Let’s look at the disaster the flawed school closure policies directed by our government leaders have caused in our children’s lives. The school closure catastrophe mirrors the masking catastrophe and similar unsound policies.

We knew early on in 2020 for example, that the key risk group was elderly persons with medical conditions (though Covid gave way to age due to serious medical conditions or obesity based on existing data). But just look at the complete disaster experts have created with our children in terms of school closures.

What did CDC and NIH know about risk to children?

Look at what is now known in Ontario, Canada with the union and fees paid to ‘conflicted’ medical experts to drive a school closure message. This is reckless and scandalous! In spite of extremely low transmission rates and very low likelihood of spreading Covid virus among children (or of becoming severely ill from Covid), they have gone on and destroyed a year of the school lives of children due to these nonsensical medical experts and hysterical media and this will carry a huge long-term loss to our children. Who is going to pay for this?

Did we have any data or science? Of course we did. Quality research “in the leading journal Nature estimated the Covid-19 survival rate to be approximately 99.995% in children and teens.” We knew this very early on but that did not stop public health agencies and experts from deceiving or failing to inform about the true risk.1

A recent publication by CDC reported that among in excess of 90,000 students and staff in 11 North Carolina school districts, they found that in-school virus transmission was “very rare.”

A similar finding emerged in 17 rural Wisconsin schools.

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson wrote in January 2021 that “We’ve known for months that young children are less susceptible to serious infection and less likely to transmit the coronavirus. Let’s act like it.”2

Damages on Children

This piece by Thompson was driven by CDC ‘coming’ out in the last week for school reopenings when the data was clear for a very long time that the risk was very low, if at all. Then we are, as is Thompson in his piece, provoked to ask, why did the media, our bureaucratic government leaders, and the medical experts seemingly collude to damage our children with their baseless school closures? Why did they deceive the public for so long? Catastrophic long-term losses for our children’s educational but importantly, their social and emotional/psychological development has accumulated. We know that suicides among children have been escalating.3

Parents are struggling with the pandemic and homeschooling and children are failing out. This type of unfounded fear has been driven by the media “despite a thousandfold difference in risk between old and young.” They always knew this but continued a bold-faced lie! As a result, this has underpinned an atmosphere of gross distrust of our government officials and medical experts.4

Very low risk of spreading infection by children

And the CDC is now in January/February 2021 racing to any open podium and microphone it can find to tell us it’s time to reopen schools and it can be done safely. Yet this is not new data the CDC is stumbling upon for the first time. No, they have always known this. The CDC always knew it was safe to reopen schools for many many months now. They, like the rest of the globe, had the publicly available published pediatric-children data since mid-2020 which has been consistent and clear that there is very low risk to children and schools should not have been closed in the first place or kept closed. The data has been stable and clear just after the start of the pandemic that there is far less susceptibility for children, or severe illness for children, and very low risk of hospitalization or death for children when it comes to Covid.5

Why this substantially reduced risk? We are not yet entirely sure but preliminary research points to less expression of ACE2 receptor proteins on the surface of the nasal epithelium in children (4-9 years old). This is well known globally for many, many months that children are at very low risk of spreading infection to their classmates, to their adults, teachers, or even taking it home.

Secondary transmission evidence is nonexistent. Based on a high-quality McMaster University review, researchers found that “Transmission was traced back to community and home settings or adults, rather than among children within daycares or schools, even in jurisdictions where schools remained open or have since reopened.”6

International research had been clear that there was no consistent relationship between in-person schooling for children and virus transmission. Any medical expert or agency implying otherwise that this is new science and ‘we now understand the data’ or ‘the data is now available’ is flat out duplicitous. But why has this happened to our children yet did not happen for seasonal influenza each year which is far more deadly than Covid for children? Or for H1N1 when it struck in 2009? Were decisions made based on evidence or other factors?

Who is at fault here?

