a coincidence too! We are of course talking about the Qunatum Dot Tag Tattoo, with which you can also easily track who has received a vaccination.

“A patch made of 1.5 millimeter microneedles containing vaccine and fluorescent quantum dots is applied as a patch. The needles dissolve under the skin, leaving behind the encapsulated quantum dots. Their patterns can be read to identify the vaccine being administered. The project was led by Rice University bio-engineer Kevin McHugh while at MIT. The tags are only incorporated into part of the array of sugar-based microneedles on a plaster. When the needles dissolve in about two minutes, they’ll release the vaccine, leaving the pattern of the tags just under the skin, where they become a kind of barcode tattoo.

qunatum 2

Instead of ink, this highly specific medical recording consists of copper-based quantum dots that are embedded in biocompatible, microscopic capsules. Their near-infrared dye is invisible, but the patch they put on can be read and interpreted by a special smartphone . The two-year project targets the 1.5 million preventable deaths caused by a lack of vaccinations, especially in developing countries.

The square centimeter patches contain up to 16 tiny needles. “They don’t go very deep, which makes them theoretically pain-free and a lot easier for children,” said McHugh. “They are like putting on a band-aid. “Because the 1.5 millimeter needles dissolve in the skin, there are no biohazardous sharp objects left for disposal,” he said. Tests in model skin in strong light showed that the 4 nanometer dots should be legible for at least five years. “

I find the microneedles really strongly reminiscent of the fangs of a snake. The bite of the serpent Lucifer.

In fact, a very similar microneedle injection patch was developed at Sushil University in China in 2019 to administer vaccinations.

“[…] because they have developed a new, painless injection technique, which is inspired by snake teeth, which inject poison into a prey animal as soon as the tooth penetrates the skin. The team created tiny, serpentine-shaped capsules from this hydrogel material, the size of a thousand from a standard syringe. Each of the hydrogel capsules has six pores that are filled with vaccines or other liquid drugs [..] “

Incredible … the snake’s bite on our skin. The mark of the beast.


On Pubmed, the official publication of the Chinese vaccine patch idea is even listed as “Snake fang-inspired stamping patch for transdermal delivery of liquid formulations”.


And the Weymounth New Testament version of the Bible actually says “And he causes all, small and great, rich and poor, free men and slaves, to have stamped upon them a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads” (Rev 13 : 16) and the New American Bible Version also says “It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads” .

Do you remember, in the Greek original the word Charagma is used for the word sign / mark . Let’s go a step further and look at the origin of the word Charagma ( Charax or χάραξ ). This is translated in the biblical context as a stake or post or a palisade . Remember: the prophets had to pack the visions they received from God into words that were familiar to them. Microneedle vaccine patches weren’t in the vocabulary yet. Read here.

needle patch

What words would you have used to describe a syringe needle 2000 years ago?

However, according to Kevin McHugh, the spiritual father of the vaccination patch idea was someone else: (read here):

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, ‘Hey, we have a real problem – knowing who’s vaccinated,'” said McHugh, who was brought in to join Rice with funding from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. “They said, ‘We have vaccination campaigns where people get into Hummers, go to a rural village, put up a tent and start vaccinating, but they don’t always know who has been vaccinated and what vaccines are still needed.”

The fluorescent material in the vaccine of the Quantum Dot Patch from RICE University, which provides the glowing mark under the skin with which the vaccine recipient can be identified, is based on the so-called luciferase technology.

“Luciferases are structurally different enzymes whose catalytic activity allows luciferins to react with oxygen to form energy-rich, unstable dioxetanes or dioxetanones (oxidation). When these substances break down, bioluminescence occurs. ” ( Wikipedia Luciferase )

Luciferases also ensure that fireflies shine and the name actually comes from the fallen angel Lucifer (who brings light). Lucifer is the fallen angel who rebelled against God and plunged humanity into sin. He is Satan / the beast / serpent of the Bible and the king of our world. The mark of the beast (quantum dot day) also contains his name ( Lucifer ase) , as prophesied in the verse !

Depending on the vaccination, different dots light up under the skin, making it easy to see from the outside which vaccination has been administered. In one of the last films of the Matrix makers, Jupiter Ascending, we were prepared for this.

Here is the official paper of the Quantum Dot Tattoos which was published in Science Magazine. Read here.

So here we have an invasive mark under the skin that can be used to identify anyone who has received the vaccination. As I have already explained in detail above, we will only come back to normal when EVERYONE ( whether poor or rich, small or large, financial elite or financial slave) has been vaccinated and is connected to a tracking system. In many places around the world, “privilege” systems for vaccinated people are being introduced on the back of tracking apps, which only allow vaccinated people to access shops (buy) and later also to work (sell). So the vaccination patch mark with the animal’s name is already here. A lockdown in all nations is also here. Privilege systems that can prevent access to buying and selling are currently being set up (more on this later). So it is only a matter of time before these two things are combined and the 2000 year old prophecy is fulfilled.

image 1
It is the living word of God. He is the Alpha & Omega. He knows about the beginning and the end

So he (Lucifer) makes that all people in society will have a mark on their right hand or forehead. The word ‘makes’ in the Greek of the Bible literally means to carry out / to bring someone to something. So there is a certain compulsion involved. And in connection with vaccination, the political puppets repeatedly discuss compulsory administration. The Danish Parliament passed unprecedented exceptional laws back in April 2020:

“With immediate effect, the health authorities can order compulsory tests, compulsory vaccinations and compulsory treatment and use the police as well as the military and private security guards to enforce their orders.” (Frankfurter Rundschau)

Denmark and Sweden are now introducing digital proof of vaccination, which is compulsory vaccination by the back door. Read here.

In Israel, citizens are only given back their basic freedoms and rights when they can prove that they have been vaccinated. Read here.

Angela Merkel announced this for Germany in the programme “Farbe bekennen” (here at 13:41) and Markus Söder is also loudly calling for compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups. Seven nursing staff have already been fired because they did not want to be vaccinated. Read here.

At the same time, all people who have concerns about vaccines are not taken seriously and are deliberately framed and ridiculed by the court jesters of the public broadcasters. Don’t fool yourselves: Anyone who refuses will have their life made as difficult as possible. Watch here.

