HAARP and DEWS – The end times War with Climate?

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The world burns and it drowns. Once again, many parts of the world are plagued with extreme weather conditions, which unfortunately again claim a great number of deaths. This time with heat waves in places where none should be and with flood disasters caused by heavy rain in many parts of the world.

Extreme Weather Conditions

While Canada and the western United States have had an unprecedented heat wave for a few weeks now, entire villages in Europe and other parts of the world are being swept away by the masses of water.

In Canada, one of the coldest and snowiest countries on earth, heat records of up to 49 degrees are recorded. Watch video here.

The forests are burning and some people have already died from the heat. In the western USA, even the 51 degrees were cracked and here, too, the forests are burning at record levels (up to 80 forest fires at the same time). Watch video here.

While the residents there would like a little rain, Lousiana, just like New York a few hundred kilometres further east, is drowning in flood waters after days of rain at the beginning of July. Watch video here.

In Japan, a large landslide with several deaths took place in early July due to heavy rain and flooding. Read here.

In Europe, there were floods in Russia on 5 July while Cyprus had the worst forest fires in its history. Watch video here. And read here.

Finally, on 15-17 July, the floods reached Western Europe. In Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland, rivers burst their banks in a very short time, devastating many towns and villages beyond recognition.

It is the biggest flood disaster in Europe for many decades. The total number of deaths has not yet been determined, but it is currently over 220 in Europe, 184 of them in Germany alone. It is to be expected that this number will increase significantly.

While Portugal and Spain were in flames on July 17, heavy rain and floods also raged in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and in the days after that in Turkey (7 dead), China (63 dead), India (100 dead), Nigeria and other countries around the world. Read here. Watch here. And here. And here.

On 25 July, the floods and high water came back to Europe, this time London and Berlin are also affected, China was also hit by the devastating typhoon In-Fa and Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey continue to burn. It just doesn’t stop. In addition, we can assume that the floods in China are much more devastating and that the CPC is massively increasing the death toll. Over 1460 villages and 11.4 million people are affected in Henan province. Instead of 63 deaths, there are probably 50,000 dead. Watch video here.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred on July 30th on the Peru-Ecuador border; it was not the first in Peru this year. The day before there was an 8.1 strong earthquake off the coast of Alaska. Watch video here.

The tsunami warning was withdrawn. Large parts of the world are currently grappling with heavy rain and lethal floods of the century (or the complete opposite) and it doesn’t seem to stop. July 2021 will go down in history as the month of the worldwide flood of death. At this point my condolences to all concerned. I pray for a speedy recovery and relief from pain. This goes especially to all readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who could be affected. Nobody deserves to stand in front of a heap of rubble, but it is an awakening reminder not to bind one’s heart too much to material and perishable things. All of this can be taken instantly. Especially in these times.

Some will drown in the summer of 2021 …
fires 1
… while the others burn up in the summer of 2021

There has never been such a strong concentration of global flood disasters that take place all over the world within a few days, and of this intensity, too. Even before the water ran out, the guilty party was once again clear: We … – we dirty CO² beings should be our own fault, because we change the climate through our very existence! But even if the lyre of the greenhouse effect is only a psy-op narrative about the enslavement of humanity (more on that at the end), this rhetoric could point to a hidden truth. The mass media often used a certain word when referring to the pictures: apocalyptic. That we are in the so-called end times that was described in all religious texts of mankind, this transition into a new age in which the world of the old paradigm is destroyed, has long been beyond question for me. I think we are currently in the second year of the seven years of the Tribulations described in the book of Revelation, which began in 2020 and will expire exactly on Friday, December 31, 2027, the date on which the “Climate-Clock “ Has expired in New York , but in reality it is a countdown to the official implementation of the new world system (Great Reset / NWO). That would be on a weekend in winter , just like Illuminati insider Richard Day announced back in 1967. The “Before 2020 World”will then finally no longer exist, the foundations of our old system have been destroyed and replaced. By the way, the makers of this clock and the steaming portal artwork next to it (arrival of the Antichrist?) Are the artist duo Jones and Ginzel . Their other public works of art prove that they know exactly what they are doing and that this is really the final countdown. I think they speak for themselves.

image 49
The final countdown to the system transition on December 31, 2027, the end of the prophesied tribulations?
image 51 1
Star Dimension Portal?
image 50
Kansas City Airport
image 52
This one-eye mosaic above the earth was located directly under the WTC twin towers in the subway.
image 53
One-eye, black-and-white dualism

So are these catastrophic storms already the wrath of God pouring down on humanity who betrayed and betrayed him? Who had long since turned away from him and considered themselves a more powerful god? Who left Lucifer in their body temple? The first labor pangs of the birth of the new age?

Possible. After all, the Bible describes unprecedented severe weather disasters for the end times and, as I read in YouTube comments, some had heralding dreams of the flood in the weeks before.

And the serpent gushed water from its throat like a stream after the woman, that it might carry her away . 16 But the earth helped the woman, and opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river which the dragon ejected from his jaws. 17 And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to fight against the remnant of her clan, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. (Revelation 12: 15-17)

This part of the revelation is very figurative, but now I’m almost certain that the “great red dragon” of the revelation is a symbol for China. China is as powerful as a dragon and the mythical creature often appears in their myths, the color of communism and their flag is red and on top of that, all of Asia (especially China) is said to have been ruled by four secret societies for centuries: the four dragon families ! Here there should be the black kite, the green kite, the yellow kite and the red kite. And the fight against the rest of the women and those of the testimony of Jesus should also be clear (spraying program). And we can still prepare for major earthquakes.

“ And at that hour there was a great earthquake , and a tenth part of the city fell; Seven thousand names of men were slain in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified, and gave glory to the God of heaven. “(Revelation 11:13)

But in this article I would like to point out a third possibility that some readers are probably already familiar with, but certainly not all. We are talking about targeted weather manipulation through military technologies. The weather has long been a weapon of mass destruction of war that can be used against the enemy. And as always, the enemies are all of us.

Two strange things point to the fact that not everything could have been done properly with these flood disasters and that they may have been planned and artificially created. First of all, it is strange that the inhabitants were not warned in time due to communication difficulties of the authorities. Was the warning prevented in order to guarantee that the number of victims would be high and thus achieve the maximum “positive” effect? (Positive, of course, only from the perspective of agenda gain for these psychopaths). Possibly, but maybe it was really just incompetence. A British researcher at least believes that the warnings were not transmitted:

“ The professor of hydrology at Reading University in the UK told ZDF on Sunday evening that warning data had been transmitted to Germany over a large area. But “somewhere this warning chain is broken , so that the warnings did not reach the people”. Cloke is one of the developers of the European flood warning system Efas. A first warning, writes the London Times, was issued in the European warning system on July 10th . “

Has Germany perhaps also been chosen because, as has been clear since the disastrous national siren test on 20 September 2020 at the latest, the siren warning systems here do not function properly at all? Interestingly, the next test took place in NRW in March 2021. There is also massive criticism in China and India about the lack of warning to the population.

And another indication that something is wrong here is hidden in her favorite form of communication: symbolism. I think it’s a damned coincidence that the logo of the 47th G7 summit from 11.-13. June 2021 (exactly one month before the world drowns) there is a fat wave of water !!

image 47
One wave per member. In some places the water height was 7m and more

image 48

The above puppets are of course not behind it, because they are on the lowest level of the power pyramid and are not authorized for such commands. They are prepared for their role from birth, are under absolute control and can be replaced by a new doll at any time as soon as they deviate from the script by even one millimeter. The scripts are written by someone else. Your task is then to make the shocked citizens aware of the word climate change in front of the cameras and to organize the usual political theater. However, I am sure that some of them are aware of the existence and use of weather manipulation weapons, as well as the language of the symbolism.

image 60

What are the chances that three teenage girlfriends happen to be?later as adults, ALL THREE will lead a European country at the same time ?! Angela Merkel in Germany, Theresa May in Great Britain and Dalia Grybauskaite in Lithuania. The probability is absolutely zero. One is born into such positions, under MK-Ultra control and prepared for the role (with fabricated pasts) from an early age. Democracy is a fiction and it is just a tool to keep our enslavement by these actors permanent without revolt. You don’t see our real rulers in any parliament or in any 8 p.m. interview. No, this weather attack was carried out in a secret operation by the US military and commanded by the higher castes of the Cabal. But how did you do it? How can they manipulate the weather and use them like a weapon of mass destruction? And why would anyone do that?

illuminati card game haarp 1


HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little known but very important U.S. military defense project that is generating quite a bit of controversy over its supposed weather control capabilities and much more. HAARP is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the University of Alaska and, what else, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and in 1993 by the late Senator Ted Stevens was launched when he was in control of the US defense budget. It is a large and fenced field of high-performance antennas, as well as a command center and a receiver system. The original 18 antennas in 1993 have grown to almost 180 connected phase array antennas and 360 radio transmitters by 2010, which can transmit with a radiation power of 3.6 MW. The effective radiated power is 3.16 GW, which corresponds to a power level of 95dbW. That’s damn powerful, just to give you an idea: this is an accomplishment of31600000 watts . The area is cordoned off and monitored. Too many unauthorized people do not get lost there, because the facility is located near the remote and in winter very cold village of Galkona in Alaska (USA).

image 40

image 43
In the middle of nowhere
image 41 1
The antenna field up close
image 42 1
The reception system
image 44
The command centre of the HAARP facility. It is controlled and coordinated from here

But this could not be further from the truth. The closure was delayed until it was abandoned and the facility was handed over to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in 2015, which rented it out to scientists for $5,000 an hour beforehand. But by 2017, the military secured its use again and made a deal with the university – for secured use of the facility for the next 25 years! On top of the nearly $300 million the project originally cost, the budget was increased by another $9.3 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in April 2021. Just in time for weather apocalysis… So the “closure of the project” was never really wanted and only served to shake off the critics. Read here.

Although denied by HAARP project officials, some respected researchers claim that the project’s electromagnetic warfare capabilities were developed to advance the US military’s stated goal of achieving “full spectrum dominance” by 2020 and “weather domination in 2025” (again, a USAF document that speaks of 2025). Read here. And see ‘pdf 1’ end of post.

Others go so far as to claim that HAARP technologies have been and are being used to control weather, cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, disrupt global communications systems and much more. These researchers point to important aspects of the programme that are still kept secret for alleged “national security” reasons. The US patent of a key developer of HAARP and other documentary evidence support these claims. And there is no doubt that electromagnetic weapons that can be used in warfare exist. The $300 million cost of the HAARP project also suggests that there was more going on than meets the eye.

The original HAARP website states: “HAARP is a scientific project aimed at studying the properties and behaviour of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on understanding and using it to improve communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and military purposes.” The ionosphere is the sensitive upper layer of our atmosphere, extending from about 30 miles (50 km) to 600 miles (1,000 km) above the Earth’s surface. Read here.

image 39

The HAARP project website admits that experiments have been conducted using electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed beams of energy to “temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.” Some scientists claim that the deliberate disruption of this sensitive layer could have major and even catastrophic consequences. Concerned HAARP researchers such as Dr Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and Dr Nick Begich of Alaska (son of a US congressman) present evidence that these disturbances can even be used to trigger earthquakes, influence hurricanes and control weather. Read here. And here.

Who developed HAARP?

Dr Bernard Eastlund is the mad scientist whose name is most associated with the creation and development of the HAARP project. His insightful website provides reliable information about his involvement in the project. Read here.

A 1987 patent granted to Dr Eastlund is titled “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere.” Read here.

This patent is based on statements first postulated by Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s papers, seized by the FBI and Trump’s uncle John G. Trump, always seem to be the spiritual father behind many black-budget technologies – from UFO propulsion, Directed Energy Weapons, scalar weapons, microwave weapons and HAARP. Read here.

Basically, without Tesla, there would be no advanced electromagnetic technologies. Tesla also did a lot of research on the ionosphere and he caused earthquakes through one of his devices, sometimes far away. Read here.

Tesla withheld many of his papers until his death in 1943, because he knew that these powerful blueprints would only be used to build weapons and would not be used for good (which they could be: keyword free energy, more on that later). After his death, however, he no longer had any control over what happened to them. Shortly after his death, the FBI broke into his safe and confiscated the documents (here a bunch of FBI documents released in 2016 about details of this operation). See ‘pdf 2’ end of post.

And it came as it had to: this letter from the FBI vault clearly shows that the US Department of Defence asked the FBI for access to Tesla’s seized records on 9 February 1981. They were “invaluable to ongoing DoD research.” Six years later, the patent for HAARP was filed. Read here.

image 45

In this patent that lays the foundation for HAARP, Dr. Eastlund made a number of intriguing statements that clearly contradict the claim that it is used for research purposes only and not for military purposes or for purposes such as weather control. Here are a few of the most important statements taken verbatim from the patent:

• The temperature of the ionosphere was increased by hundreds of degrees in these experiments.

• A means and a method are made available to cause disturbances or even total interruptions in communication over a very large part of the world. This invention could be used to interfere not only with land-based communications, both civil and military , but also communications in the air and at sea. This would have significant military implications.

• It is possible … to use one or more such beams to operate a communication network, although the rest of the communication in the world is disturbed.

