How is UN Agenda 2030 driving Force behind COVID-19?

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UN agenda 2030 is a global plan designed by the ruling class to gain centralized control over earth’s resources and populations under a one world government. The plan existed for decades and is in full execution at breakneck speed since 2020.

UN agenda 2030

The goal of UN agenda 2030 is to transform global society into a technocracy under the guise of sustainable development by 2030. The end result would be a high-tech slave system, impossible to escape, so let’s make sure it never comes to fruition.

COVID-19 plays an important role in pushing these agendas through. Before we can understand how that works, we must first understand what UN agenda 2030 & technocracy is all about.

Sustainable Development Goals

UN agenda 2030 has public, sugar-coated, deceptive propaganda on the website of United Nations, videos on YouTube etc. The UN divided their plans in 17 parts which they call Sustainable Development Goals

According to the propaganda, the agenda is all about creating a sustainable world, in balance with nature where there’s no hunger.

UN Agenda 30 real goals
Sustainable Develoment Goals (SDGs)
In our hearts, we want this world and we can have it on condition we don’t hand over control on the matter to the ruling class. Their social engineers are exploiting a desire the majority of us has.

No less than 14 out of 17 SDGs include vaccination or immunization: Immunization Agenda 2030.

What does vaccination have to do with green economies?

14 SDGs
14 out of 17 SDGs include vaccination.

I suppose you could make the world more sustainable by vaccination if it kills many or makes them infertile. That’s a warped eugenicist perspective for sure, but we know eugenics is an ideology the ruling class adheres to.

James Corbett’s four parts investigation on Bill Gates in one video (BitChut)

Local implementation

United Nations is an intergovernmental organization. All countries of the world are members and donate tax money to the UN.

The SDGs trickle down hierarchically from UN, to federal governments, to local governments. Meaning in all likelihood, your city and mayor are executing programs in context of SDGs.

The programs in your city might have varying names but when it’s about sustainability and smart technology, it’s an SDG implementation.

Rosa Koire & independent journalist James Corbett explain the true motivations behind UN agenda 2030. (BitChute)



Technocracy is the science of social engineering.


A technocracy is a governance system where science dictates how society is organized. The focus lies on resource management and population management on a global scale. The entities that run such a system are technocrats: scientists, the ruling class and artificial intelligence.

Expert on the topic Patrick Wood explains what technocracy is and puts it in context with COVID-19 in an interview with Spiro Skouras. (BitChute)

Resource management

In a technocracy, all resources of the planet are hooked onto, and managed by a technological control grid. Resources include food, water, land, construction, animals and people.

Products and living beings can be tracked with microchips with Geo-location, RFID sensors and 5G. Fluids, gas and electricity throughput can be counted with smart meters.

The smart grid knows exactly what, when, where and how much you use. Your access to resources can be shut down remotely. Meanwhile, governments make it harder to live self-sustainable and resource monopolization has been a reality for a long time.

Survival would depend on the whims of the state who controls the smart grid. Your access to basic resources for survival could be cut off for not testing or vaccinating for COVID-19 or simply because you voice criticism against the state.

Population management

Population management is about tracking the population, controlling where people can go, which behavior is acceptable, tracking the population count and controlling who is allowed to reproduce (eugenics).

georgia stones population 5milj
According to the mysterious Georgia guide stones the ideal population count is only 500 000 000.
A technocracy is a high-tech surveillance prison state. Cameras and face detection play a vital role but also online behavior is monitored.

Punishments for behaviors deemed unsuitable to the technocrats would be automated, removing the human factor and negotiation from the equation.

The ruling class liked China’s digital dictatorship and social credit system and wishes to expand that model to the rest of the world. Read here.

To hook up man to the grid, man has to merge with machine, which means at some point, (nano)robotics would have to be inserted into the body. The perfect candidate for this crime is the COVID-19 vaccine. See Videos here.


Let’s consolidate what we’ve learned before we move on.

  • The ruling class is dead-set on transforming the world into a technocracy.
  • UN agenda 2030 & COVID-19 are the tools to transform society to a technocracy.
  • UN agenda 2030 is a facade for the public while a one world government technocracy is implemented.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the targets the ruling class wishes to complete while the world is occupied with the COVID-19 chaos. The common thread in this list of targets is total control over mankind.

