¿Quién es el profesor Stefan Hockertz?

Professor Stefan Hockertz is a German biologist, pharmacologist, toxicologist and entrepreneur. He worked in research many years and is now a “Eurotox Registered Toxicologist” appointed. He is currently CEO of tpi consult GmbH, one of the leading toxicological and pharmacological technology consultancies in Europe.

He became known to a broad public in spring 2020 through his criticism of the medical and political handling of the coronavirus: he strongly criticizes the political response to the corona pandemic and claims that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu.

“The virus does not make us sick…the fear of it does! The political reaction is disproportionate, it is authoritarian, it is opinionated, it is excessive.”

The critical scientist is especially concerned about the fate of our children and young people. How can parents best deal with the difficult situation in order to prevent harm to young people?

He wrote the book: “Generation Mask”, in which he questions what the pandemic is doing to children and young people. Hockertz is primarily concerned with the consequences of the government’s measures, which are no longer comprehensible, and the one-sided media reporting that manipulates facts and exaggerates dangers.


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Hockertz says that the coronavirus is dangerous for 5% of the population: the elderly, the sick, the weak, the pre-degraded and smokers. He also says that so many deaths in Italy have been caused by air pollution and the poor hospital hygiene, which means that we have many more pre-degraded patients.
“Only around five percent of the population can expect a severe course of Covid-19 disease (respiratory diseases up to pneumonia).”

So  95% of all people get through this disease easily or have no symptoms at all. Politicians are lamenting this, unknowingly.

He explains that this virus has the same disease course as respiratory diseases and its course is therefore comparable to that of influenza. And especially, which is very important to us, in the death rates. In influenza there, we are roughly between 0.5 and 1%. And that is an order of magnitude that this virus also reaches. It means we are dealing with a coronavirus, which is about as dangerous as influenza. Only we are now watching it more closely. We take a closer look, and that’s why we notice things.

Hockertz also claims that the death number doesn’t reflect how many people actually died from the virus itself. This makes the virus appear more dangerous from his point of view. He does not attribute the many deaths in Italy and Spain to the virus itself, but to the poor equipment and hygiene in the hospitals.

“Most of the people now counted as corona deaths would have died one way or another. They died ‘with’ Corona and not ‘from’ Corona.”

He also explained the vaccination problem and the danger posed by the planned vaccination. After intensive research, he had determined that it would be better to get the virus and let the immune system work instead of a vaccination. Furthermore, since we give vaccines to healthy people who are not yet afflicted with any disease, we must have to apply a very, very high safety standard to these vaccines..

“There is a high risk of the planned administration of an insufficiently tested vaccine, which is also intended to alter the human genome for the first time in human history.”

He explains that with a new vaccine strategy, it takes about eight years from the very beginning, developing this vaccine, until we can give it to people, regulatory approved.

“There was no vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 yet, because coronaviruses have been completely uninteresting to the pharmaceutical industry, and actually should continue to be uninteresting because they are not a life-threatening disease.”

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