• It can be used to an advantage for positive communication and eavesdropping purposes.

• Extremely large amounts of energy can be generated and transmitted very efficiently.

• This invention has a phenomenal variety of … possible future developments. Large areas of the atmosphere could be raised to an unexpectedly high altitude, causing missiles to encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with the result that they are destroyed or deflected. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering wind patterns in the upper atmosphere or solar absorption patterns by creating one or more plumes of atmospheric particles that act as a lens or focusing device. Concentrations of ozone, nitrogen, etc. in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Read here.

• It is also possible to ward off electromagnetic impulses. The earth’s magnetic field could be reduced or perturbed at appropriate levels to modify or eliminate the magnetic field.

For those of any background in science, exploring this patent in detail might find it quite instructive. And remember, since the time of this patent, which mentions Alaska as an ideal location several times, the government has fully recognized that they have a massive array of antennas in Alaska with the ability to target the ionosphere exactly as described in Eastlund’s patent disturb, has built.

History of weather manipulation

Two important documentaries in the media, one from the Canadian public broadcaster CBC and the other from the History Channel, reveal the inner workings of the HAARP project in a most impressive way. The very well-researched CBC documentation contains this key quote:

“It’s not just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. In January 1999 the European Union made the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on health and environmental risks. Despite these concerns, HAARP officials insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility. “

The European Union (EU) document questioning HAARP and similar electromagnetic weapons can be found here. Read here.

The actual wording under bullet 24 in this insightful document states that the EU “sees HAARP as a global problem because of its far-reaching environmental impact and requires that its legal, environmental and ethical implications be examined by an international independent body before further research and tests are carried out. ” This insightful document goes on to say that the EU regrets the repeated refusal of the US government to comment on the project. If you still can’t believe that weather weapons exist, you should take a looklook at this UN resolution of May 18, 1977 , which is supposed to ban such weather weapons. It says the following:

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Other Hostile Use of Techniques for Modifying the Environment

“The Contracting States to this Convention ,

Guided by an interest in consolidating the peace and desiring to contribute to the cause of halting the arms race, to bring about general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control, and to save humanity from the danger of using new means of warfare

Determined to continue negotiations with a view to making effective progress towards further action in the field of disarmament ,

Recognizing that advances in science and technology can open up new opportunities for changing the environment

Recalling the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, adopted in Stockholm on June 16, 1972

Recognizing that the use of techniques to change the environment for peaceful purposes could improve the interrelationship between man and nature and contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations

but recognizing that military or other hostile use of such techniques could have extremely detrimental effects on human well-being

Desiring to effectively prohibit the military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques in order to eliminate the dangers to humanity posed by such use, and affirming their readiness to work towards this end

Desiring also to help build trust between nations and further improve the international situation in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations

have agreed as follows:

Article I.

(1) Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to destroy, harm or injure any other State Party by the military or other hostile use of environmentally changing techniques with far-reaching, long-lasting or serious effects.
(2) Each State party to this Convention undertakes not to support, encourage or induce any state, group of states or international organization to engage in activities which contravene the provisions of paragraph 1.

Article II

The term “techniques for changing the environment” used in Article 1 refers to any technique for changing – by deliberately influencing natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or space.

Article III

1. The provisions of this Convention shall not prevent the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes, nor shall they prejudice generally accepted principles and applicable rules of international law relating to such use.

(2) The States Parties to this Convention undertake to facilitate the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technological information on the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes, and have the right to participate in it. The States Parties that are capable of doing so shall, alone or together with other States or international organizations, contribute to international economic and scientific cooperation in the preservation, improvement and peaceful use of the environment, taking due account of the needs of the world’s developing regions.

Article IV

Each State party to this Convention undertakes to take all measures it deems necessary in accordance with its constitutional procedures to prohibit and prevent any activity contrary to the provisions of the Convention, regardless of where it is under its jurisdiction or control. Blah, blah, blah.
In witness thereof, the undersigned, duly authorized to do so, have signed this convention

Done at Geneva this 18th May 1977. “

image 63

Why should the national community not be so concerned about the manipulation of the weather for military purposes if they did not know exactly that these weapons exist and are already in use? If they weren’t real then there wouldn’t be an agreement to regulate them. Why are you worried about world peace if you didn’t exactly know that these weapons cause enormous damage and go far beyond what is known as cloud seeding, i.e. the stimulation of raining down clouds? However, this resolution has a large legal loop hole in the text. In Article I, the contracting states are only obliged to do the same to other contracting statesnot to be harmed by weather weapons. Your own country and its population, as well as the countries that have not signed this resolution, have not been defined and are therefore exempt from the ban! As long as you don’t encourage other states to do the same, you can act as you like. So it looks more as if the states with weather weapons have actually consolidated their power for the future through this document and not curtailed it.

At that time, it was mainly the so-called “cloud seeding” that was known and had been experimented with by the military since the 1940s. The first large-scale use of this technology took place in the Tanganyika Peanut Plan in East Africa in 1949. Aircraft (or ground stations) spray silver iodide, dry ice or salt powder into existing clouds. Depending on the aerosol, the clouds are stimulated to rain, hail or dissolve. And so, of course, you can cause damage such as droughts and famines. This was demonstrably used as an act of war at least once in the Vietnam War. Between 1967 and 1972 there was the streggehemeine Operation Popeye, which was sponsored by cabal geopolitician Henry Kissinger and the CIA and was not even authorised by the then Minister of Defence (who knows how many other secret operations of this kind took place). In this operation, they made sure that every monsoon season in that period was extended to ensure regular landslides and floods over Laos, Thailand and Fourth Vietnam. This was done in order to limit the Viet Cong’s military supplies due to vehicles stuck in the mud, buried roads and destroyed bridges. After the war, this came to light and this contributed to the creation of the UN resolution. However, cloud seeding is still a comparatively primitive form of weather manipulation. Enormous heavy rainfall in our climate is probably not achievable with it, plus you have to use clouds that are already there. On top of that, weather manipulation is thus very locally limited and not exactly the least vulnerable method outside of a war. The development of new weather and even climate modifications continued in the decades that followed.

image 62

Already a decade later there was the patent for HAARP, which became reality in the early 1990s and was fully operational in the early 00s. The early 1990s also saw the beginning of the development of the chemtrail or solar geoengineering programme, which was also in use worldwide at the turn of the millennium. And since then we have also had a clearly measurable and noticeable climate change, as well as a steady increase in severe weather disasters. This also correlates with the first assessment report (1990) of the then new UN organisation IPCC, the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” based in Switzerland, who have since been the loudest and most powerful sounders of man-made climate change and who are and will ultimately be the cause of many climate laws. Another current method of influencing the ionosphere used by the US military is plasma bombs detonated by small satellites. This is supposed to be a modern development of the HAARP concept. And a rather unknown and extremely noisy rocket propulsion test station of NASA in Mississippi is in reality a gigantic cloud machine with which they can make rainy weather. But their climate modifications are of course very limited. Read here.

“NASA is playing God, its making its own weather!”


This riveting 15-minute CBC documentary can be watched for free. An even more detailed and revealing 45-minute History Channel documentary on HAARP and other secret weapons used for electromagnetic warfare is available here. Here are two quotes from the History Channel documentary: Watch here.

“Electromagnetic weapons … have an invisible impact that is a hundred times stronger than the electric current of lightning. One could shoot enemy missiles from the sky, another could be used to blind soldiers on the battlefield, yet another could be used to control an unruly crowd by burning the surface of their skin. An electromagnetic weapon, if detonated over a large city, could destroy all electronics in seconds. They all use directed energy to create a strong electromagnetic pulse. “

“Directed energy is such a powerful technology that it could be used to heat the ionosphere and turn the weather into a weapon of war. Imagine using a flood to destroy a city or tornadoes to decimate an advancing army in the desert. If an electromagnetic pulse were to go off over a city, basically all of the electronics in your home would blink and go out, and they would be permanently destroyed. The military has spent a huge amount of time on weather modification as a concept for battle environments. “

Another video along similar lines, the excellent History Channel documentary entitled “The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare”, is available here. Watch here.

For those who still doubt that such devastating secret weapons have been developed, here is a fascinating quote from an article in New Zealand’s leading newspaper, the New Zealand Herald: Read here.

“Top secret war experiments in World War II were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. US defense chiefs said if the project had been completed before the war ended, it could have played as effective a role as the atomic bomb. Details about the tsunami bomb known as Project Seal are contained in 53 year old documents released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. ”

If the military secretly developed a weapon that could cause a tsunami well over half a century ago, what kind of advanced lethal weapons might be available today? And why is the public still unaware of secret weapons that were developed over 70 years ago? Obviously the military is capable of triggering a tsunami and likely earthquakes and hurricanes as well.

To understand why the media doesn’t cover these highly critical topics, read this insightful essay. It is time to take action to get the word out on this important topic. And for another excellent documentary on HAARP which includes an in-depth interview with Dr. Bernard Eastlund, check out Holes in Heaven (YouTube’s censorship has made it difficult to find these mainstream media Videos on their platform!):

How HAARP works and how they created the tide

The principle works roughly as follows: With the bundled antenna field of HAARP, one can send RF radiation of enormous energy into the ionosphere, the uppermost part of our earth’s atmosphere. It is that part of the atmosphere that contains large parts of ions and free electrons. It begins above the mesosphere at about 80km and reaches its greatest electron density at about 300km. When the molecules are hit by this bundled electromagnetic radiation of several million watts, this ensures that the subatomic particles within them move faster. And this increase in kinetic energy causes the ionosphere to heat up at this point. This enables the scientists to increase the temperature of the ionosphere to over 800 ° C and thus simulate the effect of the sun on the ionosphere. The irradiated area of ​​the ionosphere, about a circular area 30 km in diameter, can be raised by half a kilometer like a bump. This so-calledPlumethen fills with the lower atmospheres and that alone can change the weather locally. With the right frequency, the particles, which have now absorbed enormous amounts of energy, can be thrown back down from the ionosphere. When this energy is reflected back from the ionosphere to the earth and hits tectonic plates in the earth’s crust, it can cause earthquakes. If this plate is in the sea, this earthquake will trigger a tsunami. This concentrated and invisible energy beam can be a thousand times stronger than a lightning bolt, but it is more extensive and the strength of the energy sent determines the strength of the earthquake. A clear indication that an earthquake was caused by HAARP, should be an epicenter at 4km depth (usually this is deeper). And on top of that, the phase array antennas of the HAARP system can be moved and aimed at a specific target. Because of the curvature of the earth, this energy beam can be bounced off the ionosphere in such a way that it can be used precisely at very distant places (or because of the dome).

image 54

image 55

But HAARP is not the only ionospheric heating facility in the world – even if it is the oldest, largest and most powerful known. There is another facility on American territory in Arecibo (Puerto Rico). Read here. And rumour has it that there are several other HAARP facilities in Alaska that are even more secret. Read here.

image 59

The second most powerful is called EISCAT and is located here in Europe – in the icy north of Norway near Tromso. The antenna field of the ionospheric heater at the Ramfjordmoen facility is only one part of the EISCAT project in which Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, the UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and South Korea are involved. With 1.2 MW, it still manages a third of the enormous energy of HAARP, absolutely sufficient for weather manipulation.

image 57
Ramfjordmoen facility of the EISCAT project in Norway

The third most powerful ion heaters belong to the Russians. The Sura research facility is located 100km east of Nizhny Novgorod. Its antennas transmit at 80 MW. There are other Russian facilities in Dushanbe (1 GW transmitting power), Montschegorsk (10 MW) and Gorki (20 MW).

image 58

Funny that the big systems are always in very cold and northern areas, far away from the shot …? That could be a coincidence, but it could also have something to do with the fact that these facilities could easily be destroyed by the mob if enough people would find out about their playing god. There are only a few fenced-in antennas, they cannot be placed in underground bases and they cannot guard them militarily too conspicuously – then the cover of the “science project” would no longer be credible. Your only protection might be to place them away from the crowds. Another reason could be the fact that these facilities, while manipulating the ionosphere, are causing aurora effects in the sky. Since these can also be seen naturally in the north of Nordweg and Alaska (Aurora Borrealis), it is less noticeable when they are used. They can also interfere with radio traffic, which would cause problems in nearby cities. Another reason could be the geographical proximity to the jet stream of all of these systems (more on this in a moment).

But there is also said to be a small facility at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research near Lindau in Lower Saxony. And China also has a new ionosphere heater in Sanya on the island province of Hainan, with which they can change the ionosphere on the entire South China Sea… hm… so exactly the future war zone. In the article above, this facility in China is also demonised as a “weapon masquerading as science”, while in the same breath HAARP is defended… you really can’t make this stuff up. Read here.

In 2018, the Chinese and the Russians collaborated and “researched” the ionosphere together. In the process, the Russian Sura station heated a 126,000 km² area of the ionosphere while the Chinese CSES satellite (China-Seismo-Electromagnetic-Satellite) measured the effects of plasma disturbance from above. This kind of scientific cooperation is not only very unusual for China, but China’s alleged “measuring” satellite also worries me. Especially when you consider that Russia and China were also hit hard by the floods and the latter also by taipuns.

