Frightening Results of an Experiment: Vaccinated People are Magnetized

As a result of this experiment, an investigative commission was established. Until the results are available, please do not draw any final conclusions. This is a message from the European Forum Vaccine Vigilance association.

It is just Tragic

I invite you to take the magnetized vaccine story very seriously. It is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy. It is simply tragic.

Below is a study done on people who have just been vaccinated. As you will see, this micro study will confirm the presence of a magnetic field. The researchers stopped the experiment because the “guinea pigs” were frightened when they discovered the magnetization of their arms. This experiment was conducted by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance association, which kindly provided us with this study.

This French website leads a different line of research than the Spanish one to explain the magnetism of vaccinated people:

Before I let you read the research report, I give you some screenshots of a company that meets all the conditions to produce and supply magnetized nanomaterial.

The website is from Acro Biosystems, a manufacturer and supplier of what appears to be magnetic nanoparticles that attach to the Sars-Cov2 protein spike. As you can see above, there are several models of what they call Magnetic Beads!

When they make them, they have customers who want them. This company sells treasures to vaccine manufacturers. Among other things, you will find:

You’ll be pleased to know that these protein companies employ 100,000 scientists in 60 countries. And they have 5,000 customers.

Study on Electromagnetism of Vaccinated Persons in Luxembourg

Summary and conclusion of the survey study conducted by the association European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance.

Mamer, 06 June 2021.

For a few months now, hundreds of amateur videos have been popping up all over social media showing people who have become visibly electromagnetic after being vaccinated. In any case, we can observe this.

After several of our members asked numerous questions about this “supposed” electromagnetic effect that occurs in vaccinated people, our association decided to specifically look into this fascinating topic.

Is this Effect Real or Is It Just an Illusion?

This statistical and sociological survey on this “supposed” electromagnetic effect, which is the subject of this article, raises at least three important questions

1. is it true that people exhibit an electromagnetism effect after vaccination?

2. if so, is it true that only vaccinated people exhibit this effect?

3. what is it actually that is injected into people under the vaccine label that could cause this effect?

To try to answer these questions, the survey was entrusted to one of the members of the association. This is the person who deals with demographic and sociological issues.

Presentation of the survey parameters:

To speed up the process, it was decided:

  • Survey a group of 200 people who live or work in Luxembourg.
  • This group will be divided into 2 groups: the first consisting of 100 persons vaccinated in Luxembourg and the second consisting of 100 unvaccinated persons for comparison purposes.
  • Each of these groups will consist of 50 women and 50 men.
  • That only active individuals would be selected to participate in the study, as they are much more likely to be vaccinated than inactive individuals.
  • The study site would be the Belle-Étoile shopping center and Arlon Street in Streets.
  • Thus, the retained variables would be sex, age, occupation, number of injections, pharmaceutical origin of injections, date of injections, magnetic attraction, emission-reception of an electric field, and the city of residence of the respondent.

Note: It should also be noted that, for practical reasons, only people wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless clothing will be interviewed.

Presentation of the method for approaching and conducting the survey:

The interviewer introduces him/herself to the individuals, introduces the association, and then introduces the survey:

“I work for the association European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) and I am currently conducting a statistical and anonymous survey on vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Luxembourg. It is a survey that asks for information that vaccinated individuals may have electromagnetic effects, and we at EFVV want to verify that this is the observed reality.

The surveyor then asks respondents if they are willing to participate in the survey on a voluntary basis.

“Would you please have a few minutes and would you like to participate in our survey?”.

Next, the interviewer explains the purpose of the survey to the respondents and introduces the people to the core of the topic by presenting them with a magnet that sticks to a metal object (pole, car, etc.) by magnetic action.

He then explains to the interviewees that magnets do not stick to people, but only to metallic objects, but that we had received information that vaccinated people were attracted to the magnet precisely because they were vaccinated.

The interviewer then asks the subject if he is willing to participate in the game and place the magnet on his shoulder where he has been injected.

If the magnet adheres to the skin above the shoulder, the interviewer asks the subject to stick the magnet on the other shoulder to find out if the adhesion cannot be explained by a local iron concentration (implant, effect of injection, etc.).

The interviewer then asks the subject if he is willing to have a magnetic field detector (Meterk brand, MK54 model) placed on his shoulders and explains that our association is also informed that vaccinated individuals also produce electric fields.

The interviewer continues the conversation and, as far as possible, continues to respond to the respondents interested in the experiment conducted and the results of the survey.

Summary presentation of results from study week 1-5 June 2021:

Only 30 vaccinated and 30 unvaccinated individuals were finally surveyed, while the goal was to survey 100 for the first group and 100 for the second group.

The condition of gender distribution was observed. In each group, 15 women and 15 men were interviewed.

In the uninoculated group, of the 30 people interviewed, the number of people who showed attraction to the magnet was 0 (zero). Therefore, the experiment was terminated here for this group.

In the inoculated group, on the other hand, 29 of the 30 people surveyed showed an attraction to the magnet. That is, the magnet adhered to their skin without difficulty. All were vaccinated at a vaccination center.

NB: Person number 30, who showed no adherence to the magnet, was not vaccinated at the vaccination center like everyone else. She was vaccinated by a nurse with whom she has worked for many years.

