Has Congo authorised the plant-based Drug “Manacovid” against Coronavirus?

In DR Congo, the Louzi Pharmaceutical Research Center has approved the home-grown drug Manacovid for the treatment of COVID-19. The plant-based drug is said to be highly effective against corona diseases.

Home-grown drug Manacovid

As early as December 14, 2020, the Louzi pharmaceutical research center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo approved the drug Manacovid for the treatment of COVID-19, as reported by Africa News 24 . The special thing about it: It is a plant-based drug that also appears to be effective in treating COVID-19.

A statement released by the research center said that three teams of doctors observed the drug’s effects in a total of 300 patients who had previously tested positive for COVID-19. Even if the number of subjects was rather small at 300 people, the doctors were still able to determine that there was 100 percent recovery within five days. In all cases, if the drug was well tolerated, the symptoms should have disappeared, and the subsequent test for SARS-CoV-2 pathogens was negative.

Manacovid is a drug based on local medicinal plants that was discovered in March 2020 by the Congolese chemist and doctor Etienne Flaubert Batangu Mpesa together with a team of pharmaceutical researchers. The development of Manacovid, which was approved with an innovation certificate on November 24, 2020, was just one of three projects selected and funded for clinical tests by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation since April 14, 2020, according to the press.

All processes were properly followed prior to approval, including approval from the National Health Ethics Committee, the statement said. Clinical tests were also carried out between June and October by three independent teams of state-registered Congolese doctors.