Thus, these facilities are strategically distributed over the earth and thus they have gained global control of the weather. Because don’t forget: behind the curtain there are no nations, no ideological differences and enmities. These are just for show in order to be able to achieve your goals better. There is only one great international cabal that pulls together and has a clear goal in mind.

But how did they reach the current weather? Well, first you have to understand the metreological cause of the current weather situation. The current heat wave and heavy rains plaguing the entire Northern Hemisphere are caused by high pressure areas (dry heat) and low pressure areas (rain) being stuck in one place for far too long. Because they remain over one area for an unnaturally long time and move very slowly, they cause this enormous damage. A high pressure area that is stuck over a place for a long time in summer will inevitably lead to severe dry heat and, as it will last longer, to droughts and forest fires. A low pressure area that is stuck over a place for too long in summer will inevitably lead to extreme humidity and heavy cloud formation, which will result in heavy rain. As this will persist over the same place for a long time, it will inevitably lead to floods. In winter, this can lead to extreme snowfall, as we saw last winter. In our temperate climate of the Northern Hemisphere, this does not normally happen, because the pressure areas normally remain in constant motion due to the jet stream. The jet stream is a strong westerly wind at an altitude of about 8-12km, which blows in a circle around the North Pole and thus once around the entire Northern Hemisphere. It constantly drives the alternating high and low pressure areas further eastwards around the earth. The strength of the wind of 500km/h can be felt on flights across the Atlantic – they take much longer from Europe to the USA than in the opposite direction.

image 56
The yellow line is the jet stream wind that meanders around the earth and brings alternating high and low pressure areas

The difference at the moment is that the jet stream no longer blows straight but the north-south waves in which the jet stream travels have more and more distinct “bumps”, so the wind makes a “wave” at a much steeper angle in some places on earth. Its wave-like wind direction is therefore no longer quite what it should be, and as a result it slows down. This ensures that the high and low pressure areas get stuck in front of this wave and are slowed down considerably in the speed with which they travel over our heads, or even come to a halt for days. Weather-sensitive people also feel this through headaches. They linger unnaturally long over a place and this leads to the cascade effect of the weather described above – at the end of which, unfortunately, are dead people and destroyed livelihoods. It is also possible that through these “bumps” the warm African air or the cold polar air can come to Europe, which can additionally cause heat waves and cold spells. That’s why southern Europe is currently experiencing temperatures of 45 degrees. The change in wind direction and the associated slowing of the jet stream is caused by the heating of the atmosphere. This is taken as evidence that “global warming” is causing these extreme weather disasters. But we now know that HAARP can also heat this atomic sphere with pinpoint accuracy and even the patent clearly states: “Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering wind patterns in the upper atmosphere or solar absorption patterns …”. Heating the ionosphere causes a broad swath of hot air to rise, which in turn creates a vacuum under which cold air can flow in. This disturbance is enough to disrupt the course of the jet stream below. Wave formation can also occur when the difference in temperature between the polar region and the equatorial region (we are exactly in between) is no longer large enough. It is this difference between warm and cold that creates the wind. If there is a hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole, the area heats up, the ice starts to melt and the jet stream slows down. The cabal wants us to know that it is our existence that is causing the hole in the ozone layer and not their HAARP weapon whose patent also states that ozone levels can be altered (more on the hole in the ozone layer in a moment). Interestingly, the jet stream was perfectly fine until about 1999. So they have only changed since the advent of HAARP and Co.

How the different geoengeneering metods interact and who is behind them

Not to mention the fact that they have also been warming the earth through chemtrails since this time (around the turn of the millennium). Of course, they shouldn’t be confused with the contrails . The heat of the aircraft engine vaporizes the water in the cold air behind the nozzles and creates a streak of water vapor. However, these stripes always begin an aircraft length behind the aircraft and dissolve completely after a maximum of one minute. It’s like a tail that is pulled behind the airplane and is only five to ten airplane lengths long. Chemtrailshowever, behave completely differently. They ensure long strips from horizon to horizon, stay in the air for many hours, spreading like streaks and haze and slowly sinking to the ground. If you look more closely you can see shimmering colors in the stripe and they arise even at heights where a contrail would not be possible. Geo-engineering is one of the many aspects of the chemtrail agenda. Due to the hazy reflective particles that have been uninterrupted for 20 yearsare sprayed in the sky (including barium, strontium and aluminum oxide), the heat of the earth is retained on it, because the long-wave infrared rays that are emitted by the earth are absorbed by the particles and so the average temperature under the atmosphere warms up on earth. Think of it as a blanket for the earth, or like a tent that stands in the sun. It just gets hotter underneath.

image 61

Ironically, they tell us the opposite effect and will present “solar geoengineering” by crop dusters as the solution to cooling the Earth! Read here.

They claim the sunlight will be reflected and therefore the earth will cool. The UV-B rays are presumably reflected, and thus the vitamin D production in the skin, so important for our immune system, is weakened, but the infrared waves are trapped in our atmosphere. Read here.

Then, the year before last, Yale University finally admitted that the “contrails” (chemtrails, of course) of air travel are actually heating the earth, significantly more than all the CO² of every aircraft in history put together! And the pigs are already announcing the cover narrative for the now coming significant increase of long chemtrail stripes in the sky. Allegedly, the CO²-saving aircraft engines that will be increasingly used from now on will produce whiter and longer-lasting stripes in the future. Ridiculous! I have always said that they will eventually reveal the chemtrail programme under fancy names like “Solar Radiation Modification” and then increase the spraying again. All their hidden agendas will eventually become open agendas. Just like cloud-seeding the government used to be considered a conspiracy theory and now it’s being used quite openly. Watch here.

And through such narratives they will be able to push it through in the name of climate change mitigation and secure acceptance from broad sections of the population. So that most will think: Well, it’s a necessary evil to save the climate.

“ Though short-lived, these ‘contrails’ have a daily impact on atmospheric temperatures that is greater than that of the accumulated carbon emissions from all aircraft since the Wright brothers first took to the skies more than a century ago.

Even more alarming, researchers warned late last month that efforts by engineers to reduce CO2 emissions from aircraft by making their engines more fuel efficient will create more, whiter, longer lasting contrails – especially in the tropics, where the largest increase in flights is expected. Lisa Bock and Ulrike Burkhardt from the Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, predict in a paper that is widely praised by other experts in this field that the “radiation pressure” will almost triple by contrails by 2050. “(Yale School of Environment)

And when the spray planes legally and by the people wanted (!) Have constant sky, it is getting hotter and therefore must indeed be increasingly sprayed (to supposedly cooling), whereby a constant supply of Morgellion nano-tags and other nanotechnology coming down to complete the transhuman transmutation of humanity (see my Black Goo article). Truly diabolical and cunning, as always. And 63% would agree to a Gates-funded global spray program . Real to howl, people nod off everything as long as it comes from a person or institution of authority. Watch here.

image 65

Chemtrails are by no means humbug. I have found a patent from 1990 by Raytheon, one of the largest US arms companies of the military-industrial complex, which provides for the aerosol spraying of metal oxides in the atmosphere to cool the climate. See here.

This typical mixture of aluminium, barium (to make you think the plutonium is a white cloud) and strontium has been found in groundwater and soils for two decades. Watch here.

In the snow on Mt Shasta, for example, a huge increase in aluminium has been detected since 2006, so that it would even be dangerous to drink this snow water. Watch here.

On top of that, these aerosols cause an increase in the ph-value of the soil after they sink. This causes the death of sensitive microorganisms in the soil, which are important for the production of nutrients that trees and plants draw from the soil. This in turn endangers the survival of these trees and plants and thus the survival of other animals – the big die-off is then again blamed on climate change. It could also explain the alarming decline in tree populations: The aluminium is absorbed by the roots and prevents further absorption of water and nutrients. These dying trees look as if they have dried up: climate change again, of course. Especially in the last two years, I have noticed that there has been a lot of logging in our forests and that many trees look sick and dried out.

These chemical clouds also work in conjunction with other electromagnetic technologies. But how?

Previous exploration of the ionosphere only aimed to explore how radio waves would bend to enable global communication. Basically all of these signals were below 100 Mhz.

image 100

And today, megawatt microwave transmitters of several gigahertz are used to control the jet stream, especially over the Pacific Ocean. This is what they look like in part.

image 101

The atmosphere is divided into different layers until it reaches “space” and becomes very thin. And the different gases in these layers are ionized in different ways when they are hit by the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun. The layers we are interested in are the D-layer of the ionosphere (lowest part of the highest sphere at 70-80km) and the ozone layer, the lowest layer of our atmosphere at about 25-30km altitude. It is less fixed than other shifts, that is, it fluctuates constantly.

image 103

image 104 1

image 105

The D region only exists during the day, because its free electrons almost completely disappear at night because they recombine with oxygen ions and form electrically neutral oxygen molecules. In addition, the lowest area of ​​the D-layer, i.e. where it begins, is the hottest point in the whole atmosphere. This is the warmest, densest, and lowest conductive layer that can absorb microwave energy. That is why it is used for weather control. It is the layer used to create Haarp downbursts in the upper part of the jet stream. The ozone layer lies exactly below this layer, is in contact with it and ozone is destroyed by contact with the free electrons of the D-layer.

And that is a problem, because the thin ozone layer (with the pressure of the earth’s surface it would be only 2-3mm thick) enables the continuation of life on this earth. The ozone stops life-threatening UV-B rays in the 280-315nm range just below the D-layer. Without the ozone layer, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation would reach the surface of the earth, where it burns everything and makes life impossible. Even a slight loss has dire consequences: bacteria in the oceans die and endanger the lives of other marine animals, destruction of plants and skin cancer in humans are the result. Unfortunately, ozone is very unstable and contact with anything but oxygen will destroy it. It changes depending on the time of day, season and weather. Particularly high pressure in the stratosphere affects them,

What is the real reason for the D-layer ionization? The metals with a low work function are responsible for the day formation of the D-shift. The following metals can form the lower part of the D-layer: lithium, sodium, aluminum, potassium, strontium, cesium and barium. This is the list of metals likely in aircraft fuel additives that are used to reinforce and arm the D-layer. As I said before, we know for sure that aluminum, strontium and barium have sunk to the ground from airplanes. The specific reason for the spraying of nanoparticles from the jet planes is to create a highly ionized D-layer. The metal ions migrate into the D-layer, where they allow the ionospheric heaters to to produce hot bursts of downward air movements. The metals (of the spray program) allow control of the jet stream by strengthening the D-layer.

image 106

On the left all metals that would be suitable for ionizing the D-layer. On the right this list is sorted again according to ease.

image 107

And here these metals are again sorted according to procurement costs. Boom! Anyone who has researched the chemtrail phenomenon for a long time should recognize some metals here. Aluminum, strontium and barium in particular have been repeatedly detected in connection with chemtrails.

Interestingly, the D-shift did not exist before the great age of flight, for example in the early 1950s, or it was so weak that it could hardly be detected. Today, everyone has to fly to all the places that are served up daily in their Instagram feed. And so everyone actually contributes to changing the climate by flying, but not through CO² but because the emissions of these aircraft strengthen the D-layer of the atmosphere and thus make it a weather weapon. Here, the polluter of the problem is deliberately dumping the blame on its victim in order to make it move towards a certain goal.

Fascinating! We have just found a scientific explanation for why very specific nanoparticles are sprayed in the air. To create a highly ionized D-layer in the atmosphere, a new microwave weapon. All cheap and mass-producible metals with an ionization potential below 6 eV can be considered for the operation, such as barium – a common lubricant in oil and fuel. These metals migrate into the D-layer where they allow ionospheric heaters to experience hot toroidal bursts of downward air movement. This controls the underlying jet stream and the chemtrails play their part by strengthening the lower part of the D-layer.

Ionospheric heaters can look and work in different ways. Here, for example, is the SBX radar. This giant golf ball is mounted on a slow but mobile rig-like platform and officially serves as an early warning radar for ballistic missiles from the enemies of the US. But I think that the ballistic defence mechanisms go far beyond that and with the fast phase array antennas these missiles can also be taken directly out of the sky by microwave radiation (Direket Energy Weapon).

sbx radar

But this weapon can also be used to generate a strong and precise expansion of the D-Layer. The frequency of the current ionization is adjusted, so the spray program and these weapons are coordinated with one another.

image 108

image 109

image 110

image 111

image 112

The hole exists for a few days… The UV-B kills plankton, amphibians, tide pools, insects, tree leaves, delicate vegetation, it disrupts food chains in the oceans, crop yields drop to 50%, it causes skin cancer, it causes cataracts. Frogs become extinct in the equatorial zones. Plankton is destroyed in the oceans, disrupting the Pacific food web and causing mammal starvation and death. And the jet stream has been disrupted over the ocean, causing a chain reaction and also disrupting the jet stream over land. So I think the ozone hole over the Earth’s ice masses is desired (more on that later) and is kept permanently open by such stations to melt the polar ice. The CFC narrative serves only to re-establish the link to man-made climate change, which is so incredibly important to the agenda’s ultimate goal. Blaming it on the evil generation of the 1970s and distracting from their potential ozone manipulations.

