How to proceed with the systematic destruction of the human psyche? Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

Information flux concept. Network of pins and threads in the shape of a stream of information going through a brain symbolising the hyper connected mind of the digital era.

Imagine if there were methods to break the human psyche. Methods that, systematically applied, would destroy the spirit and self-respect of people. Such methods really exist: 7 measures to break the human will, to program man for obedience.

The techniques

These involve techniques of coercion, compulsion and perceptual programming to destroy people’s thinking and will. Under the term “Mind Control” they have been practiced for many years on individuals and on groups.

They were summarized in 1956 by the psychologist Albert Bidermann under the title: Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.

We would like to mention a few of these methods here to encourage reflection on current actions in the world.


On breaking the will and producing obedience according to Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.


Isolation means depriving a person of any social support from fellow human beings in order to break through the ability to resist. This is done by cutting off direct contact with other people. In isolation one lives alone or with very few other people, without contact to the outside world. The strictest form is solitary confinement.

Isolation forces an intense examination of oneself. As you know from psychology, constant brooding about yourself leads you to blame yourself. This promotes submission and obedience.

Just a thought: is Social Distancing possibly already a stage of it?

Monopolization of perception

Our mind responds to repetition. A lie only needs to be repeated often enough until the human mind accepts it as true. Media has tremendous power here. Who controls the media determines what information is made available to the people.

As long as they are independent and neutral and there is freedom of opinion, everything is fine. It becomes problematic when only one opinion, the mainstream opinion, is accepted and tolerated and every opinion that deviates from it is defamed or access to it is blocked.

Hmm, isn’t that what we’re experiencing right now?

Induced exhaustion and debilitation

Exhaustion weakens mental and physical resilience. By stoking fears, creating circumstances of constant insecurity, e.g. through the threat of losing one’s job, and hopelessness in the sense of destroying any notion that life could ever be fun again, one is deprived of any sense of security and stability.

So initially people get into an emotional state of constant stress, which then affects the body.

If, at the same time, everything that is fun and relaxing is banned, and there are more and more restrictions on visiting bars, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, theatres, gyms, etc., this promotes physical and emotional exhaustion and debilitation.

The human mind is very adaptable. Even the most adverse circumstances can be acclimatized to if they persist long enough. Constantly changing rules blocks this adaptability and perpetuates a state of confusion, which is also exhausting and debilitating.

Isn’t all this happening right now?

Threats of negative consequences, punishments and violence for non-compliance with rules

Threats create fear and despair. The individual person no longer has any decision-making power, but is dominated by someone else or a group of people. Rules are determined from the outside, preferably as meaningless as possible and threatened with negative consequences in case of non-compliance.

Hm, are we witnessing more and more perverse rules being mandated with penalties for non-compliance?

Occasional concessions

Because we made an effort in the spring, we were allowed to have a little more freedom in the summer. Now, if we all dutifully stick to the prescribed measures together, then there is hope that we can allow a little more socializing at Christmas. Or, once the vaccination is in and enough people have had it, we can go back to the old normal.

Humiliation and degradation

By threatening harsh punishments on nonsensical actions and defaming, insulting or imposing harsh penalties on those who do not play by the rules, people are increasingly losing the courage to resist.

In the end, there is nothing left but to be obedient, to submit and to be obedient. Any resistance will be broken.

The disregard or threat to privacy supports humiliation and degradation.

Didn’t they just remove the protection of the home?

Making the victim dependent on the offender

In order to incite the obedience and submission of the victims, one must make them dependent on oneself. The more dependent the victim is on the perpetrator, the more in bondage he becomes to him.

The more the economy and material livelihoods are destroyed, the more citizens become dependent on handouts from the state.

But the state is not a perpetrator and we citizens are not victims either, or maybe we are …?

I was inspired to write this article by the video of David Icke


We are aware that David Icke polarizes with his sometimes extreme views. We do not share all of his views either. Nevertheless, he always makes us think.

Crucial knowledge to be able to protect yourself!

These are just a few examples from the many possibilities of the Biedermann diagram of coercion. The message is clear:

  • Make victims dependent on the abuser.
  • Eliminate information that is inconsistent with the offender’s message.
  • Create enough fear and despair, puts demands that are trivial, contradictory and unfulfillable.
  • Provide positive motivation to comply with abusers’ demands.
  • The victim gives everything to earn small rewards, in an effort to gain self-respect.
  • He now joins everyone else: “All for one. One for all!”
  • The aim of the measures is to make people so docile that they literally have no mind, perception or opinion of their own.