El luchador del siglo: ¿La cuerda de las mentiras es corta?

For about thirty years, part of humanity has been spectator of a series shot by Israeli-Western imperialism with the United States as supreme leader. The storyline has become so familiar that you don’t need a great deal of strategy studies to guess in advance the start, maturity and end of the series. Let’s summarize the first episode of the series.

The incubation Period

First of all choose the place. It can only be a country that does not obey the law of imperialism. In other words, a sovereign country which has its own projects while acting in accordance with international legality. Once the country is chosen, fuel an often legitimate social discontent. This means that the ruling class of the chosen country is not absolved of all responsibility for the emergence of this discontent.

To this end, the ideology of human rights, democracy and humanitarian aid are called upon. This is the role assigned to certain Western intellectuals supported by upstarts from the country concerned (1).

A social discontent which, apparently, is not guided by any local political force. Which gives the demonstrators nice faces. And the more anti-imperialist the ruling class in question, the more the faces and voices of the demonstrators burst through television screens and social networks. At this stage of our ranting, we must give a few examples to illustrate the above statements: Libya, Syria… In short, the famous “Arab Spring”… The current Hirak movement (1).

The vocabulary that accompanies the 1st episode is rich in six words: law, man, woman, freedom, expression and democracy.

Once the incubation has matured, it results in the appearance of physical and armed violence. Whoever is singled out by imperialism is then accused of being a dictator. Before we dared to say a Hitler. We then go to the 2nd episode.

The responsibility to Protect

Public opinion being conditioned from the 1st episode has no trouble following the 2nd. Worse yet, she asks for action in the current episode. But she does not know that the action was scheduled long before the 1st episode.

The Libyan episode has become a textbook case with high-level actors under the direction of two American and Zionist directors. The philosopher without philosophy, BHL,    “the best of us”, A. Juppé, the mole of the Quai d’Orsay, L. Fabius (2), the one who does not even honor his own signature, M. Valls… With the result of the destruction of a country.

We ignore the “collateral damage” … Iraq and the Abu El Gharib prison … And we refuse to include the scene of the shoes of the Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidi in the 2nd episode because it does not make civilized …

But let’s get back to the heart of the 2nd episode. The responsibility to protect involves military support for democratic armed organizations. The word democratic is used by those very people who have come to recognize that in Libya, there was an error in judgment on democratic fighters … For example: the Libyan   Abdelhakim Belhadj, a former El Qaeda fighter who played a key role in Libya then in Syria. For more explanations  on the 2nd episode, the article by reporter Seymour Herst, the Reorientation is highly recommended (3). Also, it should come as no surprise that, from now on, the word democratic is put in quotation marks.

In short, let’s talk about Syria where we also shot the 1st and 2nd episode. But in Syria, the 2nd episode did not unfold as planned… In fact, despite the direct military intervention   of those responsible for protecting alongside the “democratic” armed forces, DAECH, Front El Nosra -El Qaida and company and financial aid from the no less “democratic” countries of the Persian Gulf, there was a bitter failure in the filming … A failure due to three actors whose standard is the sovereignty of the State.

For those who did not or poorly follow the 2nd episode, it is useful to name them: Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. It is important to underline that during the 2nd episode, the “democratic” forces Daesh and Front El Nosra tried to export violence to the Lebanese Bekka. An attempt which failed thanks to the coordinated intervention of the army Lebanese and the Resistance.

But the failure of the 2nd episode consummated, imperialism has put in place the technical and “legal” means for the filming of a 3rd episode.

The Caesar Law

For sovereign states, the dismal failure of those who uphold the responsibility to protect is not enough. It is necessary to pacify the territory in order to set up a civil organization so that life resumes… In short, a new fight is to be undertaken: to rebuild the country.

Among other things, organize the presidential election. The date chosen by the Syrian authorities is May 26, 2021. But on May 25, a voiceover is heard: “We, the foreign ministers of Germany, the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, make it clear that the presidential election of May 26 in Syria will be neither free nor fair. ” (5). After consulting the crystal ball, the voiceover  was expressed!

In the distance, the Zionist entity and the “democratic” monarchies have applauded because they know that the Caesar law comes into play. The latter “imposes heavy sanctions on the regime but above all on any person, society, institution or any government which markets with the power in place in Damascus or contributes to the reconstruction of Syria.” (4)

So NGOs must obey, but as they are at the service of Israeli-Western imperialism, there is no need to coerce them.

Who is targeted? Pardi! Iran, Lebanon and Syria.

Starving the Lebanese population is one of the objectives to be achieved with the blessing of part of the Lebanese ruling class (Sunni Saad Hariri, Walid Joumblatt Druze, Christian Samir Geagea).

The goal is quite simple: to act so that Lebanon becomes the next scene where the 1st episode of the series will be played… But the Lebanese resistance with the spearhead of Hezbollah watching over the land of the Cedars. (6). On this point, President Michel Aoun provides great political support!

Also the “Caesar” scene was foiled by the will of the sovereigns, in this case Iran and Hezbollah. Fuel, fuel oil and gasoline have been and will be distributed to the Lebanese, in particular to hospitals… to shelters for orphans and the disabled. Iran took care of the delivery by boat. In order not to give any pretext that would put the Lebanese government in a delicate situation compared to the director of the Caesar law, Hezbollah planned the transport from the Syrian port of Banias to Lebanon by land.

Undeniably, it is a masterstroke!

Without fear of ridicule and to lessen the effect of the slap in the face, the United States promised through the voice of their ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, that Egyptian electricity and gas will be supplied to the Lebanese… This does not mean not as long as Israeli imperialism – Western and Gulf vassals ended the strategic goal: the fragmentation of Arab States. Far from it… Certain geopolitical actions indicate a new target: the Maghreb. On this point, the article entitled: Algeria-Morocco – “It is useful to recall the context and the causes of the outbreak of the first Gulf War”   provides very useful insight. (7)


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