Further evidence that ionospheric heating is disrupting the normal cycles of the atmosphere is the fact that the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) has broken its normal cycle for the first time in 60 years. What is the QBO? The Quasi-Biennial Oscillation is a regular change in the winds that blow high above the equator. Strong winds in the stratosphere travel in a belt around the planet, and about every 14 months these winds change direction completely. This means that a complete cycle takes about 28 months. This phenomenon has been measured since the 1950s. The weather control pattern of the Pacific ionosphere is shifting down and towards the equator. They abuse the ionosphere and the Pacific Ocean with ionospheric heating so much that the QBO is disturbed.

So, in fact, scalar weapons, orgone energy, ionosphere heaters, microwave weapons, VLF / ELF weapons, and chemtrails work synergistically. And the role of chemtrails, i.e. artificial clouds full of metal oxides, is to improve atmospheric conductivity and the ability to display, measure and quantify the effects of other weapons on satellite images in real time. These chemtrails create a carrier grid over our heads over which electromagnetic waves are then directed. This is the reason for the overlapping of chemtrial strips at a 90 degree angle that you see so often.

image 64 1

image 66

image 67

These stripe arrangements are not accidental, they have a reason. If then certain frequency weapons are used, this can create wave-like clouds. For example the new Aperitas clouds that have only been observed since 2006 but which have nevertheless been added to the official ‘Cloud Atlas’ of natural cloud phenomena. But there is nothing natural about that, these clouds are caused by electromagnetic waves.

image 68 1

I’ve learned that military planners are always interested in developing weapons that are as devastating as possible. But these weapons are kept secret for as long as possible, ostensibly for reasons of national security. The many layers of intense secrecy in both the military and government mean that very few people are aware of the cruel abilities of death and destruction

The massive Manhattan Project (development of the first atomic bomb) is one such example. The construction of an entire city to support the project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was successfully kept secret even from the state’s governor. The stealth bomber was kept top secret for many years and the public still has no way of knowing its full capabilities. Read here.

It is through the use of highly organized military and intelligence agencies that the power elite of our world, in collaboration with key allies in government and corporate media property, are able to carry out major cover-ups and secret operations like those involved with HAARP.

Some researchers have raised questions about HAARP’s possible involvement in major disasters like the Haiti and Japan earthquakes, the Indonesian tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina. Could these have been HAARP experiments that went wrong? Could they even have been caused by renegade elements who have taken control of this devastating technology?

Disasters like this happen on a regular basis, of course, but when one begins research there is some high weirdness about some of these disasters. The evidence is inconclusive, but with the known and unknown great destructive capabilities of this weapon, serious questions remain.

For example, with the foreknowledge of severe weather disasters, a lot of money can be made on the market today: the trading of weather data through which investors can bet on the time and place of these weather disasters exists. Read here.

Who is behind it? The Office of Naval Research is most likely behind many electromagnetic manipulations of the atmosphere, including HAARP. The US Air Force is behind the solar radiation management and the chemtrail programme, and presumably parts of the NGOs are behind it. Leading companies in the defence and aircraft industries also play a role, either directly providing the corresponding engines, aircraft, fuel and other required technologies or using their influence in the industry for global adaptation. First and foremost is the defence company Raytheon, which holds several patents of this kind, and of course Boeing. Read here.

They are not only a leading aircraft, satellite and missile builder, but of course also one of the most important defence contractors for the US Army and a closely networked part of the military-industrial complex. China and Russia certainly have their own ionosphere-heating programmes, though they are probably less large. However, the top echelons of these militaries all work together and co-ordinate their programmes. The lower echelons remain in the belief that they are fighting each other. This Air Force paper from 1996 at least suggests that complete control, centralised control and monitoring of the weather has been possible for a long time. Read here. See ‘pdf 3’ end of post.

image 24

But with HAARP and other electromagnetic weapons you may be able to control other things.

HAARP and the Control of Human Emotions

The ability to influence and even control human emotions has been studied by the world’s military and intelligence agencies for many decades. An information-rich description of such programs with links to approved CIA documents for review can be found in the MK-Ultra articles. A well-researched book called Mind Controllers describes an effective method for remotely manipulating human emotions. Here is a key quote from this insightful book:

“With the help of powerful computers, segments of human emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, embarrassment, jealousy, resentment, shame and terror were identified and isolated within the EEG signals as ’emotion signature clusters’. Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes were measured. Then precisely this frequency / amplitude cluster is synthesized and stored on another computer. Each and every one of these negative emotions is properly and separately marked. They are then placed on the silent sound carrier frequencies and could quietly trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another person. “

With HAARP’s powerful transmission capabilities, it is within the realm of possibility that powerful antennas like those of HAARP and larger facilities elsewhere could triangulate an exact location somewhere in the world and send high-intensity frequencies that match the emotion signature of a desired emotion, anger or any to create other desired emotion in a group of people, since the human mind is naturally responsive to strong frequencies in its environment.

image 69 1

All of this may sound pretty incredible to those unfamiliar with the secret avenues of the military-intelligent complex. Still, there is strong evidence to support this possibility. Here is the abstract of U.S. Patent Number 5,159,703, which was granted over 25 years ago in 1992:

“A silent communication system in which non-aural carriers in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and acoustically or vibratingly distributed in order to induce them into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, Earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers can be transmitted directly in real time, or they can be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener. “

The entire patent can be viewed on the US Patent and Trade Office website. Read here.

The subjects of the invention listed in this patent are listed below:

  1. Providing a technique for creating a subliminal presentation that is inaudible to the listener (s) but perceived by the ear and demodulated (decoded) for use by the subconscious .
  2. provide a technique for transmitting inaudible subliminal information to the listener (s) at a constant, high level of signal strength and on a clear frequency band.
  3. provide a technique for creating inaudible subliminal presentations to which music or other “foreground” programs can be added if desired.

In other words, the subliminal messages could be inserted into TV and radio waves without the listener or viewer noticing. Such messages could also easily be broadcast from satellites triangulated to a desired location. With HAARP’s incredible broadcast capabilities, these subliminal messages could even be broadcast over a larger area to have the desired impact on an entire population. Sounds scary doesn’t it? So why isn’t this discussed more widely ?!

Now you also know the true meaning of the acronym HAARP, in English harp … It was not chosen by chance. Often they choose the acronym first and then come up with an appropriate name. The Cabal has known the secret knowledge of how our reality is structured and really works (its interplay between electro-magnetism, light and sound frequencies and that we are very sensitive to these things) for eons of the fallen angels. These harp (s) play the notes with which we are lulled to sleep and controlled. According to the Bible, Lucifer is “the prince of the air”, ie of all radiation, electromagnetic waves and frequencies in it. Therefore PAN, one of the many archaic representations of the fallen angel Lucifer.

pan harp

At least a dozen other patents have been approved in connection with the use of technologies designed to effect subliminal changes in desired targets. Here is an example quote from patent #6,506,148: Read here.

“It is therefore possible to manipulate a subject’s nervous system through pulsating images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or television. With the latter, the image pulsation can be embedded in the program material, or it can be overlaid by modulating a video stream . “

It is obvious that technologies have been developed and refined to pass subliminal messages on to the target person unnoticed. The ability to remotely manipulate emotions through the use of certain wavelengths has been successfully demonstrated. The implications are enormous. Yet there is very little regulation about how this technology is used.

And let’s not forget the hive mind that is just being set up by a mix of RF radiation and mass delivery of nanotechnology. A DAPRA whistleblower came out four years ago and warned against it. He himself worked on the ‘Voice of God’ technology with which you can put voices in people’s heads. He talks about Project Bluebeam and transhumanism and how they will evolve humanity – like it or not.

By learning about this important matter and getting the message across to friends and colleagues, you can help create the momentum necessary to bring these things to light and ensure they are not used in a disempowering manner.

Jesse Ventura, the former Navy Seal who turned pro wrestler only then to become Governor of Minnesota, has a TV special on HAARP which is a bit sensationalised but contains useful information. This insightful programme can be watched online at this link: Here.

This is how they dew

Another weapon they use for indirect weather modification are Directed Energy Weapons (DEW): concentrated laser or microwave beams. These are invisible and concentrated energy beams that can be fired from a ground station or from an aircraft at the push of a button. The beam can be fired at its target for a long time or only briefly. In contrast to Hollywood films (or the videos below), these lasers are completely invisible and silent in reality. Because they lie in a spectrum which our eyes cannot perceive. Nonetheless, these rays have glorifying effects. Let’s see what Lockheed Martin, a US defense company, and the Air Force have to say about Direced Energy Weapons.

These planes were used in the fires

These weapons can apply extreme focused heat to a target, melting even thick metal armour in a short time. What was considered science fiction a few years ago is now reality. But let’s not forget: If they show these weapons publicly, it means that they have already existed for at least 20 years and were only classified until now. They have probably been in use in small numbers in covert operations for a long time. The paper Operational Analysis of Air Force 2025 shows that these Airborne High Power Microwave Weapons have been on the Air Force agenda since 1996 (and presumably in prototype in the black budget sector since then). Now they have been mature for a few years and have become scalable for mass deployment in major wars. These covert operations also include operations to advance the climate change narrative and the demolition of the current system.

image 21

These and similar weapons are used for artificial forest fires and the melting of the poles. How do I get that?

Well, “normal” combustion processes are exothermic redox reactions in which a combustible fuel is oxidized by oxygen and this process has very characteristic properties during and afterwards. Forest fires also have well-researched and very typical behavior. But if you look closely at the great effects of the fires in California in 2018, 2019 and 2020, in Greece in 2017 or on 9/11 in Manhattan, you can see some anomalies that would not occur in a normal fire. The very first person to draw public attention to the reality of Directed Energy Weapons and how you can recognize their use was Dr. Judy Wood with her excellent book “Where did the Towers go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11 “. The title sounds like a very steep thesis, especially when it was published in 2010. But there is no one who could seriously deny the evidence presented in the book and would not come to this conclusion. It is an extensive and scientifically neat piece of work that adheres to the empirical principles of finding the truth from beginning to end. If we had fair courts, what we see instead is a highly respected scientist whose reputation has been destroyed and whose work has been suppressed, and she has even received death threats.

image 2

Dr. Judy Wood’s skills seem absolutely perfect for researching this event. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, a Master of Science degree in technical mechanics (applied physics) and a doctorate in materials engineering. Dr. Wood’s master thesis dealt with the development of a Fitzeau interferometer to investigate the effects of material defects on the thermal expansion behavior of composite materials. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the development of an experimental method for measuring thermal stresses in bimaterial connections using moiré interferometry. Careful readers of Where did the towers go?the remarkable compatibility between the topics of Dr. Understand Wood’s dissertation and its applicability to her September 11th analysis. Presenting the complete evidence of this 500 page work would take several articles, so I highly recommend everyone buy this book and read it in full !! It’s a bit expensive, but for anyone interested in the truth of 9/11, every penny is worth it. You can also find some of her contributions on the Internet, but for a complete understanding you need the book. I am trying to summarize your main arguments very briefly and why I believe that the technologies used there were also used in some “forest fires” in the recent past.

dr judy wood

image 18 1
Peter Jackson’s Illuminati Card Game (1995)

Normal fires spread according to a logical principle. If something burns, the thermal infrared radiation will heat directly adjacent combustible materials until the flash point is exceeded. These will in turn burn adjacent materials – the fire spreads. Depending on the material, different temperatures are required for ignition. Wind and drought speed up the process.

But the Manhattan fires on 9/11 did not follow these logical principles. Instead, anomalies were observed and recorded on photos and videos that contradicted this. Cars spontaneously self-ignite without touching a burning object. This fire also seemed to be picky about what to burn. The billions of paper slips in the offices seemed completely untouched and were scattered across the city. Not a single one of these notes was on fire. The streets were translated from it, they were right next to the flames of the cars, but they weren’t lit. Nearby trees were also completely intact. Bodies were completely burned to charcoal, but the jackets these bodies were wearing were like new, completely untouched. Cars had their front ends completely burned down, but not their rear ends. Detached door handles, but intact upholstery, burned vehicle interiors but intact exterior paint – all of these phenomena are more in line with a force that controls thingscooks inside out . And the flames generated behave more like plasma than oxygen oxidation. How do microwaves from Directed Energy Weapons or a microwave oven heat objects?

Microwaves heat certain materials differently than, for example, absorption of infrared radiation or heat conduction. Heating also takes place by absorption, but in the microwave range the depth of penetration is much greater – a certain transparency is shown, so to speak – so that absorption also takes place in the depth of the cookware. Usual microwave dishes are practically completely transparent to microwaves. With conventional heating via radiation (e.g. fire, grill, oven, glass ceramic hob), on the other hand, absorption takes place in the uppermost layers, since thermal radiation in the relevant wavelength range has only a very small penetration depth. More precisely, microwave radiation stimulates a rotational movement of the molecules; the prerequisite is that the molecules have an electric dipole moment. A completely different mechanism is at work when infrared radiation (i.e. the main contribution of thermal radiation) hits molecules: it excites molecular vibrations, whereby the atomic nuclei perform tremors around their rest position. An external dipole moment is not required for this excitation. Because of the high transmission power of the magnetron, currents of more than 20 amperes can flow in all conductive materials, including metal parts in the cooking chamber. Thin layers of metal, for example aluminium foil or the gold rim of plates, can melt or evaporate due to arcing. Most plastics can be penetrated by microwaves without real heating. All these properties can be observed here.

image 7 2

That is why so many people jumped and tore off their clothes. They were literally cooked and the wet clothes from the sprinklers increase the heating and painful effect on the skin. This is why active-denial systems in combination with water cannons are so horrible at demonstrations. In a normal fire, the wet clothes would have provided protection and cooling. This is why DEW are also used for torture, just think of the Havana Syndrome phenomenon that US prisoners have been struggling with for years. Watch video here.