But the real question is: WHY does Lucifer want to deceive all peoples and force them to take this ‘pharmaceia’? Does the Revelation also say something about the transhumanistic alteration of our genes? What causes the mark of the beast? What is his goal of all of this?

image 3

Let’s look at Revelation 2:14:

” But I have little against you: You have people there who adhere to the teaching of Balaam , who taught the Balak to create an offense to the Israelites, to eat of idol sacrifices and to indulge in fornication .”

How is he addressing Balaam here (also known as Balam)? He is given here as an example of the behavior of the adherents of heresy. Balaam worshiped the deity Baal and sabotaged the Israelites to sin so that YAHWEH would hate and destroy them.

“When Balaam saw that he could not curse the children of Israel, the rabbis claim that he advised Balak as a last resort to induce the Hebrew nation to commit immoral acts and thereby to worship Baal-Peor.” (Wikipedia Balaam)

These immoral acts (worshiping Baal) also included the sacrifice of children. But why is it in Revelation, and why are we being warned about the teachings of Balaam for the last days? Balaam knew that if he could “get” the children of Israel to worship Baal and offer child sacrifices in the temple, that abomination would cause Yahweh to turn away from them and thus “remove their protection”. Throughout the Bible you can see the wrath of God shaken down on the Israelites who worshiped Baal. By the way, some historians suspect that the word Baal is the origin of the word Beezlebub, which we associate with the devil today.

baal frau
This is how Baal was represented by the Phoenicians.

The fact that almost all vaccinations contain genetic material from aborted human foetuses (e.g. Astrazenica and Johnson & Johnson) is not a secret or a conspiracy theory, but a medical fact. It makes no difference to me that the human DNA of the killed babies was copied several times and they call the whole thing ‘cell line’. In the Astrazenica COVID-19 vaccine, for example, there is the recombinant DNA ChAdOx1-s which was sequenced from human cell lines.

“ Using direct RNA sequencing, we analyzed the transcript expression of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 genome in human MRC-5 and A549 cell lines that are not permissive for vector replication, in addition to the replication-permissive cell line HEK293 . In addition, we used quantitative proteomics to examine the proteome and phosphoproteome of A549 and MRC5 cells infected with the vaccine candidate ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 over time. ” ( Researchsquare)

The cell line MRC-5 originates from the lungs of a 14-week-old baby aborted by a healthy 27-year-old in 1966. HEK-293 comes from the kidney cells of an unknown, but male, aborted foetus. Here is a hearing by Stanley Plotkin, self-proclaimed atheist and the godfather of vaccine development, in which he himself admits that in one study alone for future vaccine cell lines he used 76 aborted fetuses, all were at least three months old and came from able-bodied women (here from 7:43:10). He cannot recall how many in total he has had in his career. Officially, the profit-oriented trade in aborted foetuses is prohibited, but in reality an unregulated grey market is opening up. Middlemen like Stemexpress or Advanced Bioscience Resources buy the dead babies from abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood and sell them to research institutions and universities. Read here.

In this way, profit can sometimes be hidden in expensive distribution and processing costs. Stemexpress sells stem cells as well as intact hearts, eyes, kidneys and livers. Advanced Bioscience Resources was investigated by the Department of Justice in 2018 on suspicion of selling foetuses for profit. Funny that ‘My Body, my Choice’ doesn’t apply to vaccinations either. Read here.

Are abortions a great sacrificial ritual to Baal? And abortion doctors the ignorant priests of the Baal Temple? And instead of the children’s blood that is dripped on the altar of the Baal temple, do you put the DNA in a syringe and inject it into the temple of God (the human body)? A sacrificial ritual in our body?

“Don’t you know that you are God’s temple? And does the Spirit of God dwell in you? If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy – it is you ” (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17)

planned parenthood ritual

As always, they show us what they are doing. The largest building of Planned Parenthood is similar to the Aztec temples where children were sacrificed.

planned parenthood ritual 2

A replica of the archway of the Temple of Baal has recently been in several cities around the world. The ancient original in Syria was destroyed by ISIS terrorists in 2015. Coincidentally, in an abortion clinic in Pittsburgh, one goes through the same archway into the “Temple of Sacrifice”. Oh how they love to mock us …

Every person who allows this sacrificial ritual in his temple will become a human temple of Baal and God will turn away from them and withdraw his protection. What is meant in 2 Thessalonians 2: 4 by “He [the Antichrist] is the Rescuer, who rises above everything that is God or worship, so that he sits in the temple of God and pretends that he is God.”? Are you talking about a temple that was built by human hands? No. Here we are talking about our bodies, the temples of God, in which he wants to spread out. Just as the holy spirit resides in godly people, so will the antichrist consciousness reside in all people who worship the beast. God does not live in any church or building, he lives in us! We are the temple! And Lucifer (Satan / Baal) knows that and God wants to drive us out. Not just from our hearts by turning the world into an atheistic den of sin, but much more fundamentally on a biological level.

image 23
The three courtyards of the temple of God.

Let’s take a closer look at what this hydrogel technology looks like, which is used in more and more vaccinations and other biotechnology. Programmable nano-matter can be created from these hydrogels, which can be controlled via an electrical signal (5G?). I found this video and couldn’t believe my eyes. The little nanorobots look just like the old Baal murals!


baal malerei

They literally made the hydrogel nanobots that come into our bodies in the image of Baal. Triangular legs and a long neck

And there are even crazier connections. Baal has another name too, by the way: Bel. And what are the chances that some people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 will get a rare form of facial paralysis… also called Bell’s Palsy. Read here.

But it will not stop at this patch time. I feel like a record hung up when I keep raising the alarm about it, but I really only do it because I care so much about the people out there. And I can’t watch how they are so fooled into doing something where there is NO RETURN. As early as March 2020, I kept telling you several thingsWaves will come that viruses are constantly mutating and you can therefore keep playing the game forever. And the arbitrary lowering of the already spongy incidence value has proven this even more. This will soon be replaced by an even more opaque corona index, which also includes the quota of people who have been vaccinated. Remember the Imperial College of London’s pandemic simulation that I showed you back then. We are probably only halfway through …

image 4 2

And of course the third wave is already being announced everywhere in the media, several mutations are already there and we are told that the ‘vaccines’ are probably not effective against them. Some infectiologists even see the fourth and fifth wave on the horizon. At the same time, the narrative is spreading that pandemics of new viruses will now come with increasing frequency, as we destroy more and more animals’ natural habitats and factory farms are basically virus incubation factories. Yet the origin of the virus is still a great mystery. Watch here.

