Germany: Is there an Increase in Neurological and Cardiac Problems in Emergency Rooms?

In every country, there are reporting points for vaccination side effects. However, only a small fraction between 1 and 10 percent is recorded. Nevertheless, the side effects with the Covid shots are many times higher than all together in the past. But there is another way to find out if there is an increase in side effects over previous years. And that is the numbers of emergency room calls and visits.

Rise in Heart Attacks Associated with Mass Vaccination

I have previously reported on a study by Retzef Levi M.Sc (Professor at the School of Management at MIT, University in Boston, Ph.D. in Performance Research at Cornell University). Evaluation of emergency medical calls in Israel show a 25% increase in cardiac arrests and heart attacks in the 16-29 age group and an 83.6% increase in heart attacks in women 20-29 in 2021 compared to previous years. According to the study, this increase is related to mass vaccination.


The time series show a 7-day moving average in the current and recent years. The comparison to the previous year in the weekly summary and the “Emergency Department Presentations” figure refers to the average of the changes occurring in all emergency departments to their mean value in 2019.

In both Graphs, we see a steep increase in conceptions in the second half of April 2021, which is maintained until today. In contrast, the graph showing respiratory reasons for conceptions shows no change from previous years.

Similar to the data from Israel, there appears to be a clear relationship here with adverse events resulting from the vaccination campaign and their frequency and severity. In Germany, mass vaccination began in April with no age requirement, so younger cohorts were coming for vaccination for the first time. And we know from the breakdowns of adverse events by age that the younger the vaccinees, the more frequent they are.

The difference compared to 2019 is in the range of 35 to 55 percentage points, so it’s substantial. Germany is one of the worst performers in reporting vaccination adverse events in Europe, but these data show that there is very strong underreporting.