Is COVID Vaccination far more Dangerous than Claimed?

McCullough has impeccable academic credentials. He is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas.

Longer-term Effects of Vaccinations

He also holds a master’s degree in public health and is known for being one of the top five most published medical researchers in the United States, in addition to being an editor of two medical journals.

On October 26, 2021, Global Research published an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough in which he reviews and explains the results of a study published in September 2021 in the journal Toxicology Reports, which states:

A novel cost-benefit analysis for a best-case scenario very conservatively showed that the number of deaths attributable to each vaccination is five times greater than the number of deaths attributable to COVID-19 in the most at-risk 65+ population.

The risk of dying from COVID-19 decreases dramatically with decreasing age, and the longer-term effects of vaccination on lower age groups will potentially increase their risk-benefit ratio substantially.

Authors defend their Paper

Not surprisingly, the publication in Toxicology Reports has been heavily criticized in certain quarters. However, corresponding author Ronald Kostoff told Retraction Watch that the criticism was only an “extremely small part” of the overall response, which by and large has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Kostoff went on to say:

Given the blatant censorship of mainstream media and social media, only one side of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ narrative is reaching the public. Any questioning of the narrative is met with the harshest of responses …

I approached the matter with my eyes wide open, determined to find out the truth, no matter where it lies. I could not stand idly by while those least susceptible to serious COVID-19 consequences were injected with substances of unknown medium- and long-term safety.

We published a best-case scenario. The real-world situation is far worse than our best-case scenario and could be the subject of a future publication.

What these results show is that we:

Mass vaccination with an inadequately tested toxic substance with non-negligible crippling and fatal consequences to possibly prevent a relatively small number of real COVID-19 deaths. In other words: We used a howitzer where an accurate rifle would have sufficed!

COVID Jab Campaign Has Had No Discernible Effect

The data clearly show that the mass vaccination campaign has had no discernible impact on global death rates. On the contrary, in some cases the number of deaths actually increased following the widespread availability of COVID vaccination.

This trend was also confirmed in a study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology in September 2021. This found that COVID 19 case rates were unrelated to vaccination rates.

Using Our World in Data available on September 3, 2021, for cross-country analyses and White House COVID-19 team data for U.S. counties, researchers examined the association between new COVID-19 cases and the percentage of the population that was fully vaccinated.

Sixty-eight counties were included. Inclusion criteria included second-dose vaccination data, COVID-19 case data, and population data as of September 3, 2021. They then calculated COVID-19 cases per 1 million people and the percentage of the population that was fully vaccinated for each country.

According to the authors, there was “no discernible association between the percentage of the population that was fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last seven days.” On the contrary, higher vaccination rates were associated with a slight increase in cases. The authors write in this regard:

The trend line suggests a small positive association, such that countries with a higher percentage of fully vaccinated population have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million population.

The Costoff Analysis

Returning to the Toxicology Reports paper, referred to as the “co-substance analysis,” McCullough says the analysis is definitely making its mark in clinical medicine. The paper focuses on two factors: Assumptions and determinism.

Determinism describes how likely something is. For example, if a person gets a COVID injection, it is 100% certain that they got the injection. It is not 50% or 75%. It is an absolute certainty. Consequently, that person has a 100% chance of being exposed to the risk associated with that injection.

On the other hand, if a person refuses the injection, the chance of becoming infected with COVID-19 or even dying from it is not 100%. The probability of coming into contact with and contracting SARS-CoV-2 is less than 1%. So it is 100% deterministic to be exposed to the risks of vaccination, and less than 1% deterministic to get COVID if you don’t get vaccinated.

The other part of the equation is the assumptions based on calculations using available data, such as death statistics from before COVID vaccination and death reports filed with the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reports System (VAERS).

Mortality Data

As McCullough noted, two reports have published detailed data on COVID vaccine deaths, showing that 50% of deaths occur within 24 hours and 80% occur within the first week. One of these reports noted that there was no explanation for 86% of the deaths other than an adverse effect of the vaccine. McCullough also cites a Scandinavian study that concluded that about 40% of deaths following vaccination in seniors in assisted living homes were directly attributable to the injection. He also cites other eye-opening figures:

  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more than 30,000 spontaneous reports of hospitalization and/or death among the fully vaccinated
  • Data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services show that 300,000 vaccinated CMS recipients were hospitalized with breakthrough infections
  • 60% of seniors over age 65 hospitalized for COVID-19 were vaccinated.

COVID Vaccinations Are Failing Across the Board

“When we put all this data together, we have clear scientific evidence that vaccines are failing across the board,” McCullough says. Vaccines are particularly useless in the elderly.