Of these 29 individuals, 22 have the magnet stuck only on one shoulder and only in the area of the injection. These 22 people are the ones who received only one injection.

The other 7 people in this group have the magnet stuck on both shoulders.

*In this group, the so-called vaccinated who live or work in Luxembourg, received the following vaccines:

  • 17 received at least one injection from Pfizer
  • 7 received at least one injection from Astra Zeneca
  • 3 received at least one injection from Moderna
  • 3 received at least a single injection from Johnson & Johnson
  • 6 received both injections from Pfizer
  • 1 received both injections from Astra Zeneca
  • 1 received both injections of Moderna
  • 2 of the individuals in this group, a nurse who worked at CHL and was one of the first to be vaccinated, and a financial analyst, had completely abnormal electric field emissions. In the case of the nurse, a video was even made showing the levels emitted by the detector near her left shoulder. For the analyst, the readings emitted by the detector were about the same, but the person abruptly stopped participating due to panic.
  • Of the 30 respondents belonging to the vaccinated group, 29 live or work in streets. Only 1 lives in Metz but works in streets.

It seems that people who were vaccinated earlier in the government vaccination program are much more electromagnetic than those who were vaccinated more recently. The magnet adheres faster and holds much better than in the newly vaccinated.

More precise measures should be taken with respect to this last result.


Since the exercise was completely destabilizing for the respondents, at no point were they asked to apply the magnet to any area other than their shoulders.

It would have been very interesting to know if the magnet also adhered to the neck, chest, forehead, or legs, and if other objects such as spoons, scissors, and smartphones also adhered. This is not possible in public areas.


It appears that vaccinated individuals emit an electromagnetic field, and that the earlier the individuals were vaccinated, the stronger the field.

This sensation and estimation, based solely on the tactile experience of applying and removing the magnet from the shoulder, should be verified much more precisely, on a larger number of people, and with much more accurate equipment.

It was extremely difficult to find people willing to participate in this rather disturbing experiment.

Individuals become interested in the experiment out of curiosity and then, when they see the magnet attached to their skin, become hesitant and then suddenly cold. Some of them even become very nervous, not to say they seem to be in complete shock.

People really wonder how it is possible for a magnet to stick to the skin as easily as it does to a metal post.

They ask for explanations and the researcher assures them that there must be a physical or biological explanation. They are referred back to the doctor who recommended the injection for understanding.

One lady even cried and said she did not want to be vaccinated, but her employer was forcing her to do so under the pretext that she worked in contact with customers.

During the discussions, it became clear that people were not even getting vaccinated for medical or health reasons, nor out of conviction or fear of the disease, but in the hope of returning to a normal life and being able to travel freely again.

During the discussions, people clearly expressed their dismay and said afterwards that they had been taken hostage in a political and psychosocial way. Many acknowledged that this injection was not consensual and that at no point were they given rational explanations (according to the Oviedo Convention), i.e., education about the risk-benefit ratio and explicit information about the composition of the vials used for the injections. Then, after reflection and discussion, they qualify this act as: “terror, madness, escape, solution or even blackmail”.


These were the words that appeared very often in the testimonies and in the notes.

It would also be advisable to conduct a much deeper psychosocial investigation into the real motivations that led these vaccinated individuals to accept the injection. Ideally, all conversations, interviews, and spontaneous exchanges with vaccinees should be recorded and filmed for later analysis.

The research was stopped for reasons of conscience and morality because the researcher could no longer bear the helplessness of people whose faces were petrified when they realized they had been injected with a substance they knew nothing about.

*The researcher, who has studied management techniques and psychosociology in the past, feels very uncomfortable with these people wondering what is happening to them.

People would turn pale, white and nervous. They put a hand to their forehead or cross their arms and bite their lower lip. Some have sweaty hands as they are seen wiping them on their hips or thighs.

These effects and expressions often occur with anxiety, extreme stress, or real tangible and measurable tension.

For respondents, these uncontrolled physical manifestations are expressions of deep discomfort when they realize in retrospect that they have probably committed an irreparable act.

The act of vaccination is, of course, an irreversible act.

In Summary

To the question, is it true that people exhibit an electromagnetic effect after undergoing at least one vaccination? The answer is yes. In fact, people become electromagnetic at least at the injection site.

To the question, what is injected into the person that causes this effect?

We answer that it is up to the governments and authorities responsible for public health and the health of the population of Luxembourg to answer this question, because they are the ones who made the difficult decision beforehand to “vaccinate” the healthy population with “vaccines” that were still in the experimental stage and from which all hamsters died during the clinical trials.

We will not go into the responsibility of the various parties here, but what is certain is that if superparamagnetic nanoparticles (magnetic beads) have entered the composition of these alleged vaccines, experimentally or for whatever reason, if they were previously reserved only for anti-cancer therapies, it is urgent to demand clarification as soon as possible from the pharmaceutical laboratories and the health authorities that gave their approval for the marketing of these injections.

It is now up to toxicologists and pharmacologists to discover the origins and causes of these attraction effects observed in vaccinated individuals, and it is up to the politicians responsible for the health of the citizens of this country to demand a thorough and public investigation of the exact and actual composition of these vaccines.