  • Digital identity: ID2020
  • Digital health card: COVI-PASS
  • Digital monetary system, cashless society
    • Connected to your identity and health records via blockchain.
  • Vaccination
  • AI
    • Resource control
    • Population control
  • Smart cities
    • Facial recognition cameras
    • Digital access control
    • 5G
    • Smart meters
    • Self-driving cars
  • Gobal totalitarian police state
  • Wildlands project (to “restore wildlife”)
    • Remove people from rural areas.
      Example: “SDGs marked your land as a wildlife reserve. Leave.”
    • Move them into smart mega cities.
  • No private property
    • Land, house
    • Business
    • Your body
      • Mandatory vaccination
      • Masks
  • Communitarianism
    • Is a collectivist ideology like communism, Marxism, socialism or collectivism in general. Meaning,
    • Community goals trump individual rights.
    • Community “interests” dictated by governments & corporations.
    • You hear mantra’s like “the common or greater good”, don’t do it for yourself but for your neighbor. Those are collectivist concepts.
    • Dissidents will be outcasts.

Taking in account propaganda from the ruling class and events in 2020, it appears the global population is supposed to adopt a collectivist mindset which is being indoctrinated through the media and education, while governments and businesses are supposed to collaborate in a fascist manner.

Destroy the economy

The Great Reset

The technocrats want a fully digital money system, linked to identity and health data via blockchain. According to them, the best way to achieve that is to completely destroy the old system and introduce the new system.

The World Economic Form (WEF) has already come out publicly with ‘the new’ and calls it The Great Reset.

Decoding Davos: The global endgame.

The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D’état With Patrick Wood. (BitChute)

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order (BitChute)

Destroy the middle class

One important goal of repeated lockdowns, distancing and sanitation measures, is to wipe out the middle class, the self-employed and SMEs. There’s no medical science to support any of the measures.

Destroy the financial system

Financial experts say a collapse of the markets is inevitable, in all likelihood preluded by inflation, after which the ruling class will introduce a full digital monetary system.

Real life events support the digital monetary system narrative, which you’ll find when you investigate Central Bank Digital Coin (CBDC). Corbett Report has solid video material on this subject.


There’s also a large body of technical information to be found about a Quantum Financial System (QFS). I decided not to investigate that further.

Collection of DNA, vaccination and transhumanism

Via the covid test the state is able to acquire the DNA of the population.

Via vaccination, the state can modify the DNA of the population and bring in nanorobotics.

If you hear the people of WEF (partner of the UN) talking, you can see that transhumanism is an important goal for them. Such is the kind of people that are the driving force behind covid and vaccination.

High-tech surveillance

Face recognition to “monitor you’re wearing your slave mask”. Attendance registration. Temperature measurements. Contact tracing. Resource access based on your health (now masks, later COVI-PASS).

All intrusive practices that would have never been accepted without a “health crisis”.

Police state

The rollout of these agendas will meet resistance, requiring a tougher, more violent police force. As long as the covid illusion persists, the police can always hide behind the mantra for your safety.

Destroy fundamental rights

Fundamental freedoms and basic rights are violated in the name of a health crisis. A health crisis in no reason to trample basic rights and moreover, there observably isn’t an actual health crisis which anyone with common sense can see.


A solution starts with a world population that realizes what’s really going on. Spread the word and keep in mind the digital censorship. Read here.

Reject and sabotage

The technocratic resource grab cannot work without cooperation of the masses. As an individual, I reject and sabotage everything that smells like digital control, medical tyranny and human rights violations.

  • Reject vaccine passports, “show (medical) papers”.
  • Reject central bank digital currency, use cash or even better, switch to an unplugged monetary system.
  • Avoid buying at big chains or any store that violates (medical) privacy or has the audacity to require you to perform a medical procedure like masks, tests or vaccines.
  • Demand the removal of city surveillance cameras.
  • Sabotage being tracked and traced, physically and digitally.
  • Don’t wear a mask. Don’t test. Don’t vaccinate.
  • Raise hell in schools that impose inhumane c-rules that destroy and torture a generation of children.
  • And so on.

Imagine if everybody made these choices individually.
You’d walk out the door one day and see a sane society once more.

Sovereignty, self-sufficiency & community

The ruling class owns all major corporations and governmental institutions and will weaponize them against the people. Your national government is not destroying the economy because it’s stupid or incapable, it’s executing the globalist orders of a controlled economic demolition and genocide.

Therefor, it’s wise to depend on the system as little as possible. Prepare for insanity like not being able to enter the shop to buy food without vaccination, blocked bank accounts and even door-to-door Gestapo forcing vaccination.

May it never come to that. It depends on what the masses allows. I have no doubt the predator class will push it all the way when left unchecked. The absurdity of it all is, they make populations do it to themselves.


Society turned into an insane asylum because many just follow orders. “It’s the law. We have to listen to the government. Trust the experts.” They’re all bought and paid for pushing an evil agenda!

This one can be solved by considering immoral orders individually and having the backbone to reject them. It’s an interesting topic because there’s an opportunity for human growth. I expanded on it here. Read here.