How Helpfull are Unknown People?

We want to thank all the Unknown and Helpfull Lightfighters for the Amazing Work they are doing in this Crazy World and the Awakening Community. They spread the truth and all the informations they discovered through some deep existential questions and big research.

The quality of the information we can access determines our collective thoughts, which determine our decision-making processes, which ultimately determine the collective reality in which we live.

Thanks to them we realise that the more we learn, the more we realise that we don’t know anything, and that the key to everything is Consciousness. They help us to open up new ways of seeing the world and to think outside the box to reach true freedom, enlightenment and an opportunity to follow the real good, not the one they impose on us.

Maybe they can help us to access to our heart and find what is the purpose of the journey of our existence….

Special thanks to: