Onko eugeniikka Gatesin, Rockefellerin ja Epsteinin säätiöiden todellinen liikkeellepaneva voima?

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In Bill Gates’ health monopoly and its global population control network involved the monoploisierte position of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation in the field of global health to vaccinate their plan the whole world, to reduce the population size and their vision billions of people to connect a central biometric ID grid, which puts every movement and transaction of people under the direct supervision and control of the government.

Plans to Control the Population

But the real question is: why is he doing this? What drives a man like Bill Gates, a man who is rich beyond the wildest dreams of stinginess, to invest his time and assets in plans to control the population? To find the answer to this question, we need to examine Gates’ family background.

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Gates shakes hands when he equates “population issues” with “reproductive health”. The subject is particularly controversial because “population control” and “reproductive health” have been used for half a century as euphemisms for eugenics, the discredited pseudoscience that assumes that certain families, by virtue of their superior genes, are capable of running society .

Eugenics was a field named and codified by Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin. The eugenicists, who supposedly dealt with heredity and what would later be called genetics, believed that the rich and powerful were not rich and powerful by luck or chance, and certainly not by the use of gruesome business tactics and underhanded dealings; no, the rich and powerful had achieved their status because they were of “better origins”. Conversely, the poor were poor because of their “defective germ plasm”.

As transparent as it seems to us today that this ideology was a self-serving self-justification of the ruling class, it quickly became known as the great social crusade of the early 20th century. From Teddy Roosevelt to HG Wells and Julian Huxley to Winston Churchill , there has been widespread support for the eugenic notion that society must strive to ensure that the rich and “well-born ” have as many children as possible and the poor, The frail and “feeble-minded” are prevented from having children.



Eugenistinen ideologia

A common eugenic argument was that society’s scarce resources should not be used to support the lower classes, as this would only encourage more of their species. Instead, life-saving medical supplies and interventions should be rationed so that these resources can best be used elsewhere. So-called negative eugenicists went even further, with some, like the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw, calling for people to be called to a government-appointed committee to justify their existence or to kill them.

George Bernhard Shaw: [. . .] “But there are an extraordinary number of people I want to kill. Not in an unkind or personal mind, but it must be clear to all of you – you must all know at least half a dozen people who are of no use in this world. That cause more trouble than they’re worth. And I think it would be a good thing if everyone came to a properly appointed board of directors, like they could come to the Income Tax Officer, and, say, every five years or every seven years, just put them there and say, ‘Sir , or madam, would you be so kind as to justify your existence? ‘”

(Video: George Bernard Shaw talks about the death penalty)

eugenics 2

But in the aftermath of World War II, when the name of eugenics was tarred in connection with the Nazi atrocities, talk of death row and other harsh eugenic notions was removed from public discussion. Now the drive to reduce the size of the poor population has come to be known as “population control” and “reproductive health”. Still, these old negative eugenic ideas are occasionally revisited in moments of openness.

Bill Gates: “You are increasing the University of California tuition fees asap, and the access that used to be available to the middle class or whatever is just disappearing quickly. This is a compromise society is making because of the very, very high medical costs and unwillingness to say “. If this patient is spending a million dollars on the last three months of life – it would be better not to fire these ten teachers and… to compromise on medical costs? But that’s called the “death panel” and you shouldn’t have this discussion. ” (Video: Bill Gates: Dying care vs. saving teaching jobs)

It is worth asking why this man, who openly ponders death panels and the compromises in health care for the elderly, is trying to slow down third world population growth or tackle a coronavirus health crisis of which the elderly in the first place and increasingly dark-skinned minorities are affected, should be taken completely at face value.


That the Gates agenda is driven by a eugenicist ideology is borne out by ample historical and contemporary evidence.

The Rockefeller family was also instrumental in funding and promoting eugenics, both in America and overseas.

The Rockefellers helped fund the Eugenics Record Office.

eugenics recors office

The founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, William Welch, sat on the board of the ERO and helped direct its activities.

The Rockefellers sponsored the studies of eugenics researchers at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes in Germany, including Ernst Rüdin, who was later to draft the compulsory sterilization law for Nazi Germany .

The Cold Spring Harbor Institute in New York also rejected the idea that all people are born equal and began selling the idea of ​​breeding a new master race of noble blood. The President of IBM, Thomas Watson, was also a staunch eugenicist who even supported Adolf Hitler in his Holocaust. Lue täältä:

Edwin Black, whose book “IBM and the Holocaust” was published in hardcover last year, says new paperback evidence shows executives at New York headquarters directly controlled a Polish subsidiary that rented the punch card machines that were used to “calculate exactly how many Jews should be emptied from the ghettos every day” and to transport them efficiently on railways that led to the camps.

When the Nazis invaded Poland, Black wrote in the Jerusalem Post: “IBM New York founded a special new subsidiary called Watson Business Machines,” after its then President Thomas Watson. “The sole purpose of the new Polish IBM company was to serve the Nazi occupation during the rape of Poland”. Watson Business Machines even ran a punch card printing plant across from the Warsaw Ghetto, the book claims. “(Guradian: IBM deals directly with Holocaust Organizers)

thomas watson

Well Thomas J. Watson got away with it with impunity and his company only continued to grow after the war. He bequeathed them to his son Thomas Watson Junior and his granddaughter, Janette Watson, eventually married Magaret Sanger’s disgusting son.

Margaret Sanger founded not only Planned Parenthood, the NGO today 650 abortion clinics in the United States operates, but they also believed that both abortion and eugenics are useful, “to support the race to eliminate the unfit” .

Well, Bill Gates’ father, a successful Seattle attorney, served on the board of Planned Parenthood and his mother served on the corporate board for IBM. It was there that she arranged the deal for her son Bill with CEO John Opel, which eventually became the Microsoft company, which made him so rich. However, he was already born rich: his grandfather was JW Maxwel I was chairman of the National Bank, as was his great-grandfather, Willard, a banker. Lue täältä. Ja täällä.

And when the American Eugenics Society was ashamed of its own name, its longtime director, Frederick Osborne, merely took over the chairmanship of the Population Council founded by the Rockefellers. So the eugenic activities were simply washed clean of their soiled name.

population council
Frederick Osborne

This dedication to the “public health” cause did not escape the approving look of Bill Gates Sr. (Bill Gates father). In a chapter of his 2009 book “Showing Up for Life” entitled “Walking With Giants” he writes admiringly about the Rockefellers and their influence in this field:

“At every turn that we turned on the global health field, we found that the Rockefellers were already there, and had been there for years.

As we campaigned to vaccinate children, we found that we were building on the efforts that the Rockefellers Foundation helped found and funded in the 1980s.

When we became interested in the fight against malaria and tuberculosis, we learned that the Rockefellers had been researching the prevention and treatment of such diseases around the world for a hundred years.

A similar dynamic also applied in the case of HIV / AIDS.

One lesson we’ve learned from studying and working with the Rockefellers is that if you want to succeed in pursuing bold goals, you need like-minded partners to work with.

And we have learned that such goals are not prices that are demanded from the short of breath. The Rockefellers have struggled with difficult problems for generations. “

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(Book: William H. Gates. Showing up for Life (pp. 158-159))

As Gates Sr. suggests, such “great” achievements in global health can only be achieved through collaboration with “like-minded partners.” For the Gates, these like-minded partners include the Rockefellers themselves. Bill Gates Sr. had the opportunity to meet with David Rockefeller Sr. and David Rockefeller at a 2000 meeting on Philanthropy in a Global Century on the Rockefeller University campus Jr. to discuss global health, agriculture and the environment. And, as we have seen, Bill Gates hosted a population reduction meeting with David Rockefeller in 2009.

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The “overpopulation” is now an outdated myth, because Gates, Rockefeller and the like have all done the work for decades. Lue täältä.

In fact, we are currently in a fertility crisis: Not only has the number of babies per woman plummeted in the last 60 years, but the number of infertile couples is also increasing. Lue täältä.

Most shocking is the impact in men: A robust meta-analysis of studies, published in Human Reproduction Update last year, shows sperm counts were in free fall in western countries, falling 52.4 percent from 1973 to 2011. The authors found this decrease to be in line with other research on male reproductive health, and when they narrowed the studies to those published since 1995, they saw an even steeper decrease. Lue täältä.