Based on a conservative best-case scenario, seniors are five times more likely to die from vaccination than from natural infection. This scenario assumes that the PCR test is correct and that the reported COVID deaths are actually due to COVID-19, which is known not to be the case, and assumes that vaccination actually prevents death, for which there is no evidence.

All in all, it’s much better to take the risk of natural infection, McCullough says. The Kostoff analysis also doesn’t take into account the fact that there are safe and effective treatments.

It bases its assumptions on the assumption that there are none. It also does not take into account the fact that COVID vaccines are completely ineffective against Delta and other variants. When the failure of vaccination against the variants and alternative treatments is taken into account, the analysis becomes even more biased toward natural infection being the safest alternative.

FDA and CDC should not run Vaccine Programs

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC claim that not a single death following COVID vaccination was caused by the vaccine, they should not be the ones making this decision, since they both sponsor the vaccination campaign.

They have an inherent bias. If you were doing a study, you would never allow the sponsor to tell you whether the product was the cause of death, because you know they are biased.

We actually met all the Bradford Hill criteria. I can tell you right now that from an epidemiological standpoint, the COVID-19 vaccine is causing these deaths or a large proportion of them. ~ Dr. Peter McCullough

We need an external group, a critical events committee to analyze the reported deaths, and a data safety monitoring committee. These should have been in place from the beginning, but were not.

Had they been, the program most likely would have been stopped in February because by that time the number of reported deaths, 186, had already exceeded the tolerable threshold of about 150 (based on the number of injections administered). Now we are well over 17,000. There are no normal circumstances under which this would ever be allowed.

The CDC and the FDA are running the [vaccination] program. They are NOT the people who normally run vaccination programs,” McCullough says. “The pharmaceutical companies run the vaccination programs.

When Pfizer, Moderna and J&J were doing their randomized trials, we had no problems. They had good safety oversight. They had data safety oversight committees. They were doing well. I mean, I have to give credit to the drug companies.

But the drug companies are now just the suppliers of the vaccine. Our government agencies now just run the program. There is no outside advisory committee. There is no data safety monitoring board. There is no human ethics committee. Nobody cares about this!

And so the CDC and the FDA clearly have their marching orders, “Run this program; the vaccine is safe and effective.” They don’t give Americans reports. No safety reports. We needed them once a month. They didn’t tell the doctors which vaccine was the best and which was the safest.

They didn’t tell us which groups to watch out for. How to minimize the risks. Maybe there are drug interactions. Maybe it’s people with previous blood clotting problems or diabetes. They don’t tell us anything!

They are literally surprising us blindly and without any transparency, and Americans are scared to death now. You can feel the tension in America. People are quitting their jobs. They don’t want to lose their jobs, but they don’t want to die from the vaccine either! That’s very clear. They’re saying, listen, I don’t want to die. That’s the reason I’m not taking the vaccine.’ That’s just so clear.

COVID shots Cause Death

McCullough goes on to explain the Bradford-Hill criterion for causation, which allows us to determine that the shots are actually killing people. We are not dealing with a coincidence here.

The first question we would ask is, ‘Does the vaccine have a mechanism of action, a biological mechanism of action that can actually kill a human being?’ And the answer is yes! Because the vaccines all use genetic mechanisms to get the body to make the deadly spike protein of the virus.

It’s entirely possible that some people take in too much messenger RNA; they produce a deadly spike protein in sensitive organs like the brain or heart or elsewhere. The spike protein damages blood vessels, damages organs, causes blood clots. So it’s well within the mechanism of action that the vaccine could be lethal.

Someone could get a fatal blood clot. They could get fatal myocarditis. The FDA has official warnings about myocarditis. There are warnings about blood clots. There are warnings about a fatal neurological condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome. So the FDA warnings, the mechanism of action, clearly say this is possible.

The second criterion is: Is it a large effect? And the answer is yes! It is not a subtle thing. We’re not talking about 151 deaths versus 149 deaths. It’s about 15,000 deaths. So it’s a very big effect, a big effect.

The third [criterion] is, “Is it internally consistent? Are other potentially fatal events being reported in VAERS? Yes! We see heart attacks. We see strokes. We see myocarditis. We see blood clots and so on. So it’s internally consistent.

Is it also externally consistent? That’s the next criterion. Well, if you look at the MHRA, the yellow card system in England, they found exactly the same thing. In the EudraVigilance system in [Europe], exactly the same thing was found.

So we have actually met all the Bradford Hill criteria. I can tell you right now that from an epidemiological perspective, the COVID-19 vaccine is causing these deaths, or a large proportion of them.