More and more voices in the mainstream suspect that SARS-Cov-2 is a man-made virus from a high-security laboratory in Wuhan. Hong Kong virologist and whistleblower Li-Meng Yan published the paper “Unusual features of the SARS-CoV-2 genome suggesting sophisticated laboratory modification rather than natural evolution, and description of the likely synthetic pathway” on a CERN database, making it quite clear that SARS-Cov-2 was artificially produced in a laboratory and could not have jumped from animal to human in a natural way. The virus is a chimera based on the “Zhoushan bat coronavirus”. Read here.

According to Yan, an examination of the genomic sequences released by the Chinese government on Jan. 14 also shows that the Zhoushan strains ZC45 and ZXC21 are the closest to SARS-CoV-2 and that they are the “backbone” on which COVID-19 is built has been. According to her, they redesigned and optimized the RBMs of the ZC45 / ZXC2 viruses, based on the first SARS-CoV from 2002. In addition, a furin cleavage site was inserted at the S1 / S2 connection of the spike protein. According to the researchers, this short section of the gene sequence can be “conveniently” inserted using a number of standard cloning techniques, such as: B. “QuikChange Site-Directed PCR60, overlap PCR followed by restriction enzyme digestion and Ligation91 or Gibson assembly.”The next step would be to acquire an ORF1b gene that contains the RdRp gene segment from RaBtCoV / 4991, a bat coronavirus discovered in 2013. The authors believe that the Chinese virologists wanted the RdRp protein either to ensure that the resulting chimera would be classified into groups / sublines other than ZC45 / ZXC2 in phylogenetic studies, or to test antiviral drugs.

image 6
Li-Meng Yan in an interview. Let’s hope that this courageous woman won’t pay dearly

Step 4 would involve using reverse genetics to produce the chimera and harvest live viruses over the course of two weeks. The authors cite an example of how a Swiss team was able to reconstruct the entire SARS-CoV-2 genome using transformation-assisted recombination in yeast within a week. Significantly, this method has been available since 2017 and ” would not leave any traces of artificial manipulation in the generated viral genome.”The final step in the process is to optimize the virus for its hACE2 binding affinity (ability to infect humans) using experiments on live animals. This usually consists of feeding rodents such as B. hACE2-transgenic mice (hACE2 mice) to be infected with the virus and the highest viral load to be extracted from 10 to 15 passages in order to obtain the strain with the optimal hACE2-binding affinity.

However, the report’s authors posit that the Chinese scientists failed to use a “real animal model” when testing the virus’s transmissibility. Had they done so, the scientists said, the highly controversial nature of SARS-CoV-2 would have been evident and the early claims of “not causing human-to-human transmission” would not have been made at the onset of the pandemic. So was the virus planned to be much more contagious and now you have to help out with number tricks? Plan B so to speak? According to Yan, the whole process would have taken just 6 months and would have been a piece of cake for any modern virology laboratory like the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Yan accuses the WHO of actively covering up this information.

image 8

No matter how they arise: From now on pandemics will come with routine regularity. If you thought that 2020 was a bad movie, it was just the trailer The narrative that is now being spun: Mankind will have to think of ways to deal with it more effectively in the future. And of course in our technocratic world this will not be a change in consciousness to a more natural way of life, but will come in the form of another technology.

Wouldn’t it be practical if every human body were connected to a system in which the blood circulation can be monitored for infections in real time? Then you would no longer need those unpleasant and inaccurate stick tests, which have to be newly manufactured, mass-produced and distributed for each pandemic. This is costly, time consuming, and inaccurate.

Well, this technology already exists today. It was developed by Profusa and DARPA, the research arm of the US Department of Defense, and is an implantable biosensor. Under the name “Lactate Sensors for Continuous Physiological Monitoring”it was presented in 2018. It consists of a 3 mm ‘wire’ of hydrogel and is injected just under the skin. This can measure various parameters of the blood circulation in real time (oxygen, blood sugar, viruses and more) and sends this data to an optical reading device, which sticks to the skin and can in turn be wirelessly connected to a smartphone or PC so that this data can be evaluated . Since the sensor is made of hydrogel, it is not repelled by the body and can be used in the body for several years.

biosensor again

And here too, the luciferase technology , i.e. the name of the beast, could be used again . The reading device sends a light into the skin and, depending on the chemical composition in the tissue, the hydrogel emits fluorescent light back to the surface of the skin, where the intensity is then read out (Lucifer the light bringer). This is very reminiscent of the Quantum Dot Patch process.

image 9

Originally developed only for the military, DARPA released this sensor so that it could also be used in the public sector, e.g. for pandemics. Watch here.

In a study with the Imperial College of London, Profusa was able to prove that with this biosensor they can detect pandemics up to three weeks earlier and thus nip them in the bud before they become a big problem. Of course, this presupposes that almost everyone has such a thing implanted. But that will come, because DARPA assures us (read here):

“COVID-19 is just the latest ‘Disease X’. There will be more of them, and DARPA’s extensive and ever-growing platform of pandemic control technologies – from prevention to diagnostics to treatment – will be ready for the defense of humanity ” (

image 14
And even if the microchips in vaccinations are the straw man argument, the biosensors on the Profusa site are presented in exactly the same way

Further studies by Profusa will be completed this year, but the COVID vaccination proves that the duration of ‘long-term’ studies does not have to be taken too seriously. Also, DARPA is currently developing, under the umbrella of its SIGMA programme, a series of precise virus detectors to be placed in public places and buildings such as airport terminals. Sounds like another social control tool to me: no trespassing, our detectors registered a cough. See ‘pdf 5’ end of post.

But Profusa are not the only ones who will have a breakthrough in the market with their invasive biotechnologies thanks to COVID. Efferent Labs has also developed an implantable biosensor chip (CytoComm) in 2019 that communicates with cells through photonics, reads their signals at the genetic level and sends them in real time to a smartphone (again, the technology is based on light). Read here.