00 3 e1629825992833

This is exactly how testosterone levels went down. A 30-year-old man today has, on average, a significantly lower testosterone level (-17%) than a 30-year-old man in the 1980s. Many people make hormone disruptors as a reason for this in addition to the increase in obesity which have been increasingly found in our pesticides and plasticizers for plastic packaging (and therefore in our food) for a few decades. Read hear.

Yes, there are many factors that play a role; but to believe that it all happened by chance while the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation and their Population Council have been putting billions in their crusade to slow population growth for over half a century is just naive. There are now even grain that has been genetically modified so that when consumed it attacks human sperm “to save the world from overpopulation” and it does not develop by chance. Lue täältä.

Even the New York Times writes China, the most populous country in the world, is facing an ‘ underpopulation bomb’ due to its one-child policy and is now struggling with the massive social consequences of this wrong decision. Like the United States and most developed countries, China has a birth rate that is well below reproductive levels. Lue täältä.

Ross Douthat writes:

“As Lyman Stone writes in the latest National Review, humanity is increasingly facing a” global fertility crisis, “and not just a European or American or Japanese baby population. It is a crisis that, at best, threatens ever slower growth; in the worst case, it risks, to quote a recent paper by Stanford economist Charles Jones , “an empty planet result: knowledge and standard of living stagnate in a population that is gradually disappearing”. Katso 'pdf 1' viestin lopussa.

China has therefore increased the one-child policy to two and is even planning to lift the regulation entirely. Even he has to admit that the massive and unnecessary population reduction that is taking place is to blame for the western elites: Lue täältä.

“But besides this communist guilt, there is also a western guilt, because the one-child policy was connected to a project that was hatched by western technocrats, financed by western institutions and incited by western intellectuals – a class, sexist, racist, anti-religious program that was supposed to defuse a “population bomb” that, as we now know, would have defused itself – with no forced sterilization programs in India and no signs in Chinese villages saying, ‘You can beat it out! You can knock it out! You can abort it! But you cannot give birth to her! ‘”

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Propaganda books like this one provided the basis for transforming racist eugenics into philanthropic population control.

The slipperiest hints of a deeper agenda, however, are not to be found in the Gates’ public associations, but in the associations that have tried to hide them from the public.

Stephanie Ruhle: “Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but this story isn’t. A shocking new report from the New York Times sheds light on the connection between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the late Jeffrey Epstein. After Gates’ name came up in connection with Epstein and the MIT Media Lab, Gates made a statement to the Wall Street Journal insisting that he had no business relationship or friendship with Epstein. However, a new report outlines conversations with Gates and Epstein, as well as a conversation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A link between their foundation and JPMorgan Chase to set up a charity fund to benefit Epstein. You know what I want to know: why? ” (Video: NYT: Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein repeatedly | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC)

A number of pieces of information have surfaced since August of last year linking Bill Gates to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The flight logs indicated that Gates had flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet (the infamous ‘Lolita Express’). Lue täältä.

00 5 e1629826215301

Then in 2014 there was the case where a man was arrested on the grounds of a Gates property for possessing thousands of child pornography pictures and raping his daughter. But Robert H. Richards IV, an heir to the DuPont fortune, was freed in one fell swoop and did not go to jail . Lue täältä. Ja täällä.

An email popped up showing the disgraced MIT media lab director Joi Ito – who resigned after it was discovered that he had helped cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s identity as an “anonymous” donor to the lab – and his own Staff said a $ 2 million donation to the lab in 2014 was a “gift from Bill Gates, directed by Jeffrey Epstein.” Lue täältä.

00 6 e1629826298984

When the story momentum trying Gates won the relationship downplay by a Gates spokesman protested the Gates “did not know that it was Epstein’s plane” , and Gates himself out was that “I had no business relationship or friendship with [Epstein]”. Read Here. Ja täällä.

This was immediately refuted by the New York Times, which reported in October 2012 that Gates had actually met Epstein several times and even went so far as to set up a multibillion-dollar charity fund with seed money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase to discuss. Lue täältä.

The Times, sent his colleagues Gates emails about Epstein in 2011: “His lifestyle is fascinating totally different and somehow, even though it would not work with me.”

