How is the Pandemic Story going?

“Powerful and imposing is the human spirit! It is as capable of building as it is of destroying. (…) During the influenza epidemic that broke out in World War I, the mayor of New York took drastic measures to curb the damage people were doing with their innate fear of disease. He called journalists and told them, “Gentlemen, I must ask you not to publish alarmist headlines about the flu epidemic. If you do not cooperate with me, we will find ourselves in an uncontrollable situation.” The newspapers stopped publishing news about the flu, and within a month the epidemic was successfully under control. In a series of experiments conducted some years ago, it was shown that people can become ill by suggestion “

NAPOLEON HILL (1883-1970). American writer and advisor to presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt. The above text is from 1937.

“Not famines, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself is the greatest danger of man and for man, for the simple reason that there is no protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst natural disasters.”

CARL JUNG (1875-1961). Swiss psychiatrist.


A Disturbing Loss Of the Sense of Smell

The sense of smell has always been the sense most closely associated with our ability to divine situations from behind the veil of deception and to recognize the truth of things spontaneously. When we intuitively perceive that something is wrong, we say “it smells bad” or “it smells bad.” We don’t say “it looks bad,” “it tastes bad,” or “it sounds bad.” We also use the idiom “a cat is in the house” when we immediately realize that there is something else behind the outward appearance, and with this idiom it is clear that the sense of smell involved when a cat is locked in a place is the sense of smell, no other, because the idiom is undoubtedly inspired by the pervasive and unforgettable smell of cat feces. It is known that smell is strongly associated with the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for intuitive, imaginative and subconscious functions; perfume manufacturers have always taken advantage of this knowledge.

It is also connected to instincts, it is perhaps the sense that still keeps alive the developmental stages in which we were small animals and lived in harmony with nature. In the Covid19 pandemic, it has been repeatedly pointed out that one of the most important symptoms is an acute loss of smell. Aside from the fact that it is such a common symptom in all kinds of colds or flu-like conditions, I was always struck by its high symbolic value.

People have really lost their sense of smell. We are living in a veritable epidemic of people who have lost the capacity for intuition, for immediate, direct, pre-rational knowledge of the truth of things.

This, of course, is the flip side of a hypertrophy of logic, of chaotic and arbitrary data that says nothing, of the rational and sensual mind, of the left hemisphere. The point is that such one-sided and exaggerated growth has not made people smarter, quite the opposite.

True intelligence comes from knowing how to use both hemispheres of the brain in a dynamic and delicate balance, so that each can bring its own way of understanding things. And not by suppressing one at the expense of the other. The general atrophy of the capacity for intuition or instinctive knowledge is another symptom of our uprooting from nature. In other words, it is an endemic loss of common sense. And it is a necessary condition for believing the pandemic story that one has already lost one’s sense of smell.

Nothing Closes, but that doesn’t Matter

Why do I have the audacity to call this pandemic a story? On what basis do I make such a statement?

Well, I am not basing it on scientism, which is declared as official nowadays, but on science. I ask the reader to be patient. I will try to explain. Absolutely nothing has been closed since this pandemic began. We were told it was a virus with a mortality rate even lower than seasonal flu. We were told that only people in sectors considered “at risk,” the elderly and the chronically ill, were seriously affected, as is the case with all diseases in general.

We were told that children were not affected or infected, that they were completely immune. Then when we saw the numbers, the real statistics, we saw that the number of people killed was incredibly small, nothing could justify such widespread paranoia.

We all wondered why diseases that were causing an alarming number of deaths worldwide, such as the cancer epidemic, had not been treated with this obsession before. We wondered why, if it was more harmless than the common flu, an entire country or the entire world was not shut down every year because of the flu or because of any other disease that was warranted. Enclosures that destroyed economies, marriages and life plans, and plunged whole families into material and spiritual ruin.

We wondered why the remedy did infinitely more damage than the disease and why they continued to insist on it against all evidence. And they continue to insist.

We wondered why the at-risk groups were not quarantined to protect them while we produced the herd immunity that every doctor knows is infallible and without contraindications simply by living our lives as usual. And that was the end of the matter. And as for the doctors and scientists, we were disturbed by the way in which great experts from all over the world, with long careers and much experience in the field of epidemiology, were not taken into account, even though they would be in the best position to analyze the situation and propose constructive ways out.