The next pandemic will be solved with such a thing, or rather tell us that this is the only way to prevent pandemics from even more contagious or deadly viruses. And since people are already used to being forced to state-of-the-art medical interventions in an emergency and the sensor is only the next logical step after a contact tracing app, acceptance will be high and resistance will be low. After all, nobody wants to have 2020 again. I can already see the propaganda in front of me: “No more lockdown. Therefore I let myself be chipped. 2020 – Never forget. “

Of course, all these technologies are promoted as something wonderful. As something that helps humanity and saves suffering. And they will certainly revolutionise medicine. But that is part and parcel of every dystopia: it is beautifully packaged and promises humanity the opposite of what it actually causes in the end. A dystopia never comes in the name of hate, but always in the name of love. And these sensors are always connected to internet-enabled smartphones, which means that the most private of all your data, the meta-data about your bodily processes, will end up in the big centres of Big Data. These biosensors can determine how many steps you walk, whether you are intoxicated or having sex, when you sleep, what medications you take or whether you take them correctly, even what emotions you are feeling. All easily measurable chemical processes. And every body, every genetic code, is unique and so every person and their data will be 100% identifiable (ID2020).

You have to be very naive not to see how these technologies can be used against us. Who does this data end up with and how is it used? It ends up, of course, along with all the other data, with the intelligence services and the companies that bid the most for it and are used to control us completely. Then they have broken the last and most sacred barrier of autonomy: our body. Our temple. It is the end of privacy, the end of autonomy, the end of real freedom. And as the World Economic Forum predicts: the people of 2030 will love having nothing and no privacy! Read here.

Remember when implantable surveillance chips were considered a conspiracy theory? Not so long ago. But many people won’t take the dangers seriously and will just see it as a useful extension of an Apple Watch, which happens to be one of the most popular Christmas gifts of recent years… All predictive programming.

Now what else can you use the reading of the body’s own data through biosensors for? According to this Microsoft patent from 2020, these body signals can be converted into data that can then be used to “mine” (i.e. create) central digital cryptocurrencies. According to this system, by using a device that measures various body activities such as heat or brain waves, one can determine whether or not that person is entitled to money.


But: “A cryptocurrency system that is communicatively coupled to the user’s device can check whether the physical activity data meets one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system and assign cryptocurrency to the user whose physical activity data was checked.”

Whoever lets the patent through completely, it becomes clear that this system is clearly an integral part of the Mark of the Beast from Revelation 13:16, without which nobody can buy and sell anymore. This becomes particularly evident because in this patent the number of the beast, i.e. 666, as prophesied can be found. The patent number is WO20200 6 0 6 0 6A1. This means that your digital gel bag is linked to your body. And your access to it is linked to several conditions of your body. For example, do you have the latest DNA modifications and bio-technologies in your body? It can be linked to any condition. It’s funny: Bill Gates, who was CEO of Microsoft at the time of this patent, recently spoke out against Bitcoin because it stands for anonymous and irreversible transactions. However, this snake is convinced that digital money is still a good thing as long as you can track (i.e. control ) the transaction :

“ The Gates Foundation does a lot about digital currency, but those are things that you can see who is doing the transactions. So, digital money is a good thing. ” (Bill Gates in U.Today)

Or much more fundamentally: the biosensor, together with the rest of the total monitoring, can also determine whether and how hard you are working. In the future, will we mine our digital money directly from our biosensor into the blockchain cloud through our body activity? Pay stubs and time clocks unnecessary? And anyone who doesn’t meet (whatever) conditions will simply have their money cut off? It is total control over our actions and our bodies. It is absolute and irreversible enslavement. Because the hydrogel will not be rejected by the body because it will fuse with the tissue. No longer removable. “It just anchors itself to the tissue.” It becomes a part of you. Baal becomes a part of you and sits in our temple and God will cast you out forever for that.

image 10

This is madness. Body signals that are misused to generate data. The patent also explains how brain waves (gamma, beta, alpha, thelta, delta) are used to generate data that is used to determine the generation of digital currencies, i.e. economic participation. However, the biosensors mentioned above cannot measure brainwaves. This requires an implantable brain-to-machine interface, or invasive neuroprosthesis, such as the one being developed by Elon Musk’s company Neuralink. Neuralink is a technology that allows people to communicate with machines just by using their brains. The 8mm chip is placed on the outer cortex of the brain through a small hole in the skull in a simple operation. The painless procedure takes less than 60 minutes and is performed by fully automated robots. Once installed, the chip can send and receive electrical signals from the brain. Watch here.

neuralink 2

image 16
This is what the high-precision surgical robots from Neuralink look like

But how does it work? Your brain uses neurons to send information to different parts of your body. Neurons in your brain connect together in a network and communicate using chemical signals called neurotransmitters. This reaction creates an electric field. By placing electrodes nearby, one can record these reactions. The electrodes translate these signals into an algorithm that a computer can then read out. On a simple level, you can use it to control simple devices such as a PC or a smartphone through pure thought. But Elon Musk promises that Neuralink will mean the end of paralysis, blindness, deafness and depression and that robots and prostheses will be able to be controlled remotely by pure thought. But also that’Direct streaming of music into the brain’ should be possible. And if something like that works you will be able to send a lot into the brain.

The long-term goals of the project, however, are overtly transhumanist in nature: Musk is convinced that without such ‘human enhancements’, humanity will not be able to keep up with the ever faster developing artificial intelligence. This all sounds very ambitious and far in the future, but it could be much closer than we would like to believe. Musk was already able to successfully prove last year that the Neuralink chip can be used in pigs and that it works. A study at Standfort University with the first human subjects will probably be completed by the end of 2021. In my opinion, DARPA is once again the spiritual father of the technology and the (completely incompetent) Musk is only the charismatic front man who is supposed to market this technology to the masses. DARPA has been researching very successfully on novel brain-to-machine interfaces since the 1970s. This tactic has already been used to market the ‘social media’ developed by DARPA with Mark Zuckerberg.


image 17

Speaking of Facebook. Facebook revealed four years ago that a team of 60 engineers was working to build a brain-to-machine interface that would allow you to type with just your mind without invasive implants. The team plans to use optical imaging to scan the brain hundreds of times a second to detect that you are speaking quietly in your head and translate that into text. Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s Building 8 research and development department, told conference attendees that the goal is to eventually enable people to type at 100 words per minute, 5 times faster than on a phone, using only their own minds. Eventually, brain-computer interfaces could allow people to control augmented reality and virtual reality experiences with their thoughts, rather than with a screen or controller. Meanwhile, Building 8 is working on a way for people to hear through their skin. The company has developed prototype hardware and software that allows the skin to mimic the cochlea in the ear, which translates sound into specific frequencies for the brain. This technology could essentially let deaf people “hear” by bypassing their ears.