One can assume that several electromagnetic weapons were used that day. The actual destruction was probably caused by an orbital scalar wave weapon that used the Tesla-Hutchison effect to literally disintegrate the huge buildings into its molecular parts (that was the “smoke” and the ensuing dust cloud). The 240,000 tonnes of steel, concrete, toilets, cables, furniture, lifts, computers and people were simply blown up in a gigantic cloud, decomposed into molecular dust, and Dr Judy Wood proves this wonderfully in her book with all the details and particulars. Personally, I suspect the black budget-heavy Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC… CIA backwards) to have been one of the driving forces behind the attacks and the development of these weapons (along, of course, with parts of the CIA, the FBI, the US military, a handful of other corrupt arms corporations and the Skull & Bones Bush administration). Read here.

For this, read: this and this. In the Air Force in 2025 from 1996 you can also read on page 118 about a Space Based High Power Microwave Weapon. So something like this was already operational in the classified Black Budget area in 2001. After all, the weaponisation of the sky has been advanced since Ronlad Reagon’s time. (Star Wars programme)

image 22 1

Dr. Judy Wood also mentions two anomalies of the day that are completely ignored by both the mainstream and the 9/11 Truther scene. On that day, a gigantic category 4 hurricane (Hurricane Erin) stood off the coast of New York City!

image 1 1

Here you can even see the steam from the deflated WTC in Manhattan at the top left. Who knows, maybe the picture was taken from the same satellite that destroyed the towers.

He would have hit Manhatten exactly, was hardly mentioned by the media that morning (only FOX reported briefly about it) and started a U-turn on the morning of September 11th and turned around. This behavior was extremely unusual. Was weather modification by HAARP applied that day? The bright blue sky was absolutely necessary for the operation and the (god sent?) Hurricane would have thwarted the bill here. Also, many do not know that the worldwide magnetic field went completely crazy on the very day when the towers collapsed (also proven in the book). Was it the gun or did the synchronized shocked emotions of the billions of viewers at this event have an effect on the magnetic field? Unfortunately, that remains unanswered for the time being.

But are there similar anomalies in the forest fires that indicate the use of Directed Energy Weapons? Let’s take a look at some pictures. You can see the same toasted cars as on 9/11, seemingly spontaneous self-ignitions, plastic and trees that remain untouched while everything else around them turned to dust. And you can see how the fire targeted houses and cars and the destruction shows clear recesses of Chiroughness. Something that doesn’t happen with the uncontrolled behavior of a normal fire and wouldn’t make sense either.

image 2 1
Plastic is intact.
image 11
..the Alluminum rims are melting. Explainable by microwaves. With the 660 degree hot fire that would be necessary for this, the trees in the back would already be ash dust.

image 12

image 4
Several small mini 9/11. How can the fire spread from one house to the next? All the trees remained untouched, it just makes absolutely no sense!
image 3
Unless you could make the invisible visible!

image 14


image 8

image 9

image 10

image 17

image 13
The houses are dust, but the trees in between are still there?
image 5
And when trees burn, they seem to burn plasma-like from the inside and dissolve.

image 6

These weapons are now ubiquitous in the militaries of the world. We have long entered the Star Wars era. The Israeli armed forces have them, as do the British armed forces. The latter even call their DEW weapon Dragonfire! Read here.

image 15

image 16

These “kites” do not stand out at all among all the fire-fighting and Emergency Services aircraft. They can also operate from high altitudes. They are only a small dot in the sky and the energy beams are invisible anyway.

Am I saying that absolutely every forest fire now and in the recent past is caused by such weapons? No, of course not. Many are certainly just “natural” forest fires caused by dry heat and carelessness. As natural as it can be – after all, this dry heat is also produced by modification of the jet stream. Nevertheless, some forest fires, particularly those in North America in recent years and the one in Greece a few years ago, clearly have physical anomalies in behaviour and material damage very similar to the emperical evidence described by Dr Judy Wood on 9/11. And she concluded that they could only have been caused by Directed Energy Weapons. Since 9/11, these weapons systems have become more and more common in the military sector, and since then we have seen more and more of the effects of their use. But what I find most obvious is that the destruction is not widespread, but rather sporadic, and that homes and vehicles are being destroyed in a very targeted way. And that brings us to why: these DEW attacks often happen in rural areas where self-sufficient and system-independent people live. Far away from all 5G towers, smart cities and nuke targets. And that is a thorn in their side for many other agendas. The surviving people who are now facing a pile of rubble will now have to move to the next city and start from scratch. It is striking that some places have been completely wiped out with Chiropractic precision, such as the Canadian Inidan village of Lytton in 2021 or the hippie town of Paradise in California in 2018. Read here.

Moreover, these DEW attacks support some other agendas, such as the narrative of man-made climate change, economic destruction, destruction of homes (making them dependent on the system) and disruption of the food supply (by small organic farmers) by destroying farms and fields.

These weapons are immensely powerful and very worrying. As long as they have power, they have infinite firepower. A whole fleet of these planes could destroy an entire country in a very short time without contaminating it as nuclear weapons do and without the traces being directly traceable to a military operation (at least for the blind mainstream). And people would rather suspect God’s wrath, a solar flare or even global warming instead of looking into the toy box of the US military-industrial complex! The first thing to do when the forests are burning nearby is to watch the sky and maybe even put on a thermal infrared scope to see potential rays from the sky.  See here. Or pull out a microwave meter 😉 Read here.

Unfortunately, these are the times we live in. And in any case, run away when it approaches, the acquaintance with such weapons is no fun! (Of course, also run away in case of normal fire…)

By tradition, I still have to analyse The Economist cover of “The World in 2021”. The Rothschild magazine (the family owns 21% of it and in the 1970s and 1980s Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was head of the magazine) always uses symbolism to hide the coming agendas of the next year on the artistic covers of its annual previews. The cover published at the end of 2020 shows a gambling machine that is activated by a lever with the earth.

image 20

The gaming machine itself stands for chaos : Anything can come, and if so, then a lot at the same time . And we can see that now too. You can see several symbols: a syringe with green snake venom (vaccine), two question marks and two viruses (top left and bottom right = wave at the beginning and end of the year?), Joe Biden, a divided America, an atom bomb, several symbols for China , renewable energy, zoom, the dollar (inflation), the share price and we mostly see a burning tree. But do you notice a detail? The tree isn’t really on fire, it’s still lush green. The fire is around him, but he is not affected by it. Just like the DEW attacks. And in 2021 the world will actually burn like never before. And by the way, the machine is started by stimulus funds (next to the coin slot) and then activated by the earth (climate narrative). The sunrise below could be the dawn of the new age? Will there be another nuclear disaster this year, or at least the threat of one? What symbolism do you see on the cover?

Another place where these Directed Energy Weapons are deployed are the poles to melt the ice there. However, the microwave weapons are rather improbable here, because microwaves melt ice, but for physical reasons rather slowly and inefficiently. As I said, they can create holes in the ozone layer through other weapons and this is probably why they are kept over the poles. But there are other ways in which the poles can be artificially melted. Through the already described Solar Energy Optical Weapon (SEOW). A kind of large mirror in the sky that sends the ultraviolet rays of the sun bundled over a large area onto a target. That would melt the ice very effectively! The paper also sees no military benefit other than weather modifications. I think that they melt the poles, two permanently placed ones would be sufficient and that would probably be cheaper and more inconspicuous in the long run than letting a fleet of DEW planes fly over them.

image 23

However, the Air Force was inspired by the Nazis for this weapon, or they got the idea through Operation Paperclip. One of the planned wonder weapons of the Nazis was the orbital solar weapon conceived by Hermann Oberth. It would have cost 3 million Reichsmarks and would have wiped out entire nations. So 80 years ago this weapon was already being thought up, do you really think it hasn’t been built yet by the billion dollar military complex of the USA? Read here.

german space mirror
Hermann Oberth and his “Space Mirror”

As I mentioned before, this weapon was presented to us by Hollywood six years after this USAF paper. The villain of the James Bond film “Die Another Day” uses just such a weapon to melt the ice in the Arctic and in the film he also smugly says “Climate change is a bad thing”. As always, they love to mock us!

image 25
Is that where the precisely cut one-piece pieces come from?

And let’s not forget that the German company Synlight (Sinlight) has built an artificial sun. Watch here.

Or that in 2018, quite unnoticed, the story went around that China will send an artificial moon into the sky in 2020. They want to use the satellite to reflect sunlight onto the earth in order to save on lantern lighting in cities at night. Ha! What nonsense, that’s why no country sends a stallite up – least of all China. I could only imagine it as light insurance for an EMP attack. But even that doesn’t make much sense…. These solar weapons exist and they are being used. Read here.

But why the melting of the polar ice? To turn the ocean ecosystem upside down and, of course, to raise sea levels. It is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It is estimated that rising sea levels could kill up to 700 million people, a whole tenth of the world’s population! Watch here.

And who knows how fast that can come if they crank up their “Tesla weapons”. Maybe all the coastal regions of the world will be flooded in one day? Whether quickly or step by step, our coastal regions will soon disappear. People of the North and Baltic Seas should think about moving. It may not be imaginable yet, but neither was this flood for the people of the Ahr. Until suddenly whole houses were swept away…

image 87

Of course, we have been mentally prepared for the current end-of-weather show by the waving wand of Hollwood for years. Films like Waterworld , Twister , Deep Impact , The Day after Tomorrow , 2012 (maybe it was a code for 20 21 ) or Geostorm are about drowning coasts and apocalyptic natural disasters. The latter is even openly about weather manipulation weapons from space (as I said: they HAVE to tell us their plans).

This army of dark tornadoes reminds me of the second intense end-time dream I had, in which the earth is hit by many black tornadoes while UFOs attack people. I am not the only one who gets visions, there are so many now that the media has to counter with cover stories to explain why thousands or millions of people are getting bizarre end time dreams. The Bible has prophesied exactly that – that God will warn us in the last days through visions. First only a few and then more and more. The cabal knows that prophetic dreams are coming for the times and that they will increase. In their film Extinction (2018) they have prepared us for this once again. Or could these dreams also come from them? Can they manipulate the dreams of mankind? Unfortunately quite possible, but more on that another time.

The climate has long been a weapon. The Cabal has been playing God for decades! Yes , the climate is changing. Yes , the weather is getting more extreme. Yes it is man made. But no , not through people like you and me. Nothing about the climate narrative is true. But why all of this?

Why the climate narrative – why the weather modification?

Counter-question: How could one unite all nations into one world nation? How can one completely control all resources and the existence of the world population without them revolting against it? Only by using something that divides and connects the whole world, only by demonstrating a divine superiority that leads to a worldwide problem … And then in the old problem-reaction-solution manner the global centralization of control and the control of resources and population presented as an alternative solution to this problem. This common denominator of humanity is the climate . Who doesn’t know it: no matter where you are, you can always talk to anyone about the weather. It is something that unites all people on earth, no matter where they come from. According to the old one Ordo ab Chao Muster one can use chaos in the climate to implement a worldwide order that affects everyone. The greatest enemy of the cabal are independent states with different cultures that act freely and independently and still live and trade in peace with their neighbors. Because these countries will never follow a single leader. This stable and decentralized structure, which existed for centuries and saw no reason to change anything, can only be resolved if there is ever greater economic and thus political dependencies between nations (globalization), more and more cultural uprooting and networking of societies (Internet, Hollywood, Consumption, immigration and emigration) and above all the artificial creation of global problems that can only be solved if all states pull together or if all states and peoples are only one strand . A world identity in a world state, with a world army, a world parliament and ultimately – a world leader.

image 74

Gates funded NGO …

The thought process of the cabal about 75 years ago, when the more concrete plans for today were made and developed more and more, was probably: What problems can be so enormous, so world-spanning, that they will force the nations and peoples to unite? The two world wars produced could do their part (destroying the monarchies and founding the UN and all its transnational organisations that are so important to the agenda today), but were not successful enough for a world state. What can cause a greater pain than the pain of homogeneous unity? Well, that can only be powers that are outside the scope of action of a large nation, powers that come from outside humanity and can only be dealt with by all of them together. The list of powers that can do this is short, but the world climate and an alien and overwhelming threat from a foreign world are such powers. And that is why both are now being synthetically created and instrumentalised to create this unification of humanity, this new (world) order out of chaos. The Pentagon publishes recordings of UFOs and the USA has already founded a space force for the imminent fake alien invasion in 2019, whose Space Delta IX Branch is also explicitly for space warfare. Watch video here.