Moreover, they were censored and defamed in the media, platforms and networks. The goal was to impose a single official voice. But this voice did not convince us on any of its points.

To make matters worse, to our surprise, we found that the discourse in different countries around the world was exactly the same, without changing a single point or comma, as if it were a carefully planned script.

We saw how this whole circus was aimed at one and the same thing: mass vaccination (along with the introduction of the health passport). And we have never understood why it should be necessary to vaccinate everyone against a virus whose lethality is minimal and which, being variable and seasonal, would be useless the next year.

Now they are starting to vaccinate even the youngest children. Many physicians also did not understand why there was so much insistence on the panacea of vaccine when there were other highly effective, proven, cheaper, and less contraindicated treatments (such as ivermectin).

Although none of this was certain, many decided to wait for the long-awaited release of the dreaded virus. Perhaps there was something we had not yet seen. Weeks passed, then months, now almost two years. The devastating and apocalyptic pandemic never arrived. But something did take hold, not in people’s bodies, but in their minds – thanks to the propaganda campaign, thanks to the media terrorism that was carried out with incredible persistence. They hammered into people’s imaginations with such persistence that they finally succeeded in inserting the pandemic narrative.

Order of Exposition

In this essay I will try to show the incredible similarity of the story of the Covid pandemic with the ancient stories of the great religions of the past.

This reality, blunt for me, which the reader will learn in detail in the second part of the book, shows us the unpleasant truth that we have not yet left behind the medieval obscurantism, the retrograde age of absolutism based on the power emanating from the official narratives. It shows us in unprecedented splendor that democracy or human rights are now a complete fiction, because any system of government based on totalitarian control is incompatible with democracy.

But perhaps worst of all, it shows us the extremely low and precarious mental level of the general population, whose childishness and ignorance leave them completely at the mercy of tyranny. But there is also a positive side to this exercise. For if we lift the veil of deception, we can see the path we must take to arrive at a democratic civilization based on human rights and worthy of the name. If tyranny or despotism is reinventing itself, it is time for democracy to reinvent itself. And the real and present opportunities offered by the situation, adverse as they may be, are truly wonderful. These are times of great change. Whether for the better or for the worse remains to be seen.

As we mentioned earlier, nothing in the history of the pandemic has been or will be concluded, so we can only assume that it is a matter of faith. Not science.

Because nothing about the current pandemic can be reasonably justified with evidence-based science. So the pandemic narrative is a belief, a mental entelechy, a superstition. People are not supposed to understand, but to believe.

But before we address the pandemic as a narrative, it is first necessary to lay out the scientific and medical arguments that challenge the key elements of the current “public health emergency.” Some readers will already be familiar with these arguments, while others will be unfamiliar with all or part of them.

Both need this first part equally. For it is necessary to bring together all this scattered information from the wreckage of censorship and prohibition, to simplify it and make it clearly accessible to people. And also to separate the wheat of objective science from all the weeds of theories, opinions or impertinent concepts, and not to move into clearly dubious areas that end up obscuring rather than clarifying the true picture. So what follows in the first part is not my voice, but the voice of the many, many physicians and scientists who have taken the trouble to investigate every single element of this pandemic and have come to convincing scientific conclusions.

That is my humble way of honoring them. Having presented the basic pillars that remove the foundation from this false pandemic, in Part Two we will analyze what has gone before in light of what it clearly is: a mega-narrative in which we are all currently immersed, largely by United Nations (UN) decision.

Here we see a parallel between ancient religion, which was used as a mechanism of social control, and modern official medicine, which is now used by the authorities and plays exactly the same role in the 21st century as religious narratives did in the Middle Ages.

Finally, in the third and fourth parts, we will try to find a constructive way out of all these issues. It is truly an irony of fate that at the very moment when people boast of having overcome and transcended all naive narratives and worldviews of the past, the curtain is being raised on a pseudo-scientific narrative of this magnitude in the 21st century. A narrative that obeys neither science nor reason, but myth and mass superstition. A myth that – like any other myth – does not survive half a minute when the facts are put on the table.

Something, therefore, that can’t be found anywhere but in people’s heads. And if we do not reverse this in time through a widespread awakening, through genuine awareness and active engagement, but above all through a free, objective and unbiased scientific debate, there is a serious danger that the imaginary will become reality (to be continued).