How is the Pandemic Story going? Part 2

Let’s start at the very beginning of the story. We have all been deceived on one crucial point: the SARS CoV-2 virus that causes the disease, known as covid19, has never been scientifically isolated before, following the Koch protocols that establish the authenticity and validity of any virus isolation.

The Invention of the Virus

Its supposed isolation is not one. When we google this fact and get results that say, “It is false that Covid19 virus has not been isolated,” or “University of Chile successfully isolates SARS-CoV-2 virus,” we are simply being manipulated with lies in the most shameless and unscientific way, by people who, knowingly or unknowingly, are taking advantage of the widespread ignorance about these issues. The first alleged isolation was carried out by scientists in Wuhan 1 in early 2020. Months later, the U.S. CDC also advocated for “isolation. “2

So far, there are only three documents claiming to have isolated and sequenced the virus in question. I invite you to read the documents. Ordinary mortals eat up the crap, of course. But not experts like Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Denis Rancourt, biologist Fernando López Mirones, Dr. Sam Bailey, statistician Christine Massey, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Dr. Tom Cowan, and many others whom I will quote.

Everything said in these pages will have its due and demonstrable support. But first, a spice that must not be missed. Recently, Dr. Wu Zunyou, head of epidemiology at the Chinese CDC (which is in close proximity to Wuhan), when asked about this issue in front of NBC cameras, specifically denied it. In his words, “They haven’t isolated the virus. That is problem 3.”

Let us first try to understand in a simple way what the process of “virus purification and isolation” consists of and why it does not appear in such reports, as Dr. Tom Cowan puts it:

“The central question is: How can a scientist or virologist prove that a new virus is the cause of a particular disease? The answer is surprisingly clear and simple, and is also consistent with the logical methodology that everyone uses to prove the existence of something. First, you find a set of people who appear to have the disease in question (in this case, the new coronavirus). Then, using standardized virus purification and isolation techniques that have been common in all virology laboratories for decades, the virus is isolated from every other substance – in the blood, sputum, or tissue of the affected person or animal – using electron microscopy, which would show the world the isolated particles, the “viruses,” from each of these people. These viruses should all look the same.

The next step would be to analyze the genetic material of these identical particles using common computer-based genetic sequencing tools, which have also been available for decades. These sequences must also be identical from one particle to the next. Finally, the purified virus isolated, sequenced, and photographed by these methods, along with appropriate, stringent controls, would be introduced into animals to determine whether the experimental animals develop the same disease as the original subject. Then (and only then), when these steps have been carefully performed in the laboratory, can we state with certainty that this new virus is the likely cause of this new disease. Over the past year, I have spent countless hours looking for evidence that these simple steps were performed for the disease called covid19 and that the virus called SARS-CoV 2 was properly purified and isolated.

To my surprise and amazement, neither I nor anyone I know who does research on this topic could find a single published study that even attempted to perform these feasible experiments. (…)

The usual excuses for this complete failure to perform proper scientific experiments are claims such as: a) “There is not enough viral material to study in sick people”, or: b) “Viruses are intracellular organisms and therefore cannot be found in matter outside the cell”.

My answer is: If there is not enough viral material that can be found with an electron microscope in the tissues or secretions of sick people, how can these same undetectable viruses have the potential to kill us all? And if viruses cannot be detected outside the cell – that is, they do not exist outside the cell – how can they be transmitted from person to person? Finally, it is wrong to say that this procedure I described above is only one way to isolate and characterize a virus: In reality, it is the only way.

Logic and common sense dictate that unless what is being sought has been isolated, there is no way to determine its composition or behavior. What I am saying has enormous implications. There is no evidence of the Covid19 virus, so what the heck is making people sick? What is the real cause of what people call “Covid19 symptoms”?

Why do some diseases seem to spread from person to person, but never evenly? And most importantly, why are we locking up the whole world and risking losing an entire generation of children just because we’re afraid of an imaginary virus? 4

Canadian Christine Massey, who has a master’s degree in biostatistics from the University of Toronto and has conducted one of the most thorough investigations into the alleged isolation of the virus, explains it this way, “On the Internet, we find a number of supposedly scientific reports that claim to have isolated and purified the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is supposedly the cause of the disease called covid19.

They all claim success in both the title and the abstract. Some experts point out something that might escape the uninitiated in virology: that they use the word “isolation” for a procedure in which, by the simple scientific definition, nothing was isolated.