The Bundeswehr has also had a space command for about a month, which emerged from Air and Space Operations, which was founded in 2020. China and Russia also have their space forces and France has also had a space command for its air force since 2019. US President Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars vision has come true and his vision of the world being unified by an alien threat will also soon come true. How the arrival of these “aliens” will cause hysteria and how they will unite (and subsequently replace) all religions is aptly indicated by this scene from the film Contact (1997). Watch video here.

space force 2
The preparations are ongoing…. Don’t fall for it – it’ll be an inside job

The connection between the (artificially created) weather and the often mentioned CO² emissions is absolutely essential, because this connection is deliberately dehumanizing. What causes the most CO² emissions and is conversely the point of greatest possible CO² saving? The mere existence of a person, i.e. the birth of a child in our world, causes about 1000 tons of CO² and, according to the narrative, harms the earth and all of its inhabitants like nothing else (with average consumption and average life expectancy of a German). Incidentally, that would correspond to over 1081 Mallorca vacation trips with return flights. The reason why a person uses so much carbon dioxide is the fact that every area of ​​life produces CO² – from consuming, living, traveling, informing to breathe. By tying the survival of mankind to measures to reduce CO², a moral argument has been created to intervene in every area of ​​human life and henceforth to strictly control and limit it. About freedom of movement, the type of food consumed, access to electricity and other resources, family planning – even the length of one’s life. And if you follow this narrative of CO² reduction in the family planning – even the length of one’s life. And if you follow this narrative of CO² reduction in the family planning – even the length of one’s life. And if you follow this narrative of CO² reduction in theIf you really followed man-made climate change to the end, then you have created a moral possibility to massively reduce the existence of the human population (the fewer people, the less CO² production). And to spread the opinion among the population to see this as a necessary evil that has to be accepted in order to achieve the higher goal. The continued existence of humanity.

And that’s why pushing the CO² narrative and suppressing the gaps in the greenhouse gas theory that climate researchers see is so important. Because as long as humanity does not understand the cause of the problem at all, it will never find a real solution – except for the solution desired by the cabal (climate planning / population control). The nice thing is that as soon as these secret weather operations were stopped, the earth would recover pretty quickly. The ozone layer would be restored immediately, the jet stream would normalize, the constant stream of rain-falling toxins would end. After a while the flora and fauna would recover. Because the climate is a self-regulating system that is always looking for balance. Do I say you shouldn’t do anything because everything is a lie anyway? No.Environmental protection such as plastic and fine dust savings should be pursued by everyone. In general, one should try to live reasonably naturally and minimalistically. This not only protects nature but also yourself and others. But you also have to see the big picture and recognize the true background of climate protection.

image 113

Due to the systemic insecurity and the enormous chaos they are currently creating (and which will increase in the next six years) they are forcing humanity to its knees and creating a world that can only survive through a radical system change on all levels, which then becomes Solution presented and therefore loudly demanded by the people. A complete system change: Ecological, Economic, Political, Biological and Spiritual. Fetched too far? Wait until the summers get so hot that you can’t go outside the door for months. Wait until the world is in a constant state of storm terror. Then meat and flight bans will be demanded from EVERYONE. Just as they have achieved the demand for a rarely tested gene therapeutic agent through torture.fast, fast don’t think so long after we don’t have time anymore! And since such measures only have an effect if they are introduced all over the world at the same time, one will no longer be averse to a single central decision-making power.

Problem: increasing climate terror, reaction: demand for effective CO² regulation of the whole planet, solution: world state for coordinated decisions and massive control of the population.

After the years of tribulation in the new system, your CO² production, your resource consumption, as well as your medical and ideological conformity will determine your status in society, because this is constantly checked and queried by an all-encompassing biometric social credit system become. It ensures permanent stability and security at all levels. No more war, no terror, no more storms and no more pandemics. Only privacy, freedom and all forms of individual sovereignty and autonomy will cease to exist. And you will love it. Because there is no space in this system for people who don’t. Neither will there be room for monotheistic beliefs.

greta thunberg

Greta Thunberg with one-eye symbolism and 666 symbolism in her Friday for Future campaign. I’m really sorry for you. She is a hand puppet of the Cabal and something horrible was certainly done to her (keyword trauma-based mind control). It makes even more sense now that they are pushing the weather war to the max why it has been in the limelight since 2018. It is the young generation that the climate-controlled economy has to demand and it is the shepherdess of this flock.

Eugenics – Greta Thunberg and the true story of man-made Climate Change

Is Fame Accidental? Or is fame the result of access to power? The recent celebrity of Greta Thunberg is a case in point. Did she become famous simply because she was photographed sitting alone in front of the Swedish parliament building to strike for the environment? Or has she inherited the mantle of an eco-prophet? Is she just an ordinary, outraged young woman or someone who has a strong family connection with environmental protection and thus has the right connections?

For those who may not know: Greta allegedly became famous when the above photo of her was posted on Twitter in 2018.

Capture décran 2021 08 17 à 13.00.55

The Twitter account belonged to a group called “We Don’t Have Time”, a Swedish organisation funded by Al Gore. See here.

So the photo was a clever piece of propaganda designed to “win” the hearts of people around the world – a “lonely little girl” speaking truth to power.

image 73
Pants: MK-Ultra Beta Kitten?

Of course, using children to help protect the environment is an old tactic. As early as 1992 there was Severn Suzuki, who founded ECO (Environmental Children’s Organization) at the age of nine and gave a speech at the UN that was far more coherent than Greta’s appearance. But Severn’s father is David Suzuki, Canada’s premier environmentalist. Who else knows the Greta prototype?

Cory Morningstar has analyzed very meticulously and brilliantly the deep connections that Greta has to the many power structures that all want to change the world . This excellent multi-part dossier should be read widely. It wonderfully exposes the non-profit industrial complex and how it is used by the elites.

But why Greta? Why your photo? The clue lies in what she really advocates – the fourth industrial revolution, also known as the New Green Deal. Quite simply, this is transhumanism, the creation of a bio-digital world in which technology merges with humanity.

The often heard mantra of environmentalists “change everything” means that the meaning of being human, the meaning of work, the meaning of freedom and the meaning of a happy life are changing. In short, it’s neo-eugenics – or the improvement of mankind through technology. That gives Greta’s iconic phrase “I want you to panic” a whole new meaning.

But why Greta? Because it belongs to the “royal house” of global warming, so to speak, as it is directly related to the Swedish scientist who invented and then popularized the concepts of global warming and man-made climate change a little over a century ago. His name was Svante August Arrhenius (1859-1927) and his mother was a Thunberg.

image 75
Greta’s grandfather

So Greta’s fame does not come by chance. She is continuing the project started by her famous ancestor – made possible, of course, by her clever parents. Arrhenius’ name may not be familiar today, but in his time he was known throughout Europe and North America. It is generally assumed that scientists have declared man-made climate change to be an “accepted science” because of the overwhelming amount of data available (inductive reasoning). The problem with this assumption is that global warming and climate change are actually hypotheses first invented by Arrhenius and for which data (evidence) is constantly being sought (deductive reasoning). As has been shown recently, it is hardly a recognised science. Watch video here.

Science, like all other human activities, is dependent on ideas, ie on structures or models with which we understand, manipulate and use the reality of the natural world. In other words, inductive thinking was once the ideal of science.

But science serving masters other than truth is now often associated with social activism and social engineering (also known as power). Such appropriation of science by the power elite means that narrative (rhetoric) becomes much more important than truth – because rhetoric is the most effective means of generating consent. Humanities degree holders are used to stories and therefore respond well to rhetoric. It is the same with the entire environmental industry, where the “climate crisis” is constantly narrated for consumption. Read here.

Not surprisingly, Arrhenius used rhetoric in his popular writings to support his hypotheses about global warming and man-made climate change. Early scientists such as Leon Teisserenc de Bort, Alexander Buchan, Josef Stefan, Samuel Langley, Claude Servais Mathias Pouillet, Arvid Gustaf Högbom, Joseph Fourier and, of course, John Tyndall had already addressed the question of how the air could warm the earth.

image 92
Svante August Arrhenius

Arrhenius took up this early work and envisioned that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), or “carbonic acid” as he called it, in the atmosphere was directly responsible for the warming of the planet. He assumed that if the amount of CO2 continued to rise, the planet would also continue to warm. This thought became known as the “greenhouse effect”. And where should all this excess CO2 come from? Made from fossil fuels, of course.

He presented this idea in a paper published in 1896 entitled “On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground”. See ‘pdf 4’ end of post.

This paper became the bedrock of the contemporary climate change industry, although at the time of its publication (and afterwards) it was heavily criticized for its flawed scientific nature, e.g. B. because the effects of water vapor have been confused with the effects of CO2.

Many of his contemporaries pointed out (as many scientists still do today) that CO2 cannot have a warming effect (or climate sensitivity) – meaning that CO2 is not a “greenhouse gas”. Moreover, Arrhenius’ mathematics was heavily criticised by many, for example by the physicist Anders Ångström. Read here.

It seems, however, that Arrhenius was a master of scaremongering, for he wrote an international bestseller in 1908 entitled Worlds in the Making, in which he explained to the layman his “hot house” theory that the continuous burning of fossil fuels by industry would raise the temperature of the earth. He thus linked his dubious science to modern human life – the ideal formula for alarmism.

greta arlamist

The logic of his book is obvious: if you control human activity, you can control the temperature of the earth. For this reason, Arrhenius is rightly called the “father” of global warming. He is also the “father” of the entire energy crisis because he was the first to point out that oil reserves are finite (aka “peak oil”) and that coal will run out.

Every alarmism that is worth something has an end goal (massive social change) and must therefore also offer solutions that bring about this desired result. Accordingly, Arrhenius proposed restricting, if not eliminating, the use of oil and coal, replacing oil with electricity as a source of energy, practicing fuel efficiency, using biofuels, and developing nuclear power. Arrhenius provided the modern environmental movement with all of its arguments.

But how did his ideas become the basis of environmental protection today? Arrhenius was largely ignored until 1979, when the Charney Report entitled “Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment” was published. Read here. And see ‘pdf 5’ end of post.

It relied heavily on Arrhenius, giving him instant legitimacy. Then, in 1990, the IPCC used the Charney report as the basis for its own report, which made Arrhenius’ hypotheses about man-made climate change and global warming “accepted science”. From now on, climate could only be viewed “correctly” through the lens of Arrhenius. Those who refused or objected were labelled “deniers” – heretics. Read here.

image 93

Another “established science” to which Arrhenius contributed greatly was eugenics. Just as animals and plants could be bred for certain characteristics, it was believed that humans could also be improved through selective breeding (which was called racial hygiene). Human reproduction was thus to be controlled and limited by the state, under the protection and justification of science. The mantra “listen to science”, often repeated by environmentalists, has a very sinister history, because for people like Arrhenius, Margaret Sanger and Hitler, eugenics was nothing but “accepted science”. Read here. And see here.

The question that arises is quite simple: is Arrhenius’ work on global warming related to his eugenics? For example, in 1912 he concocted an experiment in which children in public schools were electrified to make them taller. Apparently it was supposed to have worked. So where does climate science stop and where is eugenics for Arrhenius? That is a question that has yet to be answered. Read here.

image 95

Arrhenius was also a founding member of the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene, established in 1909, and the State Institute for Racial Biology, established in 1922. See here. And here. And here.

Both institutes justified Sweden’s sterilisation of non-Aryans and other “undesirables” long before the Nazis. Read here.

And these institutes provided the framework for the forced sterilisation of over 60,000 Swedish women deemed unfit to reproduce. This practice continued until 1975(!). Sweden was hardly a socialist paradise for these unfortunates. Arrhenius also worked with Gustaf Retzius, who used phrenology (developed by his father Anders Retzius) to support the claim of Nordic racial superiority. Read here.

And in 1900 Arrhenius was a founding member of the Nobel Institute and its Nobel Prize, chairing both the Nobel Committees for Physics and Chemistry. Of course, he made sure that most of his friends received the Nobel Prize (e.g. Theodore William Richards and Wilhelm Oswald). Three years later, he himself was the first Swede to receive the prize. See ‘pdf 6′ end of post’.

Thus, Greta’s own nomination for the Nobel Prize is part of belonging to the “royal class” of global warming. Interestingly, her father, who is an actor, writer and producer, is called Svante, and her mother (Malena Ernman) is a well-known opera singer who, together with her husband, wrote the bestseller Scenes from the Heart (2018) about her family and their environmental awareness.

image 94

Like her mother, Greta recently published her own book, No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, which is a collection of her speeches as an eco-activist. And given her parents’ careers, it’s no surprise that she herself has her biography on the Internet Movie Database. But her latest stumble makes you doubt her spontaneity.

And what about Greta’s access to power? She is backed by the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Institute, the Prince of Wales’ Corporate Leaders Group, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and more than twenty non-governmental organisations – and they all want to bring about the fourth industrial revolution. She is hardly a “lonely little girl” heroically fighting the powers that be. Rather, she is famous because she is an effective ambassador for these powers, and because she belongs to the right family. Moreover, an ill-considered tweet of hers brought to light that at least the worldwide protests against the Indian government were coordinated. Read here.

Greta is serious. Knowingly or unknowingly, she is the messenger of a nightmarish future inhabited by mechanized humanity, in which the centuries-old experiment of electrifying children carried out by her relative is upgraded for all of humanity. Saving the planet is eugenics because the logic is ultimately Malthusian: humans are the enemies of the planet and their numbers must be controlled. Greta’s alarmist environmental policy cannot be realized without eugenics. But global warming and man-made climate change are both inventions of their ancestors who understood this eco-eugenics well.