The plan is to eventually build non-implanted devices that can be shipped on a large scale . And to dampen the inevitable fear of this research, Facebook says, “It’s not about deciphering random thoughts. It’s about decoding the words you’ve already decided to share by sending them to the language center of your brain. “Facebook compares it to taking a lot of photos but only sharing some of them. Also with his device, Facebook says that you will be able to think freely, but only turn a few thoughts into text. But that is misleading marketing jargon. So far, Facebook has obscured its demanding business model, which is based on the collection and validation of meta-data. So the data that people did NOT consciously share. And Facebook is also known for suppressing the sharing of inconvenient information. Why should they do differently with the brain? For me, this technology is the thought police from George Orwell’s 1984 without which “right thinking” is no longer possible.

Facebook also bought the company Crtl-Labs. Ctrl-Labs has built a bracelet that can be used to control computers, robots and video games with the brain. Here is a demonstration of a simple “3D Force Control” game controlled by Ctrl-Kit.


In the lecture by Dr. Charles Morgan is also shown an experiment on how the brains of monkeys can control a robot on the other side of the world – through the Internet.

image 26

But there are other companies like, NextMind, who already have prototypes of a non-invasive brain-to-machine interface that is simply placed on the head like headphones. Watch here.

RAND, a military think tank, says “Brain-computer interfaces are coming. Will we be ready?”. But it gets creepier: not only is it possible to control a machine with your brain, but you can also control another human brain with it! This brain-to-brain interface is called the obsession experiment by Dr Charles Morgan. The neuroscientist Andrea Stocco, together with his colleague from the University of Washington, managed to connect the brains of two spatially separated test subjects via the internet. When the ‘puppeteer’ thought of moving his hand, the other person performed the movement. Just imagine how this technology could be misused! Read here.


As soon as everyone has these brain-to-machine interfaces on their heads and is connected to the Internet, someone could control the entire world population like a puppeteer. Who could it be? Of course, the doctors who develop something like this only ever have the prospect of positive uses. Like world-class Chirougen who perform an operation over the internet on the other side of the world. But ex-CIA agent Dr. Charles Morgan asks, “How would the intelligence community use that? To access information and intentions from Gehrinen. ” This even enables a telephatic connection between brains, as this 2013 experiment with rats shows. According to Dr. Morgan started DARPA such experiments on humans in 2018. It’s the hive mind.


So you can already connect human brains to machines, you can connect human brains to each other, you can send motor signals to them and you can send and receive information. And not only that. You could give rats a ‘sixth sense’ through a brain implant, allowing them to touch infrared light (part of Project Bluebeam?). Read here.

No question about it: Lucifer wants to break the last barrier and make his way into our bodies and minds. Like God, he wants to be part of all human bodies and consciousnesses. Unfortunately, many will rush into these technologies and be blinded by the advertising promises, convenience and science fiction fantasies. Incidentally, the head of Facebook’s Building 8 Lab, Regina Dungan, was the head of DARPA from 2009 to 2012. And according to the letter of an anonymous whistleblower, the entire Facebook corporation is just a front organisation of DARPA. Read here.

As you have probably noticed, in this whole story, from the first mRNA/DNA vaccination, to the hydrogel, to the biosensor, to the brain-to-machine or brain-to-brain interfaces, the scientists of the Defense Advance Research Agency are always doing the necessary pioneering work and cross-funding. An agency whose primary task is to produce new WEAPONS AGAINST THE ENEMY! Only here it is becoming more and more clear who is the enemy and who is the aggressor. It is the fallen angel against all mankind.

Could the brain-to-machine interfaces be the mark on the forehead ? After all, here too it is a ‘notch’ or a ‘hole’. Or could the prophet interpret the area behind the blood-brain barrier as the forehead ? The area where you can place the Theragripper with ‘chopsticks’?

” Shape-changing micro-devices that mimic the way parasitic hookworm lodges in an organism’s gut were developed by a team of biomedical engineers and Johns Hopkins researchers led by David Gracias, Ph.D., and Florin M. Selaru, MD, designed and tested. These micro-devices, “Theragrippers”, can potentially pick up any drug and gradually introduce it into the body. They consist of metal and shape-changing, thin foils and are coated with heat-sensitive paraffin wax . “( Biotecnika )


Many interpret ‘right hand and forehead’ as metaphorical descriptions for right acting and thinking. But it could also mean the actual things. Or both. So that right acting or thinking is no longer possible with the physical marrow, because then we are human-cyborg hybrids, whose divine connection has been severed. But maybe they will somehow convince us that this vaccination patch has to be on the right hand because it makes reading out faster and more practical. We will see. Amazon already has a sensor for its Amazon GoStores developed through which one can only shop with a quick hand scan. A short wave over the sensor and it recognizes the unique lifelines of your palm and the money is automatically debited from your account. With a small update, this sensor can definitely recognize the quantum dots or a bio-sensor. And after the great reset sale of small businesses, there will probably not be many alternatives to shop elsewhere in a few years.

image 19

But the privacy group Big Brother Watch criticised the development. Read here.

“Amazon continues to fill the market with invasive, dystopian technologies that solve nonexistent problems,” said its director Silkie Carlo. “Nobody should have to provide biometric data to buy goods or services. Amazon’s attempt to normalize biometric payment and home surveillance devices risks creating a world in which we are more easily tracked and recorded, which inevitably leads to the disempowerment of citizens. “

I can only agree with that.

And of course, we’ve been showered with predictive programming on Mark of the Beast for years in the entertainment media . The most glaring thing I found was this advertisement from a mobile operator from 2013. Here we have everything: A syringe with DNA modifications is inserted into the right arm and you can see how black mucus (Black Goo) changes the DNA and the neurons behind the forehead . And then there is: “Its not an upgrade to your phone, its an upgrade to yourself” Incredible. In your face.


And the kids were mentally prepared for it in this Netflix cartoon from 2017. In this series, a super practical and cool smart mark is placed on the right arm around the world . But the whole thing was just a delusion (the word conspiracy is even used). The villain then activates a radio signal that comes from cell phone masts ( 5G ?! ) and turns every Smart-Mark owner into a zombie. Incomprehensible. They always pack the truth in fiction, so that no one can perceive the reality of these agendas (there are many more examples, but that would go beyond the scope).