What was the reason for this very flawed policy? It surely is not based on science. Why has the CDC and other US health agencies such as the NIH been so slow to react to the known science (strong evidence from Norway, Ireland, Singapore, North Carolina etc.) and thus guide the optimal policy decisions based on this clear prior accumulated science (Washington Post piece September 2020, The Atlantic, October 2020)? These health agencies had the evidence but continued advocating devastatingly flawed school closure policies that have damaged our children. Just look at the repeated sparring between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci whereby the senator has been ongoingly pilloried by the media for calling out Dr. Fauci who has routinely changed statements and been confusing on a range of issues and particularly on the issue of school closures.7

Dr. Fauci replied: “We don’t know everything about this virus, and we really ought to be very careful, particularly when it comes to children.” Surely Dr. Fauci was aware of the global Covid data as it related to risk in children.

While children drive seasonal influenza and do take influenza home, this is not the case with Covid. We knew this very early on. We do recognize that there is risk of infection and transmission but it is very negligible when it comes to children and Covid. We cannot say zero risk but we are talking about extremely low likelihood and we knew this very early on. Yet if you turned on the daily news you will not know this because the message being sent out on practically a 24/7 basis is one of doom and gloom for our children! Surely the media and medical experts know that what they state is factually incorrect based on the science. Our governments and unions have closed schools with irrational knee-jerk nonsensical, unscientific policies similar to lockdowns, that results in known (i.e. not theoretical) immeasurable harms to our children given the losses that accrue. Again, who is going to pay for the unnecessary devastation these seemingly oblivious, arrogant, and nonsensical medical experts caused?

The truth also is that many children – and particularly those less advantaged, our minority, our African-American, Latino, and South Asian children – get their main needs met at school, including nutrition, eye tests and glasses, and hearing tests. Importantly, schools often function as a strong protective system or watchguard for children who are sexually or physically abused and the visibility of it declines with school closures.

Abusive Trauma in Children

Due to the lockdowns and the lost jobs, adult parents are very angry and bitter, and the stress and pressure in the home escalates due to lost jobs/income and loss of independence and control over their lives as well as the dysfunctional remote schooling that they often cannot optimally help with. Some are tragically reacting by lashing out at each other and their children. There are even reports that children are being taken to the ER with parents stating that they think they may have killed their child who is unresponsive.

In fact, since the Covid lockdowns were initiated in Great Britain as an example, it has been reported that incidence of abusive head trauma in children has risen by almost 1,500%!8

Similar catastrophic head trauma in babies that is linked to the Covid pandemic has been reported in Canada! There has been a devastating trend in Ottawa, Canada hospitals with a rise in the number of little children and babies being seen with catastrophic head injuries during the second wave of  Covid-19. Covid-19 has cost lives and our government leaders and health agencies with television medical experts are partly to blame for their nonsensical and seemingly politicized decision-making that had no scientific basis. Look at what they have done!9

Sadly, our children will bear the catastrophic consequences and not just educationally, of the deeply flawed school closure policy for decades to come (particularly our minority children who were least able to afford this). They have done this, the CDC, NIH etc. have cost children lives and done immeasurable damage to our children by increasingly recognized deeply destructive, and nonsensical policies.10

Illogical and Nonsensical Information

These experts and agencies have known for a long time, certainly many, many months now (since summer of 2020 and before) that children are at little if any risk of spreading the infection or taking it home. They knew that schools offer a sort of vanguard safety net protection in our society for children and that children are often way better off within the school setting.

Yet despite what the available science showed, they continued their school closure positions and policies and urgings, that emboldened the unions and teachers to react and behave as they currently are despite the overwhelming science. Why wouldn’t teachers and unions be petrified out of their minds based on the consistently illogical and nonsensical information emerging from our government agencies and medical experts? Yet this misguided policy continues and with mask-use and other mandates. Are we to believe that all aspects of the pandemic’s response i.e. lockdowns, masking, vaccine etc., are fraught with these policy irregularities and aberrancies that are devastating to the public? As an example, we have doctors presently trying to mainstream early outpatient treatment for Covid in high-risk patients using established safe, cheap, effective, and available drugs but getting pilloried by the nihilistic medical experts and establishment. Such early ambulatory sequenced and combination treatment is a potential option that may reduce hospitalization and death.


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