And the only intent in using that word – and no other – is to give the impression that they respected Koch’s postulates in order to be credible. The result is that people visit these papers, read the title and abstract, and trust that they are reliable. But when someone knowledgeable about the subject reads the methods used, it becomes immediately clear that there was no virus isolation at all 5 “.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has taken the trouble to analyze the papers claiming to have isolated the virus and clearly demonstrated that such isolation is in fact never achieved 6 In summary and in plain language, Dr. Kaufman shows that the researchers use cell damage and cell death as evidence that the virus is in the soup of biological elements they have previously created in the laboratory. In other words, the researchers assume that cell death is due to the virus.

However, Dr. Kaufman shows that there are other reasons for cell damage and cell death that have nothing to do with a virus. So there is no evidence that the virus is actually present. And finally, he explains that the claim that the virus has been genetically sequenced is absurd because there is no evidence that the virus exists. How can you sequence something if its existence is not proven?

So the virus is basically a computer-created entelechy. At best – apart from pathogenesis, which is another matter – it is an assumption or a hypothesis, but in the name of evidence-based science it has never been isolated and proven to exist. 7

Michael Lane, head of the Division of Light and Electron Microscopy and the National Diagnostic Electron Microscopy Laboratory for Infectious Agents at the Robert Koch Institute, recently admitted that he is not aware of any scientific paper that accurately describes the isolation and purification of SARS CoV-2 /10.  8

In Spain, the “Biologists for Truth” group, composed of numerous physicians and virology experts, reached the same conclusions as all of the above 9 . Dr. Sam Bailey also investigated the various sources that claimed to have isolated the virus and found that scientific isolation had not been achieved at all.

Dr. Stefan Lanka, a long-time molecular biologist and virologist, came to the same conclusions. He noted that at no point in the publications was a specifically defined viral genome demonstrated, but only “a theoretical and conceptual construction of the alleged genetic chain of the virus” was published. This involves either taking small genetic fragments from diseased patient samples or generating new genetic material in the laboratory by allowing cells to die in a test tube. These short genetic fragments are then assembled using computer programs according to a previously created model. The result is a chain of viral genetic material that does not occur in nature 10.”

Dr. Lanka concludes that “the entire conceptual model of the new coronavirus is based on a flawed hypothesis.” The Nature journal website has a paper titled “Morphometry of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 particles in ultrathinplasticsections of infected Vero cell cultures 11” that assumes virus isolation. However, when Dr. Sam Bailey emailed one of the authors of this publication, Dr. Michael Laue, on September 4, 2020, she received the explicit response that he was “not yet aware of any work demonstrating isolation of the virus 12.”

And what about the alleged SARS-CoV-2 photomicrographs that have been circulating? More of the same. Not to mention a fundamental detail of such images: Viruses or retroviruses are absolutely indistinguishable from other cellular particles such as transport vesicles or exosomes. Then these images are so different, even opposite, that they obviously cannot belong to the same virus. Moreover, they are so similar to other coronaviruses that it is impossible to distinguish them precisely. The microscope images circulating on the Internet cannot be anything other than SARS-CoV-2.

The Fantastic Search for the Mythical Virus: Reward offered!

German businessman Samuel Eckert, after asking the German authorities for information about isolating the virus and receiving a negative response, publicly offered a reward of 1.5 million euros to anyone who could prove that SARS-CoV 2 13 had been isolated, and so far no one has claimed the money. Yes, almost a hundred facilities around the world have tried this so far. And they have found nothing. The aforementioned Christine Massey, along with a team of collaborators, has done a thorough investigation on this issue. You can see it in full in the attached link, is it really worth 14.

The results are devastating: after directly and formally asking various medical and scientific institutions in 22 different countries for their opinions on isolating SARS-CoV-2, a total of 92 institutions specifically responded that they either have not done it, have not done it, or have not seen anyone do it yet. Massey is so thorough in her report that (unlike Wuhan or the U.S. CDC) she itemizes all the evidence supporting her findings. As Massey explains there, some of the responses to these requests for information allude to the pathetic fact that the isolation/purification of SARS-CoV-2 cannot be performed as required and that the isolation referred to in the scientific literature refers to an archetypal cell culture showing a cytopathic effect (effect of viral infection on the cell culture), but that no control experiments have been performed to demonstrate that this cytopathic effect occurs with the same procedures in both a healthy and a sterile culture.

In summary, to date, no one has isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the suspected covid19. So what is Covid19 disease, is it just another flu, and if the cause is unknown, what do the famous Covid19 tests detect when they are positive for Covid19?

More troubling, however, is the question of why everyone should believe that the virus has been isolated, so why lie?

Logical and healthy questions. We will try to provide scientific answers to all these questions.