How would you react if your children destroy what you have laboriously created (human genetic code) forever, because they just don’t want to listen to you?

21 Not all who say to me, Lord, Lord! come to the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of my Heavenly Father. 22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord! did we not prophesy in your name, did we not cast out devils in your name, and did we not do many deeds in your name? 23  Then I will confess to them, I have never known you ; depart all from me, you evildoers! (Matthew 7: 21-23)

Ultimately, there are two marks of the beast: An invisible one in the hearts of people who follow the world controlled by Lucifer and reject God. And a physical mark which these people will visibly mark and control, because they will lack the protection that prevents this. The protection of the truth. Anyone who rejects God and does not know and understand the truth of God’s revelations will be deceived and also create the physical mark. The ‘invisible mark’ is therefore a prerequisite for the visible mark. Many Christians believe that they are never in danger of being ignorant of accepting the time, because they believe that Jesus will pick them up unscathed and without experiencing suffering. But that’s foolish!

According to the Bible, what happens to those who vehemently refuse to accept the mark of the beast? Well, they are being persecuted, imprisoned, and eventually beheaded by the Antichrist.

“Do not be afraid of what you will suffer! Behold, the devil will throw some of you into prison for temptation, and you will be in distress for ten days. Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life ” (Revelation 2:10)

“And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast and its image, and who had not received his mark on their foreheads and on their hands; they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years ” (Revelation 20: 4)

Gray State Trailer: Cowl men in Freemason aprons behead the ‘enemies of the state’ with a guillotine

The trailer of the film ‘A gray State’ comes to mind again. This Indipendence film would have been about a pandemic and martial law. And that film would have shown cowboys in Masonic robes guillotining non-compliant enemies of the state (pictured above). But the film, which according to its creator David Crowley was supposed to be a warning, was unfortunately never completed. David Crowley wanted to warn us and had to pay bitterly for it. He was killed (suicided) in 2015, along with his wife and daughter, and the film was scrapped. This is what happens to role models who show too much truth. Watch here.

The ‘role models’ who preach that we should take the vaccine and not listen to conspiracy myths, on the other hand, are doing just fine. Media spokespersons, politicians, technocrats and, unfortunately, Christian priests. More celebrities and politicians will certainly appear on the scene and inject themselves with the vaccine. But we will never know if it is just simple saline.

“4 But nobody should be accused or reprimanded, only you, priest, I accuse. 5 You shall stumble by day; the prophet shall also stumble with you by night; I will ruin your mother too. 6 My people perish because they are without the knowledge of God. Because you have rejected the knowledge, I also want to reject you that you should no longer be my priest. Because you have forgotten the instruction of your God, I will also forget your children. ” (Hosea 4: 4-6)

It sounds too crazy to the average person to talk about ‘chips in the head, DNA vaccinations and mind control’ , but that’s only because they never researched these creepy technologies. They don’t know how close these science fiction dystopias actually are and what is possible today. And that is why this ‘ panic emergency’ was created so that some of these technologies can be implemented ‘hush-hush and zack-zack ‘ in society and before it even notices what is happening, it is already too late.

So in summary: A needle vaccination patch with Lucifer ase technology which is based on snake teeth and with a vaccination certificate under the skin. Hydrogel and genetic code changes in our body temples . A god who will turn away from all with the mark (VMAT-2 gene weakening). Biosensors that are based on light and measure body activities. A technology with the 666in the patent number, through which this body activity data is then linked to a digital cryptocurrency system, whereby the economic participation depends on any body parameters. Cashless Amazon shops with hand scanners. Brain implants and brain-to-machine interfaces that connect our thinking to the Internet. And a never-ending lockdown in which one has to buy one’s basic freedoms through submission to this biosecurity tyranny or is excluded. And maybe one day it will pay dearly.

image 24 1

The physical and spiritual agendas are building a kingdom. But understanding what a kingdom and temple look like is part of the delusion. It has always been Lucifer’s plan from the moment he fell from heaven. He just had to wait patiently until mankind, or rather his cabal of henchmen, were sufficiently developed to use his knowledge to create technologies that would serve this agenda. Don’t expect him to come along with red horns and paint a 666 on your hand. No, the mark will be very seductive and very insidious. Already in Genesis the fallen angels took human wives and produced hybrids. This is how the giants came about, of which you can still find skeletons today (that’s worth a separate article). For this abomination in the temple of God (change in the human gene pool) JAHWEH sent the great flood and started all over again with Noah. But this time Lucifer becomes the gene pool of all humanitychange in one go and create humanity in his own image. And this time too, God will destroy all who have been changed in an apocalypse ( the end of this age ).

I hope I made it CLEARLY clear that biblical prophecies are currently playing out before our eyes and that it is shortly before 12!

image 21

The chaos theater continues and the noose is tightening

While all the vaccine distribution and the accompanying media theatre about supply shortages, which only serves to further exploit the people, the rest of the theatre goes on. More and more agendas are merging into one big pile of shit. It is now hard to tell where medical fear propaganda ends and the Great Test begins, and where political theatre turns into social engineering. What, for example, does a ban on advertising goods have to do with a virus? Read here.

And most of them are still just spellbound by the daily theatre. And the truth is that all of this has always been theatre on that level. All the kings and queens, all the congressmen and the movers and shakers of the world, Hollywood and Wall Street. These are not organic things, institutions or individuals. And I think that’s the underlying problem when people have difficulty with the idea that all of this could be constructed, manipulated and scripted. Because the implications of that are so frightening that they can almost break your psyche. And sometimes I wonder, and I’m sure I’m not the only one among us, why it is that I have to realise all this and so many others apparently don’t. Why me? Why me? Once Pandora’s box has been opened, it can no longer be closed. Once you realise how their mind-control techniques work, which they incorporate into all mainstream narratives, you realise every other one. The spell is broken and their manipulations lose their effect forever. And already you have the feeling that you have woken up in a madhouse, a place where madness is so normal that the sane person seems like a madman. And that can be very lonely. But you can’t forget all that and make yourself un-knowing, and honestly… even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.

