Halloween: What are the Occult Origins and the True Meaning?

Halloween. Who doesn’t know it: the carved pumpkin lights up, people watch horror films, celebrate boisterously with friends and the children dress up to go trick-or-treating through the dark neighbourhood. Every year, on 31 October, this holiday is celebrated in Germany. But where does it come from? What is its purpose?

To understand the meaning of this day, we must first look back in time. The pagan peoples such as the Celts or Romans celebrated the festival of Lemuria on 13 May, a festival in honour of the dead. Ghosts are said to have haunted the living and the Romans poured milk on the graves to revive the dead. The Roman Catholic Church always placed its feast days on the feast days of the pagans, retaining the rites and supposedly hoping to spread Christianity more quickly among the pagans. So, in 609 AD, they unceremoniously made ‘All Saints Day’ or ‘All Hallows Day’ from Lemuria on 13 May, a day on which the holiest dead Christians are honoured. They were able to Christianise the pagan festival, retaining many of the themes. However, the worship of the holy dead is also idolatry, which is rejected by Yahweh. This worked out so well that church leaders decided to move All Saints Day to 1 November to take the life out of the pagan festival of Samhain (pronounced sawin) on 31 October. To be on the safe side, from the 14th century they added All Souls’ Day on 2 November, a day to honour all the faithful dead. Since Samhain fell on the evening of 31 October, before All Hallows Day on 1 November, people began to call Samhain All Hallows Evening. This was then shortened to All Hallows Eve until it became the word Halloween from 1745.

The Celts said that on Samhain the spirits could move freely, because the veil between their world and ours is thinnest on the night of 31 October. Therefore, they dressed up in scary masks to avoid these demonic spirits. They also placed vegetables, wine and candles in front of their houses. As an offering to these beings to be spared from them. By 31 October, not many vegetables grow… except, for example, the pumpkin! But the Celts and their Druids did much more to satisfy these demonic spirits… through summoning rituals and animal and human sacrifices.

“Another great festival of the ancient Celts was Samhain, celebrated on October 31, the eve of a pagan festival, the night we know as Hallowwe’en. This was a wild and monstrous event with human sacrifices and offerings burnt by the druids as offerings to the gods.” (Irish Counties: A Journey to the History, Culture and Traditions of Ireland p. 132)

What were the rites of the Celts at Samhain? Let’s look at “Irish folk lore: traditions and superstitions of the country” from 1870.

“Everywhere in these islands there seems to be great similarity as to the activities and incantations practised in our peasantry on the eve of All Saints’ Day. Many of these customs are fast disappearing. But formerly, we can hardly doubt, they had to do with certain pagan festivals. At present they are partly continued, as they give rise to social amusements, especially among our young people. It was the time appointed by the Druids for the solemn intercession of the living and for the souls of the dead who passed from life. Next we learn that the Druids taught the Pythagorean doctrine of the transmigration of souls. These were called to judgement by Baal Samhan at this time. Depending on their merits or demerits in the past life, the souls were instructed to enter bodies of the human or beast species. There they were to be proportionately happy or unhappy during their next sojourn on this sublunary globe. But the punishment of evil humans could be mitigated by the use of spells and magical arts, or by sacrifices made to Baal by their friends.” (S. 212)

Sacrifices to Baal? Surely this is already familiar to us from Easter. And where else have we seen this? The word Baal or bah’-al is a designation for a Phoenician deity and occurs 81 times in the Bible. However, this is Lucifer. The first peoples gave him offerings thousands of years ago. This angered Yahweh:

“and have built high places for Baal to burn their children, for burnt offerings to Baal, which I commanded them not, nor spake unto them of it, neither came it into mine heart.” (Jeremiah 19:5)

“And served Baal, and worshipped him, and provoked the LORD God of Israel to anger, as his father had done.” (1 Kings 22:54)

“And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of Ben-hinnom, to make their sons and their daughters pass through the fire for Moloch-which I commanded not, nor did it come into my mind, that they should commit such abominations-to cause Judah to sin.” (Jeremiah 32:35)

Why do the Celts perform rituals and offerings to an evil deity in the Bible? What’s next with their rites? Let’s keep reading.

“The day after was a great festival at which black sheep are said to have offered sacrifices for dead spirits, while the druids exhibited all kinds of descriptions of sorcery or natural magic. To what extent the modern celebrations or incantations of All Saints Eve are derived from ancient pagan rites or ceremonies would be difficult to determine. But that time of year constituted a sort of era notable for its peculiar observations among our ancestors. In reference to the eve of All Saints’ Day or the Vigil of Saman. One of their customs was to gather with sticks and clubs, go from house to house and collect money, bread, cake, butter, cheese and eggs for a feast. Young women go out at midnight and throw balls of yarn into the bottom of the lime kiln while holding onto the thread. If the girl continues to wind up and nothing is holding the yarn, it is a sign that the winder is dying unmarried.

