Has Covidism become a new Religion?

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The Covid Crisis has made our societies religious and even sectarian, without us even realising it.

Like many people of my generation in our latitudes, I was educated in a family, a spirit, a Christian and more precisely Catholic religious culture. I moved away from it more and more over time, from adolescence onwards, to become an atheist.

The Evil of the Virus and its Transmission

I have, in spite of everything, kept a great fascination and a constant interest for the religious phenomenon, under any form it is.

This education, this way of seeing the world, allowed me to spot the symptoms of the religious, often hidden but real, which act underhandedly in our contemporary society, today however secularized. Thus, it appeared to me that the official narrative of the crisis covid is impregnated unconsciously and collectively with an impressive religious charge.

Notions that have become central once again, such as duty, evil – the virus and its transmission via the Other – the apology of goodness – the family bubble, care for others – guilt, sacrifice, have suddenly re-emerged from the past and become central once again in the official communication of our rulers.

A Fertile Ground

I think that the main reason for the adhesion of the majority of the Western population is the emergence of a collective meaning for a life that perhaps no longer had any.

For the first time in a very long time, a transcendence emerges within reach of all, in daily action, and not only in a mental projection of an afterlife, or in the imagination.

Since the Covid crisis, this resurgence of the religious manifests itself daily in the inner life of many of my fellow citizens by moral principles which will, under the cover of a supposedly amplified threat of the Virus, govern almost all their acts. This could be synthesized by the following moral principle:

“I will sacrifice my freedom, my contacts, my social life, my very body, to save the world.”

Which means that finally, my action has a real impact on society.

“An Evil threatens humanity as a whole… I am going to obey the laws imposed on me by the new caste of priests who possess science, which is the absolute truth, and before whom, following the most powerful leaders of the planet, I bow, poor ignorant and sinful me, who until then lived only for myself (as I had been told and repeated to do, since school, in companies, through advertising…), in competition with all others.”

Before, it was about being individualistic, about always being the best, in total ignorance of the common good and the cosmos that surrounds us. With the covidian religion, this is still the case, it is still about competing with others, but I also need to protect them, in a powerful and contradictory double injunction that triggers a need for a response that synthesizes these two worldviews.

With the covid, in one go, the mortifying grace falls on me: I can, by suffering daily, by wearing the mask, by isolating myself… save my fellow man, find the sacred, a collective supreme value, and preserve the essential: myself and the family unit, which must be saved at all costs.

Not more religious than all that…

The fact remains that the notion of the individual, with its share of autonomy of thought and action, is troublesome, both for covidism and for capitalism, in particular for that conceived by the new world order, in Davos or other dominant business circles:

From then on their religious injunction is: don’t think, we do it for you, just produce – work – and enjoy – consume – and from covid, in suffering, guilt and contrition.

The individual becomes a purely illusory notion, the term is emptied of its liberating philosophical substance: it is no more than an accumulation of positive or negative sensations.

Consciousness Control System

We are thus well here in a system of control of the consciences, of religious or even sectarian type.

In this perspective, the covidist religion rests on several essential concepts of structuring of the mind, which mix idealization and reality:

1. The family unit

First injunction: let us meet only our closest circle.
Except that the united family cell does not exist anymore, it has exploded into decomposed families. The bubbles of 2 or 4 exist only in the out-of-ground minds of scientific saints cut off from reality.

2. Altruism and the condemnation of selfishness

We appeal to generosity, to care for others, a second hypocritical simplification.
In fact, we are far from altruism, it is a question of extended egoism.
On the contrary, even the other is more than ever a threat! Especially the foreigner who brings us other variants – the borders are closed without any discussion – red zones are decreed, the one who does not respect the rules, the one who does not wear a mask, the one who does not get vaccinated, the one who enjoys without hindrance, the one who does not remain confined, the one who goes out after curfew, is castigated as an outcast.

In short, anyone who claims to contradict the word of the clergy is punished and condemned.

3. The duty

Duty to the state, to the nation, is constantly appealed to. All religions have relied on the regal force of nations. In a very cynical way, and under the pretext of bringing the truth, notably through colonialism, or when the Catholic religion supported Nazism without scruples.

Except that the State is today an empty shell of which capitalism wants to privatize all services. Public services have disappeared in favor of the cult of competition where financial profit has become the ultimate goal.

In the name of this nation – a hypocritical and simplified vision of the world -, especially since the epidemic doesn’t care about the still porous borders. Believers are invited to confess (“I have the covid and from then on I will be watched and quarantined”) or to denounce.

4. Manichaeism

Thus return the notions of bad behavior, the stigmatization of the egoistic villains, the ignorant, the impious, who will have to be put back on the right path, willingly or by force.

Thus returns a dualistic ideology, Manichean, simple to understand, an epic fight of good against evil.

The fight of the good rationalist and globalist thought, against the bad egoistic, conspiratorial, conspiracy thinking which sees evil everywhere, whereas science only aims at improvement, progress and therefore good!

5. Universalism

Fifth religious simplification: the covidist religious truth is absolute, incontestable and consensual. The whole world reacts in the same way, which is a proof of its universal value.

– Except that the whole world does not react in unison, as the dominant media say: billions of people do not respect any of the dogmatic obligations…

Here intervenes the media Holy Spirit:

It is important to know that the media clergy is in the hands of three popes, three news agencies, Reuters, Associated Press and AFP, placed under the aegis of the Holy Spirit Mc Kinsey, who spread the truth to the world… – who control all the other small Churches on the planet, the national and local newspapers, giving them the sacred text that must be administered to the people from morning to night, so that they submit themselves without coercion, that is, deliberately, to the divine word and the redemption that has been prepared for them.