But something is stirring in the world. And I don’t mean the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters in the US. For this I would give my mustard briefly.

capitol storm

Exactly what I have been preaching all along has come true. The call to storm the Capitol by Trump (and also the Reichstag in Germany at the time) was such an obvious trap and of course the Q-and-Trump supporters fell into it immediately. The hope of overthrowing and ending everything was probably too tempting. However, you don’t change anything with such actions. Now they have us all where they always wanted us. The cameras have been kept on it and “conspiracy theories” have finally been linked to “terrorism” in the mass consciousness. This now gives them the opportunity to crack down with full force on the truth and anyone who postulates it. Anyone who is against the decrees of the state, who opposes the current progression of society, who contradicts the narratives administered by the mass media. In short, absolutely everyone who does not submit to the cabal’s plans will now be considered a potential terrorist. And in the end, anyone who is close to God, because ultimately this is a spiritual agenda – you must not lose sight of that for a second.

“When the Nazis took the Communists, I was silent; I wasn’t a communist. When they called in the unionists, I was silent, because I wasn’t a unionist. When they got the Jews, I was silent, I wasn’t a Jew. When they fetched me, there was no one left to protest. ” (Martin Niemöller, Lutheran pastor, spent seven years in concentration camps)

That has always been the reason for the war on terrorism, all the infrastructure of surveillance and detection that has been built up in the last 20 years against “Islamist terror” has always been intended for all of us! Everyone on earth is an enemy in the eyes of these psychopaths. Anyone who cheers that Trump has been banned from Twitter doesn’t understand that the same will happen to you if you disagree with the system. According to the motto: “Only see what happens when you have free speech. This has to be stopped, for your own protection. ” They created a presedent: If you can even shut the president off, then everyone can do it in the future!

Over the next few years, it will be successively expanded which information is considered dangerous. Q-Anon was an FBI PSYOP (a Trojan horse) and Trump was part of this psy-op. It was his job to rally Christians, ‘conspiracy theorists’ and people with traditional values around him, radicalise them and get them out of their corners and onto the streets so that this very basis for action could be generated. And he was more than successful in doing so. So successful that Biden, who by the way was instrumental in the Patriot Act after 9/11, will now, as a result of the Capitol storming, create a Domestic Terrorim Act that will give domestic intelligence agencies even more rights. Read here.

Under Biden’s vice-presidency, the Smith-Moderation Act was also passed in 2012, which made it legal for the US government to engage in state-sponsored (lying) propaganda against its own people. Ultimately, this will soon lead to re-education camps for these “terrorists”, as this is how every regime has justified the detention of its dissidents. For example, the re-education camps in the totally controlled Xinjang (China) where minorities like the Uighurs and Christians are arbitrarily imprisoned, tortured and brainwashed.

“Officially, local authorities detain suspected Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in these facilities to counter religious radicalisation and extremism.” (Wikipedia)

I mean it: Also in connection with “Trump followers” , the latest framing synonym for conspiracy theorists, the mass media have been wanting more and more targeted ‘de-programming’ of people recently. Are you crazy?! This is the first step.



In some parts of Germany there are already detention centres for quarantine refusers. Read here.

In many parts of the USA, electronic ankle bracelets have already been used to enforce quarantines. And in Canada, people who want to return to the country are being held indefinitely in hidden quarantine centres and are not even allowed to call relatives or their lawyer. Read here.

Are you crazy? Even murderers have more rights these days than someone who coughs. And all this for a disease with a 99% survival rate, let’s not forget. The current situation of constant destruction of fundamental rights is now also being used to suspend the age-old secrecy of letters and parcels. This is justified under the guise of increased online drug and arms trafficking, and just four days later, as ordered, several letter bomb attacks occur in Germany, including at the Lidl headquarters. How convenient… Read here.

And online censorship is also being ramped up this year, with Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit and Microsoft now joining forces to actively prevent the free exchange of information about this pandemic. Together, these companies influence the perceptions of billions of people. The day will come when these sites have become 100% mouthpieces of the mainstream media establishment and dissenting narratives will disappear forever. Researching via Google and Youtube is getting harder by the day. I have said this before, but the only way out of centralised control is decentralised technologies! Gab, for example, is a decentralised social network, similar to Mastodon, where people can share completely freely! Gab is under heavy criticism from the mainstream. BitChute is a censorship-free and decentralised Youtube alternative. Personally, however, I like BitTube and Libary/Odysee more. Unfortunately, the upload filter is also making a comeback in 2021 under a different name. Read here.

This means that providers of internet platforms are now obliged to use automated filters that filter out critical information before uploading. er… copyright protected material and block the upload. Since they face penalties if something ‘gets through’ they will rather block too much than too little. The problem is that this only works with huge databases of copyrighted material, which are extremely expensive to maintain. So only the big fish like Google, Twitter and Facebook will be able to afford it, effectively pushing smaller, but more censorship-free platforms out of the market.

online zensur

But escaping to other platforms is only of limited benefit, because these are mainly used by people who are already questioning the narrative. Those who already know the truth. They know that the mainstream media is a precise mind control operation to control our perception, to lead us to predetermined conclusions and to limit our mental horizons. They know that Google & Co. have been actively censoring algorithms for a long time, that search results and channels simply disappear every day. Sure, free exchange among us is always important, but this information must reach the millions of lost souls who are still stuck in the spiritual prison. And that will deter them even more.

And if you send the relatives an unfamiliar link instead of a link , they will be even more reluctant to open themselves to this information. Unfortunately, this is a consequence of the censorship on the mass platforms: every censorship-free alternative automatically becomes a pool of dangerous conspiracy theorists in the eyes of the masses . Because they were conditioned to view deviating or diametrical narratives as right and dangerous conspiracy myths and therefore to come to the predetermined conclusion: “ Censorship is not the restriction of information. Censorship is necessary to protect myself and others. Only states or corporations should have the ability to disseminate information. The evaluation of the truth content is never up to me, but must first be approved for me by the infallible guardians of the truth ” . You have been conditioned to hate the truth and continue to love the lie. These smear tactics or this framing by the media is, by the way, a tactic that has been used for a long time. Here is an excerpt from a lecture given in 1969 by G. Edward Griffin of the John Birch Society on communism in the United States. Different time, same tactics.


