¿Quién es el Dr. Bodo Schiffmann?

Dr Bodo Schiffmann, born in 1968, is a German general practitioner specialising in ear, nose and throat medicine.

Es miembro de la Asociación de Profesionales Médicos y Científicos por la Salud, la Libertad y la Democracia en Alemania (MSHFD), una asociación de médicos y otras personas activas en el ámbito de la medicina que se ocupan, en la investigación y la enseñanza, de los temas de la salud, la libertad y la democracia con el fin de servir a la salud y el bienestar social de la población.

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann is fighting against the coronavirus measures, which he compares to fascism and claimd that the covid 19 virus is milder than seasonal flu and that special precautions such as social distancing and lockdown are completely unnecessary.

He is an outspoken critic of both social distancing rules, which he compares to the 1933 Enabling Act that helped Hitler seize power, and vaccination, which he compares to the Holocaust.

He is doing educational work and stream almost daily from different cities in Germany and he denounces that children have died after wearing masks:

“Children are dying! Because they are wearing masks against an illness that doesn’t exist.”

Like many other doctors who fight for the truth, he is under investigation and faces reprisals from the state for issuing mask certificates, speaking out against the official discourse on covid and protesting against the Corona measures. He has suffered constant criticism and hate speech against his party, his actions and his family.

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