Even in Epstein’s will, Boris Nikolic – a Harvard-trained immunologist who served as chief scientific advisor to both Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and who was featured in the only publicly known photo of Epstein and Gates’ meeting in Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan in 2011 can be seen – named as the administrator of Epstein’s estate.

00 7 e1629826425316
Gates and Boris Nikolic
00 8 e1629826531193
Nikolic, Gates and Epstein in his villa

It’s not hard to see why Gates should try to distance himself from his relationship with a child sex dealer. Eventually, Epstein is suspected of engaging senior politicians, businessmen and even royalty in an intelligence-led “honey pot” operation by arresting them for sexually abusing underage girls and using this evidence as blackmail.

But it turns out that the attempt to suppress the Gates-Epstein story may have been an attempt to stifle the disclosure of an entirely different common interest.

Kristen Dahlgren: “Sources say that several prosecutors have come forward in New Mexico, where Epstein owns an extensive ranch. According to a new report published in the New York Times that was not confirmed by NBC News, Epstein wanted to use the ranch for controlled breeding and use his DNA to improve humanity. Citing two award-winning scientists and an advisor to large corporations and wealthy individuals, the article reports that Epstein surrounded himself with leading scientists and told them he wanted to impregnate 20 women at once at the ranch. “

Jeffrey Epstein had a plan to father dozens of children, the report says | TODAY)

The already hardly credible Jeffrey Epstein story took another bizarre turn in August 2019 when it was reported that Epstein “hoped to sow the human race with his DNA” . As the New York Times explained, Epstein’s plan to impregnate 20 women at once on his New Mexico ranch in order to ” sow the human race with its DNA ” – a plan he told a number of “scientific luminaries” who it kept in its orbit – a modern gloss on a very old idea: Lue täältä.

“Epstein’s vision reflected his longstanding fascination with what has come to be known as transhumanism: the science of improving human populations through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics have compared transhumanism to a modern version of eugenics, the discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding. ”
Jeffrey Epstein, surrounded by scientific luminaries, hoped to sow the human race with his DNA)

Epstein’s interest in genetics led him to sponsor a number of scientists working in the field, including George Church, a Harvard geneticist whose laboratory was funded by Epstein’s Foundation for Cutting Edge Science from 2005 to 2007. Church publicly apologized for his association with Epstein, which included several meetings per year as of 2014. Lue täältä.

This was neither the first nor the last time that this nondescript Harvard biologist, whose cutting edge science often strays into controversial areas, has caused a public scandal. In 2019 Church proposed a “genetics dating app” that was immediately denounced as applied eugenics . Katso tästä.

00 9 e1629826616513
George Church

Church also acted as scientific advisor to Editas Medicine, a start-up looking to use the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tool to eradicate disease by erasing the parts of a genetic code responsible for the disease. In 2015, the company announced it had received $ 120 million from a group led by Epstein’s appointed estate administrator, Dr. Boris Nikolic, has applied. Lue täältä. Ja täällä.

00 10 e1629826699237

This group of investors naturally included Bill Gates. Lue täältä.

Yes, Bill Gates certainly follows his father’s advice to work with like-minded partners.

Just like, by the way, Anthony Fauci, the American Jens Spahn, likes to give such people the doorknob. The same Fauci, who was already certain in a speech at Georgetown University in January 2017 that there will be a “surprising virus outbreak” under the presidency of Trump and who, together with Dr. Deborah Brix has proven the falsification of HIV vaccination studies . Lue täältä. Ja täällä.

Both are working together again today: as corona coordinators in the White House. And the daughter of Dr. Deborah, Laura Birx, works for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . It all seems like one big family somehow.

00 11 e1629826826405
Fauci Elite

The young Fauci even before Busch, Obama and Trump took office. Seen with eugenicist Gates Sr., media mogul Ted Turner, George Soros David Rockefeller and even Brooke Astor. Katso 'pdf 2' viestin lopussa.

So the question remains: is Bill Gates motivated by eugenics? Given that eugenics went underground over half a century ago, it’s unlikely we’ll ever find an open admission of this type of Gates himself. After all, there are no longer any members of the American Eugenics Society with ID; the company was renamed in the 1970s when, as the company’s founder noted , “it became apparent that changes would be eugenic in nature for reasons other than eugenics, and that putting a eugenic label on them would rather than hinder their adoption would promote “. Lue täältä.