6. The threat

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this religion has imposed itself through blackmail and threats:
Respect the dogma… otherwise, poor sinners, your lives will become a hell: pleasures will be forbidden to you, culture, sports, travel and even access to work will be forbidden!
You will be nothing but ungodly, excommunicated, you will even be a threat to society, and you will no longer have access to the vaccine paradise that liberates the world.
Except that the pretexted evil is exaggerated, dramatized, hypertrophied.

7. Guilt

Last religious simplification of reality: All those who do not convert to the sanitary rules and the vaccine substance are judged guilty. Guilty of the death of their loved ones, guilty of the overcrowding of hospitals, guilty of maintaining the prohibitions that affect the whole of society.

The Epistemological Foundation

All this religion is based on a scientific truth which one is asked to believe in absolutely. Except that this truth and its epistemological basis are not questioned.

This religion arrogates to itself the fact that it is the holder of a unique truth, whereas it is subject to questioning, because it is only a part of the pharmaceutical, chemical and medicinal science, dominant because it is financially profitable.

A science instrumentalized for economic profit, which claims to be a total expertise by denigrating all other knowledge. It is the return of scientism.

A science adulated, deified, except that it does not even respect one of its fundamental principles, namely experimental validation, insofar as the control authorities supposed to be neutral are themselves tainted by real or potential conflicts of interest.

It is, from the start, deviated from its objectives, instrumentalized by money and power.

The economist and philosopher Friderich Hayek had already demonstrated in “The Road to Serfdom”, in 1944, that if science is the only truth accessible to men (or to an elite that takes on the task of representing it), then the path that society must follow also becomes unique and must not suffer any contestation: scientism would thus inevitably lead to collectivism.

Propaganda/education, torture/re-education, purging of dissenters/punishment of obscurantist plotters.

A science that has become a religion, and which, like all religions, is based on a mystification: the miracle – before, it was the bread and wine that one ingested to participate in the resurrection of Christ, through the Holy Spirit…

Today, the miracle, the divine substance that is introduced into the body, is the vaccine.

Nowadays, the miracle, the divine substance that is introduced into the body, is the vaccine. Therefore, once self-proclaimed as the ultimate truth, this religion, like all the others, induces good human practices and many bad ones.

The Mask is the most Revealing Symbol

Under the pretext of protection, without any scientific study showing it (including within the framework of this statistical empiricist science), the covidist religion has imposed what no religious dogma had succeeded in doing before: to take away their face from men, to make them impersonal, interchangeable beings without the possibility of expression, without the possibility of a multitude of feelings that are the hallmark of man.

With the mask, only two emotions are expressed, which only pass through the eyes: fear and aggression.

A religion which, on the one hand, condemns the essential senses – judged to be “non-essential” – which are taste, smell, touch, which nevertheless allow us to bring the world into ourselves, and which, on the other hand, retains only the so-called essential senses, the senses of sight and hearing.

Essential because all the narrative and hypnotic discourse of the religious passes by them.

What Story, what Narrative does the Covidian Religion tell us?

Like all religions, it starts from a threat of apocalyptic. It didn’t take many images: a few repeated images of the same hospital in Lombardy, a few people dying in the corridors of hospitals in China and that was enough.

Hammered out all day long, dramatized in daily masses, hour by hour, for more than a year, the amplified threat has generated fear and petrified thoughts.

It is always the same fear, that of death, of hell, from which there is only one direct and immediate way to escape: conversion to the community that follows the path of the supreme guides, who have the absolute solution: the divine and vaccinal anointing.

Collective lies have a hard life. Just look at the lie of religions, which has been perpetuated for centuries.

Why? Because religions are based on stories, which give meaning, a simplified but pre-established meaning, which frees men from nonsense. The religious is the “rider digest” of the thought, the ready-to-wear.

Why this great defeat of science in the past? One can legitimately think that it did not “connect” (from Latin: relegare), that it did not create any history.

Now, it is there! It has become a religion! The invisible expert bishops debate the sex of angels in their councils: should alcohol be forbidden or not, sex outside marriage, hedonistic gatherings, should the toilet be flushed after closing the toilet seat to avoid the dispersion of microparticles of the evil covid in the air…?

In this perspective, it is also necessary to constrain, to use all the sado-masochistic paraphernalia of religions: to choke the breath, to humiliate by erasing the face, to forbid the smile and especially the laughter, because the situation is serious.

It is necessary to punish the children who are too spontaneous, too free, it is necessary that each one becomes the executioner and the supervisor of the other, it is necessary to confine, to lock up the people, to make them sad, lost, desperate, they will throw themselves on the divine vaccine, for the centuries of the centuries, amen!

And most of them will be converted, because nature abhors a vacuum, and men abhor nonsense.

Thank you Saint Pfizer, thank you Saint Astra Zeneca, thank you Saint Johnson & Johnson, Saint Moderna… O Saints of Saints, thank you to the experts, apostles of truth and saviours of the world, thank you to the mass media, holy spirit and vehicle of permanent fear, thank you to the politicians, thank you for bringing us back to the right path and for condemning without indulgence the inner enemy that threatens us, the devil that nestles in the freedom of thought.