So these climate activism movements have a very different purpose than saving the earth. It is about complete control of human actions, including the number and lifespan of people. And, as always, the underlying motivation is a deep belief in genetic deliberation by a small elite who see it as their divine birthright to rule over us. The people who campaign for the climate are not aware of this. As with all controlled movements that demand social change, they really believe they can do something good with it and change the world for the better. At first glance, it also seems absolutely right. But the vast majority of social movements actually serve the goals of the Cabal (Left, Right, Green, LGBTQ, Feminism, “We are all One”) when you recognize the divide behind the intention. This Social change always comes down to the new world system (sometimes directly, sometimes as a vehicle of the dualistic dialectic).

This Gaia worship that often resonates throughout the movement is just paganism in modern packaging anyway. God’s creation and not God himself is the focus of our gratitude today. And those who speak their language recognise this immediately at first sight. But those who never learned it… remain blind. Here’s some symbolism that caught my eye from Extinction Rebellion, another large global youth climate activism movement at the moment. These images are from their website and their flags are also often seen at Friday for Future demos around the world. Read here.

The almost obligatory one-eyed symbolism these days is obvious – as is the fist raised to the sky, which has also been used by the Black Live Matter movement, the Black Phanters and various communist movements. It is actually a much older hand gesture and can be traced back to Freemasonry. It is a symbol of the primordial rebellion in the Celestial Kingdom, the rebellion of the angel Lucifer against Yahweh, and is therefore directed towards Heaven (God). You pull it up when you question God’s actions. They even use the word “rebel” themselves for their actions. Read here.

image 76

Its main logo in the middle is also interesting. According to the website, the circle should represent the earth and the thing in the middle should represent a mixture of an X (for Xtinction) and an hourglass and clarify the time elapsing to act in the climate crisis. But that’s a sloppy attempt at a more exotic meaning. This is the Dagaz rune that has simply been rotated 90 degrees. In addition, it has been placed in a circle, which according to occultism makes every symbol “stronger” in its effect, it thus becomes a sealed symbol. Dagaz stands for the power to change, for transformation and awakening (the black awakening / Hive Mind awakening?).

image 77

image 78

Couldn’t think of anything: The Hivemind symbolism (hexagon / cube and bee) is also on their flags. The 97% of people who, according to their prognosis, could die in the next generation also have more to do with another “global change” that is currently taking place.

image 79
Of course, they also have skull symbols (Skull & Bones).
image 85
Horned ox too, of course
image 80
Hive-Mind and Extinction. Exactly what is happening through the syringes.
image 81
Your posters make it clear that this is more of a cult.
image 82
And the attitude of this climate cult is clear.
image 83
Tick-tack, the time for the hive-mind is running out.
image 84
Seriously now … it has nothing to do with the climate, it is satanic death worship

But since young people in particular are already so used to this symbolism from the entertainment industry, it is very attractive and they feel at home straight away.

Just look at the strange pagan ritual Extinction Rebellion held during the G7 summit in Cornwall (the one with the wave in the logo). Really weird, the druids in blue made wave movements and this poster was carried… two weeks before the flood month started. Watch here.

image 86

A true act of rebellion against the extinction of humanity would be to vehemently reject the injection and point out the many ways it is actually wiping us out at the moment (biowarfare, electromagnetic weapons, weatherwarfare, economic manipulation, food shortages, impending world war, etc.). Extinction Rebellion also appear somewhat more extreme and violent than other climate activism groups. Read here.

It could be that from them spring the eco-terrorists long prophesied (or planned) by the cabal. They are already officially considered extremist ideologues by the British police. Read here.

There is generally a developing tendency towards this, there was already an eco-attack in Munich this year. In order to take the polluter and arms manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz off the grid, madmen torched several main cables, thus taking 150 transformer stations off the grid and causing a 1.5-day power cut in whole districts (20,000 households). Afterwards, a letter of confession was received by the police, who considered this attack to be ecologically motivated. And there the perpetrators also announced further attacks. Read here.

But with the ELF there is already a longer history of eco-terrorism. I can imagine that there is much more to come in this respect now, because the young people are getting (made) more and more angry and it would cause further chaos.

Hoarding Tesla’s Technologies – It could all be very different

Yet all this does not have to be the case. Tesla’s documents, on which many of these weapons are based, also make free energy possible. By tapping into the Prama/Orgone/Chi/Vril/Fluidum, infinite clean energy is available to us humans – it is ubiquitous and an integral part of this reality. And I am convinced that the cabal is in possession of these technologies – without them the observed flight manoeuvres of their black-budget flying machines (“UFOs”) would not be possible either. There is a very fascinating FBI document from the 1950s in the FBI Vault about how the government began to build machines through his papers after Tesla’s death and how they quickly fell into top secret because of their enormous military potential. Absolutely incredible things are revealed there: The engineers were able to build an “interplanetary” communication device with which they could communicate with beings from alien worlds, and they received several visits from these beings. And these beings told them that Nikola Tesla was a Venusian and was brought to his parents as a baby in 1856! Everyone should read this FBI document in its entirety. See ‘pdf 2’ enf of post.

When you consider how far ahead of his time Tesla was (even today he would still be) and what almost supernatural visualisation power and intelligence he had, it sounds quite possible that these ideas did not come from here. It also says that the book “Return of the Dove” was written to show the role his inventions will play in the New Age. Read here.

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Likewise, the cabal is said to have machines that can restore a person’s body to its original state through energy, heal DNA and body tissue, and thus quickly overcome any illness. Whistleblower Emery Smith has reported on this. Read here.

The machine has a Teslatron and emits a unique energy that alters time and space. The cabal used it themselves and thus remain healthy at all times. Tesla worked on machines that could heal through (sound) frequencies. The technique of sound healing is ancient and was already used by the elite of ancient Greece and the Egyptians. It is esoteric knowledge of the fallen angels and has been preserved in their secret societies over the centuries. I myself have been using these frequencies for years for physical and psychic healing and for spiritual development (174Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, 939Hz). I can highly recommend the Youtube channel Meditative Mind for this. See here.

I have not been ill for almost six years. Our whole reality is based on vibrations and frequencies (In the beginning was the word) and I will write a separate article about that. The point is: you could easily take care of a healthy world, but a sick and weakened society is just easier to control. They lack the mental clarity to see what is going on and the motivation, creativity and physical strength to get out of it. For understanding, you can watch this mini-documentary:

Emery Smith has also used free energy in his work in the Black Budget underground military bases. The reason why these technologies have always been suppressed goes much deeper than the economic interests of the energy and pharmaceutical companies (which suppress something like this with brutal means). It’s always been about control. Because most people do not understand how much our enslavement depends on the scarcity of resources, or the energy gained from them, and how much free energy would free us! Our entire financial system, money itself, depends on the distribution of scarce resources. The task of politics and other power structures is to distribute scarce resources. Scarcity creates value and hoarding of value creates power and dependency. Free and infinitely available energy for everyone would immediately collapse this system.

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Power structures would lose their power overnight, money would be just paper, wages and employment would be meaningless, bankers would be unemployed, wars would stop immediately because there would be no geopolitical power, money or resources worth fighting for. It would extremely empower every single human being, relieve nature immediately and humanity would make enormous spiritual progress in a short time. For as soon as the global hamster wheel has disappeared, people will have time to ask themselves the important questions and will make enormous technological progress – which will be slowed down by scarcity of resources. If you have infinite energy, you have no reason to take anything away from anyone else. Social inequality and stress would dissolve. Meaning-making and spiritual development will then be the only things of value left and the century-long shit-show of the cabal would finally be over. This is why the development of free energy technologies has been so massively suppressed so far, because it would break the chains of humanity. Patents are rejected (there is probably an undercover government official in every patent office), investments are withdrawn, prototypes destroyed and arson and murder of free energy machine inventors is also resorted to. All patent offices in the US must comply with the Invention Secrecy Act, which states that patents can be withheld and new inventions can be covered by secrecy agreements if they “may endanger the national security or economic stability of the country”. Which, of course, can be interpreted by the intelligence services in any way they wish, and free-energy generators certainly fall under that. One can assume that it is similar in other countries. Here is a fascinating video on the history of free energy generation and the systematic suppression of its inventors.

According to Emery Smith, they have not only that, but also other technologies with which they can clean up the oceans and the air quickly and effectively. Perhaps this and the patent? So they also have the cure for their created problem, and they will, or rather HE (Lucifer) will, at the appropriate moment, stand up as saviour and quickly solve the climate problem through these technologies and free energy (or the weather warfare programmes will simply be discontinued). For by then humanity will be under direct RF-Mind-Control (Hive Mind) and the means of controlling energy shortages will have had its day after having served well for centuries. And this salvation of the earth will further his worship as world leader. He will present himself as the antidote to the poison he first administered. And a great many people will celebrate him for it.

“ For such false apostles and deceitful workers pretend to be Christ’s apostles. And that’s no wonder either; for he himself, Satan, disguises himself as an angel of light . “(2 Corinthians 11: 13-14)

image 71

And his arrival can’t be far off, because I believe his worldwide worship is being prepared with a multi-million dollar international “art project”. The art project is called “The Giant” and involves building 21 giant statues in 21 cities around the world (Berlin has already shown interest). Read here.

These statues can move their heads and arms and their external appearance can be changed by projections at the push of a button and so every hour a new hero or important personality is supposed to appear. They can also “say inspirational things and sing”. Behind the statue’s shoulders is a viewing platform and they are sold to cities as a lucrative tourist attraction (at the whopping price of $18 million per statue). And the special catch: anyone can put themselves in a 3D scanner for money and then temporarily become a statue themselves. This way they will have the Antichrist projected onto the statues and worshipped after his arrival! He will become the leader of this new world and will then openly rule over us. The project started this year and is due to be completed in 2023. One should keep one’s eyes on CERN.

There is also more and more advertising for him or with him. Just look at this Match.com advertisement in which Satan dates the year 2020 and at the end it says “Make 2021 your year”. The same Satan then appears in an advertisement for a 5G provider.

How it goes on now

The end is coming closer and closer and the weather war makes it clear how prepared we have to be. When I look at the reports on the flood disasters in North Rhine-Westphalia, it becomes clear once again. If you’re not prepared, you’re worse off in the end, but some things are hard to prepare for. The people there are now lacking exactly the things that are at the top of a prepper’s shopping list: Water bottles, hygiene items, warmth, communication tools like battery radios, torches, batteries, generators, first aid, etc. The lack of hygiene will now create epidemics there. Granted: If they had stored all that in the basement, it wouldn’t have done them any good though, so you should store things in the attic if you live next to a river and have a bug-out bag. But if even the whole house is ripped away so suddenly, even this preparation would have been hopeless. But this crisis shows how fragile our accustomed way of life is, and I would like to point this out again and again to motivate people to prepp. That within a few hours shelter, warmth, water, electricity and access to information can be gone. It also shows that in such situations looting is not long in coming. And it shows that the power of the state fails in such situations. And now imagine that 15 more villages would have been affected… Disaster control was deliberately cut for decades and military spending was increased. In the end, we would be on our own if we humans didn’t stick together. Fortunately, the altruistic nature of people and their hope are very difficult to destroy. And that is always nice to see! Read here.

From these stories and this research, I have learned that preparations for severe weather disasters must not be neglected. We need to prepare for more extreme heat and more crop failures. As a result, there will be greater refugee flows from Africa and food prices will rise rapidly. The first harbingers of this can already be seen now. If there have never been forest fires in your area, don’t think it will stay that way. If you live next to rivers, you should expect (and possibly move to) floods again. Expect that in the snowy winters or high winds, the ailing power grid can go down for days or even weeks, as we saw last winter in Texas (Darkest Winter). I would even expect that earthquakes and tsunamis could happen in places where they have never happened before and that sea levels will rise rapidly, putting all coastal regions at risk (relocation). Get the warning app NINA on your mobile phone (even though it is now being criticised, I have only had good experiences for a year) but also think for yourself. Pay attention to weather forecasts and warnings from other authorities. Think ahead and be aware of potential shortages before they occur. I have already started my prepping guide, but it will probably take a while. Watch video here.

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Those who have not done so should read Romans 10:9-10 and then speak these words with full conviction to Jesus.

Unfortunately, war and economic collapse is the most realistic scenario that will hit us here in Central Europe. The inflation I have been announcing for a year has now officially reached Germany. Rents and services (1.3% more expensive), energy (11.6% more expensive), food (4.3% more expensive) – everything is now getting more expensive.

A total of almost 3.8% price increase in just one year, the highest level in 30 years. The media say in part that it is because of the increased VAT, but that is absolute cheese. Call the child by name: The massive printing of money by the state in order to cushion the economic slowdown caused by unreasonable lockdown measures by stimulus caused inflation! Just as, of course, the lockdown measures temporarily caused productivity to collapse in some sectors, which is then reflected in rising production costs and thus also in rising prices. Something like this always comes with a bit of a delay – and that delay is now over. That will only be the first wave – of the more than two trillion that were printed by the world’s leading currency dollar in 2020/21,

The parasitic buying up of the small by the big companies and hedge funds was also predictable. Blackrock (Black-Goo Oil Shale), the most powerful hedge fund in history with tentacles everywhere, is currently buying up the housing market in a big way. Homes that more and more homeowners are now having to sell because of the recession. Blackrock is thus driving up prices and making the precarious housing situation even worse. Read here.