00 12 e1629827007795
American Eugenics Society

But there was an American Society for Eugenics in the 1920s, and it happened to boast a “William H. Gates” on its membership list. But maybe this is just a “coincidence”. Lue täältä.

00 13 e1629827098299

And there was an American Eugenic Society in the 1960s when William H. Gates II was introduced as head of the Planned Parenthood department by Alan Guttmacher, who was also the director of the American Eugenic Society.

00 14 e1629827193279
Alan Guttmacher and Bill Gates Sr. (William H. Gates II)

And perhaps it was a coincidence that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organized their “London Family Planning Summit,” where the Gates re-committed to funding third world population control in July 2012, on the anniversary of the First International Eugenics -Congress that took place in London exactly 100 years earlier. Lue täältä.

And perhaps comparing young Bill Gates’ dating preferences to the genetic dating favored by modern day eugenicists is a stretch.

James Wallace: “I interviewed several women who had only dated Bill briefly and one of them told me the very first question Bill asked her was” What did you get on your SAT test? “You know, that is not exactly what a young woman wants to hear. For Bill Gates, however. . . He had the perfect 800 score on his math portion of the SAT, and that was a matter of pride for him. And he wanted to make sure that the person he was dating, you know, got a pretty good grade.”

Video: Biography: Bill Gates )

Is Bill Gates part of the ideology?

No, we cannot expect an answer about Bill Gates’ true motives to come from Gates himself. At this point, the question of Bill Gates’ intentions has been buried under the combined weight of hundreds of millions of dollars of paid public relations. Like the Rockefellers before them, the Gates have long since unveiled the secret of adding to their family’s fortunes – not to mention their control over the human population – by putting on the mask of philanthropy.

123 e1629834752675

There are many perspectives on Bill Gates; Depending on who you ask, he’s a computer scholar, a brilliant businessman, or a holy philanthropist. But all of these perspectives were brought to you through public relations agencies established or funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is no longer an issue for historians but for hagiographers.

Now we have to ask ourselves why this man is motivated to build such a web of control over our health authorities –

Gates: “And for all 193 member states you must make vaccines a high priority in your health systems to ensure that all of your children now have access to existing vaccines – and new vaccines as they become available.”


Control over our identities:

Gates: “And the lack of an ID system is a problem, not just for the payment system, but also for the electoral system and health and education and taxation. And so it’s a wonderful thing to go in and create a broad identification system. ”

(Video: Bill Gates at the Financial Inclusion Forum, December 1, 2015 )

Control over our transactions:

Gates: “Once financial flows go underground – where you’ve mixed a lot of legitimate transactions with those you want to track – and once they go through a digital system that the US has no connection with, the transactions are much more difficult find that you want to know about or that you want to block ”

(Video: Bill Gates on Financial Inclusion Forum, December 1, 2015)

And even control over our bodies:

Gates: “We’re going to have this intermediate phase of opening up, and it won’t be normal until we have an amazing vaccine for the whole world.”

(Video: CNBC interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates about the coronavirus pandemic and his work on a vaccine)

We must face the possibility that this pursuit of control does not come from a selfless spirit of generosity that never seemed to exist before becoming a multi-billionaire, but from the same pursuit of money, the same desire for domination, and the same feeling the superiority that motivated him on his way up the corporate ladder.

But if the answer to the question “Who is Bill Gates” is, “Bill Gates is a eugenicist,” then it tells us some important things about the world we live in.

It tells us that Gates is deceiving the public into promoting his rise to power in the world with a false facade of philanthropy.

It tells us that the goal of the Gates, like the goal of the Rockefellers before them, is not to make the world better for mankind, but to make the world better for their own kind .

And, most importantly, it tells us that Bill Gates is not a comic book super villain who single-handedly directs all the chaos that is going on in the world, or single-handedly brings order to this chaos.

No, if Bill Gates is a eugenicist who is driven by a belief in the superiority of himself and his wealthy elitist colleagues, then we are not dealing with a single man or even a single family, but an ideology.