Zero Tolerance for Lethal Drugs

There may be cases where a high risk of death from a drug may be acceptable. For example, if you have a terminal illness, you may be willing to experiment and take the risk. However, under normal circumstances, lethal drugs are not tolerated.

After five suspected deaths, a drug is given a black box warning. At 50 deaths, it is withdrawn from the market. Considering that COVID-19 has a less than 1% risk of death in all age groups, tolerance for a lethal drug is vanishingly small. With over 17,000 reported deaths, which in reality could be more than 212,000, COVID shots far exceed any reasonable risk to protect against symptomatic COVID-19. As McCullough notes:

There is no tolerance for voluntarily taking a drug or a new vaccine and then dying! There is no tolerance for that. People don’t weigh in and say, ‘All right, I’ll take the risk and die.’ And I can tell you that in early April [2021] it became known that vaccines can be deadly, and in mid-April vaccination rates in the United States plummeted …

We had not come close to meeting our goals. Remember, President Biden had set a goal [of 70% vaccination coverage] by July 1. We never met it because Americans were afraid because their relatives, people in their churches, people in their schools were dying after being vaccinated.

They had heard about it, they had seen it. A few months ago, there was an informal Internet survey that 12% of Americans knew someone who had died as a result of the vaccination.

I am a doctor. I am an internist and a cardiologist. I just came from the hospital … I had a woman die from the COVID-19 vaccine … She had shot No. 1. She got shot No. 2. After the 2nd vaccination, blood clots formed all over her body. She had to be hospitalized. She needed intravenous blood thinners. She was severely wounded. She had neurological damage.

After hospitalization, she was dependent on a walker. She came to my office. I examined her for more blood clots. I found more blood clots. I put her back on blood thinners. About a month later, I saw her again. She seemed to be doing a little better. The family was very concerned. A month later, the Dallas medical examiner called me to tell me that she had been found dead at home.

Most of us don’t have a problem with vaccines; 98% of Americans get vaccinated … I think most people who are still vulnerable would get vaccinated against COVID if they knew they weren’t going to die or get hurt from it. And because of these major safety concerns and lack of transparency, we are at an impasse.

We have a very labor-intensive market. We have people quitting their jobs. We have airplanes that won’t fly, and it’s all because our agencies are not being transparent and honest with America about the safety of vaccines.

Early treatment is Critical, Vaccine or no Vaccine

As McCullough notes, the vast majority of patients who need to be hospitalized for COVID-19 are because they did not receive treatment and the infection was given free rein for days.

To date, the patients who are hospitalized are largely those who do not receive early treatment at home,” he says. “Either they are denied treatment or they don’t know about it, and they end up dying.

The vast majority of people who die die in the hospital, not at home. And the reason they end up in the hospital is usually because they haven’t been treated for two weeks. You can’t let a fatal disease lie dormant at home untreated for two weeks and then start treatment very late in the hospital. That’s not going to work.

There are a number of very good analyses, one of them in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases … that show that day after day you lose the opportunity to shorten the hospital stay if monoclonal antibodies are delayed … No physician should be considered a renegade if he orders an FDA [emergency approved] monoclonal antibody. The monoclonal antibodies are approved just like the vaccines.

I just had a patient over the weekend who was fully vaccinated and had received the booster. A month after the booster, she went on a trip to Dubai. She just came back and had COVID-19! … I gave her an infusion of a monoclonal antibody that day. [The next day, she started multimedication therapy for COVID-19. I’m telling you, she’s going to get through this disease in a few days …

Podcaster Joe Rogan just went through this. Governor Abbott was also a vaccine failure. He went through it. Former President Trump went through it, too. Americans should see monoclonal antibodies used in high-risk patients, followed by drugs in an oral sequential approach. That is the standard of care!

It is supported by the Association of Physicians and Surgeons, Truth for Health Foundation, American Front Line Doctors, and Front Line Critical Care Consortium. This is not rogue medicine. This is what patients should have. This is the right thing to do! …

If we can’t get the monoclonal antibodies, we definitely use hydroxychloroquine, which is backed by more than 250 studies, ivermectin, which is backed by more than 60 studies, in combination with azithromycin or doxycycline, inhaled budesonide … full-dose aspirin … nutraceuticals including zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin, NAC … we do oral and nasal decontamination with povidone-iodine.

In acutely ill patients, we do that every four hours, [and it] massively reduces viral load … Fortunately, we now have enough physicians and enough patient awareness, patients who … understand that early treatment is feasible, is necessary, and should be done.


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