While Vanguard, the second most powerful hedge fund, has also bought in massively recently and is now the landlord of the entire US. They are now the leading owner of office buildings, shopping malls, flats, hotels, warehouses and data centres. Read here.

The biggest redistribution of wealth in history is quietly taking place – from the many to the handful. Don’t forget that Blackrock and Vanguard are also the biggest shareholders in the most important companies in all sectors, they own almost everything now. The whole thing is part of the Great Reset: owner-occupied homes will cease to exist, instead everyone will get a small flat with their unconditional basic income and will thus be 100% dependent on the state. As the WEF said: You will own nothing and you will be happy. 

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The key to the bottomless pit

Pfizer allowed itself another impertinence and now I understand why they have shifted the responsibility for vaccine damage from themselves to the states. This goes much deeper than just not being sued. Pfizer pressured and tried to blackmail Argentina and Brazil. In exchange for doses of the drug, they wanted a deposit from the country so that the government could actually assure them that they would pay if Pfizer was sued! What kind of collateral does Pfizer have in mind? Oh, nothing less than their bank reserves, military bases and ambassador buildings! They would be gone as soon as the vaccines cause (mass) damage, which, if we are honest, is a foregone conclusion for Pfizer’s top management! They would have had to give their state sovereignty to a company, let that roll off your tongue! Of course, Argentina and Brazil have rejected this abuse despite all their persistence, but Pfizer already has deals with many other countries in South and Central America. All state and citizen property is currently being sold off to a small handful of powerful companies and hedge funds (that is, to the cabal families) without much fuss. And no one is looking or realising what the consequences will be. Watch here.

The major population reduction is progressing differently in different parts of the world. The sterilising mass spraying programme will soon be completed in Europe (48.12%), North America (47.43%) and South America (42.52%) and Australia (31.56%) and Asia (27.8%) are also catching up. This is why compulsory vaccination is slowly being introduced in this country, which I already predicted 15 months ago!!! Read here.

The mainstream now also reports about the DARPA biosensor and says that it can detect COVID-19 in minutes as long as it is implanted. And I’ve been warning about this too, damn it, for OVER A YEAR! They will never be able to push everyone to do it, of course, but the pressure will be increased enormously from now on and vaccine refusers will now be dehumanised more and more by the media – until compulsory admissions to “quarantine camps” become a reality. Mark my words. This photo of the Bmvg’s 2021 dossier “Cornerstones for the Bundeswehr Future” makes me feel sick to my stomach. It looks very much like a force deployed domestically. If any soldiers or police officers are reading this, please question your orders very critically in the coming years and please lay down your arms! See ‘pdf 7’ end of post.

image 91

What I find almost amusing again, of course, is that many people have been seduced into taking a shot by the promise of holiday trips, and now that they want to go on holiday, everything flares up and goes down the drain. So at the moment you shouldn’t travel to Turkey exactly during the summer holiday period. The fires have already caused the first deaths. They thought it was their ticket to normality, but here on earth nothing will ever be normal again!!! The old world is being torn down before our eyes for a new and absolutely abnormal world… A world in which, since 1 August, the upload filter has also been in effect, which will sooner or later drive uncensored platforms to ruin. 😦

The African populations are hardly injected at all (only 3.2% have received at least one dose), because of supply difficulties and justified scepticism about the “white man’s medicine”. Read here.

They must have reckoned with this and that is why they will use famines of apocalyptic proportions to kill millions and millions. Through artificially created droughts and the, forgotten but still taking place, gigantic plague of locusts in the whole of East Africa and South Africa, which eat away entire fields in a very short time and can travel up to 130km a day. The escalating refugee flows will no longer be manageable by Europe and Frontex will use brutal force. For this purpose, they have already militarised and increased their equipment more and more in recent years and we have been mentally prepared for the fact that such climate refugee flows would happen sooner or later for many years. Greece is also arming itself against the waves of refugees. Read here.

If more than 300 million suddenly set off in one year, a small Mediterranean war could probably be the result. Unfortunately, the southern European beaches will soon be littered with the corpses of drowned people.

africa end times

The Pacific Islands and large parts of Southeast Asia will probably just sink or be swept away by taipuns, as will many of the world’s coastal metropolises. This alone puts 700 million people at risk. The Middle East is also already being hit by droughts and plagues of locusts and the resulting famines. Watch here.

In Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen there are swarms of locusts, as there are now in India, Pakistan and Iran. Watch here.

A total of 27 countries are now affected. It is the biggest plague in decades and the dynamics are similar to an epidemic that has not yet reached its peak. And let us not forget that locusts and famines are also one of the plagues in the Book of Revelation. Whether it is only due to the humid climate or the deliberate release of particularly resistant species is ultimately irrelevant. The fact is that the world will face the greatest humanitarian crisis ever in the next few years. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide will starve and flee their countries. Australia, on the other hand, has been experiencing the largest mouse infestation in history for a while now, which is causing problems for farmers and citizens there. This country is currently drowning in a veritable flood of mice! This is what happens when the government kills millions of cats in the country in 2019! Watch here.

On top of that, there has been terror, war and great instability in the Middle East for years, which has already led to large flows of refugees. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen … it never really stopped. These conflicts will definitely culminate in a dispute with Iran. It has been a matter of fact in the Pentagon for two decades that the US will go to war against Iran. General Gen Wesley Clark said in an interview in 2007 that he heard about the decision about two weeks after 9/11 that the US would invade Iraq, even though it had nothing to do with the attack (even if one would believe the al-Qaeda narrative). A few weeks later he was told by a classified memo thatand in the end Iran . This video proves that the war on terror was planned from the start, as all conflicts except Iran occurred in the years after this interview. The complete crusade through the Middle East had been established since October 2001, if not many years earlier. All other reasons, including 9/11, were just staged wafts of fog to hold off the public.

And also Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the most important US cabal geopoliticians, who has advised several US presidents on foreign policy issues, repeatedly emphasised the importance of Iran for geopolitical interests in his books. In his book ‘The Grand Chessboard’ (1998) he also made clear that control of the centre of Eurasia would be crucial for “world dominance” (here in the CIA library). He explicitly mentions Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. See ‘pdf 8′ end of post’.

That made my ears prick up. It has long been suspected that Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, will one day be the capital of the New World Order. Until 2019, this city was still called Astana and is one of the newest capitals in the world. It only became the new capital in 1998 and was built from scratch in the 15 years since. All their futuristic buildings are full of occult symbolism of the Illuminated. Read here. They will become one of the first smart cities where everything is technologically connected. Read here.

The city is located right in the middle of Eurasia, historically the most geopolitically strategic part of the world. Even though most people have often only heard of the “…stan countries” from Borat. And that is probably desirable. Watch here.

image 97 1
The phoenix that rises from the ashes after the fire. Order out of chaos. The pyramid is the parliament.

image 99 1

image 98

But there is no room in this new world for monotheistic beliefs like those of Iran’s Islamic population. This is probably why George W. Bush, Obama, Trump and most recently Biden have repeatedly engaged in sabre rattling with Iran – it is the last state in the region on the Pentagon’s bucket list. Watch here. And here.

Last month’s attack on an Iranian supply ship was the last card played here. Israel and Iran are strong enemies and they would go to war with them. And it cannot be ruled out that nuclear weapons of the three nuclear powers will be used, as was already threatened in 2020. This has already led to a wave of Third World War internet memes in January 2020 (predictive programming). And also Svali, an Illuminati whistleblower, said that part of the NWO implementation will be a nuclear war in the Middle East. And the 33 degree freemason Albert Pike is said to have written of planning three world wars in a letter to Guiseppe Mazzini as early as 1871. Read here.

The first two have come about very acutely exactly as described in this letter, the third is described as follows:

“ The Third World War must be instigated by exploiting the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world caused by the“ agency ”of the“ Illuminati ”. The war must be waged in such a way that Islam (the Muslim-Arab world) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) annihilate each other. In the meantime, the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight to the point of utter physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We are going to unleash the nihilists and atheists and a massive social cataclysmtrigger, which in all its horror will show the peoples clearly the effects of absolute atheism, the origin of the savagery and the bloodiest upheaval. Then everywhere the citizens who have to defend themselves against the worldwide minority of revolutionaries will exterminate these destroyers of civilization, and the crowd disappointed in Christianity, whose deist spirits will from this moment be without a compass and direction, longing for an ideal but not knowing where to worship it, the true light will be obtained through the universal manifestation of the pure teaching of Lucifer that will eventually be brought to the public. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement that is onthe destruction of Christianity and atheism will follow, both of which will be defeated and exterminated at the same time. “

That sounds like what is now emerging.

A proxy war will soon break out between China and the US in the South China Sea, because the US is contractually obliged to support Taiwan if it is attacked by China. Japan and South Korea are also likely to be drawn into it. And the CCP regularly makes it clear that they will annex Taiwan and their army regularly invades Taiwanese territory. Watch this excellent documentary on Xi Jinping – even the mainstream is now highly concerned about China’s actions. The US is then engulfed in chaos by an EMP first strike by China and then conquered by Chinese troops. Taiwan’s intelligence services found out that China has such a weapon because of stolen US plans and they fear it will be used for a first strike. Read here.

The US authorities expect 295 million Americans to die in the first year of the EMP blackout. But this attack will have a cascading effect that will quickly lead to a Third World War. With Russia, China and Iran on one side and the USA, NATO and Japan on the other. This war will be fought first on European soil, because the nuclear bomb stockpiles and US military bases located there will be the first targets of Russia and China respectively, because they are closest to their border. This means that especially Germany, France, Great Britain and Eastern Europe will be ashes pretty quickly as soon as nuclear weapons are actually used. So living in a larger vicinity of a US base carries a danger. This video perfectly visualises how this war would start and which places in Europe would be most affected.

And then of course there are all the severe weather disasters, virus mutation madness, drug epidemics, food shortages and economic collapses that will kill people worldwide. It will be the greatest death in human history, to quote Greta “WE ARE AT THE BEGINNING OF A MASS EXTINCTION” (as usual they tell us everything in advance). Read here.

Until the UFOs come and their Overlord Lucifer comes to rescue us all from this misery… Most will gratefully kneel down and fall for the great deception, this “disclosure of all truths”, “the Disclosure”, “the Ascencion”, “this Awakening”, “the (Fake)Messiahs”, “the New Age” and all the other buzz words he has been baiting the awakening community with for 40 years. Except, of course, the readers of this blog and all the other people out there who carry the truth in their hearts and therefore have no veil over their eyes – it is now your responsibility to recognise this and act accordingly.


The remaining few hundred million who survived will be implemented into the strict new system … With him as the world leader at the helm, who will control the rest of the Hive-Mind like a puppeteer (see last two articles).

His little helpers, who first got us into this soup, have long since been in their huge luxury bunkers, in which they can survive completely autonomously for several years. If not partly now. This one is an example of these bunkers. Several floors below ground are several nuclear-bomb-proof luxury apartments with autonomous energy generation, vegetable and fruit beds, medicine, cinema, swimming pool, library, school, various firearms, air filter system and non-perishable food for five years. Price to secure an apartment: $ 1-2.5 million depending on the furnishings. As a prepper of a different pay grade, you can get jealous, but it also makes you angry. Because it shows that they know what is coming and that only their own kind are invited into this bunker.

But they still cannot escape the wrath of God:

They will go into the caves of the rocks and into the clefts of the earth from the terror of the LORD and from his glorious majesty when he will rise to terror the earth. In that day everyone will throw away his silver and gold idols , which he had made to prostrate himself to mice and bats, so that he may crawl into the crevices and crevices of the rocks from the horror of the LORD and from his glorious majesty when he will rise to terrify the earth. (Isaiah 2: 19-21)

As I see it, there is only one way out of this sinking ship. The harvesting of souls by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Rapture). His promise to bring all believers out of this dimension with the truth in their hearts, just before it finally collapses. There is no other way. This paradigm shift has been certain for thousands of years and also the Illuminati insider Hidden Hand announced this harvest of souls through which they will “lead” us. Read here.

He told us that all who put at least 51% of their actions, feelings and thoughts in the service of others will make the dimensional ascent. Even though 51% seems easily achievable, he said that we would be surprised how few will achieve it and how many will be among those whose actions, thoughts and feelings are at least 51% self-centred. This change will happen and we will not be able to stop it. It is only up to you which side you come out on. In the Christian community there is debate about whether this will happen before, during or after the seven years of tribulation. Personally, I believe it will happen after, because it also means that the last days will be hard for everyone. Everyone will experience difficulties in one way or another and will have to go through the years of tribulation. But believers will be spared from what happens afterwards. That is the promise and you just have to honestly ask for it and trust in it. I end this article with a video of a beautiful description of this event by someone who has already been shown this by God. I pray that I am worthy for it and that we will all see each other there. Either way, I am grateful to be able to experience this crazy time.


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