This is not a trivial point. A single man, however rich he is, can be stopped easily enough. But even if Bill Gates were to go to jail tomorrow (as an Italian MP recently called), the agenda that has already been set in motion would continue without missing a thing. There is a whole infrastructure of researchers, laboratories, corporations, government agencies, and public health facilities that is funded by Gates for the most part, but driven by the belief of all of the millions of people who work for these various facilities that they really are at their best People’s interest work.

Strategic Intelligence: The Full Plan of the Future

Like the World Economic Forum in Davos. For 50 years, the most powerful of the most powerful from politics and business have met annually in Switzerland to plan the future of the world. Especially when the world is in a crisis, as was the case with the COVID pandemic.

123 1 e1629834905588
Gates Ideology

On their website under ‘Strategic Intelligence’ the full plan of the future is visible to the whole world (if you register). In a gigantic network you can click your way through for ages and see how all agendas are networked. From the global response to the pandemic to the resulting reshaping of the world on a social, economic, financial (digital currency) and technological level (5G, IoT, AI), everything is set out. A gigantic amount of data, I haven’t really clicked through myself yet.

Also worth mentioning here is the huge service company Serco Group plc. The listed company initially provided services for the film industry ; today, in addition to prisons, they also offer large, international simulations under real conditions in the field of defense, especially exercises in ’emergency plans by governments ‘. ‘News injections’ and real simulations of ‘media reports’ should also apply to the exercises:

” Simulation and Media Support”

The method of conducting an exercise is flexible and is designed in collaboration with the customer to meet their needs, with options ranging from simple paper delivery to full use of their communications systems and advanced computer simulation. In addition, media games can also be added in the form of news injections and the provision of experienced journalists and television crews to help test procedures and train key personnel. “

By the way, this kind of official state propaganda has been legal in the USA since 2012 through the Smith Mouth Act . Its key international markets also include the health sector, transportation and immigration. Could Serco be the service provider that could perform worldwide psychological surgeries ?

Bill Gates bought $ 6.6 million in Serco shares a few months before the pandemic , shortly after he sold his shares in the world’s largest security services company (G4S) after it came under fire for its contracts with Israeli prisons. Lue täältä.

This is not surprising, after all, in 2015 he asked for major pandemic simulations to be performed. Katso tästä.

The prison company is best known for its electronic shackles, which are now also used to keep ‘unwilling’ people in their quarantine . I will report on Serco’s immense power and his connections to the British royal family at another time. Lue täältä.

This Eugenic Ideology can be Stopped!

No, an ideology cannot be stopped by stopping a man. It can only be stopped when enough people learn the truth about this agenda and the world of total, ubiquitous control that is looming.

If you have read both articles, you are now one of the best informed people in the world about the true nature of this agenda. You have seen the public health takeover being used to drive the world into a rush for mandatory vaccinations, biometric identification, and digital payments. You have seen how the pieces of this puzzle fit together, and how they pose a far greater threat to the future of humanity than any virus!

Here’s the good news: armed with this information, you have the antidote to the scourge of this eugenic ideology. The truth is that ideologies are viruses of the mind; they spread from person to person and infect them with ideas that can lead to a disease of the political body.

But here’s the even bigger truth: vaccinations work. Vaccinations of the truth against the lies of those who spread their poisonous ideology.

123 2 e1629835023775

Just like you can’t ‘un-vaccinate’ your immune system, you can’t make the truth unseen once it has been internalized.

If you have made it this far, it is up to you to help vaccinate the people around you against the corrupt ideology of Bill Gates and all those who try to control the world’s population. You have to help spread this information so that others have the chance to see the bigger picture and decide for themselves whether they are ready to roll up their sleeves and accept what is in store for them or not.

But time is not on our side. As we speak, mass vaccination campaigns are being prepared. Katso tästä.

Programs to trace, track and monitor the entire population are already in beta testing. Katso tästä.

And the digital payments infrastructure, the system of financial exclusion that allows governments to turn off our access to the economy at will, is being put in place. We need to educate as many people as possible about the dark nature of this population control agenda before our ability to speak out against this agenda is forever deprived of us. Lue täältä.

Thanks to the likes of Bill Gates, the virus of this population control agenda is already here. He threatens to bring down the (operating) system as we know it. Time is running out.

123 3 e1629835155975


1. The End of Economic Growth? Unintended Consequences of a Declining Population


2. Bloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995