When she feels it is being pulled away from her, she asks. “Who is pulling on my yarn?” Assuming that your future husband will give her his name or you will appear. Sometimes a demon appears instead; and this latter event suggests that her death is not far away. These customs have almost died out and were believed to be too closely related to diablery and magic to be used by anyone other than the most ruthless and unchristian practitioners. It is believed that goblins, evil spirits and fairies celebrate a great festival on the eve of All Saints Day and that they come to us in large numbers. The dark and grumpy Phooka is then particularly vicious, and many mortals are kidnapped into fairyland. The people who are dragged to the rats are often seen by their living friends at this time, usually accompanied by the fairy cavalcade. If you meet the fairies, it is said, on the eve of All Saints’ Eve and have thrown the dust under their feet, they are obliged to hand over every captured person who belongs to their company. ” (Irish folk lore: traditions and superstitions of the country pp. 215-217)

Demons who announce death and fairies kidnap people into their dimension? It’s getting better and better.

Going around the house asking for food? Reminds us of the trick-or-treating that kids do today. This is also a sacrificial ritual… think about it: what do you actually do when you give the children sweets? You give the ghosts, demons and monsters an offering so that they will spare you and your house (“trick-or-treating”). Yes, it may be harmless fun for the children, but these are the origins that are kept alive. Apart from the fact that refined sugar is an addictive poison and the children eat a lot of it that day. Watch here.

With the increasing numbers of overweight and diabetic children, we should not add fuel to the fire by glorifying the cause of these diseases. Of course, the industry is cashing in on this and plays a big role as a profiteer in the spread and maintenance of this ritual celebration.

Sweet or Sauuures

Of course, the whole thing is also a push to slowly normalise the occult, magic, sorcery and the demonic in society. And this works most effectively if you start with the young and combine the whole thing with dopamine-releasing sweets. This way they will remember this day and its occult themes with good feelings for the rest of their lives. They want to create the whole society in their image and initiate it into their perfidious cult. In the same way, the horror film Mind-Control is becoming more violent and demonic with each passing year. While in the 80s and 90s there were still comparatively harmless serial killers like Michel Meyers in ‘Halloween’, the masked serial killer in ‘Scream’ or Freddy Krüger with his scissor hand in ‘Nightmare before Elm Street’, today it is always about demonic dimensions.

So for the Celts, this holiday was one of the most important of all:

“The festival of Samhain was above all the most important date in the Celtic calendar. The Celts believed that the duration of the festival was a special and mystical time, an intermediate space between two different periods of time in which the normal order of the universe was suspended and the barriers between the natural and supernatural worlds were lifted. All the gods and the dead move freely among the living. Sometimes they interfere in their affairs.” (Celtic Myths and Beliefs p. 53)

But all that is just the past, isn’t it? Today Halloween is all about fun…No one practices this anymore, right? WRONG. For modern Satanists aka. our rulers (cabal) the ancient rituals of this holiday are still one of the most important of all! On the website of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, a judicial organisation of the US government, there is an internal educational document about Satanic cults in the USA. In ‘Satanic Cult Awarness’, in addition to shocking descriptions of the sometimes seriously criminal tactics of these cults, the calendar of their rituals is also described (hard stuff). And here, too, you can see that Halloween is their most important day, when they carry out rapes and human sacrifices to Satan. Read here.

Supreme Satanic Holiday.

Animals and human sacrifices of all ages … One tries to break the gates to the underworld.

Anyone who reads this document will realise that full moons also have great significance for them. And did you know that full moons on Halloween are rarer than white Christmases? The last full moon on Halloween was in 2001 (shortly after Agenda 9/11) and the next one will be in 2020 (during Agenda COVID-1984). Not only that: Tomorrow’s full moon is also a Blue Moon, a phenomenon that is much rarer. However, this does not mean that the moon will appear blue (it will remain white-grey as usual in normal light conditions). A blue full moon is the term for a second full moon per month, normally there is only one per month. However, due to the discrepancy between the solar and lunar calendars, every 2.5 years there is a month in the year with two full moons. It is more likely that this happens in months with 31 days. This month there was already the first full moon on 1 October 2020. That 31 October has a “blue” full moon only happens every few decades. The last one was in 1943 and the next one won’t come until 2039. That this is happening in the shitty year 2020 is certainly no coincidence. Let’s see if and how the cabal will use this.

And to get ritual supplies, enough children run around unsupervised at night, just sayin (even though statistically there is no increase in child abductions on Halloween). Halloween, however, has held the record for the highest child death rate from car accidents for decades. The combination of drunk adults and teenagers driving home from the Halloween party and noisy children running around on the dark streets makes a child four times more likely to be killed in a car collision than on any other day of the year. Advising against trick-or-treating this year may have been the only sensible pandemic prescription so far. Read here.

Do we really need this day? I don’t see anything we would miss about it. I don’t get a sense of celebration when I know that innocents are being sacrificed to Lucifer today. Question your culture and your customs. Stay safe and protected these days.