Qui est le Dr Robert Malone ?

Dr. Robert Malone is an American internationally recognized scientist: he is virologist, immunologist, and molecular biologist. He holds numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations and vaccines.

The researcher has more than thirty years of experience in the vaccine field. He discovered DNA Vaccination and mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 injections, while he was at the Salk Institute in 1988. This work results in over 10 patents and numerous publications, yielding about 7000 citations for this work. His discoveries in mRNA non viral delivery systems are considered the key to the current COVID-19 vaccine strategies.

Dr. Malone has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications and published abstracts and has over 11,477 citations of his peer reviewed publications, as verified by Google Scholar. His google scholar ranking is “outstanding” for impact factors. He has been an invited speaker at over 50 conferences, has chaired numerous conferences and he has sat on or served as chairperson on numerous NIAID and DoD study sections.

Last month, he spoke at the International Covid Summit about the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, the risks associated with the mRNA vaccine and the way forward.

Malone explains that the vaccine not only kills people and harms health, but that it in a sense evolves the virus and trains it to escape vaccines. In other words, the vaccine itself amplifies variants that cannot be prevented by vaccines.

He makes it clear that the authorities have got it wrong and that there is no hope that these vaccines are the solution. He claims that the Delta variant will spread in the population and that no amount of vaccination, masking and lockdowns will do anything about it. The focus needs to shift to treatment. There are known effective treatments, and more are being developed and tested. Malone himself was cured by ivermectin.

He reported that the Delta variant is less dangerous than Covid-19, but future variants may not be if we continue to use a vaccine that trains new variants to escape the immune system.

For the first time in history, the world’s population has been used for mass clinical testing of an experimental vaccine. The evidence is piling up. Official databases report an extraordinary number of deaths and injuries linked to the Covid vaccine.

“It’s gene therapy applied to vaccines. Vaccined people have a right to be wary of a new technology that is not well understood.”

Malone explained the key difference between traditional live attenuated vaccines (LAVs), such as those used against polio, smallpox and yellow fever, and the various mRNA injections used against COVID-19 is the spike protein. Live attenuated vaccines are defined as the injection of a killed or weakened organism to prevent disease. These vaccines “express all the proteins of a given virus,” he said.

But unlike these vaccines, COVID-19 injections, such as those made by Pfizer and Moderna, target a single-peak protein that has undergone a slight mutation. Malone warned that this technology carries risks of cardiac inflammation and autoimmune reactions, particularly in the young.

In June 2021, Malone gave several warnings that future autoimmune problems would be caused by the spike-in proteins within the mRNA injections. He also stated that spike proteins were “biologically active and could travel from the injection site and cause adverse events, and that spike protein, if biologically active, is very dangerous.”

“They made a big mistake: The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is dangerous because is cytotoxic, that’s a fact,”

Malone also criticized the speed with which mRNA vaccines were created:

“There was a lot of rush there and there was a quick decision at the vaccine research center and all the other vaccine developers to recapitulate what they had done with previous efforts with SARS-1, which is just to focus on spike proteins,”

After giving multiple warnings about the dangers posed by the RNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines, Malone was removed from Wikipedia and temporarily removed from LinkedIn in July 2021. He is now risking the Nobel Prize to speak out against Universal COVID-19 Vaccination.

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