Completely free flow of information and anti-democratic violence are becoming more and more linked in the mass consciousness. As I have reported before, the FBI tried to infiltrate American patriots and militias, radicalise them and incite them to attacks as early as the 1990s under Operation PATCON. The aim was to create a basis for destroying them legally for good. The Q operation is something very similar and, of course, through social media, has been far more effective and quantitative. Even the Army Times admits that the then active PSYOP officer Emily Rainey led a group to the Capitol. Read here.

The whole Q narrative is not a revolution, it is just a show to lead the sleeping population to predetermined conclusions and every follower is used. I am sure this theatre has an act or two up its sleeve. Will Q-Anon be branded as a Russian or Chinese fake news operation? Will there still be attacks by US militias, as the Americans were repeatedly told in January? If the Domestic Terrorism Act is met with resistance, a ‘random’ attack will probably happen that ‘helps’ something. Will Trump come out of the woodwork again? Don’t be used for pawn wars on the chessboard. There are more meaningful forms of resistance.

Why are there actually these two articles in the German Basic Law when you can override this order in any self-proclaimed crisis? Basic rights exist JUST to protect people in a crisis.

3) The legislature is bound by the constitutional order, the executive power and the judiciary are bound by law and justice.

(4) All Germans have the right of resistance against anyone who undertakes to eliminate this order, if no other remedy is possible.

Civil Disobedience

Resistance to the Great Reset is stirring up in all walks of life, is picking up speed in many places and is sometimes assuming very creative and, above all, constructive traits. That is encouraging, and so I would like to close with some good news about civil disobedience. Reports about which you can hardly find out anything in our state media , they will not put it in the center of their reporting or even applaud about it, because their task is to prevent something like that from going around .


For example, the ‘Wir-machen-auf’ campaign exists in several European countries. While it has had less success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 50,000(!) owners of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs have reopened on their own in Italy in recent weeks. The movement is spreading on social media under the hashtag #IoOpro (I open). Read here.

The whole thing is even supported by the Italian opposition politician Vittorio Sgarbi. The population likes it and uses the opportunity of open small businesses. There are more and more of them every day. In Mexico, too, 500 restaurant owners got together on 12 January and reopened their doors. A similar mass action was scheduled for 30 January in the UK under the title ‘The Great Reopening – We are the 99%’. The Poles are also fed up: here, a few weeks ago, about a dozen club owners reopened their doors and hundreds of guests partied boisterously again. The police handed out a few fines but let them go on. What should they do? Arrest everyone and beat them up? The state knows perfectly well that warnings are just toilet paper when they have lost their deterrent effect and people simply don’t play by the rules.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Freedom Airway and Freedom Travel Alliance. This is an international & independent organisation full of lawyers who actively protect the rights & freedoms of travellers. They are committed to preventing any travel bans that may result from, for example, a missing vaccination certificate. A good thing! Especially when you think of all the mental suffering of currently separated families who don’t know when or under what conditions they can see each other again.

In many countries, (Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Australia) people are taking to the streets against the lockdown and vaccination certificates, and in Lebanon entire government buildings are being set on fire in frustration. Watch here.

The Netherlands also saw massive resistance, with youth rallying against the exit spears, fighting with police for days and even torching cars and a Corona testing station. This was of course reported in the MSM, because that’s the way they want their “Corona opponents” to be: an angry mob with pitchfork and torch to crack down on. As a warning to the German Michel: if you rebel you will get a baton in the face! That the violence here is again directed against local small businesses is very questionable and reminiscent of the provocateur agent actions from the USA last summer. This only fuels the ‘Great Reset’.

lockdown protest

Thousands of farmers in India are experiencing what the Great Reset can look like. They have been protesting for months against a new law that allows farmers to sell their crops directly to private companies instead of government-regulated markets that guarantee them a certain minimum price. The farmers rightly fear that this will leave them at the mercy of uncontrolled market forces and that they will eventually be replaced by large (Western) corporations. This is particularly precarious in India as about 50% of the working Indian population are farmers, many of them smallholders with small plots of land. The corrupt Modi government remains tough, despite the fact that over 10,300 farmers have taken their own lives in despair in 2019 alone. This is what the Great Reset will look like everywhere: Concentration of market powers, globalisation of interests, theft of land and destruction of all opposition.

Another bizarre story: A hairdresser in Canada took advantage of a loophole in the law. Hairdressers had to close down there, as in many places, but film sets were still allowed (after all, the propaganda machinery has to go on, much of Hollywood is shot in Vancouver). The barber therefore turned his saloon into a film studio without further ado and streamed his customers’ haircuts live on the internet.  The story of US Sheriff Joe Brogan from Baraga County in Michigan, who together with his eight colleagues refuses to enforce these “dictatorial COVID measures” on his population, is also exciting. Read here.

Hope is also given by the troop of Vienna riot police who took off their helmets and, instead of breaking up the unannounced anti-lockdown demonstration, joined the march. Some policemen can take a leaf out of their book! Their job is to protect the fundamental rights of the population and not to be the goon squad of a medical prescription tyranny! Read here.

The whole WallstreetsBets story is motivating too. A large number of small investors meet in the WallStreetBets thread on the Reddit site to buy en masse shares of companies in which large hedge funds have short-selling positions. This ultimately leads to the rise in the share price, which in turn leads to billions in losses for the large hedge funds. They bet on the bankruptcy of the company. The financial elite is being beaten by the “little man” with their own weapons. Whether this is an actual revolution or just a PSYOP to smash the Internet further remains to be seen. Bitcoin is meanwhile reaching one high price after the other and it seems as if 2021, the Chinese year of the bull, is only just about to take off.

bitcoin bull

Our secret weapon is mass & peaceful civil disobedience. There is nothing they can do about him. The plan is over when people say it’s over. It’s that simple. When we stop being docile. When we don’t obey regulations. When we stop watching in silence when others are being handled by the police. They only exist as long as we let that happen. Until we say “Up to here and no further!”and really mean it. If enough people join in and the Cabal feels a clear loss of control, they will at least push back a little in their plans and they will have to regroup and try again. This has happened several times in the past. Some ordinances have already been overturned in court through an urgent procedure, such as the alcohol ban in Bavaria or the night curfew in Baden-Württemberg, which ultimately led to a nationwide rowing back at the exit spears. The Netherlands also had to withdraw the starting spears in the meantime. This shows that only one person can make a difference! They are currently testing how far they can go and how strong the resistance is. Everyone can do something, everyone has personal strengths … let’s make it as difficult as possible for them!

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